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APRIL 1972 - MARCH 1973
OF BRITISH COLUMBIA The James M. Mather Building, shown on the cover, houses three
medical groups — Audiology and Speech Sciences, Medical Genetics, and
Health Care and Epidemiology. The last group operates a family practice
and teaching unit — a mini version of the community health centres soon
to be set up in B.C. They all must have a firm base in the academic
facilities of the University, and yet relate to the health problems of people
in the community. Thus, the building represents another strong link
between the University and the community it serves.
Few buildings on the campus have been financed and equipped
through so much outside support. Half the -cost of construction was
funded by the Federal Health Resources Fund. The Mr. and Mrs. P.A.
Woodward Foundation made a major contribution, and further generous
support came from:
The Donner Canadian Foundation
I.O.D.E., Provincial Chapter of British Columbia
The Kresge Foundation (U.S.A.)
The Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.
Senator Norman Paterson
The Rotary Club of Vancouver
The Vancouver Foundation
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts. Research,
special teaching projects, scholarships, prizes and bursaries have been
supported by individual benefactors, alumni, firms, students, foundations
and associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of
other projects, serve as testimony to the generosity of those who helped to
build UBC.
The basic support of the University is provided by fees and by the
Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. The
excellence of the education it offers, however, depends in part on financial
assistance received from friends.
Gifts have been made anonymously, by bequest, directly, in memory
or in honour of relatives and friends. Many alumni and a number of other
donors contribute annually. Students make a significant contribution by
annual levies to fund the Student Union Building and additions to Thea
Koerner House, the graduate student centre. During the year benefactors
donated $6,731,071 ($545,872 from sources outside Canada).
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have helped
generate gifts.
This brochure does not include the names of donors to the Alumni
Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other publications.
With twelve faculties, eight schools, seven institutes and two centres,
the University's needs are many and varied. Support is welcome in every
area of teaching, research and capital development, and money for the
assistance of students is essential. As the needs of the University change
over the years, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with donors the
form their support might take. No gift is too small — none too large.
Enquiries:   A.T.   Adams,   Executive   Secretary,   University  Resources
Council,  The University of British Columbia,  Vancouver 8, B.C.
Tel:    228-3917 INDEX
The University and the Community  3
Why Bricks and Mortar?       4
Sources of Funds for Capital Construction        5
The University Resources Council        6
Private Funds Raised        7
Student Loan Funds         8
Agricultural Sciences Fund  9
Alumni Fund       10
Alumni Annual Giving  11
The Asian Centre Fund        12
Law Building Fund        13
Wills & Bequests Committee       14
Gifts-in-Kind       15
Memorial Gifts       16
Gifts, Grants & Bequests  18
Economists often say that the technological and cultural advancement
of a society is directly linked to its universities. A nation or community
with little in the way of higher learning will be both economically and
intellectually impoverished. Areas with flourishing centres of higher
learning spin off a higher standard of living, and accompanying the wealth
that comes from more productive and sophisticated technology is an
enrichment of the arts and humanities.
This is true of both nations and regions of nations. The economic
status of the United States has often been attributed to its investment in
education. But an emphasis on higher learning has also had a pivotal role in
the destiny of various areas of the U.S. The cluster of institutions such as
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, for
example, have advanced sophisticated industrial activity in the Boston
vicinity. The same is true of other areas of the U.S., such as San Francisco
and Los Angeles, where advanced industries have developed in association
with the University of California, the California Institute of Technology,
Stanford University and other institutions.
The University of B.C. has always been, and remains, the only
institution in the province capable of directly affecting the B.C.
community in the same way. The community has concentrated training in
the professions at UBC. The University provides the province with its
highly-trained manpower. UBC is the sole university source in the
province for foresters, engineers, architects, lawyers, physicians, dentists,
pharmaceutical scientists, social workers, librarians, metallurgists, oceano-
graphers, geophysicists and home economists. It is also the only institution
offering a bachelor of commerce degree.
To train the people necessary for the province to function, UBC has
gathered a number of sophisticated facilities and faculty members. The
community relies on the professors and facilities not only for trained
personnel, but for solutions to many of the problems beyond the ability of
any other group in the community. Corporations, governments and other
groups turn to the resources of UBC when faced with complicated
obstacles to their well-being. Pollution control, urban planning, new
medical techniques — these are just a few of the tasks the community has
asked the University to take on.
UBC was created by the people of B.C. for their benefit. UBC is a
provincial investment. The returns on that investment in the form of a
higher standard and quality of living will increase as the investment
This graph explains why UBC has to supplement provincial
government captial grants by continually seeking support from private
donors for the building program.
' Ontario
10 ■
B.C., Alberta and Ontario - 1961/62 to 1971/72 - Grants per Capita
Source: Compiled by URC from Statistics Canada, UBC Dept. of Finance & Vancouver
Public Library.
UBC has the further problem that close to 10 per cent of its academic
and administrative space is contained in buildings which are outdated or
Almost five per cent of these structures is made up of 103 Second
World War army huts. The other five per cent is accounted for by 12
"temporary" buildings, erected in the 1920's. These buildings were judged
to have a life of up to 40 years, half a century ago. However, they still play
a key role in the operation of UBC by providing space for the President's
Office, Board and Senate meetings, Information, Personnel, Mathematics,
Geography, Mineral Engineering, and the Auditorium used for classes and
for musical performances, and other facilities.
From 1915 to 31 March, 1973
Province of Government of Ancillary Private Gifts
British Columbia       Canada and Enterprises and   (including Students
Federal Agencies      General Funds $6.6 million)
The function of the Resources Council is to advise the Board of
Governors regarding private funds for the University. It also encourages
and assists volunteers and faculty in the raising of funds.
April 1972-March 1973
Mr. A.F. Armstrong — Chairman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Scott Paper Limited.
Mr. H.R. Whittall - Vice-Chairman
Richardson Securities of Canada.
Mr. A.T. Adams — Executive Secretary
Resources Council, UBC.
Mr. R.G. Bentall,
Executive Vice-President,
Dominion Construction Co. Ltd.
Mr. J.A. Broadbent,
President —Retired
Fidelity Life Assurance Co.
Dr. W.H. Gage,
President, UBC.
Dr. W.C. Gibson,
Head, Department of the History of
Medicine and Science, UBC.
The Hon. H.C. Green, P.C., Q.C,
(Chairman, Wills & Bequests Committee)
Mr. P.L. Hazell (Chairman, Alumni Fund)
Deputy Comptroller,
Yorkshire Trust Co.
Mr. B.H. Hender,
Financial Aid Officer, UBC.
Dr. A.M. McGavin,
Chairman of the Board of Governors,
Dr. M.F. McGregor,
Director of Ceremonies, UBC.
Mr. I.C.Malcolm,
Alumni Fund Director, UBC.
Mr. G.L. Morfitt (President, Alumni Association)
J. Diamond and Sons Ltd.
Mr. T.A. Myers,
Information Services, UBC.
The Hon. Mr. Justice N.T. Nemetz,
Chancellor, UBC.
Mr. R.J. Springer,
Prospex Industries Ltd. and Lakex Mines Ltd.
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs,
Head Librarian,
Library, UBC.
Mr. W. White,
Deputy President and Bursar, UBC.
$   915,334
$   876,587
Associations Corporations
$   305,329
Student Aid
Teaching &
Frequently we are asked if with the availability of Canada Student
Loans, the University still has a continuing need for privately endowed
loan funds. The answer is very definitely "yes". The provisions of the
federally guaranteed Canada Student Loan Plan are quite rigid and often,
for a variety of reasons, a student is unable to borrow sufficient funds to
complete the financing of his education. Generally, University Loans are
used to "fill the gap". They are often small loans, repayable over a short
period of time. In other cases students, such as those who recently arrived
from Uganda, are ineligible for a Canada Student Loan. To many students,
University Loans may hold the key to financing the academic year.
During 1972-73, about $2.4 million was borrowed by 3,566 UBC
students under the Canada Student Loan Plan. In the same period 487
students borrowed nearly $270,000 from the University's privately
endowed loan funds.
The accompanying chart shows the poor position of B.C. Students in
regard to overall student aid (scholarships, bursaries, grants, etc.) and
emphasizes the need and value of private support.
Since 1967-68, nearly $2 million has been made available to
students from the University Loan funds. The students' repayment record
is excellent. During 1972-1973, approximately $1,200 or 0.12 per cent of
the loans outstanding were written off as uncollectable. This compares
favourable with the general loan experience of commercial banks whose
write off is estimated to be in excess of 3.0 per cent.
per enrolled Student  1969-70
*2_. $29
NFLD   QUE   ONT   ALTA   NB        NS        BC       MAN  SASK     PEI
The campaign, launched in October 1971, had almost reached its goal
of $500,000 by 31 March, 1973.
Support has come from a wide cross section of individuals,
associations and corporations with an interest in the industry. Students, by
referendum, are giving 100 per cent financial support by levy. The Kresge
Foundation (USA) made a major contribution of $170,000. The
University is grateful to the outstanding team of volunteers lead by
Co-Chairmen, Rod M. Hungerford and George J. Okulitch.
The Fund, and the University's allocation of $512,000, will provide
experimental plots, greenhouses, storage for equipment and various animal
facilities. Work has begun on the Animal Sciences Teaching and Research
Unit, which will provide one of the most advanced dairy complexes in
North America.
Mr. R.M. Hungerford
Mr. G.J. Okulitch
Mr. J.R. Armstrong
Mr. T. Cohen
Mr. G.H. Reifel
Mr. J.G. Rose
Dean M. Shaw
Mr. D.W. Stewart
Mr. Donald MacKay Chairman
Mr. Paul L. Hazell Deputy Chairman
Mr. Kenneth L. Brawner . . . .Past Chairman
Mr. M. Keith Douglass Allocations Committee Chairman
Mr. Michael Rohan Phonathon Committee Chairman
Mrs. Beverly Field President, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Donald J.Currie Treasurer, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Alfred T. Adams    Resources Council Representative
Mr. Harry Franklin Executive Director, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Clive Cocking Chronicle Editor, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Ian C. Malcolm Director
Mr. M. Keith Douglass
Mr. Donald MacKay
Mr. Paul L. Hazell
Mr. Kenneth L. Brawner
Ms. Charlotte Warren
Mr. Brenton D. Kenny
Mr. Ian C. Malcolm
Mr. Harry Franklin
Mr. Frank M. Johnston President
Mr. Stanley T. Arkley Vice-President
Mr. Robert J. Boroughs Treasurer
Mrs. Nora Ottenberg Director
Mr. Frederick L. Brewis  .... Director
Mr. Cliff Mathers Director
Dr. Richard A. Montgomery. . Director
N.A.M. MacKenzie Scholarships  $ 22,400
Alumni Bursary Fund       25,400
J.B. MacDonald Bursaries  5,600
N.A.M. MacKenzie Scholarships (USA)       5,000
Wesbrook Memorial Lectureships  1,000
Daniel Young Scholarship (USA)      500
S.California Alumni Scholarship (USA)  500
Stanley Arkley Scholarship  500
Fred Hartley Bursary  1,500
Nursing Scholarship Fund     .  ,  1,330
Miscellaneous      1,733
Geological Sciences Building Fund       25,796
Agricultural Sciences Building Fund  19,364
Law Building Fund  49,562
Field Hockey Tour  5,403
Rugby Tour  2,850
Harry Logan Memorial Fund      12,218
Three Universities Fund       1,411
President's Alumni Fund  18,409
Women's Athletic Committee  6,020
Men's Athletic Committee       763
W.A.C. Volleyball      275
Rowing  1,025
Sedgewick Libary       4,000
Main Library        1,847
Gifts in Kind        1,601
Crane Library      650
Dawson Club       455
Community Relations Conference  200
Home Economics Conference  600
Speak-Easy       1,000
Vancouver Symphony Concert      450
Gallery Phenomena (AMS)      2,000
Visitations'73  400
Engineering Conference        600
Agriculture Year Book  200
Fine Arts Merrill Collection  1,600
UBC Alumni Communication Committee       375
Class Projects (Miscellaneous)  3,219
Reserve for Interim Recommendations       49,967
Other Gifts from Alumni to UBC      98,217
Total Receipts and Disbursements  $375,940
On 22 March, 1971, steel girders from the Sanyo Corporation's Expo
'70 Pavilion in Japan were accepted by the Government of British
Columbia as a first gift for a fund to build an Asian Centre.
The leaders of the fund recommended that the building should be
sited on the UBC campus so that it would serve as a research and teaching
unit, as well as a centre to host cultural events and house a library of
Asian-language materials.
The University is grateful to friends in Japan, and to Mr. Alan F.
Campney, the B.C. Fund Chairman, and his committee for their highly
successful effort. The fund goal is $1.9 million: $800,000 to come from
sources in Japan and $1.1 million to come from Canadian sources. Gifts
received by 31 March, 1973, totalled $427,220 including $400,000 from
the Government of British Columbia. (In May the Federal Government
made a grant of $400,000 and by June confirmed pledges totalled
The Honourable N.A.M. MacKenzie - Honorary Chairman
Mr. A.F. Campney — Chairman
Mr. W.M. Armstrong
Mr. G.L. Draeseke
Mr. A.J. Ellis
Mr. Arthur Fouks
Mr. K.F. Fraser
Mr. S. Hori
Dr. J.F.Howes
Dr. G.A. Ishiwara
Dr. A.M. McGavin
The Honourable Mr. Justice N.T. Nemetz
Mr. P.M. Reynolds
Mr. J.L. Whitehead
Lawyers in British Columbia and alumni practising law outside the
province combined to give outstanding support to a $500,000 fund to
supplement the University's allocation for a new building for Law. A
number of corporations and others with a special interest in law added
their contributions.
Confirmed and anticipated gifts totalled some $480,000 by 31 March,
1973, and the Fund Committee, headed by Mr. R.W. Bonner and Mr.
A.B.B. Carrothers, expects to reach the full goal.
Preliminary construction is underway. The new building will
incorporate the present permanent structure as a moot court room,
seminar rooms, and staff and student lounges. The dilapidated Second
World War army huts are making way for a new library, offices and
The graduates of the Faculty of Law, the second-largest common-law
school in Canada, provide the backbone of the judiciary and the practising
profession in British Columbia.
R.W. Bonner, Q.C. - Co-Chairman
A.B.B. Carrothers, Q.C. - Co-Chairman
L. St. M.Du Moulin, Q.C.
A.B. Ferris, Q.C.
Dean A.J. McClean
Prof. J.M. Maclntyre
The Hon. N.A.M. MacKenzie
Aubrey F. Roberts
During the year $2,313,317 was received from 19 bequests. Since
1928, the University has been advised of a beneficial interest in 201 wills,
known amounts in 159 cases totalling $23,494,140. In addition, there
have been a variety of bequests-in-kind, including property, books,
paintings, artifacts, skulls and stamps.
The University would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with
its friends, and their estate officers, intentions in regard to bequests. UBC
is concerned that benefactors should be kept up-to-date in their particular
fields of interest.
GIFTS IN KIND-April 1972-March 1973
The Hon. H.C. Green — Chairman
Mr. J.N. Bell
Mr. P.R. Brissenden
Mr. J.A. Broadbent
Mr. J.M. Buchanan
Mr. A.J. Ellis
Mr. D. Lukin Johnston
The Hon. Mr. Justice A.E. Lord
Mr. R.S. Whyte
The Hon. Chief Justice J.O.Wilson
Mr. F.M. Johnston
The Hon. Mr. Justice NT. Nemetz
— Chancellor
Dr. W.H. Gage - President
Dr. A.J. McClean - Dean of Law
Mr. AT. Adams — Executive
Secretary, Resources Council
Mr. A. Baxter — Treasurer,
Department of Finance
Mr. I.C. Malcolm — Director,
Alumni Fund
Mr. K.C. MacKenzie — Chairman
Mr. L. Amighetti
Mr. Wm. S. Armstrong
Mr. C.P. Daniels
Mr. O.C. Dolan
Mr. G.L. Leigh-Spencer
Mr. E.T. Linnell
Bartle, Mr. P. Ghana
Bell Laboratories U.S.A.
Best Bi Food
Biely, Professor J.
Branion, Dr. R.M.R.
B.C. Telephone Company
3ritish Museum England
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Cole, Mr. D.
Cunningham, Dr. E.R. and Dr. Gladys
Dunn, Mr. J.S.
rairchild Research and Development U.S.A.
=oremost Foods Ltd.
'Kmbassade de France au Canada Ontario
-ullerton, Althea
jeneral Mills Chemicals Inc. U.S.A.
Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany
^wthorn. Dr. and Mrs. H.B.
[Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Quebec
Johnston, Mr. D. Lukin
Juchum, Mr. G.
Koerner, Dr. W.C.
.aycock. Estate of Samuel R.
.ockwood Survey Corporation Ltd.
McKay, Mrs. Nellie
MacKenzie, Dr. N.A.M.
McManus, Dr. G.F. Ontario
Merck, Sharp & Dohme (Canada) Ltd.
Noranda Metal Industries Inc. U.S.A.
Odium, Mr. R.M.
Owen, Mr. L.
Palomex Oy Fin/and
Panco Poultry Ltd.
Parnall, Mr. J.E.A.
Philipp Brothers (Canada) Ltd. Quebec
Research Group on Latin America
Rombs, Mrs. Margaret Alberta
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited Ontario
Smith, Kline & French Inter-American Corp.
Soroptomist Club
Switzerland, Government of
Tektronix Canada Ltd.
Topping, Dr. C.W.
Trapp, Estate of Dr. Ethlyn
Veillette, Mr. J.W.J.
Warren, Dr. J.
Wheeler, Mr. W.R.
Whittall, Mrs. H.V.
These gifts included: Neolithic axe from Kwahy-Tafo, second-hand diffusion furnace, 500 1/_ pint cartons of milk, kyak, Kootenay canoe, joy stick,
paintings, sculpture, books.
Mr. A.T. Adams - Executive Secretary, Resources Council
Prof. J.M. Maclntyre - Faculty of Law
Mr. I.C. Malcolm — Director, Alumni Fund
Mr. T.A. Myers — Director, Information Services
15 April 1972-March 1973
Anna Margaret Armstrong
Jack Aron
Edith Ashton
Nat Bell
Ben Benwell
Dr. Ernest Billig
Alice Bishopric
Edgar C. Black
Mrs. Rose Bradley
Mrs. Mildred Brock
Edith and Jacob Buckshon
Ruth E. Cameron
J. Ewart Collins
Ghent Davis
Charles Dawson
Leo Joseph Desautels
Mrs. Randy Dillion
Mike Edwards
Allison Elliott
John Emerson
Dr. Evlyn Fenwick Farris
Dr. John N. Finlayson
Alfred Flook
Frank A. Forward
David Fouks
Guy Fowler
J. Fyfe-Smith
Mary G. Fyfe-Smith
Mrs. Otto Gaube
J.W. Gehrke
Wilf Gleave
Beatrice Wellington Gonzales
Rosemary E. Gordon
Charles Leonard Gorvich
Dr. John Arthur Gower
Allan S. Gregory
E. Francis Gunning
I.B. Holubitsky
Peter and Heather Howard
Kim Hudson
Thomas Francis Hurley
T. Ingledow
Walter M. Jeffrey
Ethel Johns
Elmer Johnston
Harold A. Jones
Ernestine A.M.E. Kania
Dr. W.T. Kergin
Dr. H.B. King
Karen Elaine King
Willard Kitchen
Dr. A.W.D. Knox
Brigadier Noel D. Lambert
Heather Lawson
Mrs. Alice Lea
G.M. Letson
Professor A. Lighthall
Chris Lin
J. Arthur and Lottie Lindsay
David Bell Little
Harry Logan
Charles McDonald
John McDonald
Malcolm M. Maclntyre
Jessie L. McLenaghen
Joel Harold Marcoe
Dr. Jack Margulius
Frances Milburn
Dr. G.G. Moe
Ada J. Mouncey
Ernest A. Munro
Erica Nacht
AlanW. Neill
J.R. Neilson
Percy W. Nelms
Samuel and Rebecca Nemetz
Desmond O'Brien
Richard Owen
Harold Pocock
Edith M. Rainbow
Grant Redford
Robie L. Reid
Dr. J. Robinson
A.G. Rodgers
A. Rothstein
Shelene Joy Ryan
Colin A. Sands
Dr. T.R. Sarjeant
Dr. A.B. Schinbein
Dr. and Mrs. S. Schaffer
Ben Shapiro
Robert D. Sheret
Mr. and Mrs. Emmerson Shields
Henry Shindler
Stella Shopland
Eva Shortreed
Abraham Shuer
Dr. A.C.Skerl
Mrs. Edith Stickland
Dr. J.J. Tassin
Austin C. Taylor
Dolores Tenisci
Lt. Comdr. E.D. Thompson
Dr. Robert Mitchell Thompson
Marjorie Ellis Topping
Dr. Ethlyn Trapp
Gilbert Tucker
Kenneth Tutquist
Kenneth George VanSacker
Joseph Vickar
Meyer Waldman
Mr. M.M. Waterman
Myron M. Weaver
Dr. William Harrison White
Professor B.R. Whitinger
Ernest Wilby
George S. Williams
Myer Wine
Paul & Jennie Wolochow
Alfred N. Wolverton
Leslie G.J.Wong
The Hon. W.C. Woodward
Dean E.L. Woods
Sam Zivot
17 GIFTS, GRANTS AND BEQUESTS - April 1972- March 1973
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. U.S.A.
Aberle, Dr. D.F.
Acteson, Mrs. B.W.
Adage, Inc. U.S.A.
Adamovich, Mr. L.
Adams, Mr. AT.
Adamson, Mr. R.D.
Addison, Mr. R.S.
Adie, Mr. L.
Adshead, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Agnew, Mrs. A.M.
Agricultural Pesticide Society Ontario
Aho, Dr. A.E.
Aikins, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.S.
Aird, Mr. C.A.
Akrigg, Dr. & Mrs. P.V.
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alberta Distillers Ltd.
Alcan Co. of Canada Ltd. Quebec
Alcan Research and Development Ltd.
Alcock, Mr. R.J.
Allan, Mr. A.J.
Allan, Mr. J.F.S.
Allan, Mrs. O.B.
Allan, Mrs. W.G.
Allen, Dr. C.S. and Dr. J.G. Watt
Allen, Mrs. Edith
Allen, Dr. P.
Allergan Pharmaceuticals U.S.A.
Allied Chemical Foundation U.S.A.
Alltrans Express Ltd.
Aim, Mr. E.
Alma Mater Society
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity
Alpha Gamma Delta Mothers' Club
Alpha Omega Society
American Can Company of Canada Ltd.
American College of Dentists,
Washington-B.C. Section U.S.A.
American Cyanamid Company U.S.A.
American Heart Association U.S.A.
American Home Products Co. U.S.A.
American Iron & Steel Institute U.S.A.
American Philosophical Society U.S.A.
American Smelting & Refining Company
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
American Society for Metals
American Women's Club
Andersen, Arthur & Company
Andersen, Dr. R.
Anderson, Emil Construction Co. Ltd.
Anderson, Mr. J.
Anderson, Mrs. Joan
Anderson, Mrs. L.S.
Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Anderson, Miss May V.
Anderson, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.P.
Ando Laboratories Ltd.
Andody, Mr. E.
Andres Wines (B.C.) Ltd.
Andrew, Dr. G.C.
Andrews, The Hon. Mr. Justice D.E.
Anfield, Mr. F.A.
Ankenman, Dr. G.J.
Anglo Canadian Shipping (Westship) Ltd.
Anthony, Mr. R.J.
Anton, Mr. J.N.P. Yukon
Antonik, Dr. & Mrs. L. and Garry
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd. Alberta
Archer, Mr. A.R.
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Ardagh, Mr. J.V.
Armstead, Mrs. Miriam R.
Armstrong, Mr. A.G.
Armstrong, Mr. AT.
Armstrong, Dr. J.E.
Armstrong, Mr. Wm. A.
Arneil, Dr. A.S.
Arnott, Mr. E.L. Prince Edward Island
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Arts Council of Nanaimo Regional District
Associates Acceptance Co. Ltd. Alberta
Association for Asian Studies, Inc. U.S.A.
Association of Professional Engineers of
Association of B.C. Professional Foresters
Association of Canadian Televison &
Radio Artists of Vancouver
Association of Nurses of the Province of
Quebec Quebec
Atkinson, Mr. L.A.
Atkinson, Mr. R.
Atkinson, Mr. R.G.
Atlantic Richfield Foundation Alberta
Attridge, Dr. F.
Austin, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Austin, Mr. J. Ontario
Austin, Mr. & Mrs. V.C. and Family
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.
Avenue Farm Machinery Ltd.
AVG Management Science
Ayerst Laboratories Quebec
Aylard, Mr. A.W.
Ayton.Mr. K.T.
B.C. Artificial Insemination Centre
B.C. Association of District Superintendents and Inspectors of Schools
B.C. Association for the Mentally Retarded
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Branch of the Federation of Medical
Women of Canada
B.C. Broiler Hatching Egg Producers'
B.C. Cancer Treatment and Research
B.C. Cattlemen's Association
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Cranberry Marketing Board
B.C. Cultural Fund Advisory Committee
B.C. Dental Hygienists'Association
B.C. Dentists' Wives' Association
B.C. Equipment Company Ltd.
B.C. Farm Machinery Equipment Ltd.
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Fruit Growers' Association
B.C. Grape Marketing Board
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball
B.C. Hotels' Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
B.C. Ice & Cold Storage Limited
B.C. Indian Language Project
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Interior Vegetable Marketing Board
B.C. Jewellers
B.C. Jockey Club
B.C. Medical Association, Section of
General Practice
B.C. Medical Association, Section of
B.C. Medical Research Foundation
B.C. Nursery Trades' Association
B.C. Oto-Ophthalmological Society
B.C. Parent-Teacher Federation
B.C. Perinatal Health Society
B.C. Physical Education Council
B.C. Professional Pharmacists' Society
B.C. Professional Recreation Society
B.C. Psychological Association
B.C. Ready Mixed Concrete Association
B.C. Registered Music Teachers'
B.C. Salmon Derby
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Surgical Society
B.C. Swine Breeders' Association
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Transformer Co. Ltd.
B.C. Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Society
B.C. & Yukon Chamber of Mines
Bacon, Mr. W.G.
Baehr, Mr. & Mrs. W.F. England
Bailey, Dr. C.B. Alberta
Bak, Mr. &Mrs. P.
Baker, Mr. G.J.F.
Baker, Mr. J.D.
Baker, G.R. Memorial Hospital
Baker, Mr. N.
Bakery & Confectionery Workers' International Union of America U.S.A.
Bakos, Mr.& Mrs. T.
Balatti, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Baldwin, Dr. R.W. U.S.A.
Balshine, Mr. L.I.
Balzarini, Mrs. Janet
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Banks, Estate of Mr. & Mrs. C.A.
Bankson, Mr. D.
Banno, Dr. M.P.
Banting Research Foundation Ontario
Bapco Paint Ltd.
Barber, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Barett, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Barker, Mrs. M.
Barkwill's Limited
Barlow, Estate of Mrs. Edith Charlotte
Barritt, Mr. B.H. U.S.A.
Barton, Mr. P.
Basaraba, Dr. N.
Bates, Mr. D.L.
Baumann, Mr. F.W.
Bechtel Foundation of Canada Ontario
Beairsto, Mr. R.E.
Bealing, Mrs. H.F.
Beaton, Dr. J.D. U.S.A.
Beaudoin, Mr. P.G.
Beck, Mr. H.L. Ontario
Beke, Dr. G.T. Manitoba
Bekker, Dr. J.P.
Belkin Packaging Ltd.
Bell, Mrs. Angela
Bell Farms Ltd.
Bell, Dr. G.A.
Bell, Mr. J.P.France
Benda, Mr. L.B.
Bene, Dr. E.M.
Beneficial Foundation, Inc. U.S.A.
Bennett & White Construction Co. Ltd.
Benson, Dr. K.I.G.
Berardino, Mr. J.E.
Berardino, Mr. Wm. S.
Beresford, Miss Joan
Beresford, Mr. N.G.
19 Berger, The Hon. Mr. Justice T.R.
Berner, Mr. S.H.
Berry, Mr. D.
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Bianco, Mr. & Mrs. L.J. U.S.A.
Bickle, Mrs. M.E. Ontario
Bicknell, Miss Madeleine
Bicknell, Mr. R.J.
Biedler, Mr. E.E.
Biely, Dr. J.
Biely, Mr. R.B.
Bilinski, Mr. T.J.
Billig, Mrs. H.
Billing-Meyer, Dr. W.
Bird, Mr. G.
Bird, Mrs. Mary R.
Bird, Mrs. P.F.P.
Bird, Mr. R.B.
Birks' Family Foundation Quebec
Bisaro, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Bischoff, Estate of Mrs. Marie C.
Black, Dr. D.M.
Black, Dr. J.M.
Black, Miss Joan
Black, Dr. L.M. U.S.A.
Black, Miss Mildred
Black, Mr. W.
Black, Dr. W.G.
Blackwell, B.H. Ltd. England
Blackwell, Mr. R.G.
Blair, Mr. A.J.
Blair, Mr. D.G. Alberta
Blair, Mr. G.
Blythe, Miss Phyllis
B'Nai B'rith Hillel Foundation
Bodig, Mr. J. U.S.A.
Boehringer Ingelheim, Division of
Pharma-Research Canada Ltd. Quebec
Bogardus Holdings Ltd.
Bolwyn, Dr. B. Ontario
Bond, Mr. H.E.
Bond, Mrs. Moya
Bond, Dr. S.D.
Bonham, Dr. C.H.
Bonner, Mr. R.W., Q.C.
Bonney, Mr. W.H. Alberta
Bonnycastle, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.R.
Borden, Dr. C.E.
Boronowski, Mr. A.
Boskovich, Mrs. Christina
Boughton, Street & Company
Bourne, Mr. C.B.
Bourne, Mrs. H.A.
Bourne, Mr. J.A., Q.C.
Boving, Mr. P.A. U.S.A.
Bowen, Mr. P.K.
Bowling Proprietors' Association
Bowmer, Dr. E.J.
Boy Scout Association, 4th Vancouver
North Group
Boyd, Mr. & Mrs. W.H., and Mrs. S. Sear
Boyle and Company
Boyle, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.A.
Boytinck, Mr. W.J.W.
BP Oil and Gas Ltd. Alberta
Bradshaw, Rev. R.G. Manitoba
Branca, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.E.
Brawner, Speton, Phillips & Stinson
Brazier, Mr. C.W.
Brazier, Mrs. G.L.
Breeze, Ms. Ardis Ontario
Brink, Dr. & Mrs. V.C.
Brissenden, Mr. P.R., Q.C.
Brister, Mr. D.E.
British Metal Corporation (Canada) Ltc
British Pacific Life Insurance Co.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada Limited
Britton, Mr. F.H.
Brooker, Miss Gail
Brothers, Mr. & Mrs. T., Monte, Diane
& Cheryl
Brown, Mr. A.C. Alberta
Brown, Mr. CD.
Brown, Mr. D.
Brown, Mr. D.H.
Brown, Mr. E.
Brown, Mr. Wm. C.
Bruce, Miss Rena
Brunner, Mr. F.W. Quebec
Bryenton, Mr. G.M.
Buchanan, Mrs. Florence M.
Buchanan, Miss Mildred
Buchanan, Miss Sheila C. Bolivia
Buckerfield's, Limited
Buckland, Mr. C.C.
Buckley, Mr. G.J.
Buckley, Mr. J.W.
Buckley, Mrs. Patricia T.
Buckshon's Pharmacy Ltd.
Budden, Dr. M.
Budge, Mr. G.M.
Budgen, Mrs. S.
Budzinski, Dr. M.G.
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Bull, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.B.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Bulley, Dr. N.R.
Bullis, Mr. R.
Bundell, Mr. & Mrs. J. and Family
Burge, Mr.C.W.M.
Burge, Mr. D.R. Alberta
Burke, Mr. S.
Burnaby Creative Writers' Society
Burns, Mr. D.A.
Burns, Mr. P.T.
Burnyeat, Mr. G.
Burr, Mr. R. U.S.A.
Burroughs Wellcome & Company (Canada)
Ltd. Quebec
Burt, Mrs. H.M. Ontario
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.
Butler, Dr. G.C.
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canada Packers Foundation
Canada Permanent Trust Company
Canada Safeway Limited
Canada Trust Company
Canada Tungsten Mining Corporation
Canadian Acceptance Corporation Limited
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association
Canadian Association for the Mentally
Retarded Ontario
Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Bio Resources Consultants Ltd.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian-Catholic Organization for
Development and Peace Ontario
Canadian China Society Ontario
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Canadian Daughters' League, Provincial
Council of B.C.
Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Fina Oil Ltd. Alberta
Canadian Forces Base Europe
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement
of Pharmacy Ontario
Canadian Fund for Dental Education
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Industries Ltd. Quebec
Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy,
B.C. Section
Canadian International Law Association
Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific
Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd. Ontario
Canadian Life Insurance Association Ontario
Canadian National Exhibition Ontario
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Ltd.
Canadian Polish Congress, B.C. Branch
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Red Cross Corps
Canadian Society of Exploration
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Superior Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 116
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 389
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 394
Cadieux, Mr. J.V. Quebec
Caldwell, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.R.
Calgary Diagnostic Laboratories - Staff
Calhoun, Mr. W.J.
Callaghan & Gilchrist
Calverly, Dr. R.K.
Cambon, Dr. K.
Cameron, Mr. H.C.
Cameron, Mr. T.R.
Campbell, Mr. A.T.R., Q.C.
Campbell, Mr. D.H.
Campbell, Mr. J.K.
Campbell, J.K. & Associates Ltd.
Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. J.M.
Campbell, Dr. R.B.
Campbell Roy, Ltd.
Campney & Murphy
Candido, Mr. L.M.
Canex Exploration Ltd.
Canner Nurseries Ltd.
Caputo, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Caputo, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Cariboo Bar Association
Cariboo College
Carling Breweries Ltd.
Carlisle, Mrs. O.E.
Carpenter, Dr. C.W.
Carr, Mr. J.M.
Carson, Mr. D.J.
Carswell Company Limited Ontario
Carter, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Carter, Mr. K.
Case, Mr. V.W. U.S.A.
Casey, Dr. S.P.C.
Caspell, Mr. M.
Cassady, Insley, Cassady & Lauener
Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. Ontario
Catalano, Mr. & Mrs. C, Sr.
21 Catalano, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Catholic Family & Children's Service
Catholic Women's League of Canada
Cathro, Mr. R.J.
Cayley, Estate of Mrs. H.S.
Celle, Mr. & Mrs. P.D.
Certified General Accountants' Association
of Canada
Challenger Equipment Ltd.
Chambers, Mr. S.L.
Chan, Dr. A.P.
Changfoot, Dr. G.H.
Chap Copy Ltd.
Chapman, Mr. E.P., Jr.
Charkow, Mr. M.
Chataway, Mrs. J.F.C.
Chataway, Mr. R.T. Ontario
Chattey, Mrs. S.N.
Chemex Labs. Ltd.
Chemical Institute of Canada Ontario
Cherry, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Chertkoff, Mr. G. Ontario
Chevron Standard Limited Alberta
Chiarenza, Mr. C.
Chief's Mess Nova Scotia
Chilancoh Ranch
Children's Hospital
Chilliwack Medical Society
Chin, Mr. H.L.
Choe, Mr. C.
CHQM Radio Station
Christopher, Mrs. Mary
Chung, Dr. W.B.
Ciba-Geigy Company Quebec
Cicchetti Families (Luigi & Tony)
Civitaresse, Mr. & Mrs. and Family
Civitaresse, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Civitaresse, Mr. L.
Civitaresse, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Clancy, Mr. D.L.
Clare, Mr. L.P.
Clark, Mr. F.F.   U.S.A.
Clark, Wilson & Company
Clarke, Dr. D.A.
Clasby, Mr. R.W.
Claxton, Mr. P.
Clay, Les & Son Ltd.
Clayton, Mrs. Wendy
Cleator, Dr. I.G.M.
Clement, Dean Emeritus & Mrs. F.M.
Cliff, Mr. A.B.
Cliff, Mrs. A. Georgina
Clooten, Mrs. Marylin J.
Clyne, The Hon. J.V.
Coates, D.W. Enterprises Ltd.
Cochrane, Mr. J.G.
Cochrane, Mrs. Laura
Cockbum, Mr. K.O. Alberta
Cockcroft, Mr. W.H.
Coe, Mr. J.E.
Cohen, Mr. J.H.
Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Cohen, Mrs. M.B.
Cohen, Mr. T.
Colangeli, Mrs. E.
Coleman, Dr. G.U.
Coleman, Mr. N.
Colgur, Mr. T.G.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C.
Collier, Mr. D.J.
Collier, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.U. Ontario
Collins & Collins
Collins, Mrs. David L. U.S.A.
Collver, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.D.
Coltart, Mr. D.M.
Cominco Ltd.
Comitas Club
Commonwealth Drilling Ltd. Alberta
Community Arts Council
Comparelli & Collings
Conwest Exploration Co. Ltd. Ontario
Cook, Dr. C.E.
Coquitlam Fine Arts Council
Corby Distilleries Ltd. Quebec
Cornish, Mr. G. U.S.A.
Cosulich, Mrs. C.S.
Couch, Mr. E.A.
Coughlin, Mrs. D.M. Quebec
Coulthard, Mr. T.L.
Council for Exceptional Children
Vancouver Chapter 257
Council of the Forest Industries of B.C.
Countryman, Dr. & Mrs. R.S. U.S.A.
Coupland, Mr. H.D.
Coupland, Mrs. Sybil
Courtemanche, Dr. A.D.
Cowan, Mr. J.C., Q.C.
Cowan, Dr. R.J.
Cowichan Valley Medical Society
Craig, Mr. W.A., Q.C.
Crawford, Mr. B.E. Ontario
Creamery Package Mfg. Co. of Canada Ltd
Creighton, Mrs. Ariel
Creighton, Mr. D.W.H.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Croation Fraternal Union of America
Croll, Dr. R.O.
Cromie, Mr. D.C.
Crowe, Mr. T.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited
C.U.&C. Health Services Society
Culter, Mr. J.L.B.
Cumming, Mr. G.S., Q.C.
Cunningham, Mr. A.
Cunningham, Mr. R.T.
Cunningham Drug Stores Ltd.
Currie, Mr. L.A.
Czlillinger-Horvath, Mr. E. Ontario
Dabrowski, Mrs. S.
Dahlstrom, Wetmore, McGauley & Barlow
Dairyland Employees Charitable Donations
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Dairy Products Promotional Fund
Danner, Dr. W.R.
Danyliu, Mr. P.G.
Darling, The Hon. Mr. Justice T.G.
Darney, Mr. R.J.
Davey, The Hon. Mr. H.W., Q.C.
Davidson, Dr. A. Ontario
Davidson, Mr. B.
Davidson, Mr. K.E. Manitoba
Davidson and Company
Davies, Mrs. Betty E.
Davies, Mr. W.H.
Davis, Mrs. Ghent
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. L. U.S.A.
Davis and Company
Dawson, Mr. K.M. Mexico
Dayan, Mr. G.C.
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
Deafness Research Foundation U.S.A.
Debas, Dr. H.T. U.S.A.
Decario, Mr. G.J.
Deighton, Mr. J.R.
Deland, Mr. M.C. U.S.A.
Del Norte Mining Group
Delta Gamma Fraternity - Vancouver Alumnae
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta
Derics, Mr. I.
Derpak, Mr. K.W.
Derrien, Mr. & Mrs. Y.
Des Brisay, Miss Eileen
DesBrisay, Mr. G.
Dew, Mr. D.A. Alberta
Dewar, Mrs. Linda R.
Dewdney, Mr. F.H.P.
Dickeson, Mr. C. & Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Reid
Dickson, Dr. R.
Diebolt, Mr. R.D.
Dingle, Mr. H.H.
Dinsley, Mr. T.H.
Dipple, Mrs. Jean Alberta
DiPasquale, Mr. & Mrs.
DiPasquale, Mrs. Margaret
DiVito, Mrs. J.
Docker, Mrs. Doris
Dockrill, Mrs. M.E.
Dockrill, MissM.
Dodd, Mr. R.R.
Dodek, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Dodson, Mr. E.D.
Dohm, Mrs. Barbara J.
Dohm, Mr. P.D.
Doig, Guthrie & Baily
Dolly Varden Mines Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Ltd. Alberta
Dominion Construction Co. Ltd.
Dominion Glass Company Ltd.
Dominion Life Assurance Company Ontario
Domtar Foundation Quebec
Donald, Mr. W.I.
Donner Canadian Foundation Ontario
Douglas, Mrs. Margaret
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dow Chemical Company of Canada Ltd.
Dowa Mining Co. Ltd.
Drummond, Dr. A.D.
Duclos, Mr. R.E.
Dunlop, Mr. C.R.B.
Duignan, Mr. J.L.
Dryer, The Hon. Mr. Justice V.L.
Duff, Mrs. D.C.B.
Duffel I, Dr. S.Ontario
Duguay, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Du Moulin, Black, Brazier & Hall
Du Moulin, Mr. L. St. M., Q.C.
Duncan, Mr. J.L.
Dunfee, Mr. D.R.
Duplat, Mr.&Mrs.C.F.
Dusting, Mrs. Norman R.
Eades & Company
Eagles, Dean Emeritus B.A.
Earl, Mr. J.P. Libya
Easdon,Mr. G.
East Chilliwack Fruit Growers' Co-op
Eastman, Mr. & Mrs. N.D.
T. Eaton Company Limited
Edgar, Dr. M.L.
Edith Cavell Hospital Ltd.
Eddy, Mr. H.R.
Edwards, Mr. D.
Edwards, Mrs. D. & Miss Joan McPhail
Edwards, Mr. J.H.
Edwards, Mr. J.T.
Edwards, Mr. R.
23 Eggiman, Mrs. Leni Ontario
Ehrenholz, Mr. E.
Eirikson, Husband & Fowler
Eldorado Nuclear Limited Saskatchewan
Elliot, Dr. A.J.
Elliott, Dr. G.R.F.
Elliott, Mr. T.M.
Elphinstone, Mr. HP. Alberta
Elwick, Mr. J.W.
Emery, Mr. & Mrs. PC
Emmett, Miss Laura
Emmons, Dr. H.J.
Empire Stevedoring Company Ltd.
Emslie, Miss Dorothy R.
Enderton, Mr.S.W.
Enginners' Wives' Association
Environment Research Consultants Ltd.
Erdahl, Mr. R. & Mrs. B. Gestby
Erickson, Mr. J.
Erridge, Mr. CP.
Esco Limited
Essex, Mr. W.G.
Esson, Mr. W.A.
Estensen, Dr. R.
Estey, Miss Alice L.
Evans, Mr. J.B.
Evans, Mrs. M.
Evans Products Co. U.S.A.
Evelyn, Dr. K.
Everett, Mr. H.B.
Everett, Mr. W.M.
Eversole, Mrs. Joyce V. U.S.A.
Ewert, Mr. J.D. Yukon
Ewert, Mr. P.E.
Ewing, Mr. A.M.
Exploration Services Ltd.
Fabbro, Mr. R.G.
Faculty Women's Club
Fahrni, Mr. K.C.
Fahrni, Dr. W.H.
Fairbridge Society Inc.
Fairey, Dr. R.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. Ontario
Fallis, Miss Mary
Farebrother, Mr. & Mrs. B., Mr. & Mrs. T.
Boydell, Mr. & Mrs. K. Manske
Farkas, Mr. W.
Farris, Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Farris, Mr. J.H. deB.
Fay, Mrs. Wendy K.
Federation of Telephone Workers of B.C.
Plant Division
Federation of Telephone Workers of B.C.
Traffic Division
Feistmann, Mr. F.
Fell, Mrs. Ella May
Feltham, Mr. D. Ontario
Fenwick, Mr. & Mrs. R.W.
Ferguson, Mr. R.G.
Ferraro, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Ferry, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.D.
Fessler, Mrs. Agnes
Fetherstonhaugh, Mrs. E.H.
Fetterly, Mr. N.
Fields, Mr. & Mrs. D.B.
Fields Stores Limited
Fillmore, Mr. DC, Q.C.
Financial Executives Institute
Findlay, Mr. R.B.
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Finucane, Mrs. Kathleen
Fipke, Mr. CD.
Fischer, Mr. & Mrs. J. & Family
Fisher, Mr. A.W., Q.C.
Fisher, Dr. D.V.
Fisher, Dr. S.J. & Dr. Vanalstine
Fitzsimmons, Dr. R.C
Fleet Service Co.
Fleming, Mr. & Mrs. B.H.
Flesher, Mrs. Vera
Flex-Lox Industries Ltd.
Flook, Mr. H.J.
Flygt Canada Ltd.
Fodor, Mr. J. Alberta
Folkins, Dr. J.A.
Foort, Mr. J.
Ford Foundation
Forty, Mrs. R.J.F.
Forward, Miss Dorothy F. Ontario
Forsyth, Mrs. D.M. Ontario
Forsythe, Mr. CE.
Foster, Mr. & Mrs. L.D. and Brian
Fouks, Mr. A.
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Fram Canada Limited Ontario
Francis, Dr. G.
Fransblow, Dr. P.
Franson, Mr. R.T.
Fraser, Mr. A. Ontario
Fraser, Dr. A.
Fraser, Dr. G.C
Fraser, Mrs. J.
Fraser, Mr. J.S.
Fraser Valley Bar Association
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association
Fraser Valley Nursery
Freeman, Dr. D.A.
Freeman, Freeman, Silvers and Koffman
French, Mr. & Mrs. B. and Janie
Fresco Club
Fretwell, Mr. H.R.
Friedman, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Friends of Chamber Music
Friesen, Mr. 0. Alberta
Friesen Electric Ltd.
Frimer, Dr. M.
Frith, Estate of Mrs. Bessie Churchill
Frosst, Charles E. & Company Quebec
Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada Ltd. Ontario
Fulop, Mr. Z.
Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian Portugal
Furukawa Mining Co. Ltd. Japan
Fyfe, Mr. E.R. Ontario
Fyfe-Smith, Miss Florence
Gabrielse, Mr. H.
Gaerber, Mrs. N.
Gage Educational Publishing Limited
Gage, Dr. W.H.
Gale, Mr. R.E.
Gansner, The Hon. Mr. Justice L.S.
Gardiner, Mrs. J.K.
Gardom, Mr. G.B.
Gargrave, Mr. A.J.
Garibaldi Highlands Developments Ltd.
Garner, Mrs. Margaret C.
Garrow, Dr. D.G.
Gates, Mr. J.G.
Gaube, Mr. O.
Gayton, Mrs. Penny
Gee, Dr. Evelyn A.
Gehrke Stationery & Printing Co. Ltd.
Gemmill, Dr. D.
General Distributors Ltd.
General Motors of Canada Ltd. Ontario
Georgia Pacific Corporation U.S.A.
Giannubilo, Mr. & Mrs.
Gibson, Dr. G.A.
Gibson, Mr. J.L.
Gibson, Dr. WC
Giese, Miss R.
Gilbey Canada Limited Ontario
Gill, Mr.S.C.
Gillanders, Dr. D.A.
Gillanders, Mr. D.E.
Gillanders, Dr. E.B.
Gillespie, Mr. H.S.
Gilley, Mrs. Beatrice A.
Gilley, Mrs. E. Roland
Gillis, Mrs. G.M.
Gilmore, Mr. D.
Gilmour, Mr. G.H.
Ginther, Mr. J.L.
Girl Guides of Canada
Giroday, Mr. M.R.C.B.
Giroday, Mrs. S.E.
Gladstone Secondary School
Gladwell, Mrs. H.W.
Glaxo Canada Limited Ontario
Godfrey, Mr. L.M. Ontario
Goerzen, Mr. W.R.J.
Golder, Brawner & Associates
Goldstick, Mrs. Marianne U.S.A.
Goode,Mr. P.N.
Goodman, Dr. G.
Gordon, Mr. J.P.
Gordon, Mr. R.D.
Gordy, Mr. P.V.. Alberta
Gorgenyl, Mr. B.
Goring, Dr. N.L.
Gottschling, Dr. G.
Gouge, Mr. J.F.
Gould, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Gould, Mr. R.A.
Goulet, Mr. G.R.D.
Goulet, The Hon. Mr. Justice L.S.
Gower, Mrs. Evelyn F.
Graham & Company
Graham, Mrs. M.
Grahame, Mr. R.W.
Grand Chapter of B.C.
Order of the Eastern Star
Grand Lodge of B.C., A.F. & A.M.
Grand Lodge B.P.O. Elks of Canada
Grant, Mr. K.D.
Gratzker, Mr. M.
Grawer, Mr. F.W.
Gray, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Gray, Mr. K.H.
Gray, Mr. R.W.
Green, Dr. & Mrs. CH. U.S.A.
Green, The Hon. H.C., Q.C.
Green, Mr. L.H.
Gregory, Mr. A. Alberta
Gregory, The Late Mr. Justice G.F.T.
Greenwood, Mr. I.F.
Griffiths, McLelland & Company
Grippo, Mr. S.
Grolier Foundation Inc. U.S.A.
Guaranty Trust Company of Canada
Guarnaschelli, Mrs. E.
Guichon, Mr. B.G.E.
Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane & Hutcheon
Guinet, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.M.
Guitjens, Mr. J.C U.S.A.
Gulf Estates Ltd.
Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union
Gulf Oil Canada Ltd. Alberta
Gundry, Mrs.C.H.
Gunning, Mr. H.C
Guy, Mr. R.D.J.
Gyongyosi, Mr. S.
25 Hacker, Mr. C.
Haddock, Mrs. Joan I.
Hager, Mr. R.L.
Haig, Miss Marion
Haig-Brown, Dr. R.L.
Hall, Mr. F.B.Ontario
Hall & Mills Newfoundland
Hallahan, Mrs. Dorothy
Hallamore, Estate of Dr. Gertrude J.
Hallett, Mr. H.H.
Hallowell,Mr. M.
Hamber Foundation
Hambrook, Mr. R.A.
Hames, Mr. C.A. Alberta
Hamilton, Mr.CH.,Q.C.
Hamilton, Mr. CL.
Hamre, Dr. & Mrs. E.C Saskatchewan
Hancock, Mrs. E. Quebec
Haniuk, Mr. E.S. U.S.A.
Hanson, Mr. S.
Harakal,Mr. J.E.
Harder, Dr. D.H.
Hardisty Community
Hardwick, Dr. D.
Hardwick, Dr. F.C
Hardy, Mr. G. Alberta
Hargrave, Mrs. Patricia A.
Harlow, Mr. N. U.S.A.
Harman, Mr. R.H.G.
Harper, Grey, Easton & Co.
Harris, Mr. P.R. U.S.A.
Harrison, Mr. AC.
Harrison, Mr. M. Alberta
Harrison, Dr. R.C.
Harrop, Dr. T.
Harrower, Mr. J.R.
Hartley, Dr. F.C.
Harvey, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.T.
Haskins, Mr. P.S. Ontario
Hastings, Drs. J.E.F., J. Browne, &
H. McLaughlan Ontario
Hatfield, Estate of Mrs. Janet M.
Hathaway, Mr. N. Ontario
Hawk, Dr. H.E.P.
Hawkes, Mr. H.E. U.S.A.
Hawthorn, Dr. H.B.
Hay, Mr. K.A.
Haynes, Mrs. J.B. Ontario
Hayr, Mr. R.S.
Health Services & Hospital Insurance Dept.
Heaney, Mrs. Helen F.
Heath, Mr. H.B.
Heath, Robert & Company
Heeney, Mr. & Mrs. R.B.
Heighway, Estate of Mrs. Florence E.
Hejja, Mr. A.
Hejjas, Mr. J.
Hellenic Community of Vancouver
Henderson, Mr. G.M.
Herbert, Mrs. Beverly
Herbert, Mr. R.G.
Hewitt, Dr. Wm. J.
Hibbard, Mr. Wm. R.
Hibberd, Dr. J.
Hicks, Dr. R.N.
Hicock, Mrs. Winifred P.
Higgins, Mrs. Belle & Family
Hill, Mr. A.E.S. U.S.A.
Hill, Mrs. Constance C. Alberta
Hinds, Mr. D.B.
Hinkson, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.E.
Hislop, Mr. F.C.
Hobbs, Mrs. Victoria M.
Hodges, Dr. J.
Hodgins, Miss Rosemary Ontario
Hodgson, Mr. A.G.
Hoffars Limited
Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. Quebec
Hogg, Mr. & Mrs. CS. Quebec
Hogg, Mr. G.P.
Hokhold Engineering Ltd.
Holdings, R.Z. Ltd. Alberta
Holland, Mrs. & Mrs. C.
Holland, Mrs. Patricia
Holland, Mr. S.S.
Holland, Dr. Wm. L.
Holland Landscapers Limited
Holloway, Mr. P.
Holm, Mr. A.V.
Holme, Mr. & Mrs. G.W.
Holmes, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.R.
Holubitsky, Mr. M. Alberta
Holyk, Mr. W. Ontario
Hopkins, Mr. D.T.
Hopkins, Mr. E.A.
Hopper, Dr. J.M.H.
Hornby, Dr. C.A.
Home, Mr. H.R.
Home, Miss Sylvia J.
Horner, Frank W. Ltd. Quebec
Hospital Employees Union #180
Houlden, Mr. R.
House of Seagram Ltd.
Howard, Mr. A.M.
Howard, Mr. J.L. Ontatio
Howard, Mr. M.D.
Howard, Mr. R.T.C
Howard-Gibbon, Mr. F.
Hrystak, Mr. D.J.
Hubbard, Mr. J.M.
Huberman, Mr. D.S.M.
Huberman, Mr. J.
Huberman, Mr. J.J.
Hudson, Mr. R.E. Yukon
Hudson, Dr. R.J.
Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd.
Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas Company
Limited Alberta
Huestis, Mr. H.H.
Hugh, Mr. R.L.
Hughes, Mr. R.D.
Hume, Lt.Cmdr. H.R. New Zealand
Humphreys, Mr. R.C.
Hunt, Dr. J.E.
Hunter, Mrs. Arlene
Hunter, Mr. D.L.
Hunter, Mr. E.H.Manitoba
Hunter, Mr. H.D.C
Hunter, Mr. R.
Hunter, Mr. R.B.
Huntington, Mr. & Mrs. A.R.
Huntington, Mrs. Ethel
Huntington, Mrs. Jean
Huntington's Chorea Foundation
Hutchison, Mr. R.B.
Hutchison, Dr. W.W.
Hyde, The Hon. Mr. Justice CM.
Hydroponics Inc.
Hylands, Dr. J.J. Philippines
IAC Limited Ontario
lacobucci, Mr. F. Ontario
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Oil Limited Alberta
Independent Order of Foresters
Independent Order of Oddfellows, Grand
Industrial Alliance of Theatrical Stage
Industrial Forestry Services Ltd.
Ingledow, Dr. T.
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd.
Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C.
Insurance Company of North America
Intercontinental Packers Limited
Interior B.C. Dental Association
International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers U.S.A.
International Brotherhood of Pottery
& Allied Workers U.S.A.
International College of Dentists Ontario
International Longshoremen's
& Warehousemen's Union
International Nickel Company of Canada
Ltd. Manitoba
International Nickel Company of Canada
Ltd. Ontario
International Order of Job's Daughters,
Grand Guardian Council of B.C
International Woodworkers of America
Credit Union
Intertechnology Limited Ontario
I.O.D.E. Burnaby Municipal Chapter
I.O.D.E. Elizabeth Kellie Chapter
I.O.D.E. Municipal Chapter of Vancouver
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter of B.C.
I.O.D.E. Ruskin Chapter
I.O.D.E. Triple Entente Chapter
I.O.D.E. University Chapter
Irish, Dr. E.J.\N. Alberta
Irvine, Mr. & Mrs. C.W.
Irvine, Mr. W.T.
Irving, Estate of Mrs. Diana 0.
Irwin, Dr. A.B. Ontario
Isherwood, Mrs. CD.
Ivens, Mr. J.B.
Ivens & Ivens
Izard, Miss Patricia Ontario
Jablanczy, Mr. A.
Jackson, Mr. M.A.
Jackson, Mrs. P.E. U.S.A.
Jackson, Mr. R. Alberta
Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Wm.
Jackson, Mrs. W.S.
Jacobson, Dr. S.
Jacquest, Miss R.A.
Jakoy, Mr. A.G.
Jamieson, Estate of Mrs. Annie B.
Jamieson, Mr. & Mrs. W.H.
Japan Line Limited Japan
Japanese-Canadian Citizens' Association of
Jardine, Mrs. Gladys K.
Jervis, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Jeffree, Mr. T.
Jewell, Mr. & Mrs. G.T. & Family
Jewell, Misses D.E. & Hattie
Jewell, Mrs. Helen
Jinks, Dr. G.
Johnson, Mr. A.J.F.
Johnson, Dr. H.W.
Johnson, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.S.P.
Johnson & Company
Johnson, R.D. & Associates Alberta
Johnston, Mr. A.R.M.
Johnston, Mr. D.L.
Johnston, Dr. D.M.
Johnston, Mr. E.M.
Johnston, Mrs. Judith M.
Johnstone, Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Quebec
Jolliff, Mr. P.
27 Jones, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. H.V.
Jones, Miss Susie G.E. U.S.A.
Jones, Dr. T.K.
Jorgenson, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Jory, Dr. L.T.
Josephson, Mr. I.B.
Jozsa, Mr. L.A.
Junk, Mr. R.J.G. Ontario
Kaburda, Dr. M.
Kahn, Mr. L.A.
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kalamal Angus Ranch Ltd.
Kambietz, Mr. G.J.
Kamloops District Teachers' Association
Kania, Dr. J.E.
Kanik, Mr. S.A. Ontario
Kaplan, Dr. S.
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation
Kassay, Mr. V.
Katarius, Mr. J.W. Alberta
Katien, Mr. P.J. Quebec
Katz, Dr. J.
Kaufman, Mrs. Margie
Kavanagh, Dr. P.M. Ontario
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Vapa/.
Kaye, Mr. R.M.
Keel, Gordon Fine Clothiers Ltd.
Kelley, Mrs. D.G. Ontario
Kellogg, W.K. Foundation U.S.A.
Kelly, Douglas & Co. Ltd.
Kelly, Mr. R.L.
Kelsey, Mr. D.J.
Kemp, Mrs. Corinne
Kendall, Miss Marie
Kennedy, Mr. B. Alberta
Kennedy, Dr. H.K.
Kenney, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.H.
Kennon, Mr. S.W.
Kenny, Mr. B.D.
Kent, Charles Chan Golden Wedding
Scholarship Foundation
Keremeos Teachers' Association
Kermode, Mr. E.J.
Kermode, Mr. R.A.
Kerr, Mr. S.A. Ontario
Kershaw, Mr. B.H.
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Limited
Kettyle, Dr. G.D.M.
Kidd Bros. Produce Ltd.
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Kidson, Davis, Adams & Tollestrup
Kidston, Mr. J.B. Greece
Kierens, Mr. M.E.
Kievell, Miss M.
Kikuchi, Mr. T.
Killam, Estate of Mrs. Dorothy J. Quebec
Killamey Community Centre Society
Kimberley & District Teachers'Association
Kimura, Mr. E.T.
King, Mr. F.E.
King, Mrs. H.M.
King, Mr. L.H. Nova Scotia
King, Mr. M.G.
Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.
Kirkham, Dr. R.V. Ontario
Kirkland, Mr. K.J.
Kirson, Dr. S.
Kirstine, Dr. W.E.
Kirstiuk, Mr. J.
Kirstiuk, Mr. S.
Kirwen, Mr. J.
Kis-Toth, Mr. J.
Kitchen, Miss Agnes M.
Kitchen, Miss E.H.F.
Kitchen, Mr. R.A.
Kitsault Community Club Ontario
Kitts, Dr. W.
Kiwanis Club of North Burnaby
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Klassen, Dr. D.
Kless, Mr. M.A.
Klima, Mr. I.F.
Kliman, Dr. M.R.
Klose, Mr. G.\N. Alberta
Knapp, Dr. F.M.
Knights of Columbia
Knoedler, Mr. H.
Knott, Mr. D.R. Saskatchewan
Knutson, Dr. & Mrs. H.
Koan, Dr. P.J.
Kobbervig, Mr. K.
Kocsis, Mr. T.
Koepe, Mr. J.E. Yukon
Koerner, Leon & Thea Foundation
Koerner, the Late Dr. L.
Koerner, Dr. W.C
Kokan,Dr. P.
Kolberg, Mr. A.
Komori Lumber Co.
Koo, Mr. F.B.
Kootenay Bar Association
Kootenay Forest Products
Korbin, Mrs. Judy
Kornay, Mr. L.
Kornder, Dr. L.D.
Korpach, Miss Alice
Kowal, Mr. J.
Kowarsky, Mr. J.B.
Kozak, Dr. A.
Kraft Foods Ltd. Quebec
Kraft Foods Ltd., Employees
Kreiger, Mr. R.A. Ontario
Kresge Foundation U.S.A.
Kucera, Dr. R.E.
Kuczma, Miss C.
Kurt's Marina Ltd.
Kwan, Mr. E.H.Y.
Labatt Breweries of B.C. Ltd.
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary - Vancouver
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary - Victoria
Ladner Downs
Ladner, Dr. L.J.
Lady Laurier Club
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, Mr. J.D.
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Lambert, Miss Nona C.
Lamont, Mrs. Shirley M.
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Lando, Mr. T.L.
Landon, Mr. & Mrs. L.G.
Lang, Mrs. Marjorie I.
Lang, Mr. Wm. H.
Langmann, Mr. U.
Lapidary Rock & Mineral Society of B.C.
Larkin, Mr. G.B.
Larsen, Dr. A.A.
Later Chemicals Ltd.
Latham, Mrs. W.F. Ontario
Lauderdale, Mr. R.A. U.S.A.
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd.
Lavallee, Mr. H.W.
Law Foundation
Lawrie, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Lawson, Mr. D.J.
Lawson, Lundell, Lawson & Mcintosh
Lawson Oates on Broadway Ltd.
Lazarchuk, Dr. M.
Lazenby, Mr. G.
\ Leask, Mr. P.D.
LeBlanc, Mr. & Mrs. R.L.
Lecky, Mrs. J.
Lecky, Mrs. J. McD.
Lee, Mr. J.C
Lee, Dr. R.
Leeming, Mr. L.B. Ontario
LeFohn, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Legg, Mr. H.P.
Leggat, Mr. W.S.
Legge, Mr. & Mrs. W.W.
Lehmann, Dr. E.
Lehmann, Dr. P.O.
Leith, Mr. M.V.
Leonard Foundation Ontario
LePatourel, H.C Fund
Lerman, Mrs. C. U.S.A.
Lerman, Mr. & Mrs. N.H.
LeRose, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Lerner, Dr. M. U.S.A.
Letson & Burpee Limited
Lett, Mrs. Sherwood
Leung, Dr. S.W.
Leveson-Gower, Miss Sybil M.
Levis, The Hon. Mr. Justice D.
Levitt, Mr. N.A.
Lewin, Mr. L.J.
Lewis, Mrs. Cythia H.
Lewis, The Hon. Mr. Justice C.J.
Lidster, Dr. E.L.R. N.W.T.
Liebe, Dr. C.J.
Lin, Mr. P.T.K. Quebec
Lindsay, Mr. J.R.A.
Lindsay, Dr. R.K.
Lindsay, Mr. & Mrs. T.B.
Linton, Mrs. Ann
Lipetz, Mr. S.H.
Lipson, Mr. S.L.
Litherland, Dr. H.K.
Little Giant Southgate Pharmacy Alberta
Little, Mr. L.M.
Little, Mr. & Mrs. L.N.
Little, Mrs. Margaret L.
Little, Mr. & Mrs. W.E.
Litzenberger, Mr. F.
Logan, Mr. H.F.
Lohn, Mr. K.G.
London Life Insurance Company Ontario
Long, Ralph H. & Company
Lord, The Hon. A.E.
Loring Laboratories Ltd. Alberta
Loptson, Mr. T.R.
Lou-Poy, Mr. R.
Loughlin, Dr. J.L.
Low, Mr. T.W.
Loyal Order of the Moose
Hedley Lodge No. 1663
Lukas, Dr. J.E.
Lund, Dr. J.C.
Lundeen, Mr. M.A., Q.C.
Lundell, Mr. O.F.
MacAdams, Mr. R.J. U.S.A.
McAllister, Mr. & Mrs. J.R.A.
McBride, Mr. L.M.
McBride, Mr. T.W. Yukon
McCallum,Mr. I.S. U.S.A.
McCallum,Mr. T.V.
McCammon, Mr. J.W.
McCarter, Nairne & Partners
McCaul, Miss R.P.
McColl.Mr. R.A.C.
McComber, Mr. & Mrs. R.
McConkey, Dr. A.S.
McConnell, Mr. Wm.C
29 I
McConville, Mr. J.M.
McCord, Mr. CD. Alberta
McCrea, Mr. D.G.
McCreary, Estate of Mr. J.
McCreary, Dr. J.F.
McCulloch, Mr. R.G.
McCullough, Mrs. E.A.
McCurdy, Mr. K.B.
MacDonald, Mr. A.I.
McDonald, Mr. A.J.
Macdonald and Boyle
MacDonald, Mr. CR.
MacDonald, Dr. D.A.
McDonald, Dr. D.M.
MacDonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice D.M.
MacDonald, Mr. D.R.
McDonald, Mrs. Friedie
McDonald, Mr. I.J.
McDonald, Mr. I.W.
MacDonald, Mrs. Janice
MacDonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.A.
McDonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice L.M.
MacDonald, Mr. M.A.
Macdonald, Mr. R.C.
Macdonald, Mr. R.W.
MacDonald, Mr. W.C
MacDonell, Graham & Errico
MacDougal, Mr. D.J.
McDougall, Mr. E.B. Ontario
McDougall, Mr. J.J.
McDougall, Mrs. Marie
McEachem, Mr. R.G.
McEwen, Mr. J.A.
Macfarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.B.
McFarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice M.M.
McGavin, Mr. B.N.
McGovern, Mr. FT.
McGraw, Dr. R.W.
MacGregor, Mr. J.C.
Mcllveen, Mr. & Mrs. T.S.
Mclnnes, Mr. J.E., Jr.
Mclnnes, Dr. Wm.
Maclnness, Mr. W.H.
Mcintosh, Mr. D.L.
Mcintosh, Mr. G.B.
Maclntyre, Mr. J.M.
Maclvor, Mr. H.
Mackay, Mr. CB. Ontario
McKay, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.C
McKay, Mrs. Muriel
McKay, Mr. R.M.
McKechnie, Mr. N.S.
McKechnie, Estate of Mr. R.E.
McKee, Mr. R.A.
McKenzie, Dr. A.W.D.
MacKenzie, Dr. C.J.G.
McKenzie, Mrs. K.D.
McKenzie, Mrs. L.G.
MacKenzie, Dr. N.A.M.
McKenzie Barge & Derrick Co. Ltd.
MacKenzie Valley Pipe Line Research Ltd.
McKinaly, Mr. D.J.
MacKinnon, Mr. A.G., Q.C.
McKinnon, Mr. J.L.
Mackintosh, Mr. M.F. Alberta
Mackoff, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.A.
McKone, Mrs. Diana
McLaughlin, Mr. J.F.M.
McLean, Mr. D.G.A.
MacLean, Mrs. Donald
McLean Foundation Ontario
MacLean, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.A.
McLean, Mr. J.F.
McMahon, Mr. E.M.
McManus, Estate of Mr. Wm.
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
MacMillan Company of Canada Ltd. Ontaric
MacMillan, H.R. Educational Fund
MacMillan, H.R. Family Fund
McMillan, Mr. W.H.
McMillen, Mr. N.R.J.
McNab, Mr. & Mrs. D.S.
McNair Clinical Laboratories Ltd.
McNaught, Dr. D.R.
McNeil, Mrs. Verna Alberta
McNeil Laboratories (Canada) Ltd. Ontario
MacNiel, Dr. H.C.
McPhee, Estate of Mr. D.S.
McPherson, Dr. G.D.
McPherson, Mr. I.E. Quebec
MacQuarrie, Mr. A.B.
McQuarrie, Mr. CD., Q.C.
McTaggart, Dr. K.C.
McTavish, Mr. D.S.
McTiernan, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Mackie, Mrs. Muriel
Macri, Mr. & Mrs. and Family
Magee, Dr.G.C
Mahon, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.S.
Maitland, Mr. J.D.
Mallinckrodge Chemical Works Ltd. U.S.A.
Mallory, MissH.E.
Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses
Mann, Mrs. A.J. Saskatchewan
Manning, Mr. H.E.
Manning, Mr. V.Z.
Manlon, Mr. & Mrs. W.D.
Manolescu, Mrs. Margaret Alberta
March, Mrs. Beryl E.
Marcoe, Dr. K.D.
Marcoe, Dr. M. U.S.A.
Marcon, Mrs. Ines
Mardi Gras Society
Mark, Dr. C.J.
Mark, Mr. E.G.
Markle, John and Mary R. Foundation U.S.A.
Marsh & McLennan Ltd.
Marshall, Mr. F.L.
Marshall, Mr. T.C
Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A.
Massot Nurseries Limited
Mathews, Dr. W.H.
Mathiesen, Mr. & Mrs. R.D. U.S.A.
Matsumoto, Mr. T.T.
Matthews, Mr. H.L.
Matthison, Mrs. Elsie
Mayhew, Mr. G.A.
Mead Johnson Canada Ltd. Ontario
Meagher, Dr. & Mrs. E.P.
Mear, Mr. & Mrs. CR.
Medical Services Association
Medland, Mr. J.R.E.
Meekison, Mrs. E.J. Ontario
Meekison, Dr. W.G.
Meller, Miss Frances O.
Melnick, Mr. T.J.
Menzies, Mr. J.D. U.S.A.
Mercantile Bank of Canada
Mercer, Willam M. Ltd.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme of Canada Ltd.
Meredith, Mr. K.E.
Merrill, Charles E. Trust U.S.A.
Merritt, Mr. C.C.I., Q.C.
Merritt, Mr. W.P.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Meyer, Mr. R.
Midland Ross Corporation U.S.A.
Milbank Memorial Fund U.S.A.
Miller, Mr. A.G.
Millington, Miss Lois
Millward, Mr. P.J., Q.C.
Mitchell, Mr. A.K.
Mitchell, Mrs. H.P.
Mitchell, Dr. R.A.
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co. Ltd. Japan
Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. Japan
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. Japan
Mobil Oil Canada Alberta
Mobil Foundation, Inc. Alberta
Mobil Foundation, Inc. U.S.A.
Moir, Dr. D.R.
Moloney, Dr. P.J.
Molson Brewery B.C. Ltd.
Molson, Mr. J.B.
Monro, Estate of Dr. A.S.
Montaine, Black & Davies
Moore, Mrs. F.E.
Moran, Mr. M.E.
Morgan, Miss Rose
Moriarty, Dr. M.V.
Moro, Mr. & Mrs. G. & Family
Morrison, Mr. D.A. Ontario
Morrison, Mrs. Phyllis
Mount Arrowsmith Teachers' Association
Mountjoy, Dr. E.W. Quebec
Moscovich, Dr. B.C.
Moyes, Dr. P.D.
Mumm, Mr. H.
Mundhenk, Robertson & Co.
Munro, Miss Constance E.
Munroe, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.C.
Munroe, Dr. J.D.
Murano, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Muraro, Mr. T.W. Ontario
Murchies, Dr. K.E.
Murphy and Wakefield
Murray, Mr. H.C.
Murray, Mr. W.E
Murray & Wood Growers Ltd.
Muscular Dystrophy Association of America
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada
Museum of Northern Arizona U.S.A.
Muth, Dr. H.J.
Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada
Nacht, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Nacht, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Nacht, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Naganoby, Mr. & Mrs. H. Ontario
Nakai, Dr. S.
Naruse, Mr. H.K.
Nasmith, Mr. H.W.
National Cancer Institute of Canada Ontario
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada
National Geographic Society U.S.A.
National Holdings Limited
National Sanitarium Association Ontario
National Second Century Fund of B.C.
National Trust Company
NATO Belgium
Nelms, Mrs. F.
Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Nelson, Mr. D.G. Ontario
Nelson, Mr. W.I., Jr.
Nemeth, Mrs. Mary
Nemetz, The Hon. Mr. Justice NT.
Netherlands' Association
Nettleton, Mr. K.
31 New, Mrs. Eva V.
New, Mr. W.A.
New Westminster Business & Professional
Women's Club
New Westminster Teachers' Association
Newby, Mr. W.M.
Newcomb, Mrs. Mary F. U.S.A.
Newcombe, Mr. R.
Newmont Mining Corporation U.S.A.
Nichols, Mr. K.R.
Nicholson, The Hon. J.R.
Nicholson, Mr. R.J.
Nickel, Mr. W.J.
Nielsen, Mr. DM. Alberta
Nikolai, Dr. E.
Nine Maiden Restaurant
Nippon Mining of Canada Ltd.
Nippon Yusen Kaisha Japan
Nittetsu Mining Co. Ltd. Japan
Noble, MissG.S.
Noel, Mr. G.A.
Noranda Exploration Co. Ltd.
Noranda Research Centre Quebec
Norgan Foundation
Norris, The Hon. Mr. T.G., Q.C.
North, Mr. & Mrs. CP.
North Fraser Harbour Commissioners
North Shore Medical Society
North Vancouver Lions Club
Northcote, Dr. K.E.
Northern Commercial Company
Northwest Plaster Bureau Inc.
Northwestern University U.S.A.
Norton, Mr. B.B.
Norton, Stewart, Norton, Johns & Cave
Norvan Investments Ltd.
Nowlan, Mrs. F.S.
Nundal, Mr. D.L.
Nyack & Persad
Nyborg, Dr. E.O.
O'Brian, Mr. CM.
Occidental Petroleum (Charitable
Foundation) U.S.A.
Ocean Construction Supplies Limited
Oddy, Mrs. Mary Anne
Odium, Mr. R.M.
Officers and Men of H.M.C.S. Granby
Oforsagd, Mr. M.W. Alberta
O'Grady, Mr. F.P.
Okanagan Helicopters Ltd.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board
Okanagan Valley Medical Staffs
O'Keefe, Mr. M.J.
Okulitch, Mr. A.V.
Okulitch, Mr. G.J.
O'Leary, Mr. W.E. Alberta
Oliver, John Secondary School
Olsen, Mr. & Mrs. O.M. U.S.A.
Olson, Dr. T.J.D.
Oran, Mrs. Margaret A. U.S.A.
Order of Ahepa, Gladstone Chapter #CJ.6
Order of the Royal Purple, Keremeos
Lodge #83
Order of the Royal Purple, McBride
Lodge #112
Oreck, The Hon. Mr. Justice N.L.
O'Regan, Dr. P.J.
Ormrod, Dr. D.P.
O'Rouke, Mr. W.G. Alberta
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd.
Osborn, Mr. CD.
Osborne, Mr. W.W.
Osier Society of Vancouver
Ostensoe, Mr. E.
Otter District Farmers' Institute
Otvos, Mr. I.S. Newfoundland
Ouellette, Mr. A.N. Quebec
Overholt, Mrs. Jean
Overmyer, D.H. Company Ltd.
Owen, Mr. & Mrs. F.A.
Owen, Bird
Pacheco, Dr. A.
Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutual Marine
Insurance Company
Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association U.S.A.
Pacific G.M.C Ltd.
Pacific International Sea & Ski Association
Pacific Petroleums Ltd. Alberta
Pacific Press Limited
Pacific Resins Ltd.
Pacific Section, Technical Association of
the Pulp & Paper Industry U.S.A.
Pacific Terex Ltd.
Pagan, Dr. R.
Page, Mr. S. & Family
Paine, Mr. R.B. Quebec
Palka, Mr. L.C
Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. J.R.
Pan-Abode Buildings Ltd.
Panco Poultry Ltd.
Pandak, Mr. L.
Pang, Miss Marjan
Pankratz, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Pappous, Dr. P. U.S.A.
Paquette, Mrs. N.O.
Parliament, Mr. J.H.
Parr, Mr. R.E.
Pascuzzo, Mr. E.A.
Paszner, Dr. L.
Paterson & Clapp
Paterson, N.M. & Sons Ltd. Ontario
Paterson, Mr. R.G.
Patrick, Dr. H.L.
Patterson, Dr. F.P.
Paulin, Mr. R.S.
Paulson, Miss Esther
Paulson, Mrs. S. Ontario
Payne, Mr. W.D.
Pearce, The Hon. Mr. Justice C.W.
Pearce, Mr. T.G.
Pearkes, Mr. J.A.
Pearson, Mr. J.F.
Pearson, Mr. S.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Peatfield, Mr. G.R. Ontario
Pechet, Mr. S.
Peck, Mr. & Mrs. T.V.
Pedley,Mr. S.J.
Peerless, Dr. S.J.
Pegg, Mr. & Mrs. D.C
Pehlke, Mr. J.
Pemberton, Holmes Ltd.
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Pendl,Mr. FT.
Penner, Mr. R.
Pentland, Mr. W.S.
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AO
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter B
P.E.O. Sisterhood Vancouver Presidents'
Pepa Pacific Egg & Poultry Association
Percy, Mr. G.R. Ontario
Perler, Dr. Z.
Permasteel Engineering Ltd.
Peters, Mr. B.
Peterson, Mr. S.B.
Pettenuzzo, Mr. B.J.
Pettigrew, Dr. D.L.
Petroleum Research Fund U.S.A.
Petroni, Mrs. Madeline
Pfizer & Co. Ltd. Quebec
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province
of B.C.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association
of Canada Ontario
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Philbrook, Mrs. L.
Phillips, Hager & North Ltd.
Phillips, Mr. J.C. U.S.A.
Philpott, G.M. Company Ltd.
Pike, Mr. J.A.
Pike, Mr. J.N.
Pilutik, Dr. W.J.
Pinchin, Mr. V.L. Manitoba
Pinter, Mr. L.
Pirie, Mr. J.
Placer Development Ltd.
Plester, Mr. & Mrs. C
Police Mutual Benevolent Association
Ponich, Mr. L.MM. Alberta
Poore, Mr. & Mrs. CG. & Miss Dorothy
Pope, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Porritt, Dr.S.W.
Potter, Mr. J.E.
Poulenc Limited Quebec
Power, Mrs. Sheila F.
Powers, Ms. Belle Ontario
Powrie, Dr. W.D.
Pratt, Mr. F.D.
Preto, Mr. V.
Price, Dr. J.D.E.
Price, Mr. P. Ontario
Price, Mr. T.E.
Price Waterhouse & Company
Princeton University U.S.A.
Proctor & Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd.
Proctor, Mr. & Mrs. L.H.
Prodanchuk, Mr. D. Alberta
Provenzano, The Hon. Mr. Justice M.
Pullen, Estate of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
Puskas, Mr. L.
Quastel, Dr. J.H.
Quinn, Mr. I.B.
Quinn, Dr. MP.
Quintana Minerals Corporation
Rachel, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Radcliffe, Mr. CT.
Rae, The Hon. Mr. Justice G.G.S.
Rafter F. Ranch
Ragon, Mrs. N.P.
Ranch Hand Foods Limited
Ravai, Mr. J.
Ray, Wolfe, Connell, Llghtbody & Reynolds
Rayer, Mr. F.G. Alberta
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.
Razzari, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Mr. S.E.
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Real Estate Council of B.C.
Reecke, Mr. J.P.
Reecke, Mr. R.H.
Reeve, Dr. CE.
Reeve, Francis F. Foundation Alberta
Regional Marketing Survey Ltd. - Staff
33 Registered Nurses' Association of B.C.
Rehkatsch, Mr. A.F.
Reid, Mrs. Doreen M.
Reid, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Reimer's Nurseries Ltd.
Rempel.Mr. W.J.
Retail Food & Drug Clerks' Union
Reynolds, Mr. D.
Reynolds, Dr. P.J.
R & H Farms Ltd.
Rice, Mr. D.L.
Richards, Dr. H.M.
Richards, Dr. J.F.
Richardson Century Fund Manitoba
Richardson, Mr. P.W.
Richmond Gem & Mineral Club
Richmond Municipal Sewer Dept.
Rideout, Mr. E.F.
Rieve, Mr. 0.
Rio Algom Mines Ltd. Ontario
Riordon, Mr. P.H.
Ritchie-Smith Ltd.
Ritter, Mrs. Edith E. U.S.A.
Roadburg, Mrs. Lola
Roaf, Mrs. Elizabeth
Roberts, Mr. A.F.
Roberts, Dr. C.W.
Roberts, Mr. D.W. Ontario
Roberts, Dr. F.J.
Roberts, H.A. Ltd.
Robertson, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.B.
Robertson, Mr. J.H.R.
Robertson, Mrs. J.H. Rocke
Robertson, Mrs. Mary P.
Robertson, Dr. R.
Robertson, Mr. T.
Robins, Dr. R.E.
Robinson, Mr. G.R.
Robinson, Mr. H.
Robinson, Dr. J.M.
Robinson, Mrs. M.J.
Robson, Mr. D.B.
Robson, Mrs. Stuart Ontario
Roddick, Mr. J.A.
Rogers, Mr. C.B.W. Ontario
Rogers, Mr. D.
Rollins, Mr. F.W.
Rooney Mrs. S.G.
Rosborough, Mr. F.S.
Rose, Mrs. Jean
Ross, Mr. B.T.
Ross, Mrs. Eleanor
Rotary Club of Fort St. John
Rotary Club of New Westminster
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rotem, Mr. CE.
Rothstein, Mr. N.
Rothstein, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Rothwell, Mrs. Marion
Rousell, Dr. D.H. Ontario
Rowbottom, Mr. T.E. Quebec
Rowles, Mrs. Muriel A.
Rowles, P. Winnie Saskatchewan
Rowley, Mr. H.
Rowntree Company, Limited Ontario
Royal Arch Masons of B.C., Grand Chapter
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion #3 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #15 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #16 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #68 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #112 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #142 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #178 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #180 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #192 Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies
Auxiliary #4
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies
Auxiliary #61
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies
Auxiliary #66
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies
Auxiliary #94
Royal Trust Company
Rozen, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Ruddell, Mr. CL.
Rudland, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.L.
Rudolph, Mr. J.C. Alberta
Ruhr, Mr. CS.
Russell, Mr. B.A.
Russell and Du Moulin
Russell Food Equipment Ltd.
Russell, Miss Margot
Russell, Mr. R.E.
Rutherford, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Ruttan, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Ryan, Dr. J.G.
Ryan, Mr. M.M.
Sabiston, Mrs. V.M.
Sadler, Mr. Wm.
Sakamoto, Miss CF.
Salmo Lions Club
Salmo Secondary School
Salomon Brothers U.S.A.
Saltzman, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Sammartino, Mrs. lolanda
Samuels, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Sanders, Estate of Mr. G.F.
Sandrin, Mr. G.
Sandy, Dr. J.T.
Sangster, Mr. B.
Sangster, Dr. D.F. Ontario
Sanquinetti, Mr. M.H.
Sargent, Mr. H.
Sargent, Dr. R.D.
Saskatchewan School Trustees' Association
Sauder Foundation
Sauder Industries Ltd.
Saxton, Dr. & Mrs. G.D.
Scandinavian Businessmen's Club
Scarlett, Mr. E.D.
Scarth.Mr. W.B., Jr.
Schachter, Mr. B.
Schachter, Dr. J.J. Saskatchewan
Schenke, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Scherling, Mr. K.J.
Schiedel, Mr. & Mrs. V.I.
Schinbein, Mrs. A.B.
Schloss, Dr. & Mrs. S.M.
Schlumberger of Canada Alberta
Schmidt, Mr. S.
Schmitt, Dr. N.
School District No. 46
School District No. 48
Schrader, Mrs. Thelma
Schultz, Mr. A.A. Alberta
Schultz, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Schultz, The Hon. Mr. Justice Wm. A.
Schuman, Mr. J.A.W.
Schwartz, Mrs. Toby C.
Scott, Mr. G.D.
Scott, Mr. J.D.
Scott, Dr. W.R.
Scott-Harston, Mr. J.C.
Scotton, Mr. & Mrs. W.R.
Sea Going Hacks
Seager, Miss Gillian C.
Seaman, Mrs. Leah V.
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, The Hon. Mr. Justice P.D.
Seaton, Mr. P.E.
Selman, Mr. DC
Seraglia, Dr. M.
Seraphim, Dr. R.H.
Seraphim, R.H. Engineering Ltd.
Service, Dr. C.W. Ontario
Severide, Mr. N.
Seymour District Scouters
Shakespeare, Mr. J.S.
Shannon, Mrs. R.P.
Shantz, Mr. A.D.
Sharp, Mr. Wm. M.
Shaw, Mrs. E.A.
Shaw, Dr. M.
Shaw, Mr. R.N.
Sheftel,Mr. H. Alberta
Shell Canada Limited
Shellard, Mrs. D.M.
Shepherd, Miss R.P.
Sheppard,Mr. A.F.
Sheppard, Mr. L.B.
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. Alberta
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. Ontario
Sherwood, Miss Diane
Shields, Mr. R.
Shier, Mr. R.P.
Shim, Dr. S.S.
Shindler, Mrs. Selma
Shirley, Mrs. Eileen L.
Shore, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Showa Shipping Co. Ltd. Japan
Shrum, Liddle,& Hebenton
Shuttleworth, Mr. Wm.
Sigler, Clarke & Paris
Sigma Phi Delta Alumni Association
Signus Club of Vancouver
Silverwood Dairies Ontario
Simpson, Mr. J.D.
Sinclair, Mrs. C.A.
Skerl, Mrs. Doris M.
Ski World Sports Specialists
Skillings, Mr. CD.
Skinner, Dr. R. Ontario
Slacks, Mr.& Mrs. G.
Sladen, Dr. J.G.
Sleath, Mrs. G.E.
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation U.S.A.
Small, Mr. W.D. USA
Small, Mr. W.W. Ontario
Smart, Dr. M.R.
Smilie, Mr. H.
Smith, Mrs. D.
Smith, Mr. D.J.
Smith, Mr. D.W. Alberta
Smith, Davidson & Lecky Ltd.
Smith, Mr. G.
Smith, Dr. G.W.
Smith, Mrs. Joan Alberta
Smith, Dr. J.H.
Smith, Mr. J.H.G.
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
35 Smith Lithograph Company Limited
Smith, Stanley Horticultural Trust U.S.A.
Smith, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.K.
Smitheringale, Mr. W.V.
Social Club of Canadian Forest Products
Society of Industrial & Cost Accountants
Sons of Norway
Soos, Mr. J. Saskatchewan
Soregaroli, Dr. A.
Sorensen, Mr. K.
Soronow, Mrs. Beatrice I.
Soroptimist Club of New Westminster
Soulsby, Mr. & Mrs. H.A.
South, Mr. D.
Southam, Mr. J.R.
Souther, Mr. J.G.
Sparkes, Dr. J.M.
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Spencer, Mr. J.E.
Spencer, Mr. V.V.
Spetifore, Mr. G.
Spring, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Springer, Mr. K.J.
Springer, Mr. R.J.
Sproule, Dr. W.R.
St. Augustine's Young Mothers' Group
St. John, Mrs. C.
St. Paul's Hospital Medical Staff
Stace-Smith, Dr. R.
Staff of the Airport Manager
Staley, Mr. L.M.
Standard Oil of B.C. Ltd.
Standard Oil Company of California U.S.A.
Standard Oil (Indiana) Foundation, Inc.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Stanley, Mrs. Irene
Staples, Mr. A.B.
Staplin, Mr. O.P.L.
Stapp, MissCS. U.S.A.
Starck, Mr. LP.
Stark, Miss J.E.
Stark, Mr.S.P.
Stearman, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Steel Company of Canada Ltd. Ontario
Steel, Miss M.
Steele, Mr. P.K.
Steffens, Dr. J.
Steiner, Mr. A.W.
Stephens, Mr. H.A.
Stevens, Mrs. H.D.
Stevens, Mr. H.H.
Stevenson, Mr. D., Anne & John
Stevenson, Dr. J.S. Quebec
Stevenson, Mr. R.K.
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. D.M.
Stewart, Mrs. E.M.
Stewart, Dr. I.
Stewart, Mr. J.C.F.
Stewart, Mr. J.E. Nova Scotia
Stewart, Mr. N.J. Ontario
Stewart, Mr. W.B.
Stirling, Mr. W.L.
Stockwell, Mr. J.E. South West Africa
Stoddart, Mr. H., Inez & Noreen
Stoller, Dr. J.L.
Storie, Mrs. J.D.
Storkcraft Limited
Stout, Mr. J.G. Alberta
Straith, Mcintosh & Company
Stry Credit Union
Sturgess, Mrs. T.F.
Sullivan, Mr. G.J.
Sulman, Mr. I. Australia
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. of Canada Ltd.
Summerland Junior-Senior Secondary
Sumner, Walter C. Foundation Nova Scotia
Sun Oil Company Alberta
Supertest Investments and Petroleum Ltd.
Surrey Co-operative Association
Surrey Memorial Hospital
Sutherland, Mr. A.W.
Sutherland, Mr. J.A. Alberta
Sutherland-Brown, Mr. A.
Suttie, Mr. CM.
Sutton Braidwood
Swackhamer, Mr. DC. U.S.A.
Swain, Mr. & Mrs. CE. U.S.A.
Swan, Estate of Mr. W.G.
Sweet, Mr. D.G.
Sweid, J.D. & Co. Ltd.
Swenson, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Swinton, Mr. A.H.
Syndicate, D.H.
Szalkai, Mr. A.
Taggart, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.D.
Tait, Mr. & Mrs. A.G.
Tait, Mr. D.A.L.
Tait, Mr. & Mrs. H. and Hugh
Tarn, Mr. & Mrs.
Tamaki, Mr. G. Quebec
Tamboline, Dr. B.
Tanner, Dr. AC Yukon
Tan, Dr. H.L.
Taylor, Mr. A.C, Jr.
Taylor, Mr. E.P.
Taylor, Mr. J.C.
Taylor, Mr. M.R.
Taylor, Mr. P.A.
Taylor, Dr. W.R.
Teagle Foundation U.S.A.
Teichert, Mr. & Mrs. LP. England
Telephone Employees'Community Fund
Telfer, Mr. L.
Templeman-Kluit, Mr. D.
Tennant, Mr. S.J.
Teranishi, Mr. T.
Terry, Mr. A.N.
Tesan, Mrs. Erma & Family
Testu, Dr. P.H.
Texaco Exploration Company Alberta
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company Ontario
Thomas, Mr. M.H.
Thomas, Mr. R.
Thomas, M.A. and Associates Ltd.
Thompson, Mr. A.J.
Thompson, Mr. A.K.
Thompson, Mr. A.R.
Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, Dr. G.B.
Thompson, Mrs. Laura E.
Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. U.Hong Kong
Thompson, Dr. R.P.
Thompson, Mr. T.
Thompson, Mr. W.J.
Thompson, Dr. Wm. J.
Thompson, Mr. W.R.
Thompson, J. Walter Company Ltd.
Thomson, Mr. C
Thomson, Dr. F.B.
Thordarson, Mrs. Nancy
Thordarson, Dr. R.
Thores, Dr. A.
Thorne, Gunn & Company
Thorsteinsson, Mitchell, Little & O'Keefe
Thorsteinsson, Mr. P.M.
Thunstrom, Miss E.
Timbers, Dr. G.E. Ontario
Titchener, Mr. F.P.
Toban, Mr. D.S.
Tolpey, Mr. W.J.
Tompkins Contracting Ltd.
Toombs, Mr. R.B. Ontario
Topham, Mr. L.W.
Topping, Dr. C.W.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Torrance Holdings Ltd.
Touzeau, Mr. W.D.
Townsend, Mr. CT. U.S.A.
Townsley, Lieut-Col. E.E.
Toy, Mr. S.M., Q.C.
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co.
Trapp, Dr. W.G.
Travellers Insurance Company U.S.A.
Tredger, Dr. C.N.
Tredger, Mr. P. Australia
Trehearne, Mrs. H.R.
Trettin, Dr. H.P. Alberta
Trevor-Smith, Dr. E.S.
Trigg, Woollett & Associates Ltd.
Trites, Dr. A.E.W.
Truant, Mrs. Anita
Truck Loggers' Association
Trueman, Mr. E.A. Alberta
Tuberculous and Chest Disabled Veterans'
Tudiso Holdings Ltd.
Tufts, Mr. I.E.
Tulk, Mrs. CE.
Tung, Mr. M.A.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary School
Turnbull, Dr. I.M.
Turner, Mr. G.
Turner, Mr. S.W. U.S.A.
Tweedale, Mrs. E.A.
Tymkiw, Mr. D.W.
Tyrwhitt-Drake, The Hon. Mr. Justice N.L.
Tysoe, The Hon. Mr. Justice C.W.
U.B.C. Business Review
Ukranian National Federation of Canada
Ukranian Women's Association of Canada
Underhill & Underhill
Union Oil of Canada Ltd. Alberta
United Steelworkers of America
University Club of Vancouver
University Pharmacy Ltd.
University of Toronto Alumnae
University Women's Club of
New Westminster
University Women's Club of Vancouver
Upjohn Company of Canada
Uprichard, Dr. M.
Utah Construction & Mining Co. U.S.A.
Vamplew, Mr. D.M.
Vancouver Bar Association
Vancouver Board of Trade — Sales &
Marketing Executives' Club
Vancouver Business & Professional
Women's Club
Vancouver City Hall Employees' Society
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver Civic Employees' Union
Vancouver & District Dental Society
Vancouver East Lions Club
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers'
Vancouver Equipment Corp. Ltd.
Vancouver Federal Employees' Credit Union
37 Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Island Wildlife Association
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce
Vancouver Kiwanis Welfare Foundation
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Milk Foundation
Vancouver Natural History Society
Vancouver Policemen's Union
Vancouver School District #39
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers'
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Transportation Club
Vancouver Women's Transporation Club
Van Home, Mr. H.B.
van Male, The Hon. Mr. Justice S.
Van Roggan, Mr. G.C
Van Sacker, Mrs. Gail L.
Vanderpols Eggs Ltd.
Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.
Vanzellas, Mr. & Mrs.
Varga, Mr. P.
Varshney, Mr. H.B.
Ven Huizen, Mrs. Bradley A.
Venier, Dr. S.J.
Vercher, Mr. B. Quebec
Verchere, The Hon. Mr. Justice D.R.
Verhoef, Mr. & Mrs. F.Australia
Verrall, Miss Vivian M.
Vickers, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Victoria Bar Association
Victoria Home Economics & Dietetic
Victoria Real Estate Board
Virani, Mr. Z.K.N.
Vogel.Mr. R.H.
Volpatti, Mr. & Mrs.
Volpatti, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Waddell, Dr. R.
Wagner, The Estate of Mr. M.
Waldman, Dr. R.
Walker, Mr. A.G.
Walker, Mr. G.B.
Walker, Mrs. Mary O.
Walker, Mr. & Mrs. N.A.
Wall, Miss N.E.
Wallace, Mrs. Bessie M.
Wallace, The Hon. C.
Wallace, Mr. D.E.
Wallace, Mrs. Grace I.
Wallace, Mr. H.A.
Wallace, Mr. S.H.
Wallace, Mr. W.J., Q.C.
Wallbridge, Mrs. Grace E.
Walley, Mrs. A.V.
Walls, Dr. J.W.
Walsh, Mr. J.W.
Ward, Mr. C.N. Quebec
Warner Lambert Canada Ltd. Ontario
Warren, Dr. H.V.
Warsaw Ghetto Committee
Wasson,Mr. E.E., Q.C.
Waterman, Dr. M.J.
Watson, Mr. D.W. Quebec
Watson, Mr. E.L.
Watson, Mr. J.G.
Watt, Dr. J.G.
Wattie, Miss Margaret
Watts, Mr. A.
Watts, Mr. R.H.
Webber, Mr. G.R. Quebec
Webber, Mrs. W.A.
Webster, Mr. G.R. Alberta
Webster, Mr. R.J.
Weeks, Mr. & Mrs. G.C.
Weiner, Mrs. Ida
Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Welch, Mr. L.F.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Welham, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Wells, Mr. J.F.
Wells, Mrs. Muriel
Wellwood,Dr. R.W.
Welsh, Mr. J.E.
Wenegast, Mr. W.G. Newfoundland
Wesdrill Equipment Ltd.
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
West Fraser Mills Ltd.
West Kootenay Medical Society
West Vancouver Teachers' Association
Westall,Mrs. D.
Western Canada Steel Ltd.
Western Decalta Petroleum Limited
Western Mines Ltd.
Western Optical Ltd. and Affiliated
Westlake, Miss Paulette
Westminster County Real Estate Board
Westminster Medical Association
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Wharry, Mr. W.H. Quebec
Whist, Webber & Co.
Whitbread, Dr. J.L.M.
White, Mr.C.E.
White, Mr. D.S.
White, Mr. & Mrs. G.
White, Dr. J.C.
White, Mr. J.M.
White, Dr. J.V.
White, Mr. L.G.
White Pass & Yukon Corporation Ltd.
White Spot Limited
Whitehorse Copper Mines Ltd.
Whitmore,Mrs. H.
Whittingham, Mr. E.H.
Whittome,Mr. J.L.
Wickson, Miss Sharon J.
Wiggins, Mr. M.M. Ontario
Wilcox, Mr. J.C.
Wilkinson-Brighouse, Miss J.
Williams, Mrs.
Williams, Mr. B.
Williams, Mr. D.R.
Williams, Dr. E.P. Alberta
Williams, Mr. F.M.G. Quebec
Williams, Mrs. Joan
Williams, Mr. L.G.
Williams, Mr. & Mrs. L.H.
Williams, Mr. N.W.
Williams, Mr. P.H. U.S.A.
Williamson, Miss L.
Wilson, The Hon. Mr. Chief Justice J.O.
Wilson, King & Company
Wilson, Mr. P.R.England
Wine, Mrs. Myer
Winnipeg General Hospital Nursing
Alumnae Manitoba
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson & Doane
Wolfe, Dr. J.B.
Wolochow, Dr. M.
Women's Auxiliary of the Paraplegic
Wonfor, Mr. J.Australia
Wood, Dr. A.J.
Wood, Dr. B.
Wood, Dr. & Mrs. F.G.C
Wood, Mrs. John
Wood, Mr. S.C
Woodcock, Mr. J.R.
Woodland, Mr. A.G. Italy
Woodsworth, Mr. K.C.
Woodward, Mr. E.D.B.
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Foundation
Woodward, P.A. Trust
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Woodward, Mr. Wm. D.H.
Woolfe.Mr. H.
Wooster, Mr. A.K.
Wootten, Mr. P.A.
Wootton, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.A.B.
Word, Dr. E.F.
Worrall, Dr. J.G.
Worrall, Page & Company
Worthington, Mr. R.J.L.
Wright, Mr. & Mrs. B.
Wright Mr. D.F.
Xerox of Canada Ltd. Ontario
Yamashita Shin-Ninon Steamship Co.
Yarwood, Dr. CE. U.S.A.
Yeske, Mr. A.R. Alberta
Yole, Dr. R.W. Ontario
Yoshida, Dr. S.H.
Young, Mr. C.E.L. Ontario
Young, Mr. K.G.
Youngson, Dr. D.L.
Yukon Territory, Government
Zacharias, Mr. J.V.
Zack, Dr. D.T.
Zack, Mr. S.
Zackodnik, Mr. A.D.
Zalkow, Mr. S.
Zanier, Miss Mary & Mrs. Santa
Zbarsky, Mr. S.H.
Zilli, Mrs. & Mrs. L.
Zimmerman, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Zolbrod, Dr. L.
Zysblat, Mr. A.A.


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