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APRIL   1st,   1960   TO   AUGUST   31st,   1960  3.00 1/ y
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC):
petroleum   research   fund,   Chemistry   $15,520.00 ^
research project in Physics       6,600.00 l
research grant in Chemistry       4,485.00 i
American Petroleum Institute (New York): y
grant   for   Geophysics         5,000.00/
Anderson, Mr. C. F.: y
McGeer Fund for Neurological  Research          200.00 *■/
Arctic Institute of North America (Montreal): y
research   on   Bering   Sea   fishes        2,500.001/ /
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (Chalk River): '•
special   research,  Physics     '6,500.1
Ball, Mr. W. A. (Langley): '
Canada Mink Breeders Research  .  20.00 VC
B.C. Lions Football Club:
Trauma  Research  Unit,   Surgery       2,500.00 /
Berneman, Mr. L. (White Rock):
Canada   Mink   Breeders   Research     20.00 iV
Boyander, Harry I.:
Faculty  of Medicine   Research   Fund     _  lO.OOUf
Branca, Angelo E. Esq., Q.C: •
McGeer Fund for Neurological Research   50.00 /
British Columbia Forest Products Ltd.:
Ambrosia  Beetle study,   Zoology          200.00 </
British Columbia Heart Foundation:                                       * y
B.C.   Heart   Foundation   Research,   Surgery           950.00 {/y
grants in Faculty of Medicine   28,700.00
British Columbia A^edical Research Foundation:
operations of Chemistry Protein Laboratory and
statistical  technician  for  research  projects       3,875.00
Medical  Research Foundation Grants     10,255.00   »-•"".-
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Toronto):     ----, /
research  grant,   Medicine   ._    12,252.28^/
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. Division: y
Cancer   Research   Unit   equipment,      2,190.62 •■
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto):
graduate student research project,  Pharmacy          600.00 \Y
Canadian National Sportsman's Show (Toronto): y
for  grouse  population   research,   zoology        4,000.00 Y
Ciba Co. Ltd. (Dorval, Que.):
for   research   in   anatomy        1,250.00 'Y
City Motors Limited (Powell River): y
for Neurological  Research    100.00 /
/ Columbia Equipment Ltd.:
for  sports   turf  research  	
Crimmalt, R. Helen:
Faculty of Medicine Research
Crocker, Mrs. G. J.:
Faculty of Medicine Research
Defence Research Board (Ottawa):
Defence  Research  Board grants
for  Institute  of Oceanography
for   Neurological   Research   	
Department of Agriculture (Victoria):
random sample  research,   Poultry Science 	
Department of Health and Welfare, (Victoria):
Federal   Public   Health   Grants  	
Department of Labour (Ottawa):
Labour Department  research,  Commerce 	
Labour Department research, Economics 	
Eldorado Mining 8c Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
grant  in  Mining  and  Metallurgy  	
Ellis, Mr. R. W.:
Faculty of Medicine Research  Fund 	
Farm & Tiller Sales Ltd.:
for  sports   turf   research  	
Fisheries Research Board (Ottawa):
Fisheries Research Board Research, Poultry Science 	
Ford Foundation (New York):
research   awards   in   delinquency   prevention,   Sociology
Forrester, Mr. H. G.:
McGeer Fund for Neurological  Research 	
General Foods Corporation (J. R. Simplot Co., Caldwell, Idaho):
.00   t,
00     »
00    ^
.00   "
00   V
10,000.00 y
;.oo /
potato growth and composition study,
Gerloff, Mr. J. (White Rock):
Canada Mink  Breeders  Research  ___.
Gibson, Mr. J. L.:
for  neurological   research  	
Gibson, Mr. N. H. (Qualicum Beach):
Faculty of Medicine Research Fund
6,000.00 V/
.00 J(
.oo y
■.00 iV
Government of Canada, Department of Northern Affairs and
Natural Resources:
archeological  investigation  in  Fraser Canyon  	
Hynes, Miss Winifred (Richmond):
Trauma   Research   Unit,   Surgery   	
Jane C. Childs Memorial Fund (New Haven, Conn.):
B.C.   Research  Council   research  	
.00 if\
1.00 u/
Jarvis, Mr. L. J. C:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery 	
John and Mary R. Markle Foundation (New York):
grant in medical science, Anatomy 	
John Wyeth and Brother (Canada) Ltd. (Walkerville, Ont.):
medical   research   grant   	
Karlson, Mr. J. (Langley):
Canada  Mink  Breeders Research 	
00 \X
00'/ Kennco Explorations (Western Ltd.): •
mineral   explorations   research,   geology        2,500.00 V
Ladies Auxiliary, Fraternal Order of Eagles: ./
Muscular Dystrophy Research      2,756.21 ■
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (New York): ' //"
pharmacology   research     .    18,150.00 lYy
B.C.   Research Council  research      2,750.00 r
Lim, Mrs. Claire: ">
Trauma   Research       ,-■-"  25.000^
Marten, Mr. D.:
Canada Mink Breeders Research   40.00vC
Merck 8c Co. Ltd. (Montreal):
chick coccidiosis studies,  Poultry Science       3,000.00 I/"
Montgomery, Rev. W. E. and Mrs. (Qualicum Beach):
Faculty of Medicine  Research Fund   5.00 Uf
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto): /
muscular dystrophy research     14,564.79 Y,
neurological   research            200.00 V /
research,   anatomy        3,813.16 \Y
Mcintosh, Mr. W. G.:
Faculty  of Medicine   Research   Fund    5.001^
Maclntyre, Mr. B. M. (West Vancouver): f
for neurological   research           200.00*/
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.: y
Research and  Postgraduate  Fund,  Surgery   4.50 Y
McLennan, Mr. A. L.: /
Neurological   Research   Fund            400.01' /
McNeely, Kathleen (Victoria):
Faculty of Medicine Research  Fund 	
National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC):
research grant.  Zoology          621.00
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
for Cancer Research, various departments  59,691.15
National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland):
Research grant in Zoology      7,170.00
B.C. Research Council Fellowship supply grant         500.00
National Research Council (Ottawa):
Building Site Planning Research, Architecture          701.68
various  National  Research Council grants  1,005,775.00 /,
N.RC   Medical   Research   Associateship       15,612.72 Y \
equipment grant,  Physics      5,000.00 *'
National Science Foundation (Washington, DC): //
National Science Foundation-Research, Zoology   12,200.00' y
special  grant,  Physics   432.70 /
New, Winifred M. and M. Ida:
Faculty   of   Medicine   Research   Fund     5.00 ^i(
Nicholson, Mr. Otto (R.R. #1, New Westminster):
Canada   Mink Breeders  Research    8.00 u/
Norgan, Mr. George C: y
for   neurological   research     100.00'
Omark Industries (1959) Ltd. (Guelph): /
research  equipment,   Forestry    300.00 / Order of Job's Daughters:
muscular   dystrophy   research     100.00 i/
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. (Don Mills): ,-
Research and  Postgraduate  Fund,  Surgery          400.00^
studies  on   effects   of  Fibronolysin,   Paediatrics            200.00 V
Pent Funeral Chapel Ltd.: /
for research,   Faculty of Medicine   lO.OOv
Pfizer Canada (Montreal):
special   grant,    Pathology      1,000.00 /
Pilkington, Mr. Thomas:
for   neurological    research     100.00\/
Price, Mr. T. E.:
Faculty of Medicine  Research   Fund    5.00\X
Province of British Columbia, Provincial Health Service: y
for  neurological   research     7,500.00*
Rattray Furfarms (Langley):
Canada Mink   Breeders  Research    20.00/
Rockefeller Foundation (New York): /
for hospital  planning,  Faculty of Medicine   10,000.00/
Rotary Equipment Sales Ltd. (New Westminster): /
for  sports  turf  research,   Plant  Science    150.00 v
Seldon, Dr. George E.: .
Faculty of Medicine  Research   Fund   10.00vC
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
Nickel Powder and Ore research,  Mining and  Metallurgy       5,809.64   ^
Sutherland, Mrs. Mary (Parksville):
Faculty of Medicine Research  Fund    lO.OGvX
Twomey, Mr. J. F. (Winnipeg): .
for foliar  fertilization  research,  biology and  botany       1,000.C.V
U.B.C. Swimming Gala Committee:
research   supplies,   Physical   Education     100.001/
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (Richland, Washington, DC): /
special   research,   zoology        8,000.00 w
U.S. Vitamin 8c Pharmaceutical Corporation (New York):
research   in   medicine         1,300.00 v
Vancouver Foundation: .
H. R. MacMillan Education Fund, for Graduate Forestry Assistants     2,000.00/
H.   R.   MacMillan  Grant—Fisheries  Expeditions      10,000.00 /
H.  R. MacMillan Lectures,  Institute of Fisheries   75.00 ' /
H.   R.  MacMillan Education Fund, Economics of Reforestation      4,444.18/
West Kootenay Power and Light Co. (Trail): y
research   in   Electrical   Engineering         1,000.00
West Kootenay Power 8c Light Co. Employee (Penticton): /
research  into  gastric disorders,  Medicine    125.00 V
Williams, Mr. Doug. (Richmond):
Canada   Mink   Breeders  Research    7.50 l^C
Williams, Miss G.:
Faculty of Medicine  Research  Fund   6.00 ^\
Williams, Dr. L. R.: y
Research  and  Postgraduate  Fund,  Surgery           300.00'*'
Wilson, Mr. C. (Langley): .,
Canada  Mink  Breeders  Research    20.00 lA Wood, Dr. L. G.: /
Research and Postgraduate Fund,  Surgery   50.00 /
Young, Mr. N. (Aldergrove):
Canada Mink Breeders Research   20.00 Uf
Anglo-British Columbia Packing Co.:
Chair of Fisheries  Biology   450.00/
Architectural Institute of British Columbia: y
Institute  Exhibition Account   450.00 /
British Columbia Cancer Institute:
for the  Bio-Medical  Library   2,813.00
British Columbia Packers Limited:
Chair  of   Fisheries   Biology    3,500.00*/
Campbell, the late Anne S. (Estate): ,
for the Faculty of Medicine   250.00 /
Cameron Bell Foundation: y
International   House   Friends   Fund     100.00 i/
Canada Council (Ottawa): y
Indian   Carving   project,   Anthropology     5,000.00
Canadian Bankers Association (Montreal): ' y
Summer School  work,   Commerce    5,000.00 lY   ,
Canadian CanceTSociety, B.C. Division: yY
for the  Dean of Medicine  Fund            __     1,250.00/
Canadian Fishing Company: y
Chair of Fisheries Grant   2,000.00/
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto): y'
for Summer Workshop, Commerce, and Commerce Fund   7,500.00/
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto): /"
grant for Psychiatry   1,819.91 </
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa): y
for special  lectures,  Architecture   3,617.61 (/
CKWX Radio:
for the U.B.C. Special  Broadcast project, Extension   3,000.00 Y ,
Columbia University (New York): /
special grant for Travel, Soviet Union, field of Geography  1,400.00 V
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada Ltd. (Trail): y
Brock Chair of Geology   7,500.00 V
Dome Petroleum Limited (Calgary): ..
for the Geology Field  School    100.00?/
DuPont of Canada (Montreal): y
for the President's Fund   333.00 /
Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries: y
Educational work among fishermen, Extension   4,991.56
Industrial Development  Institute of Fisheries Grant   3,000.00 /
Industrial   Development Youth Training  School   .  1,500.00 /
Great Plains Development Company of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): /
for the Geology Field School    50.00/
Gulf States Oil Company of Canada (Houston, Texas): /
for the Geology Field School   250.00 V" Harry Hawthorn Foundation Fund:
Dr. D. C. B. Duff, Mr. T. S. Hughes, Prof. Stanley Read,
Dr. D. M. Whitelaw, Dr. M. Pottinger   70.00 \/
Harvard University (Boston):
for Faculty of Commerce participation in  1960 Seminar       1,174.60
Health Centre for Children: y
grant  in   paediatrics     23,712.85
for special  display,   Pacific  National  Exhibition    100.00/
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
for special  courses,  Mathematics      2,000.00 /
I.O.D.E., University Chapter: ,
I.O.D.E.   Fine   Arts   Fund            500.00 /
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.:
for the Claxton Memorial,   Library   50.00   /
Koerner, Mr. Walter C: ,
History of Forest Industry in  B.C. project       1,250.00/
for the  President's Fund       3,000.00 /
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
for the Project Committee          200.00 /
for various projects,  higher education    27,585.00*/
Mimbto, Mr. T.: /
for the Friends of the Library Fund          500.00V
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.:
for  the   President's   Fund     50.00 /
for  the   Harry   Hawthorn   Foundation    50.00 /
for the  Claxton Memorial,  Library   15.00 y
MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Ltd.: y
for forest  mensuration,   Forestry        5,000.00 /
for   Agricultural    Engineering            250.00 /
National Research Council (Ottawa):
N.RC - Nuffield Foundation Lecturer,  Physics          750.00 /
Pacific District Investment Dealers'Association: /
grant  for Commerce    125.00 /
Phillips Petroleum Company (Calgary): . /
for the Geology Field School          250.00 v
Province of British Columbia, Education Technical Branch:
for technical staff, Faculty of Education       8,657.72 /
Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (Calgary): /
contribution to expenses of visiting lecturer   44.40/
Real Estate Council of British Columbia: /
establishment  of  Chair in  Estate  Management      10,000.00 V
Scottish Country Dancing Society, West Point Grey Branch: y
for  International  House  Friends Fund   59.00k
Shell Oil Company of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): /
for  the  Geology  Field  School         2,000.00 V    ,
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
for the Chair  in  Metallurgy     10,000.00
Simmons 8c McBride Ltd.: /
for  the Simmons  8c McBride  Lectureship, Medicine          500.00^
8 Vancouver Foundation:
for the Williamson Foundation for special staff in ..
Faculty of  Education     2,500.00 /
H.   R.  MacMillan  Education Forestry Library Fund   1,000.00/
H.   R.  MacMillan Grant,   Professorship of Silviculture   7,000.00 /
H.   R.  MacMillan Grant,  Institute of Fisheries   10,000.00 /
Vancouver General Hospital:
for the Bio-Medical Library and for the Medical Illustrations y
Department,  Faculty of Medicine   16,846.62   /
Various donors: ./
Friends of the Library Fund  856.00//
D. E. McTaggart Memorial Municipal Law Library Fund  1 19.62 1/
Harry Hawthorn Foundation  (President's  Fund)   40.50 /
W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
for the development of programme of continuing y
medical   education     15,000.00 \Y
Anonymous: y
for President's Fund, special purposes   10,000.00 Y
Canada Council (Ottawa):
for student residences ,Library,   Buchanan   Building,  etc.    632,910.00
Canadian Cancer Society (Vancouver):
Medical Sciences  Building donation    88,913.00
Cancer Research  Unit equipment purchases       4,367.89/
Leon and Thea Koerner Trust: y
for the Thea  Koerner House   64,785.43 /
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): y
University of British Columbia Development Fund  937,500.00 */
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): ,
for construction of greenhouse ^feiiii-.±_^a=t.^..__jQrSj4_tJ_      2,000.00Y
Various Donors   236,236.18
Zonta Club of Vancouver: y
International   House   furnishings            250.001/
Total  contributions  in  Japan    21,097.22
Total  contributions  by Japanese-Canadians        7,514.97
Donors in Japan:
Ajinomoto Ltd.
Andrews 8c George Co., Ltd.
Ataka Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Banking Association (9 banks)
Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd.
Canadian Nisei Association in Japan
Daido Marine Transport Co., Ltd.
Foreign Office
Fuji Steel Co., Ltd. G. Itoh 8, Co., Ltd.
Gosho Ltd.
lino Marine Transport Ltd.
Iwai Industries Co., Ltd.
Japan Cotton Spinning Association
Japan Federation of Horticultural and Agricultural Co-operative Associations
Japan Flour Mills
Japan Liability Insurance Association (20 firms)
Japan Light Metal Co., Ltd.
Japan Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Japan Refrigeration Co., Ltd.
Japan Steel Tube Co., Ltd.
Japan Synthetic Fibre Association (7 firms)
Kanematsu Ltd. (Osaka)
Kawasaki Steamships Ltd.
Kawasaki Steel Co., Ltd.
Kishimoto Shoten Ltd.
Kyodo Lumber Export Co., Ltd.
Kyokuyo Whaling Co., Ltd.
Mainichi Newspapers
Marubeni lida Ltd.
Mitsubishi Oil Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Shoji Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Bussan Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Steamships Ltd.
Nichimen Co., Ltd.
Nikkei Aluminum Industries Ltd.
Nippon Yusen Kaisha Ltd. (NYK Line)
NisshoCo., Ltd.
Nisshin Flour Mills
Nittetsu Steamships Ltd.
Kobe Steel Co., Ltd.
Nobusuke Kishi, (former Prime Minister)
Nichiro Fisheries Ltd.
Nozaki Industries Ltd.
Okura Shoji Co., Ltd.
Osaka Shosen Ltd.
Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.
Nozawa Asbestos Cement Co., Ltd.
P.T.L. Overseas Co., Ltd.
Shuji Masutani, Secretary-General, Liberal Party
Sumitomo Metal Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Shoji Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Fisheries Ltd.
Tatsunosuke Takasaki, (former Minister of International Trade and Industry)
Toyo Cotton Co., Ltd.
Yawata Steel Co., Ltd.
Yuasa Hardware Co., Ltd. (Osaka Branch).
CFJC   (Kamloops)   	
C-FUN   Ltd.   (Vancouver)
CHWK   (Chilliwack)   	
CJAT   (Trail)   	
CJAV   (Port  Alberni)   	
CJDC Ltd. (Dawson Creek) 	
CI IB   (Interior   Broadcasters   Ltd.)   (Vernon)   	
CJVI (Island Broadcasting Co. Ltd.) (Victoria)
CKLG (North Vancouver) 	
CKNW   (New   Westminster)   	
CKOK  (Penticton)  	
CKOV (Kelowna) 	
CKPG   (Prince  George)
CKWX   (Vancouver)   ...
.00 Y
00 Y,
oo Y
00 /
.oo y
oo y
(Note: continuing awards will be acknowledged in the
Spring Congregation Programme)
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (New York):
Special  Fellowship for staff member,  Chemistry       6,900
Alpha Gamma Delta Mothers' Club:
for   bursary   assistance   	
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited (Montreal):
administrative  grant  additional   to  scholarships  	
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton):
administrative  grant  additional   to  scholarships  	
Baxter, Professor D. V. (Ann Arbor, Michigan):
for  forest  pathology   prize   	
Brentwood Park Parent-Teacher Association:
for the Summer School of the Arts awards 	
Burnaby Parent-Teacher Council:
for the Summer School of the Arts awards 	
Business Management Course (Vernon):
for the Okanagan Commerce Bursary 	
Campbell, the late Anne S. (Estate):
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund 	
Canada Council (Ottawa):
special grant and fellowship,  Mechanical Engineering
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal):
summer grant, fellowship. Zoology 	
Canadian Legion, Vernon Branch No. 25:
direct   scholarship   award   	
Canadian Legion, Branch No. 94 (Quesnel):
direct scholarship award
Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Branch No. 16 (Burnaby):
direct   scholarship   award   	
11 y
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa): y
senior  fellowship  for  staff  member,   Architecture    6,500.00 /-
for   bursaries,   Planning     1,500.00 /
Copp, Mr. Stanley:
for the University Scholarship Endowment Fund   20.00 0(
Duncan Little Theatre (Duncan): ' j
for Summer School of the Arts Awards   2.00Ja
Esson, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. (Williamson, West Virginia):
for the Ellis H.  Morrow Fellowships  in Commerce   10.00<X
Fraser, Mrs. Clara (Estate): ,
for the McLean Fraser Memorial Scholarships   45,397.94*^
Friesen, Dr. J. K.:
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   20.00 Jf
Gage, Dean Walter H.: /
for  various  scholarship  funds   1,708.94/"
Gibson Bros. Industries Ltd.: .
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   150.00 y
Goodwin-Ellis Advertising Ltd.:
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   25.00 j/
Hamilton Junior High School (North Vancouver): /
for   Hungarian   scholarship     250.00  V
Independent Order of Odd Fellows:
for  direct   bursary  assistance     1,250.00*/
Interior Lumber Manufacturers Association (Penticton):
graduation   prize    75.00
Jflhnfion. Thymns, hjoimffi (Fifitntfi)-,        _,         _.    , /
for the Thomas Holmes Johnson  Bursary Fund   25,000.00/
Kappa Kappa Gamma B.C. Alumnae Association: y
for the Dean of Women's Fund -------- ____.__—  1 00.00 /
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club: y
for the Dean of Women's Fund   100.001/
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York): /
administrative grant additional  to scholarship    1,000.00  \y
Kitimat P.T.A. and Band Parents Group (Kitimat):
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   270.00 Y
Kitsilano High School Teachers' Association: y
for  direct scholarship  awards    300.00*/
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
Grant for  Individuals Fund   4,000.00 y
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
Muscular  Dystrophy Association   Fellowships    3,000.001/
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): y
special   fellowships     3,000.00 /
National Heart Foundation of Canada (Toronto): y
special   fellowship    4,000.00/
National Research Council (Ottawa): //
National   Research   Fellowship     1,000.00 V
Okanagan Investments Limited (Kelowna): y
for the Okanagan Commerce Bursary   100.00 Y
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Supreme Chapter (Orange, New Jersey):            ' y
special scholarship for W„est Indian student   1,000.00 V
Philharmonic Music Club: ,
Summer School of the Arts Awards   25.00 yf
12 /
Pickard, Dr. G. L.: ^
for the Thea  Koerner Memorial Scholarship  Fund   25.00t»(
Procter 8c Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): yf
grant-in-aid  additional  to  bursary fund    600.00
Ralston, Mr. Ralph L. (Montrose):
for the Summer Session Association Loan Fund   5.00 0(
Rasmusen, Mr. Peter D. (San Diego, California):
for the University General Loan Fund   2.76 \)f
Residents of Anne Wesbrook Hall: /
Dean of Women's Student Aid Fund   21.07/
Rogers, the late Jonathan (Estate):
for   the  Jonathan   Rogers   Fund    190.57
Sandwell International Limited:
for Summer School of the Arts Awards    200.00 tf
Saskatchewan Region Dominion Drama Festival: Y
special awards for Summer School of Theatre  .  200.00 •«/
Schering Corporation Limited (Montreal):
special  fellowship,   Faculty of Medicine    4,000.00
Schlumberger of Canada (COlgary): f
administrative grant additional   to scholarship    500.00 Y
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, C.M.A.:
for the Student Aid  Loan  Fund   500.00
Shell Oil Company of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
special   fellowship  extension,   summer,   1960     600.00*/
Soderman, PgisYSidngy few?};,,   ^ , _.    , ,,„-,-,_./
for the Oscar Soderman Memorial Bursary Fund    74,037.50v^
Soroptimist Club of White Rock: y
direct student awards    250.001/
Steel Company of Canada Limited (Hamilton): yf
grant to University additional to fellowship   1,000.00 Y
Summer Session Students Association:
for the Summer Session Association Loan Fund   1,000.00 */
University Women's Club of New Westminster: y
for the University Women's Club Loan  Fund   100.00 "^
Vancouver Festival Society: y
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   500.00 ^
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club: y>
for Summer School of the Arts Awards   50.00 ^
Western Canada Steel Ltd.: y~ ■
for Summer School of the Arts Awards   50.00 If
Anonymous: iy
for the Thea Koerner Memorial Scholarship Fund   6,500.00 ~y
for the Summer School of the Arts Awards   1.00
Total   contributions   in   this   list    183.50
(Additional to previously acknowledged donations)
Blacklock, Miss M.
Little, Mrs. D.
Little, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Stewart, Mrs. L.
Contributions in this list          230.00
(additional to previous contributions already acknowledged)
Bie, Dr. W. F.
Millar, Dr. John W.
McDonagh, Dr. J. E.
Nickerson, Mr. Kenneth G.
Turko, Dr. Michael
Wadman, Dr. H. G.
Contributions in this list       1,100.00
(additional to previous contributions already acknowledged)
Eagles, Dean B. A.
Forward, Professor Frank
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Moyls, Dr. B. N.
Paul, Mrs. Lome C. (South Saskatoon)
Struik, Dr. Ruth R.
Sutherland, Mrs. Esther (Ottawa)
Wellwood, Dr. and Mrs. R. W.
Anonymous Contributions.
Contributions in this list          975.00
Blankenstein, Mrs. Donna R. (Winnipeg)
Blankenstein, Mrs. I. W. (Winnipeg)
Brown, Mr. Norman (West Vancouver)
Diamond, Mrs. Bessie
Dominion Furniture Stores Ltd.
Fratkin, Mrs. P.
Ginsberg, Mrs. M. H.
Hazell, Mr. and Mrs. M. (Mill Valley, California)
Heller, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Heller, Mrs. S.
. Heyman, Mrs. Martha R.
Kesnick, Mrs. I. (Calgary)
Lando, Mrs. E.
Lewison, Dr. Edward
Loervi, Mrs. Charles
Markovich, Mr. S. J.
Melamed, Mrs. W.
Miller, Mrs. S.
Moscovich, Dr. Jack
14 Nagler, Mr. and Mrs. S. (Calgary)
Nagler, Mr. Sam
Piters, Dr. J.
Rothstein, Mr. and Mrs. N.
Shuman, Dr. B.
Zeldowicz, Dr. H.
Zemans, Mr. and Mrs. Newton (Calgary)
Anonymous Contributions
Contributions in this list          211.00
Automobile Lodge No. 1857
Bricklayer and Masons International Union
Burgener, Mary (Chilliwack)
Canadian Postal Employees, Vancouver Branch
Frazee, Miss G.
Grant, Miss Isabel le
Harrison, Mr. Raymond O.
McCallum, Miss Heather
Robinson, Mr. R. (Yale)
Senay, Mr. Charles (Grand Forks)
Thorne, Mr. Wm. C. (West Vancouver)
United Steelworkers of America
Vancouver Newspaper Guild
Wainman, Professor A. W.
Warwick, Helen C.
Wholesale and Retail Delivery Drivers and Helpers, Local 351
Yearbook House (Kansas City, Missouri).
Contributions   in   this  list       1,453.00
Akrigg, Dr. Philip
Andison, Dr. J. G.
Angus, Dr. and Mrs. H. F.
Baker, Professor R. J.
Berlot, Elizabeth B. (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Birney, Dr. Earle
Boyles, Dr. Sadie
Brooks, Mrs. Heather
Davis, Miss Lucille (North Vancouver)
Eastman, Dr. S. Mack
Forward, Professor Frank
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. (Osoyoos)
Gibbard, Professor J. E.
15 Hallamore, Dr. Joyce
Hansen, Miss Joy K.
Killam, Mr. and Mrs. R. J.
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.
Koerner, Mr. Walter C.
Korner, Mrs. Otto
Logan, Professor H. T.
Mawdsley, Dr. M. Dorothy (Lagoon P.O., Victoria)
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.
Norris, Dr. J. M.
Piloto, Professor Albert E.
Robbins, Dr. William
Rogers, Mrs. E. T.
Rothstein, Dr. S.
Smith, Miss Anne M.
Somerset, Professor Dorothy
Soward, Dean F. H.
Warren, Dr. Harry D.
Whitaker, Miss Muriel (Kamloops)
Upshall, Miss Muriel
Wittingham, Mr. Eric H. (Campbell River).
Allied Chemical Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
scholarship of $250 plus tuition fees for student entering Final Year of
Honours Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
Alpha Gamma Delta Mothers Club:
bursary of $1 00 for women undergraduates.
Boultbee, Sweet 8c Co. Ltd.:
scholarship of $300 in Commerce and Business Administration for a
student in the Real Estate programme.
British Columbia Teachers Federation:
two undergraduate scholarships of $1500 each for teachers on leave continuing university studies in the winter session; four scholarships of $250
each for teachers taking studies in summer session; two scholarships of
$1500 each for teachers on leave undertaking graduate studies in the
regular winter session; two scholarships of $250 each for teachers undertaking graduate studies in summer session.
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction:
Scholarship of $250 for student in Third Year Architecture and scholarship
of $400 in Graduate Studies, Civil Engineering for research project related
to structural steel.
Clayburn-Harbison Ltd.:
fellowship of $ 1500 for graduate study in Metallurgy.
Collingwood Branch No. 48 Canadian Legion:
two scholarships of $100 each for students entering University from Gladstone or Killarney High Schools.
16 David Bell Little Memorial Scholarship:
annual scholarship of $100 established as a memorial to David Bell Little
by friends and family.
Fraser, the late Clara A.:
bequest to provide three fellowships of $750 each  for graduate studies  in
Friends of Victoria Nagler:
scholarship of $100 to be given annually in the Bachelor of Music degree
Hoffman-La Roche Limited (Montreal):
prize for best graduating essay or Master's thesis in field of animal nutrition.
J. W. Gehrke Memorial Scholarship:
scholarship of $100 for an outstanding undergraduate.
Norman MacKenzie Prize in Public International Law:
prize of $50 annually, in honour of President MacKenzie, for field of public
international law.
Smith, Davidson & Lecky Ltd.:
two  scholarships of $250  each for students proceeding  to  Final  Year in
Soderman, Mrs. Daisy Sidney:
bequest to provide bursaries for students in Forestry or Forest Engineering
or for other purposes, as a memorial to Oscar Soderman.
Vancouver B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation:
The   Dr.  Joseph   Vickar   Memorial   Scholarship  of   $100   annually  for   pre-
medical and pre-dental students.
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce:
scholarship of $300 for students entering Faculty of Commerce and Business
Increase in Existing Award
B.C. Society of Interna! Medicine:
bursary increased from $450 to $550 annually.
Barss, Dr. F. A.: forty-one books, journals, horticulture.
Carlsen, Miss Irina: fifty-three books, general.
Crummy, Mr. R. B.: one hundred and eleven books, general.
DesBrisay, Chief Justice A. C: forty books, journals, general.
Duff-Stuart, Miss K.: fifteen books, Canadiana.
Dutton, Dr. Guy G. S.: thirty-three books, chemistry.
Grauer, Dr. A. E.: ninety-five books, economics.
Hawthorn, Dr. H. B.: twenty-six books, fishing.
Jefferies, Mrs. George: eighteen books, Dickensiana.
Lord, Mr. Justice A. R.: one hundred and thirty-two books, education.
McGill, Mr. John A.: twenty-five books, general.
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: twenty-three books, history.
Pike, Mr. James A., Spokane, Wash.: forty-six books, Business-Canadiana.
Saadeddin, Mrs. O.: one hundred and sixty-two books, French history and literature.
Stevenson, Brigadier J. B.: one hundred and ten books, journals, general.
Wilson, Dr. Wallace: one hundred and forty-nine books, literature.
Agricultural Engineering
B.C. Coast Vegetable Marketing Board: 500 lbs. potatoes.
Anthropology Museum
Cameron, Mrs. Everett (Crescent Beach): Mexican textile.
Clucas, Mrs. J. H.: Indian mask, silver bracelet, and basket.
Digby, Mr. Adrian (British Museum, London): Ethnographic materials from various
tribes of Africa and S.E. Asia.
Fay,   Mrs.   F.   Francis   H.   (Arctic   Health   Research   Center,   Anchorage):   Eskimo
parka of cormorant skins.
Haynes, Mr. D. E. L. (British Museum, London): Domestic items from Athens and
Jardine, Mr. E. I. W. (Victoria): Assegai from Swaziland.
Langdon, Mr. and Mrs.  Richard (Madeira Park): Collection of domestic arts and
crafts from South Africa (Zulu).
Low-Beer, Mrs. M.: T'ang Amphora, with dragon handles.
MacLagan,  Mr. and Mrs.  R. Moir:  Collection  of domestic arts and crafts  from
South Africa (Zulu).
Reid,  Mr. William: Woodcarving tools used by Charles Gladstone, famous Haida
Scholefield, Mrs. G. S.: Indian basket collection of Mrs. G. O. Buchanan.
United States Consulate General: 1959 issue of "Sweet's Catalogs".
Asian Studies
Bennett, Rev. R. M. (Toronto): Survey of Chinese Mainland Press (4 issues),
Current Background (4 issues), Review of Hong Kong Chinese Press (3
issues), Extracts from Current Background and China Mainland Magazines
(4  issues).
National Central Library, (Taipei, Taiwan): Periodicals and magazines.
Biology and Botany
Chapman, Dr. V. J. (Auckland, New Zealand): 25 specimens of marine algae of
New Zealand.
Cribb, Dr. A. B. (Brisbane, Australia): 19 specimens of marine algae of Australia.
Dawson,  Dr.  E.  Y. (Beaudette  Foundation,  Solvang, California):   176 specimens
of marine algae.
Doty, Dr. M. S. (Honolulu): 187 specimens of marine algae.
Inoh, Professor Shumpei (Japan): 14 specimens of marine algae.
Koster, Dr. J. (Netherlands): 175 specimens of algae.
Taylor, Dr. William Randolph (University of Michigan):  150 specimens of marine
algae; 430 identified specimens of marine algae.
18 Chemical Engineering
Hetherington, Mr. T. (F. Drexel Co. Ltd.): 1 pneumatic transmitter.
Civil Engineering
Viking Pump Co. (Windsor, Ont.): 1 rotary pump and flexible coupling for the
hydraulic laboratory.
Mayor, Mrs. Ann (New York, N.Y.): Fortune Magazine.
Dean of Women's Office
Residents of Anne Wesbrook Hall, Summer Session 1960: French Dictionary,
Petit Larousse, Canadian Oxford Atlas of the World.
Extension Department
Fund for Adult Education (White Plains, N.Y.): 2500 copies of the book "Transition and Tension in Asia".
Hutchinson, Mr. E. M. (National Institute of Adult Education, London): 1 book
"Authority, Responsibility and Education" by R. S.  Peters.
Sik, Lau Wai (Education Department, Hong Kong): Chinese Brush Painting.
Trans-Canada Films Ltd. (Mr. D. W. Hamilton): 1 Goldie - 500 Watt Spot Light;
4 motion picture floodlights.
Fine Arts
Arts Fund,  Inc. (New York, N.Y.) Gift of Walter A. Weiss:   "Heraldic Falcon"
painting by Robert D. Kaufmann.
Fischer-Credo, Mrs. Otto: Sculpture "Asiatic Head" by Otto Fischer-Credo.
'Lower Reaches of the Thames"
by   Bertram   Priestman,   A.R.A.;
"Ellen   Terry"  by  G.   F.   Watts;   "Mrs.   Elizabeth   Rogers"   by   P.  A.   Hay;
"Mr. Jonathan Rogers" by P. A. Hay; "The Doll" by Neuhuys, R.A.; "Corfe
Castle" by Jose Weiss; "Landscape" by Sir David Murray.
Rogers.  Mrs.  Elizabeth (Estate): Oil Paintings;  "L
by   FTFinn;   "Sundown,   Isle   of   Wight"   b
B.C. Telephone Company (New Westminster): 2 magneto type telephone instruments.
B.C. Forest Service (Victoria): 10 copies "Continuous Forest Inventory - Initial
Phase, 1 957" plus supplementary tables.
Clear Fir Sales Co. (Springfield, Ore.): 2 sheet wood particle board.
Consolidated Services Ltd. (C. R. Matheson): Complete set of transcript of Royal
Commission on Forestry, B.C. 1955-56.
DeGrace, Mr. R. F. (Canadian Institute of Timber Construction, Ottawa): 5 copies
"Timber Construction Manual."
Heger, L.: text "Forest Policy" by William B. Greeley.
Little, Mrs. E.: Books and papers.
Merck 8c Co. Ltd. (Mr. W. B. Hagerman, Montreal): 5 gm Gibrel.
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: Copy of "Reports on the Forests of Canada", London, 1885.
19 MacMillan,  Bloedel  8c  Powell   River Ltd.  (New Westminster):   1   sheet  of wood
particle board.
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Ltd. (Port Alberni): 2000# pulp mill felts.
National Starch Products Inc., (Goffstown, N. Hampshire):  1  sheet wood particle
Pope 8c Talbot Inc. (Oakridge, Oregon): 2 sheets wood particle board.
United States Plywood Corporation  (Redding, California):   1   sheet wood particle
Western Plywood Co. Ltd.: 1 sheet of plywood.
Weyerhauser Company (Tacoma, Washington): 2 sheets of wood particle board.
Wynnewood  Products Company (Jacksonville,  Texas):   1   sheet of wood  particle
Health Service
Parke Davis 8< Co.: Chloromycetin - 250 MGM Caps 100x5.
Institute of Fisheries
International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission (New Westminster): Collection
of marine and fresh-water fishes from British Columbia.
Mechanical Engineering
American Can Company of Canada Ltd.: Six point recording thermocouple potentiometer; three electric motors.
George Kent (Canada) Ltd.: Model plant for demonstration of pneumatic control.
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co.: Brown-Boveri Exhaust Gas Turbocharger.
Koerner, Dr.  Leon:   2  Bird Oxygen  Resuscitators with  portable equipment;  additional accessories for Bird Respirators.
Mining and Metallurgy
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: 3 samples of Thompson nickel ore.
Angus, Mr. Vaun: 2 violins and 3 bows.
Friess, Mr. George: 1 violin, 1 viola.
Heslop, Professor W. G.: 3 bound books of mid-19th century music.
Kirby, Mrs. Catherine: 1 wooden flute ca.l 850.
Vancouver Women's Musical Club: Assorted music.
Poultry Science
Cyanamid of Canada Ltd. (Montreal): 50 lbs. Cyzine.
Fred   W.   Bay   Ltd.   (Hamilton):   2   cases  hatching   eggs  (white   rocks);   1   case
hatching  eggs  (white  hampshires).
Merck 8c Co. Ltd. (W. B. Hagerman, Montreal): Vitamins, ameno acid, etc.
20 President's Office
Broadcasting Station CKOK (Penticton): Time, service and staff assistance.
Soil Science
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.: Electric Refrigerator.
Armour Drugs: Pituitary hormones (various).
Bell-Irving, Mr. Angus: 3 rare Cedar borer beetles.
Carefoot, Mr. T. H.: Hand-reared series of Tussock Moths.
CIBA Pharmaceuticals, (Montreal): 5 mg. Aldosterone.
Downes, Mrs. W. (Victoria): Scientific books and exensive collection of separates
on Hemiptera-Homoptera from library of the late William Downes.
Fisheries Department: 1000 pink salmon; 3000 chum salmon.
Holmes, Mr. W. C. (Richmond): 1 specimen "duplicitas anterior" in Domestic cat.
International Salmon Commission: 750 sockeye salmon smolts.
Miller, Mr. R. C. (Clearwater Station): 3 skins and skulls of Martin.
Parke Davis: 10 mgm. TSH hormone.
Smith, Mr. Glen W. (Cranbrook): 1 prepared specimen of California quail.
Thompson, J. A. (Nanaimo): 1 specimen porgy, Holconotus rhodoterus.
Wilson, R. T.: 1 specimen, Prowfish, Zaprora silenus.


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