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UBC Publications

UBC Publications

UBC Publications

Creative giving 1982

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 Creative Giving
April 1981
March 1982
The University of British Columbia Creative Giving
April 1981
March 1982
The University of British Columbia CONTENTS
To Our Friends in the Community   5
Introduction   6
The University and You   6
Wills and Bequests  7
Gifts-in-Kind  7
Outstanding Student Support  8
Student Contributions to Major
Building Campaigns  8
The UBC Alumni Fund
The Wesbrook Society   9
Alumni Giving From All Sources
For Year Ended 31 March 1982  10
Alumni Annual Giving  10
The UBC Alumni Fund 1981-1982
Committees 11
The UBC Memorial Fund  13
Sources of Funds for Capital Construction at
The University of British Columbia  14
Private Support for the University  14
Gifts-in-Kind 15
Donations Were Made in Memory of  17
Gifts, Grants & Bequests 19 TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE COMMUNITY:
The past year has provided a number of challenges to higher education
in general and to UBC in particular.
The difficult economic climate has affected universities along with so
many other institutions. UBC has had to do more with fewer financial
resources. By and large faculties and departments have responded well to
this challenge by increasing productivity on diminished resources. It is,
therefore, a time in our history when we rely more than ever on the
generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations. I am delighted to
report that our support from alumni and from the community as outlined
in this booklet achieved a record high level in 1981-82.
These gifts helped to establish UBC as a centre of excellence, not only
for our province but across Canada. Our thanks go to all of you who
have supported our work so generously.
I would also encourage you to take advantage of the many events and
activities on UBC campus that are open to the community.
During the past year The Alumni Association has undertaken the
operation of the Resources Council. I invite you to maintain contact with
the University by directing your enquiries to the Alumni Association.
Again, I extend the gratitude of the entire university community to the
many companies and individuals who have supported our goal of
providing a rich and rewarding educational experience for all of our
Yours sincerely,
Douglas T. Kenny
President Introduction
Wills and Bequests
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts. Research,
teaching projects, scholarships and bursaries have been supported by
individual benefactors, alumni, corporations, students, foundations and
associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of
other projects, serve as testimony to the generosity of those who helped
to build UBC.
Gifts have been made anonymously, directly, in memory of relatives, in
honour of friends and by bequest. Many alumni and other donors
contribute annually. During the year benefactors donated $16,226,282.
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have helped
generate gifts.
This booklet does not include the names of 4,018 donors to the Alumni
Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other publications.
The University and You
The University is deeply conscious of the debt of gratitude it owes its
many donors and is anxious to express that gratitude by being of service
to you.
Its many superb facilities are open to the general public for conferences,
social functions, workshops and seminars. They can cater for small
groups or for larger ones of up to 1,000 persons and are backed by food,
accommodation and programming services.
Our Aquatic Centre is available for use by the public as are the
Museum of Anthropology and the Asian Centre, whilst a visit to one of
our renowned gardens should be considered a must.
Throughout the year music recitals, stage plays, film festivals, displays
of dancing and exhibitions of art are an ongoing feature of campus life to
which you are cordially invited.
Results of research conducted at the University are published and are
freely available should you wish to know of them.
If you do not already receive copies of UBC Reports or the Alumni
Chronicle, we would be delighted to place your name on our mailing lists.
The magnificent site, the beauty of the campus and the varied activities
of the community make UBC an outstanding place to be, and we most
heartily extend an invitation to you to visit us. We will be happy to guide
you or a friend, or even arrange a tour.
Enquiries to: University Development Office
UBC Alumni Association
6251 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver, B.C.   V6T1W5
Telephone (604) 228-3313
The University is grateful for the help, understanding and financial
support of its many friends over the past years. Some have indicated that
support by making direct gifts to the University, others by naming the
University as a beneficiary in their wills.
During the years 1981-82, the sum of $2,402,878 was received from 25
such bequests.
Gifts, so made, may be designated to an area of particular interest, or
may be undesignated for use at the discretion of the University.
Various reasons have been given by donors for considering UBC in
their estate planning: the gift is consistent with a lifelong interest in the
University or a particular field; experiences as a young person with
limited finances; the desire to memorialize the name of a loved one; or
simply that UBC is an institution worthy of support.
The University will welcome the opportunity of acquainting its many
friends and their estate planners with the satisfaction to be had in making
provision for The University of British Columbia through their Estate
Planning Program.
Enquiries to: University Development Office
UBC Alumni Association
6251 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver, B.C.   V6T 1W5
Telephone (604) 228-3313
Each year, UBC's library, works of art and museum collections are
expanded and enhanced as a result of gifts-in-kind. These generous gifts
from individual friends of the University, special interest groups,
governments and corporations fill gaps in existing collections or form the
nucleus of new collections of material which are used by students and
faculty members for teaching and research. Gifts-in-kind also benefit the
public generally since most are on display in museum and art collections
or are available through the UBC library system. The University also
holds title to property which has been received as bequests in wills or
which has been transferred to the University during an individual's
lifetime. The University welcomes enquiries from friends on matters
related to property. Outstanding Student Support
The UBC Alumni Fund
Since 1928, students have funded or helped fund 12 major campus
buildings by more than $6.6 million. This outstanding support is believed
to be unequalled by the students of any other North American university.
In addition, students have worked for and donated to six special
building campaigns in the past few years. Each year the graduating class
supports various campus activities. The class of 1981 donated $2,500 to
the President's Committee on the Concerns of the Handicapped — a
wheelchair ramp at Brock Hall; $1,000 to the Law Students' Legal Advice
Program — summer clinics for legal assistance, and $6,500 to the
University Day Care Council — basic equipment for Children's
Recreation Centre.
Student Contribution to Major Building Campaigns
$      24,543 Women's Gymnasium
39,032 Stadium on East Mall
78,900 Brock Hall (for nearly 30 years the centre of
Alma Mater Society activities)
48,000 The Armory
367,000 War Memorial Gymnasium
325,000 Extension of Brock Hall
150,000 Place Vanier Residence
185,000 Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
3,500,000 The Student Union Building
747,000 Additions to the Thea Koerner Graduate Centre
1,350 Asian Studies Centre
925,000 UBC Aquatic Centre
The Wesbrook Society
The establishment of The Wesbrook Society, named in honour of the
first UBC President, Dr. Frank Fairchild Wesbrook, has long been an
objective of the UBC Alumni Association. That objective has now been
The history of the University of British Columbia is marked with major
successes in academic, athletic, research and public service activities. The
hidden force behind these great achievements is a confident and generous
body of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who have made
financial and personal commitments to UBC.
Some of these dedicated individuals have provided major support for
the University's programs by joining The Wesbrook Society. Wesbrook
Society members are invited to become part of the cultural, intellectual
and social life at the University of British Columbia.
Central to the purpose of the organization are the programs designed
especially for all Members. Among membership benefits are: The
Wesbrook Card; special access to University events and facilities;
invitations to attend forums to discuss with the University President and
Chancellor significant plans and goals for the University; the "Wesbrook
Quarterly," a newsletter providing information on major UBC
developments; and an opportunity to meet with other Wesbrook Society
members at an annual dinner hosted by the Chancellor and President of
the University.
Membership in the Wesbrook Society is open to all individuals or
corporations donating at least $1,000 annually to the University of British
Columbia. Members of the Wesbrook Society are free to designate that
their gifts be used for specific purposes or they may leave the decision to
the Board of Trustees so that funds will assist the areas of greatest need.
Special thanks is expressed to the Members, who now number well
over 300, for making an investment in the University of British Columbia.
By their example, others who also care about the success and progress of
UBC will be encouraged to make their own commitment to membership.
Full information on the Society may be obtained by contacting the
Wesbrook Secretary, University of British Columbia Alumni Association,
6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C.   V6T 1W5 (604) 228-3313 Alumni Giving From All Sources
For Year Ended 31 March 1982
Friends of UBC, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Building Funds
*Other Gifts
$ 1,167,689
Not included are bequests to UBC made by UBC alumni, amounting to
* Please note that a substantial amount of this figure derives from
foundations established in the name of alumni.
Alumni Annual Giving
(As Reported By the UBC Alumni Fund)
For the Year Ended 31 March 1982
(Reserve) as at April 1981
UBC Alumni Fund $ 315,318
Friends of UBC, Inc. (U.S.A.) 25,903
Designated by Donors
Approved by the Board of
(Reserve) as at 31 March 1982
$ 109,082
$ 341,221  $ 450,303
$ 259,095
$ 371,182
$ 79,121
As of 31 March 1982, $24,257 had been donated to this Fund.
During the 1981/82 fiscal year, 34 grants were made totalling $22,010.
Our sincere thanks to all who have contributed.
U.B.C. Alumni Fund Committees
Executive Committee
Robert J. Smith
Grant D. Burnyeat
Harold N. Halvorson
David Richardson
Nancy E. Woo
Margaret Sampson Burr
Peggy L.E. Andreen Ross
Michael A. Partridge
Peter Jones
Allocations Committee
William S. Armstrong
Barbara Hart Harris
Gregory S. Plant
Nancy E. Woo
John Henderson
Allison MacLennan
Christopher Richardson
David Richardson
Allan M. Holender
President, UBC Alumni Association
UBC Alumni Association
Treasurer, UBC Alumni Association
Chair, Alumni Fund
Chair, Communications
Chair, Programme
Chair, University Advocacy
Chair, Divisions Council
Executive Director,
UBC Alumni Association
Divisions Council Representative
UBC Alumni Fund Chairman
Friends of U.B.C. Incorporated (USA)
Francis M. Johnston (Frank)
Dr. Stanley T Arkley (Stan)
Robert J. Boroughs (Bob)
Frederick L. Brewis
Stuart W. Turner
Allan M. Holender
Ex-officio: UBC Alumni Fund Director
Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund Committee
Lance Balcom Chairman
Don Moore
Byron Hender
Joanne Hinchliffe
Benjamin Moyls
Peter Remnant
Allan M. Holender
11 Scholarships & Bursaries Committee
Lynne A. Carmichael Chairman
Helmut Penner
Carl Stymiest
Louise Grant
Kenneth J. Yule
Allan M. Holender
Alumni Fund Committee
David Richardson
William S. Armstrong
Lynne A. Carmichael
George Morfitt
John A. Banfield
Judy Atkinson
Allan Cook
Brette Ritchie
Robert J. Smith
Allan M. Holender
Peter Jones
Chair, Allocations Committee
Chair, Scholarships & Bursaries
Chair, Wesbrook Society
Divisions Council Representative
Divisions Council Representative
Divisions Council Representative
President, UBC Alumni Association
Alumni Fund Director
Executive Director,
UBC Alumni Association
The Wesbrook Society Trustees
George Morfitt Chairman
Grant D. Burnyeat
J.V. Clyne
Peter Jones
Douglas T. Kenny
Robert J. Smith
W.A. Stevenson
Allan M. Holender
Penny Paul Secretary
The UBC Memorial Fund
The University has established a Memorial Scholarship and Bursary
Endowment Fund which it is hoped will provide a significant source of
student support in future years.
The purpose of the fund is to encourage memorial donations and to
cater for donations that in themselves would not provide sufficient
investment income to ensure a meaningful award.
The fund is designed to serve persons willing to leave small bequests to
UBC, to serve lifetime donors and corporations wishing to make gifts in
From time to time there have been and will continue to be organized
in-memorium funds of sufficient amount to provide meaningful awards
over a long period.
A special feature of the Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Fund is the
help it will give to individuals and small groups of donors who are not in
a position to make major gifts at the time of death of a friend or relative
but who may hope to make further lifetime gifts and/or to include an
appropriate provision in their wills. By means of this fund the name of a
deceased person will be memorialized in perpetuity from the time the
original gift is made.
Donors interested in making in-memorium gifts for scholarships and
bursaries, or considering other forms of student support, are asked to
write or call:
Byron Hender, Director
Awards and Financial Aid
The University of British Columbia
2075 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B.C.   V6T1W5
Telephone (604) 228-5111
13 Sources of Funds for Capital Construction
at the University of British Columbia
From 1915 to 31st March 1982
From: Province of British Columbia
Government of Canada and Federal Agencies
Ancillary Enterprises and General Funds
Private Gifts (including Students - $6.6 million)
Total Investment in UBC Land, Buildings and Equipment
Private Support for the University
April 1981 - March 1982
Grand Total $16,226,282
Associations & Organizations
Individual Donors
To: Research
Student Aid
$ 207,265,141
$ 338,075,336
$ 5,320,748
$ 16,226,282
$ 8,156,421
$ 16,226,282
April 1981 to March 1982
Aberle, Dr. D.
Abramson, Dr. Harvey
Adams, Jean Soulthard
Ahier, Muriel
Alder, Mr. & Mrs. David
Andrew, Margaret
Andrews, Dr. & Mrs. G.C.
Avakumovic, Dr. Ivan
Belgium. Ministere de la Communaute
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril S.
Berry, Dr. Wallace T.
Biely, Dr. Jacob
Black, Sam
Brakenridge, Jean
Braun, Mr. & Mrs. Nick
Brazil. Embassy
Burndorfer, Hans
Burt, A. Harvey
Canadian Forest Products-
Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching
Carr, Elsie N.
Carrothers, Dr. A.W.R.
Chapman, Gary & Carol
Collinshaw, Mrs. R.
Coolidge, Mr. & Mrs. C.H.
Cornell, Harry G.
Crooker, Dr. A.M.
Dutton, M.
Dwyer, Melva J.
Evans, Bill
Fawley, Dr. Allan
Fraser Institute
Friesen, Marta
Gilchrist, Muriel
Gowan, Victor
Gregg, Dr. R.J.
Greig, Mary
Griffith, Dr. William S.
Hamdard Foundation of Pakistan
Hansson, Dr. Hilja Maisma
Hasegawa, Izumi
Hawthorn, Dr. & Mrs. H.B.
Hoar, Dr. W.S.
Holdcroft, Jane E.
Hornosty, Sophia
Horvath, Maria
Houston, Dr. James M.
Howard, Irene
Icelandic-Canadian Club of B.C.
India. Consulate-General
Ingram, Dr. R.W.
Institute for Balkan Studies,
Thessalonika, Greece
Ireland. Embassy
Jankola, Joe
Japan Federation of Composers
Japan Foundation
Johnston, Dr. Lukin
Jones, Mrs. D.
Kelgard, Erik
Kingscote, Anthony A.
Koerner, Mrs. Otto
Koerner, Dr. Walter C.
Korea Literature Foundation
Lambe, Dr. W. Kaye
Lande, Lawrence
Lazar, Mr. & Mrs. Joze
Lee, Ian
Livingstone, Edward
Lohbrunner, Mr. & Mrs. E.H.
Ludwig, Donald
McAdam, Dr. D.W.
MacDonald, Bruce A.
MacDonald, Eve
McKinnell, Mrs. Guri
McKinney, estate of Margaret
Mabardi, Sabine
Marcellus, Mrs. J.
Mari, Foru
Mayse, Shirley
Melanson, Valerie
Merivale, Dr. P.
Moe, Olive
Moore, J.H.
Netherlands. Embassy
Nihon Hyakusaikai (Japan Centenarian
Noble, Dr. R.L.
Norway. Embassy
O'Kelly, Jeff
Ostry, Dr. & Mrs. E.I.
Panar, Frances
Pierce, Alan
Pretious, Dr. Edward S.
Rae, Dorian
15 Reid, Bill
Richards, S.T.
Rickard, Vincent
Robinson, Dr. Enders
Rowley, Cyril
Salter, L. Leigh
Savitt, Dr. Steven F.
Schweitzer, Dr. David
Scott, Barbara
Scudder, Dr. G.G.E.
Seaton, Dr. Richard W.
Signori, Dolores
Solecki, Pauline
Soward, Dr. F.H.
Spindel, Andria
Steiman, Laura
Story, Jean M.
Suwannakorn, Mrs. Khanistsri
Swetnam, Margaret J.
Switzerland. Consulate-General
Taylor, Lisa M.
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Thompson, R.D.
Tsuji, Koh
Tsuneta Yano Memorial Society
Tsuruta, Kinya
Wand, Dr. Yair
Westburg, Shelagh
Western Forest Products Limited
Wills, Debbie
Zaprawa, Geraldine
Zimmerman, Nina
Donations Were Made In Memory Of:
April 1981 to March 1982
Adams, Alfred T.
Ainley, William E.
Arkley, Rose
Aron, Jack
Ashton, Edith
Bankson, Russell A. & Ella E.
Beaty, John
Becker, Beverley Maureen
Belshaw, Betty
Biely, Dr. Jacob
Billig, Dr. Ernest
Binning, B.C.
Black, Charlotte
Black, William G.
Bowman, Ron
Brown, Eunice
Burton, A.
Cameron, Dr. Maxwell A.
Cannon, Harry
Clarke, Warring Paxton
Craig, Charles C.
Croucher, Margaret
Daniells, Roy
Davidson, Park O.
Davidson, R.W.
Dawson, Stephen
Deans, C.W.
Dearman, Jacqueline
Demco, Peter
Dewitt-Huberman, Jeanette
Diamond, Samuel
Edwards, Mike
English, Lloyd
Forsberg, Oscar Engelbert
Fowler, Guy
Foukes, David
Freeman, Max & Lillian
Frosst, Charles E.
Galloway, Bertrand & Neila
Giese, Dr. Rachel
Gillanders, Earl B.
Gregory, Allan S.
Gritten, Ian & Jonathan
Gunning, E. Frances
Hall, Joseph David
Hardy, Margery C.
Holland, William L.
Hunter, Howard
Israels, Sydney
Johnson, Lydia
Johnston, Elmer
Jones, Harold A.
Kenwood, George William
Killam, Izaak Walton
King, H.B.
King, Karen Elaine
King, Les
Kinney, Earl
Lawson, Heather
Legallais, Maud
Leigh, Dr. M. Digby
Leroux, Olga
Lewis, Hunter Campbell
Liersch, John
Lindsay, James Arthur
Lownsbrough, Isabel Jane
MacCarthy, Jessie Gordon
McCullough, Anne
Macdonald, Patricia
Macdonnell, James Ruggles
MacGill, Judge Helen Gregory
Maclntyre, Malcolm M.
McKechnie, Dr. R.E.
Madsen, Karen Elaine Florence
Mar, Dr. Peter Gee-Pan
Marcoe, Joe Harold
Marguluis, Dr. Jack
Mason, Dr. John J.
Mitchell, W.G.
Morrison, C.K.
Munro, Ernest A.
Neill, Alan W.
Neilson, J.K.
Nelms, Percy W.
Nemetz, Samuel & Rebecca
Ng, Elizabeth Tong
Oulton, Dr. John L.
Paschal, Dorothy
Pearson, John Mawer
Pickard, Marcell
Porte, Bob
Redford, Grant
Rhindress, W.H.
Roberts, C.W.
Robertson, Annie Melissa
Robinson, Dr. J. Lewis
Rothstein, A.
Rothwell, Kathleen & Sheldon
17 Rowe, William G.
Schuldt, Phyllis
Sharpe, Ernest Wesley Cubitt
Sherwin, Jean Marie
Skerl, Dr. A.C.
Smith, Walter Kirke
Stephany, Edward & Andrea
Stratmoen, Cathy
Stratton, Murray
Taylor, Austin C.
Thomson, F.B.
Toban, Ronald S.
Tong, Kimmy Y.C.
Trapp, Ethlyn
Tucker, Gilbert
Turnbull, John M.
Verner, Coolie
Vickar, Dr. Joseph
Weaver, Myron M.
Wellwood, Mary
Weston, Stanley
Whitty, John E.
Williams, George S.
Winn, E.S.H.
Wolney, Dr. Derek Daniel
Wong, Leslie
Woodward, The Hon. W.C.
Young, John
Young, Katharine Ann
Zwot, Sam
Gifts, Grants & Bequests
April 1981 to March 1982
The following list of donors does not include the names of donors to
the Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants, other than special grants
supporting fund raising by private donors, are recorded in other
Aaron, Benson
Abbott Laboratories Limited
Ablowitz, Mr. & Mrs. Harry
Abraham, Brian
Acme Ventures Ltd.
Adams, Jean Coulthard
Adatto, Carl P.
Agricultural Research Council of Alberta
Aikins, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.S.
Ainley, estate of Constance Victoria
Aird, H. Cameron, Esq.
Akhurst Machinery Limited
Aklujkar, Dr. A.N.
Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical
Alberton, Dr. R.M. D'Amico
Alcuin Society
Alexander, Mrs. M.B.
Allan, Dr. Barbara
All-Canadian Peoples Finance Limited
Allen, Nelson A.
Allen-Millane Administrative
Management Service
Allergan Canada Ltd.
Alma Mater Society
Alpine Garden Club of B.C.
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.
Alumni Association of UBC
AMAX of Canada Limited
American Can Company of Canada Ltd.
American Chemical Society
American Cyanamid Company
American Edwards Laboratories
American Finance Association
American Iron & Steel Institute
American Medical Association
American Society for Metals,
B.C. Chapter
American Society of Agricultural
American Women's Club
Amoco Canada Petroleum Company
Anatek Electronics Limited
Andersen, Arthur & Co. Foundation
Anderson, Susan E.
Ando Laboratories Ltd.
Andrew, Dr. G.C.
Andrusiak, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Anthony, Albert L.
Anthony, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd.
Applegarth, Dr. Derek
Arber, Louise Eileen
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Armstead, Mrs. E.M.
Armstrong, Eileen
Armstrong, John D.
Armstrong, Pat
Army, Navy & Airforce Veterans
in Canada
Arnott, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas
Art Knapp's Nurseries Ltd.
Arthritis Society
Asante, Dr. Kwadwo Ohene
Ashworth, Mary
Associated Anaesthetic Services
Associated Medical Services Inc.
Associated Professional Social Workers
of B.C.
Association of B.C. Professional
Association of B.C. School
Association of Professional Economists
of B.C.
Association of Professional Engineers
of B.C.
Association of Universities & Colleges
of Canada
ASTRA Pharmaceuticals Co.
Atkins, Lois
Audette Foundation
Aune, Keith
Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories Ltd.
Austro Canadian Businessmen's
Association of B.C.
Avalon Motor Hotel Limited
19 B.C. Anaesthetists' Society
B.C. Artificial Insemination Centre
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Broiler Marketing Board
B.C. Cancer Foundation
B.C. Chicken Marketing Board
B.C. Coal Ltd.
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
B.C. Dietitians' & Nutritionists Assn.
B.C. Federation of Labour
B.C. Floral Art Club
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Foundation for Non Animal
B.C. Fruit Growers Association
B.C. Gymnastic Association
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys Basketball
Association, Lower Mainland
B.C. Home Economics Association
B.C. Hotels Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
B.C. Hydro Welfare Fund
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Institute of Technology
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Lung Association
B.C. Medical Association
B.C. Motor Transport Association
B.C. Pharmacists Society
B.C. Psychological Association
B.C. Railway
B.C. Real Estate Association
B.C. Registered Music Teachers'
B.C. Research
B.C. Retired Teachers' Association
B.C. Society of Eye Physicians &
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Society of Orthodontists
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Surgical Society
B.C. Teachers' Credit Union
B.C. Teachers' Federation
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Terminal Elevator Operators Assoc.
B.C. Timber Ltd.
B.C. Wall & Ceiling Bureau
Babler, Susan
Babul, Najib
Bacon, Donaldson & Associates Ltd.
Bailey, estate of Mr. Charles F.
Baines, R.A.
Baker, E.A. Foundation
Balco Industries Limited
Balfour Properties Ltd.
Ballard, Dr. T.
Banff School of Advanced Management
Bank of Montreal
Bankson, Douglas H.
Banting Research Foundation
Barbeau, Jacques
Barbeau, McKercher, Collingwood &
Bard, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.
Barer, Mrs. Malvin
Barss, W.M.
Barth, Richard T.
Bartlett, Norman
Barwise, Barbara
Basford, The Hon. Mr. S.R.
Bateman, Adelaide
Bay, The
Baynes, G.E.
Beairsto, Robert E.
Bechtel Foundation of Canada
Beck, Howard L.
Beck, Richard E.
Becker, Phyllis
Beecham Inc.
Bekins, Milo W. Scholarship Foundation
Belkin, Helen E.
Belkin Packaging Ltd.
Bell Farms Ltd.
Bell, Gordon
Bell, estate of Thomas Carmichael
Beneficial Foundation Inc.
Bennett, A.V.
Bensimon, Dr. Joseph R.
Berge, Howard R.
Bergen, Brian D.
Berger, The Hon. Mr. Justice Thomas R.
Bernstein, Stephen
Berry, Dianne
Best, Dr. Allan J.
Best Printer Co. Ltd.
Beta Theta Pi Alumni Association
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Mothers'
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Billig, Hilda
Binning, Mrs. B.C.
Bird, R.B.
Birks Family Foundation
Birt, John C.
Bjarnason, Emil
Bjarnason, Joanne
Black, Margaret
Black, estate of William G.
Blackmore, Mr. A. Harvey
Blair, Gilbert J.
Blom, Joost
Blom, Prof. T.
Blower, Lois
Blunder, Roy H.
B'Nai B'Rith Hillel Foundation
B'Nai B'Rith Women Centennial Chapter
Boag Foundation
Boberg, Eileen
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Boggie, Dr. Alexander
Booiman, Suan H.
Boots Drug Stores (Western) Ltd.
Borden Chemical (Western) Limited
Bouck, The Hon. Mr. Justice John C.
Boughton & Company
Bourne, John A.
Bourne, Lyall & Herbert
Bowen-Colthurst, Mrs. M.E.M.
Bowsher, Deborah
Boyce, Harry M.
Boyd, Marcia
Boyle, Dr. M.R.
Brady, James
Braidwood, Nuttall, MacKenzie, Brewer,
Greyell & Company
Braidwood, Mr. Thomas R.
Brand, E.
Brandreth, J.M.
Brascan Limited
Brenner & Company
Brewery & Soft Drink Workers Local 300
Brinco Management Corp. Ltd.
Brink, Dr. & Mrs. V.C.
Brister, Donald E.
Bristol-Meyers Pharmaceutical Group
Broom, Eric
Broome, Olive E.
Brown, Benson & Fiddes
Brown, Franklin Keith
Brown, Louise A.
Browne, estate of Carman Crawford
Brumwell, Dr. Charles
Brunton, James M.
Bryett, Julia M.D.
Buckley, Glen J.
Budget Rent-A-Car
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Building Supply Dealers Assn. of B.C.
Bull, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.B.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Bull, Mary R.
Burlaw Consultants Ltd.
Burnaby Edmonds N.D.P. Constituency
Burnaby Federal NDP Riding Association
Burnaby Public Library
Burnaby Writers Society Scholarship
Burndorfer, Hans
Burrard Yacht Club Bridge Club
Burroughs Wellcome Ltd.
Burwell, estate of Dr. William Keith
Butler, Peter W.
Byers, Margot
Byrne, Her Honour Judge B. Patricia M.
C.A.R.S. Research Unit
CIL Inc.
CKNW Orphans' Fund
CN Rail Research
CP Rail
C.U.&C. Health Services Society
Calhoun, Margaret
Callison & Chapman
Cambon, Dr. Eileen
Cameron, Hamish
Cameron, Dr. Roy
Cameron, Timothy P.
Cammaert, Dr. Lorna
Campbell, David H.
Campbell, J.K. & Associates Limited
Campbell, Mrs. N.M.E.
Campbell, Noni
Campney & Murphy
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canada-Israel Foundation for Academic
Canada Tungsten Mining Corp.
Canadian Academy of Periodontology
Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association
Canadian Army Welfare Fund
Canadian Association for the Mentally
Canadian Association of Animal
Canadian Association of University
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
21 Canadian Certified General Accountants
Canadian Council on Social
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Canadian Dermatology Foundation
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Dietetic Association
Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Forestry Association of B.C.
Canadian Foundation for the
Advancement of Pharmacy
Canadian Foundation for Ileitis & Colitis
Canadian Fund for Dental Education
Canadian Gas Processors Association
Canadian Heart Foundation
Canadian Hoechst Limited
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Institute of Chartered
Canadian Institute of Mining &
Canadian Institute of Planners Forum
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Assoc.
Canadian Life Insurance Association
Canadian Lung Association
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Mining & Metallurgical
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian National Sportsmen's Fund
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Canadian Paraplegic Association, B.C.
Canadian Pest Management Society
Canadian Polish Congress, B.C. Branch
Canadian Political Science Association
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Red Cross Society
Canadian Soccer Association
Canadian Society of Exploration
Canadian Speech & Hearing Association
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturer's
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 389
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 1004
Canadian Veterinary Research Trust Fund
Cancer Control Agency of B.C.
Canfor P. & H. Social Club
Canlan Investment Corporation
Cannon, L.
Cannon, May
Cannon, Sally
Cannon, William
Canola Council of Canada
Capilano Nurseries Ltd.
Carey, Dorothy H.
Cargill Grain Limited
Cariboo Bar Association
Cariboo College
Carlton University
Carr, Liz
Carrothers, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.B.B.
Carruthers, Winona O.
Casey, Mel & Thora & Family
Cassady, Insley, Cassady & Lauener
Cay ley, estate of Mrs. H.S.
Central Memorial High School, Parent
Advisory Council
Central Okanagan Bursary Committee
23 Society
Central Okanagan Foundation
Central Okanagan Teachers Association
Chakagondua, Jimmy
Chan, Dr. Ka-Wah
Chan, Mary Louise
Chappell, Helen
Chase, Dr. William H.
Chau, S.P.
Chemical Engineering Society
Chemical Institute of Canada
Chen, Joyce
Cheng, Colin
Cherry, Dr. Sheldon
Cheslecki, J.
Cheung, Glory
Chevron Canada Limited
Children's Health Research Foundation
of B.C.
Children's Hospital
Chilliwack Community Music School
Chin, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund
Chin, Harry Lin Foundation
Chin, Loretta
Chipman Incorporated
Churchill Investment Corporation
Churg, Wolfe & Gita Foundation
CIBA-Geigy Canada Ltd.
Cinola Operating Company Limited
Clark, John
Clarke, W.P.
Clarkson Gordon & Co.
Claxton, Dr. J.D.
Clement, Margaret I.
Clyne, J. Stuart
Cohen, Dr. Alvin
Cohen, H. Robert
Cohen, M.
Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Moe
Cohen, Ted
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Pharmacists of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C.
Collingwood, Thomas A.
Collins Barrow
Col-Pac Lumber Company
Cominco Limited
Comitas Club
Community Arts Council of Greater
Comox Farmers' Institute
Comparelli, Marjorie
Conomos, Dr. Dimitri
Consarc Corporation
Cook, Mrs. Daryl
Cook, Dr. E.G.
Cook, Dr. Thelma S.
Corporation of Land Surveyors of the
Province of B.C.
Corporation of the District of Burnaby
Corporation of the District of
Couch, E.A.
Council of Forest Industries of B.C.
Council of University Directors of
Clinical Psychology
Crabtree, Harold Foundation
Craig, James B.
Craig, Dr. Ruth E.
Crane Economics Inc.
Craster, Charles R.
Credit Union Foundation of B.C.
Creelman, Preston
Crerar, William G.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Crichton, John U.
Crompton, Maureen
Crompton, R.G.
Crookston, J. Ian
Crown Zellerbach Canada Foundation
Cumberland Realty Group Limited
Cunningham, Alvin
Curtis, G.F.
Cyanamid of Canada Limited
Cyprus Anvil Mining Corp.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Daly, Cathrine
Daly, William V.
Dalziel, Mary H.
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer
D'Andrea, His Honour Judge Richard O.
Daniells, Laurenda
Davidson, Eve C.
Davidson, R.G.
Davis & Co.
Dawson, Dau & Associates Ltd.
Dawson, James A.
Day, Dr. B.
Daykin, Gwen
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
Deakin Equipment Limited
Dean, Dr. John
DeBruyn, Dr. J.
Dehnel, Irene
De Jong, Dr. S.H.
Dekaban, Dr. Anatole
Dekaban, Pamela D.
Deloitte, Haskins & Sells
Delta Credit Union
Delta Gamma Fraternity - Vancouver
Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Denike, Clifford CE.
Dennison, Diana J.
Der, Louise
Deny, Dr. Douglas
Desjarlais, H.
De Stefanis, Mrs. Giusi
Devcan Foundation
Deverell Harrop
DeVitt, C. Jane
Deweerdt, M.
DeWitt, Vernon L.
de Wolf, Gaelan T.
Diamond, Ethel
Dickey, Dr. M.R.
Di Michele, Dr. C.
Diocese of Nelson
Discovery Parks Incorporated
Dobson, Una G.
Dome Petroleum Ltd.
Dommisse, I.G.
23 Donaghy, O.J.
Donahue, Leo
Donald, W. Ivor
Donner Canadian Foundation
Donovan, Terence W.
Douglas, Bessie M.
Douglas, C.L.
Douglas, Margaret E.
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dow Chemical of Canada Limited
Downtowner Estates Ltd.
Drent, Jan J.
Dronin, L.
Drossos, Nicholas A.
Dryer, The Hon. Mr. Justice V.L.
DuMoulin, R. Theo
Dunbar Lapidary Club
Duncan Business & Professional
Women's Club
Duncan, Dr. OP.
Dunlop, J.A.
Dunn, Flora
Dunn, Dr. Henry G.
Dunwoody & Company
Dupont of Canada Ltd.
Durity, Dr. Felix A.
Durkin, Gertrude
Dwyer, Melva
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
East Asiatic Co. (Canada) Ltd.
Eaton Foundation
Edge, Dr. Douglas R.
Edmonton Civic Employees' Charitable
Educational Research Institute of B.C.
Eldorado Nuclear Limited
Elgood, J.B.
Elks Purple Cross Deaf Detection
& Development Program
Elliot, George Secondary School
Elliott, Margaret
Elpl.instone Secondary School
Elsevier North-Holland Inc.
Emery, P.C.
Employees of B.C. Ferry Corporation
Employees of Eaton's Park Royal
Eng, Anthony
Engineering Institute of Canada
Engineers' Wives Association
Equity Silver Mines Ltd.
Erickson, G.L.
Eriks, G.D.
Ertec Western Inc.
Esaw, William J.
Esselmont, Harriet
Esso Resources Canada Limited
Esson, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.A.
Eurocan Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd.
Evans, Elaine
Faculty Women's Club
Fader, Caroline S.
Fages, Norman M.
Fallis, Mary
Farrington, Sheila M.
Farris, Vaughan , Wills & Murphy
Fawcus, The Hon. Mr. Justice K.S.
Federated Co-operatives Limited
Ferries, Kathleen H.
Fidelity Life Assurance Company
Fields Stores Ltd.
Fiessel, Len E.
Financial Executives Institute
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Fitzgerald, E.Z.
Fleming, Dr. K.O.
Foothills Pipeline (South Yukon) Ltd.
Ford, Dr. R.W.J.
Forrest-Richards, Dr. Frances
Forsberg, Winnifred
Forward, Dr. A.D.
Fouks, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur
Foulkes, Dr. Ellen F.
4th Canadian Congress of Dentistry
for Children
Fowler, estate of Guy
Fowlis, Ruth E.
Francis, The Parker B. Foundation
Fraser, Donna J. Associates
Fraser Valley Bar Association
Fraser Valley College
Fraser Valley Dental Society
Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Fredrickson, Dr. John
Freeman & Company
Friedman, Dr. S.M.
Frith, Hector G.N.
Frosst, C.E.
Frosst, Charles E. & Co.
Frosst, Jane S.O.
Frost, Dr. Barry P.
Fruehauf Canada Ltd.
Fry, Joyce
Fukawa, Stanley
Fulton, The Hon. E.D.
Fulton, Eunice
Galloway, Theresa
Ganderton, Kathleen
Gaskell, F. James
Gayman, Dr. George R.
Gays & Lesbians of UBC
Gehrke Stationery & Printing Co. Ltd.
Geisler, Helen M.
Gelpke, Dr. Paul M.
General Motors of Canada Limited
Genetics Society of America Inc.
Gibbard, Donald C. Scholarship Fund
Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. Gary
Gifford, Martin N.
Gilchrist, Sinclair & Campbell
Gilland, estate of E.M.
Gillespie, David W.
Gilmore, J. Bernard
Gilmour, estate of Mr. Douglas H.
Giovennetti, Patricia M.
Girl Guides of Canada
Glacier National Life Assurance
Glaxo Canada Limited
Glaxo Operations UK Ltd.
Glenayre Electronics Ltd.
Goel, Dr. D.R
Goldberg, Eugene
Goldberg, Prof. M.
Golden Ears Minerals
Goldenberg, The Hon. H. Carl
G older Associates
Goodman, Dr. & Mrs. H.J.A.
Gordon, K.A.
Gorham, William C.
Gornall, Prof. F.A.
Gose, Prof. Elliot
Goto, Keiko
Gould, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Graham, Mary
Graham-Cumming, George
Granard Management & Leasing
Services Ltd.
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted
Masons of British Columbia
Grand Lodge of B.C. - Odd Fellows
Grant Saunderson & Company
Grant, Dr. W. Wallace
Granville Street Pharmacy Ltd.
Graphic Arts International Union Local
Gray Elementary School
Gregory, Andro
Gregory Industries Ltd.
Griffiths & Company
Gropper, Dr. P.T
Group of Professional Engineers of B.C.
Hydro & Power Authority
Groves, Myrtle M.
Guides-Outfitters Association of B.C.
Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane & Murray
Guile, Robert H.
Guinn, W.F.
Gulf Canada Resources Inc.
Gunn, Dr. J.S.
Gunning, Dr. Henry C.
Gussen, Dr. Arnold, Jr.
Guy, Jordan
Gyles, Dr. N.R.
Hacker, Cecil
Haebler, Hans H.
Hago Insurance Agencies Ltd.
Halbouer, Albas
Hall, Dr. E.R.
Hall, estate of Perry Barr
Hallowell, Dr. M.
Hamilton Foundation
Hamilton, Rendian
Hanan, Mr. & Mrs. C.L.
Hannah Institute for the History of
Medical and Related Sciences
Hanson Foundation
Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Hansson, Dr. Hilja Maisma
Harder, D.H.
Harlow, Neal
Harnetty, Dr. P.
Harper, Grey, Easton
Harris, Dr. D.C.
Harrison, R.B.
Harrison, Robert L.
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Harvey, James T.
Hawe, Dr. Kathleen
Hawkshaw, E.D.B.
Hawthorn, Dr. H.B.
Hay, Letitia
Heath, B.M.
Heffernan, John McKinery
Heimbecker, Grant
Heinrich, Augusta
Heinritz, Mrs. W.
Heller, Edwina
Heller, Walter E. Financial Corp.
Henderson, Dr. Andrew
Heninger, Prof. S.K.
Hepburn, A.L.
25 Herbert, R.G.
Heriot, Joan E.
Hermant, Percy Foundation
Hewitt, L.
Hill, Dr. R.H.
Hinkson, Mr. Justice E.E.
Hislop, F.C.
Ho, Dr. Helena H.
Hoar, Kenzie
Hoare, Mr, & Mrs. S.
Hockridge, Grace
Hodges, Hope
Hoebig Music Studio
Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
Hokanson, Dorothy
Hole, Robert W.
Hollinrake, H.A.
Holmes, His Honour Judge R.R.R.
Horn, J.R.F.
Horner, Joyce
Horner, Frank W. Ltd.
Hospital Employees Union Local 180
Hossie, D.S.D.
House, Jack
Houston, James
Howard Management Ltd.
Howard, Ronald
Howe Sound Teachers' Association
Howes, John F.
Huberman, Cristall & Company
Huberman, John
Huberman, Pinkus & Chaia Foundation
Hudson, Dr. PW.
Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Company
Hunt, Helen
Hunt, J.E.
Hunter, Dr. Marlene
Huntington, Ethyl
Hurvitz, Dr. Leon N.
Husband, Miss A.M.
Hutchison, R.B.
Hynes, Donna & Stephen
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter
Imperial Oil Limited
Inco Limited
Independent Order of Foresters
Ingledow, estate of Dr. Thomas
Inglis, Dr. A.M.
Inglis, Dr. James
Ingram, Prof. R.
Inland Steel Research Laboratories
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of B.C.
International Association of Machinists
International Brotherhood of Electrical
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International College of Dentists
International Copper Research
International Dental Academy
International Development Association
International Development Research
International Longshoremen's &
Warehousemen's Union
International Sea-Land Shipping
Services Ltd.
International Social Welfare Conference
I.W.A. Credit Union
International Woodworkers of America
Western Canadian Regional Council
No. 1
International Woodworkers of America
Local 1-423
International Woodworkers of America
Local 1-424
Investment Dealers Association
Iredale, Mrs. K.
Irving Clinic
Irving, estate of Mrs. Diana O.
Isaac-Renton, Dr. J.L.
Isherwood, CD.
Izard, Miss Patricia
Jackson, Dorothy C.
Jaffe, S.
Japan Foundation
Japanese-Canadian Citizens' Assoc, of
Jasich, Anthony J.
Jemielita, Mrs. M.
Johnson & McLellan
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Harold
Johnston, G.Z.
Jordan, Prof. R.M.
Journey Training & General Industry
Promotion Fund
Kamloops & District Canadian Diabetic
Kamloops & District Dental Society
Kamloops District Teachers Assoc.
Kania, J.E.
Kanungo, Dr. Rabindra N.
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation
Karman Western Apparel
Katherine Lingerie Ltd.
Katz, R.L.
Kee, Mrs. Y.T.
Keezer, Dexter
Keg Restaurants Ltd.
Kelly Kirby Teachers' Association
Kelowna Medical Society
Kelowna Theatre Society
Kennedy, Dr. James
Kenny, Brenton D.
Kensit, Judi
Kent, Charles Chan Golden Wedding
Scholarship Foundation
Kenwood, L.G.
Kerrisdale Dental Group
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Ltd.
Keystone Business Forms
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Kidney Foundation of Canada
Kilborn Engineering (B.C.) Ltd.
Killam, estate of Dorothy J.
Kim, Dr. PW.
Kincaid, Epstein & Company
King, F.E.
Kirk, Elizabeth B.
Kirkley, M.H.
Kirsch, Mr. & Mrs. Paul
Kitchen, Agnes J.
Kitwancool Band Council
Kiwanis Club of Summerland
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Knapp, Dr. F.M.
Knickerbocker, Mr. W.J.
Knights of Columbus
Knowledge Network
Kobbervig, Prof. Karl
Koerner Foundation, The Leon & Thea
Koerner, Dr. & Mrs. Walter C.
Koffman, Morley
Kolberg, A.
Komori, Edward
Kootenay Bar Association
Kornder, Dr. Thais L.
Kozlik, Margaret
Kozlik, Renata
Kraft Limited
Krause, Kenneth
Kwan, Chi Sun
Kyle, Dr. Neil
Labatt Breweries of B.C. Limited
Labatt Brewing Company Limited
Labatt, John Limited
Laborie, R. Surgical Ltd.
Labrador Mining and Exploration Co.
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary
Ladner Downs
Ladner, His Honour Judge G.B.
Ladner, Hugh
Ladner, Thomas E.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.D.
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Lamm, David C.
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. Esmond
Lapidary Rock & Mineral Society of B.C.
Lapointe, Jocelyne
Lapp, Dr. Patricia
La Ronge Band Education
Larouche, Bernard
Laszlo, Dr. Magdalene S.
Lawrence & Shaw
Lawson, Donald J.
Leatherdale, Nancy
LeBlond, G. Raymond
LeBlond, Paul H.
Lecovin, Gerald
Lee, Alfred
Lee, Bill
Lee Foundation
Lee, Robert Ltd.
Lees, M. Anne
Lefeaux, Kathy
Legg, The Hon. Mr. Justice Hugh P.
Leith, Murray V
Leonard Foundation
Leroux, estate of Olga
Letson, Major General H.F.G.
Levine, Sefton L.
Levy, Dr. L.A.
Lew, Chouk
Lieblich, Gabriela
Lilly, Eli and Company (Canada) Ltd.
Lipinski, Dr. Beatrice G.
Lipson, S.L.
Liss, Kenneth
Lo, Jean
Lockhart, J.L.
Lohbrunner, E.H.
Loomer, R.L.
Loos, J.
Lornex Mining Corporation Ltd.
Love, R. James
Love, Robert A.
Low-Beer, Edith
27 Lower Fraser Valley Cerebral Palsy Assoc.
Lownsbrough, estate of Dorothy Gray
Lucas, Anna May
Lunsford, A.
Lutener, Joan E.
Lynum, G.H.
McAfee, Lilly & Co.
McAllister, Mr. & Mrs. J.R.
McAllister, Nancy
McAlpine, Roberts & Hordo
McBride, Ramsay
MacCarthy, J.A.
MacCarthy, Parker
Macaulay, James A.
McConkey, J.P.
McConnell, Beverley
McCord, Dr. Byron
McCord, Marguerite A.
McCrae, Helen
McDermid, Don C.
McDiarmid, Harvey
MacDonald, D.D.
McDonald, D.M.
MacDonald, Dorothy A.
MacDonald, G. Douglas
MacDonald, H.C.L.
MacDonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.A.
Macdonald, Kwan & Lewis
MacDonald, Susan
MacDonald, William
McEachern, The Hon. Mr. Chief Justice A.
McEvoy, Ann
McEvoy, Francis J.
Macfarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice Alan B.
MacFarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice M.M.
MacFarlane, Pearkes, Smiley & Guthrie
McGavin, Dr. Allan M.
McGavin, B.N.
McGraw, Dr. R.W.
Maclnnes, Michael CS.
Maclntyre, James M.
McKay, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.C.
McKechnie, estate of Dr. R.E.
McKenzie, Dr. A.W.D.
MacKenzie, The Claire & Murray
MacKenzie, Graham C.
McKenzie, The Hon. Mr. Justice L.G.
MacKenzie, Dr. & Mrs. N.A.M.
MacKenzie Resources Ltd.
MacKinnon, The Hon. Mr. Justice
Angus G.
McLaren, William D.
McLaughlin, R. Samuel Foundation
Maclean, Charles
McLean Foundation
MacLean, Ian
McLean, J.F.
McLean, James CT.
McLean, Dr. M.J.
MacLeod, E.
McLeod, M.C.
McLoughlin, G.W.F.
McMaster University
MacMillan Bloedel Limited
MacMillan, H.R. Family Fund
McMillan, K.G.
McMillen, Ardath H.
McMorland, Dr. R.H.
McMullen, D.
McNeil Laboratories (Canada) Ltd.
McNeil Pharmaceutical
McPhee, estate of Donald S.
McPherson, G.D.
McQueen, David L.
McRorie, Wendel
McTaggart, Ellis & Company
MacWilliam, Donald A.
MAI Canada Ltd.
M.J. Investment Co.
Mackoff, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.A.
Maczko, Frank
Madsen, Edward
Mahon, Andrew Foundation
Maillardville-Coquitlam NDP
Constituency Assn.
Mair, K. Rafe
Maitland, J. Douglas
Malfet, Paul
Malkin, Mr. & Mrs. H.R.
Management Advisory Council
Manzalaoui, M.A.
Mapson, George K.
Mar, Dr. Jacque
March, Beryl E.
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
Marcoe, Dr. K.D.
Marcoe, Dr. Malcolm
Marine & Shipbuilders Local #506
Marion, Wenda
Marsh & McLennan Limited
Marty's Ltd.
Masonry Research Foundation of Canada
Mather, Elizabeth
Matheson, Dr. D.
Matheson, H. Joyce
Max Bell Foundation
Medical Class of 1956
Medical Services Association
Meek, Dr. R.N.
Melnick, Thomas J.
Mercer, William M. Ltd.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Merck Frosst & Company Inc.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme Canada Ltd.
Meredith, The Hon. Mr. Justice K.E.
Metropolitan Clinical Laboratories Ltd.
Mickelwait, Alice S.
Microtel Pacific Research
Middleton, Mrs. W.D.
Middleton, W.E.K.
Miller, Dr. H.S.
Mining Association of Canada
Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Irene B.
Mitsubishi Canada Limited
Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.
Modi, Dr. V.J.
Monro, estate of Dr. A.S.
Monsanto Canada Ltd.
Montreal Trust
Moore, Dr. J.W. Paul
Moorhouse, Annette
Morford, W. Robert
Morgan, Cyril
Morguard Trust Company
Morrison, Barrie M.
Morrison, Elizabeth W.
Mortgage Investment Association of B.C.
Mortimer, M. Edward
Morton, Dr. K.S.
Mounce, L.B.J.
Mount Arrowsmith Teachers' Assn.
Mount Saint Vincent University
Mount Sentinal Secondary School
Moyes, Dr. Peter D.
Mulhern, Kevin
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Munro, Miss CE.
Munroe, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.C.
Murchie, Dr. K.E.
Murphy, Dr. Mary A.
Murphy, T.
Murray, Mr. Justice G.L.
Murray, Dr. Gladys W.
Muscular Dystrophy Assn. of Canada
National Cancer Institute of Canada
National Foundation, March of Dimes
National Institute on Mental Retardation
National Trust Company
Native Indian Month Advisory
Navy League of Canada
Neil, Barbara J.
Neil, Joan M.
Neilson, Kathryn E.
Nelms, Dr. & Mrs. G. Leroy
Nemetz, The Hon. Justice N.T.
Nemetz, Peter N.
New York Life Insurance Company
New York Zoological Society
Newmont Services Limited
Ng, Dr. John Paul
Ng, Ying Cheong
Nicholls, Terence D.
Nightingale, Florence Private Hospital
Nixon, Dr. John E.
Norquist, Shantz
North Coast Hawk Ltd.
North Fraser Harbour Commission
North Island Festival of Music
North West Survey Corporation (Yukon)
Northwestern Society of Intestinal
Northwood Pulp Limited
Nugent, Dr. R.A.
Nu-West Group Limited
Nuyers, Albert John
Ohio Medical Anaesthetics
Ohio Medical Canada Inc.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board
Oliver, Hughes & Drabik
Oliver, John Secondary School
Olympus Research Inc.
Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Eta Theta
Oppenheimer, David Ltd.
Order of Ahepa
Order of the Amarnth
Order of the Eastern Star
Orris La Liberte & Company
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd.
Osier Society of Vancouver
Oulton, Jacqueline M.L.
Oulton, Julia
Outerbridge, R.E.
Overmyer, Daniel
29 Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutual Marine
Insurance Company
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association
Pacific National Exhibition
Pacific Northwest Society for Costing
Pacific Otolaryngology Foundation
Pacific Pulmonary Research Society
Pallot, M.L.
Palmer, James S.
Pan Canadian Petroleum Limited
Pan Ocean Oil Ltd.
Park Royal Shopping Centre
Parker, John
Parkhouse, Mary Dorothy
Parris, The Hon. Mr. Justice Raymond M.
PARS Nursing Staff
Paterson, M. Grace
Paterson, R.K.
Patriarche, Dr. M. Elizabeth
Patterson, Dr. F.P.
Pattison, Kathryn
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AP
P.E.O., Vancouver Reciprocity Council
Pearce, R.H.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Peterson, S.B.
Petroleum Research Fund
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Phillips Cables Limited
Phillips Hager & North Ltd.
Phrano Enterprises Ltd.
Physics Society
Pinder, Dr. George D.
Pine Point Mines Limited
Piper, M.S.
Pinkus, Joan
Placer Development Ltd.
Planning Institute of B.C.
Ploeg, Dorothy M.
Pomfret, Jack
Poole, Dr. J.K.
Poole, His Honour Judge Reginald
Port Mellon Industries Credit Union
Porte Realty Ltd.
Porzecanski, Dr. Ana M.
Poyner & Company
Preston, Carolyn
Preston, Robert
Price, CE.
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Price's Trucking Ltd.
Prior, Dr. Jerilynn
Prior, Peggy
Proctor & Gamble Inc.
Prosterman, Dr. B.D.
Proudfoot, F.G.
Province of British Columbia Cultural
Services Branch
Province of British Columbia Ministry of
Provincial Council of B.C., Canadian
Daughters League
Psoer, Ernest G.
Psychologists Association of Alberta
Puget Sound Power & Light Company
Pulleybank, Dr. E.G.
Pulp Paper & Woodworkers of Canada
Purdue, The Frederick Company Ltd.
Queens University
Rachmen's Resources (1976) Ltd.
Rae, The Hon. Mr. Justice G.G.S.
Rajotte, Naydeen E.
Ramsay, Vera
Ramsdale, Dorothy
Ramsdale, William
Randall, Dr. Herbert
Rapanos, George P.
Rapid-American Corporation
Ratner, Harriet
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Stanley E.
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Real Estate Council of B.C.
Reece, Buryn
Reekie, Ann
Reid, Doreen M.
Rempel, W.J.
Research Institute Meiju Milk Products
Co. Ltd.
Retail Clerks' Union, Local 1518
Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store Union
Local 580
Reubart, Dr. Dale
Reynolds, W.R.
Rhone-Poulenc Pharmaceutical Co.
Richards, Dr. John
Richardson, The Kathleen M.
Foundation Inc.
Ridout, Paul C
Ridout, Sherry L.
Riedel, Dr. B.E.
Riley, estate of Mr. Christopher
Riocanex Inc.
Rio Tinto Canadian Exploration Limited
Roberts, Mrs. Charles W. Sr.
Roberts, Helen
Roberts, M. Violet
Robertson, The Hon. Mr. Justice A.B.
Robertson, Darwin H.
Robertson, Dr. W.D.
Robson, Mrs. N.C
Rocky View School #41
Rodman, Mrs. L.
Rogers, Forrest
Rogers, L.V Secondary School
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, T.
Rojo Holdings Ltd.
Rooney, Brian
Rootman, Dr. J.
Rose, Robert J.
Ross, A. David
Ross, Eileen
Rossi, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Rossington, Gail
Rossington, Wayne
Rotary Club of Duncan
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rothstein, Norman L.
Rothwell, Dr. G.S.
Roussel Company
Rowe, Ria
Royal Arch Masons of B.C., Grand
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion, Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion, #4
Royal Canadian Legion, #10
Royal Canadian Legion, #16
Royal Canadian Legion, #17
Royal Canadian Legion, #25
Royal Canadian Legion, #43 - Ladies
Royal Canadian Legion, #53 - Ladies
Royal Canadian Legion, #68
Royal Canadian Legion, #175
Royal Canadian Legion, #177
Royal Canadian Legion, #178
Royal Canadian Legion, #180
Royal Columbia Alumni, Vancouver
Royal Commonwealth Society
Royal Trust
Rudland, Laura
Ruffell, Robin
Ruffell, Sonja
Rush, Mary
Rushton, Dr. Shirley
Russell & DuMoulin
Russell Food Equipment Limited
Ruttan, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Ryan, Mrs. John E., Jr.
Ryan, Michael M.
Ryniak, T.
St. Boniface General Hospital
St. Philip's Anglican Church
Sales & Marketing Executives of
Saltzman, Morris
Sanderson, Emily
Sanderson, R.A.
Sandoz (Canada) Limited
Sandwell, Lillian P.
Sandy, Dr. J.T.
Sauder Foundation
Sauder Industries Ltd.
Saunders, Fabris & Murphy
Scarfe, Dean Emeritus N.V.
Scarisbrick, Richard G.
Schaffer, Kato
Schering Canada Inc.
Schinbein, E. Grace
Schloss, Mrs. S.M.
Schmelke, J.
Schmirler, Robert
Schonfield, Dr. A.E. David
School District No. 7 (Nelson)
Schwartz, Geraldine J.
Schweigel, J.F.
Scott Paper Limited
Sea-Going Hacks
Sealand R.V. Service & Products Ltd.
Searle, G.D. & Co. of Canada Ltd.
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, The Hon. Mr. Justice P.D.
Selkirk, Debbie
Sell, Jerry L.
Semorad, Francis J.
Sera Enterprises Ltd.
Service Employees International Union
Severide, Norman
Sharma, Dr. M.D.
31 Shaughnessy Hospital
Shaw, D.W.
Sheasbey, Gordon
Sheehan, Brian
Sheehan, Cheryl
Shell Canada Ltd.
Shepherd, Charlaine
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited
Sherwin, estate of Jean Marie
Sherwood Medical
Shim, Dr. S.S.
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shrum, Liddle & Hebenton
Sidhu, Dr. Tejinder
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Sikula, M. Michael
Simon Fraser University
Simpkins, Derek
Simpsons-Sears Limited
Sintex Inc.
Skalbania, N.M. Ltd.
Skelton, Doris K.
Skerl, Doris M.
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation
Smith Kline & French Canada Ltd.
Smith, Carmen
Smith, Dr. D.
Smith, Dr. Eric
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
Smith, Helen R.
Smith, J.H.G.
Smith, Kathleen
Smith, Kenneth A.
Smith, Norah
Smith, Stanley Horticultural Trust
Smith, Dr. Trevor K.
Snackery Foods Ltd.
Snelling, Dr. C.
Social Science Federation of Canada
Society of Management Accountants of
Society of Management Accountants of
Son-Hing, Felicia
Son-Hing, Lyndette
Sonjan Enterprises Ltd.
Sons of Norway Foundation in Canada
Soroptimist Club of Duncan
Soule, M.M.
Soulsby, E.J.
South Burnaby United Church Women
South, Don
Southam, Mrs. G.T.
Southwestern Drug Warehouse Ltd.
Spencer Foundation
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Spencer, David '
Spencer, The Hon. Mr. Justice John E.
Spitler, Gail
Splane, Dr. Richard B.
Spring, Brammall & Gemmill
Staff of Psychiatric Unit, UBC Health
Sciences Centre
Standfield, Derek H.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Starkey, Dr. Otis P.
Steed, Stanley W.
Steel, estate of Ada Isabelle
Steel Company of Canada Limited
Stenner, Zenovia
Stephenson, Mrs. W.J.
Stevens, Helen D.
Stevenson, L.F.
Stevenson Construction Co. Ltd.
Stewart, Reverend & Mrs. C.
Stewart, William G.
Stork Craft Ltd.
Story, Miss J.M.
Stratmoen, Louis
Street, R.H.
Sumner, Walter C. Foundation
Sunbeam Corporation (Canada) Limited
Sundance Houseboats Incorporated
Sunshine Choristers
Sunshine Coast Scholarship, Bursary &
Loan Society
Sutton, Wendy K.
Swedish Canadian Club
Sweid, J.D. and Company
Swinton, Paul
Sworder, D. Eileen
Syntex Inc.
Taggart, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.D.
Tahsis Company Ltd.
Tait, Larry
Tarabulus, Jeannie
Tate, Dr. R.G.
Taylor, estate of Austin C.
Taylor, Glen
Taylor, J.P.
Taylor, The Hon. Mr. Justice M.R.
Taylor, William D.
Tchou, Chen Shou
Teachers of Home Economics Specialists
Teamsters' Joint Council No. 36
Teck Mining Group Limited
Tees, R.C.
Telecommunications Workers Union
Telephone Employees' Community Fund
Temelini, Dr. W.J.
Texaco Canada Resources Ltd.
Thackray, Allan D.
Tham, Michael
Theatre Kelowna Society
Thomas, Dr. J.W.
Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, W.J.
Thompson-Okanagan Dental Society
Thorne Riddell & Co.
Thurlbeck, William M.
Tichner, Mary J.
Tischler, Dr. Bluma
Todd, Dr. Eric CE.
Tolmie, Dr. Kenneth R.
Tomlinson, John
Totem Park Residence Association
Touche, Ross & Company
Toy, The Hon. Mr. Justice S.M.
Trainor, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.J.
Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co.
Tredwell, Dr. S.J.
Triance, Peter
Trumbull, Madge Hogarth Agency
Truscan Realty Ltd.
Tsui, Grace
Tsuruta, Kinya
Tuberculosis & Chest Disabled Vet. Assoc.
Tufts, I.E.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary School
Turner, Mrs. Norman R.
Tyrwhitt-Drake, The Hon. Mr. Justice
UBC Association of Administrative &
Professional Staff
UBC Business Review
UBC Employees' Society No. 116
UBC Law Review
Union Oil Co. of Canada
United Church of Canada
United Nations Centre for Human
United Steelworkers Local 3495
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of California at San Diego
University of Michigan
University of New Brunswick
University of Toronto
University of Victoria
University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
University House of Beauty
University Women's Club of Delta
University Women's Club of Vancouver
Upjohn Company of Canada
Upper Island Medical Society
Vancouver Audiometric Associates Ltd.
Vancouver Bar Association
Vancouver Business & Professional
Women's Club
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver & District Dental Society
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers'
Vancouver Estonian Society
Vancouver Fire Fighters Union Local 18
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Home Economics Teachers'
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Municipal & Regional
Employees' Union Local 1
Vancouver Natural History Society
Vancouver Orthopaedic Group C.R.A.
Vancouver Policemen's Union
Vancouver Richmond Association for the
Mentally Handicapped
Vancouver Rotary Foundation
Vancouver School District #39
Vancouver Society for Epilepsy Research
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Transportation Club
Vancouver Women's Transportation Club
Value Industries Ltd.
Van der Hoop, The Hon. Mr. Justice
Van Peteghem, P.K.
Van Sacker, Gail
Van Tel Credit Union
Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.
Vanderpol's Eggs Ltd.
Variety Club of B.C.
Vaughn, David L.
Vaughn, W.F.
Verboom, Mr. & Mrs. Ron
Verner, estate of Coolie
Versatile Publishing Co. Ltd.
33 Vicks Toiletry Products & Health Care
Division, Richardson-Merrell Inc.
Victoria & District Parent-Teacher
Vincent, Stewart & Vincent Ltd.
Voight, C.H.
von Rosen, Dr. Else
Waddell, Dr. Ronald
Wagner, estate of M.
Waldman, Dr. & Mrs. Roy
Walker, Mary Lou
Wallace, W.J.
Ward, Rodney K.
Warner, M.E.
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited
Warren, Dr. Harry
Warren, Terrance
Waslyshyn, G.
Watt, Dr. J.G.
Watts, G.H.C
Watts, Ron
Weber, O. Melba
Webster, Janet B.
Weedon, B. June
Weibe, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Weigel, Mr. & Mrs. Keith
Weinstein, Blossom
Weinstein, Dr. Malcolm
Weinstein, Pauline
Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Weldwood of Canada Limited
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
West Kootenay Medical Association
West Kootenay Medical Society
West Vancouver Sketch Club
West Vancouver Teachers Association
Westcoast Transmission Company
Western Canada Steel Limited
Western Capital Trust Company
Western Forest Products Limited
Western Guides and Outfitters
Western Optical Company Limited
Western Securities Ltd.
Western Truck & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Westmin Resources Ltd.
Westminster Medical Association
Weston, Isabel G.
Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Wheeler, John
Whist, Jarl A.B.
White, Donald S.
Whitehouse, Ms. B.J.
Whittle, H.D.
Whittome, J.H. & Co. Limited
Whynot, Dr. Elizabeth
Wickson, Malcolm C.J.
Wilkins, Isabel M.
Will, Dr. P.K.
Williams, Margot
Williams, Mary
Wilson, G.S.
Wilson, Eugene N.
Wilson, Dr. Reg A.
Winfield, Stan
Wing, Dr. Peter C.
Wingfield, J.H.
Witt, Arnold
Witt, Patricia M.
Wolochaty, E.C.
Wolochow, Dr. Michael
Wolridge Foundation
Women of the Moose
Wong, M.K. & Associates Ltd.
Wood Gundy Charitable Foundation
Wood, Helen
Woodsworth, K.C.
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A.
Wootton, Allen C.
Wootton, The Hon. Robert A.B.
Workers Compensation Board
World Wildlife Fund
Wormsbecker, John H.
Wright, Don Charitable Foundation
Wright Engineers Limited
Wright, L.F.
Wruck, Harry J.
Wu, Chao Yu
Xerox of Canada Limited
Yip, Sheila
Yorkshire Trust Company
Yoshida, Dr. Y.V
Young, A. Elizabeth
Young, Geoffrey
Young, Katharine
Young, Dr. Maurice D.
Young, Peter
Yu, W.Y.
Zack, Beatrice
Zania, Margaret
Zeller, C. Edward
Zivot, Dr. Aaron
Zolbrod, Dr. Leon
35 The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6T 1W5
Litho'd in Canada by
Broadway Printers, Vancouv


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