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APRIL   1st,   1959   TO   AUGUST   31st,   1959  THE   UNIVERSITY   OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (New York): y
for special research  $  6,900.00'
irican Chemical Society (Washington):
special  chemical  research       4,485.00 '
Petroleum   Research   Fund,  chemistry    20,020.00 /^
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (Chalk River, Ont.):
nuclear physics research  12,000.001^
B.C. Auxiliary of the Ladies Auxiliary, Fraternal Order of Eagles:
muscular dystrophy research  2,807.87^
B.C. Foundation for Child Care, Poliomyelitis, and Rehabilitation: -
child care research   2,280.001/
B.C. Parent Teacher Federation: y
grant to B.C. Educational Research Council          100.00 \y
Boyd, Mr. J. C:
for neurological research          200.00 v
Branca, Angelo, Esq., Q.C: y
for neurological research   50.001/
British Columbia Golf Association: y
sports turf research          300.00 *
British Columbia Heart Foundation: ,
research grant     7,500.00  V
British Columbia Medical Research Institute:
G. F. Strong Laboratory for Medical Research grant     4,500.00 /*
Burr, Mr. Percy R.:
medical  research grant          500.00
Burroughs Wellcome Co. (Canada) Ltd.:
cardio vascular research          850.00 t/
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Toronto):
special   research   projects        7,208.00 V-
grant     3,769.87/
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. Division: y~   '
for electron microscope      9,001.00        ^
electron microscope technician      4,034.64 Y
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto): y
pharmacy   grant        700.00 t/
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal):
special summer research         500.00
CIBA Co. Ltd. (Montreal):
grant in  anatomy      1,250.00 /
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. George (Port Alberni):
for muscular dystrophy research   5.00 V(
Clokie, Dr. J. 0{a.: y
Research and Postgraduate Fund in Medicine   20.00   / Cyanamid of Canada Limited (Toronto): y
special Cyprex studies       1,000.00*/
Department of National Defence (Ottawa): y
Defence Research Board grants 196,990.00  Y
Department of Trade and Commerce (Ottawa):
Colombo Plan Student Research programme   199.55 /
Department of Veterans Affairs (Vancouver):
expenses   of   special   clinical    investigation   unit,   Shaughnessy
Hospital          250.74 /
Eldorado Mining and Refining Ltd. (Ottawa): .
Eldorado refining grant     10,000.00 i/
Forrester, Mr. H. G.: y
neurological research          100.00 V
Gibson, Mr. J. Gordon: y
for neurological research  1         200.00 r
Gibson, Mr. J. L„:
»    neurological   research            100.00 /
Government of Canada (Ottawa):
labour arbitration  research       l,200.00t/
Research   and   Postgraduate   Fund,   Surgery    150.00 y
Department of Agriculture Research grants    24,650.OOV'
Government of Canada Fisheries Research Board (Ottawa): ,
Tarr Research  project       3,741.28/
Hamber, the Hon. and Mrs. Eric W.: /
special medical  research        3,600.00 y
Interprovincial Co-operatives Ltd. (Winnipeg): j
soil  research  grant          500.00y
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund (New Haven, Conn.):
research   grant        1,800.00 V
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grant for medical  research  .    10,000.00/
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (New York): .
life   insurance   medical  grant     31,900.00 tf
Muscular Dystrophy Association (Toronto):
muscular  dystrophy   research         8,795.00 ./
Mutation Mink Breeders Association (Racine, Wisconsin): y
Canada Mink Breeders research       1,800.00k
McDiarmid, Mr. N. H.:
for neurological research   200.00 Y
McElroy, Mr. F. B.: ,
for neurological research   100.00'
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.: r /
Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery   250.00 v
Mcintosh, Dr. H. W.: /
Research and Postgraduate Fund in Medicine   600.00/
National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC): /
research   grant     891.00 */
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): /
cancer research   42,940.24 ^
National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md.): /
National  Institute of Health research   25,525.00 V National Research Council (Ottawa):
research grants  966,831.00
research fellowship, zoology      2,000.00
National Science Foundation (Washington, DC): ,
special research grant       4,100.00*/
special   grant,   mathematics        2,200.001'   .,
research grant, zoology    14,200.00 l/
Olympic Fur Breeders Association (Alderwood Manor, Wash.): .
Canada Mink Breeders research          200.00*/^
Order of Job's Daughters, Bethel No. 7 (New Westminster): y
muscular dystrophy research          150.00 /__
Pacific Salmon Investigations, U.S. Dept. of Interior (Seattle):
muscular fatigue of fishes research          450.001
Parke Davis 8c Co. (Detroit):
special   research           300.00 c
Pfizer Canada (Montreal):
swine physiology and nutrition research       1,000.00*/,
poultry antibiotics research       1,200.00 */
-PomsrcYi the late Annie T.;,
Thomas Bulman and Annie Telfer jf
Pomeroy  Research   Fund,   Medicine     400.00 /
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): y
neurological research grant   7,500.00/
federal public health grants  64,259.00/^
farm    business      2,960.00 t/^
work on Resazarin test   1,000.00/
Elite Seed project  1,421.25i^
Research Corporation (New York):
chemical  research    5,020
R. J. Pop Limited:
Canada Mink Breeders research   88.00 '/
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd.: y
nickel ore research grant   3,488.07/
nickel powder research grant   7,469.75 {/
Strickland, Mrs. W.
for  neurological   research    4.00
United States Air Force Research (Detroit, Mich.): /
USAF   research     853.79 %/
United States Naval Research (Washington, DC: /,
US Naval  research ....  9,000.00/ V
US Naval  research in chemistry   4,314.38 y
United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Seattle): '                y
U.S. fish and wildlife fatigue studies   450.00/
Vancouver Foundation: y
economics research grant  2,400.00
H. R. MacMillan, Institute of Fisheries  10,000.00_/•"
Walters, Mr. Frank S.:
for  neurological   research    100.00
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited (Toronto):
J.\J\J v
ier-Lambert Canada Limited uoronto;: y
grant in pharmacy   300.00 m
Wyeth Laboratories (Philadelphia): /
research ,Faculty of Medicine   3,500.00 y
Anonymous:                                                                                         v y
geochemical trace element research  3,000.00 C CONTRIBUTIONS FOR TEACHING AND GENERAL PURPOSES
All Canada Insurance Federation:
for driver education course 	
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the (-acuity of Medicine	
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society:
for the  Lectureship
Canadian Bankers Association (Montreal):
grant for Commerce
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto):
Canadian Mental Health grant
250.00 -
75.00 \S
100.00 /
7,988.42 ""'
4,173.42 /
10.00 V/
Canadian National Commission for UNESCO:
UNESCO display 	
Cuthbert, Mr. H.:
International House programme 	
Department of Fisheries (Ottawa):
University Extension  fisheries programme 	
Deputy Minister of Finance (Victoria, B.C.):
Technical  Branch, Department of Education 	
Friends of Chamber Music:
International   House  programme  	
Fund'for Adult Education (White Plains, N.Y.):
centre for adult education programme          787.40 /
Health Centre for Children: ,
Health Centre for Children grant    25,522.15
Interior Lumber Manufacturers Association (Penticton): \/
Faculty of Commerce special fund   75.00
I.O.D.E., University Chapter:
fine  arts,   I.O.D.E.,  grant           300.00   *^
Koerner, Mr. Walter C: ,
history of the forest industry of B.C. grant       1,250.00 V
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
for the  President's  Fund       1,000.00 /
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grants in aid of higher education   29,500.00  /
Lim, Mr. Quan: V.
International  House programme  2.50    ™
Nurses Undergraduate Society: .
School of Nursing Reading Room, library books  50.00 /
Oregon Saw Chain Ltd. (Guelph): /
equipment  grant,   Forestry           300.00»
Pacific Investment Dealers Association, Investment
Dealers Association of Canada, Pemberton Securities:
Faculty of Commerce special fund   125.00  /
Perry, Mrs. D.: . ,
International   House   programme   50.00 /
Provincial Department of Health and Welfare (Victoria): /
for special work, Agricultural Engineering       1,000.00 V
Radio Station CKWX: ,
CKWX - UBC special project, Extension      3,000.00 i/ Real Estate Council of British Columbia: y
Real Estate Council annual grant   10,000.00  '"^
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (Ottawa): y
special purpose fund for Architecture   500.00 y
Sager, Mrs. S. M. (Victoria):
Stanley Murray Sager Memorial  Fund in  Entomology   294.50*^^
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
Sherritt  Gordon  Chair  in  Metallurgy   10,000.00j/
Simmons 8c McBride Ltd.: y
Simmons   8c   McBride   Lectureship     500.00 '
Stephen, Mrs. C. H.: y
International   House  programme    100.00 f
Vancouver Burrard Lions Club: /
International   House programme   250.00 V
Vancouver Foundation: -^-
H. R. MacMillan Lecture grant  49.50
H.   R. MacMillan Lectureship  in Silviculture   7,000.00^
H. R. MacMillan Student Assistance in Forestry  2,000.00 **y
H. R. MacMillan Lectures - Fisheries  32.25 ^
International  House programme   5.00
Grant - Special Project, Department of Extension
Radio Station CFJC  (Kamloops)    156.00 K
o Station CFUN (Vancouver)   312.00 t/\
o Station CHUB (Nanaimo)   260.00 1/
o Station CHWK (Chilliwack)   156.00/
o Station CJAT (Trail)   208.00/^
o Station CJAV (Port Albemi)   156.001/.
o Station CJDC (Dawson Creek)  156.00l/V
o Station CJIB (Vernon)  1  195.00/,
o Station CJOR (Vancouver)  520.00 *^
o Station CJVI (Victoria).  312.00 «/
o Station CKLG (North Vancouver)   260.00*''
o Station CKNW (New Westminster)  720.00 C 7c2'
io Station CKOK (Penticton)  195.00/'
o Station CKOV (Kelowna)   195.00 (/
b Station CKPG (Prince George)   156.00*/^
o Station CKWX (Vancouver)   702.00 /
Andrew, Dean G. C. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)  60.00 ^
Boutilier, Miss Helen R. (through Friends of the Library Fund)   10.00 f"
Casselman, Miss M. M. (Mission City) (through the
Friends of the Library)   5.15/
Curtis, Dean G. F. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)   35.00 i/ /
Duff, Dr. D. C. B. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)   35.00 ^
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs.  (Copper Beach, Burrard  Inlet)   10.00**
Flood, Miss Joyce (through the Friends of the Library)   5.00 ^C
Friends of the Library (Boston, Mass.)   1 0.00
Fugler, Miss Ethel (through the Friends of the Library)   5.00*P
Koerner, Mr. Walter C. (for the Thomas Murray
Collection  Library  Books)     3,000.00   U
Koerner, Mr. Walter C. (for the Hon. Gordon Sloan
Library Memorial Fund)     1 0,000.00 V
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C. (through the Harry
Hawthorn Foundation)   1,200.00*/
Mara, Miss Denise (through the Friends of the Library)   50.00*^
McCreary, Dean J.,F. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)   10.00 *'
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation) 50.00V
McLean, Col. J, F. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)   35.00 jy
Read, Prof. Stanley E. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)  85.00 ~\f
Rothstein, Dr. Samuel (through the Friends of the Library)  10.00i£
Summer Session  Students' Association   75.00 v
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M. (through the Harry Hawthorn Foundation)  35.0o'T
Anonymous (for Extension Library)   5.00 ^
Anonymous (for Extension Library)   2.00 v
Anonymous (for Extension Library)   1.00
Canada Council (Ottawa): /
grants towards construction of residence units on the Campus $277,500.00 V
partial grant toward construction of cultural and social centre
on Campus   81,900.00/
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation: .
Construction of Faculty Club and Senior Social Centre on Campus.-1 08,504.41 /
Panhellenic House Fund          103.00
Donations from:
Campbell, Miss Jean A. K.
Campbell, Margaret A.
Fields, Mr. D. B.
Mowatt, Mrs. Margaret
Munn, Miss Ann
McDonald, Mrs. W. H.
Stafford, Miss Barbara
Watson, Miss Lorraine
Welch, Mrs. Shirley (Deep Cove)
Wilson, M. E.
Wilson, Mrs. R.
Province of British Columbia Capital Grants  $543,041.67
Various Donors (Capital Gifts Campaign)  486,189.83 /
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd. (Montreal) (grant y
supplementary to awards)   400.00 *^
American Can Company of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton) y
administrative  grant  supplementary   to  awards    1,000.00/
Andow, Mr. D. J. (Preston, Ont.)   15.14/;
Army and Navy Department Store   280.00 *
Brentwood Park P.T.A.   10.00/^,
British Columbia Heart Foundation   1,800.00 \fy
British  Columbia  Tuberculosis Society    500.00 \f    _.
Burnaby P.T.A. Council  _'_  25.00
Butchart, the late William B. (estate)   5,900.001
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate)  250.00 <-^
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal)  800.00^/
Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., Ladies Auxiliary, Branch 16   100.0oZ
Canadian Legion, Vernon, Branch No. 25   300.00/'
Caribbean   Students'   Association     150.00
Craig,  Mrs.  Elizabeth   200.00 (
Faculty Women's Club  400.00/
Fraser, the late Mrs. Clara (estate)   5.00 ^V
Gage, Dean Walter H.   725.18/
Gould, Dr. Charles H. G.   170.001
Graduating Classes of 1959   Z,500.00\fy
Grand Lodge of B.C., I.O.O.F.  ..  1,250.00*<
Green, Mr. Robert B. (Wells)  '. .' .*.'_.._.'"."_____".__ .1/"I.."I _ ___ S.OOw/-
Greggs, Mr.  Robert C. (Calgary)   500.00yy
HnUcnA    thP   Into   Mnry  r,rnhnm   r«tntp)       300.00*/
Killam, Mrs. Evelyn S  200.00*^
Killam, Mrs. Kathryn H.  .... 200.00 /"y
Kitsilano   Secondary   School   Teachers     300.Q0 •/,
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation  7,000.00 if
Lundin,   Mr.   Klaus   5.00 &y-
Miller, Mrs.  Dorothy Hebb (Atlanta, Georgia)   200.00 *^
Muscular Dystrophy Association  (Toronto)   600.001/,
MrKr.»    thA   Into  DnviH   A     .«.-■■ to.  1,134.33 &/
MacKinnon, Mr. C E. (Cranbrook)   100.00 /
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto)   5,875.00 /
National   Heart  Foundation  of Canada   (Toronto)    2,000.001/'
Perret, Mr.  R. E. (Sorrento)  1  50.00 //•
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate)'  190.00 iy
Schlumberger of Canada  (Calgary) (grant supplementary to awards) 500.00//
Sea-Van  Express Ltd.". .        250.00fe-y
Section of General  Practice,  B.C. Division,  C.M.A.        500.00 by
Shuswap Okanagan Dairy Industries Cooperative Association (Vernon)        100.00 V    .
Summer   Session   Association        2,000.00 //
Thnrnp.   Mr-.    Fr.it..   toctoto. 9 finn fin , Trans-Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company '
(grant supplementary to awards)■_ _  . ..                        _ 500.00*/
Turnbull, Mrs.  Agnes Graham   6,000.00 '/
Vancouver Festival Society   2,500.00 /
Vancouver Parent Teacher Council   60.00 V^
Vancouver Provincial Normal School Graduates   473.70*'
Wainwriaht. the late Iris Violet (estate)   3.081.70 ft^
Western Institute on Epilepsy (Salt Lake City)   500.00
Western Plywood  (Cariboo) Ltd.  (Quesnel)   250.00 *
Wills, Mrs. Marion   200.00^
Total contributions in this list  $   1,050.00
Andrew, Dean G. C.
Gratsos, Mrs. Beatrice
Korner, Mrs. Iby.
B.C. Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae $      100.00
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club  _         100.00
Total  contributions in this list  $      192.00
Bardal, Mr. John L.
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Harvie
Chatham House Hospital Medical Staff
Chatham House Hospital Staff
Goodman, Mrs. L.
Hopper, Mrs. Nellie (Ruskin)
Hynes, Miss Winifred (Richmond)
Irvine, E. L.
Jeffrey, Miss Margaret
Jones, Miss Mildred E.
Marteinson, Dr. B. T. H.
MacDonald, Mr. Austin V.
MacGregor, Wallace and Harriet
Newton, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. (Burnaby)
Richmond Juvenile Soccer League
Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Thorson, Mrs. Emily (West Vancouver)
Warburton, Mrs. Alia. *
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter X   25.001/
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter P (New Westminster)   25.00'/^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter U   50.00s/y
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter AF (West Vancouver)   50.00/y
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter V  25.00/
P.E.O.  Sisterhood,  Chapter I  (West Vancouver)   25.00 y
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter B (Victoria)   10.001*/,
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter L (West Vancouver)   50.001/  ^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter E (Victoria)   26.00 \/y
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter AN (White Rock)   20.00 *//
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter K (Victoria)   25.00/
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AH   25.00{/y
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter R (North Chilliwack)   10.00*/
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AJ (Victoria)   10.00-/
P.E.O.  Sisterhood,  Chapter Y (Victoria)   10.00X/
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter G (West Vancouver)   25.00'j/^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter AG (North Vancouver)   15.00^//
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter AC (Kamloops)   25.00/
McAulay, Mrs. Jack (through P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AO, -
Ashland,   Oregon)             ... 300.00//"
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AK  (Burnaby)     50.00/
P.E.O. Sisterhood,  Chapter A   50.00/^
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter Q'(Victoria)    25.00/
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter H- t  25.00 \y
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AA (Victoria)^  25.00 /
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter Z  (New Westminster)   100.00'y/
Total contributions in this list $   1,336.00
Alliance Francaise
Andrew, Dean and Mrs. G. C.
Bartroli, Mr. Tomas
Bird, Mrs. E. A.
Block-Bauer, Mr. C
Block-Bauer, Mrs. Therese
Bongie, Dr. and Mrs. L. L.
Boyles, Prof. Sadie M.
Brearley, Dr. Katherine
Chant, Dean and Mrs. S. N. F.
Coope, Dr. Renee
Cooper, Mrs. E. E.
Cragg, Dr. and Mrs. R. C.
Dallas, Dr. Dorothy
Daniells, Dr. J. Roy
Derry, Dr. and Mrs. D.
11 Deutsch, Dr. John
Eastman, Dr. and Mrs. Mack
Faculty Women's Club
Fowler, Mrs. Betty E.
Gibson, Mrs. E.
Giese, Dr. Rachel
Goetz, Miss M.
Gorrie, Miss Kathleen
Grant, Dr. and Mrs. John
Gregg, Mr. R. J.
Greig, Miss Janet T.
Haas, Mrs. J. D.
Hallamore, Dr. Joyce
Hecht, Mr. John R.
Hickman, Dr. and Mrs. Harry (Victoria)
Howard, Prof, and Mrs. H.
Jeffels, Prof, and Mrs. R. R.
Joliat, Mr. E.
Kobbervig, Dr. K. I.
Ladner, Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Livermore, Prof. H.
Logan, Prof, and Mrs. H. T.
Mawdsley, Dean M. Dorothy
McBean, Mr. G. O.
McGregor, Mrs. M.
MacKenzie, President and Mrs. N. A. M.
MacPhee, Dean and Mrs. E. D.
Nicol, Mr. Eric
Norris, Prof. John
Pain, Mrs. Elsie R.
Penny, Mr. and Mrs. Hector
Pick, Mrs. Katherine
Pondruel, Miss Jeanne
Primeau, Miss Marguerite A.
Read, Prof. Stanley
Rice, Mrs. Philip E. (Naugatuck, Conn.)
Riddehough, Dr. G. B.
Robert, Mrs. P. R.
Robbins, Dr. and Mrs. William
Rothstein, Dr. Samuel
Rouillard, Prof. C. Dana (Toronto)
Sage, Dr. W. N.
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas
Tougas, Prof. G.
Treil, Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Wainman, Prof. A. W.
Weinberg, Dr. and Mrs.
Women's Auxiliary, Vancouver Art Gallery.
Ambassador for Switzerland (Ottawa):
book prize awarded to student with high standing in the German language,
Session 1958-59.
The Cowichan Valley Medical Society:
A bursary of $200 for a student from the Cowichan Valley area in Dre-
medical or medical courses.
Deas Island Tunnel Scholarship:
scholarship of $500 awarded in the fall of 1959 to commemorate the
opening of the Deas Island Tunnel, at which Her Majesty the Queen and
His Royal Highness The Prince Philip graciously consented to be present.
The Scholarship was donated by Kiewit-Raymond-BC Bridge (joint venture
of Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Canada Ltd., Raymond International Co. Ltd., B.C.
Bridge and Dredging Co. Ltd.), Foundation of Canada Engineering Corp.
Ltd., Christiani and Neilsen of Canada Ltd., A.I.M. Steel Ltd., Canadian
Comstock Co. Ltd., and Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd. It was awarded to
a Civil Engineering student.
Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited:
bursary of $350 offered annually to undergraduates or graduates in Poultry
Graduating Classes of 1959:
bursary endowed by capital gift of $3500 from the graduating classes of the
Law firm of Davis, Hossie, Campbell, Brazier, and McLorg:
the   Davis  and  Company  Bursary of  $250,   to  be  awarded  annually  to   a
student in the First or Second Year of the Faculty of Law.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc., LL.D.:
graduate scholarships to the total of $50,000. Five awards of $1000 each
to be made annually for the next ten years, marking the visit of Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth to British Columbia in 1959. Awards to be known as
"The Queen Elizabeth Scholarships (University of British Columbia)."
Pan-Abode (1951) Ltd.:
scholarship of $500 annually for student proceeding to Master's degree  in
Architecture, or to a high ranking undergraduate entering  Fourth Year.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM:
bursary increased from $50 to $100.
Rotary Club of Vancouver:
five bursaries increased from $250 to $300 each.
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, Canadian Medical Association:
Student Aid Fund for medical undergraduates established and maintained by
annual contributions.
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company:
sum of $2500 provided for renewals of scholarships won by students last
session, additional to new awards to total of $4500 and grant to University
of $500.
Turnbull, Mrs. Agnes Graham:
two scholarships, each endowed in the amount of $3000 - one in honour of
her daughter, Agnes Merle Turnbull, for the top ranking student in First Year
Home Economics, and the other, in honour of her son-in-law, Robert Keith
Porter, for a high ranking student in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Vancouver Federal Employees Credit Union Harold Pocock Memorial Scholarship:
annual award increased from $250 to $350.
/ Vancouver Provincial Normal School Graduates:
loan fund of approximately $500 to provide loans for winter session students
in  Education completing certification requirements at Summer  School.
Contributions  were  made   by   graduates  of   Vancouver   Provincial   Normal
School at their re-union in 1 958.
Vancouver Section National Council of Jewish Women:
a  scholarship  of $100, the  Lilian Genser Memorial,  for a student  in the
second year of the two-year elementary course. Awarded in September, 1 959.
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association:
bursary increased from $50 to $100 annually.
Wfljnwriaht. the late Iris Violet:
scholarship  of approximately  $135  annually,  endowed  by  Mrs.   Iris Violet
Wainwright in memory of her husband, Stanford Wainwright.  For the field
of agriculture.
book prize of $25, in memory of Mrs. Alice Bishopric, for a student in the
B.P.E.  course  (Second or Third Year) with  high  standing  in  the  biological
Association of United Ukranian Canadians:
eleven books, Slavonics.
Breeze, Mr. W. G.:
forty-nine books, yachting.
Classics Department (University of Cincinnati):
one hundred twenty-five books, classics.
Coulthard. the late Prof. W. B.:
ttlty books, science.
Deniau, Mrs. Nora:
thirty-five music scores.
Elliott, Mr. D. H.:
thirty books,  Canadiana;  two hundred  and fifty-three  books of historical
Gayer, Mr. Robert B.:
sixty-two books, science and engineering.
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
seven books, general.
Mawdsley, Dean M. Dorothy:
two hundred books, romance literature, general.
McLennan, Mr. L. W. (Fullerton, California):
thirty books, pamphlets, periodicals-arts.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc., LL.D.:
five books, history; forty books, sketches, prints, general.
Okui, Mr. Fukutaro (President Kaio University, Tokyo):
asiatic studies (21 volumes).
Scott, Dr. A. D.:
one hundred and four books, English literature, from the library of Mr. and
Mrs. Sydney Scott.
Spencer, Prof, and Mrs. G. J.:
fifty books, periodicals.
Tanabe, Mr. H. (Consul of Japan, Vancouver):
encyclopedia (28 volumes).
Anthropological Museum
Axen, Mr. Eric (Brackendale): Some pre-Columbian pottery images from Mexico.
Fyfe-Smith, Miss Florence:  Items from the family Oriental collections.
Godwin, Mrs. (Westmount, Quebec), and
Ketchison,   Mr.   H.  C   (North  Vancouver):   Some  Egyptian  artifacts  and   Roman
lamps from the collection of the late Harry W. Walker, Victoria,  B.C.
McLean, Mr. M. H.: Indian hammer stone from Bella Coola.
Pearce, Mrs. H. C: Complete formal costume from Serbia.
Asian Studies
Greenbank, Miss Katherine M.  (Kofu, Japan):  "The Katsura  Imperial Villa", by
Suteni Horiguchi, 1953.
Botanical Gardens
Alderson, Mr. J. W. (Dover Nurseries, Burnaby): Collection of tropical plants and
Barss, Dr. A. F.: Collection of books and pamphlets on horticulture.
Eddie, Mr. Henry M. (H. M. Eddie 8c Sons Ltd.): Four hundred rose bushes.
Helmar Nurseries (North Surrey): Dogwood plant.
Jury, Mr. F. M. (Tikorangi, Waitara, N.Z.): Collection of New Zealand ferns and
miscellaneous plants.
Michaud, Mr. (Alpenglow Gardens, North Surrey): Fifteen rock garden plants.
Canadian General Electric Co. (through Mr. McKenzie, Vancouver): X-ray transformer and accessories.
Giroday Sawmills Ltd.: Lumber.
Dean of Women's Office
Faculty Women's Club (Art Section): Picture.
Fine Arts
Wilson, Mr. Ronald (Winnipeg): Painting, oil on masonite (One Thousand and
One Nights), by the donor.
Vernon, Robert (Port Coquitlam): Collection of fishes.
British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association (through Mr. L. B. Dixon):
Lumber samples depicting grades, patterns and species characteristics.
British Columbia Telephone Company (through Mr. R. S. MacPherson, New Westminster): Three "ring cable" wall telephones with dry batteries.
Harrison 8c Crossfield (Canada) Ltd.: 560 lbs. ammonium nitrate.
15 Smeale, Mr. Frank (Edmonton): Two reference books.
United States Forest Service (Portland, Oregon - through Mr. Charles A. Rindt):
Douglas Fir seed for research purposes.
Weatherby, Mr. Hugh: File of photographs - forests and foresty in British Columbia.
G. F. Strong Laboratory for Medical Research
Robertson, Dr. Ross: Valuable Mark Pump (heart-lung machine).
Bluebell Mine (Riondel, B.C.): Suite of ore minerals.
H. B. Mine (Salmo): Suite of ore minerals.
Koski, Prof. Kallia (Princeton University): Number of rock specimens.
Lamb, Mr. John (Empire Development Co. Ltd.): Suite of iron ore minerals.
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (Ottawa): Books (2 volumes).
Mining and Metallurgy
British Columbia   Electric Company Ltd.  (through Mr. J.   H. Steede):  Two-KVA
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada Ltd. (Trail) (through Mr. F. M.
Ethridge,   Supervisor of Libraries):   "Chemistry of Carbon  Compounds"   (4
vols.) for University Library.
Harris, Mrs. James E. (Charlottetown, P.E.I.): Portrait by Robert Harris, RCA.,
of the late Professor G. E. Robinson.
Hughes, Mr. F. H. B.: Ten volumes.
Liebrecht, Mr.  H. F. (Consul of the Federal  Republic of Germany, Vancouver):
Musica Nova, Series 2, 1958 (boxed set of contemporary German recordings
with scores).
Fogg, Miss Patricia (Ladner): Reference books.
Heady, Mrs. W. B.: issues of several years of professional magazines and miscellaneous health magazines.
The Institute of Oceanography would like to acknowledge the continuing generous
cooperation, assistance and support of:
The Royal Canadian Navy,
The National Research Council,
The Fisheries Research Board,
16 The Hydrographic Service.
It is especially grateful for valuable research vessel time, without which the
work of the institute could not be carried on.
Poultry Science
Cyanamid of Canada Limited (Niagara Falls): quantities of Enheptin, Aurofac 10,
Aurofac 25.
Hoffman - La Roche Limited: quantities of Novimix A325, Ascorbic Acid Ethocal
Krieger's Hatchery Ltd. (Trans-Canada Highway): six hundred chicks.
MacKay, Dr. Donald C. G.: book.
Balagno, Mr. Myron: one rare Neuropteran Neocharmes disjunctus.
Hedley, Mr. Arthur (Halfmoon Bay): hummingbird nest.
Jackman,  Mr.   Richard (Steveston):   egg   cases  of Raja  binoculata;  samples  of
Hydrolagus collei; samples of Squalus suckleyl.
Leach, Mr. Robin (Mill Valley, California): two series of local and exotic beetles.
Province   of   British   Columbia,   Department   of   Recreation   and   Conservation
(Fisheries  8c Game  Branch):   three hundred  Steelhead  Trout;   six hundred
Cutthroat Trout; two hundred Yearling Trout.


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