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UBC Publications

UBC Publications

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APRIL   1st,   1961    TO   AUGUST   31st,   1961  y
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (New York):
research grant in Chemistry  . $  9,775.00
research grant in Physics      3,450.00
All-Masters Duplicate Bridge Club:
for research and postgraduate fund, Surgery   22.00
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC):
for petroleum research project. Chemistry and Physics   19,220.00
American Petroleum Institute (New York):
for research in Physics     5,000.00
Arctic Institute of North America (Washington, DC):
for Aleutian Research, Institute of Fisheries     3,520.00
Ball, Mr. G. H. (Richmond): Y"
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C. Irwin  5.00 Y-
B.C. Coast Vegetable Marketing Board (Richmond): y
for vegetable marketing project. Agricultural Engineering          350.00 Y
B.C. Cooperative Wholesale Society: Y
for soil science research          500.00 ^
Bell, Mr. Gordon:
for cancer research   25.001
Black, Mr. Gordon J. (Kitimat):
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   11.00
V^Bon-ie, Mr. J. V. (Richmond):
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C Irwin   5.00
British Columbia Heart Foundation: y
for research, Faculty of Medicine     12,095.00   ^
British Columbia Medical Research Foundation:
for medical research, various branches     2,920.00^
British Columbia Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.: y
for sugar beet research,  Biology and Botany       l,000.0OK
Buck, Mr. and Mrs. D. (Lake Cowichan): y
Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   2.001A
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Toronto): yf
for arthritis and rheumatism research      7,000.00 ''y
towards establishment of research unit      4,640.19 k
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division: y
Cancer Research Unit equipment  22,767.07 ^"
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto):
grant for Pharmacy          250.00
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto):
for neurological research      2,343.75 Y
Conadian National Institute for the Blind: y
surgery research, Department of Ophthalmology          250.00 Y
y Canadian National Sportsmen's Show (Toronto): i,
grouse population research grant,  Zoology       2,000.00
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation (Toronto):
research  grant,   Mining  and  Metallurgy   41,239.49 Y
Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (Honeymoon Bay): •    .,
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   5.00 Y
Ciba Co. Ltd. (Dorval, Quebec):
research grant in anatomy   1,250.00 Y
Cowper, Mr. Kenneth S. (Ladner): y
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C. Irwin   36.50   *
Denny, Mrs. M.: ■
for Faculty of Medicine  Research  Fund   5.00 Y
Dow Chemical of Canada Limited (Sarnia): /
grant to Chemical   Engineering   250.00"y
Easty, Mrs. Margaret J.: ,   /
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   5.00j/
E. A. Towns Limited: /
research in animal nutrition   500.00 »
Eli Lilly and Company (Indianapolis, Ind.):
research grant in Chemistry   Z,000.00iY
Fisher, Miss Olive M.: y
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   10.00 V
Freeman, Mr. D. A.: .
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   100.00 ^
Fritze, Dr. O. F. (Kentville, N.S.): .
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   1 0.00 V*
General Foods Corporation (Caldwell, Idaho):
for study in potato problems, Biology and Botany   3,000.00    "1
Gernaley, Mr. O. H.: y
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   50.00
Gibson, Mr. John L.: y
for Neurological research   100.00 v
Government of Canada, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
(Chalk River, Ont.): y
for special research. Mining and Metallurgy     13,000.00^
Government of Canada, Defence Research Board (Ottawa): y
Defence Research Board grants    61,378.00^
Government of Canada, Department of Northern Affairs and
National Resources, Museums Branch (Ottawa): >
for archeological investigation, Fraser Canyon       2,200.00 Y
Government of Canada (through Department of Health and
Welfare, Victoria):
Federal Public Health Grants   73,624.75 \
Government of Canada, Department of Northern Affairs
and National Resources (Ottawa):
grant in zoology          600.00 Y
Government of Canada, Fisheries Research Board (Ottawa): /
research in cooperation with Poultry Science      3,846.95
Government of Canada, Medical Research Council (Ottawa): /
NRC Medical Research Associateships    22,045.67 V .
Medical Research Council Grants  63,000.001/ Government of Canada, National Research Council (OttOwa)
research grants, Faculty of Medicine 	
93,758.00 ^
240,000.00  Y
research grants, various faculties 475,000.00 , /
research grants, common grant account
Government of Canada, Eldorado Mining 8c Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
grant  in Mining and Metallurgy 	
Government of Canada, Engineering Research Service, Department
of Agriculture (Ottawa):
for materials handling research, agricultural engineering
Government of Canada, Research Branch, Central Experimental
Farm (Ottawa):
for extra-mural projects, Faculty of Agriculture 	
Haspel, Mr. G. K.:
for cancer research, in memory of A. C. Irwin 	
Hobbs, Miss Hilda (Calgary):
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund
Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wisconsin):
for research in paper chemistry 	
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (La Jolla, Calif.):
tuna fish fatigue research, physiology 	
International Atomic Energy Agency of United Nations (Ottawa):
agency  training programme,  Mining  and  Metallurgy 	
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
research grants relative to Inco Fellowships 	
Irvine, Mr. S. D.:
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C Irwin 	
John and Mary R. Markle Foundation (New York):
grant  in  medical  science  	
John Wyeth and Brother (Canada) Ltd.:
for Medicine Research Fund 	
Johnson 8c Johnson (Montreal): .
Trauma Research Unit research 	
Ladies Auxiliary Fraternal Order.of Eagles:
for muscular dystrophy research 	
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (Rosemont, Pen*n.):
medical research grant, pharmacology  r* .	
Matheson, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. (New Westminster):
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund 	
Mills, Mrs. Clarence (Hope, Michigan):
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund	
Morrison, Mrs. J. R. (Seattle):
for Faculty of Medicine  Research Fund 	
Morrow, Mr. J. M.:
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C. Irwin	
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
muscular dystrophy research grants 	
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.:
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery _
McLennan, Mr. J. C:
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery 	
McLeod, Mrs. J. A. (Glace Bay, N.S.):
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund 	
3,570.00 *Y
5.00 Y\
484.92 /
850.00 y
1,500.00 y
20.00 k^  ,
12,000.00 y
1,000.00 <
8,250.00V/, "
5.00 V
5oo.oo y
io.oov/ . ,-.•'
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (Esquimalt): V
for Faculty of Medicine Research  Fund   5.00 *\
McMillan, Mr. E.: \
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C. Irwin  5.00 ,s
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
see under Vancouver Foundation.
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
cancer  research grants    72,459.09 '
Neff, Mrs. A. H.: y.
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   5.00*» \
Omark Industries (1959) Ltd. (Guelph): yy
grant in  forestry   300.00*
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. (Don Mills, Ontario): /
for clinical research, Surgery   100.00 *,
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   400.00 Y
Peter Larkin Foundation (Toronto):
for  establishment of Glaucoma Tonography  Unit   5,000.00^ I
Pfizer Canada, Agricultural Division (Montreal): y
for  poultry antibiotics  research   500.00 *
Poulenc Limited (Montreal): /
for neurological  research   600.00*'
for pharmacology research   1,000.00 Y
Province of British Columbia, Department of Agriculture (Victoria): /
farm business research grant   5,000.00 » /
agricultural   economics grants    2,500.00 ' /
for egg studies  .      1,500.00 '/
for  random sample poultry project       1,250.00 S   ,
Province of British Columbia, Provincial Mental Health Service, (Victoria):
neurological  research grant       7,500.00
Research Corporation (New York): /
research  grant   in  chemistry        3,000.00 **
Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.: /
for Faculty of Medicine Research Fund   10.00*^
Shell Oil Company of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): y
research grant in geology        1,500.00 |r
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited (Toronto): y
for  nickel  powder and  ore research       2,274.71
Smith, Mr. S. G.:
for the Dr. J. W. Thomson Fund in Surgery        1,000.00]
Thomson, Mrs. J. W.: /
for the Dr. J. W. Thomson Fund in Surgery       2,000.00"
Traffic Engineers (B.C. Telephone): y
for concer research, in memory of Mr. A. C  Irwin   3.00 i-
United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation Inc.
(New York): y
for neurological  research       3,300.00 '
Urquhart, Alyce and Hector: .
for cancer research, in memory of Mr. A. C. Irwin   lO.OOr
U.S. Government, National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland):
grant in Zoology     11,788.00 V U.S. Government, National Academy of Sciences and National
Research CouncilJWashington, DC):'» y
research grant in Zoology   25,900.00Jk
Vancouver Foundation: _y
economics research grant   500.00  .
H. R. MacMillan Economics of Reforestation grant   6,264.34 *
H.  R.  MacMillan Educational Fund, Fisheries   10,000.00,/
Victoria Duplicate Bridge Club (Victoria):
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   26.00//*
West Kootenay Power and Light Company (Trail): y
for research  in electrical  engineering   .  1,000.00^
Andrew, Dean G. C: y
for the President's Fund  .,  40.00*^
Association of Cooperative Pre-School Groups: y
for parent education in pre-school field   400.00 Y
B.C. Association for Retarded Children:
for establishment of centre for handicapped children   20,000.00 \f
B.C. Foundation for Child Care, Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation: y
for School of Rehabilitation   2,000.00 Y
B.C. School Business Officials Association:
for the Dean of Commerce Fund   AO.OO-y'
Bene, Dr. Eva: "'
for International House Friends Fund  250.00*^"^
Boucher, Dr. H. H.: y
for Dean of Medicine Fund   50.00 Y
British Columbia Electric Company Limited:
for seminar on development and administration of yY
international  river  basin     500.OoY
British Columbia Power Commission (Victoria): ,
for seminar on development and administration of y
international  river basin  ... - 200.00
.Buchanan, Miss Sheila: /
for Friends of the Library Fund   10.00^
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the Faculty of Medicine Fund   250.00   •--"     .
Canada Council (Ottawa): y
sculpture award in fine arts .  2,000.00 Y
for bringing special lecturer in mathematics from England   3,500.00 Y
for library collection in Slavonic Studies  2,500.00 '
Canadian Bankers Association (Montreal): y
for Life Insurance Association Grant, Commerce   3,750.00 ^
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division: • y
for the lectureship in Faculty of Medicine   500.00 ^
Canadian Pacific Airlines Limited: y
contribution for Asian Studies   4,000.00 Y
Chemical Institute of Canada (Ottawa):
travel grant for Chemistry Department for attendance at y
International Congress,  Montreal, August,   1961     2,000.00 V Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd. (Trail):
for the Brock Chair in Geology 	
Dooley, Mr. V. R.:
for Chemistry  Library
Ferranti-Packard Electric Ltd. (Toronto):
Friends of the Library:
various donors, for Library 	
Fund for Adult Education (White Plains, New York):
grant for purpose of advancing continuing liberal education,
to Department of Extension  1
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
for the President's Fund	
Gould, Mr. John Groves:
for Japan Student Exchange	
Government of Canada, Department of External Affairs:
for totem pole project for Mexico 	
Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries (Ottawa):
extension work in fisheries techniques with
respect to cooperatives  ,	
Gulf Foundation Incorporated (Mobile, Alabama):
Neurochemistry  Seminar   Fund  	
Health Centre for Children:
grant in paediatrics
Henn, Mrs. Agnes (White Rock):
Extension Library Gift Fund -
Holland, Professor W. L.:
for Japan Student Exchange
Hughes, Mr. T. S.:
for President's Fund 	
Humanities Research Council (Ottawa):
for Canadian Literature bibliography project
Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C.:
library  grants,   Commerce  	
Institute of Pacific Relations (New York):
for journal "Pacific Affairs" 	
International Power and Engineering Consultants Ltd.:
for seminar on development and administration of
international  river basin 	
I.O.D.E., University Chapter:
for I.O.D.E. Fine Arts Fund -.—..	
Junior League of Vancouver:
for pre-school demonstration course 	
Koerner, Leon J., Esq., LL.D.:
for work in the history of British Columbia forest industries
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
for the Walter C. Koerner Collection in memory of
Chancellor Grauer 	
Konwakai, Nikka Tsucho:
for Japan Student Exchange Fund 	
Ladner, Leon J., Q.C:
for the President's Fund 	
7,500.00 y
600.00 '/
2,778.00 ^
50,000.00 Y
213.45 f
4,774.80 V
1,500.00 y
25,194.41 V
5.00 iX
25.oo y
59.50 Y
250.00 Y
300.00 V
1,492.82 ^
500.00 /
5oo.oo y
7,000.00 y
2,500.00 y
1,000.00 ]/
100.00 S
950.00 y Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation: y
Projects Committee Grant          250.00  "Y
various grants, higher education   28,450.00 Y
Miller, Mr. R. G.:
for the Japan Student  Exchange  Fund  . .  25.00
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.:
for the President's Fund i  25.00*
McLean, Col. J. F.:
for the President's Fund  10.00'
MacMillan, Bloedel, and Powell River Ltd.:
Japan Student Exchange          500.00'"'^
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
for mounting of specimens in new wing of Zoology premises  1,715.00*^
See also under Vancouver Foundation.
Pacific District Investment Dealers' Association: y
grant in Commerce   175.00 y^
Province of British Columbia, B.C.H.l.S. (Victoria): 	
for services in Medicine . .'  2,000.00 Y^.
Province of British Columbia, Education Technical Branch (Victoria): y
grant in technical education    13,242.46 Y^
Rayonier Canada Limited:
for forest products studies   1,500.00
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
for Chair in Estate Management   10,000.00 Y
Rotary Club of Kingsway: (" ^.Lix *-■(-«■*■ x-fA. ) ,
for International House Friends Fund  150.00 Y^
Royal Commission on Government Organization (Ottawa): y
for Dean of Medicine Fund   4,187.50 Y
Shaw, Mr. Ralph M.: y
for Japan Student Exchange Fund   10.00^
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto): y
for the Sherritt Gordon Chair in Metallurgy  10,000.00 *
Sopron Division, Faculty of Forestry: y
for 150th Anniversary Publication of Sopron School   250.00 Y
Soward, Dean F. H.:
for Japan Student Exchange   5.00 Y
Stahl, Mr. K.: y
for International House Friends Fund   25.00 V
Steiner, Dr. Albert B.: y
for International House Friends Fund  125.00^
Stewart, Mr. D. M.: y
for Dean of Agriculture Fund  ..... 35.00 y
Summer Session Students Association:
for Library Book Fund   200.OOt
Taylor, Dr. H. E.: /
for the President's Fund   10.00 *
Vancouver Foundation:
Williamson Foundation Special Professorship for y
Retarded Children  :  5,037.54 Y
H. R. MacMillan Educational Fund - Institute of Fisheries :  10,000.00 Y
H. R. MacMillan Educational Fund - Professorship in Silviculture 10,000.00 ^
H. R. MacMillan Lectures - Fisheries  801.68 ^ Vancouver General Hospital:
for   Bio-Medical   Library   	
for Medical  Illustrations Department 	
Vancouver Sun:
for B.C. Peace Corps - Ghana 	
Various Donors:
B.C. Peace Corps - Ghana 	
Waiman, Prof. A.:
■•* for President's Committee on Student Service Overseas
Ward, Mr. W. J. (Duncan):
for Library Extension Gifts Fund 	
Wasserman, Mr. Jack:
for Law Library in memory of Frederick Rae Anderson
West Point Grey Scottish Dance Society:
for  International   House  Fund  	
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.:
for President's Fund 	
Williams, Mr. R. W. (Bryn Mawr, Penn.):
for Friends of International House Fund	
W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
for development of a programme of continuing
medical  education 	
for the Intellectual Prospecting Fund
for   B.C.   Peace  Corps  - Ghana	
Total contributions in this list 1         585.00
Akrigg, Dr. G. P. V.
Andrew, Dean G. C.
Baker, Professor R. J.
Baxter, Professor Edna L.
Beach, Dr. Donald M.
Bell, Mr. and Mrs. I. F.
Berner, Mr. Robert
Bertram, Mr. Frank (Chilliwack)
Birney, Dr. Earle
Blazouske, Professor D.
Blissett, Dr. William (London, Ont.)
Brown, Don and Julia
Bryner, Mrs. Alma
Burke, Professor Brian E.
Certified General Accountants' Association of B.C.
Chambers, Mr. Graham A.
Clubb, Dr. R. W.
Cragg, Dr. R. C.
Creighton, Professor J. H.
10 Daniells, Dr. Roy
DeBruyn, Professor Jan
Easterbrook, Mrs. W. G. (Edmonton)
Fowler, Mr. James
Fraser, Miss F.
Fredeman, Dr. Wm. E.
Friedson, Professor A.
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Gourlay, Professor Colin
Hall, Dr. W. F.
Hebden, Mr. James A.
Hopwood, Dr. V. G.
Hulcoop, Dr. J. F.
Imperial Investment Corporation Ltd.
Johns, Mrs. S. C.
Jordan, Dr. Robert M.
Lawrence, Mrs. J. M.
Lawrence, Mr. J. C.
Macaree, Dr. D.
Meir, Mr. Colin
Miller, Dr. Craig W.
Mitchell, Mr. Charles E.
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. U.
Morris, Mr. Charles
McConnell, Mr. William C.
McDonald, Professor J.
MacKenzie, Mr. A. W.
MacKenzie, Dr. Mabel L. H.
Pedersen, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Piloto, Professor A. E.
Robbins, Dr. William
Ross, Mr. Ian S.
Rothstein, Dr. S.
Roy, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. and Pat (Gibson's)
Sandison, Professor and Mrs. J.
Savery, Mrs. Barnet
Sharp, Dr. and Mrs. R. M.
Sharp, Mr. David
Shives, Mr. and Mrs. K. B.
Skerl, Miss Sofia
Smith, Miss Cherie
Smith, Dr. M. B.
Spaulding, Dr. Gordon
Steinberg, Dr. M. W.
Stephens, Dr. D. G.
Stockholder, Mr. Fred E.
Students of English 425
11 Sydiaha, Mrs. D. (Saskatoon)
Tener, Dr. Robert
Thirty-Fifth Guide Company
Toms, Mrs. H. (Victoria)
Webb, Miss P.
Wigod, Dr. Jacob D.
Woodcock, Professor George
Workman, Mr. W. E. (Richmond)
Zilber, Mr. Jacob
Thomson, Mrs. J. W.:
As a memorial to her husband, Dr. J. W. Thomson, an original member of
Convocation and pioneer surgeon of Vancouver, the establishment in
the Department of Surgery, for education and research, of the Dr. J. W.
Thomson Fund in Surgery, through annual gifts of $2000 a year for
five  years.
Canada Council (Ottawa): .            y
for construction of Fine Arts Building   141,875.001'
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division: y
for  the  Medical   Sciences   Building   . .  1 04,91 O.OOi'
Furnishings for International House Funds:  ^ y
Bene, Mr. John  .  50.00'Y
Holland, Professor W. L.   50.00 Y
Imperial   Investment Corporation  Ltd.    100.00'.
Koerner,   Mrs.  Otto  _  100.00 Y
Kux Lumber Company Ltd.   200.00 ^
Low-Beer,  Mrs.   Edith     100.00*^
Malos  Lumber Ltd.  .   50.00^/y
Saunders,  Mr.   Peter Paul   _  50.00 y-
Saxtori,  Mr. A.   50.00 y
Soward, Dean F. H.   50.00 Y
Stekl,  Mr.  Arthur   50.0oYy
Stephens, Mrs. W.   5.00 -    ,
Taylor,   Mrs.   Barbara     100.00   V
VanDusen, Mr. W. J.   200.00 Y
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation: ,
for Thea  Koerner Graduate Centre   14,129.31 y
Province of British Columbia, Department of Health and
Welfare (Victoria):
equipment,  Medical Sciences Building   69,666.00 ^
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): y
capital grant  _ 937,485.99^
/ Summer Session Students Association:
Brock Maintenance and building fund  1. 75.00*^"
Brock furnishings fund   75.001^
Various donors: /
U.B.C. Development Fund  . 137,149.00</
(Note: awards donated on a continuing basis.are acknowledged in the
list published at the May Congregation.)
Agnew, Mrs. A. M.: y
for the Dr. A. M. Agnew Memorial Scholarship Fund       1,000.00 ^
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited (Montreal): y
grant-in-aid additional to scholarships to total of $1,000  ,        400.001^
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton): y
general grant additional to scholarships       1,000.00C^
Anglin Norcross Western Ltd.: y
for  bursary funds,  Architecture    .  25.00 Y
Association of Universities of British Commonwealth:
Drapers' Company Scholarship, direct award      2,316.00'''^
B.C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association: y
for bursaries and research awards       2,000.00/^"^
B.C. Interior Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union (Penticton): _
student scholarship, direct award          250.00K
Bower, the late Edwina (estate):
for the Col. Herbert Mercer Loan Fund  . .... 105.00 Y
Brentwood Park Parent-Teacher Association: ±y
for Summer Session extension awards   lO.OOr
British American Oil Company Ltd. (Vancouver): y
for Summer Session extension awards         300.00^
British Columbia Electric Company Ltd.:
for Summer Session extension awards          300.00
Burnaby Parent-Teacher Council:
for Summer Session extension awards   25.00
Butchart, the late William B. (estate):
iart, tne late William ts. .estate;: .        y
for the Florence M.  Butchart Bursary Fund   2,700.00 j/
Campbell, the late Annp S   (e.stnte).
for the Anne S. Campbell  Bursary Fund   250.00 ^
Canada Council (Ottawa):
Canada  Council   Fellowships    1,758.86 f"'
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal): y
grant to Zoology additional to fellowship   400.00^
grant to Chemistry additional to fellowship   AOO.OoY
Canadian Legion, Vernon Branch No. 35: /
student scholarships, direct awards   600.00
Canadian Legion, West Point Grey Branch No. 142: y
student scholarship, direct award   350.00 Y^^
Canadian Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, Branch No. 16 (South Burnaby): ..
student scholarship, direct award .  100.00  *Y
Canadian Mathematical Congress (Montreal):
for mathematics prizes, summer session   150.00' Y'/■ I, '
13^! Docherty, Mr. Ian: r,
for summer session extension awards  15.00 *•
Dominion Stores Ltd. (Toronto): /
for summer session extension awards   250.00 V
FilnT^""- thp lotfi Hnwk testqte): y
for the Hawk Eilertson Bursary Fund  23,423.25 *
E. L. Sauder Lumber Company Limited: y
for the Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund   1,500.00 Y
Friesen, Dr. J. K.: y
for summer session extension awards   15.00 *
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
for various scholarships and bursaries   305.00 .
Gibson, Mr. A. Earson: y
for summer session extension awards   200.00 a*
Graduating Classes of 1961: /
for the Student Aid Fund  5,000.00 Y
Grauer, the late Dr. A. E.:
for the Thorleif Larsen Scholarship Fund  100.00   Y
Humphreys, A. N. (Vernon):
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund   15.00 Y
Independent Order of Odd Fellows: y
student bursaries, direct awards   1,350.00 Y
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
graduate  research fellowships   6,000.00 k
Jefferd, Mr. A. H.: y
for the Dorothy M. Jefferd Scholarship Fund  600.00 *
f^ter. the late Dr  Marianne (estate): /
for the Dr. Marianne Jetter Student Aid Fund  1,000.00 y
-nhn.rnn thp Intr) Dniinlflfi F. fefitilts). /
for the Douglas F. Johnston Bursary Fund   142.89 Y
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club: /
for the Dean of Women's Fund   100.00 V
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York):
grant additional to scholarship of $1,000   1,000.00   <_
Kitsilano High School Staff:
student scholarship, direct award   275.00   ^Y
Kiwassa Club of Vancouver:
student bursary, direct award   500.00
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grant to Individuals Fund  4,000.00
University  Extension  summer awards   1,500.00
Medical Ball Committee (U.B.C): y
for the Medical Ball Bursary Fund   2,300.00 Y
Ministry of Education (Nairobi): '             ' /
Kenya Government Scholarships, direct award   1,950.00 ^
Mullinger, Dr. Margaret: J
bursary for Medical students  150.00f   ,
Musicians' Mutuql>Protective Union: /
for summer session extension awards  50.00 y
Macdonald, Mrs. Phyllis R
for the Thorleif Larsen Scholarship Fund  5.00 V
14 y
MacDonald, Dr. W. L.:
for the Thorleif Larsen Scholarship Fund   10.00
McKenzie, Dr. A. W. D.: y
for the Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Fund          250.00 y
McLean, Col. J. F.: y
for the Scholarship Fund    50.00 Y
McLean Foundation (Toronto):
for scholarships in Social Work       5,000.00 fc»"^
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
see under Vancouver Foundation.
MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Ltd.: y
for summer session extension awards          250.00 **"^
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): . y
for  research   fellowships        3,250.00 ^
National Heart Foundation of Canada (Toronto): .
for research fellowship  . _     4,125.00 'Y
National Trust Company Limited: y
for summer session extension awards   50.00 Y
Osborne, Professor R. F.: y
for prize in physical education   40.00'
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Supreme Chapter (Orange, New Jersey): ,        y
International   Peace   Scholarship           450.00Y
Procter and Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
grant-in-aid additional to annual bursaries to total of $1600         500.00 Y
Province of British Columbia, Department of Agriculture (Victoria):
for the B.C.  Beef Cattle Growers Fund 	
Regina Little Theatre Society (Regina):
direct summer session award  	
Robbins, Dr. William:
for the Thorleif Larsen Scholarship Fund  	
Rogers, the late Jonathan Rogers (estate):
for the Jonathan Rogers Awards 	
Royal Trust Company:
for summer session extension awards	
Ruffel, Joseph P. (Parksville):
for the Joseph P. Ruffel Scholarship Fund	
Shell Oil Company of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
grant-in-aid additional to fellowship of $1200 	
Sir Ernest MacMillan Fine Arts Club (North Vancouver):
for summer session extension awards 	
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman Memorial Bursary Fund 	
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia:
for summer session extension awards	
Student Nurses' Association of B.C.:
for summer session extension awards	
Summer Session Students' Association:
for the Summer Session Loan Funds	
Trapp, Mrs. W. G.:
for Summer session extension awards 	
Vancouver Ballet Society:
for summer session extension awards	
15 Vancouver Festival Society: ,/
for summer session extension awards   500.00   *  r
Vancouver Foundation: y
H.  R. MacMillan Queen Elizabeth Scholarships   5,000.00 Vy
Harold S. Foley Jr. Memorial Resident Fellowship in Paediatrics- 600.00 \f
Vancouver Sun: y
for summer session extension awards  100.00 Y
\A/r,f-,r,pr   thp Into Mnrri. .PC.ntPi-
for the Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Student Aid Fund  9,000.00 y
Woman's Canadian Club (Vancouver): y
for summer session extension  awards   50.00^
Yntp.     fh.  Int.  Mr.    Mnrn fpct-nrp^- f
for the Yates Memorial Awards Funds   16,271.32 »
direct award to student   800.00 Y
endowment for the Adelphian Scholarship Fund   20,000.00 ^
Total contributions in this list  .         211.00
Allen, Mrs.
Appelbe, Mrs. F. (West Vancouver)
Bertrand, Mrs. J.
Brockley, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs.
Buckland, Miss Barbara J. (Prince Rupert)
Bucknall, Mrs. L.
Burt, Mrs. A. H. (North Vancouver)
Cautley, Miss Eleanor
Charlton, Mrs.
Chown, Mrs.
Cormack, Miss
Cultus, Mr. G.
Currie, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. (North Vancouver)
Eilers, Mr. W.
Gillette, Mrs. A. B.
Grey, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Harland, Mr. and Mrs. G. R.
Hay, Mrs. A.
Heaps, Mrs.
Holms, Mr. A. J. (New Westminster)
Howard, Professor Henry
Huntington, Mr.
Hurst, Mrs.
Jeeves, Miss
Johnston, Mr.
16 Kilpatrick, Miss H.
Lemmon, Miss N.
Livingstone, Mrs.
Lorimer, Mrs. J. A.
Malhuish, Miss
Martin, Mrs.
Meakin, Mr. A. H.
Meakin, Mr. D. W.
Meakin, Mr. H.
Mortifee, Mrs.
McEntee, Mr. G.
McKillan, Mrs. N.
McKillop, Mrs. Lucy R.
McLennan, Miss V.
McTavish, Miss Isabel
Olson, Mr. O.
Porteous, Mr. H.
Roantree, Mrs. A.
Rodger, Mrs. Norah B.
Sharpe, Mrs.
Skerl, Dr. and Mrs. A. C.
Smith, Mr. J. Cecil
Wellwood, Dr. Robert W.
Wright, Mr. Thomas G.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Total contributions in this list          145.00
Anderson, Mrs. Joyce (Burnaby)
Astbury, Mrs. J. (North Vancouver)
Bean, Mrs. N. M.
Bracher, Miss Winnifred
Brelsford, Miss Kay
Calvert, Mrs. B. V. (Burnaby)
Carliles, Miss E.
Clark, Mrs. Dorothy
Collins, Mrs. D. M.
Dennett, Mrs. P. M.
Elliott, Miss I.
Holder, Miss Mary
Holman, Miss Angela
Linburg, Mrs. P. R.
Macey, Mrs. L. E.
McEachran, Miss Ailsa
17 Millar, Miss B. M.
Norman, Miss Eileen
Pain, Miss M. L. (Burnaby)
Pederson, Mrs. P.
Webster, Miss D.
Wilson, Mrs. A. L.
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association:
two bursaries of $200 each for students proceeding to an approved school of
B.C. Federation of Women Doctors:
scholarship of $50 for woman student in the Faculty of Medicine.
Campney, Mrs. Ralph:
scholarship for proficiency in French, $200, for award in June 1961.
Canadian Pacific Air Lines Limited:
return transportation from points in British Columbia for twenty scholarship
winners, University Extension programme, summer,  1961.
Dairyland Credit Union:
scholarship of $200 for dependents of members entering the University from
High School.
Dome Petroleum Limited (Calgary):
scholarship of $500 offered annually in geology and engineering.
pijp-t-^-.    .(,_, !-,<■-, Hnui.   ■pc.rjtc)-
endowment fund to provide annually two or more  bursaries of  $500 each
for students from underdeveloped countries of the British Commonwealth.
Encyclopaedia Britannica of Canada Ltd.:
two sets of "Great Books of the Western World" for science and engineering
students in graduating year with best records in areas of liberal education.
General Accountants' Association:
annual scholarship of $1500 for graduate study and research in the general
area of business administration and particularly in the field of accountancy.
Georgian Club of Vancouver:
loan fund  for women  graduates  in Arts and  Science continuing  studies  in
Librarianship, Social Work, Teacher Training or Graduate Studies. Gift marks
the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Club.
Graduating Classes of 1961:
loan fund for undergraduates.
Hospital Employees Union Local 180:
two scholarships of  $250 each for dependents of members entering  University  from   high  school.
Jefferd, Miss Dorothy M. and Mr. Arthur H.:
scholarship of $200 for students entering the School of Librarianship.
i„n-».. +U,. Ut-, n.-  >u,-,-;,-,».-~ ■,■■■■*■■■.).
loan fund for students.
J. K. Campbell and Associates Limited (Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and New
scholarship of $350 for award in June, 1961.
Laurentide Financial Corporation Ltd.:
annual scholarship of $250 for students in Commerce or Education, field of
consumer finance. McDiarmid, Neil H.:
scholarships   for  graduate   or  undergraduate,   preferably   in   mining,   as   a
memorial to Frederick Armand McDiarmid.
McLean Foundation (Toronto):
scholarships to total  of $5000 for special  fields of Social  Work,   session
Philharmonic Music Club, Vancouver:
scholarship of $50 for students in the School of Music.
Province of British Columbia, Department of Social Welfare:
bursary of $1000 for students entering First Year Social Work.
Physical Education Book Prize:
book prize of $25 a year for seven years to commemorate the visit of the
Royal Air Force Gymnastic team.
Ruffel, Mr. Joseph P. (Parksville):
endowment to provide annual scholarship of $500 in field of pure or applied
Society of Chemical Industry, Canadian Section:
two merit awards  (gold keys and journal subscriptions) for graduating students in Honours Chemistry and Physics, and Chemical Engineering.
Stevens, Mrs. Helen D.:
the Alan W. Neill Memorial Scholarship of $300, given annually to a student
entering University from the Comox-Albemi  Electoral  District.
Summer Session Association:
several   bursaries  of   $50   each   for  undergraduate  degree   students   in   the
summer session.
Vancouver Foundation:
through an anonymous donor, two scholarships of $2000 each for four years
for students from  Kenya beginning studies at the University of B.C. in the
session   1961-62.
Vancouver Medical Association:
annual scholarship of $500 for students entering the Faculty of Medicine.
Woodward Stores Limited:
summer session scholarship of $250 for student continuing toward a degree
or profession.
Yates, the late Mrs. Nora (estate):
Yates Memorial Awards, in memory of her son, Frederick H. L. Yates.
gift of $20,000 to endow the Adelphian Scholarship Fund, to provide annual
scholarships for students from other countries.
Arkley, Mr. Stanley T. (Bellevue, Washington): three books, art.
Blackwell, Richard and Julian (B. M. Blackwell Ltd., Oxford, England): book:
Aungerville,   Richard,  Philobiblion.
Chikuma Publishing Co. (Tokyo, Japan): ninety-seven books, contemporary Japanese Literature.
Consulate of Belgium (Vancouver): Rapport sur I'administration Beige du Ruande-
Urundl,   1948-60.
Consulate of Germany (Vancouver): periodical "Marian".
Consulate of Japan (Vancouver): Japanese newspapers and periodicals.
Daggett, Dr. H. M.: fourteen books, chemistry.
D'Altroy, Mr. A. R. (Burnaby): operatic scores.
19 Dwyer, Miss Melva J.: three volumes Hungarian Art Books.
Dyde, Mrs. H. A. (Edmonton): Correspondence files of Alan B. Plaunt.
Fugler, Miss E.: ten books, classics, flowers, history.
Giffen, Mrs. J. B.: fifty books.
Government of   British  Columbia,   Research   Division  of  Forest Service:   various
Harlow,  Mr. Neal   (Rutgers University, J.J.):  two hundred and sixty-five items,
California  history,  Canadiana.  etc.
■ p,.,...    tl-,p IntP Rnhprt Allien (ps.h.pV IpttPrg nf Mi-   Hood - invaluable.
Japan-Canada Society (through Consulate of Japan, Vancouver): valuable set of
books, Japanese fine arts.
Kedzierski, Mr. J.: three books.
Koerner, Mr. Walter C: Henderson's Greater Vancouver Directory and Wrigley's
B.C. Directory.
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C: periodicals.
Livermore, Dr. H. O.: eleven books, Spanish and Portuguese Literature.
Martin, Miss Frederica (Cuernevaca, Mexico): eight books.
McTaggart-Cowan, Dr. Ian: book on explorations in British North America.
Rush, Mrs. Frances: four hundred and fifty books, miscellaneous.
Sage,   Dr. Walter N.: sixteen books, early printings of classics, history,  English
Walker, Dr. John: four books, Anthropology and Natural History of Pacific North
Winn, Mrs. E. S. N.: thirty-four books, Canadian and miscellaneous.
Anthropology Museum
Dunlop, Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. (West Vancouver): collection of writing materials
and samples of Chinese calligraphy.
Lanning  (Lanning   Family,  Vancouver):   Kwakiutl   Indian  carvings,   collected  by
Mr.  B. M. Weare.
Bevin,  Mr. Pat (Windermere Lake): Scottsbluff projectile point found on a small
island in Windermere Lake.
Carr, Miss M.: skull and other human skeletal remains from Tsawwassen Beach.
Eastham, Mr. J. W.: stone point and perforated sinkers.
Forster,  Mr.  H.  H. (Kamloops): stone adze blades and projectile points from a
burial site near Chase, B.C.; stone handmaul from site on Texas Creek, B.C.;
arrow heads from Columbia River Valley, Oregon.
Gyseman, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas: antler, bone and stone artifacts.
Harrison, Mr. A. (North Surrey): stone handmaul.
Hepworth, Mr. Howard (Richmond): collection of sixty artifacts from the Marpole
Leveson-Gower, Miss Heather: stone and bone artifacts from the Locarno Beach
20 McKillop, Mr. Donald Y., Jr. (Hamilton, Ontario): large collection of stone artifacts from six sites in southern Saskatchewan.
MacLeod, Mrs. Hilda: bone awl from Salt Spring Island.
McTaggart, Dr. K. C: stone points from West Vancouver.
Point, Mr. Flavian: adze blade and two stone handmauls from the Musqueam
Indian  Reserve.
Tennant, Mr. Earl R. (Salmon Arm): stone adze blade from Lee Creek.
Biology and Botany
Ruffel, Mr. Joseph (Parksville): Zeiss microscope.
Botanical Garden
McGlashan, Mr. J.: fifty-two chrysanthemum plants, exhibition type.
Manufacturing Chemists Association Inc. (Washington, DC): Category A. Data
Dean of Women's Office
Women's Residence Association (1960-61): three copies Oxford Companion to
English Literature; two copies Canadian Oxford Atlas; three copies Bartlett
Familiar Quotations for Fort Camp Residences.
Fund for Adult Education (White Plains, N.Y.): twenty copies Accent on Learning;
twenty sets Studies in Adult Group Learning in the Liberal Arts.
Sasamat Film Unit (Mr. Werner Aellen, Director): donation of services and technical skill for film for University Extension.
Needier, Dr. A. W. (Director, Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries Research Board
of Canada, Nanaimo, B.C.): complete contents of Museum of Preserved
Marine and Freshwater Fishes from the Pacific Biological Station, including
many rare and valuable specimens.
Cronk, Mr. C  P.  (Wellesley,  Mass.):   nine cartons of books,  bulletins, etc. on
Harries, Mrs. Eloise Street: "Babylon" by Albert Champdor.
Hunting  Survey Corporation  Limited:  special aerial  photography and  reprints of
photos of U.B.C. Campus and U.B.C. Research Forest at Haney.
Resources for the Future, Inc. (Washington, DC): "Western Forest Industry" by
Guthrie and Armstrong, 1961.
Stillinger, Dr. J. R. (Libanon, Oregon): samples of plywood and hardboard.
Fleming, Mr. P. K. (Calgary): seventeen volume sets of resistivity well logs and
Symons, Mr. Doug: six textbooks on geology.
Woollett, Mr. George (North Vancouver): suite of ore samples from Port Radium,
21 Health Service
Parke-Davis 8c Co.: various drugs and materials.
Medical Faculty
Budd, Mr. and Mrs. William (North Vancouver): three medical books for reference
library of Department of History of Medicine and Science.
Koerner, Leon, Esq., LL.D.: Bird Mark OX Pneumatic Systole.
Mining and  Metallurgy
Tuttle, Mr. Aubrey S. (International Nickel Research and Technical Services Ltd.
Vancouver): three-reel, 16 mm. film "Corrosion in Action" placed with
Department on a "permanent loan" basis.
Affleck, Mr. Edward L.: music.
Halin, Mr. R. W. (Burnaby): two violins.
Halpert-Scanderbeg, Professor T.: photostatic copies of letters to and from Franz
Heyworth, Mr. H. G.: one viola.
MacMillan, Mr. D.: phonograph record of Maori songs.
Priestley, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.: square piano, built before 1880.
Plant Science
Cyanamid of Canada Limited (Niagara Falls): quantity of Amitrol T.
DuPont of Canada Limited: samples of Kormax Diuron Weed Killer.
Tait, Mr. P. C: slide projector and old agricultural slide collection.
Philip A. Hunt Co. (Canada) (through Mr. Slater, Toronto): sixty pounds etching
Society of  Exploration Geophysicists (Tulsa, Okla.):  Complete set of publication
"Geophysics" to date (1936-61).
Brockleband, Mr. C. (B.C. Pest Control, Vancouver): two complete wasp nests for
study and development.
Duncan, Mrs. Clarence J.: 20,000 specimens of 170 species of molluscs, mainly
from  Caribbean  Sea.
Fulton, Mr. H. G. (Chilliwack): large collection of unusual ground beetles.
Lanko, Miss Joyce: series of megarhysse, huge ichneumens from Arizona.
Robertson, Mrs. Helen F.: fine series of fossil trilobites.
Strange, Mr. Ian J. (Port Stanley, Falkland Islands): skin of Patagonian Crested
duck; two collections ectoparasites of birds; ten items of biological specimens; one collection of nomatodes from seal.
Verbeck, Mr. Nick: long series of Chalcids, parasites on a butterfly.
22 '■iiVi-
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