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APRIL   1st,   1964   TO   AUGUST    31st,   1964  THE   UNIVERSITY  OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal): yY
Research in Anaesthetics  $ 1,000.00
Allied Chemical Corporation (New York): y
Research in Inorganic Fluorine Compounds   3,500.00 Y
American Chemical Society (Washington):
Research in Geophysics   6,000.00 Y
Research in Chemistry  5,500.00 Y^
American Cyanomid Co. (New York): y
Research on Phenolic Oxidizations  3,500.00   y__
Research in Chemistry - Award to J. P. Kutney  2,400.00 Y
Asbestos Corporation (Explorations) Ltd.: y
Research in Geochemistry   100.00 V
Atomic Energy of Canada: y
Uranium  Oxide   Research    13,000.00 -Y
Ayerst, McKenna 8c Harrison Ltd.: .
Research in Pharmacology   1,000.00^^
B.C. Coast Vegetable Co-Operative Association: y
Research in Pea Development  5,525.00 Y
B.C. Heart Foundation: y
Research in Pharmacology   9,650.00     Y
Research in Anatomy   5,125.00 Y
Research in Medicine   5,687.50 Y..
Research in Anaesthesia   1,275.00>^
B.C. Hydro and Power Authority:
Architecture (Arrow Lakes Project report)   100.00 Y
B.C. Medical Research Foundation:
Grant - Research in Pharmacology   800.00 w
Grant -  Research in Surgery   1,305.00 Y
B.C. Tuberculosis Society: y
Grant to Continuing Medical Education   2,500.001^.
Research in  Surgery   2,520.00 *• y
Research in Preventive Medicine   5,500.00 • /
Research in Respiratory Diseases   3,000.00 Y
Beet Sugar Development Foundation: , Y
Research in  Beet Sugar Development   2,100.00Y
British Drug Houses (Canada) Ltd.: y
Research project in Microbiology   850.00 Y
Canada Council: y
Grants for Research in Preventive Medicine   1,875.00 Y
Canada Rice Mills Ltd.: y
Grant to Thyroid Research Fund   1,000.00^^ Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Toronto): ./
Grants for Research in Pathology         3,248.85    ,
Grants for Research in Medicine         7,700.00 f
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (B.C. Division):
Grants for Research  in  Paediatrics         2,333.32  V
Grant to Dept. of Medicine         5,500.00   i-
Canadian Audubon Society:
Bald Eagle Research Project        4,600.00   V
Canadian Cancer Society:
Cancer Research  Centre  Equipment       12,583.38 V'
Canadian Council on Urban and Regional Research:
Grant for Urban and Regional Research         8,100.00
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:
Research in  Paediatrics 	
Canadian Diabetic Association:
Research in Endocrinology 	
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy:
Research in Pharmacy 	
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Therapeutics:
Grant for  Research  in  Medicine  	
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction:
Research in Single Angle Connections 	
Canadian Mental Health Association:
Research   in  Psychiatry  	
Canadian Sportsmen's Show:
Research  in Conservation of Blue Grouse 	
Celgar Limited—Columbia Cellulose Co. Ltd.:
Studies in Community and Regional  Planning 	
Children's Hospital (Vancouver):
Research   in   Paediatrics   	
Chemcell (1963) Limited (Edmonton):
Research in Applied Science 	
C.I.B.A. Company, Pharmaceutical Division:
Research in Anatomy	
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.:
Research in  Metallurgy 	
Corporation of Delta:
Community and Regional  Planning 	
Corporation of the Village of Squamish:
Community and Regional  Planning 	
Doupe, Mrs. Mary L.: •
Research  in  Medicine  	
Eldorado Mining 8c Refining Ltd.:
Research  in Metallurgy 	
Ford Foundation (New York):
Research   Fellowship  in  Commerce          4,770.001/
Forward Engineers Ltd.: •
Nickel Ore Research   589.69 Y
Government of Canada (Ottawa) Dept. of Agriculture:
Research in Animal Science         1,634.00 Y
Research in Dairy Science         1,000.00 y'
1,200.00 V
600.00 i/
2,500.00 V
5,000.00 V
1,500.00 Y
11,500.00  V
3.00 v
35.00 V(
12,500.00l/ Research in Plant Science   2,066.00 Y*
Research in Agricultural  Engineering   783.00*-^
Government of Canada, Dept. of Citizenship and Immigration: '                     y
Research in Educational Problems of Indian Children   1,500.00 Y
Research in Anthropology   25,000.00 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Defence Production: y
Research   in  Electrical   Engineering    13,179.83  ^
Government of Canada, Defence Research Board:
Research   in Oceanography   17,920.00 Y
Research in Physics   12,040.00 Y
Research   in  Chemistry   4,480.00 Y
Research in Electrical Engineering   2,000.00^
Research in Mechanical  Engineering   4,120.001''
Research in Metallurgy   9,980.001/
Research  in Bacteriology   2,000.001/
Research  in  Surgery   1,660.001/"
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Defence: .
Research  in  Electrical   Engineering    21,867.33 Y.
Research   in Physics   1,339.51''
Government of Canada, National Research Council: y
NRC Common Grant 1,195,000.00 y
Site   Planning     6,944.84 ^
Government of Canada, Dept. of Fisheries: y
Contract for Groundfish Studies   8,000.00     y
Research in Zoology   6,500.00    '
Government of Canada, Dept. of Forestry:
Research  in  Forestry   2,200.00 '
Government of Canada, Medical Research Council: y
Common Grant Account - Research   241,000.00    /
Personal Awards - Research   70,000.00 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Health and Welfare: y
Research in Social Welfare Work   1,896.05 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Northern Affairs and
National Resources: y
Research in Archaeology   300.00 '
Research in Arctic and Alpine Fisheries Resources   1 2,000.00 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Transport: y
Research   in  Oceanography    15,700.00^-
Halterman, Mrs. Carl: y
Research in Ophthalmology   1,000.00 V
Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.): s
Research in Case Method Program, Commerce   1,366.00
International Lead & Zinc Research Organization (New York): yY
Research in Metallurgy   8,443.56
Jenkins, Dr. Leobard C: y
Research  in Surgery   1,000.00 Y
Johnson 8c Johnson Ltd. (Montreal):
Trauma   Research    5,000.00 '
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund: y
Research in Pharmacology   10,450.00
Research in Chemistry  16,500.00 / Mcintosh, Dr. Hamish W.:
Thyroid  Research  Fund   22.50 V
Markle Foundation, John and Mary:
Research  Fellowship in  Paediatrics   6,000.00 x/
Research  Fellowship in Pathology   6,000.00 i/
Research Fellowship in Medicine   6,000.00 >/
Research Fellowship in Anatomy   6,000.00  t
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada:
Research in Pharmacology   4,000.00Y
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada: .
Research  in  Poultry Science  4,650.00^
Research  in Anatomy   7,610.00 ^
Research   in  Pharmacology  4,345.00 '"'
National Cancer Institute of Canada:
Research in Biochemistry   4,096.61 Y
Research in  Paediatrics   3,1 94.33 v
Research   in  Surgery   2,919.65'/
Research in Pathology  .  11,280.18/
Research in Medicine   3,848.33 /
Grants to Cancer Centre   90,084.86 Y
National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md.):
Grant for Research in Biochemistry   9,343.00 Y
Grant for Research in Psychiatry   2,443.00 f
National Institute of Dental Research (Bethesda, Md.):
Grants for Research in  Dentistry   8,564.00   '
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness:
Grants for Research in Psychiatry   3,350.00 '-"'
New Indian Mines Ltd.: .
Research  in Geology   1,200.00^
Noranda Exploration Co. Ltd.:
Biogeochemical Research   1,000.00 v
Oberlander, Dr. H. P.: y
Community and Regional  Planning   45.22V
Ohio Chemical Canada Ltd.:
Clinical  Research in  Psychiatry   1,000.00 »^
Parke, Davis 8c Co. Ltd.:
Ophthalmological   Research    870.00^
Parker, Mr. W. S.:
Community and Regional Planning   18.00 ilk
Province of British Columbia: .
Archaeological Survey   431.55/
Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Agriculture:
Agricultural Economics - .
Study of Horticultural Extension Program   367.04 Y
Agricultural Engineering - Study of Controlled Environment  750.00 /
Plant Science - Forage Crop Studies   1,000.00 v"
Soil Science - Soil Capability Studies   3,583.04 /
Poultry Science - Broiler Breeder Test   1,500.00  /
Dairy Science - Milk Grading Project   1,402.25  /
Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Corrections:
Research in Psychiatry   650.00 y Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Health and Welfare: y
Research in Rehabilitation Medicine   13,670.19 V.
Research in Preventive Medicine   9,022.95 'y
Research in Medicine   7,009.15* y
Grants for Continuing Medical  Education   5,500.14 Vy
Research in Paediatrics   32,360.64 l y
Research in Nursing   1,300.00  *
Research in Ophthalmology   11,423.50 '
Research in Biology   1,235.31  -- y
Research in Obstetrics   4,599.13  .y
Research in Psychiatry  54,480.83  Y
Research  in  Surgery   9,867.43  *   /
Grants to Strong  Laboratory   6,250.46   ''
Research in Social Work   2,981.65  ^y
Research in Pharmacy   388.72  Y
Research  in  Epidemiology   305.00 :
Research   in  Pharmacology   2,514.68 Yy   /
Research in  Psychology   1,185.98 V/'
Research in Pathology   683.05  •
Province of British Columbia, Public Library Commission: y
Public Library Research Study   2,500.00 y
Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Recreation and Conservation: y
Archaeology Research Lochnore Creek Site   1,900.00 Y y
Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada: .y
Research in Wood Qualities  3,000.00 Y
Real Estate Council of B.C.: y
Research in Estate Management   9,500.00
Resources for the Future Inc. (Washington, DC): /
Analysis of Land Use and Conflicts in Rocky Mountain Trench 4,390.00  Y
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation:
Research  Fellowship in  Physics   9,200.00""'
Research Fellowship in Chemistry   8,050.00^
Research Fellowship in Mathematics   6,325.00 Y
Smith, Kline & French (Montreal):
Research in Steroid Field - Chemistry   2,000.00~ y
Smith, Kline 8c French Laboratories (Philadelphia): y
Grant for Research in Steroid Field, Chemistry   7,000.00 \Y
Smith, Mr. Sidney Garfield: y
J. W. Thomson Memorial Fund, Research in Surgery   l,000.00|r
Socony Mobiloil of Canada Ltd.: yY
Research in Geology  800.00 Y
Spencer. J. V. N. (Estate): /
Beef  Research   2,000.00 Y
Sprague Electric Co.: /
Research   in   Electrical  Engineering    6,250.00 Y
Stewart, Mrs. D. M.:
Dean  of Agriculture   Fund    400.00 V
Sugar Research Foundation: .
Research  in Agricultural   Engineering    911.001/ Thomson, Mrs. J. W.:
Dr. J. W. Thomson Fund for Research in Surgery         2,000.00 1/
Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.:
Dean of  Medicine   Research   in   Medicine    10.00 Or
University of California:
Clinical   Drug   Evaluation           6,965.00   V
U.S. Treasury - National Science Foundation:
Research   in   Zoology         11,371.00V/
Vancouver Foundation:
Sociology Study in Use of Leisure         5,000.00 If
Vancouver General Hospital:
Research   in   Surgery    564.64 S
Research   in   Psychiatry           1,248.66   Y
Research   in   Pathology    782.32   ''
Research   in   Medicine           3,478.37 *•
Grants  to  Strong   Laboratory          2,700.00 Y
Wada, Dr. J. A.: i
Wada  Research  Fund  -  Psychiatry   150.00 V
West Kootenay Power & Light Co. Ltd.: y
Research   in   Electrical   Engineering           1,000.00^/
Western Food Processors Association: .
Studies in Bean Growth         2,000.00Y
Alma Mater Society, U.B.C: y
Summer Seminar -   International   House    182.97
Aluminum Co. of Canada Ltd.:
Grant-in-Aid   re Alcan   Scholarships    400.00 Y
American Assembly (New York):
International  Conference - Graduate Studies         7,500.00$/
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd.: /
Grant  -   Aid   to   Education           1,500.00v
B.C. Central Credit Union: y
Dean's  Fund   -   Faculty  of Commerce    500.00 Y
B.C. School Trustees Association:
School   Trustees  Association   Project   Grant    4,453.58 Y
B.C. Tuberculosis Society: y
Grants   re   Fellowships in  Paediatrics    1,800.00 Y
Black, Miss Charlotte S.: ,
International   House     2.00^
Bloomfield, Mr. L. M. (.Q.C):
Yearbook of International  Law   100.00 Y
Brown, Fred B.: y
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   500.00V
Canada Council:                                                                                       _ *                  .
Yearbook  of   International   Law   -.__.. 1,000.00 Y
Canada-Japan Trade Council: M
Japan   Student   Exchange   * 100.00V Canadian Cancer Society:
Lectureships   in  Medicine    500.00 '
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association: y "-,
Activities of Finance Division        2,500.00    y   ._
y     *
Summer   Workshop   Program           3,175.00   y   j
Grant-in-Aid   re  Fellowship   250.00        "
Cavalier Tours Limited:
Japan   Student   Exchange     217.00
Certified General Accountants' Association: y
Grants for Instruction in Commerce       14,154.05^
Christopher, Mr. A. B.:
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   50.00CT
alidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. Ltd.: >
Cominco Chair in Geology         8,500.00 if
Cunningham, Mr. George T.: y
Gift to U.B.C. Resources Committee   514.44Y
Curtis, Dean G. F.: y
President's  Fund   30.00 y
Davies, Prof. G. O. B.:
President's  Fund   30.00 Y
Extension Ceramics Students Fund: y
Maintenance  of  Acadia   Ceramics   Studio    400.00^ /
Purchase of Fire  Kiln  for Ceramics  Studio   2,000.00 Y
Farrell, Mr. Gordon: /
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   500.00 Y
Fund for Advancement of Education: /
Grant for Study of Arts Curriculum   10,000.00 <f
Gibson, Mr. John L.: y
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   100.00|T
Giese, Dr. R.: /
Study of Italy Today   12.00 i/
Goodhart, Dr. A. L. (Cambridge, Mass.): y
Faculty of Law  Fund  .  278.80 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Citizenship 8c Immigration: y
Indian  Leadership Training   Program    6,712.14 Y
Government of Canada, National Research Council: .y
Steacie  Memorial   Fellowship   in   Chemistry  7,783.28 '
Government of Canada, Dept. of External Affairs: y>
Work  Study   School     11,500.00 V
Government of Canada, Dept. of Fisheries:                      ■■ -.
Educational Work re Fisheries Techniques  ,  5,098.01 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Defence:
Contribution  for Salary  Expenses        2,666.68
Hagler, Mr. R.:
Contribution to Frederic Wood Theatre Foundation   3.50 Of
Junior League of Vancouver: y
Contribution for Psychiatry Reading Room         1,000.00 y
Health Centre for Children: '*• y
Contributions  for  Salary  Expenses  in   Paediatrics        12,849.40 Y Holland, Mr. W. L.:
Japan   Student   Exchange     25.00 Y
Hungerford, Mr. R. N.: y
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   500.OOY
Institute of Chartered Accountants:
Courses in Commerce         4,515.18 *^
Investment Dealers Association: y
Grant to  Finance Division - Commerce   175.00V^
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York):
Supplement  re  Scholarship, in  Mining   Engineering          1,000.00Y
Kerr, Mr. Leslie J.: /
Friends of  International  House   50.00*/
Kiwanis Club of Kerrisdale: /
Friends   of   International   House     100.00 *
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.:
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   250.00 Y
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary:
Special Equipment for Pharmacy          1,000.00///
Ladner, Mr. Leon J. (Q.C): ,
President's   Fund    850.00 y
McCreary, Dean J. F.: .,
President's   Fund   30.00 Y\
Macdonald, Dr. and Mrs. J. B.: y
President's  Fund    30.00r
McLean Foundation (Toronto): .y
Extension  Dept.  Projects   1,500.00 Yy
Contemporary Works of Art   5,000.00 Y
McLean, Col. J. F.: /
President's  Fund   40.00 /
McMahon, Mr. Frank M.: , /
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   200.00 *"
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Ltd.:
Japan   Student   Exchange    250.00'
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: /
Aid to Fisheries Expeditions   850.00 V
MacMillan Education Fund, H. R.: y
Grants for Fisheries Expeditions and Lectures   13,000.0Qr
Grants for Museum Purchase Fund - Anthropology  7,500.OOY
*    Grants for Professorship in Silviculture  10,000.00,Y
McQueen, Mr. W. C: /
Japan   Student  Exchange     30.00 /
Mainwaring, Mr. W. C: /
Japan  Student Exchange   25.00 Y
Melvin, Dr. James W.: ,
Contribution for Study of Indian Affairs   50.00 y
Mental Health Association of Santa Clara County: y
Contribution for Psychiatry Reading Room   100.00.»
Merck, Sharp 8c Dohme of Canada Ltd.:
Lectureship  in Medicine   200.00 Y
Miller, Mr. Reginald D.: /
Japan Student Exchange   25.00 V
y Neon Products of Canada Ltd.: y
Athletics - U.B.C.  Rowing Club   50.00 Y
Norn's, Honourable Mr. Justice T. G.:
Japan Student Exchange   35.00^/
Poliomyelitis 8c Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.:
Contribution for Salaries in   Paediatrics         1,625.004/
Province of British Columbia: yY
Contribution for Physical  Education Development   292.14 I
Province of British Columbia, B.C. Hospital Insurance Service:
Contribution for Salaries in Medicine        2,000.00 \Y
Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Education: .
Grants  for Technical  Staff Salaries and  Benefits        15,351.32 Y^
Read, Mr. Stanley E.: ,
President's  Fund   50.00 y
Real Estate Council of B.C.: -
Salesmen's Courses in Commerce 	
Roberts, Aubrey F. Ltd.:
Athletics - U.B.C.  Rowing Club 	
Rogers, Mr. Forrest:
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club	
Sales and Marketing Executives Club:
Sales   Management Courses  	
Shaw, Mr. Ralph M.:
Japan  Student Exchange 	
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd.:
Chair   in Metallurgy 	
Shuswap Okanagan Dairy Industries Co-Operative Association:
Travel and Expense in Plant Science Studies 	
Society of Industrial 8c Cost Accountants:
Cost Accountants Association Course 	
Southam, Mr. Gordon T.:
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club 	
Soward, Dean F. H.:
Japan  Student Exchange 	
Summer Session Association:
Japan Student Exchange 	
Taylor, Dr. H. E.: /
President's Fund   50.00 V
United Nations: y
Expenses re Planning  in Ghana   674.72 Y
Vancouver Foundation (Williamson Foundation): y
Contribution to Salary Expense - Faculty of Education   2,791.10 Y
Japan Student Exchange   300.00 A-""
Walford, Dr. W. F.:
Faculty of Dentistry   6.10<>r
Whittall, Mr. Norman: y
Athletics - U.B.C. Rowing Club   100.004/
Williams, Dr. Donald H.: /
Contribution to Extension  Department  Funds   37.50 ¥
Wood, Dr. A. J.:
President's    Fund     50.00  Y'
11 Wood, Mr. F. G. C: y
Frederic  Wood   Theatre   Foundation         10,500.00v
Woodward, Mr. P. A.: >
Lecturer - Psychiatry  (Health  Sciences Centre)        17,600.00 y
Woodward Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.:
P. A. Woodward Collection - Psychiatry          1,000.00*/
John Wyeth 8, Brother (Canada) Ltd.: .
Dean of  Medicine   Fund   300.00 V
Aljean of Canada Ltd.:
Gift in Memory of Mrs.  Jean Guskin   157.25 Y
B.C. Cancer Foundation: y
Bio-Medical   Library     3,281.00 Y
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority: /
Friends  of  the   Library    100.00 V
Canada Council: y
Development   of   Library   Facilities         77,206.00   '
Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Division: /
Gift to Judaica Fund   65.00/
Forward, Prof. Frank: y
Purchase of "A History of Technology"   1 25.00 Y
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: /
Purchase of Library Books - Tribute to Miss D. Jefford   500.00 V
MacMillan, Dr. H. R. Educational Fund:
Contribution  to  Forestry Library   500.00 Y
Tucker, Miss Frances: .
Friends  of  the   Library    10.00 \y
Vancouver General Hospital: , /
Bio-Medical  Library   4,050.00 '
Kresge Foundation:
Contribution   to   Health   Sciences  Centre         20,000.00y
Pease, Mrs. June: ^.
Contribution to Health Sciences Centre   ll.OOtX
Province of British Columbia: y
Capital   Construction   Grants    1,291,673.00Y
Schlumberger of Canada: /'
Grant-in-Aid of University   500.001/
Shell Oil of Canada Ltd.: y
Grant-in-Aid of University   500.00 Y
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co. Ltd.:
' Grant-in-Aid   of   University    550.00   *
U.B.C. Development Fund:
Payments on Pledges      49,826.50''
(Note: Continuing awards are acknowledged in the Spring Congregation booklet)
Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae:
for the University Scholarship Endowment Fund
Armstrong, Mr. William:
for Summer Session Extension Awards	
B.C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association:
for the B.C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association Fund
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association:
for bursary fund in dentistry 	
British Columbia Dietetic Association:
for the B.C.D.A. Scholarship Fund 	
British Columbia Medical Association, Section of General Practice:
for the Medical Student'Aid Fund 	
B.C. Parent-Teacher Association:
for Child Welfare Scholarship Fund, Social Work 	
Bntc-hnrt. thp Inte Willinm fpstnteT;
25.00 V
2,000.00 Y
2,362.76 y
111.70 1/
260.00 y
for the Florence M. Butchart Bursary Fund         1,200.00'''
Campbell, the I
the Anne
S. Campbell Bursary
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto):
for the Canadian Life Officers Medical Fellowship 	
Clark, Dr. Nigel H.:
for scholarship funds  _'	
Claxton, Mr. Peter (Victoria):
for the Dean Clement Student Aid Fund in Agriculture
de Bruyn, Dr. J.:
for the Frank de Bruyn Memorial Prize 	
Eilertson. the late Hawkins (estate):
tor the Hawk Eilertson Bursary Fund 	
Faculty Women's Club:
for the Dean of Women's Fund  r_	
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
for various  scholarships  and  bursaries
Guy Fowler Memorial Fund Trust:
for the Guy Fowler Memorial Fund 	
Hebble, Mr. Peter (New Jersey):
for bursary assistance
Heiqhwav. the late Flnrenre F   tpstnteV
iy  the late More.	
tor the Florence E. Heighway Medical Awards 	
Hillhouse, Mr. Neil:
for student assistance 	
Holland, Professor W. L.:
for the  University Scholarship Endowment Fund
Independent Schools Association:
for the  University Scholarship Endowment Fund
Johnston, thp Inte Dnnnlng F   fpstnteV
for the Douglas F. Johnston Bursary Fund 	
266.00 y
789.26 y
10.00 \X
6,654.52 y
35.00 V
249.91 i.
13 Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
Koerner, Mrs. Otto:
for Summer Session Extension awards
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
Grants for Individuals Fund 	
Japanese Students Scholarships 	
I .-p-r^   thp Inte Mrs   Annip (Wntp.)r
for bursaries in Social Work 	
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Funds 	
Ocean Cement Limited:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Pnnvini   the Inte Frank (estate):.
for scholarship and bursary fund in Law 	
PEO Sisterhood, Chapter O:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
Pharmaceutical Association of B.C.:
for the Pharmaceutical Association Student Aid Fund
Phillips, Mr. Arthur:
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary Fund	
Pi Beta Phi:
for the Pi Beta Phi Loan Fund 	
Quan, Mr. Dick (Weston, Ontario):
for the Mrs. Quan Gow Memorial Bursary Fund ....
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate):
for the Jonathan Rogers Fund 	
Schlumberger of Canada (Calgary):
University grant-in-aid additional to scholarship ..
Shell Canada Limited (Toronto):
University grant-in-aid additional to fellowship 	
Shipley, Mr. P. W. M. (Lakefield, Ontario):
for the Stephen Kenneth Nelson Scholarship Fund
Shrum, Dr. Gordon M.:
for the Sherwood Lett Memorial Fund	
SnHp.rmnn. the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman bursary Fund 	
Somerset, Miss Dorothy:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company:
University grant-in-aid additional to scholarships __
U.B.C. Alumni Annual Giving Programme:
for various scholarship, bursary and loan funds	
U.B.C. Letters Club:
for the Thorleif Larsen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vancouver Sun:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Wise, Mrs. Sergeant W. (Rochester, New York):
for the Janine Elizabeth d' Estrube Scholarship Fund
Woodward's Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.:
for special medical fellowships 	
100.00 y
30.00 y
2,000.00 y
500.00 *Y
3,049.21 y
25.00 Y
35.00 y
100. oo*/
451.60   y
250.56    f
5oo.oo y
500.00   Y
5o.oo y
628.04 Y
550.00 y
25. OOl./
25.00 V
1,900.00   V
14 Anonymous:
for bursary for Mount Baker High School (Cranbrook) student — 250.00   ^
Anonymous (several donors):
for Faculty of Law Student Fund  90.00  f
for the Merrill Prindle Book Prize Fund in Engineering         1,000.00 Y
Total contributions in this list  $        350.00
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril
Blandford, Baroness de H.
Bloch-Bauer, Mr. C.
Ciccone, Mrs. Henry R.
Cotterall, Miss Gertrude
Crooker, Dr. A. M.
Curley, Mr. D. K.
D'Appolonia, Mr. J. S. (Burnaby)
Davis, Mrs. H. R. L. ,
Derry, Dr. Douglas
Giese, Dr. Rachel
Grimmett, Mrs. Roger
Halpern, Dr. Ida
Hauschka, Mr. Walter
Hunter, Mr. R. A. M.
Livesey, Mrs. Adelia F.
Macdonald, Mr. John
McLean, Mr. Van
Mainardi, Amelia
Malkin, Mr. H. R. (West Vancouver)
Miller, Professor Craig
Montgomery, Miss J.
Morse, Baroness Kate d' Orville
Murphy, Miss B.
Rader, Mr. I.
Ragona, Miss F.
Robbins, Dr. William
Ruberto, Mr. R.
Sacks, Mr. A. J.
Seraglia, Dr. M.
15 Shelton, Mrs. Alice
Signori, Dr. Edro
Tak, Mrs. Paul (West Vancouver)
Vicelli, Mr. L.
Willows, Mr. Fred
Special acknowledgments for assistance in fund-raising for Italian Scholarship:
Hudson's Bay Company (Vancouver)
Mrs. Alex B. Macdonald
Mr. Petronio Olivieri
Mr. Malcolm Stanlow
Total contributions in this list  $        292.50
The Hon. Mr. Justice H. I. Bird
The Hon. Mr. Justice F. Kay Collins
The Hon. Mr. Justice J. G. Hutcheson
The Hon., the late Chief Justice Sherwood Lett
The Hon. Mr. Justice H. A. Maclean
The Hon. Mr. Justice F. C. Munroe
The Hon. Mr. Justice N. T. Nemetz
The Hon. Mr. Justice J. G. Ruttan
The Hon. Mr. Justice H. J. Sullivan
The Hon. Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere
The Hon. Chief Justice J. 0. Wilson
The Hon. Mr. Justice R. A. Wootton
Total contributions in this list  $        258.00
Heller, Mr. Paul
Kondy, Professor Walter K. (Cambridge Springs, Pa.)
Opechowski, Professor W.
Polish Friendship "Zgoda" Society
Polish Veterans Association in B.C.
Wrotnowski, Mrs. A. (North Vancouver)
Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, South Vancouver Unit y
No.   26   $ 300.00 ^
Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, Taurus Unit 298 y
(Vancouver) ___:  300.00   Y
Bowker,  Dr.  H. A. (Ladysmith)   200.00 if—'
British Columbia Parent-Teacher Federation ,New Westminster P.T. ..                     y
Council      300.00 V
Canadian   Industries  Limited  (Montreal)   2,000.00 l/
The Courtenay Rotary Club (Courtenay)   300.00 Yy
Gladstone Secondary School   750.00 Yy
Grand Lodge of British Columbia I.O.O.F.   1,250.00/
The H. R. MacMillan Family Fund  33,,000.00 K^""
Imperiai-Oil Limited (Toronto)   900.OoYy
Kimberley Credit Union (Kimberley)   450.00 j//-
New Westminster Rotary Club (New Westminster)  200.00 Y
Royal Canadian Legion, Vernon Branch No. 25   2>00.00Y\^
Royal Canadian Legion, Ladies' Auxiliary, Branch No. 48 (Vancouver) 100.00)//
Royal Canadian Legion, Lord Nelson Branch No. 68  200.00 v
Royal Canadian Legion, Ladies' Auxiliary, Branch No. 16 (Vancouver) 100.00 t/
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School   400.00 Y/
Summerland   Kiwanis  Club  (Summerland)    300.00 / -
Women's Benefit Association (Port Huron, Michigan)   250.00 \Y
Agriculture Women's Undergraduate Society Bursary, $50.00:
for a woman student entering the Faculty of Agriculture for the first time.
Alpha Omega Society:
bursary of $ 1 00.00 for active members of the Alpha Omega Society.
annual  book prize of $50.00, the Merrill Prindle Book Prize in Engineering,
for Engineering students in the graduating year.
Attending Staff,  Department of Psychiatry, Vancouver General Hospital:
prize of $75.00 for proficiency in Psychiatry, Third Year Medicine.
Berryman, Mrs. W. S.:
bursary of $100.00 for Session 1964-65.
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.:
two scholarships to the total of $450.00 in Engineering; two scholarships to
the total of $450.00 in Commerce; two scholarships to the total of $400.00
in Arts;  two prizes of $100.00  each and  two scholarships to the total  of
$500.00 in Forestry.
Charles Chan Kent Golden Wedding Scholarship and Charitable Foundation:
two bursaries of $ 150.00 each for students of Chinese extraction.
Commonwealth Forestry Bureau, Oxford:
Year's   issue  of  certain  publications  for outstanding  student graduating   in
17 Courtenay   Elementary,   Royston   Elementary   and   Union   Bay  Elementary  Parent
Teacher Associations:
bursary of $125.00 for Dentistry, Session 1964-65.
Fouks, Arthur, Esq., B.A., LL.B.:
bursary of $ 1,000.00 annually for undergraduates in any year and faculty.
General Foods, Limited (Head Office Toronto):
four-year award of $500.00 annually for a student in any year and faculty.
International Minerals and Chemical Corporation (Canada) Limited:
the Louis Ware Scholarship of $1,000.00,  for the  Session   1964-65,  for a
student in  the Mineral Sciences.
Irving Clinic, Kamloops:
award of $500.00 for students entering  the Faculty of Medicine from the
Kamloops  area.
Jean Guskin Memorial Scholarship:
a scholarship of $1,000.00, established  in  memory of Jean Guskin by her
husband and the firm of Aljean of Canada Limited. For graduates or undergraduates in Medicine.
I ipcnr. thP Inte Mr... Annie (estate)-
bequest to provide a bursary of $1 25 annually for four years in Social Work.
Ohlman, Mr. Harry:
free tuition on clarinet for student in Music.
Pan American Petroleum Corporation:
graduate fellowship of $1 800 plus tuition and fees, in field of Geology.
Pnnvini    thp Inte Fi-nnk-
bequest  of   $50,000  to  provide  annual   bursaries  and   scholarships   in   the
Faculty of Law.
Victoria Real Estate Board:
a   scholarship  of  $250  annually for graduates or  undergraduates  in  Commerce in the Estates Management programme.
B.C. Federation of Labour:
bursary increased from $250 to $350 annually and re-named to honour the
memory of the late Angus Maclnnis.
Fraser Valley Bar Association:
bursary increased from $150 to $300 annually.
North Shore Medical Society:
bursary increased from $100 to $300 annually.
UBC Alumni Association:
forty-two scholarships each increased from $300 to $350 annually.
University Women's Club:
two bursaries each increased from  $250 to $300. Dr.  Evlyn Fenwick Farris
Bursary increased from $300 to $400.
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association:
Marion   Langridge   Scholarship   increased   from   $300   to   $400   for   session
Alumni Association of U.B.C.
Koerner, Mr. Walter: Slide Projector.
Animal Science
B.C. Sheep Breeders' Association: 40 Range Ewes and one Purebred Suffolk Ram.
DeBruyn, Mr. Jan: One Haida Basket.
Naismith, Lt./Co.: Collection of Indian Artifacts.
Morrison, Mrs. S. M.: Book, collection of hand painted scenes by Chinese artist
of domestic scenes of 1 9th century.
Van der Veer, Mr.: Two Sumatran daggers and sheaths.
Willmott, Mr. W. E.: One Rice Knife - Cambodia.
Friedman, Dr. Sidney: One Eiderdown Baby Blanket - Greenland Eskimo.
Tait, Miss Fanta: Collection of Haida Carvings and other Northwest Coast materials
made by John Spottiswood Tait.
Stephan, Mrs. Charles H.: The Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Morris collection of Korean
Pottery and Arts. Collected in Korea 1899-1939. In memory of their daughter,  Mrs. C. H. Stephan.
Biology and  Botany
The New York Botanical Garden: An incomplete file of 500-600 different color
engravings of botanical subjects, published over a 40-year period by New
York Botanical Gardens as the Addisonia Series, which was discontinued
this year.
Buildings  and Grounds
Mimoto, Mr. T.: Three dozen Water Lily plants for Nitobe Memorial Garden.
Japan-Canada Society:  100 Carp Fish for Nitobe Memorial Garden.
American Petroleum Institute: API Tables and loose leaf data sheets.
Civil  Engineering
Department of Mines 8c Technical Surveys, Surveys 8c Mapping Branch:
Williamson 8c Ross projector No. 2191   c/w socket and  1   red filter.
Williamson 8c Ross projector No.   1015 c/w socket and  1   red filter.
Williamson & Ross projector No. 2028 c/w socket and 1   red filter.
Williamson 8c Ross projector No.   1036 c/w socket and  1   blue filter.
Williamson & Ross projector No. 2015 c/w socket and  1   blue filter.
Williamson 8c Ross projector No. 2013 c/w socket and  1  blue filter.
Williamson 8c Ross Bar Assembly No. 126 c/w ZVi" hose.
Williamson 8c Ross Blower No. 161 c/w 63A" hoses.
Williamson 8c Ross 7' Datum Table No. 1 17.
Williamson 8c Ross Tracing Tables, No. 420, No. 416.
2  pairs Spectacles,   reversible;  2 pairs Clip-Ons;   1   Jefferson  Transformer,
No. 218652;  1 Williamson 8< Ross Selector Box, No. 154.
19 Commerce
Systems Equipment Limited: One Writing Board.
Extension  Department
Cowell, Mrs. William: Two records (LPs) of ethnic music of Africa (Rhodesia and
South Africa) recorded by the African Music Society under the direction of
Hugh Tracey.
Fine Arts Department
Graham, Mr. F. R. Jr.: Reproduction of a portrait painting of the late F. Ronald
Graham Sr.
Hatcher, Mr. Joseph T.:  Painting, "Portrait of her Sister Charlotte  Hendry,"  by
Mrs. Mary Anderson (Mollie Anderson). Donated  in memory of his son, the
late Gilbert Temple Hatcher, BSA, MSA, former Director of Economics and
Statistics for the Provincial Government.
Caesar, Mrs. R. L., President, Women's Auxiliary, Canadian Institute of Forestry:
Books for use of Students of Faculty of Forestry.
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Ltd.: Model of Booming Ground.
Amos, Dr. Dewy: Box of Fossil Plants and rock and mineral specimens from
Southern Illinois.
Bullis, Mr. A. R.: Suite of mineral specimens from Faraday Uranium Mines, Bancroft, Ont.
Cumming, Mr. W. W.: Samples of Sulphosalts from Mineral King Mine, Toby
Creek, B.C.
Kirkham, Mr. R. V.: Suite of mineral specimens from Michigan and Wyoming.
Grdfin Finkenstein, Cultural Attache, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany:
Book (3 Vol.) German Men of Letters, Ed. by. Alex Natan.
Jetter, Mr. Joseph: Books on German literature and art from the private collection of the late Dr. Marianne Jetter.
His Excellency, Dr. Franz Leitner, Austrian Ambassador to Canada: Book Anton
Wildgans, "Rede Liber Oesterreich". Books 6 copies of the anthology "Die gute
neue Zeit "(Hrg.von Elisabeth Pable und Hans Weigel).
Hoops, Dr. W. D., Consul of The Federal Republic of Germany:
1 Acta Pacis Westphalicae, Serie 1, Bd.l.
Deutsche Agrargeschitchte, Bd.2,3,5.
1  Hentig: Mein Leben, Eine Dienstreise.
1 Schmitt: Zwischenrufe von der Seine.
1 vom Stein; Ausgewdhlte politische Briefe und Denkschriften, Bd. 1,2; 1,2,3,4.
8 Tubinger Studien zur Geschichte und Politik; Bd.l ,2,6,10,12,13,14,16.
20 1 Wulf: Die bildenden Kiinste im Dritten Reich.
1 Wulf: Literatur und Dichtung im Dritten Reich.
1 Wulf: Musik im Dritten Reich.
1 Wulf: Theater und Film im Dritten Reich.
Book,(l Vol.) Clemens Brentano, Werke.
Home Economics
B.C. Packers Limited: Fish, Seasoning etc. for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Canada Packers Limited: Supplies of Margene, Domestic Shortening, Maple Leaf
Liquid Detergent, Maple Leaf Soap Flakes, Sterling Soap.
Canada Dept. of Agriculture, Research Department: Various materials for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Empress Manufacturing Co. Ltd.: Various materials for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Griffin, Mr. A. J.: Mushrooms for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Kelvinator Sales Corporation: Electronic Oven.
Nabob Foods Division (Kelly Douglas): Supplies of Extracts, Spices and Seasonings.
Nalley's Limited: Various materials for Experimental  Food  Laboratory.
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd.: Supplies of All Purpose Four, Robin Hood Cake Four
and Easy Bisk.
Sunbeam Corporation of Canada: Frypan Broiler Top.
Sun-Rype Products Limited: Various juices for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Western Canadian Seed Processors: Rapeseed Oil Shortenings for Experimental
Food Laboratory.
Wild Rose Flour Mills Ltd.: Flours and Mixes for Experimental Food Laboratory.
Housing Administration
Board of Governors of U.B.C: Portrait of Mrs. A. Hamber for Lower Mall Residences.
Ross, Chancellor Phyllis G.: Photograph of Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross for Lower
Mall  Residences.
Lower Mall Student's Council: Two paintings for Lower Mall Residences.
Library Acquisitions
Arkley, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley: 288 Children's Books, mostly of very recent publication.
Blakstad, Mr. R.: 75 books on Art, including many reproductions and prints.
Hoops, Dr. W. D., Consul of The Federal Republic of Germany: 89 volumes of
recent publications of German literature.
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: 150 books and 1 carton of documents in the fields of
Law, International Law and International Relations. 1 carton of documents
relating to National Commission for UNESCO and documents of the Canadian
Universities Foundation Committee. 1 Scroll of Proclamation of the Government of P.E.I.
McLennan, Mr. Lester: 33 books, mainly on travel in China, Jappan and Western
U.S. at the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th with some recent
material. Included a folded map of Manitoba, Kewaytin, British Columbia
and N.W. Territory showing the country traversed by the C.P.R. 1883.
Various issues of six periodicals including "Realities". English edition from
1950 to 1963 complete.
21 Quebec Ministere des Affairs Culturelles: Two copies each of 38 titles of French
Canadian publications, mostly of recent date.
School of Nursing
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Alex: Approximately 40 professional books, donated to the
School of Nursing Reading Room by parents of the late Miss Jean Moore,
a former member of the School Nursing Staff.
Physical Education
Hatch, Mr. Kelvin, President Hatch 8c Co.: Omega Automatic Timing Equipment,
including Electronic Timing Apparatus.
Plant Science
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. D. M.: Seed Cleaning Machinery (Carter Disc, Elevator etc.)
Tait, Mr. P. L.: Journal of The Royal Horticultural Society.
Rehabilitation Medicine
Kerr, Dr. R. B.: Seven Medical Textbooks from Dr. Kerr's library-
Bandy, Mr. John: Collection of very rare biting lice from Bighorn Sheep, Vaseaux
Area. First Canadian record.
Greenius, Dr. Arnold: One Golden Crowned Kinglet.
Stewart, Mr. A.: Collection of human body lice and fine collection of Swallow bed
Strange, Mr. Ian: Three bird skins, Ectoparasites of birds. Marine invertebrates.


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