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APRIL   1st,   1958    TO   AUGUST   31st,   1958  THE CAPITAL GIFTS CAMPAIGN
The University wishes to express its gratitude to all those
who contributed to the recent Capital Gifts Campaign,
University Development Fund. These contributions, which
are not included in the following lists, will be acknowledged on another occasion.  THE   UNIVERSITY   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
American Chemical Society: y^
for petroleum research, chemistry $13,400.00        '
Arctic Institute of North America (Montreal):
for ptarmigan research, zoology      6,846.00 ^
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (Chalk River): .
for atomic research, physics    12,000.00""^
Banting Research Foundation (Toronto): y^
for special research, pharmacology  200.00 **
Bethel No. 7 Order of Job's Daughters (New Westminster):
for muscular dystrophy research   1 00.00 l^'
Branca, Angelo Esq., Q.C: 	
for neurological research  50.00lf
Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (Winnipeg): /
for barley breeding research, plant science         800.00 y
B.C. Society for Child Care, Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation:
for neurological research       1,200.00 1*'*'^
British Columbia Heart Foundation: -
for B.C. Heart Foundation Research in Faculty of Medicine     3,850.00 v  i
Canada Mink Breeders (New Westminster): ~ ^-
for mink research, animal science      2,000.00 \r^
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal):
for research in anatomy       7,250.00 ■
Charles Pfizer & Co. Inc. (Brooklyn, N.Y.):
for cardio vascular research	
Defence Research Board (Ottawa):
special research, chemistry         500.00   -   ,
for research, various departments 184,126.04
E. A. Aim Ltd.:
for neurological research          lOO.OOV^f
Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited (Ottawa): _y
grant for mining and metallurgy research    10,000.00r
G. D. Searle and Company (Chicago):
special research in pharmacology       1,000.00  i^
Gibson, Mr. John L.: ,
for neurological research          100.00k  .
Hudson's Bay Company (Vancouver):
School of Commerce Research Fund          400.00 y^
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto): •
for research, chemical engineering      2,000.00 (r
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
see under Grants for Teaching
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (New York): t      _-f
research in Faculty of Medicine  _  24,580.00 *=^ Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation: . ,
for neurological research             1,000.00  «'
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
for muscular dystrophy research     16,51 2.52 \f
McDiarmid, Mr. Neil H.: '
for neurological  research          200.00
McElroy, Mr. F. B.:
for neurological  research   100.00
McLennan, Mr. A. L
for neurological  research   200.00*
MacMillan, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.::
see under Vancouver Foundation
National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC): /
for research in zoology  270.00V-/-
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): y
for cancer research in various fields  27,825.17 "
National Research Council: y,
research travel grant, fisheries   1,200.00 ^
research in oceanography  5,000.00 v
grants for research, various departments  336,288.00 V j
National Science Foundation (Washington, D.C): y
for research in botany   2,900.00 V
for research in mathematics   2,500.00 s'
O'Bryan, Mr. J. T.: y
for neurological research   100.00
Provincial Department of Agriculture (Victoria): /
for horticulture strawberry selection research   1 00.00 V
for B.C. farm business research  2,700.00 V
for elite seeds project, agronomy   1,500.00 V
Provincial Department of Health and Welfare (Victoria): ./
for neurological research   7,500.00
Research Corporation (New York): «/
grant for research, chemistry   3,750.00'
Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club: , f
for sports turf research, agronomy   600.00y^—
Stauffer Chemical Company (San Francisco): y
special research, chemistry   250.00v^^
Super-Valu Stores Ltd.: /
for egg quality studies, poultry science  1,000.00 V
Swan, Col. W. G.: p/
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Department of Surgery __ 300.00 V
United Keno Hill Mines Limited (Yukon Territory):
for mineral  exploration  research       4,000.00"
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Seattle):
special fish research         450.00 ^—;
Vancouver Foundation: /
H. R. MacMillan Grant for Forestry Research Equipment         500.00
H. R. MacMillan Grant for ambrosia beetle study  l,145.65v/
H. R. MacMillan Grant for student assistants, forestry research _ 1,772.25 '/
Forestry Research Equipment         500.00 '
Western Canada Breweries Ltd.: ,
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery   250.00   i/ GRANTS FOR TEACHING AND MISCELLANEOUS PURPOSES
Allstate Insurance Company:
for Extension special course 	
Alma Mater Society:
for International House Furnishings	
Alpine Club of Canada:
for International House Furnishings	
B.C. Foundation for Child Care, Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation:
for professorship in special education _:	
British American Chemical Company:
for work in plant science 	
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the Faculty of Medicine	
Canada Council (Ottawa):
for special projects	
Canadian Bankers' Association (Montreal):
for work in Commerce	
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto):
for work in Commerce	
Charlton, Mr. Darwin:
for International House Furnishings 	
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal:
for the Lectureship in Medicine .
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
for the Brock Chair in Geology	
Fund for Adult Education (White Plains, New York):
for adult education data project
Government of Canada (Department of Labour, Ottawa):
for special projects, Law ...
International House Club (U.B.C):
for International House furnishings .
Investment Dealers' Association:
grant for Commerce	
Ladner, Leon J. Esq., Q.C:
for the President's Fund 	
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
for projects committee 	
for various projects, research, library, collections, etc.
Livermore, Mr. H. O.:
for International House furnishings 	
MacMillan, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D:
see under Vancouver Foundation
National Office Management Association:
for special course	
Rotary Club of Marpole:
for International House furnishings 	
Rotary Club of Vancouver:
for International House furnishings  -.__	
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (Ottawa):
grant to Architecture 	
$ 1,500.00 V
12,000.00 ^
810.00 ■/
5,580.00 \
5,000.00 i-""^
2.50 &
7,500.00 y
653.26 y
2,200.00 (/
200.00 y
950.00 ^
100.00 «^'
71,476.41 -
25.00 y
2,000.00 ^
449.29 y
/ Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto): /
for the Sherritt Gordon Chair in Metallurgy ,  10,000.00  "
Simmons and McBride Ltd.: y
for the Simmons and McBride Lectureship  500.00 If
Surrey Co-operative Association (Cloverdale): y
for work in poultry science  2,500.00 r
U.B.C. Film Society:
for Extension work         300.00 V
University Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
for the Fine Arts Fund   600.00 \/
Vancouver Foundation: -
H. R. MacMillan Grant, Fisheries  10,000.00  V,
H. R. MacMillan Lectures—Fisheries   1,936.12
H. R. MacMillan Grant for Silviculture  7,000.00
H. R. MacMillan Grant for Forest Ecology   3,500.00
H. R. MacMillan Forest Library Fund  500.00
s.o/ ■
Andrew, Dean G. C.  $      25.00 '
British Columbia Cancer Institute: /
for the Biomedical Branch Library   2,166.67 '
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. H. (Woodlands, Burrard Inlet):
for the Extension Library Gift Fund   10j
Harry Hawthorn Foundation  40.Lwv   ,
Hughes, Mr. Thomas S.   50.00 ^
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
for the Thomas Murray Collection   5,000.00 "Z
for the W. C. Koerner Humanities Fund  15,000.00 ">/
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M  36.52 ^
Rogers, Mrs. E. T.: /
the Gilbert Tucker Memorial   200.00*/!
Summer Session Students' Association: /
for Library Book Endowment Fund   75.00V
Taylor, Dr. H. E.   25.00V
Vancouver General Hospital: /
for the Biomedical Branch Library  6,298.76 t-
Contributions in this list $      265.00
Agnew, Miss Marjorie
Farrell, Miss Kathleen
Harris, Dr. Lawren
Hebb, Mrs. F. J.
Jukes, Mrs. A. E.
Korner, Mrs. Otto
Lamb, Dr. W. Kaye (Ottawa)
Lang, Mr. N. M.
Mara, Miss Denise Paterson, Dr. Donald
Rothstein, Dr. Samuel
Taylor, Mrs. Austin C.
Turvey, Dr. S. E. C.
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.
Woodward, Mrs. P. A.
(For Communications Programme, Department of Extension) .
CFJC (Kamloops)  $        56.00 *^
CFUN (Vancouver)  312.00 </
CHUB (Nanaimo)   260.00 i/y
CHWK (Chilliwack)   156.00 l/
C J AT (VfetoFia) T£.£LLL  20 8.00 l<
CJAV (Port Alberni)  156.00 */.
CJDC (Dawson Creek)   156.00"/
CJIB (Vernon)   195.00 l/O
CJOR (Vancouver)   520.00 */V
CJVI (Victoria)  312.0Q 1/
CKLG (North Vancouver)   260.00 if/
CKLW (Nelson)   130.00 //
CKNW (New Westminster)  702.00.*/
CKOK (Penticton)  195.00*"'  ,
CKOV (Kelowna)   195.00^
CKPG (Prince George)   156.00 f
CKWX (Vancouver)   702.00 S
Contributions in this list $      305.08
Allen, Molly (North Vancouver)
Bullen, M. Joan
Butler, Audrey E.
Dill, Charlotte E. (Ottawa)
Elliott, Marion
Fields, Mrs. Donald
Harvey, Mr. W. H.
Hunter, Mrs. J. D.
Hutchison, Mrs. M.
Kershaw, Mrs. S. C
Manning, Mrs. C. M. (Bralorne)
Moore, Margaret L.
McBride, Mrs. L.
McDonald, Mr. H.
MacDonald, Mrs. Marjorie E.
McQuarrie, Mrs. Margaret H. (New Westminster) Palmer, Gladys (Williams Lake)
Pearce, Mrs. Muriel (New Westminster)
Pearce, Shirley M. (North Vancouver)
Pryde, Kathleen M. (North Vancouver)
Rees-Thomas, Mrs. Glyn (West Vancouver)
Seldon, Mrs. G. E.
Stroyan, Mrs. Lillian
Wilson, Ruth P.
(note—continuing donations for annual awards will be acknowledged
in the May list.)
American Can Company of Canada Limited (Hamilton, Ontario): /
grant-in-aid additional to scholarships  $      500.00
American Cyanamid Company (Lederle Research Laboratories,
Pearl River, New York): .y
Lederle Research Summer Fellowships in Medicine       1,200.00 r
Army and Navy Department Store: /
for fellowship in neurology      1,000.00 '
B.C. Heart Foundation: y*
special medical scholarship grant     3,600.00
Branch No. 16, Ladies Auxiliary, Canadian Legion: *
special' scholarship         100.00 r
Brentwood Park Parent-Teacher Association: /
grant for extension award   lO.OOv
Burnaby Parent Teacher Council: y
for Summer Session Extension awards  25.00 *
Cnmobell. the late Anne S. (estate):
tor the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund         810.00
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, British Columbia Section: Ly
for the C.I.M.M. Loan Fund         500.00
Canadian Life Insurance Officers' Association (Toronto): .
medical fellowship and expenses       1,800.00 k
Canadian Women's Press Club, Vancouver Branch: y
for the endowment fund for Scholarship         250.00 ^
Canadian Mathematical Congress (Montreal):  j
for Summer Session prizes          150.00 <pi
Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L. (Ottawa): .
for special scholarships          800.00 If
Craig, Mrs. Elizabeth K.: -.
for the Thomas and Evelyn Hebb Memorial Scholarship          600.00 »
Dr. G. F. R. Barton Memorial Committee (Chilliwack): '
for the Dr. G. F. R. Barton Memorial Scholarship Fund     2,075.00   ^
Dutton, Dr. Guy: ,
for the University Fellowship Loan Fund          200.00 V\
Gage, Dean Walter H.: -
for scholarships, bursaries, and Loans         470.00 ^
Graduating Class of 1958, Faculty of Medicine: ^_
for bursary funds  70.00 ^T
10 Grand Lodge of B.C., Independent Order of Odd Fellows: Lf^-——"
for special scholarships and bursaries  1,200.00^
Hallett, Mr. David R. (Portland, Ore.): y
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund   66.50  V
Hamilton Junior High School (North Vancouver): vt_^_s—-"
special scholarships for Hungarian Students   500.OOV^
Haney Fruit Ranchers Association: y
for scholarships for special students   200.00\f
Holland, the late Marv Prnr-inm .pstntpV
for special scholarship funds  395.00 *■"'
James Lovick 8c Company Limited:
for fellowship in neurology  300.00 y
J. Fyfe Smith Company Limited: y
for fellowship in neurology  300.00  V
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A. (Victoria): /
for special scholarships  1,600.00 V
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York): /
grant additional to scholarships   1,000.00 V
Killam, Mrs. E.: v y
for the Thomas and Evelyn Hebb Memorial Scholarship         600.00 '•
Killam, Mrs. Kathleen H.:                      •' .,
for the Thomas and Evelyn Hebb Memorial Scholarship         600.00 *
Kitsilano- Secondary School Staff: [L^"	
special scholarship for high school graduate         250.00 **^
Lamb, Mr. Cecil (Wooston, Ohio): <_
for the Class of Agriculture '21  Scholarship Fund          500.00
Lillooet Community Scholarship Committee
special scholarship award         200.00'
Lundin, Mr. Klaus:
for the University General Loan Fund   9.00    •*!
Medical Ball Bursary Committee: /
for the Medical Ball Bursary Fund       1,000.00^
Miller, Mrs. Dorothy Hebb: y*
for the Thomas and Evelyn Hebb Memorial Scholarship         600.00^*
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
for scholarships in Summer School and special purposes     7,000.00 if
Morley, Miss Nina H. (Toronto): y
for the University Fellowship Loan Fund          500.00 ^
M^KprhniP. thp Into Dr   R   F   .P<.tntfiV /
for the scholarship fund  12.82  r
New Westminster Elementary Teachers Association: y
special scholarship   200.00 V
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Supreme Chapter (Portland, Oregon): y
special scholarship awards  1. 950.00^
Perrett, Mr. R. E.: y
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund  50.00 *
Quesnel High School P.T.A. (Quesnel): y
special student awards   100.00F
the late Jonathan (estate):
or the Jonathan Rogers Awards Fund          190.00
Shell Oil Company of Canada Limited (Ontario): yf
scholarship and grant-in-aid      1,700.00   ^
11 Summer Session Students Association:
for the Summer Session Students Loan Fund      1,000.00 V
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company:
grant-in-aid additional to scholarships          500.00 "'
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association:
for the Home Economics Scholarship Fund 	
Vancouver Festival Society:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Vancouver Foundation:
scholarship grant for special students 	
Vancouver Parent-Teacher Council:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club:
for Summer Session Extension Awards 	
Wills, Mrs. Marion H.:
for the Thomas and Evelyn Hebb Memorial Scholarship	
W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
for loan fund in Medicine	
Western Canada Steel Limited:
for fellowship in neurology	
Worthington, the late Dr. G. H. (estate):
for the Worthington Memorial Loan Fund 	
Wosk's Limited:
for fellowship in neurology	
Zeta Psi Educational Foundation (New York):
for entrance  scholarship 	
proficiency prizes for Law 	
400.00 V
2,700.00 V
25.00 V
50.00 *""
600.00 ^
15,000.00 U
100.00 V
3,000.00 y
200.00 V
l .nnn^
Contributions in this list $      798.42
Betterell, Mr. H. R. (Victoria)
Bonner, the Hon. R. W. (Victoria)
Carrothers, Prof. A. W. R.
Cross, Mr. G. H. (Victoria)
Cunningham, Mr. J. R.
Fisher, Mr. T. K.
Forrest, Mr. S. H.
Gourlay, Mr. J. L.
Hall, Mr. O. J.
Hanneson, Mr. R. S. M.
Hunter, Mr. D. L.
Lewis, Mr. C. J. (New Westminster)
Long, Mr. C. F.
Kennedy, Mr. Gilbert (Victoria)
Margach, Mr. J. A. (Chilliwack)
Marshall, Mr. T. C.
Mead, Mr. W. R.
McDonald, Mr. L. M. (Langley)
12 Mclllree, Mr. J. R. (Victoria)
McKenzie, Mr. L. G. (Victoria)
Perry, Mr. F. S. (Prince George)
Plommer, Mr. R. D.
Quinn, Mr. L. B.
Strongitharm, Mr. E. D. (Nanaimo)
Swinton, Mr. A. H.
Thompson, Mr. W. J.
Tupper, Mr. D. W. H.
Vaughn. Mr. D. L.
Warner, Mr. W. L.
Boultbee, Mr. H. N.:
a prize of $25, offered  in   1958,  for  a  promising student  in  the  field  of
animal science.
British Columbia Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress:
a bursary of $250 open in competition to sons and daughters of trade unionists enrolling in political science, labor economics, or industrial relations.
Buckshon's Pharmacy:
a bursary of $100, established in memory of Edith and Jacob Buckshon, for
students in Pharmacy.
Canadian Kodak Co. Limited:
a fellowship of $1,600 with an additional grant of $1,000 for a graduate
student in physics, session 1958-59.
Canadian Mathematical Congress:
prizes to the total of $150 for teachers showing proficiency in the special
course in mathematics, Summer, 1958.
Chapter AD of the P.E.O. Sisterhood:
a scholarship of $140, in memory of Mrs. Elsie Johnson, offered biennially
to a woman student in the Second Year of Education.
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal):
prize of $ 100 for the outstanding student in the field of psychiatry.
Class of Law 1948:
on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its graduation, the establishment
of the Law Alumni Student Aid Fund.
Cooper-Widman Limited: *~-
(i)   scholarship of $250 for students in First Year Commerce witb'preference
to those in the Forestry and related options.
(ii) scholarship of $250 for students in the Third Year Commerce with preference to those in the Forestry and related options.
Dr. G. F. R. Barton Memorial Bursary:
a bursary endowed as a memorial by the friends of the late Dr. G. F. R.
Barton, to be awarded annually to a student in the First Year of the pre-
veterinary course in Agriculture.
Graduating Class, Faculty of Medicine, 1958:
a bursary of $70 for a medical undergraduate in attendance at the University
in the Session 1958-59.
Hamilton Insurance Agency Ltd.:
scholarship of $100 for Third Year Commerce students proceeding to the
Final Year.
13 Hamilton Junior High School (North Vancouver):
two scholarships of $250 each, one to be awarded in 1958-59 and the other
in 1959-60, for Hungarian students.
Haney Fruit Ranchers Association:
donation of $200 for bursaries for Japanese-Canadian students.
The International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink and
Distillery Workers of America, Local 300:
bursary of $250 for students in the lower mainland area entering University
from high school.
Kamloops Branch of Hoo Hoo:
bursary of $200 for students from the Kamloops area  in  Forestry or  Forest
Kinsmen Club of Point Grey:
a bursary of $300 for a male undergraduate in the Second or Third Year of
university studies who is resident in the Point Grey Area.
LeFohn, Mr. L. J.:
entrance scholarship of $250 for students entering the University from high
Life Underwriters Association of Vancouver:
a scholarship of $200 for students proceeding to the Final Year in Commerce
who have taken the life insurance course in the Third Year.
Lions Club of Vancouver Chinatown:
a bursary of $100 for the Session  1958-59 for award to a Chinese student
resident in Vancouver and entering University from a Vancouver high school.
Lions Gate Branch No. 79, Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L.:
two scholarships of $250 each for students entering the University from the
Kitsilano Area.
Nemetz, Nathan T. Esq., Q.C.
in memory of his parents, Rebecca and Samuel Nemetz, a prize of $50 for
proficiency in any year of Law and a prize of $50 for proficiency  in constitutional law.
Pacific Coast Division of the American Pulp and Paper Mill
Superintendents Association:
a scholarship of $250 for a student taking work related to the pulp and paper
The R.A.F. Silver Jubilee Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
a bursary of $100 for a student in Third or Fourth Year Medicine.
Richard and Mary Legh Trophy:
a silver cup trophy to be awarded to the class in Medicine making the best
all-round contribution during the year.
Small, Mr. Willis H. (Eugene, Oregon):
a scholarship of $300 in the field of animal science for the session 1958-59.
Stry Credit Union:
a bursary of $300 for sons and daughters of Stry Credit Union who are members of the Junior Branch and are entering University.
Vancouver Electrical Association:
a scholarship of $250 for undergraduates or graduates in electrical engineering.
Vancouver Natural History Society:
a prize of books to the value of $25 for the best student in  Fourth Year
Vancouver Postal Club:
a scholarship of $150 for sons and daughters of postal employees entering
the University from high school.
14 Warner-Lambert of Canada Limited:
fellowship of $1,200 for a graduate in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
West Kootenay Branch, B.C. Division, Canadian Medical Association:
bursary of $250 for students in Medicine from the West Kootenay Area.
The W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
a loan fund of $15,000 for undergraduates in the Faculty of Medicine.
prizes for proficiency in the Faculty of Law, to the total of $150, awarded
in May and June, 1958.
Increases  in  Existing  Awards
Alliance Francaise:
annual bursary increased from $150 to $175.
American Society for Metals Foundation for Education and Research:
scholarship increased from $400 to $500.
The Delta Kappa Gamma Association:
scholarship increased from $200 to $250 for the Session 1958-59.
Inco Graduate Fellowship:
increased from $1,500 plus $500 administrative grant to $2,000 plus $500
administrative grant.
Northern Electric Company Limited (Montreal):
fellowship increased from $1,200 to $1,500 annually.
Osier, Hammond 8c Nanton:
scholarship increased from $150 annually to $200 and terms revised to include students in Arts or in Commerce.
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association:
scholarships for 1958-59 increased from a total of $600 to a total of $1,200.
The Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association:
annual scholarship increased from $150 to $250.
Bentley, Mr. Robert:
book (Canadian History).
Ri irhnnnn    thp IntP Mr.    rV.ni._l-
volumes of Royal Society of Canada Proceedings.
Consulate of Japan (Vancouver):
two books (architecture).
Departmento de Profilaxia da Lepra (Sao Paulo, Brazil):
book (medicine).
Department of Physics (books of the late Dr. A. E. Hennings, through
Dr. G. M. Shrum):
one hundred and fifty books on science.
Endacott, Miss Ethel and Lieut. Col. George M.:
sixty-two books (general).
Extension Library (U.B.C):
number of books (general).
Garneau, M. L'Abbe Jacques (Laval University, Que.):
books (Canadiana).
Gorrell, Mrs. Jessie:
books (art).
Guernsey, Mr. F. W.:
nineteen books (history).
15 ■JJiffldi .the late Robert A"i=?°p;,
three hundred and twelve books (general).
Impresora Dominicana, Ciudad Trujillo Dominican Republic:
book (history).
Lee, Dr. H. D. C. (Huddersfield, Works, England):
twenty-eight books (Canadiana).
Mackedie, Mrs. C. Bruce:
forty-two books (general).
McLennan, Mr. Lester W. (Fullerton, California):
thirty-two books (general).
MacMillan, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
books and map (history), photographs (history).
Pemberton Insurance Corp. Ltd.:
seven books (commerce).
Richardson, Mrs. Dorothy (Sidney):
one hundred and eight books (general).
Royal Society of Canada (Ottawa):
volumes of Royal Society of Canada Proceedings.
Stirk, Miss Louie:
forty-six books (music).
Walker, Mr. J. Alexander:
fifteen books (architecture).
Other generous and useful gifts from:
Canadian Manufacturers' Association (Toronto).
Consulate of Denmark (Montreal).
Delap, Mr. Archibald.
General Office of Information (Athens, Greece).
Hoar, Dr. W. S.
McLelland 8c Stewart Ltd. (Toronto).
Salter, Mrs. L. L.
Lougheed, His Worship Magistrate N. G. M. (New Westminster):
a number of law books
Agricultural  Engineering
B.C. Fruit Processors (Kelowna): gas-fired precision autoclave.
B.C. Motor Rebuilders: several Ford engines for course on motor mechanics.
General Motors Products of Canada Ltd.: G.M. truck engine for dynamometer test
Logan Mayhew Ltd.: bench grinder.
Rockwell-Standard Corporation (Allegan, Michigan): dynamometer universal joint
Union Carbide 8c Chemicals (New York): chemicals.
Anthropological Museum
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril S.: New Guinea culture material.
Cuzen, Mrs. J. (Caulfield): Indian oil dish, hat, fish hook and other artifacts.
16 Farris, Mrs. Wendell B.: oriental costumes and toys; Dutch costume.
Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. G. Morton (West Vancouver): Indian masks.
Hudson's Bay Company: display equipment.
St. Denis, Mr. F. G.: Indonesian daggers.
Stirk, Miss L.: lengths of tapa cloth.
T. Eaton Company Ltd.: display equipment.
Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (West Vancouver): fine Indian carvings.
Woodward Stores Limited: display equipment.
Archeological Museum
Robey, Mr. and Mrs. L. (Port Moody): adze blade of polished nephrite; perforated
stone net-sinker.
Architectural Institute of B.C.: books, including dictionary of architecture, Wren
Society (Vols. I to XX), History of Architecture, etc.
Bacteriology and Immunology
Green, Mrs. Howard (Ottawa): set of Encyclopedia Britannica (1 1th ed.).
Hunter, Dr. A. W.: experimental equipment.
Botanical Gardens
Angerman, Mr. D. (North Vancouver): collection of chrysanthemum plants.
Brown, Mrs. A .M.: palm.
Experimental Station (Beaverlodge, Alberta): collection of shrubs.
Jackson 8c Perkins Company (Newark, N.Y.): quantity of rose bushes.
Manten, the late Jacob (Manten's Nursery, White Rock):  collection of Daphne
May 8c Baker (Canada) Ltd. (Montreal): "Seradix" rooting hormone.
Moth, Mr. H. (North Surrey): collection of seventy different species of cacti.
Petty, Mr. J. L. (Rosecroft Nurseries, Langley): rose understock.
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and City of Tokyo: thousand Japanese
Cherry trees.
Chemical  Engineering
Beardmore and Company (Carlon Pipe Division, through Mr. H. A. Donaldson,
Vancouver): twenty plastic fittings and thirty-six steel clamps.
Huntingdon Rubber Mills Ltd. (Port Coquitlam): rubber lining for steel distributor
Industrial Coatings Limited (through Mr. John McLaughlin, Vancouver): heresite
coated   steel   drum;    heresite   coating   of   one   pump   and   ten   valves.
Patterson Boiler Works: two welded steel distributor tanks (special design).
Electrical  Engineering
Solonecki, Mr. W. J. (Terrace): Mark 19 Radio transmitter receiver.
17 Fine Arts
Fraser, Mr. Alex (Alex Fraser Galleries, Vancouver): three original oil paintings
by Sir Mathew Smith (1) and R. O. Dunlop, R.A. (2).
MacMillan, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.: substantial collection of fish specimens
from Clarion Island, Mexico.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (through Mr. D. S. Campbell, Bluebell Mine, Riondel, and Mr. F. G. Shannon): quantity of mineral
specimens for laboratory instruction.
Chown, Mr. Ned and Burtow, Mr. A.: collection of rocks from France, Itcly, and
Great Britain.
Cote, Dr. P. E. (Calgary): book on sedimentation and oil occurrence.
Davies, Mr. J. P. (Vananda): suite of thirty-two specimens, with explanatory
notes and maps, of the iron ore deposits of Texada Mines Ltd.
Johnson, Mr. R. (University of Leeds): gift of rock specimens from Southern
Experimental Farm (Summerland): fruit samples for class identification work.
Provincial Horticulturist. B.C. Department of Agriculture (Victoria): fruit samples
for class identification work from Vernon, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Summer-
land, Fraser Valley, Penticton, Oliver, Vancouver Island.
Rose, Mr. William: specially propagated apple tree.
Vernon Orchard Nurseries (Vernon): one hundred dwarf apple trees and twenty-
five dwarf apple root-stocks.
Mechanical Engineering
George Kent (Canada) Ltd.: flow measurement apparatus for measuring pressure
drop on a display board.
Medical  Faculty
Koerner, Dr. and Mrs. Leon: bird respirators.
Mclntyre Research Foundation (Toronto, Ont.): collection of lung sections.
Class of 1958: furniture for nursing common room in Wesbrook building.
Home Safety Interest Group (Public Health Nursing Course):  subscription for one
year of "Home Safety Review."
Donaldson, Mr. Earl B. (Revelstoke): plaque.
Physical  Education
Grauer, Mr. Carl (Richmond): lacrosse sticks and other equipment.
18 Physics
Texaco   Exploration  Co.   (Calgary):   complete  seismic   recording   equipment with
Williams, Dr. Donald H.: X-ray machine (120 KV).
Plant Science
American Chemical Paint Co. (Ambler, Pa.): chemical products.
Dow Chemical of Canada Limited (Sarnia): chemicals.
Later Chemicals, (Vancouver): herbicides.
?VV-'* Poultry Science
GordojlY.oung (B.C.) Ltd.: large quantity of Sta-Y-Fat.
Merck.pnxl Co. (through Mr. D. Dougans, Branch Manager, Vancouver): drugs and
"vrramin preparations, etc.
N. Dj-lHs-gg Limited (Toronto): drugs and vitamins.
Vander (Slessen Distributors (Aldergrove):  Newcastle infectious bronchitis vaccine.
Walters,- Mr. A. G. (Salopian Industries (Metals) Ltd., Battlefield, Shrewsbury, England): "Salmet" battery cages (two sets).
Soil Science
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada: large quantity of fertilizer
Crown Zellerbach Corporation (Research Department, Camas, Washington): quantity of fertilizer chemicals.
Green Valley Fertilizer 8c Chemical Company (New Westminster): large quantity
of fertilizer chemicals.
Harrison-Crosfields Ltd.: quantity of chemicals.
Later.Chemicals Ltd.: experimental fertilizer chemicals.
Tennessee Valley Authority (Pilot Plant, Wilson Dam, Alabama): large quantity
• .of fertilizer chemicals.
Dowries, Mr. W. (Victoria): collection of insects, including thirty-three boxes containing 1,500 specimens of insects of order Hemiptera and 1,500 specimens
..Of order Lepidoptera.
Martin, Mr. P. W. (Kamloops): twelve specimens of birds.
Special Acknowledgments
The Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation:
Statue of King George VI, now placed in the gardens southeast of the War
Memorial Gymnasium; presented to the University by the War Amputations
of Canada.
Ryan, His Honour Judge J. L. (Bathurst, New Brunswick):
original minutes of the meeting of Convocation of the University of British
Columbia, October 22nd, 1890; letter from the Attorney-General of British
Columbia to Chancellor I. W. Powell, December 18, 1891.
ten chairs for Board and Senate Room.


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