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April,  1944, to March,   194S
The Consolidated   Mining   and  Smelting   Company  of  Canada   Ltd.,  a   fellowship  of
$750; for equipment, $450
The Vancouver Central  Lions Club, a fellowship of $1,200;  for equipment,  $300
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Armstead, a scholarship of $250
The Vancouver Women's Canadian Club, a scholarship of $100
The Vancouver Sun, two scholarships of $200 each
Price, Waterhouse & Company, a scholarship of $250
The British Columbia  Electric Railway Co. Ltd., a research scholarship of $500;  for
equipment, $100
Two scholarships of $200 each
Under the will of the late Chancellor R. E. McKechnie, the residue of his estate for
the establishment of a scholarship trust fund
Dorothy and William  Dorbils, a prize of $100
The Vancouver News-Herald, two prizes of $200 and $150
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Armstead, a prize of $50
The Rotary Club of Vancouver, five bursaries of $200 each
The British Columbia Cooperative Seed Association, a bursary of $100
The Vancouver   Section   of  the   National   Council   of  Jewish  Women   of  Canada,   a
bursary of $100
The Provincial  Council  of British  Columbia,  Canadian  Daughters  League,  a  bursary
of $100
The University Women's Club of Vancouver, a bursary of $100
The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, a bursary of $50
An anonymous donor, a bursary of $1,000
The Summer Session Students' Association Scholarship, from $30 to $40
The Timber Preservers Limited Prizes from $60, $25, and $15, respectively, to $65,
$45, and $25
The British Columbia Fruit Growers' Golden Jubilee Scholarship, from $100 to $125
The Ahepa  Prize for  Proficiency  in Greek,   from  $75  to   $100
The Mary C. Lipsett Bursary, from $200 to $250
The Lady Laurier Club Bursary, from $75 to $100
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, to establish a loan fund in Forestry, $2,500
The Alumnae, University of Toronto, for a Dean of Women's Fund, $50
Mrs. Douglas Stewart, for the President's Fund, $200
Dr. Laval Leeson, for the University Loan Fund, $10
Mr. P. R. Brissenden, for the War Memorial Bursaries Fund, $35
Miss F. H. McLeod, Secretary-Treasurer of Alfred W.  McLeod, Limited, for the War
Memorial Bursaries Fund, $300 ENDOWMENT OF LECTURESHIP
The Misses Bostock, to establish the Hewitt Bostock Memorial Lecture, $5,000
Under the will of the late Mrs. Mary Catharine Fisher, for the establishment of a
Chair of Medicine, $50,000, and for the establishment of a Chair of Aeronautics,
An anonymous donor, for the establishment of a Chair of Home Economics,  $10
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, for work in forestry,  $22,500
British Columbia Packers Limited,  for work in fisheries, $22,500
An anonymous donor, for research in the field of medicine,  $25,000
Dr. W. Chalmers of Western Chemical Industries Limited, for research in fish oils, $650
Junior League of Vancouver, for work in the Department of Social Work, $9,000
Dr. William D. Patton, for research on infantile paralysis, $1,000
Safeway Stores Limited, for research in poultry and egg production, $2,000, and for
research  in vegetable foods, $300
Cunningham Drug Stores, Limited, for the construction of a Pharmacy Building,
The British Columbia Parent-Teachers Federation, for the erection of a Home Economics Management House, $20,000
The Surrey Cooperative Association,  for the Poultry Nutrition  Building, $250
Associate Professor J. Biely,  for the Poultry Building  Fund,  $298.90
Mr. Leon J. Koerner, for a set of models of mushrooms, $500
The British Columbia  Division of the Canadian  Institute of Mining  and Metallurgy,
for books and equipment, $100
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Matthison, the honorary degree gown, cap, and hood belonging
to the late Judge F. W. Howay
Mrs.   E.  J.   Urwick,   the  gown,   cap,   and   hood   belonging   to   her   husband   the   late
Professor Urwick
Mrs. J.  N.  Ellis,  a framed steel  engraving  of  "Shakespeare  and  His  Friends"
Private Collections
The library of the late Judge F. W. Howay
The library of the late Chancellor R.  E. McKechnie (other than medical books)
From Mrs. J. C. M.  Keith, a collection on architecture bequeathed to the  University
by the late Mr. J. C. M. Keith
From the estate of the late Mr. Moses B. Cotsworth, a collection dealing with calendar
and calculating tables
The library of Canadiana gathered by the late Dr. Robie L. Reid, K.C.; to be shelved
with the Judge Howay  library
The engineering  library of Major-General H. F. G. Letson
From Mrs. Alan  Plaunt,  the  library of Canadiana collected by her father, the  late
Mr. A. M. Pound
From Dr. L. S. Klinck, President Emeritus, Mr. H. R. MacMillan, Mrs. R. J. Sprott,
Dr. G. H. Clement, Mr. W. T. Lane, Mr. Leonard Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lawren
Harris, Dr. Olive Sadler, Mr. T. Dowbor, Mr. Hal Griffin, Dr. Basil Mathews, Mr.
Gordon Scott, the Women's Auxiliary of the Vancouver Branch, B'nai Brith, Mr.
Harold Daly, K.C., Mrs. J. H. Humbird, Mr. Maurice Carmichael, Mrs. A. J.
Doull, Mr. J. Duff, Mr. Donald Stalker, various members of the University's
teaching staff. Squadron Leader W. C. Gibson, Mr. R. T. Rodd, Mrs. C. A. L.
Payne, the Vancouver Medical Association, the Vancouver General Hospital, the
Canadian Fishing Company, the Vancouver Public Library, the Libraries of the
University of Chicago, and the New York Public Library
Mr. Leon J. Koerner: Grateful acknowledgment is made of a gift of fifteen unique
mushroom models valued at $500 presented to the University by Mr. Leon J.
Koerner of Vancouver in June, 1944. Each set is carved from a solid block of
linden wood and is the work of the late Mr. W. Kvak, a celebrated Czecho-
slovakian sculptor and woodcarver of Vienna, Austria.
(For Herbarium and  Botanical Gardens)
CANADA Montreal  Botanical Garden
ENGLAND       Royal Horticultural Society
SCOTLAND     Botanic Garden, University of St. Andrews
Gordon M. Abernethy: Large framed photograph of original stand of cedar timber on
University Forest Reserve at Pitt Lake
Ian D. Matheson: Turned specimen of Lignum vitae wood
Dr. I. McT. Cowan: Specimen of wood of Pinus albicaulis, collected in the B. C. Rockies
B.  C.  Forest Service:   Douglas  fir seed
Dr. Ian McT. Cowan: Suites of fossils from Jasper Park
Dr.   V.   Dolmage:   Suite   of  ores,   rocks,   and   microscope   slides   from   Hedley   Mascot
Mine, B. C.
Mr.  Franc  R. Joubin:  Suite of ores and rocks from  Pioneer Mine,  B.  C.
Mr. Alex. Halkett, Fossils,  minerals,  photographs, sea shells,  Indian implements,  kauri
gum, and other objects of interest
Dr. A. H. Lang: Gold and base metal ores from mines of N. W. Quebec
Mr.  Rodney Morris:  A number of books,  periodicals, and  maps
Mr. H. A. (Bud) Rose:  Crystallized gold on quartz, Spud Valley Mine, Zeballos, B. C.
Valuable suites of ore from:
The Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company, Ltd.
Island Mountain Mining Company, Ltd.
Bralorne Mines, Ltd.
Highland Bell, Ltd.
Dominion Experimental Station, Summerland, B. C: Shipments of fruit specimens of
pears, apples,  and grapes for systematic study
Dominion Experimental Station, Saanichton, B. C: Fruit specimens for systematic study
Mr. W. H. Robertson, Provincial Horticulturist, Victoria, B. C, and district horticulturist and field men: Twelve boxes of fruit variety specimens for systematic study
Provincial Department of Agriculture, the B. C. Co-operative Seed Association,
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Buckerfield's Ltd.: Contributions toward the cost of
the Vegetable Seed Trial Project DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY
(For Museum of Zoology)
Mr:  E.  R.  Buckell,  Dominion  Entomological  Laboratory,   Kamloops:   Specimens  of
rare Diptera of British Columbia
Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Vancouver: Ectoparasites of birds and mammals
Mr. 0. E. French, Lempriere:  Ectoparasites of wild mammals
Mr. J. M. Gilmour,  Egmont:  Botfly larva in lesion in mouse
Mr. H. Gray, Science Service, Ottawa: Prairie Spider beetles
Mr. H. B. Leach, Vernon: Collections of insects of several orders, especially extensive collections of named beetles of two families
Mr. Kenneth Racey, Vancouver: Ectoparasites of birds and mammals
Mr. H. A. Spaulding, Pender Island:  Large supply of ectoparasites of deer
Other invertebrates:
Dr. N. M. Carter, Vancouver: Parasites of mackerel shark
Mr. K. Ketchan, Vancouver: Squid, etc.
Mr. R. W. Pillsbury, Vancouver: Mollusca, etc.
Mr. G. F. Allen, North Vancouver:  1  lantern fish from Atlantic Ocean
Mr. K. Ketchan, Vancouver:  1  ribbed sculpin
Mr. A. C. Brooks, Okanagan Landing: 1 Cooper hawk, 1  marsh hawk
Mr. L. Jobin, Williams lake: 1 hawk owl
Mr.  K. Racey, Vancouver:   1  flicker
B. C. Game Commission through Inspector R. M. Robertson: Bighorn skull
Mr. A. C. Brooks, Okanagan Landing: 10 pocket gophers
Miss D.  Dalziel, Okanagan Landing: Skulls of coyote and bobcat
Mr.  L. Jobin,  Williams  Lake:  Skulls of lynx,  bobcat,  otter,  beaver,  fox,  mink,
marten,  wolf, badger,  and fisher
National Parks of Canada, Ottawa:  1  wolverine
Mr. A. Peake, Duncan: 3 black bear
Mr. J. Simpson Jr., Banff:  1  buffalo skull
Mr. H. Wearne, Quick: Skulls of wolves, fox, mink, and moose
(General Acknowledgments)
B. C. Packers, Vancouver: Dogfish for class use
Dr. W. J. Brown, Science Service, Ottawa:  Identification of B. C. beetles
Mr. E. R. Buckell, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, Kamloops:  Further additions to
the card index catalogue of the Journal of Economic Entomology
Dr. Carl Duncan, San Jose, California:  Identification of specimens from wasps' nests
Mr. G. Holland, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, Kamloops:  Identification of B. C.
Mr. G. Hopping, Dominion  Entomological Laboratory, Vernon:   Identification of B. C.
Mr. H. B. Leech, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, Vernon: A further contribution
of entomological books, bulletins and separates
Mr.   Kenneth   Racey,  Vancouver:  A  mounted  human  skeleton  and  additional   human
skeletal material
Vancouver Shellfish Co., Vancouver: Several pounds of prawns for class use
Dr. Stuart Walley, Science Service, Ottawa:   Identification of B. C. parasitic Hymen-
Dr. M. Y. Williams, Vancouver:  Class demonstration material


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