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thz   &i&los    ?/)*//>   PiNb   s/wrsh   mi To YOU.... a load of lavish gifts.
The top five are really fortunate this year.  We visited the
"For Men Only" gift sections of our Vancouver department stores.
They analyzed the vivid descriptions we gave them and came up
with these results.
For Basil Stuart-Stubbs
Recently a student walked into the Front Office requesting
a library card.  In the process, he asked "Who is that man who
sits in that office?", pointing slightly left.  Replying "Why,
that's Mr. BSS, the Head Libn."  He said "Doesn't he ever do
any work?  Every time I walk past his window outside he's looking at me!"
Some protective disguise is obviously needed.
For Bill Bell and the budget problems
For Bert Hamilton and his hobby  r^
\ For Bill Watson... we quote Vol. LXXX, No. 16 of the Vancouver
"David Patchett, a worker at Stelco, has a beard.
Stelco wants him to shave it off or wear a beard
guard at all times on the job.  The beard, say
company officials, is a fire hazard."
And so, from the Fire Marshall and the Safety Committee...
For Bob MacDonald... from those who attempt to track him
down upon short notice.
/ Vfftr ^cwfc. string- Armcuep ro M-
\xT*.tN(r ATT*Ci4£i>  TO  HIS  C<*F/C£   Oe$t>
The Divisions in the ha in Library building could keep the
North Pole workshops busy for years.  However, careful
sleuthing revealed the following urgent needs.
Acqu i s i t ions Catalogu ing
C i rcu1 at ion
Fine Arts
Science, Social Science and Humanities
One-way tickets to anywhere for the staff, student, or
faculty member of your choice. Sedgewick Library
A flashing neon -inn to lure in
'\ B><9Mt
Special Collections and the Map Room.  A remote control
friend-foe door recognizer,
Government Publications. A rash of requests.,, to mention
a few - a large waste basket, sunlight and a^typewriter.
And  now,   for  your   listening  pleasure,   a  few  traditional
Christmas  Carols   from  our   resident  poetess... Fill the files with stacks of green slips
Tra la la la la, tra la la la
Cream and white and pink and blue slips
Tra la la la la, tra la la la
If you think they're to amuse you
Tra la la la la, tra la la la
They're really put there to confuse you
Tra la la la la, tra la la la.
Dashing through the stacks
With a motor driven truck
Round the floors they go
See the students duck.
Pat and all his gang
Fill the shelves with speed
As they hurtle through the doors
Watch the wild stampede.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
See them clear the aisles.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In automated style.
Oh Baz and B, oh Baz and B
By now your trip is history
Oh Baz and B, Oh Baz and B
You toiled and told most admirably
When next you go, across the waves
Just think of all your "*" starved
Oh Baz and B, Oh Baz and B
Indulge in more debauchery.
God   rest  ye merry   library  staff
It's been a hectic year
With cash and trips and "tours" and Bips
And frantic atmosphere.
But now it's time to make a toast
A toast of Biblos cheer
Oh, happy and joyous Noel, joyous Noel
And joyous and happy New Year.
Sing along with Pat
the word love, news, sex - may be used. Front Office News, Meetings, Appointments, Promotions, Etc.
Reference Meetings
November 18th
All microforms materials and readers are now in ONE PLACE
- on floor 6 near Government Publications.
The Library's Reference Publication #20 "Reference guide
to bibliographies in history [America & West Europe]", 18 p.
has been prepared by Susan Port, Humanities.
The need for a staff handbook was mentioned in the last
Biblos.  The usefulness of the university handbook for general
library use was questioned and Mr. Bell proposes to write a
page or two for the Reference Manual on points pertaining to
the library specifically.
Miss Ng begins a two and a half months trip to the Orient
on November 26th to buy books.
The Information Desk telephone is now 2668 and a night
1ine only.
December 2nd
To be noted.  Recent Serials Division publications:
"Introduction to the Serials Division;" "Serials Accessions
List, No. 4"; "Operations being undertaken by Serials staff
in the morgue"; and a file of daily newspapers received in
the U.B.C. Library prepared for the National Library.
Also to be noted.  Dorothy Shields has asked that all
yellow requisitions be marked "Cat. for [Div.] Reference" -
rather than RUSHRUSHRUSH.
The Book Review Digest for about the last 25 years is
now duplicated in Sedgewick. 8
Division Heads Meeting - December 16th
Center for Research Libraries
On November 24th, Mr. Gordon Williams, Director of the
Center, met with division heads to discuss the work of his
organization.  Originally a storage unit for ten mid-western
libraries, the Center now accepts any research library in the
U.S. or Canada.  It stores seldom needed materials for members and maintains an active acquisitions program so that
libraries need purchase only works they really need for
current use.  The Center also, of course, supplied materials
to members and others.
The Center also operates huge microfilming projects -
foreign newspapers, official gazettes, etc.  Annual dues,
which are based on the libraries' book budgets, would be
high for us.  No decision will be made until Mr. Stuart-
Stubbs visits the Chicago premises in January.
Libraries in the Campus Plan
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs described to the division heads the
long-term plans for the use of campus lands - dozens of new
buildings with fountains, imaginative landscaping, covered
walkways, and nearly all student parking in one, far-off,
huge, treed lot.  While individual buildings have not yet
been discussed.  Undoubtedly there will be several new
branch libraries, as well as additions to Woodward and the
Main Library (horrors, again!)
All this bliss is a number of years off, even if the
federal government does make large capital grants.  But we
must be ready with concrete plans for the various buildings
and services.  Staff committees will investigate the
various possibilities and make recommendations.
Caut ion:  Petty thievery has broken out again.  Do not
leave your possessions lying about - night or day. Acqui si tions
Ci rculat ion
Gov. Pubs.
Law Library
Prebi ndery
Soc, Sci,
Woodwa rd
New Staff
Charlotte MacKay Lib. Asst.
Suzanne Fazekas Clerk I
Penny Kill Clerk I
Harvey Christensen Clerk I
Jean Lindsay Clerk II
Margaret O'Nei11 Libn. I
Ursula Compes Clerk I
Christine Maxwel1 Clerk I
Margaret Price Lib. Asst.
Heather Pittendrigh Clerk I
Derica de Beauchamp- Clerk I
Denn igan
Sheila Lee Clerk I I
Monique Legere Lib. Asst.
Lorraine Image Clerk I
Helene Goetz Clerk I
Paralee Ann Witton Clerk I
Pat Smith Clerk I
Gisella Mallue Clerk I
Other New Staff (hourly)
Sheila Neville Extension Library
Esther Vital is Bibliography
Roswitha Haas Woodward
Betty-Lou French        "
Joan Rennie "
Sarah Westbrook        "
Margaret Parker Clerk I from Woodward to Acquisitions
Solahn Faulkner Clerk I from Prebind to Acquisitions
Penny Jandali Lib. Asst. from Main Loan Desk to
Reserve Book Collection
Prompt ions
Hannelore Headley Acq. Lib. Asst. to Sr. Lib. Asst.
Yvonne Forsythe "  Clerk II to Lib. Asst.
Pat LaVac "  Clerk II to Lib. Asst.
Judith McDermott "   Clerk I to Clerk II 10
Maria Haas, Acq.
Siu C. Su i, Mai 1 Room
Pat Shandruk, Acq.
Beatrice (Bep) Wurm
Lore Brongers, Cat.
Kenneth Telfer, Serials
Clerk I to Clerk II
Clerk I to Clerk II
Clerk I to Clerk I I
Clerk I, Cat. to Clerk I I,
Libn. I I to Libn. I I I
Hourly to Clerk I
Resignat ions
Joyce Tanino
December 30th
Heather Anders
Ci re.
December 30th
Gen i ia Davidiuk
Circ. (RBC)
October 30th
Josette Glattli
Circ. (RBC)
December 30th
Marianne Kuipers
Circ. (RBC)
December 30th
Andre Preibish
Catalogu i ng
December 30th
Diane MacNai r
Gov. Pubs.
December 17th
Penny Persons
January 2nd
Jo-Anne Smith
Soc. Sc.
December 3rd
As most of us are well aware, the library staff is
getting ever larger, and our staff lounge perspectively
smaller.  Student friends and student help are not
entitled to use the staff lounge. In answer to Pat LaVac's appeal to the B&G elves for regulated
air-conditioning in Acquisitions we reverently publish the
following from Mr. A. H. Whistler, B&G.
For your staff that believes in Santa Claus, this message
pertains to their cause.
Dear Basil, your order is now on top.
Attention is sure, so calm your crop.
A pleasant climate is meant for those
Who state their case in rhyming prose.
Working conditions for some are good,
If you are pleased then touch on wood.
Others feel drafts, some cold, some warm,
And with their talents create a storm.
Knees to knees and nose to nose
This is indeed no fighting pose.
It is hard for us to understand
Why there's not a clamor to join your band.
The climate must be very bad
If the air has started this new fad.
Right now the elves are busy on toys,
But next they'll help your girls and boys.
Santa is always glad to hear
Your little troubles throughout the year.
But when it deals with the problem breeze
They always call Art Whistler please. ,^.,-WI.ii
And from an anonymous "admirer" of B and SB's comments in
their overseas letter B and &B received the following -
plus a Dutch treat in the form of a cake which was eagerly
devoured by staff recently at coffee break.
B &B
Went over the sea
To buy books
But, en passant, met with poor cooks
Meme en Hollande.
Wat een schande!
(Harper will soon explain;
It means "what a shame!" )
They wrote to this effect
Without too much respect
In Biblos.
Sint-Nicolaas, a Saint from Spain-
Who keeps the most cordial ties with his former domain-
From experience said:
"It can't be all that bad.
Of course, they use a lot of butter
(Here one can hear Black Peter mutter:
"Margarine it's nowadays,
Since butter no longer in Holland stays,")
However, restaurants are not a good measure.
By serving far too much, they think, they give one
pleasure. 13
To restore, if possible, a little bit of your confidence
Sint-Nicolaas someting you sends
Which is a must at this time of the year -
In Holland, that is - not yet here.
It's a kind of cake
Which He Himself did not bake,
As to the girls, He agrees.
No longer do they please
His episcopal eye.
'Twas better in days now long gone by.
It's all the fault of prosperity and greed.
They want to get things they really do not need.
And automation has dulled their wit.
Dear B and &B, that is just it!
Sint hopes the one "attached" is somewhat pleasing.
But, do remember, please, it's the time for teasing
In gift and rhyme
At this time
In the land of orchids and rugs.
(At least one does not find there bugs
As in its neighbour to the South!)
Now it's time for Sint to shut His mouth.
Sint-Nicolaas 14
It is always of interest to hear about other people's problems.
Usually, you have no choice.  Pat LaVac, in reading the University of California.  Berkeley Division.  1964-65 report, notes
the following points of comparison for us.
Book funds available to the General Library $632,424
(poor souls)
The Temporary Cataloguing Pool (Gerry take heart) - books
listed in the Main Catalogue only under author - 32,000 titles.
Monographic series on the shelves which are represented in the
Catalogue only under series titles - 28,000 volumes, which
should be analyzed under Author.
Data Processing.  Although the computerized charging system
for the Loan Department has not been financed, steps have
been taken to create a climate sympathetic to automation.
(One up for us)
Service.  Study space is available 7 a.m. to midnight,
weekdays and 9 a.m. to midnight Saturdays and Sundays.
(And we're not far off on that one.)
The non-professional Library Assistant series was restructured
from a two to a three level series providing better accommodation for non-professional staff with a highly specialized
knowledge.  (The "Association" please note.) 15
In 1952 a volume was published entitled Canadian Quotations
& Phrases - Literary & Historical, compiled by Mr. Robert M.
Hamilton, Assistant Librarian, also known to most of us as &B.
This book was designed mainly as a guide to what Canadians
have said in the past about themselves or things Canadian, or
from a Canadian point of view,  Bruce Hutchison says with
enthusiasm in his introduction:
"Let the reader seek a Canadian opinion on almost any
subject from drink to death, and he will find it here,
conveniently arranged in alphabetical order.  Better
still, let him start at the beginning and read to the
end.  He is not much of a Canadian if he can lay this
book down before he has finished every Canadian word
of it."
We are pleased to see that it is now available in paperback
for 95c in the McClelland and Stewart "Canadian Best-Seller
Library" series. A handy last-minute stocking-filler.
And from the New Statesman:  The bare facts about automation.
" The Computer class for nudists, fifty strong, consists
of housewives, teachers, doctors, engineers, and office
workers.  Dr. D. J. Gibson, club secretary, explained that
it is being started because the weather is not always suitable for tennis." 'Twas the night before New Year's
And all through the house...


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