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BIBLO'S shaky reputation of possessing all the latest, up-to-
date information, gossip, slander, etc. re library activities,
suffered another prideful blow when unceremoniously scooped by
the local UBYSSEY. The results of the "Traffic survey at the
University of British Columbia Libraries" had long been awaited.
Plans of wide-open-heavens proportions had almost been created
to spring the factual news upon the waiting, anticipating staff.
Alas and alack! A bold, a black, a headline of shattering
proportions dashed all hopes of a  BIBLOS first. And so we can
only point, in sadness, to the 5 percent descrepancy between
numbers of people entering and leaving the library and to the
poor pup who was unofficially counted in, but never out.
However, in retaliation to the unethical scooping by UBYSSEY,
BIBLOS has conducted its own traffic survey and must say, in
all unabashed modesty, that its results are truly remarkable.
We call our survey, most aptly, "An exercise in Busyness."
For 1 hour, a total of 60 minutes between the hours of
11 and 12 o*clock on Friday, March 26, 19^5> reasonably
accurate statistics were taken on the number of people who
crossed the fore and hindsight vision of the BIBLOS staffer • 2-
on Information Desk. To define the terms of reference
^crossed the fore and hindsight vision,.* more elesely
means that to become a statistic, one had to make a
complete, crossing past the Information Desk - whether in
front or behind was quite immaterial. A slight moral crisis
was provoked when several potential statistics stopped
midway in the crossing AND eventually retreated in the same
direction from whence they had come. The statistician, hence,
could only morally conclude that these would not be honest
statistics - and popped them in,,
In a further breakdown of figures, and also to emphasize the
"BUSYNESS' aspect of the survey, statistics were also kept
on the number of times a particular person passed by the
Information Desk. Got a bit complicated here, it didc
BIBLOS is proud to be the first to tell you that a total
of 275 statistics "passed by my window" - so to speak - in
only 1 hour. In all fairness, BIBLOS admits that survey
conditions were not ideal in that the weather was half-
cloudy, quite cool, and in that exams are imminent and
essays presumedly completec However, the Information Desk
and Catalog areas are the hub of the Library and therefore,
must be considered the "busiest" to portray "busyness." To
demonstrate this statement, the gathered statistics showed
T passing by the Information Desk at least twice, 13 traversing
at least 3 times, 3~at least h times, 2 - 5 times, and in
conclusion, a "funny" librarian who managed to be "busy" for
8 crossings.
Remember "Busyness is next to...the card catalog" - and you
read this first in BIBLOS.
HOPEFUL DEADLINE for next months' BIBLOS is - please-
APRIL 23, 1965. A FRIDAY. HEADS' MEETING       "^wlP^Si March l6>  1965
Dr. Frank Rogers, Professor of Medical Bibliography at the
University of Colorado, spoke on automation to the School
of Librarianship students on April 1 and 2.  Dr. Rogers
was formerly head of the U0S« Surgeon-General's Office
Library^ and was a leader in planning the MEDLARS system,
Doug Mclnnes (Woodward) recently attended in Ottawa a
meeting of medical deans and librarians, regarding the
Simon report. Discussion centred on the proposed
Canadian medical bibliographic centre which will
probably be located in Ottawa.
Miss Ng (Asian Studies) will go to San Francisco for a
meeting of the Association of Asian Studies,,
Potential Travel
Although the"budget is not yet set, there will undoubtedly
be a sum-of money to aid conference-going librariansj
and it is expected to be a larger sum this year, The
current golden egg committee; Maureen Wilson, Chairman;
Bill Bell, John Gray, Doug Mclnnes, Helen Constable.
Reading Rooms
The Library's policy on campus reading rooms has been
approved by the Senate Library Committee, and is now
in the hands of the Committee of Academic Deans,
prepatory to going to the Senate, Several departments
have requested reading rooms; where funds are available^
preparations are being made to stock and operate them. Facilities and Services
The Record Library and Wilson Listening Room is ready.
Douglas Kaye_moved his collection of records over from
the Extension Department and alterations proceeded around
him. Many new records have been purchased, both of music
and of the spoken word. Campus fee will remain at S5.00;
class listening will be free. An outside speaker will
provide noon-hour concerts, Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and Dr. Hagler
are experimenting with a computerized cataloguing system for
the records. This new facility was made possible by a gift
from Ethel and Wallace Wilson, long-time friends of the
The Extension Library, which will serve only extension credit
courses and drama groups, has moved to Floor 2 near the
mail room. It is not accessible to the telephone, and
callers should be asked to leave a message for Miss Mercer.
The Curriculum Laboratory is on the new Education Building
telephone exchange, local 801j they hope to get back their
old number 355*
The Docustat on Floor 5 has attracted enough business to
satisfy the company, and they plan to install another
machine in Sedgewick (nee College). The Library will
suggest a soft drink dispenser in the staff room.
Remember that the Xerox service is open until 9 P.m. Since
evening business is seldom heavy, library copying left
at 5 P.m. can usually be ready by the next morning.
Circulation proposes to attempt a complete inventory of the
stacks, to close the Library for three days in May, and
have the whole library staff work on the check. Mr.
Stuart-Stubbs is asking the administration for permission
to close.
Circulation Is also preparing for September launching of the
new IBM circulation system. Their staff are being trained
now, and the rest of us will be introduced to it during
the summer. A key punch is now installed in the Circulation
work area. SOMEONE
Xerox Copy from Microfilm
A Vancouver firm, Preston Microfilming Services, Ltd.,
supplies an answer to the question **How and where can I
get Xerox copy from microfilm"? The price of Xerox
Copyflo prints is .07$- per Lino Ft. Using this method
of reproduction, they can supply prints up to 11*• in
width with a 2 week delivery date.  Xerox 1824 prints
cost .09$- per Lino Ft. and produce a print up to 18'' in
width. A delivery date of 2 or 3 days is required for
Please.'   Re: Mechanical, Electrical, Heating, etc. Problems
All such difficulties must be reported
to Mrs. Dewar, Librarians's Office.
Staff members must not phone Buildings
and Grounds directly.
What is Happiness?
Happiness is a Spanking new display in the SSD display case.
We want more - Happiness.
Cataloging Strikes Again
1911    Weigl, Karl, 1881-1949.
[Quartet, strings, op. h,  A major]
--played on a G string, no doubt.* SPECIAL TO BIBLOS
On Friday and Saturday, March 19"and 20, several members of
the Library staff attended a very enjoyable evening of plays
by the "Playtime Theatre" group. The group presented
"Rumpelstilskin" by the smaller children and "Aladdin" a
three act play in verse, by the 6-lk year old members of
Both the plays were written by Pat-LaVac (Acquisitions)
who is the organizer of "Playtime Theatre".  Pat has been
running the group for seven years and many dozens of
children have been able to enjoy the fun of make believe
and dress up, an enjoyment which she feels is sadly
lacking in the schools today.
The children meet in her basement recreation room on
Saturday morning and bring 10 <^ each towards costumes and
scenery. They are all neighbourhood children and are all
given a part and lines to say, even if she has tr write
in extra parts.1 What is lacking in experience is made
up in sheer enthusiasm and pride when the parents are
sitting in the audience.
Her husband Gerry makes the scenery and her two older
daughters, Marilyn and Patsy Anne, too grown up now to
be on stage, help with production.
This year, as usual, the performance was held on the
basement stage, and each night forty to fifty proud
pprents, friends and younger brothers and sisters sat on
wooden benches and thoroughly enjoyed the magic world
of make believe,
Pat eventually hopes to compile a book, showing how anyone
with little experience, a sizeable basement and limited
finances can, with enthusiastic imagination, provide
interests and a wealth of fun for both the neighbourhood
children and themselves. Good GriefJ A Flux of Librarians.
The Board of Governors has been requested to appoint,
as Librarians I, the following library school graduates:
Miss Diana Cooper, Fine Arts (U.B.C.)
Miss Adrienne Flook, Catalog Division (U.B.C.)
Miss Jennifer Gallup, Humanities (McGill)
Miss Isobel Godefray, Catalog Division (McGill)
Mr. Larry Green, B.M.B. (U.B.C.)
Miss Linda Kwong, Asian Studies (U.B.C.)
Mrs. Susan Macrae, Acquisitions (U.B.C.)
Miss Donna Shaw, Law Library (McGill)
Mr. David Thomas, Catalog Division (U.B.C.)
New Position
Hans Burndorfer (at present in Humanities) has been
appointed as Bibliographer beginning July.
Unfilled Positions
At present, there are a no. of vacant professional
positions in Serials, Government Documents and Cataloging
Acquisitions Acquired
Miss Judy McDermot as Clerk I on March 15, 19^5 and
Mrs. Kathaleen Rankin as Clerk I on March 31, 19&5.
Ann Carson (Special Collections) became Mrs. Anne Yandle
in March. -8-
Margot Belak, ex of the Fine Arts Division, announces the
birth of a daughter, Brenda Allison, on March 12, 1965.
Left Us
Deirdre Perth resigned from B.M.B. on March 12, 1965.
Cataloging lost Betty Deeth on the last of March.
John Cull departed from Circulation March 31, 1965.
Just Transferred
Mrs. Kristen Martin moved from the Cataloging Division to
B.M.B. on March 2k,  1965.
Vivi Jorgensen transferred from Acquisitions to Serials
on March 15, 19^5 •
Glad to see that
Len Williams is back at work. Almost forgot to mention
Vernon Smith takes John Cull's position as Len's
CHUCKLE.1   --frustrated laughter.
Notes Found on Shelves in PR Section
This section is all mixed up. Why is Lawrence in the
middle of Lewis, etc., etc.
Because idiots keep taking books out, and dumping them
any damned place they feel like. Until you all start
being a little more careful, shelvers do not stand a
chance of putting these books in order.
A shelver,
student help, -9-
It began with my husband reading Life. He invented
the Sneer Mark,-^-, and the Suspicion Mark,>^w, and went
on to the Leer Mark, €^ . We immediately realized that
modern English needs more marks of expression than have
been provided to date. In past literature a hero could
expand and expound, to a full paragraph, his feelings
on, for instance, leaving his beloved for the wars.
Today's hero is allowed a line. He slaps her young
brother on the shoulder and says "Look after her, Seth" .
Exit. In film, the sound of gritted teeth and the bulge
of the jaw muscle supply the obviously much needed Choked
Emotion Mark, |g) . In print, one might wonder merely if
the young man really cared.
Laconic speech has its point but can lead to misunderstanding.
Take the time-honoured phrase "Come up and see me sometime".
In speech, the acute male would be likelyito misinterpret
the invitation. But in a letter trouble could arise. If
the phrase were followed by a Threat Mark,^0^, you would
polish up ,your karate before going. If, on the other hand,
it were followed by a Promise Mark/O" you wouldn't. The
Student evidently feels the need for a greater variety of
marks; witness the plethora of trite asterisks and
exclamation marks on book margins. Let us pioneer a greater
wealth of punctuation to cope with today's Great Society;-
the Pow Mark, the Squelch Mark, the Square Mark, the Easy
Mark-——. Most magazines will stimulate you to invent
Helen Constable
Science Division -10-
What's the difference between overtake and pass?
How long can money be held in Chancery in England?
Where could I find out about a case of poisonous
hair oil that was sold on the market in about 1958?
My friend Bob studies in the Law Building in the
afternoons, could you please find him and tell him that I
can't meet him at 4.30?
I have a friend whoI would, like to know what the
law for residence for divorce is. Could you tell me?
Could I be extradited for not paying a traffic fine?
Could you tell me where I could find the blue book
that used to sit on that shelf}  right there, last year?
Hello, We'd like a copy of - by -. Yes, we'd like
to xerox it.   .
But sir, that would cost you approximately $35-00.
Would you not prefer to try a book dealer first, where you
could purchase it for about $5-00?
Oh no, it8s not our money, it's.the municipalities8
The reference desk of the Law Library is a busy one!
One deduces that many enterprising individuals seek out free
legal advice daily, thus sustaining the sunny side of life
in the Law Library,
The Law Library, which was under the jurisdiction of
the Faculty of Law until 1964, is now a part of the Main
Library, The book collection consists of approximately
45,000 active volumes, and 10,000 dormant housed in the
morgue. The checking, ordering, some cataloguing, and filing
of books is shared by the library staff of 3 permanent
employees, as is the manning of the reference and reserve
desk and the checking in of mail. The size of the collection,
building and staff are in just the proper proportions to
give library personnel a substantial amount of daily exercise,
Because classes are held in the Law building, the silence of
the library is hourly shattered by the dull roar of class
They also serve who
only stand & wait*
Rub-a-dub-dub six men in two
And who do you think they were?
There was Basil, Bill, Bert,
Bob, Bsteve, and someBody -
Just all boys together
With nary a care.
The sextet departed
From those they'd outsmarted,
Hearts bursting to cement
Relations »ere they went.
My, my were they keen,
And so it would seem
The systems analysis
Contributed to paralysis, Expertise in selection
To increase our collection,
Gave each guy a share
In viewing things rare.
They returned bright and
But it sure wasn't easy
To get back to the job
And contend with the mob.
U.R. Fired


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