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Biblos 1964-11-03

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10 Godliness^ ©leanliness and Punctuality are the neeessities
of a good business.
2. On the re@«mmeiadation of the Administration, the hours of
work have been redu®ed, and the Staff will now only have
to be present between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on.-
week days. The Sabbath is for worship, but should any
Man-of-War or other vessel require intellectual •$i®£ualling
the Staff wiH work on the Sabbath.
3. Daily prayers will be held
The Staff will be present.
ea©h morning in the Main Offi*e.
4. Clothing mwS be of a sober nature. The Staff will not
disport themselves in raiments of bright ©©lours, nor will
they wear hose, unless in good repair*
% Overshoes and top-@oats may not be worn in the Qffioe,
but ne^ sssssrves and headwear rn^y be worn in inclement
weather*, *2"
6. A stove is provided for the benefit of the Staff, Coal and wood
must be kept in the locker. It is reaopsended that each member
of the Staff bring four pounds of ©oal, emfa day, during ©old
. weather.
7. No member of the Staff may leave the room without permission
from Mr* Bell. The calls of nature are permitted, and the Staff
may use the garden below the sesssnd gate,, This area must be
kept in good order.
8. No talking is allowed during business hours.
9. The ©raving for tobacco, wines, or spirits, is a human weakness
and, as such, is forbidden to all members of the Staff.
10, Now that the hours of business have been drastically reduced,
the partaking of food is allowed between 11:30 a.m. and noon, but
work will not, on any aosount, cease,
11, Members of the Staff will provide their own pens. A new
sharpenei* is available, on application to Mrs0 Dewar*
12, Mr*. Stuart?*Stubbs. will nominate a Senior Librarian to 'be responsible for the cleanliness of the Main Office and all junior
staff members will report to him 40 minutes before prayers, and
■will remain after ©losing hours for similar work0 Brushes>
brooms, scrubbers and soap are provided by the owners.
November 3* 1964.
Xerox Machine
r0 Harris has had several complaints on the operation of the
second machine on floor 2, It has recently suffered several
breakdowns, and V. fraff is too busy with the public machine
to effect minor repairs or maintenance.
R. Harris will call a meeting of the various divisions who use
the machine to draw up regulations. Probably a second staff member
will be sent to the local Xerox office f&r training on
maintenance. Mr. Stubbs has requested, in the 1965-66 budget,
a new position for a person to maintain the Xerox machines and
and to operate and maintain the offset.
The Faculty of Education expects to have a Xerox in their new
The 3M Company has produced a new thermofax model which might
;be adapted to coin operation for student use.
Law Library
D. Dowd has difficulty assisting undergraduates who go to Law,
unless they ask for specific books; there is no full catalog
there. She asks the library not to send undergraduates, if possible,
isian Studies
Vsian Studies is now open evenings. 7-9 p.m*, closed 5-7,
feyernment Documents
}. Dodson reported that they are now in operation on floor" 6.
Siey will shortly inaugurate a display centre, where inter«
sting new publications will be held for one week.,, Staff are
nvited to browse.. BC3LA
At the fall meeting on November 1st, a special eoamittee (L. Bey!
Chairman) was set up t© investigate the pros and eons of forming
a purely 'professional organization,,, Interested persons should re;
directly to Mrsfo Bewley,
Gift Fund
Dr0 HCR,: MacMillan has donated | 500o for a book collection to
honour Miss Dorothy Je:fiJ?'sr&, first, long-time, beloved head of
Catalogingc Miss Jeffera has chosen as the subject of the collec
tion, biographies relating to World War I, Mr^ Hamilton will
choose the books0
Student_ Sealing
All branches (Woodward, Cjarriculum Laboratory, etc.) report
crowded seating; many of the students are apparently refugees
from the main library, not legitimate users. When construction if
finished in Main, this may wane*
Two closed circuit Telex units have been donated, and will be
installed between the Woodward Library and the Biomedical Branch
Library. ■ A third Telex in the Main Library, capable of cpmmunici
ting with all other units in the country, is a possibility which
being investigated^. Mrc Stubbs pointed ©ut that although Telex
might speed up our interliterary loans and boris ordering, it migfr
also increase our workload in servicing incoiaing requests e
Library Signs
Jill Buttery and committee have planned signs for the building,
and these are being painted now. In the front hall will be a
complete directory of library divisions and offices, accompanied
by a maps -5-
Staff Room
You're messing up the place again! Recently 15 dirty cups were
found in the morning before Mrs. Whittingham's arrival.
Remember that Mrs. Whittingham is employed from 10 a.m. -
4 p.m. and you yourselves are responsible in the intervening
Second_(Library use) Xerox Machine
If you need to use the key (to get at the drum, etc.) be sure
to return it immediately to Mrs. Harries, Loan Division Office.
Display of New Books - Revised Method
The new book truck will be held in the Catalogue Division for
2 working days, then delivered to a general display area on
floor 3. If they wish, subject divisions will remove books in
their respective fields and display them in the divisions for one
week. They will then return the books to general display area
on floor 3. Display shelves will be ready for use in about a
What is Yours - Guard!
■ - 'ii
An epidemic of thievery has now attacked Library staff as well
as students. A little extra caution would be well advised.
that comments, letters to Editorial Committee, etc., are
welcome. Deadline for next month's BIBLOS is (hopefully)
December l8th. ■ FRONT-OFFICE
Branch Libraries
Division Heads have recently been engaged in a series of meet
to draft a new policy on braaeh -libraries and reading rooms,
a suggested 10-year plan for library development. The Senate
Library Committee met on Thursday, November 19 to discuss two
alternative policies; one recommending centralized developmer
through the library reading rooms, the other leaving academic
departments a degree of autonomy in respect to reading rooms.
The Committee, at this meeting, was generally in favour of tb
former approach, and asked the Librarian to discuss the quest
of reading rooms with the Deans individually, and to survey t
existing reading rooms.
Service Calls or In Case of Coolness
Service calls pertaining to heating and ventilating should be
directed to the Mechanical Maintenance Shop at Local 699• Oa
should be placed only by authorized persons with Mrs* Dewar
acting on behalf of the Library.
On the telephone list sent out to each department PLEASE
add Sedgewick Library
correct Prebindery from
add again
New Law Library phone
local 629
local 456 to local 345
local 174 -7-
:mma y©i
To    VA*jeou_v£ft
Have you lost the periodicals - again?
Social sciences and Humanities unbound periodicals are congregated in the new stack area on floor 5. Education periodicals are
in bays 1 and 2 with general periodicals following alphabetically. These and the newspapers are serviced through a Serials
Information Desk manned by Serials staff 9-5, Mon. - Fri.
First and second year students can have periodicals paged through
the main Loan Desk. Science Journals are separate and paged as
before by the Science Division.
The 7th floor, in the first week and a half of November,
received a host of new occupants. Serials and the Acquisitions
half shifted well-wise and northerly to allow for the great
influx of remaining Acquisitions and. the Cataloging Dept. in
its entirety. While the distances between necessary goals are
causing temporary consternation, the almost permanent smell of
brewing coffee does provide some compensation. »u=
Last BIBLOS introduced the first of a series of write-ups on
individual divisions and libraries. The series continues this
month with a sefend division which dares to be known by
doggerel alone. " ■
Please do not feed the animals
That's our latest book return bin clanging in the wall,
Looking as if it were alive; we call that '
A piece of torture, now: craftsmen ?i3 hands
Worked busily a week, and there it,slams,
WilL't please you stand and swear at it?
Loan Desk Lament
To find or not to find - that is the question.
Will the borrower be of a mind to argue
That he's a victim of outrageous fortune,
Or tell,us his sea of troubles,
^bping we will end them?
Reserving Office Blues
We've got another list, we've got another list,
(I'm-"sure "It won't be missed, I'm sure it ^on't be missed)
Faculty just love to send,their booklists in the
(We've got another list, we've got another list)
Their students had them days ago, we'll find no
books at all. „
(We*ll try to fill that list, we'll try to fill that list)
SO - if you find us in the stacks looking rather bleak,
lou'll know we've just received a list
The students got last week. RESERVE BOOK COLLECTION
or Are you available for overnight loan?
A constant stream of eager minds
Pass in and out their stile.
Clutching 2 hour, 1 and 3 day books,
They haven't time to smile.
The staff works hard to fill the needs
Of each and everyone,
Just go and ask our Marianne
If she ain't having fun!
To celebrate the time of year and the probable
sometime completion of the construction, the
Librarian invites all staff of the Library, the
Bindery and the School of Librarianship to join
in consuming a bowl of punch and assorted
delicacies on Thursday, December 17th, 3:30 to
5?30 p.m. in the Staff Room.
The Library Staff, in the last couple of years as a completely
volunteer Christmas project, has been sending hampers to
several -older people in the community. This year a collection
w^.ll be taken by your Division Heads early in December for the
same purpose. ■10-
fou know what is in the Library basement?
Fine Arts Gallery.
Following the impressive Hogarth Exhibit, the Gallery has on
display two Photographic exhibits. The first exhibit, titled
"Eloquent Light", is the work of the Californian photographer,
Ansel Adams, probably best-known for his superb photos of
Yosemite Valley. His ability to capture the varying textures and
moods of people and places is  clearly evident in this collection.
Shown originally at the M.H. de Young Gallery in San Francisco,
this exhibit was arranged from a total of 500 photos by the
Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C. Apart from his photography, Adams is a member of the Sierra Club, and an active erusad
far the conservation of natural resources.
The second exhibit features photos by Dr. Vladimir Okulitch,
formerly head of-the Geology Department, recently appointed
Bean ®f Science.
This exhibit, which runs to Dec. 12th, will be of special interest
not only to artists and photographers, but to all who appreciate
the splend®ur of man's natural environment.
Sallery hgjurs: Tuesday-Saturdayr 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday evening: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday.
Museum of Anthropology
While downstairs, don't forget that the Aathropology Museum is
just around the corner.
Museum hours: Monday, Wednesday-Saturdays 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
i   Closed Tuesday. -11-
If you find ...
All lost and found articles may be turned
in to the Circulation Division Office.
These articles will then be taken daily to
the main university Lost and Found located
under the Post Office. We will keep such
valuables as glasses, wallets, etc., and
books with the owner's name inside for a
period of 1 week after the owner has been
If you try to call
Things being as they are, there are just 3 night telephone
numbers after 5 p.m. weekdays and on Saturday afternoon.
CA4 - 1142   is the Main L#an Desk. Also information
regarding football scores, homecoming tickets,
items lost and found, traffic regulations, and
a speedy messenger service to such diverse
points as the bindery, Fine Arts Gallery, Freddy
Wood Theatre, Curriculum Lab., etc.
CA4 - 1123   is Social Sciences Division. Reference questions
should be channelled through this number.
CA4 - 1147   is the Woodward Library.
The main switchboard is open on Saturdays from 8:30 - 12:30 p.m.
N.B. Sedgewick Library has neither a night or Saturday
number. -12-
The f®ll®wing is an excerpt, pertinent to the Library, from the
recently published Guidep®sts to innovation; report of a Pres~
ident's Committee oh Academic Goals-.
In feoth the central library and in the peripheral collections, t
demand #©r large-scale expansion will continue for as far into t
future as an$@ne can imagine. Besides the increasing numbers of
undergraduate students d®ing first-hand investigation as well as
course reading, graduate and research programs will demand a ver
large share of the expansion of the collection. The increasing
availability of important material in microtext and c@py-flow re
prints will further test the Library's resources. Consequently,
the Committee recommends that the University continue to give
high priority to the expansion and improvement of library facilities. Such expansion will require commensurate development in
staff and physical facilities.
The Committee draws special attention to the Librarian's recommendation that library branches be established locations conve
ient to departments„ This decentralization may be achieved witho
sacrificing the unity of the main collection, through the formation of such special major collections as the Woodward biomedical library as well as departmental reading rooms containing
series of journals and other reference materials. Such reading
rooms provide a foeus for departmental unity, which has been
lacking in such general-purpose groupings as the Buchanan
Building. Departmental reading rooms contribute to the intellectual life of the department and improve the conditions for
student discussion and study. Such decentralized holdings will,
of course, require the services of suitable personnel to ensure
proper use.
Helping to relieve the pressure on the Library's facilities
will be inter-library lending, expedited by a Telex system
which can usefully supplement present inter-library loans,
especially of peripheral items. But the help may be only marginal. Inter-library lending can seldom substitute for library
ownership «f material. Copy-flow and other forms of photo reproduction should be use to the Maximum as a means «©f obtaining
material formerly«@nly available in old, established libraries
and scholarly collections. Encouragement of independent first-hand investigation irupllee
increasing dependence on library facilities, But the mas.?-
circulation duties of the library on behalf of course reading
may be- reduced by greater use of paper-backs and photocopies s
Servicable collections of such material, inexpensive enough
to be readily expendable should-be made more available in
departmental reading rooms and for put-chase in the University
Bookstore, Already study kits for courses and programs, con,™
sisting of photocopies, and paperbacks, are in successful use-
in other universitiese If the library were legs severely
pressed by duties of, mass circulation, its role as an instrument of investigation could be made clearer, simpler^and more
As of October 1, 1964, there has been an opening for a
Libraries in Serials.
As of December 19, 1964, there will be an e-pening for a
Librarian in the Fine Arts Room(. Mrs. Margot Belak resigns,
And a marriage'is the Acquisitions Dspartment .changed.Mies'
Gwen Mervis to Mrs* Gregor. ANOTHER RUNG
Miss Ellen Brown, Clerk I, Curric, Lab promoted to Clerk II as of
Sept. 5/64.,
Miss Jill Buttery, Librarian I, Science - Librarian II,.
Oct. 1/64.
Mrs. Helen Constable, Librarian I, Acquisitions - Librarian II,
Science, Oct. l/64„
Miss Leslie Coutts, Clerk I, BMB - Clerk II, Woodward, Oct. 3l/64c
MrSe Elvira Eigendorf, Clerk I, Cataloging - Clerk II, July 2/64.
Mrs. Yvonne Forsythe, Clerk I, Acquisitions - Clerk II, July 2/64.
Mr, Robert Harris, Librarian II, Circulation - Acting Head,
Circulation, Nov* l/64.
Miss Marie McLellan, Clerk I, College"- Clerk II, Sept. l/64.
Miss Janet Robinson, Clerk II, College
Sept. 1/64.
Cataloging -
Library Assistant,
Mrs,, Bessie Rose, Clerk I,
Mr. David Thomas, Clerk II,
Clerk II, July 2/64.
Woodward - Library Assistant, BMBp
Oct. 31/64c
Miss L©&±»^~ rowers, Clerk I, Circulation - Clerk II, July 2/64«
Miss Irene Whittingham, Clerk I, Circulation - Clerk II, July 2/64t
Miss Inge Valy, Clerk I, Circulation » Clerk II, Oct. 1/64. FACETIAE
Bong I
Little student to big
studeafc: "How do you
get books out of the
Big student to little
student: " Just put
on your tin hat*"
Working on the Information Desk somet3jaes'
provides rare insights into the human mliid.
Young student, anguished: "I;.«©»■• t
find Hemingway in the catalog.
It only goes to Hemmin."
5 Incredulous librarian ehe@ks iitalog.
Young student: " Oh! Thought it bad
2 "m's". We-1-1, a man of his
stature should have 2 "m's" in .
his name*" . „ . LETTERS TO THE   EDITOR
Nov. £7> t96V:
Yo^-A        STACKS     ARE
!>£St<aNED     ^&P-       rA\DGGTS.


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