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$ 3,000,000
We are $3,000,000 wealthier than we were a very short
time ago.  Needless to say, this gives the U. B, C,
Library an opportunity unequalled by any other
University Library in Canada. While the gift covers
increased, spend ing^on^bjooks and periodicals, a large
increase in staff (especially in the technical processing areas) must also become an immediate necessity.
Thus, at the outset, may we look forward with excite-
ment to the year and years at hand, and add our voice
of thanks to H. R, MacMillan, 2 -
Staff Orientation Tours
January 25, 1965
The Subject Divisions have noted that about 20 recently-appointed
librarians have not had tours in other Divisions; that such
tours are important; and that they should be made immediately
before the School of Librarianship students come in for field
work. The Subject Divisions also asked that regular annual
orientation tours be arranged.  It was agreed that theseshould
be in September or October, provided they do not clash with
the English 200 lectures.
Around the Building
The outside door into the Processing Divisions should be locked
after hours, and Miss Dobbin sees to this -at 5 P»m0  However,
students are still creeping in somehow, and Library School
students do need to have evening access.  Social Science
Division expressed willingness to admit signed-in Library
School students to the north elevator, but this could prove
unsatisfactory.  It may be necessary to have a Processing
staff member on hand each eveninc
MORE HEADS" MET ON February 9, 1965
Rush Binding
The Bindery has set up a schedule; URGENTLY needed materials
delivered to Mr. Lanning by 3 p.m. on a Wednesday will be
bound on Thursday.  No other days will do. Asian Studies
The Association for Asian Studies has completed a survey of
Oriental collections in the U,S, and Canada, U.B.C.'s
rank has slipped from 7th to 13th in book stock, and we
are   17th in staff,. Many other institutions are now buying
heavily; the largest collections are at the Library of
Congress, Harvard, and California - Berkeley,
The Librarian hopes that our budget for 1965-66 will permit increased buying and we are searching diligently for
a cataloger
Around the Building - once more
Locks are being corrected where necessary; but doors are
still being left open,,  Staff should close them as they
pass by.
Buildings and Grounds will install two experimental
systems for students to lock their briefcases to public
The Grand Tour
Mre Stuart-Stubbs, armed with desiderata lists and a lively
imagination, purchased books and periodicals in New York
and Washington; and the George H, Bean collection of
Japanese maps (the largest collection of Japanese maps
in existence); and gathered 2 packing cases of free dup-
1icates at Harvard.
He attended the ALA Midwinter Conference in Washington,
toured the Library of Congress Processing and Card Divisions, and the U.S. Book Exchange.  He spoke to the
Library School class at McGill, and consulted plans for
the new medical and graduate libraries there. At
Toronto, he toured the U„ of T, processing divisions,
seeing their automated operations. _ 4 _
Senate Library Committee
Was to meet on Wednesday, February 10th. They hoped to
polish off the policy statement on branch libraries and
reading rooms. The Librarian is concerned that there be
some means of ensuring, once the Committee has authorized
a branch or reading room, that the University will provide sufficient funds to set it up and maintain it.  Loan
policies will also be discussed,.
Loan Policies
There have been many complaints from faculty that the circulation of journals deprives others of needed quick
references.  It is difficult to assess this situation,
and we may send a questionnaire to faculty to get a better
cross-section of opinion. With the advent of the IBM
circulation system, it will be much easier and quicker to
call in material needed by others; therefore, perhaps
loan periods and student fines can become flexible.
The latest report of the President emphasizes the University's (and the Library's) service to the business
community; no doubt we will be expected to do more of
this.  In the near future we will need to decide what
service should be given to faculty and students of Simon
Fraser University. The present feeling is that SFU undergraduates should have library use only privileges; that
SFU graduate students and faculty should have "B card"
privileges (i.e. 2 week loans on home use materials).  It
was generally agreed that interlibrary loans would be too
costly in our staff time, and would keep our materials out
too long.
School of Librarianship
0ro Leonard Hc Freiser, Chief Librarian of Toronto's Education d&Sntre Library, was this year's special lecturer at
the school.  Besides his public lecture on February 16th,
he spoke on 3 mornings to the students.  Library staff
attended in large numbers.
Library 835, formerly the school's laboratory, will soon
be cleared out, and will then be available for library
meetings.  It has a public address system, and can hold
100 to 125 persons. Notify the school office if you wish
to use the room. - 5
Staff Lounge - Wine, Women or Song
Not exactly, BUT 3 different dispensers have been installed in the staff room - CIGARETTS, CANDY and SOUP.
The staff is hereby reminded that food is not to be
consumed outside the staff room,
Pre-Librarianship Society
A special invitation is extended to all library assistants;:
student assistants, etc. Meetings are on Tuesdays,
12:30 noon, in Buchanan 225.  On February 23: CENSORSHIP,
a panel.
For further information contact Sieglinde Stieda, Catalog
Division or the President, Ruell Smith, CA 4-3742.
Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday -  10:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday evening    -  7°00 - 9°00 p.m.
Display: An exhibition of American art nouveau posters,
complimented by contemporaneous articles on loan
from the Ontario Museum.
An exhibition of five projects by the architect
Antoni Gaudi, whose works are related to art
nouveau style.  Gaudi 's architectural use of
undulating lines, in place of the usual straight
line, results in demonstrating an unprobed dimension of architecture.
This runs through to March 6.  From March 10 - March 27:
an exhibition of Sub-Sahara Art. - 6 -
With apologies to *■ Shakespeare, William.
At least Hamlet was spared this problem :-
--To bind or not to bind : that is the question:
Whether ltis nobler in the bind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outraged faculty,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
An by re-shelving end them? To bind : to keep;
No more; and if we keep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That library staff is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished.  To bind, to keep;
To keep; perchance to lose; ay, there's the rub;
For in the case of loss what dreadful lacks may come
Though we have shuffled through th4 exchange lists
Without pause: there's the request
That makes calamity of so wrong a choice;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of students,
The professor's wrath, the Department's contumely,
The pangs of -now o/p~, the I.L.L.'s delay,
The insolence of office and the spurns
That patient waiting of the serial takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With no bare shelving? Who would volumes bear,
To bind and catalog under a constant quota,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscover'd bindery from whose depths
No volume e'er returns, puzzles the mind
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus binding does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native blue of U.B.'C.
Is sicklied o'er with the pale gilded words,
And entire works of great pith and moment
With this regard their contents turn awry,
And lose the name in quest ion.-Soft you now!
The fair book truck arrives! With all its mysteries
Be all our files remembered,,
Betty McAully
Woodward Library ■- 7 -
Manning the desk and telephone in the Social Sciences Div.
f.s often a test in resourcefulness.  In the Ridington
Room, sometimes known as the playroom, and perhaps thought
of as, although never admitted to be, a sort of hunting
ground, the staff has often to cope with somewhat non-
academic problems.  There was the day a boy came to the
desk requesting a stapler. When asked what he wanted to
staple, he whispered with a blush that it was for his pants,
"split you know"! And recently, in February, students and
staff were treated to the tinkling of a music box in the
shape of a stuffed Santa Claus, playing a lullaby at 3 p.m.
However, a lot of serious research goes on in Social Sciences.
As in other divisions, there are the obscure facts, the
comprehensive surveys and the authoratative statistics that
must be constantly searched out.  Servicing approx. 100
government documents per day, the staff of Social Sciences
gets plenty of exercise running up and down the stairs to
Floor 6.  When the material has been procured it must often
be presented to the student along with a salestalk to convince him that it is really what he wants.
There are 2 types of students.  One minute you are faced with
someone who mumbles his essay topic and stands with an expectant look on his innocent face, waiting for you to hand
him a neat parcel of the material he needs - just the right
amount of information that will fit nicely into an essay
of the length and depth of hisc  It often takes some time
and a great amount of patience to discover the meaning of
the topic and the point of view from which it is to be
writ%en.  Sometimes there are mishaps like the day an unsuspecting librarian, after much thought gave lengthy and
detailed instruction in finding material on China, doing
some of the more difficult research herself, only to discover that the recipient had meant dishes!
The next minute you meet an experienced student or professor
who reels off the exact information he wants with such
enthusiasm and alacrity that a graceful diversion is
necessary on your part in Order to change gears and reorientate yourself.  Similar is the person, familiar - 8 -
to the whole library, who states his problem like a dare - a
librarian doesn't know anything and this question will prove
Social Sciences Division has the unique status of being listed
as the library "Reference Desk" in the telephone book.  It
seems that often this is interpreted as 'anything goes'.
"*WfP*:'m having a party on Saturday and I want to invite both
my neighbours buy they arn't speaking to each other. What
shall I do?" "My son is studying in the library; he's
wearing a ski jacket and carrying a brief case.  Will you
ask him to phone home?  I'm worried as he never stays out
without calling",  Public relations and all that but really
there are limits! After two hours of research SSD-ite has
been known to triumphantly call his customer to report
success only to have the latter chirp cheerfully, "Oh,
thank you so much.  That's what I thought; I was just wondering!"
Evenings and weekends, when the switchboard is closed, people
seem more adept at getting the wrong number than they are
Monday to Friday,., or maybe they're not wrong numbers.
"Can you tell me what is on at Freddy Wood tonight?...
How much are the tickets?.., What else is on out there?"
BUT despite the frustrations, we call it home.
Potential Publications  &  Help.
Mr. Hamilton is in the process of compiling a guide to
Canadian reference sources "with the expectation that it
will be printed eventually; perhaps under the auspices
of the Reference Section of C.L.A." The U.B.C. Library
School class of 1963/64 contributed the bulk of the
material, but extensive revision and recopying is necessary,, Volunteers for said task would be welcomed.
Tough Times at Other Libraries Dept.
The National Library of Canada recently tried to pay Woodward for ILL services with 70£ worth of used stamps. A TOUR LAMENT -  to the tune of
(Where have all the narcissus (i) gone?)
Where have all the 1ibrarians gone - last 3 weeks
Where have all the librarians gone - short time
Where HAVE all the librarians gone - Dash it, I ask
Oh when will they ever learn
That they 'soon will be returning
- like it's debi1itating?-
As the entire library staff is aware of by now, great
masses of librarians have been passing through department
after department assimilating stpres of hitherto unknown
division knowledge.  It is undoubtedly agreed upon by
both tour conductors and tourees that the orientation
idea has worked out to be singularly informative and
worthwhile.  In the future, it is quite 'possible that
library assistants will be included in the "tour-of-
employees idea".
An Odd and End
Library School students have been let loose throughout
the building for the last week of February and the first
week in March.  Tender, loving care is highly recommended
as they just might be your next boss or neighbouring
desk-mate.  In addition, and for the first time, a student
from the University of Toronto Library School will be
doing her practice work here - come March 15 to March 26.
So have you heard of WOMAN FALLS', Ont.? Hired - Not Fired
Miss Sally Marriott joined Acquisitions as a Library
Assistant on February 8, 1965,
Cataloging gained Mrs, Betty Misewich from the Vancouver
Public Library on February 1, 1965.
The UeB,C, Library now has a permanent A;B,Dick operator.
Welcome to Mike Bolton,
Left us - or Leaving
Miss Judy Williams of Acquisitions, Miss Lynne Kuznetsov
of College and Miss Lorraine Beattie of Cataloging all
left on February 5, 1965..
-Harold Wyne, Circulation, resigned on February 27, 1965.
Miss Alida Carlson, Serials, will be leaving on March 12,
Marr iaqes
Valerie Clark of Serials, is now Mrs., Noel Roddick since
January 30, 1965.
Since February 13, 1965, Cheryl Miller of Woodward has
been Mrs., Sid Howe,
Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Gaensbauer (i„e, Ena Gaensbauer, ex
of the Science Division) announce the births of their son,
Brian Bernard, on February 7, 1965 and their adopted
daughter, Tracey Elisabeth, on February 6, 1965.
To Library School
David Thomas left Woodward and BMB in the new year to
complete his year at Library School,
Of Interest
The first few of a series of displays on the history of
medicine can now be viewed in the Woodward Library rotunda, - 11 - .  •
Some New Reference Books
AVERY obituary index of architects and artists. Hall,
BAHM, A.  Directory of American philosophers.  1964/65.
- Hum.
BERIO CIVIC LIBRARY.  Genoa.  Catalog.  Columbus
collection,  G.K. Hall, 1964.
- Hum,
BOSTON University, African^gov1t. documents, and
area index.  G.K. Hall, 1964
CUMULATED Dramatic Index, 1909-1949.  G,K. Hall, 1965.
- Hum,
DE CALLATAY, Vincent, Atlas of the moon, astronomy-
astronautics. MacMillan, 1964.
- Map.R,
EDINBURGH.'-.-UNIV. LIBRARY,  Index to manuscripts.  G,K„
Hall, 1965.
- Hum,
FOUR language dictionary of automotive engineering.
London, 1964.
GENNADI US LIBRARY,  Catalog, American School of
Classical studies.  G.K. Hall, 1965, 7 v.
- Hum,
GOULD, J, and KOLB,  Dictionary of the social sciences.
London, 1964,
HAWAII Univ.  Dictionary catalog of the Hawaiian
col lection. Hall, 1964, 4 v.
KERRIGAN, E.ES American war medals.  Viking, 1964,
- Hum.
KINDLERS Malerei Lexikon, 1964. 6 v.
LAROUSSE encyclopedia of renaissance and baroque art.
London, 1964.
LEVY, M,L.  Honor awards handbook,  Berkeley, 1964,
- Hum„
LONDON Unive School of Oriental and African Studies,
Library catalog,. G.K.Hal 1, 1964.  28 v.
- As,St.
MCGRAW-HILL international atlas.  Bertelsmann, 1964,
- Atlas
MELCHINGER, S„  Concise encyclopedia of modern drama.
Horizon, 1964.
- Hum,
NEW YORK.  Public Library.  Subject catalog; World
War 1.  G.K. Hall, 1964,
- Hum,
STECKLER, B. American scientific books,  Bowker, 1964
- Sc i,
TWENTIETH century encyclopedia of Catholicism,
Hawthorn.  150 v.
- Hum,
UNIV. of London.  Education in tropical areas.  G.K,
Hall,  3 v.
yj    j- .    1
1    ^i   K VV* l   •


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