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The Library grinds into top again as the students return, A new
piece of essential roadway was dug up, a maze laid out in the
southern parking lots, and a large notice, reading "No Admittance
to Students" appeared at the Chancellor entrance, but still 18,000
got through.  Now the Library is deploying its forces.  The temperature in SSD rose to 84 by 8:30 on the first day of term, and
B&G were reportedly "very unhappy" about the ventilation system.
Sedgewick is testing the "divide and rule" theory.  And BSS is
adding to the information explosion.
To complete the picture of gloom, Isabel Godefroy has left, and
you, Constant Reader, are the guinea-pig on which a new Committee
and Editor are experimenting,-  On the brighter side, Doug
Mclnnes is expected to reach his goal of 24 meetings in 24 hours
any day now; the Millionth Book should arrive shortly (or have
we lost count?); and a new Library Survey is underway!  Read on,
for another exciting installment 	
* Any g,-p, wishing to squeal will find the Suggestion Box in
the coffee room, or the Editor in Science Division, 2
Plans are being made to celebrate the addition of the 1,000,000th
volume to UBC's collections.  The rumour that it will be a work
on early Canadian cartography is probably unfounded.
Mr. Bell reports considerable interest in the vacant position as
Head of Woodward Library.  The Selection Committee will meet next
week to  consider the applications and will soon be interviewing
some of the applicants.
Also from BB comes word of pay increases for student assistants,
who will now earn $1,30 per hour, and for hourly Clerks I, who
will receive $1,55 per hour.  The increases are effective
immedi ately.
Books from the Colbeck stock are now being unpacked in Victoria,
Using punched cards, an alphabetical listing will be made so that
checking can be done against holdings at Simon Fraser, Victoria
and UBC,  As yet, a method of dividing the collections has not
been decided upon, but many of the 50,000 volumes will ultimately
find their way to UBC.
Because of a number of requests for assistance, the staff of
Reading Rooms on Campus were invited to attend a short "course"
on methods that could be used in organizing and supervising a
reading room collection. Admittedly experimental, the main purpose of the program was to acquaint those attending with services
and assistance available from the Library.  It was also hoped
that some of the methods described would be adopted in the Reading Rooms and that a greater degree of uniformity would result.
Judging by the attendance (17 on two successive afternoons) and
by the interest shown, it would seem that the tours and talks
were worthwhile.  D, Mclnnes would like to thank those who did
the work: Pat McCalib, Rita Butterfield, Marilyn Freeman, Mc
El rod and Dave Thomas,
Apparently Circulation systems, like quarterbacks, need to be
backed up. The possibility of installing a small computer to
take over when the system "goes down" is being considered.  If
some inexpensive answers could be found, it would no longer be
necessary to revert to the manual system whenever the machine
gets indigestion. If you sometimes suspect that the Circulation System doesn't really
remember everything that goes into it, have a look at the massive
print-out of loan transactions for last term.  Bob MacDonald has
come up with approximately 9,000 pages of information about items
that circulated, including the number of times each was borrowed,
the total number of days each item was out on loan, the number of
loans to each type of borrower, etc.  Lists for Main Sedgewick and
Woodward are available, each with the items that circulated arranged
by call number.  Although the listing is merely a starting point
from which further analysis of library use will be made, it will
also serve to settle arguments about the number of copies of books
needed for Reserve.  In itself, it will never be a best seller.
Bill Watson reports that many duties in Cataloguing are being reassigned.  An attempt is being made to achieve a better balance
in the ratio of professional to non-professional staff,
A revised list of Serial titles and holdings has now been produced
from the computer records the Serials Division have been working
on for the past two years.  The list will be published in 400
copies, and available for purchase by students and faculty as well
as being distributed to department representatives and library
divisions.  It is hoped to be completed by September 20th,
All duplicating is now being done outside of the Library at a commercial shop, Material to be duplicated should be left at the
duplicating shelf beside Betty Misewich's desk.  One change in
procedure is that now 2 copies of the requisition are needed, one
for Library purposes and one for the printer.  The requisition
slips are in a box by the Duplicating shelf.  Please consult the
memo of September 1st to Division for further details,
With waxing -waning fashion trends
Girls like leopards change in spots;
The hemline rises, hair descends,
Not hippies now, but sans-culottes.
HC ,;';jV'lr>'" r *■—V *.■»#•'*•. v
hf PI sorry,but our first Aidwtmud is on reserve."' STAFF CHANGES
New Arrivals : BIBLOS would like to Welcome the following
Letitia Goldstrom   Clerk II    Vera Kowalyk
Graham Stonebridge  LA I
Mab Bel ford        LA II I
Shu-Ying Liu
Jean Jones
i n
Joan Baker
Yen-Yen Na
LA 1
Dorothy Frigon
Kathryn Minorgan
LA 1 1 1
Nuala O'Shea
1 1 1
Sherri 1 I Perry
Pamela Piddington
Margaret Price
Erica Wlachow
1 1 1
i n
Christine Camenisch
D i ana Cu11i s
LA 1 1 1
Ali son Glass
Deborah Gray
LA 1
Trixie Hoefsloot
Pat LaVac
LA 1 1 1
Julia Lane
1 1 1
Cathy Okulitch
LA 1
Wayne Wiens
Pat Smith
LA 1
May Law
Elaine Thorngate
LA M 1
Joan Wenman
1 1 IN LAW...
Marilyn Davies    LA I       Ruth Slater     LA I
Jacqueline Steed  LA I I
Barbara Bischoff  LA I
Ruth Stewart
LA 1 1
Gwendoline Bel 1
LA 1 1
Daryl Dickman
Michael Soti ron
LA 1
Paul Deglau LA I
Luba Kalmakov LA I
Barbara Williamson  LA I
Rosina  Wan LA   I II Arab Abu-Sharife     LA   I
Margo Henderson   LA I
Gwen Deachman LA I I 1 (Sedge) to LA IV (Sedge)
Diane Butterfield LA II (Sedge) to LA Ml (Sedge)
Colleen Copithorne LA II (Wood) to LA III (Wood)
Kathy Kent Libn, (Circ) to Head, Math Library
Nick Omelusik Libn. (Acq) to Head, Acquisitions
Beverley Roper LA II (Cat) to LA III (Cat)
Anita Van Ginkle LA I (Circ) to LA II (Serials)
Resignat ions:
Mary Anne Epp     LA I I I     John Mason      LA II I
Barbara Gibson    Libn.      Isabel Godefroy Libn.
Stephen Heinemann LA I       Judy Schwartz   LA II I
Barbara Bellward  LA I 1 I     Judy Rennison   LA I from FINE ARTS.,,
Lynda Kincade        LA II       Catherine Taylor LA I I I
Carol Bregaint       LA I I I
from LAW,.,
Shirley Balon        LA II       Susanne Wong    LA I
Sue Keevil Librarian
James Lanphier       LA I        Caroline Shaw   LA I
Ivy Lee LA 1       Joan Mitchell   LA I I I
from WOODWARD,.,
Gisela Mallue        LA I I I
from BMB,,,
Susanne Clifford      LA I
Rita Butterfield from Head,  Acquisitions  to Head,   Circ,
Congratulations  to our six  roses  and one  thorn   (?);   Best wishes  to
them   in  their new gardens:
Barbara   (Little) now Mrs, Brent  C,   Walden
Mary Dale  (Jones) now Mrs. G,   Palsson
Linda   (Hanson) now Mrs, G.   Boynton-Lee
Jane  (Roper) now Mrs, J,   Whiff in
Rosemary   (Grigsby) now Mrs. J,   McAndless
Barbara   (Bischof) now Mrs, W,   R,   Pohlmann
Gerry  Palsson now Mrs, Palsson's husband MOVES, PLOYS AND GAMBITS
North to the last frontier: The Cataloguing (Department?)
(Division?) (Section?) has, predictably, broken out.  Two modules
have been taken over from Serials Division and the Serials
Cataloguing Section under Mary Macaree is pioneering northwards.
The vacant space will be taken up by Sue Gifford and New Books.
Space for that section never really existed, so there will be no
further chain reaction.
There have been so many changes of layout in the department that
plans are being made for a moveable location map, with a permanent staff member to stand by and make daily revisions.
Woodward will be wider:  Plans are being made to expand the
biomedical library.  Expansion is expected to give about 45,000
square feet of new space to the west and on top of the present
building.  The new area will be used to extend present facilities, such as stacking, reader space, and staff accommodation.
Government Publications:  Expansion seemed impossible in this
division but by judicious rearrangement of materials and by
taking over the Backlog area at the north end, lebensraum has
been found for another year.
New offices off the Main Concourse:  One wing, facing west,
has been taken over for offices.  Thirty men were called in to
remove those long tables (calm yourselves, equivalent seating
is being provided elsewhere in the Library) and the space will
be divided into 6 or 7 offices.  Prospective occupants:' Bob
MacDonald, Bill Watson, Gerry Dobbin, Dout Mclnnes, Old Uncle
Cobley and a programmer.  Or herpays a bibliographer.
Great cries of woe and indignation
■Gainst certain fomial allegations
That skirts have reached such dizzy heights
To almost disappear from sights.
For legs do not a picture make
That bulge or knob or worse still gape
And so remark with great dispassion
Discretion is the HEiGHT of fashion.
P.LaV, Norman Colbeck,
Bibliographic consultant,
and donor of the Colbeck
Col lection of 19th and
20th Century literature.
First sighted in the Northern Hemisphere, 13th June 1903, and
presumed to have been born.
Survived primary education, and two world wars;  enjoyed a long
seclusion in unsocial security until finally spotted by a U.B.C.
talent-scout, early in 1966, off the southern coast of England,
a small fish to round-off an unsuccessful expedition.
Principal concern hitherto has been the building of bridges -
all of which, to date, have collapsed.
Accepts the existence of homo sapiens, and concedes the postulate
of a female of the species, though an innate modesty has precluded investigation of this hypothesis.
Believes   in  Heaven,   and  dallies with  the  Flat-Earth  theory;   but,
after  three months   residence   in  British  Columbia,   feels  he  has
a   long way  to traverse yet. LIBRARY SURVEY
The Federal Science Secretariat has announced that a Study of
Scientific and Technical Information in Canada is being undertaken.  Briefs, outlining existing services and projected improvements, have been requested from all "interested parties".
A study group (13 of 'em) will survey services across Canada
and assess requirements witn a view to formulating policies and
programmes for a national information system.  The B.C. Library
Association is submitting a brief on library facilities within
the province and the three universities (SFU, UBC, Vic) are
compiling a joint brief.  Rein Brongers is Chairman of the
Committee dealing with UBC, so if he looks harrassed, that's
why. The study group is expected to reach Vancouver around
October 16th.  About the same time the Flower People are  expected.  No connection?
Science announcement;
US DDC announce that TAB will no longer carry DoD S&T reports
appearing   in  USGRDR and GWI.
Bob MacDonald's paper to the Seminar on Decision Theory held at
UBC in March, has come to Biblos1 hand.  A clear outline of the
realities of information retrieval in a university library,
calculated to dispel the illusion that instant answers by
pushing buttons are just around the corner.
A Portrait of John B. Macdonald has joined those of John
Ridington, A. E, Grauer, Sherwood Lett and Mrs, Phyllis Ross,
in the Ridington Room. 11
A valuable 1793 edition of Aesop's Fables has been given to the
Library by Dr. W. C. Gibson.  Mr, E.A.C, Stokes has donated an
8 volume set of Spenser's poetical works dated 1787, which form
part of the 109 volume set produced by John Bell, bookseller of
London, on The poets of Great Britain complete from Chaucer to
Church i 1 1 .
The Library has been given the complete papers of the International
Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers, which has merged with the
United Steel Workers,  So far, 5 large crates of books and papers
have arrived in Special Collections, with more to come.
We have i t on good
authority that the
music collection has
arrived in its new
bu i1d ing.
Al 1 we know i s that
it has left Fine
Ou r spies will work
on this and report
next month. 12
57th Conference of PNLA, August 23-25, 1967.
North Shore Lodge at Coeur d'Alene is not really a perfect
setting for a conference, but it is a perfect setting for a
holiday. Fortunately the weather slipped from the 100's to
the 80's so those of us who went from B.C. (nine - assorted
by age, sex, size and interest, excluding spouses) attended
the  conference  - well,   most  of the time.
Depending upon interest (not the interest in size, age or sex)
we attended meetings upon a selection of the following: problems of book collection and selection policy for college libraries; discussions on the change to Library of Congress from
Dewey classification; or on adjustment to the 17th Dewey; a
report on expansion of the USDA National Agriculture Library
services; "PNBC of the future"; a co-operation planning meeting for forestry librarians in the Pacific Northwest; an
examination of circulation systems in the Northwest; an IBM
expose; A Trustee Money agony; and an annual, if not ritual,
self-analysis of "What's wrong with PNLA?".
Social events were equally varied; a trip by towed barge
(complete with bar and dancing, as well as dinner at an inn
along the way) on Coeur d'Alene Lake; an unusual opportunity
to hear Simeon Oliver, a delightfuf Eskimo author and musician
now residing in Washington, who entertained with word and
music; a picaresque reminiscence on nine years of editing
The Quarterly, by Eli Oboler who was honoured with a life
membership in PNLA for this work; a safari, by some, to the
local youth hang-out, the Ratskeller, which was not raided
that night; and the usual quiet, formal "private" parties
for librarians who fit an image which is not the one usually
visualised by non-1ibrarians.
This was a "business" meeting, but we suggest you join us
at the Bayshore Inn for the 58th Annual Conference from
August 14-17, 1968, which is planned as a workshop (but it
may go similarly astray).  Rex Des Brisay, Burnaby Public
Library, Margaret Brunette from Vancouver Public, and Anna
Leith, of UBC naturally, are tri-conveners.  See you there?
If you don't plan to attend, we'll find a job for you.  It
has been decreed that this library is one of the hosting institutions.
Anna Lei th 13
te^-^M   l;|
1  ii;;,,J H-iTiSUprjirnini'
The Biblos Committee has decided to send a gift subscription of
Biblos to Isabel Godefroy, last year's editor who is now administrative assistant at University of Toronto Library,
Dsch i u-Dsch i tsu
Ju-j i tsu
Canadian Newspapers on microfilm, the Canadian Library Association
project, is now classified under Reel No. 2077 and filed alphabetically by title in Government Publicat;o-s Division,  The
index is available from Social Sciences 0'vision. SERIALS HAVE BEEN COUNTING
Main Library: the first, authentic, exact count in living
Active Subscriptions : 546l  of which 562 are multiple subs.
772 are added copies
137 are exchanges
634 are gifts
Inactive Subs,        1025  of which 550 ceased publication
TOTAL 6486
This excludes titles in Law, Woodward, Gov't, Pubs,, Acquisitions
Woodward Library:
Current subscriptions: 2905
-'..        Ji*
Mr/ Basil Stuart - Stuffs
Librarian University of British^ Golumb,
Vancouver, B, C,  CANADA, 15
The 33rd Session of the International Federation of Library
Associations was held in Toronto at Victoria University, 14-21
August this year. The theme of the meeting was "Library Service
for a nation covering a large geographical area", which made
Canada a very suitable venue.  There were delegates from at
least 24 countries and simultaneous translation was provided in
4 languages.
I FLA is divided into sections (by type of library) and committees
(by problem of library work).  I was particularly interested in
the Astronomy Sub-section but I was also able to attend sessions
of the Bibliography Committee, and of the National & University
Library Section,  I missed the session on children's libraries
at which Sheila Egoff gave a paper, but Sieglinde Stiede (ex-
Library School, now at N.Y, Public, Bronx Branch) was there.
The Astronomy programme included a visit to the David Dun lap
Observatory, 15 miles north of Toronto, to see the library and
the 74 inch telescope. The glass for this instrument was cast
in 1935 by the Corning Glass Co., who are also making the disk
which is to be ground at UBC for the Queen Elizabeth telescope.
We were told that there has been a great increase in interest
and opportunity in astronomy throughout Canada recently; 26
graduate students are now working at the David Dunlap.
To return to I FLA, it was interesting to hear an international
gathering considering common problems.  Among the discussions I
heard papers on shared cataloguing on an international scale;
standardization of bibliographic entry and mechanization of searching; the need for greater organization and support in the special
library field. Most of the papers were descriptive and devoted
to an exchange of experience rather than to concrete proposals,
but resolutions for action were put up for voting and work will
be continued during the year,
Helen Constable, DISPLAYS
This year, the bulletin board will feature student activities and
advertise special events, while the display case on Floor 5 will
centre on research topics of interest to students.  There will be
several displays on the new Arts I pilot project - themes of the
first term include "WAR", specifically World War I, the Russian
Revolution, and Vietnam; "UTOPIAS" and the 17th Century.  Other
concepts such as "LOVE" (in painting, poetry, music, philosophy,
etc.), "DEATH" (Dance Macabre, Petrarch, Donne, etc.), and
"EDUCATION" will be studied in second term.
Dr. WiMmott has made several useful suggestions for upper year
research topics and has offered materials on China and Vietnam.
Dr, Boyd has suggested that the questions of economic development
in underdeveloped areas, and the economic cost of Canada's tariffs, would be of interest to students. Mr, Colbeck is working
on a display of the Colbeck Collection, which will be ready by
October 10th.
If you have any illustrations, maps, or anything you think would
be appropriate, please let us know. Also, if anyone is interested in helping out, we always need and appreciate extra help.
Members of the display committee are:
Sylvia Go iron    Liz Knott      Linda Kwong
Dorothy Martin   Evelyn Roth    Barbara Walden
Jennifer Gallup, Chairman 17
This museum has been in the Library basement since 1948, when it
was opened as a teaching and training Museum for the Department
of Anthropology and the University community at large.
It has collections from most of the tribal cultures of the world,
and from most Oriental cultures.  The displays change as frequently
as possible, in order to show the maximum number of tribal materials
and themes, and in order to give Museum students experience.
The Museum is open every day except Tuesday and Sunday, from 1 to
5, and Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9.  AM are welcome,
Audrey Hawthorn, Curator,
During the last few months, the Map Division has become a depository library for official U.S. topographic and geologic mapping,
and for hydrographic charts of the Western U.S.  This means we
get, free, all maps published for the Pacific Northwest states and
other states adjoining B.C., all city maps, all geologic mapping,
and medium-scale mapping for the whole of the United States.
The hydrographic charts cover the Pacific coast, including Hawaii,
Guam, the Samoan Islands and the Alaskan Coast.
We are still struggling to unpack all these maps, and to find space
to house them.
Mau reen Wi1 son
Barbara Gibson,   recently appointed Assistant  Professor to the  U.B.C.
Library School,   is  spending  the   last  two weeks of September   in
Turkey,   preparing  for her new position,   and  for Thanksgiving,,,? 18
The major change on this front is the division of the Card Catalogue,  The Author/Title section will include persons as subjects.
The Subject section will dispense with headings on each card, in
favour of guide cards and ticked tracings.
Other changes: Sedgewick holdings now appear in the Union Shelf
List on Floor 7, in the Main Card Catalogue, and in the Location
File where Sedge becomes the 21st official location (unofficial
locations are innumerable).
Sedgewick periodicals are now shelved separately by title; bound
volumes have no call numbers.
This year, faculty have been asked to list course materials in
three sections: Required Reading, Recommended and Suggested,
AM listed books are recorded in the Course File, so that the
student has a working bibliography for each course.  A system
has been set up to notify the staff as soon as a book comes under
heavy pressure, so that it can be placed on one-day loan for as
long as necessary.
The Course File is being automated and a print-out is available
in both shelf-list and course order,
Ture Erickson
DID YOU KNOW?  The Record Collection contains the Voz Viva
de Mexico, a series of fifty recordings of Mexican poetry,
prose, drama and political speeches.
DID YOU KNOW?  The Record Collection contains over one hundred
discs of the Golden Age of Opera series, recordings of operas
never recorded commercially. 19
The Biblos will publish a monthly brief of memoranda  that have
been addressed to "All Departments".  The column will be called
the "Library Log".  Briefs will carry the date and originating
office.  If a reader requires further information regarding a
memorandum, the date and originating source will be sufficient
information to obtain a complete copy.
The column dates will be from mid-month to mid-month* however,
initially they will commence September 1st, 1967-
Sept, 1,  Librarian's Office.  Duplicating is now being done outside the Library at a commercial shop.
Sept, 7.  Librarian's Office,  "para,3"  Student assistant jobs
other than those filled by Mr, Gray during registration
should be filled by calling the Student Placement Service,
Sept.11,  Circulation Librarian, "para,1" Senior Staff who assigr
literature searches (and hold faculty cards) may sign
authorization cards for technicians.  "para.2"  Refers
to Eligible Borrowers, "employees of Vancouver business
f i rm s" ,
Sept,13.  Record Library.  Door between the Record Collection and
the Prebindery is for emergency use only.
Sept,l4,  Circulation Librarian.  Memo contains Library Delivery
Schedule Revised effective Sept, 18, 1967.
Sept,18,  Librarian's Office. Appointment of Mrs, Kathy Kent as
Head of the Mathematics Library,
Thanks are due to Mc Elrod for providing Xerox copies of all memos
for each person concerned - previously, "the" memo sometimes got
lost en route. 20
When the student isn't busy with his studying,
When his study doesn't hold him in its throes,
His capacity for mischief and for fooling
Is very much more great than you'd suppose.
My feelings I with difficulty smother
When there's disciplining duty to be done,
Ah!  take one consideration with another,
A Librarian's life is not a happy one,
CHORUS : When there's disciplining duty to be done,
to be done,
A Librarian's life is not a happy one -
happy one.
When the freshette isn't chatting up her neighbours
And indulging in some girlish monkey-shine,
We may get a chance to re-direct her labors
Towards some Sedgewick readings that refine.
When the Aggies finish mauling one another,
They can sometimes be induced to sit and read,
But taking one consideration with another
My life is often arduous indeed.
CHORUS • When there's disciplining duty, etc


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