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Biblos 1965-04-27

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However. .. ■'d-
March 9, 1925
,..,... ''.. .A month or two ago we were afraid the Government would
'spoil the ship for a hap'orth of tar1 and trim us down in
the matter of furnishing, equipment, etc.. so that these
would not be in keeping with the durability dignity and
beauty of the building.  I am glad to say' that a change of
heart has been experienced and that this finishing
equipment will be in harmony with the fine building in
which it will be housed''.
February 8, 1924
"Dear Mr, President,   I beg to report to you that Miss
xxxxxxxxxx, stenographer to this department, is,
threatened with a nervous or physical breakdown, and
has applied for leave of absence for the months of March
and April,.."
July 13, 1925
"Dear Sedgewick,  ...There is some prospect that the
Building will be turned over to us in August, but I have no
definite information.  I suppose you will' be returning with
a number of spiritual wives..." -3-
October 15th 1924
"My dear Miss Ingram,  I war very interested in your
letter and hasten to tell you that Dr. Sedgewick gave
me the book as soon as I phoned him about it.  True to
type, he would never have brought it in if he had not
been reminded.  It is going forward today by registered
(from the letters of John Ridington,
former University Librarian)
HARK.'        HARK.'
BIBLOS hereby announces the 1965 installment of its
annual Poetry Contest.  After much discussion, it has
been decided not to limit entrants to -performing in
only the Spenserian sonnet as has been our tradition.
Subject matter is also left to the -poet's discretion:
even odes to division heads will be accented.  The only
restrictions are that the noem must be on a library to^ic
and must not exceed in length one BIBLOS nage.
There will be a -prize.' Probably something toady like
a book -prize, but there will be a nrize and a ceremonial
■presentation of same following a tour of the BIBLOS
offices, which are rumoured to rival Hugh Hefner's
Chicago layout in terms of rich annointments and
fantastic diversions.
Judging will be by the BIBLOS staff, and deadling' is
May 21st.  Submit to any BIBLOS staff member, or to
Jay Kincaid, Fine Arts Room, if the staff otherwise
is anonymous to you, --trust not; If-
The Bindery
Has established another new record; they processed
20,118 volumes in 1964-65. .;
The Fryer Binding Company has been formed, operated
by Percy Fryer's 2 sons  Its shop is in Burnaby, and
it already has contracts.; with B. C. Medical Library
Service and Simon Fraser University.
Social Sciences Division
Mrs. Anne Brearley will serve as Acting Head of the Social
Science Division from May 1, 1965. '
The Reality of the Happy Wanderers
As--well as Muscle Beach, the Hollywood, Beverley Hills,
etc., our Happy Wanderers toured the new campus at
San Diego and UCLA.  They reported San Diego to be a
diminutive campus of approximately 300 students, but
with a planned potential for 20,000 students.
A highlight in automation was the automated serials
division at San Diego which needs only 2 girls to check
in 7000 serials, while it dispenses with the "Holding
cards" in the public catalog.  Regularly printed lists,
with complete holdings noted, fill the non "Library
has" void. No, they do not have less total staff in the
serials division.
In the acquisitions field, it was reported both San Diego
and UCLA use successfully the Abel program of block
buying. UCLA extends a similar type of blanket ordering
to several European countries. Sedgewick Library
College Library
On Wednesday Anril 28, 1965, the College Library was
officially re-named Sedgewick Library.  In the brief
ceremony, Dr. Sedgewick's portrait was unveiled.
You Can Swim
The Empire Pool is scheduled to open May 1, 1965.  Special
faculty and staff swimming times will be ae follows:
May 3 - July 2 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
July 6 - end of summer session  . 12:00 noon - 12:30 p.m.
You Can Eat - Maybe
Acadia D.R.
Fort D.R.
Totem D.R.
Bus Ston
May 2 - July 3
May 2 - May 20
May 2 - June 6
May 1 - July 4
April 10 - Sept.
G. S. Commons
Pondero sa
Grad Centre
Gymnasium C.B.
HT 1523
R 6
A dictionary of international sluts.
Roback, Abraham Aaron, 1890-
A dictionary of international slurs
( ethnophaulisms).,. An Answer to the Question "What Exactly DOES a
Bibliographer do" Or,' "How to Stop Worrying About it".
Dedicated to Hans Burndorfer - still
A Bibliographer is a specialist in subject, geographic,
linguistic, or cultural "areas".  On a continuing basis
he , ives attention to the assessment of the Library's
collections and selects publications to improve the
strength.of the University Library's research collection
under the direction of the Assistant Librarian.  Working
closely with other units of the Library, the Acquisition
Division, with faculty members, a Bibliographer not only
selects publications but indicates processing priorities
as well, so that the relatively more important publications
received by the Library receive commensurately important
handling.  A Bibliographer selects currently -published
materials from various national bibliographies and trade
lists on a priority basis.  In addition, the selection of
non-.current books is expedited by the Bibliographer from
a multitude of antiquarian catalogs received from
bookdealers in important world book centers.  The
designation of important, materials - both current and.
non-current - for the Library collection is made on the
basis of the Library's acquisitions policy and the known
areas of collection weakness.  Selections are made rapidly
either l>y  the Bibliographer himself or, dependent upon the
nature of the material, the counsel and collaboration of
appropriate library or faculty'members are enlisted.
(Adapted from the section "Bibliographers" of
an outline of the Acquisitions Department,
University Library, University of California,
Los Angeles) HEAD'S MEETING TjU/O April 27,   1965
Staff. Room
Today, Friday, April 30, the staff lounge coffee service closes
for the summer.  Starting Monday, remember that you too can
wash and dry a cup,
New Books in the Catalog
The processing divisions -propose tp have an extra slip in the
multiple order form pack; when the book arrives, this slip
will be filed in the main catalog; borrowers may then have
48-hour rush cataloging.  This slip will be filed only for
books going into the cataloging backlog.  If automation
eliminates the backlog (hurrah.'  or hah.') then the sli^s will
not be needed.
Science Collections
Under the sponsorship of the National Research Council, Mr,
George Bond of the University of Hawaii is conducting a
survey of science collections in Canadian libraries,  He
has sent out a checklist, of which we have nearly all items,
He will-tour the libraries in May and June.
Rita Butterfield and Mr Bell are to be congratulated on their
accurate control of expenditures,  In the fiscal year just
completed, the combined expenditures"went over by only ,0996
per cent.
Monies available for books and -periodicals in the 1965-66
year are$900,000 - double last year.  In departmental
allocations, several smaller ones will be lumped together
in a general allocation, to save book-keening; the remaining
allocations will be substantially larger than before; the
BIP fund becomes BYB (budget year books); and there are new
funds for maps, records, reference books, and branches and
reading rooms. -8-
..Library., Hours
There is heavy pressure on the Library to maintain evening
and Saturday hours between terms.  This would require much
extra staff, which the University would have to provide.
Systems Analyst
Robin (Bob) MacDonald Is now on duty.  He will concentrate at
first on the processing divisions, who hope to set up
automated routines.  Mr. MacDonald emphasized that changes
will not be enforced from above, but will instead be made
after thorough investigation and cooperative decisions by
the division personnel concerned.
The  I965  CLA  Conference  Contingent
A total of 10 librarians have been awarded grants to
attend the Canadian Library Association Conference in
Toronto from June 25 - July 1, 1965.  They are:
Anne Brearley Social Science Division
Jill Buttery Science
Suzanne Dodson Government Publications
Melva Dwyer FAR
Susan Hand Humanities
Jay Kincaid FAR
Miss Tung King NG Asian Studies
Dorothy Shields Acquisitions
Kathy Ward Circulation
Maureen Wilson Map Room Onwards and Upwards
While the transfer of Mrs, Kristen'Martin from Cataloging to
B.M.B. was noted last month, her promotion from Clerk I to
Clerk II was not,
Evelyn Roth as of April 20, I965 was transferred and
promoted from Clerk II in the Serials Division to a
Library Assistant in Circulation.
At Woodward, Anita deRuyter as of April 1, 1965 was
promoted from Library Assistant to Senior Library Assistant.
On April 1, 1965, Marianne Kuiners, Circulation, was promoted
from Library Assistant to Senior Library Assistant.
A future transfer and promotion belongs to Mary Adolph who
will move from Clerk II in the Science Division to a
Library Assistant in Government Documents on May 21, I965.
Sheila Hogg departs from the Acquisitions Division on April
30, 1965 for an Island retreat - Victoria?
Recent and Future Acquisitions
The Cataloging Division is expanding both its book collection
and its staff membership.  Recently they gained Miss Beverley
Hills, Clerk I, and Miss Lisabet Ernst, Library Assistant,
on April 12, I965 and Miss Gabrielle Shrank, Clerk I, on
April 1, 1965.  On May 10, 1965, another new Library
Assistant will be joining their staff; - Mr, John Palin. -10-
Acquisitions Cont'd
Neil Cameron, a former Library Assistant at McGill, joins
the Acquisitions Dept. on May 1, 1965.  On the same day,
Acquisitions also acquires Miss M. Popow as a Library
Our Systems Analyst, Robin MacDonald, joined the staff
on April 19, 1965.
Thomas Shorthouse, a soon-to-be library school graduate of
U.B.C. will join the Curriculum Laboratory.
Pat O'Rourke's Beauty Contest
Poise and personality are the pertinent points. And do
you qualify? Pat has a top 6 - which he is quite
willing to announce publicly - if he only knew his
winner's names.  By fair means and foul, BIBLOS discovered
2 names and, with Pat's approval, announce Mrs. Joan Selby
(Humanities) and Mrs...Meg Little (Cataloging) as belonging
among the honored few. More top contestants to be
announced - when located.
Staff Publications
In the April 1965 issue of the Mennonite quarterly can be
found an article by Maria Horvath (Humanities) entitled
"Anabaptist book confiscations in Hungary during the
eighteenth century".
Anne Brearley discusses "A depository system for
Canadian patents" in the March 1965 Canadian Library
Association bulletin. THIS  MONTH
BIBLOS '-peoples
Marilyn Berry
Jill Buttery
Ture (where are
you?) Erickson
Jeannette Fish
Pat Gorgenyi
Susan, Lissack
Social Sciences
Jay Kincaid
Mike Matthews
BIBLOS deadline
for May is - please - May 21 I965.
New Publication
Rusbridge, M       G
The central regions
of the diffuse
pinch. London H. M,S
.0.  1964,
15 n.
 What these welfare governments
won't do! pA&ea
THE*    S^K


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