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us hjmmjm*s semssmt
®ie library ia beeeirf.Bg & large sn& complex organization. Over 1T5 staff ranters maintain the lain library
and its three branches, the Woodward Library^ the law
Library and the GurricalKBB laboratory. More branches are
"being planned, Inevitably to such an organisation people
often fail to meet one another and divisions are not
always aware of each others' activities, ®*e staff newsletter BIELOS will attempt to solve a growing problem of
coffinainication, and will carry information of both an
official and non-official nature. Staff members are urged
to submit to members of the editorial committee any news
or announcements they wish to circulate. -2-
We, as a new body, initiating a new means
of library-wide1 communication,, quite simply ask for
help and co-operation in collecting material and in
making .your opinions known,, We welcome both your vi<
and your problems in that we will gladly air them in
/published print, If we can act both as a staff sounc
board and as a news media, we may fulfil some useful
need* Most import ant ly, we smile S
JTay Kincaid, Chairman
Pat Gorgenyi
Jill Buttery
JSusari Lissack
Mike Matthews
Marilyn Berry
Ture Eriekson
Jeanette Fish
Eleanor Mercer, Recording
Social Sciences
College Library now
.Sedgewick Library
Woodward Library „ ,„
Law Library
Secretary Extension Library
©over dfsign by Judy Williams
Anyone wishing to circulate material in next
■month's BIBLOS should please contact one of us before
November 23rd, HEADS' MEETING
Senate Library Committee
October 21,64.
The Senate met on October 21st and approved appointment of
the following Senate Library Committee for 196*1—65 ♦
Dean I0M. Cowan; Ghairman
Dr. John Harris
Dr. Malcolm F. McGregor
Dr. Sydney Friedman
Dr. K.C. Mann1
Mr. F.E. Walden
Dr. S. Rothstein
Staff Authors
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs displayed Canadian Book prices current,
1959-62, v. 3,  compiled by Rita Butterfield, and assisted
by R.M. Hamilton. This useful and important work lists the
prices-of Canadiana in recent years. The first two volumes
were compiled by Mr. Hamilton before he came to UBC.
School of Librarianship
The School has requested that its students be scheduled, as
before, to observe at the Information Deskj and next term
to man the desk, under guidance.
On Friday, November 20th, the School will make a field trip
to Victoria, to visit the University of Victoria Library,
Victoria Public Library, the Queen's Printer and the Provin-
cal Library. Librarians who can be spared from their duties
are^ welcome to joint the group-please notify the School
office, local 712. Return fare, approximately J6.00. The
chartered buses will leave-Blanca Loop at 8:00 a.m. and
return on the 7:00 p.m. ferry. . .4-
A draft policy on library units outside the main building,
prepared in 1963* will be worked on again., It is hoped,
after possible revision, to get this statement adopted as
definite University policy.
The architect expects that most of the alterations will be
complete by November 15th, although the work on heating and
ventilation will probably go on until the end of November.,
The new stack entry in the front hall should be ready by
October 26th, and the processing divisions should be reunited
on Floor 7 by November. 2nd. The shelving has only recently
been shipped from England; shelf reading will be completed by
November 15th. Mr.. Bell hopes to convince the University
that a thorough post-construction cleaning, done by ^outside
services, is essential - which it is.
The portraits of chancellors and presidents in the concourse
will be removed to various other locations; the concourse
wings, the new Reserve Book Room, and to the Fine Arts' Room
entry. The portrait of Dr. Sedgewick will be hung in the
College Library, and that collection will be renamed the
Sedgewick Library.
Library notice boards are for our own announcements only,
and occasionally for worthy campus causes. The Librarian
will send a statement of this policy to the Ubyssey. -5-
Mid-Term Break
At its meeting on October 21st, i;he.University Senate
passed a motion approving a-mid-term break, March 4,5,6,
for those Faculties in which a recess would, not. adversely
affect the academic programme. This break would require
cancellation^of lectures and laboratories but would not mean
a closing of'the University. The Librarian asked the
Chairman of Senate (President Macdonald) if the Library was
to be closed. The Chairman of Senate (President Macdonald)
replied to the Librarian that the Library should remain open.
Gifts and Exchanges
The needs of other academic libraries i© the province should
be our first priority in distributing duplicates. In
order to ensure that this is done, Eleanor Mercer will
scrutinize all incoming gifts to establish which items are
suitable for inclusion to academic libraries and which
duplicates should be offered just within the province.
All material taken from the stacks for xeroxing must be
signed out.
Periodicals are wandering! Please! Staff members must sign
out all periodicals - on a Library Use only basis.
Librarians have faculty borrowing privileges HAVE YOU TRIED TO CALL
We offer a preliminary list
of Library locals with additions and changes to be announce!
Acquisitions (7th floor) 426 : L
Acquisitions (3rd floor) i>22
Asian Studies 685
Bell, I.F.                  '  632
Campus delivery pick-up 711
Cataloging 369
College Library
see Sedgewick Library
Curric. Lab. 355
Extension 368
Fine Arts 429
Gifts & Exchanges 163
Hamilton, R.M. 633
Harris, Bob 164
Humanities 427 >■■.
Interlibrary loan 166
Law Library , . . 415
Leith, Anna 167
Library^Office V  - 420-21
LoanjDesk; _;;, 423
Map Room . ';;.,.;,■,    ;:—.:,•■ ,l68 v
Prebindery 345
Reserve Book Room 428
Reserve Book Office 799
Science Division 630-
Sedgewick Library 629
Serial^ ....;.,--,,...,. .-,-■■; ,y0r.--,.  .,-:-  ,- 426 -
Social Sciences 424-25
Special Collections 631
■; Woodward: Circulation 151-53
Reference 147
Office    , 145-46,
m@w ^®w^ mi$mm
TO      VAWCOMVEtf ^
&S8&0OK  CMHJ*
In this mammoth structure where we work, we have by now
discovered nothing is sacred, or even worse, stable. Unfortunately, a complete scanning of all present and future changes would fill an entire BIBLOS. Therefore, in compromising
fashion, we will mention the newly created departments an'd
introduce the first of a series of write-ups on individual
divisions and libraries,
All maps have been moved to a new area on floor seven, south
wing. The Division will be open from nine to one and two to
five, Monday to Friday. It is hoped to develop closer
"liaison with the Geography Department's map collection in
anticipation that the collections might one day be merged
in better quarters. Personnel of the Division: Maureen
Wilson, Head; Jean Poy^ Library Assistant; two student
assistants., Until next July Miss Wilson will be Working
part time with government documents. N.B-. - The atlases are
remaining on the SSD balcony. -8-
■?"  ■I-" mm■■■'■■'■*«**■' '"_ni i " '« i  i  ■     i  nim>« » » i nam i am .l.
All the government documents which have been housed in the
S@cial Sciences Division are now in a newly created
Government Publications Division on floor 6, in the old Bio-
Medical section. Personnel: Suzanne Dodson, Head; Maureen
Wilson, Librarian, part time; Lorraine Lintner, Library
Assistant ... In addition, three clerks from SSD are
responsible for filing the documents.
For purposes of administration, the Acquisitions Division
has been divided into two sections with distinct.responsibilities.
Acquisitfens - Orders
Functions: Searching
Orders - Checking
0/P catalogues
Gifts & Exchanges
Dorothy Shields, Head.
Pat Gorgenyi
Paulina Kerman
Hannelore Kaye
Elizabeth Bouscholte
Sheila Hogg
Janet Yuan
Judy Williams
Yvonne Forsythe
Acquisitions - Funds and Invoicing
Functions: Ordering
■■< Reports
Orders - Typing
Staff:    Rita Butterfield, Head
Julius Benyovits
Patricia Dew
Georgina Clark
Anne Bolton
Janet LeRoy
Maria Haas
.Pat LaVac
Siu-Cheong Siu
Gwen Mirvis
Vivi Jorgenson -9-
Here are a few, approximately factual, notes about us.
To get to us from the Main Library, come south on East Mall
and turn left (east) behind the Wesbrook Building. If you
would rather not brave such a tortuous route, you could
phone us at the following:
Circulation - 151,152,153
Cataloging - 147(l48-soon?)
Anita DaRuyter
Joanne Davey
Elspeth Hughes
Sheryl Miller
Bill Parker
He looks after cur filing,
etc. while Barbara Gibson in
Main Library does the rest.
Consulting Psychiatrist, Memorial Collection, trouble
shooter (she and Helen Allen are our answer to Red Adair)
Hildegard Spaulding - 147 (148)
Head Furniture Mover, Head of Coffee Committee - 145,146.
Doug Mclnnes
Keeper of the Spiral Staircase (it's true!) secretary to Drs,
Gibson and McKechnie
Terry Haughian - 269, 470 (224-3320)
Inter-Library Loan - 147 (148)
Peg Leighton
Xerox - 147(148)
Colleen Copithorne
Serials - 147(148).
David Thomas
Betty McAully
Teri Hepplewhite
Reference- 147(148)
Helen Allen
Elizabeth Jupp
Bill Parker
Jean Rennie
Ture Erickson
Secretary - 145,146
Dorothy Sheppard
Branch at the Vancouver General Hospital - TR 6-4844
John Cummings
Deirdre Perth
Leslie Coutts
Betty McAully
David Thomas
Luba Scripnikoff -10-
Our collection covers the life sciences and the medical
sciences. Roughly that restricts us to the fallowing areas:
QH - Natural History (Biology) QP - Physiology
QK - Botany QS - Human Anatomy
QL - Zo®l@gy QT■ - Human Physiology
QU - Bi@chemistry QY - Clinical Pathology
Qv - Pharmacy and Pharmacology QZ - Pathology
QW - Bacteriology SH 1 - 399 - Fisheries
QX - Medical Parasitology W - Medicine, Dentistry
While most books and journals in these classifications
are in the Woodward Library, there are many exceptions, and
specific .questions should be directed to the Information
Desk and Location File in the Main Library before sending
people to the Woodward. As well, it will probably be
simpler to direct people wanting information about, or
requests from the Branch, to Woodward.
The Woodward Memorial Room houses the Woodward Historical Collection (history ®t medicine and science). Ass^ng the
names --©f collections and funds represented .are Wellcome,
Macintosh, and Leake.
Library Hours
Mon. - Fri. 8:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Sat. 8:00a.m. - , 5:00 p.m.
Sun.       1:36p.m. -„ $;30 p.m.
Reference & Circ. Hours
MOn. - Fri.  8:00a.m. - 9:45 p.m.
Sat.        8:00a.m. - 4:4-5 p.m.
Sun.        None
Night phone outside exchange area - 224-1147.
It had to happen! (On the phone) "Woodward Library".
• "Woodwards??
I wanted UBC"! .11-
Campus Delivery /
It has been arranged.that materials .■,..-< ^
requested by faculty for delivery-oh campus ■
will be delivered to them directly from the
Woodward on the same basis as from the Main ^
Library. Requests for delivery or information
should still be directed through Campus
Delivery, loGal 7H« ^Requests made by the ~\\
Bio-Medical Branch- (V*G.H.) for material - J-
likely to be in the Main Library are now ; /*g&\
being processed by Main Campus Delivery.    ""■■" ~"~*
Sir Ouvry announces
as of Sept. 21, a new bus service alongv;4lst ,Ave.
and Marine Drive up Agronomy Koad, around- the.jcampus
and back again. . The two morning runs and fourxpfter-
noon runs are timed to fit in with the beginning and
end of lectures.
Woodward Library f jnally announces .,i:. .
that the official opening of the building will be
held on November 12th with all pertinent dignitaries taking part; tea will be served. Library staff members who
can be spared are invited to attend.
Mr. Maclnnes hopes to arrange, before the opening
date, a tour for Library staff.     ,  .    ;
CirricuLum Laboratory insists   . . .
it is open in the evenings and on Saturday after- :
noons as a reading, room only. - Only, a student_is in
attendance, and no service can.be given.        v .. -12-
You can skate at the U.B.C. Sports Arena
Faculty and staff have the same hours as the public,
Tuesday 12:45 - 2:45 and 7:30 - 9*30
Thursday 12:45 - 2:45
Friday 3-5 and 7:30 - 9?30
Saturday 3-5 and 7:30 - 9:30
Sunday 12:45 - 2:45 and J:30 - 9:30
BUT the prices differ,!. The public are charged 60f
in the afternoon and 75| evenings. Faculty and staff
pay 50$ and 60$ respectively. -.
The Library participates in ?©ung Canada's Book Week
Program, Nov. 16-22 \
Mfenday, l6 November 8 p.m. Central Vaa. Pub. Lib.
Auditorium: Sheila Egoff feature speaker on
"Why not Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys"?
Tuesday, 17 November 8 p.m. Eric Hamber Secondary School
Auditorium: Bill Wood, moderator and Eleanor Hoeg,
panelist: "Student use of libraries; are we still
planning for yesterday"? -■■
A full program for YCBW will appear on library notice-
boards later this week.
In this day and age
It may be possibM, if there is^ssftcmgh interest,
to have a course on computer1 programmtsag given in the
Would any interested staff members please contact
Robert Harris, Circulation Librarian. STAFF LITERARY ENDEAVORS
The Science Division recently published Scientific and Techni.
cal Serials in the University of BritislTColumbia Library.
"Copies of the publication have been sent to relevant depart-
ments and reading rooms on the campus, and to a number of
scientific and technical libraries in Canada and the U.S.
Additional copies are on sale at the UBC Bookstore.
Barbara Gibson, Cataloging Dept., in the April B.C.
Library Quarterly (only recently published) discusses
"Professional ethics for librarians". Have we read this?
ADLIB, mouthpiece of the Library School, wishes to announce
its rejuvenation after a yearfe absence from the publishing
world. The first issue should be available in the waning
weeks of November. ~ -^
Mrs. Helen Constable transferred from Gifts and Exchanges to
the Science Division on October 1, 1964.
Miss Sheila MacEwan, Library Assistant in the Acquisitions
Division, is now known as Mrs. Sheila Hogg.
Mrs. Barbara Parker, until recently a member of the Serials
Division, now has a second son, Gavin Sydney, born on
October 5, 1964. '
Luba Scripnikoff, as of November 1, 1964, has been appointed
Clerk I at SMB.
Terry Haughian, ex of the Reserve Book Room and Vancouver
Times, has rejoined us at Woodward in the capacity of secretary with the Dept. of History of Medicine. -14-
\  SCtENCfel
or stolen
The Sunday contemplations of
the Head Librarian were recently
interrupted by the distress
call of a co-ed whose dogfish
was spending the week-end
in the Science Division -
through no fault of its own.
A thorough search of the
Science Division and environs revealed only silver-
fish. So, in some dark
corner of the 'Science Division
larks a dogfish - pickled we
BEWARE of and guarcf against
Sedgewick Librar^Jal "Phantom
Book.Collector".A frustrated student?, faced with,
in his opinion, an insufficient one day loan period,
is challenging our bureacracy
by collecting library books.
Phantom (B-B) -15-
The Main Loan Desk realizes the extent of its numerous
responsibilities. Nowever, even they were somewhat
nonplussed when faced with a sweet young frosh applying
for-student $ loans at. the Main Loan Desk. The,extent
and scope of their services are to be commended.
Why  did  Bill  Bell  walk
through  the  Science  Division's  glass
.'" ■•  ■  .     Wall ?   H
What do they do?
Here there were five librarians in the main office there
are now three. Present areas of responsibilities are
as follows j
Basil Stuart-Stubbs: Administration and Faculty contacts
General Figurehead Responsibilities
Bill Bell:        Budgets
Suppliers and Equipment
Bert Hamilton:     Collections
Reference Services Biely


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