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 lis;"»     A
!fci >.*"!/'
1- r
;gvf^^^.#»^^*«!y - see Page''
.*■■*, 6-C:
l^'vfhe Performing Arts at UBC
!T\i48S«?^^ f^sFacu,t*of Law
Class ««s
1".V.>.e.-m-.B. a.-' ->•. >..Vi
•< i'^i-^c--'
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creations, UBC Bakeshop's Treats To Remember
includes 100 recipes for the most memorable
pastries and desserts on campus. Learn the secrets
of Alumni favourites like Ponderosa Cake, Angie
Bars, Rise'n'Shine Muffins, UBC Whipped Shortbread and of course, the legendary UBC Cinnamon
Bun! Complete with "taste-full" illustrations and
■yjK -^       easv to follow instructions,
—S^/^    ^      Treats To Remember will
y^i     \ » y^     stir your memories
ry \^y y
v 0 l\^
X       •'        ) B
of UBC for a lifetime.
Get your copy while
stocks last! Available at
all UBC Food Group
locations and the campus
Bookstore or order directly
from UBC Food Group Publications
Please send .
_ copies of Treats To Remember at $12.95 each,
plus $2.00 shipping and handling per order (includes GST) to UBC
Food Group Publications, 2071 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
Total Amount: $_
Card No	
Expiry Date .
LI Cheque Enclosed
LI MasterCard
Address _
Province .
Postal Code .
UBC FOOD GROUP University of
British Columbia
^^pm^^^    ftiumni
Volume 49
Number 2
Fall 1995
Board of Management
Elected Members
Al Poettcker.
Past President
Debra L Browning.
Sr. Wee President
Tricia Smith,
Agnes Papke. BSc{Agr)'66
ctftorioi Committee
Louanne Twaites BSc(Pharm)'53
Ron Burke
Steve Crombie
Katie Eliot
Dale Fuller
Chris Petty
Sue Watts
Don Wells
Chris Petty, MFA'86
Assistant Editor
Dale Fuller
Rosetta Cannata
Pat Higinbotham
Christine Nordquist
BA'80. LLB'85
UBC grad (MA'72) John Gray, known
Dickson Wong,
nationally for his talents as a writer, playwright,
songwriter, actor and musician, will perform as
Members-flt-Large '94-'96
Master of Ceremonies for the 1995 Annual
Chris Bendl, BSc'9l
Alumni Achievement Dinner (see more info on
Pamela Friedrich, BA'67
page 11). John's wit and style has endeared him
Louanne Twaites. BSc(Pharm)'53
to millions of fans, and his two new books, Lost
Memberunlarge '95-'97
in North Amenco, published by Talon Books
Dana Merritt, BCom'88
and 1 Love Mom, a history of tatooing published
Don McConachie, BSA'63, MBA'65
by Key Porter, are available at bookstores
Grace Wong, BEd'74, MBA'83
right now.
Executive Director
Photo by Pat Higinbotham
The UBC Alumni Chronicle is published 3
times annually by the UBC Alumni
Association, 6251 Cecil Green Park Road,
Vancouver, B.C., V6T" IZI. tt is distributed
free to all graduates of UBC. Member,
Council for the Advancement and Support
of Education
Printed in Canada
by Mitchell Press
ISSN 0824-1279
The Party's On!
Years ago, one of the events of the Vancouver social
season was the Annual Alumni Dinner. Well, it's
back in great form and with some hot new items.
50 Years of Law at UBC
The Faculty of Law celebrates 50 years of
training men and women in the intricacies of
the law. There are parties here, too.
An Odyssey: UBC Open House '95
More parties: UBC's first Open House in five years
promises to be the best ever. New buildings, great
exhibits, celebrations and, of course, the old haunts.
UBC's Theatre Department Makes Stars
One of the best theatre departments in the
country also produces some of the finest actors,
directors and designers.
Alumni News
Al Poettcker's Column
David Strangway's Column
Faculty News
Class Acts
Swell Alumni Gear For Sale
0 New Branches
We've received branch activity
inquiries from alumni living in the
Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Israel and
the Netherlands. If you live in one of
these areas and would like to hook
up with fellow alumni please let us
Fifty alumni joined UBC President
David Strangway, Association President Al Poettcker BCom'69 and
Calgary branch rep Alice
Daszkowski BCom'87 for a reception at the Metropolitan Centre May
6. Calgary branch committee members, MicheleVan Walleghem
BCom'87 and Kirsten Evenden
MA'92, were super volunteers. For
information about the Calgary
branch's pub nights, call Alice at
(403) 298-3940.
Claire Pal lard MSc'92 has volunteered to be the new branch rep for
Edmonton! Thanks and best wishes
to Elizabeth Alke BA'76, the
former branch rep. Claire would
love to hear from you. If you're interested in alumni activities in Edmonton, please call her at (403)
David Strangway and Al Poettcker
met with an enthusiastic group of 25
alumni on May 5 at the University of
Alberta Faculty Club. A big thanks to
Bob McLeod 8Com'52 for supporting the event and acting as MC.
A small but enthusiastic group of
alumni came out to the first meeting
ofthe Fraser Valley branch on May
11 and met with branch rep Wally
Mitchell BSc(Agr)'94, Alumni Association Executive Director Agnes
Papke and Associate Executive Director Leslie Konantz. For information about fall activities, call Wally at
(604) 823-6564.
The Alumni Association once again
travelled to the Kootenays to participate in the University College of
the Cariboo convocation festivities
June 16 and 17. Alumni, new grads
and friends joined branch rep Rob
McDiarmid BA'72, LLB'75,Vice
President Academic Dan Birch and
UBC dignitaries at a casual BBQ and
reception on the 16th. The convocation ceremony followed on June
17th. Many thanks to Rob for acting
as MC for the pre-BBQ reception
and presenting alumni pins to the
UBC degree recipients. Contact Rob
at (604) 374-2201 for more information about this branch.
We travelled to Okanagan University College to congratulate the
UBC degree recipients there.
Alumni, new graduates and their
friends joined with branch rep Jeff
Peterson BA'79, LLB'86, Chancellor
Bob Lee, Vice President Academic
We didn't do it. Honest.
s a result of provincial privacy legislation, BC
alumni have the right not to have their name
or phone number released to our branch contacts or division volunteers. If you don't want
this information released, please tell us and
we will make sure it does not appear on any
such list. Call or fax, send a note or an e-mail
message. The Association does not release member's names, addresses or phone numbers to telemarketers of any kind. If you
receive a phone solicitation from a company that claims they got
your number from us, please let us know. We'll make sure they
stop. For more information about any ofthe branch events in
your part of the world, please contact Deanna McLeod,
branches coordinator, at the following numbers:
e-mail: dmcleod@unixg.ubc.ca
Toll free phone (N. America): 1-800-883-3088
Toll free fax (N. America): 1-800-220-9022
Phone direct: (604) 822-8918 (24 hour voice mailbox)
Fax: (604) 822-8928
United States and Overseas Branches
Do we have your address? If you
don't get the Chronicle in the mail
please update your addresses with
us! We would love to organize
some branch activities in China.
Please contact the branches coordinator.
UBC's dean of science met with 27
Hong Kong alumni at a luncheon
The Hong Kong branch held
Celebration Time on July I. About
200 alumni and friends attended.
Even some holidaying UBC students showed up and had a great
time as well. Thanks to Lena Siu
BA'88 who organized this event.
The branch is reviving the Canadian Alumni Sports Day for October 29th. This wilf be a sporting
competition between the alumni of
UBC and sixteen other Canadian
universities. Competition will include badminton, basketball, soccer, squash, swimming, table tennis
and volleyball. For more information contact David SohBCom'93
at 2846-1360 or Dow Famulak
BA'83 at 2846-1560.
Alumni living in or visiting Hong
Kong are welcome at our monthly
luncheons held on the last Friday
of each month and should contact
Lena Siu BA'88 at 2847-0355 or
Kevin Lee BA'80 at 2877-3088.
About 50 alumni joined President
Strangway, the deans of commerce,
dentistry, medicine, science and applied science and International Liaison Director Larry Sproul at the
Kuala Lumpur Hilton for a cocktail
reception on March 28. We were
delighted that alumnus John Bell
BCom'62, Canadian High Commissioner to Malaysia and 1995 winner
of the Alumni Award of Distinction,
attended. Thanks to Mansoor
Marican PhD'77, who was the MC,
and Susan Thomson BPE'74 for
their support in making the event a
great success.
The Canadian Club of NewYork Is
holding the second annual Canadian
alumni reception on October 19,
1995 from 6-9 pm at the Canadian
Club, 15 West 43rd Street, Manhattan. Cost $15. Call (212) 596-1320
to RSVP. We would like to provide
UBC alumni with alumni pins, so
please call branch rep Krista Cook
BA'86,MA'90 at (116) 671-4639 before October 12 if you plan to attend.
We invite our alumni in New York
to participate in the anraiatTerry
Fox Run on November 18,1995 at
10 am.The challenge is to see
which university's graduates can
raise the most money for cancer
research. For more information,
call the Canadian Club at (212)
About 60 alumni and 20 friends of
the university attended a reception
to meet President Strangway April
6 at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.
They were joined by Alumni Association President Al Poettcker and ,
the Canadian Consul General
Bernard Gagosz. For information
about branch activities in Seattle,
please call Joan Whitey BA'5 J at
SINGAPORE ,;"'.' '—•
President Strangway, the deans of
commerce, dentistry, medicine,
science and applied science and
International Liaison Director Larry
Sproul met with about 40 alumni
for a reception at the Four Seasons
Hotel on March 26. Thanks to
branch rep Tan Yam Pin MBA'65,
who greeted guests and acted as
the master of ceremonies for the
evening. For information about
branch activities in Singapore call
Tan Yam Pin at 371-6307. W
L'BC Alumni Ciironiclk, Fail 1995 NEWS
New Programs for Members
Dan Birch and UBC dignitaries at a
lunch reception on June 15. Thanks
to Jeff Peterson for emceeing the
reception and presenting alumni pins
to the UBC degree recipients. A big
thanks also to Gail Berry
BSc(Agr)'61 and George Cook
BA'54 who helped organize the
event. Call Jeff at (604) 767-2904 for
more information about the
Kelowna branch.
We have some alumni in Montreal
who are eager to see regular branch
activities started, but as our new
contact there says, "Two people do
not a branch make." But three or
four can! If you are interested in getting together with your fellow
alumni in Montreal, call Don Yapp
PhD'93 at (514) 989-2342.
The UBC Law Alumni Association is
starting an Ontario branch. Events
will be planned starting this fall. If
you're interested in helping out or
would like more information please
contact Gillian Gardiner LLB'92 at
(604) 641-4903.
Show your Thunderbird spirit at the
Alumni Bowl! A Canadian universities alumni football game is taking
place September 23, 1995 at Frank
Clair Stadium. The festivities begin
with a BBQ at I 1:30 followed by the
game at 1:00 and a post game reception. For more information, call
Jeff Sims at the University of Ottawa's Sport Services, (613) 562-
5800, ext. 3425. For information
about Ottawa branch activities,
please call Don Gardner BASc'54 at
Special guest UBC President Dr.
David Strangway joined UBC alumni
in Prince George at a reception
September 6th at the Coast Inn of
the North. Prince George is home
to many UBC graduates, and thanks
to all those who attended the reception. If you are interested in becoming involved in alumni activities is
that city, please contact Deanna
McLeod, branches coordinator at
the Association, at (604) 822-8918
or 1-800-883-3088.
UBC Dean of Law Lynn Smith was
in Winnipeg, and alumni met with
her at an informal reception August
21st at the law firm Buchwald,
Asper, Gallagher, Henteleff. Thanks
to our new Winnipeg branch rep
Peter Epp LLB'93 for organizing the
event and thanks to his law firm for
hosting the reception. Call Peter at
(204) 956-0560 ext. 234 for more
information about branch activities
in that city.
Not So Near, But Just as Dear...
Branch Reps
The Alumni Association is invit
round table discussions; plenty of
ing all branch representatives back
time to
explore the university's
to UBC during Homecoming and
Open H
ouse, "An Odyssey '95";
Open House, October   11-15,
presentations from relevant units
1995! The reps will have a
around campus and opportu-
chance to meet each other ^^^M
nities to meet with UBC
and Association staff ^^HH
^    dignitaries at various
and rediscover the ^^^^KM|
^^ receptions, dinners
UBC campus of the ^^^^^Km,
^^k and one-on-one
'90s.We think this ,^^^D^|
^^M encounters. We
"summit meeting" ^^^^|^H
^^H  look forward to
our loyal repre- ^^^^^^H
^^H meeting        our
from ^^^^^^Q
^^m    branch reps. It will
around the world ^^^^^Hj
^m   be a fun and worth-
will   help   generate ^^^^Hjj
Y   while event. For more
some great new ideas and   ^^^H
information about sum-
activities for our revitalized
plans, please call the
branches program.The preliminary
branches   coordinator,  Deana
schedule of activities includes:
at (604) 822-8918.
J. he challenges that face the
j\lumni Association today are not
unique in our history. Members
who have been involved in the
Association in any way during
the past ten years know that
change, budget restraints and
organizational analysis have become part of our everyday business.
Our recent successes in
branch development, divisions
and marketing, along with our
initiation of faculty-based programs, are proof that, as an organization, we have responded
well to the challenges facing us.
But those challenges don't stop.
We have a mandate to serve our
members in a creative, cost-effective way, and that means we must
constantly monitor what we do and why we do it.
The change in the structure of transfer payments from the federal government will undoubtedly affect the amount of money the
province can use for post secondary education. Our expenditures
have been stable over the past few years, even though our membership base grows by nearly 6,000 every year. In order to improve our
services, we can't be content merely to sharpen our financial pencils.
We have to consider each of our programs for cost effectiveness, dedicated staff time and, most important, for its benefit to our members.
Early in 1996 the Association will undertake a performance review to assess our services, with your needs in mind. The review will
ensure that the programs we offer are the right ones, and will help us
define new priorities. UBC's administration will undergo profound
changes in the next few years, with a new president in 1997, and with
new deans in many faculties. It is up to us to define how we can serve
that new administration, and how we will serve our members into the
next century.
But we aren't waiting for the performance review to look at new
initiatives. We have struck a student cultivation committee to look
into ways of involving current students in our activities. Part of our
task is to help build life-long loyalty to UBC, and this process must
start early on.
We are also well along in the process of establishing a member
card. For an annual fee, you will have access to many ofthe services
you enjoyed as a student. We hope to introduce the card late this year
or early in 1996.
We have brought back a grand tradition, the Alumni Annual
Achievement Dinner. This year, we will honour our 1995 award winners on October 23 at the Vancouver Hotel with honorary degree recipient Garth Drabinsky as our featured speaker. This event is not to
be missed. Please see page 11 for information on tickets and times.
We can be proud ofthe accomplishments of our university. With
internationally recognized research, first class teaching and innovative programs in virtually every faculty, UBC has become one of the
top universities in North America. UBC's 1995 open house runs from
October 13 - 15, and will give you the chance to see, up close, the
great things going on here. I invite you to visit Cecil Green Park during open house and meet some of the people who work for you at the
Alumni Association. Remember, Tuum Est: It's still your university.
Al Poettcker, President, UBC Alumni Association
UBC Aiumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 NEWS
Thank you to all those who made
the first ever BIOCHEMISTRY,
PHYSIOLOGY division's alumni
Rendez-vous on June 27 such a success! Graduates from the past 20
years showed up to renew old
friendships and form new ones
while enjoying refreshments and a
beautiful sunset. A great time was
had by all—make sure to watch for
your next BPP Bulletin in the fall.
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING alumni are invited to join profs
and undergrads at the annual
Homecoming BBQ on September
21 at the Cheeze Factory at 4:00
pm. Resistor races held later in the
evening. For more details, contact
Dean Leung BASc'93 at <Dean
@ams.ubc.ca> or (w) 604-822-9354
or fax 604-822-9019. Calling all engineering alumni—meet with students and share your work experiences at Old Red/New Red on October 26 at Cecil Green Park at
6:30 pm. Contact Dean Leung.
ECONOMICS Division is reborn!
The division and the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences will co-
sponsor two events during Open
House: an alumni reception on October 13, 7 - 9 pm and an FNS research update on October 14,9 am
to noon.To reserve your place for
either or both events, call the
school (604-822-2691) or return
the reservation form included in the
next issue of the FNS News. To become involved in the FNS/HE alumni division, call one of the members
of the division steering committee:
Barbara Hartman 78 (604-943-
6317), Mari-Lou Laishley 79
(604-926-4130) or Lois Smith
MacGregor '60 (604-988-5089).
GEOGRAPHY division invites
alumni to its Homecoming Social
and AGM at the Geography Building
at noon on October 14. Contact
Chris LeTourneur at 263-9707.
As part of the UBC Open House,
the LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE division will plant a tree
bosque at the studio. The event will
Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology Rendezvous* Electrical BBQ*Home Ec Rebirth*A Plant in Landscape
Architecture*Golfing MDs*Nurses Lectured To * Inquisitive
Pharmacists* Rehab Med Mentors'Decades of Social Workers
take place on October 15 from 3-5
pm.This is a great chance to visit
with your classmates and celebrate
Homecoming. Reps from each grad
year will be in touch to keep everyone up to date on the tree party.
The Medical Student and Alumni
Centre hosted the MEDICAL division's AGM and Awards Reception
on May 6.The winner of this year's
Wallace Wilson Leadership Award
was Doug Clement '59. The
Alumni Award of Distinction was
given to Patrick McGeer '58.
Honorary Alumnus Awards went to
David Fairholm, department of
neurosurgery, and Wolfgang Felix,
Faculty of Medicine.
On June 2, UBC proudly marked
the 41 st anniversary of the Faculty
of Medicine's first graduating class.
The division is holding its 10th
Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner
on September 21 at the University
Golf Course. All medical alumni are
invited to participate, so come out
to join the fun on the green and/or
over dinner. For more information,
call the Centre, 875-5522.
The mentor program was established in 1990 to link medical students with members of the profession. Mentors are normally MDs
and/or basic sciences faculty who
live in the Vancouver area. Students
in the program come from all four
years of undergraduate medicine.
The NURSING division's Annual
Dinner was held on May I I at Cecil
Green Park. Elaine Carty, associate
professor at the School of Nursing,
gave an insightful and practical presentation about childbearing and
parenting issues for women with
disabilities. Everyone who attended
this presentation came away with a
clearer perspective on this issue.
The Miriam Woodward Lecture
will be held October 19 at the
Woodward Instructional Resource
Centre lecture hall, No. 6 at 8 pm.
Elizabeth Davies, a professor at
the UBC School of Nursing, will be
the 1995 Woodward lecturer.The
lecture is free and attendance is
open to the community at large. For
more information, contact Joanne
Ricci at the SON, 822-7506. Nursing alumni are invited to a potluck
dinner at the SON faculty lounge
before the lecture. Dinner starts at
6 pm. Come enjoy the company of
your friends and colleagues.
The annual Homecoming Brunch
will be at Cecil Green Park Sept. 24
from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. RSVP by
September 19 to Marlene King
(822-8923). Dr. K. May, director of
the school, will present an update
on the SON strategic planning process. She looks forward to an informal discussion with alumni about
the school's planning and direction.
We want to hear your ideas.
The 8th annual Professional Practice Night will be held at Cecil
Green Park on September 28 from
7-10 pm.This career night, organized by the PHARMACY division
and assisted by CAPSI-UBC, is an
excellent opportunity for pharmacy
undergraduates to learn more about
the various career options the profession provides, and to raise their
awareness of the different professional organizations ad resources
that are available to them. Invitations will be sent to various pharmacy organizations, departments,
stores and groups. Anyone else who
is interested in attending and sharing their knowledge and experience
with these inquisitive students
should contact Ray Li (682-2344,
loc. 2126), Andre Lo (431 -8618) or
Anderson Wong (524-7254).
The REHAB SCIENCES division invites all alumni, graduate and
undergraduate students to its 1995
Homecoming event, October 11,7-
9 pm at Cecil Green Park.
At the annual kick-off of its mentor program, participants meet each
other and arrange for subsequent
meetings. Anyone interested in becoming a mentor this year is asked
to contact Sheila Branscombe at
224-3216 by Sept. 5th.
The SOCIAL WORK division
was very pleased with the response
to the joint division/School of Social
Work newsletter. For the first time,
they were able to mail to all 2,000+
known alumni.The division is also
cooperating with the school in raising funds for student assistance and
services, including the Reading
Room, staffed by alumni volunteers.
All social work alumni and friends
are invited to events scheduled at
the school during UBC Open
House. The alumni division AGM
will be at the school at 7 pm on October 12. Speakers will represent
each decade of social work graduates, beginning with the 1930s. It
will be an opportunity to reminisce
and socialize, 'jf
1995 Alumni Achievement Dinner and agm
October 23, 1995
Come celebrate the achievements of your classmates.
Hear Garth Drabinsky and John Gray, win great door
prizes and enjoy special entertainment.
See page I I
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 NEWS
New Board of Directors Installed
:!-. 'The Alumni Association's new Board of Directors will be introduced
Sat'this year's AGM to be held October 23 in the Tweedsmuir Room of
J(J» Vancouver Hotel.The AGM is being held in conjunction with the annual Alumni Achievement Dinner. See page 11 for details. Members of
ffhjt Board are elected annually; with the Senior VP becoming President
linjhis or her second year on the Board. Here is the new Board:
president Al Poettcker, BCom'69
(Pitt President Debra Browning, LLB'80
Senior Vice President.— Tricia Smith, BA'80, LLB'85
^Treasurer  Dickson Wong, BCom'88
Members-at-Large, 1994 - 1996
,..„ Chris Bendl, BSc'9l
„,- Pamela Friedrich, BA'67
;.„,, Louanne Twaites, BSc(Pharm)'53
Members-at-Large, 1995 - 1997
 Dana Merritt, BCom'88
 Don McConachie, BSA'63, MBA'65
...„ Grace Wong, BEd'74, MBA'83
The Cost of a University Education
The Greeks
Founders' Day in May with a gathering of alumnae and actives at Cecil
Green Park.The next events that we will be participating in are
Panhellenic's Open House (October 15, 12—4 pm) and our association's
AGM October 25, 7:30 pm, Cecil Green Park). Our next newsletter will
be out in the fall, but if you have any questions now, call Ann
McCutcheon to get involved (604-732-4580).
UBC sorority alumnae to attend their Open House and Homecoming
activities. Mingle with old friends and learn about your sorority's current
activities! Open House will be held October 15 from 12 to 4:30 pm at
Panhellenic House, UBC. Please RSVP your attendance (or interest in
helping out!) to Ann McCutcheon, vice president of VAPA at 604-732-
4580 or to your local alumnae representative.
Sixty-five years ago a group of UBC women founded the AOfl Vancouver chapter. In celebration on October 22 at Cecil Green Park from I -
4 pm, ALPHA OMICRON PI Vancouver Alumnae Chapter is having an
afternoon of memories. We are asking our sisters to remember what
was so special about attending UBC as an AOn. Dig out those scrap-
books, videos,T-shirts, rush invitations and photos. Bring them to our
celebration. Call Marjorie Stevens at 879-0255 if you have anything
that needs special equipment. We hope every sister can come!
This past year AOn held a number of interesting functions. In February we donated clothing and household items to a battered woman's
shelter thanks to Susan Hart. Our Rose Tea, hosted by Honoree Findlay,
was very successful. Elaine and David Peterson hosted a June BBQ where
we were entertained by some great piano playing. In June Marjorie
Stevens represented Vancouver AOn at the international convention in
Scottsdale, Arizona, where they spent a great deal of time planning
AOITs centennial celebrations in 1997 in New York City! This coming
year Anne Mott is planning an active calendar of events, including
Founders' Day and our 65th anniversary. We are looking forward to a
successful return of an AOfl colony to UBC in the next year. Now is the
time to think  "legacy."
1 here has been a lot in the news
lately about financing post secondary education. The federal
government is cutting transfer
payments to the provinces and
some $300 million dollars earmarked for BC will have to be
made up some other way. The
provincial government says it cannot shoulder yet another Financial
burden imposed upon it by its federal counterpart. As a result, post
secondary institutions are seeking
more innovative ways to deal with
rising costs and higher demand.
Expenditures at UBC now total more than $700 million annually. About half that total is paid
through the businesses we run,
such as housing and food sendees, and through the research grants we
The other half, or $338 million, represents our operating expenses. Eighty percent ofthis comes from provincial grants and 16%
from tuition. Overall, the province funds less than half of our activities.
The question is, should the users of the post secondary system
shoulder more ofthe financial burden for their own education?
The conditions of our age dictate that all elements of society pay
their share, that all those who use or benefit from our institutions also
support them financially. So the question is not should tuitions increase, but by how much should they increase.
Tuition should only be raised if the public is convinced that we are
using our existing resources efficiently and effectively. Costs at UBC,
compared to 1981/82, are 30% less per student annually. This represents an outstanding improvement in productivity and fiscal management. By comparison, hospitals spend 40% more per patient day, and
the public school system spends 15% more per student than they did
in 1981/82, for a substantial loss in productivity.
The question of tuition has come into particular relief at UBC because, in late May, our Board approved a new tuition policy for the
1996/97 academic year. The policy includes these points:
• Tuition will be adjusted to ensure that total operating expenses are
contained to stay constant with inflation.
• 33% will be added to that increase and deposited to the student aid
fund to ensure that talented but needy students are given a full and
equal chance to attend.
• Full cost tuition will be established for some professional graduate
• Full-cost tuition will be charged for international undergraduate and
professional graduate students, starting with new students in 1996.
The University of British Columbia has no intention of raising tuition fees to anything like those charged at private universities. But society, the taxpayer and the university must establish the appropriate
balance between government funding on the one hand, and funding
that comes from tuition on the other.
The administrative focus of UBC is to maintain the highest academic standards. We will achieve that by keeping our financial house in
meticulous order, by investigating every conceivable avenue for efficiency and effective service, and by continuing to ensure that ability is
the sole criterion for students choosing to come to the university.
David Strangway, President, UBC
UBC Ait;mm Chroniclk, Fall 1995 NEWS
NURSING '65 held a most
successful reunion on May
5-7 at Whistler. The two
condominiums at Grey Hawk
easily accommodated the
fourteen nurses. Walking
around the golf course and
Lost Lake provided recreation. Sightseeing in the village and shopping was an
option for others. Class members prepared some gourmet
meals and local restaurants
were the venue for others. It
was a wonderful retreat for
reconnecting with friends and
sharing warm memories.
REHABILITATION MEDICINE '70 celebrated its 25th anniversary reunion over the May long
weekend. Twenty-three out ofthe
twenty-nine combined physiotherapy
and occupational therapy graduates
attended a brunch at the home of
Barbara Eden Stoddard in Richmond and a pot luck dinner at the
home of Elizabeth Colon
MacRitchie's parents in West Vancouver. Faculty who taught the class
joined in and added to the celebrations. Class members came from PEI,
Ontario, Alberta and BC.
GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING '85 held their 10th year reunion over the
July 1st weekend at the Beaver Lake Resort in Kelowna. Those attending included classmates, spouses, family and friends, totalling 34 adults (of those sixteen were grads) and 12 children. Social activities featured a BBQ, fishing
derby (won by Paul Madsen), treasure hunt, awards ceremony, fireworks and
indulging in a keg of "reunion brew."
MEDICINE '55 experienced a very warm welcome from the Chateau Whistler
at their reunion on the weekend of June 16. Twenty class members and spouses
(including two widows) attended this year's reunion. The luncheon at the Chateau was a worthwhile experience. The balance ofthe weekend was spent relaxing, catching up and taking in some ofthe leisure activities that the resort has
to offer.
Fifteen members of the classes of
their guests gathered at Cecil Green
Park for their annual luncheon. Each
guest shared their memories of UBC
and their latest activities with the
group. Memories included mention
of Professor "Pop Valve" Smith
and tales of Charlotte Whitton.
Sixty-plus years after graduation, the
enthusiasm of these classmates for
their university years has not waned.
A good time was had by all.
'75 enjoyed a successful reunion on
the weekend of May 5-6. Forty people enjoyed the wine and cheese
party, held at the Reading Room at
the School of Social Work on the Friday evening. Saturday activities included a BBQ at Kits Neighbourhood House.The group intends to
celebrate their 25th anniversary reunion in Victoria in 2000.
NURSING '85 had a small gathering at Cecil Green Park on May 19th.
Some class members and their families met at Jericho Beach the following day for a beach BBQ.The fine
weather contributed to the success
of this event. %'
the largest forestry class to ever to
graduate from UBC. In 1946 they
started with over 100 students,
mostly veterans all glad to be back in
Canada, and quickly became a
close-knit group. Approximately 70
students graduated, after having
spent their student years socializing
with each other and their professors
at Wreck Beach, Stanley fvrk and
the Commodore. They come together
every five years at Harrison Hot
Springs. This year there were 35 foresters and their spouses who came
from as far away as Toronto for their
45th reunion. Professors Butch
Griffiths and Tom Wright, as well as
four widows of former class members, were the honoured guests. Everyone enjoyed the gathering. A special thank you to Robin Caesar, who
has been the driving force behind all
ofthe reunions from the very first.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 NEWS
REUNIONS   1 995
If you would like r
nore info about our fall reunions,
please call Dawn
Levy at 822-8917 or
toll free 1-800-883-3088.
VOC '55
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Sept. 15
Engineering '50
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Sept. 22 & 23
Class of'35
Cecil Greeh Park, UBC
Sept. 27
Commerce '65
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Sept. 29 & 30
Medicine '60
Sept. 30-Oct. 1
Mechanical Eng. '70
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Oct. 6 & 7
Mechanical Eng. '55
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Oct. 14 & 15
Class of '40
Shaughnessy Golf Club, UBC
Oct. 14 & 15
Pharmacy '85
Harrison Hot Springs
Oct. 12-15
UBC Golf Course
Oct. 13
Pan Pacific Hotel
Oct. 13
Intramural Sports
Brock House
Oct. 14
Agriculture '84-'85
Cecil Green Park, UBC
Oct. 28
Where Great Minds Meet
Reunions To Come
1955. Reserve NOW for our '95
party.The next one won't be until
2000! Reception/dinner on Friday,
September 15th, 6 pm at Cecil
Green Park.VOC style fun and
games to follow. On the 16th there
will be a walk at 10 am at Cypress
Bowl. For info, call Dawn Levy, program coordinator, at (604) 822-
8917 or toll free 1-800-883-3088.
Are you CLASS OF 1946?
Show yourself off at the 50th anniversary reunion on June 19, 20 and
21 in 1996. Discovery tours, unique
entertainment, fine food—all in the
company of your old college crowd.
For reservations and info, contact
Dawn Levy, program coordinator.
ADMINISTRATORS' reunion will
happen on Saturday, October 14,
1995. Join us for an evening of dinner, dance, prizes, gifts and more.
Also included will be a toast to past
AMS presidents who have made a
contribution to Intramural Sports.
Expect your invitation in the mail.
For more info, contact Joan
(Pilcher) Webster, reunion coordinator, at 822-6000 or 541 -7891.
The 50th anniversary of PHARMACY CLASS OF 1946 will be
celebrated in 1996.The planning
committee is co-chaired by Marion
Pearson and Marguerite Yee.
We're planning a four day event for
May 31-June 4, 1996. To plan a class
reunion or to help in any way, contact Marion or Marguerite at 822-
4933 or 822-4976 or fax 822-3035.
We're also compiling a 50-year anniversary book. If you have any
memorabilia to contribute, contact
Louanne Twaites or Bev Louis.
On the back of any photos submitted, please note the approximate
date of the photo, what's happening,
names of all people and their grad
year.The photos will be returned.
Send material to Louanne Twaites,
4660 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver,
BCV6R IV7. Also, please jot down
any special memories you have of
your pharmacy undergrad days. The
greater the input we have, the more
special the book will be.
MECHANICAL ENG. '70 graduates have been working hard at organizing their reunion, which will
take place on October 6 and 7,
1995. We'll enjoy lunch at the Pit
Pub on the 6th, and then have a reception at the mechanical engineering building with former profs. In
the evening we'll all get together for
a salmon BBQ at Cecil Green Park.
On the 7th, enjoy a game of golf at
the University Golf Club, followed
by dinner. Lots of prizes and customized class golf shirts for sale.
We've located all former classmates
except Roger Leblanc and
Charan Pohar. «'
The UBC Conference Centre
A Over 3,000 bedrooms available in student residences situated
in the spacious and park-like setting of UBC campus.
A Gage Court Hotel offers year-round accommodation in
recently renovated one bedroom suites, ideal for seminar
groups and visiting academics.
▲ Meeting facilities for 15 - 3,000 delegates in academic
buildings, in-house meeting rooms and special facilities.
A Conference coordination, registration services and full meeting
management packages available in-house with experienced
meeting professionals.
A One of North America's most popular meeting destinations,
Vancouver offers your delegates great value in a safe and
cosmopolitan city.
The University of British Columbia
5961 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, B.C. V6T2C9
Tel: 604-822-1060
Fax: 604-822-1069
e-mail: conferences@brock.housing.ubc.ca
Bring your next conference home to
The University of British Columbia
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 NEWS
Au Revoir,
Walter Koerner
I he University of British Columbia
is in mourning. One of its oldest
friends and benefactors passed away
on his 97th birthday. We are speaking, of course, of Walter Koerner.
Dr. Koerner came to Canada as a
young man with his two brothers,
Leon and Theodore, fleeing their
homeland in 1938 before the outbreak of WWII. He was born in 1898 in
what was then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He served in the
army during WWI and was decorated for bravery.
The Koerner family had been involved in forestry for two centuries, so
the brothers gravitated towards that industry here as well.They cultivated the hemlock, a tree which was regarded in this part of the world as
useless. Their company, Alaska Pine and Cellulose, thrived, and in 1954
they sold it to Rayonnier.Walter Koerner became the chair of Rayonnier
Canada (BC) and retired in 1972.
Koerner was also known as a philanthropist. He played an important
role in the collection and cultivation of West Coast Native art, and collected European ceramics from childhood. In the Fall 1991 Chronicle,
Robin Laurence wrote,"/n /972, he and his wife Marianne donated their
valuable collection of Northwest Coast native art to the Museum ofAnthropol-
ogy, a donation that was essential in securing federal government financing for
the construction ofthe Museum Hself.When, in 1988, he gave his extensive
European ceramics collection to the MOA (along with the money to display the
work), it was the consolidation of a long and significant association."
Koerner was chair of the UBC Board of Governors from 1968 to 1972,
and he was one of the most generous donors during the World of Opportunity Campaign. In particular, his support of the library has made possible the high-tech expansion currently underway.A new library building,
the Walter C. Koerner Library, is a key element in the library's expansion.
He well be missed.   Dale Fuller
The Alumni Association is pleased to announce that His Honour, The Honourable
Garde B. Gardom,
QC, the Lieutenant-
Governor of British
Columbia, has graciously accepted its
invitation to become
an Honorary Patron
ofthe Association.
The Board of Directors and the staff look
forward to a rewarding relationship. Mr.
Gardom graduated
from UBC in 1949
with two degrees, a
BA and an LLB.
February 25 - March 9
West Indies
February 18-25
Road to Damascus
^pril 30 - May 13
Yangtze River
mean Cruise
[ember 25 - October 8^*
and Mosel River
Venice to Monte Carlo
August 3-14
Three Great Rivers of Europe
New England
Would you like
a mortgage with no
summer payments?
Every year?
We have it
... and you can get it.
Call Johri Davies at our Dunbar Branch
for details, Everyone is welcome at
ieaehers Credit Unon.
Branches in Dunbar, Oakridge, Burnaby,
Surrey and Victoria
I 0      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 The 1995 UBC Annual Alumni
Achievement Dinnerand AGM
Join guest speaker Garth
Drabinsky and MC John
Gray for an evening of
entertainment and
celebration, door prizes
including tickets from
Canadian Airlines Intl.,
tickets to Showboat and UBC
cookbooks. And the I 995
recipients of the Alumni
Association Achievement
And we promise ... nO rubber ChJCken.Just a great time! |   Awards
1995 AGM
The Association's AGM will be
held on Monday, October 23,
1995 at 6 pm in the Tweedsmuir
Room, Hotel Vancouver.
Business Agenda
1. Call to order
2. Acceptance of the 1993-94
3. Treasurer's report and
appointment of the auditor
for 1995-96
4. Returning Officer's Report
5. Past President's remarks
6. President's remarks
7. Closing/Adjournment
What time?
.October 23, 1995
.AGM: 6:00 pm
... in the Tweedsmuir room
Reception: 6:30 pm
Dinner: 7:30 pm Garth Drabinsky
. Hotel Vancouver, BC Ballroom
.To honour our 1995 Award recipients, to
be entertained, wined and dined, and to
spend an evening with friends.
Thanks to our sponsors:
MCL Motor Cars (1992) Inc.
Canadian Airlines Intl.
UBC Food Group
Live Entertainment of
more door prizes — a pair of Grizzlies tickets with a weekend for two at the Georgian Court <&««, be confined)
IWhat's the cost? I    $80 each — $640 per table of eight
Call Sheila Beveridge at 685-4888
How do I order?
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995       | | a  the UBC I   -i—i i
Annual rund
Thanks for helping us reach
$1.45 million in 1994/95
More than 15,000 donors participated in the UBC Annual Fund
last year—13,930 of whom are UBC alumni. For a copy of our donor honour roll, please contact us at the address below.
Where Donations Came From
|      (by Appeal)
Alumni 14.8
Where alumni donations were designated:
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Sciences
Graduate Studies
Alumni Association
Awards and Financial Aid
$      939,432
We would also like to thank the ten volunteer groups that came in
to phone throughout the year—raising $72,390 ofthe $939,432.
The new Annual Fund year began on April 1, 1995, and we are off
to a great start. We look forward to your continued participation
this year.
Thank you!
UBC Annual Fund
6253 N.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC   V6T 1Z1
Phone:  (604)822-8900
Fax:  (604)822-8151
Alumni Association Homecoming and
Open House Events
Nursing Annual Homecoming
Cecil Green Park
Rehab Science Alumni Homecoming
Reception and Mentorship Kickoff
Great Trekker Reception (AMS);
Branches Summit Kickoff Meeting at
Cecil Green Park;
Social Work Alumni AGM
Death by Dessert, Murder Mystery
at Cecil Green Park;
Great Trek Remembered Luncheon;
Branches Summit (Day2);
School of Family and Nutritional
Sciences/Home Economics Alumni
Reception at School of FNS
Geography AGM & Social;
Agricultural Science display/meeting
YoungAlumni Connections Open
Mechanical Engineering '55 Reunion
Dinner at Cecil Green Park,Tour of
Mechanical Engineering Building;
Social Work Alumni AGM;
Branches Summit (day 3);
Cecil Green Park House;
Class of '40 Reunion Dinner at
Shaugnessy Golf Club
Antique Car Display Birthday
VAPA's (Panhellenic) Open House at
Panhellenic House;
Branches Summit (day 4);
Class of '40 Reunion Campus Tour
and Brunch, Grad Student Centre;
Landscape Architecture Tree Bosque
at MacMillan Building
Alumni Achievement Dinner and
AGM, Hotel Vancouver, BC
1952 Open House Committee
Death fey Dessert
The UBC Alumni Association invites you to indulge in decadent desserts
while professional actors entangle you in a fim game of murder and
suspense. Be a suspect or jam fellow detectives in solving the mystery.
The setting is Cecil Green Fhrk; that lovely old mansion it an absolutely
perfect setting for such mayhem!
Friday, October 13
7:30 pm Dessert Buffet
8:30 pm Murder Mystery
$15 per person, cash bar
Contact Marlene King at 822-8923 for more information. Special
thanks to Roger Haskett BA'86, BFA'91, MA'92 and Murder
Unlimited for sponsoring and staging the event.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 UBC Metes Out
50 Years
of Law
George Curtis, UBC's
first dean of law, came
to the UBC campus
from Nova Scotia in August 1945
with the understanding that he
would have a year to set things
up. As it turned out, he had a
little less than a month. His acceptance of President Norman
Mackenzie's offer to build a law
school in western Canada coincided with the end of the war and
a subsequent flood of veterans to
Point Grey.
"No sooner had I sat down
than they were banging on my
door," said Curtis, 1995 recipient
of The Ramon John Hnatyshyn
Award for Law. "I tried to tell
them to head east because we
had nothing, but they said they'd
prefer to stick it out and take a
chance here."
Justice Lloyd MacKenzie,
former Attorney-General Robert
Bonner and BC Lt.-Gov. Garde
Gardom were among the first
class of 86 students Curtis lectured in Brock Hall North.
Seven years later, Prime Min
ister Louis St. Laurent stood at
the north end of campus and
presided over the official opening of Canada's first building
designed specifically for a faculty
of law.
As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, the faculty is the second
largest common law school in
Canada. It draws 180 students
annually from across the country
into its LLB program and about
50 students into its Master's and
PhD programs.
At the time of Curtis's appointment, time and resources
permitted little more than a
bare-bones selection of course
work and little in the way of faculty research. The faculty was
ahead of its time introducing
taxation and labour law in 1946.
By the late 1960s, first-year
enrolment doubled to 236, and
economic and societal pressures
called for a revamping ofthe 23-
subject curriculum. These
changes resulted in one ofthe
broadest legal curricula in the
Hilarious, interactive
murder mysteries &
theme parties
• References
• Money back
• Corporate or
private events
• 4 years
PHONE/FAX: (604) 649-GUNS
Grad Paul Winn (I),
Dean Lynn Smith and
founding dean George
Curtis celebrate half a
century of law at
Dean of Law Lynn Smith
points to the national and international character of the student
body, and to the breadth and
depth of faculty research. Among
the 44 full-time faculty members,
research interests run across the
spectrum of legal categories. Research areas today include all
traditional areas of public and
private law as well as new, interdisciplinary fields such as First
Nations legal studies, environmental law, Asian legal studies
and artificial intelligence.
Smith believes that law faculties in the 1990s should provide a
healthy mix of interdisciplinary,
comparative and theoretical legal
study along with conventional
legal scholarship. This requires
not only a knowledge of legal
doctrine, but also an understanding ofthe social context in which
legal concepts and principles are
created, interpreted and applied.
The faculty will host a
number of events throughout the
year to mark the 50th anniversary, including a symposium on
the environment and the law; the
awarding of an honorary Doctor
of Laws on Chief Justice William
Esson ofthe Supreme Court of
BC; the awarding of honorary
LLB degrees to members of the
legal profession of BC who received their legal education before the faculty was established;
and the release of a book on the
history of legal education in BC
The faculty will also host an
informal lunch-hour reception
and archival display at the law
school on Oct. 14, followed by a
gala banquet in the evening. %'
Celebrate D\J
Years in uwi
■Thursday. October 12. 1995     I
Symposium: Environment and
the Law
Presentations from scientific social
and legal scholars on law and the
environment. Chaired by Ivan Head.
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Curtis Building
Fee: $225 plus GST, includes lunch.
Info/Registration: (604) 893-2162
or toll free 1-800-663-0437
iFriday. October 13. 1995 I
Special UBC Convocation
Honorary Doctor of Laws to Chief
Justice William Esson of the
Supreme Court of BC, and honorary LLB degrees to pre-Law faculty
legal practitioners.
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Great Hall, Law Courts,
800 Smithe St., Vancouver
■Saturday. October 14. 1995     I
Gala Dinner
Decade receptions, dining and
dancing. Special guests, special
presentations to highlight the first
50 years. Dress is business attire.
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel,
Fee: $100 plus GST
Info/Reservations: 822-6303
[October 13-15. 1995 I
UBC Open House '95
Law's Open House features mock
trials, computer technology
demonstrations and memorabilia.
Also class reunions and the launch
of Dr. Wes Pue's book about the
history of legal education in BC.
For info, call Elaine Borthwick,
Faculty of Law, (604) 822-6303.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995      13 CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL IN
Neuchatel Junior QiUege is a small, co-educational school
with a large vision. It prepares students in their final year
or semester of high school for the demands and independence
of university and their career.
Established it}jl956, Neuchatel Junior College attracts students
from acros||&i&Ja. The College offers the Ontario pre-university
OAC curriculum, residency in French-speaking Swiss homes, and
a tradHtwiof excellence in teaching, extra curricular activities,
and tmvel while Hying and studying in Europe.
ComttoN«iehatel forayearofinteDertualgjtowm, travel,
and advaature - and watch your classroom move into the streets
y[   ,". of London, Paris, Athens, Rome ...
For a {t^pectus and application information {dease contact:
'Mirs.Dayk teii&uimBa, Canadian Representative
330 B§y Street, Suite 1503, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S8
Tel: (416) 368-816?    (800)263-2923    Fax:(416)368-0956
E-mail info@neuchatel.org
Junior College
Fonde en 1956 Suisse
Neuchatel Junior College is a non-profit educational institution and
a Member of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools
.>*' \\
r •*&■    iST^<J
* \ 1 - \
Q $500 OinaBOOkSTaOCPuvOjjE
credit card
TEL: (604) 822-5071    FAX: (604) 822-3335 FL1WCKMI
Party When the YACs Come Home!
This insert is directed at all recent graduates and alumni members
who are young at heart. Young Alumni Connections eageriy MtwH
pates your participation during Homecoming/Open House 1995. We
hope to see many of you enjoying the numerous activities around
campus planned for the October 13-15 weekend.
for those of you who counted a warm cinnamon bun and coffee as
a close friend during your UBC days, we invite you to get re-acquainted
with your old friends — human and caffeine — on Saturday) October
14 at 8:30 am in Cecil Green House. So gather your business cards,
wedding pictures, baby shots. Bring anything and/or anyone you want
to this casual morning of reunions.
We hope you will mark you calendars for the Second Annual YAC
Christmas Event. On Thursday, December 7th, join the growing
number of YACs for some seasonal cheer at Cecil Green House. Ior
more information on YAC and our upcoming events, call Dawn at
822-8917 or drop by a meeting at Cecil Green on the first Thursday
of every month at 7 pm. Remember, with YACs the partying starts
when we all COME HOME! See ya in October.
Return without delay to: The UBC Alumni Association, Attn: Young
Alumni Connections, 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, 'Vancouver, BC,
V6T1Z1, Phone: 822-8917 or lax: 822-8928.
newsletter with all the details of the next adventure.
Fax: _
e-mail address
YAC Honours "the Pub Night"
Alumni stories recount the
once weekly "Pub Nights"
hosted by the YACs of yesteryear. In respect of the fine tradition established by YACs before, the current committee
hosted an informal gathering at
Cecil Green House on Friday,
April 18, 1995. The more than
thirty young alumni who attended were entertained by two members of
the band The Ftmny Thing About That" while sipping spirits and munching on snacks. The event was well received and will definitely be repeated
14      UBC j\lumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 YOU
You could win a Honda Odyssey, courtesy of Lower Mainland Honda Dealers,
in celebration of UBC Open House October 13,14,15.
It's an adventure of almost mythological proportions! First a visit to Safeway or a Honda Dealer to
enter. Next a family outing to UBC Open House
for some serious fun, and then you could discover
yourself the winner of a $30,000 Honda Odyssey.
Stylish, ultra-safe, luxurious, innovative and versatile, you and the family will get more out of Odyssey
because the Honda engineers put more into it.
Contest begins Sept. 11. No purchase necessary.
See rules and regulations in store.
You Odyssey 99.3The Fox draw the winner's name live from UBC Open House at 3;00pm Sunday, October15th!
Today's better way^r ARTS
Te first of the new Arts Faculty buildings on the UBC
campus was officially
opened on June 17, 1995. It is the
Fine Arts Gallery, named for its donors and constructed with the generous support of Mrs. Helen Belkin
and the Morris and Helen Belkin
Foundation. The architect, Peter
Cardew, has already received prizes
for its design. Half of the gallery
consists of exhibition space, while
the other half will accommodate the
gallery's support activities, including
storage of the university's art collection.
The new gallery will focus upon
contemporary art, particularly but
not exclusively of this region.The
opening exhibition features the
work of Paul Yuxweluptun, a Salish
artist. Other exhibitions will consist
of the work of various important
artists who appeal to the interests
of a wide audience.
The Belkin Gallery will be integral
to the mission of the university.
Through provocative exhibitions,
publications, visiting speakers, symposia and other activities, it will
challenge visitors and students to
think about our visual culture and
the vital role it plays in our collective lives.
Another complex of buildings
currently under construction is the
Chan Centre for the Performing
Arts, scheduled to open in the
spring of 1997. The 76,000 square
foot centre will be composed of
three auditorial the 1400 seat Chan
Shun Concert Hall, the BC Tel Theatre with a seating capacity of 300
and the Royal Bank Cinema. These
auditoria will serve the departments
of music, theatre and film on campus and will also provide a venue for
the performing arts in Vancouver.i-»
Everyone connected with the Faculty of Law was delighted and
proud to learn that George F. Curtis, founding dean of the
faculty, has been awarded the 1995 Ramon John Hnatyshyn
Award for Law by the Canadian Bar Association. The award, presented at the CBA's annual meeting in August, recognizes outstanding commitment to the law and to legal scholarship in Canada.
Curtis, who served as dean from 1945 until his retirement in 1971,
was cited for his achievements in "bringing Canadian university legal
education to maturity following the Second World War." One of the
founders of the Association of Canadian University Law Teachers
and the Committee of Law Deans of Canada, Dean Curtis also
served as director of the Foundation for Legal Research in Canada
for many years. At age 89, he remains an active and beloved member of the law faculty community.
The faculty itself celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its founding
this year as well. The celebration will get into full swing with a constellation of special events during the UBC Homecoming/Open
House weekend. See the article on page 13 for details. For more
information about the events and class reunions also taking place
that weekend, please contact Elaine Borthwick at 604-822-6303
See page 21 for more faculty news
When the UBC Library
started using computers
to provide online access
to periodical indexes and the library
catalogue, librarians and users immediately wanted more. It was
wonderful to find a list of articles
on a research topic using keyword
searching. But people still had to
track down the journals in the
stacks in order to read the articles.
What we really wanted was the full
text of the articles online.
Now, with reduced computer
storage costs and more published
material available in machine-readable format, libraries can provide
better networked access to schol
arly materials.
In the last year, the Science and
Engineering Division has provided
students and faculty in computer
science and electrical engineering
with online access to the IPO (IEEEI
/EE Publications Ondisc) database. IPO
contains the full text of articles
from the world's two major societies in electrical engineering — the
US-based Institute of Electrical and
Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the
UK's Institution of Electrical Engineers; including over 100 journals,
225 annual conference proceedings
and all the technical standards produced by both societies.
Users can search these full-text
publications in numerous ways in
cluding author, title and keyword.
Since last October, users have been
able to access the IPO database in
the reading rooms in the Centre for
Integrated Computer Systems Research (CICSR) and the electrical
engineering buildings as well as the
Science and Engineering Division in
the Main Library.
User response to this new service has been enthusiastic.The advantages of providing online access
to full text are clear. As publishers
respond to the growing demand,
users can expect to see more and
more full-text electronic publications available through the Library. ;•*
Thanks to students, alumni, professional associations, the BC
government and the Vancouver
Hospital & Health Sciences Centre,
the $1,250,000 needed for the final
phase of the Medical Student and
Alumni Centre has been raised.
The Phase II extensions to the
Centre were recognized at a ceremony on May 11,1995 with a replica of the cairn on UBC's Main Mall.
Construction of the Phase II extensions is scheduled to be completed
in 1996.
The university has always attracted some of the finest researchers in the world. Dr.Victor Ling,
our new assistant dean of cancer
research and VP of research for the
BC Cancer Agency, continues this
tradition. He is renowned throughout the world for his discovery of
the existence and mechanisms of
drug resistance in chemotherapy.
He has received international
awards for cancer research.
Part of the faculty's mission is to
prepare physicians for the future.
With the explosion of knowledge
currently underway in the profes-
On June 29, Peter Lusztig, former
dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, officially retired from UBC.
Lusztig earned a bachelor of commerce degree in 1954. He returned
to teach in 1957, and continued
"with a few interruptions" such as a
PhD at Stanford. Rather than ending
this spring, this connection is going
through a transition. He will have an
office near the David Lam Library,
and between contact with his colleagues, service as a board member
of several private corporations and
as a federal representative to the
British Columbia Treaty Commission, Lusztig will maintain the busy
schedule he's always had.
Reflecting on his tenure, both as
dean and professor of finance,
Lusztig takes the most satisfaction
from having developed a quality PhD
program for the Faculty of Commerce and internationalizing the faculty through exchange programs
with select institutions around the
world. Lusztig's list of other credits
includes: being a prime mover behind the original CIDA exchange
with China; the Programme for Ex
ecutive Development and the Portfolio Management Society, as well as
marshaling funds for the David Lam
Management Research Centre.
As a scholar, he'd like to be remembered for bringing the idea of
no-fault auto insurance into "more
or less general acceptance" in the
late 1960s, when he served on a
Royal Commission. He also enjoyed
coauthoring the first Canadian text-
16      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 FACULTY NEWS
sion, we are planning extensive
changes to curriculum.The new curriculum, to be introduced in 1996,
will maintain basic science teaching
and incorporate small group sessions, care-based learning, a good
grounding in medical informatics
and technology, as well as early
community clinical experience.
Thanks to support from three
charitable foundations — funding
has been secured to develop a
unique component of this curriculum, the AMIR (Addiction Medicine
and Intercollegial Responsibility)
Funding has also been secured for
the Centre for Molecular Medicine
and Therapeutics. Following the
award of a $ 15 million operating
grant from Merck Frosst, and a $9
million commitment from the BC
government for design and construction, plans are being finalized
for the Centre. To be located at the
BC's Children's Hospital/Women's
Hospital campus, the Centre will
spearhead research into the genetic
causes of disease, and apply its findings to the Canadian health care
system. Scientists at the Centre will
interact with leading members of
academic communities nationally,
through the Canadian Genetic Diseases Network, as well as internationally. <v*
The wealth of talent and enthusiasm for strengthening the
faculty program as we build
for the future has been an encouraging surprise for this new dean.
Alumni contribute in many ways
to the faculty. Many of them donate
their most precious resource: their
time.This is reflected by the many
part-time teachers whose efforts go
far to provide current and practical
book for undergraduates in finance
with Professor Bernie Schwab.
Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting is now in its fifth printing. "It's
nice to know you've been exposed
to students that way," Lusztig, now
a dean emeritus, chuckled, "hundreds, or thousands of them over
the years. But that doesn't mean
they enjoyed it!" fa-
clinical experience to our students
when treating patients. In addition,
many others serve on faculty committees (particularly admissions,
curriculum and fundraising), while
others serve as liaison with the
Alumni Association's dentistry division.
Needless to say, many others
generously donate funds to ensure
the establishment of programs or
the purchase of equipment that
maintain the excellence of this faculty. With budget cutbacks impacting on the jobs of support and academic staff, these funds are now an
essential ingredient in our success
formula. No longer do we use funds
only for expenditure on immediate
needs. Funds are now directed to
"endowments" which will preserve
alumni donations while only the
earnings are used for the purposes
designated by the donor.This will
ensure continuous benefit for key
programs such as the clinic computer system, student financial assistance, clinical research, forensic dentistry and geriatric outreach dentistry. The opportunities to share
the rewards of your profession with
your alma mater await you.
The faculty is establishing a recognition award for the outstanding
clinical instructor.These individuals
have often been inadequately recognized in a formal sense and now this
can be done as part of the annual
awards luncheon following graduation.
Finally, an open invitation is extended to visit the faculty at Open
House from Friday, October 13 to
Sunday, October 16 to relive the
haunts of the good old days and to
see the efforts that are being made
to make you truly proud of being a
graduate of UBC's Faculty of Dentistry. ;■»■
It looks as though the academic
year '95-'96 will see a record
number of students in the Faculty of Science. For example, we anticipate an enrollment of 1300 new
students in first year, even though
the goal had been I 100. The higher
years have similar problems. It has
come about because of the increased demand from the commu-
Continued on page 21
f\   MBC has been selected as the
m #site for a new National Cen-
\*%4.re of Excellence in Advanced Wood Products Processing.
The decision follows several studies
of industry needs in BC and Canada
that identified a strong demand for
a new kind of specialized knowledge
worker, continuing education, extension and R&D for the value-
added wood processing industry.
Graduates will have an in-depth
understanding of value-added wood
manufacturing technology as well as
business skills in such key areas as
marketing, management and financial/skill analysis.
A new bachelor's degree in Wood
Products Processing will offer students two unique opportunities:
they will be able to complete 16
months of industry cooperative
training and will share in an educational process that specifically addresses working in groups, problem
solving and communications skills.
Not only is the content of the
proposed new programs unique, but
their development has been truly
interdisciplinary. The Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Forestry have worked together with an
industry-based advisory board and
advisors from European educational
institutions to develop an undergraduate program proposal that focuses on producing graduates who
can continue to learn after leaving
The centre facilities will also offer
a new professional masters's degree
for persons with engineering, science and business degrees wishing
to move to the wood products industry, and continuing education
programs for upgrading skills and
knowledge of existing employees
and managers.
The Centre for Advanced Wood
Products Processing will incorporate Canada-wide input from the
forest products industry, emphasizing a continuing partnership between industry, education and government. Funding is being provided
by all parties. ;*
The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is home to a new service for
seniors across the province.The BC SMILE (BC Seniors Medication
Information Line) program is a joint project of the Ministry of Health,
the BC Drug and Poison Information Centre, a number of pharmaceutical
manufacturers, the Science Council of British Columbia and the UBC Faculty
of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
The intent of the BC SMILE program is to improve the health of senior
citizens in the province by assisting them in using their medications in an effective and rational manner through telephone consultation with a pharmacist. The faculty will also use the program as a teaching resource to assist
students in improving their com
munication and research skills
and developing better awareness
of the needs of seniors.
Pictured is SMILE coordinator
Dr. Elaine Kam BSc(Pharm)'89,
PharmD'93, one of the pharmacists answering the phone when
seniors, their families or
caregivers call with questions
regarding medications. Typical
calls involve questions regarding
the use and misuse of medications, side effects and interactions between medications. For
information, seniors should call
822-1330 in the Lower Mainland
or the toll-free number, I -800-
668-6233, in other parts of the
province. £■*■
UBC Alumni Chroniclk, Fall 1995       | 7 Hey Alumni: You c",i (|,   ,, I
Your Trip Down Memory Lane Will I
ii HOMECOMING      •!
UBC is combining its annual Homecoming
celebrations with its first Open House in five
years. Join us and renew old friendships in a
vibrant setting as students from UBC's 12 faculties present more than 300 interesting displays and exhibits demonstrating their preparations for the challenges of the 21 st century.
Murder at Cecil Green
Park! Specifically, "Death
By Dessert" on Friday, Oct.
13. lust one of many exciting
Open House events sponsored by the
Alumni Association. There's also a vintage
car display in conjunction with UBC's 80th
birthday festivities Oct. 14. Many receptions
will be staged by specific alumni groups. Call
822-3313 for details.
UBC is in the forefront of environmental protection
and conservation. Agricultural Science, Applied Science,     *
Forestry and other faculties/departments will present a host
of educational exhibits for your edification.
Use a computer to
make galaxies collide—the ultimate
demolition derby—
and take home a
color printout of
your handiwork.
Examine images
from the Hubble Space
Telescope. See the model of
the solar system on the front
lawn of the Geophysics and
Astronomy Building. Look at
the sun (safely) at the UBC
Observatory. And finally: It's
2095! Take a Flight to Mars
aboard the UBC Spaceways
Passenger Shuttle. *
Youngsters will delight in a
variety of indoor/outdoor
activities Oct. 14-15,
including face-painting,
puppet-making and storytelling. Located on the parking lot adjacent
to Maclnnes Field, Kid's World will provide
positive, educational and fun activities in
arts, sciences and sports. Science World will
join us with several displays.
mmmamMmmmmmmm <JLa
BC During O^jlcui** 95
>e Serious Family Fun For Everyone!
UBC Athletics is in the process of arranging a
free clinic/autograph session with Vancouver
Grizzlies players at War Memorial Gym Oct.
15. UBC's football, basketball and hockey
Thunderbirds all play at home during Open
House; there's also an invitational high
school volleyball tourney. For the public, free
swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools,
plus balloons, displays and face painting for
children at the Aquatic Centre.
£\ a :-z riiatii -. )tv KlaticJiAA/
Legendary alto saxophonist Phil
Woods joins the UBC Jazz
Ensemble for an evening of virtuoso jazz in the be-bop tradition Oct. 14. Earlier, you can
meet Phil in person. Daily,
there's also "Sonatenblast," a virtual marathon of the
Beethoven piano sonatas. And come to the Cabaret
Oct. 14-15—refreshments available—featuring great
party scenes from opera and musical theatre.
Don't miss the popular Apple
Fest at UBC's Botanical Garden,
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 14 and 15. *•
Free sampling, displays, and
unusual apples and apple trees
for sale. To escape the hubbub,
stroll through the tranquil Nitobe
Japanese Garden.
ix <)fumvii C)S
(ji-i&Ain.< J tuimb < F.J tiqa-cin
Learn all there is to know about
gardens—how to grow them and
how to nurture and protect them
David Tarrant and crew have all the answers
Free Parking,
Free Admission!
We will feature complimentary parking during
Open House, plus free
admission to UBC's permanent attractions such as
the spectacular Museum
of Anthropology. Our last
Open House, in 1990,
attracted 200,000 visitors.
Bring your friends and
family and help us exceed
that total!
id iJa-r<Jli-auq.kt
cmU Ja-t^houaf
Your taste buds will come alive at Open
House '95. Foods from many nations will
be featured—including Chinese, #j
Japanese, First Nations, Mexican, Indo-
Canadian, Italian, Greek and German.
Fast foods, desserts and coffee bars, too!
an Odyssey
i october 13.14, is. 19951 TJ3C The University of British Columbia Sincerely Thanks The
ffiUgg Following Companies For Their Generous Contributions
^^^B  Toward the Success of 0p^3Cmt^ '95
T'«<J, M«M f "*
Lower Mainland Honda Dealers & Honda Canada
For significant support as the
premier corporate sponsor of
For providing as our grand prize
giveaway a 1995 TKondu fti^u.!),
valued at $30,000.
Today's better way+
For serving as the principal promotional partner in the rHul,da
Odipow) promotion.
For providing as a media promotion prize U'o economy UcileU  to an
Cf^iun a<wtination. (Canadian
Airlines is the preferred air carrier of UBC).
For providing as Open House
media promotion prizes a T1950
r/lotaoooK <Jci.jomu tumijuict Wltn
an enhanced-STN colour display,
and a multifunction TF505
'Fac,;muI'<! with laser printer, copying and telephone capability.
Benndorf Verster Ltd., for providing as an Open House media
promotion prize a Cm™. BseoIF, a
multifunction system which
includes a plain paper and PC
fax, a laser-quality printer, a
scanner, a personal copier and a
For providing assistance in the
reproduction of Open House
marketing and publicity materials.
For providing as an Open House
media promotion prize a JLiLxi;
cellular telephone, and one
year's airtime. FACULTY NEWS
Continued from page 17.
nity, and each year a higher GPA has
been necessary for admission. This
year has been complicated by the
new admission system whereby entry is decided by a calculation which
now includes only four grade 12
marks from high school, whereas
previously five grade I I, as well as
the four grade 12 marks, were used.
The minimum level was set at 82%
this year and will clearly have to be
raised next year.This is a very high
standard and thus many excellent
students cannot be accepted because of the lack of university places
in our province.
The Department of Statistics has
moved into the third floor of the
Old Computer Science Building.
This follows the move two years
ago of the Computer Science Department to the new CICSR/CS
Building at the southern end of
campus. The new location for Statistics was refurbished and the professors are delighted to move out of
their old cramped quarters in
Ponderosa C. In addition, the old
UCS (University Computing Services) Annexe, a beige portable between the Mathematics Annexe and
the Geography Building, has been
taken over by Mathematics and Statistics for undergraduate computing
laboratories. Thus the computing
facilities are improving all over campus. >•
On June I, 1995, Dr.Tony Bates
joined UBC Continuing Studies as director of Distance
Education and Technology. He will
be responsible for the distance education operations of UBC Access/
Guided Independent Study and will
represent the university on provincial committees and various associations and agencies concerned with
distance education.
Dr. Bates assumed overall responsibility for information technology, institutional research and strategic planning at the Open Learning
Agency, in Burnaby when he came
to Canada in 1990 from England.
There he was one of the founding
staff members and professor of educational media research, at the British Open University.
He has worked as a consultant in
over 20 countries for a large
number of organizations including
UNESCO, the World Bank, the European Commission, the Government of Norway, the Canadian International Development Agency
and External Affairs Canada. He has
also given keynote presentations
and workshops at more than 36 universities.
In June 1995, Dr. Bates was
awarded the honorary degree of
Doctor Honoris Causa in the Sciences of Education by the
Universidade Aberta (the Open University of Portugal) for his scientific
contribution to the field of distance
Technology-based open learning
is one of the fastest growing areas
of education and training, and is
critical for continuing studies. It is
imperative that universities provide
education and training which fits the
life style of adults. Increasingly,
learners and employers will expect
training to be available in the home
or in the workplace. In response to
these emerging needs, UBC intends
to become a world leader in the
provision of flexible multimedia educational services. Dr. Bates is expected to play a major role in helping UBC to achieve this goal. £*■
A football coach from the '20s,
a Rhodes Scholar from the
'30s and a pair of recent Olympians head up the list of alumni
to be inducted into the UBC Sports
Hall of Fame during Open House
week this fall.
Dr. Gordon
(Doc) Burke,
who served as
UBC's gridiron
boss from 1925
to 1936 will be
posthumously inducted, along
with the 1930s
rugby and cricket
star Dave Carey.
Olympians Simon Hoogewerf
(track) and Joanne Sargeant (basketball) will take their place among
a total of 49 Hall of Fame members
at the third annual UBC Sorts Hall
of Fame Dinner and Alumni Reunion
on October 13 at the Ponderosa
Banquet Hall on campus.
Tjhe Faculty of Agricultural Sciences invites aggie, landscape architecture and School of Family and Nutritional Sciences alumni to visit
during UBC Open House, October 13-15.You are invited to make a
journey of discovery through the university's many faculties, research units
and attractions. Our faculty invites you to:
• visit Totem Field where Demonstrating Sustainability will
feature composting, cover cropping, patio salad gardening, urban landscaping, growing a wildflower garden, and lots more;
• visit Landscape Architecture's studios and use a computer
to simulate your dream landscape;
• sample dozens of varieties at the Botanical Garden's Apple
• visit the gardens and chat with Canadian Gardener DavidTarrant
and other gardening experts;
discover the Odyssey of Life in Family and Nutritional Sciences.
Displays and simulations will let you trek through expected and
unexpected life course events — food tracks, marriage, family
— making choices and finding out later life consequences;
• discover food myths and food facts, and foods of the future;
• find out about high tech animal reproduction for the 21st century;
• use geographic information systems to explore land use conflicts;
• learn more about economic issues in agriculture through a fun
game of "Jeopardy" and FBMINet;
« discover the latest about botanic insecticides, high-tech lawn
grasses, biological control of plant diseases, and so much more.
MacMillan Room 254 will be an rendez-vous area for agricultural sciences
alumni—enjoy some refreshments, browse through memorabilia, chat with
fellow alumni. ;*
Patty Sakaki, UBC's most celebrated gymnast, and rugby and
football great Doug Reid round
out the list of five being inducted in
the athlete category.A total of four
will be inducted in the builders category, including Burke, longtime athletic department business manager
Buzz Moore, sports medicine specialist and track coach Doug
Clement and basketball coaching
great Peter Mullins.
The lone inductee in the team
category is the 1982-83 national
champion women's field hockey
team (pictured above), arguably the
finest in campus history.
A cocktail reception will begin at
6:00 pm with the dinner and induction ceremony getting under way at
7:00 pm. For tickets and information, contact June Carlyle at the
Athletic Department at 822-8205. >»
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Kali. 1995      21 Treading tfie Eoards
Ttieatre Department
Lights Up the Stage
bv Rosettatannatu. BA"88
It's a sunny summer day and the heavy
wooden door is open to John Gray's
older Kerrisdale home. He doesn't
hear a visitor knocking because he's in
the kitchen doing what you'd never
imagine a successful Canadian playwright
would be doing.
He's vacuuming.
The author oi Billy Bishop Goes to War,
Rock and Roll and 18 Wheels is wearing summer shorts and an untucked t-shirt that says
University of British Columbia across the
front. It's a complete coincidence, he says.
So we sit down in the kitchen — sort of a
sunroom with windows everywhere and lots of
summertime heat beating through — and we
talk about the theatre program at UBC in the
early 1970s, the arts in Canada, South American juntas and the fool in King Lear.
Gray was a theatre student at UBC for
three years from 1969 to 1972, a period that
produced many of today's more famous theatre names in Vancouver. The late Larry Lilio,
a Dora Mavor Moore award-winning director
and artistic director at The Vancouver Playhouse, actor Eric Peterson and Gray met
there and went on to form Tamahmous Theatre in 1972.
"We discovered ways of doing theatre
with no money," Gray quips.
Making the transition from theoretical
to practical and actually doing live theatre
was what Gray says he remembers most about
his time at UBC, especially since there wasn't
a lot of Canadian theatre happening back
then. Even at UBC, theatre students were
learning English accents, but at least they
were getting to do plays, Gray says.
"Eighty per cent of it is just doing the
shows. It's not like becoming a lawyer where
you memorize all this stuff and you go into
the world with a bag of tricks."
Today, theatre students still perform in
five full-length plays presented to the public
from September until March.
After the theatre program, you go into
the world with a certain amount of experience
and an instinct, he says.
"There was nothing like Klaus
Strassman's beginning directing class. It was
Besides the productions at UBC,
Strassman had directed abroad and in the city.
In that class, Gray says, he learned the art
of moving people around properly, perhaps
the most important skill he picked up.
"Other than that, other than just really
good simple principles like that, techniques,
it's all in your bones. You feel it."
^^k        few years earlier, during the
^^^^^        first half ofthe 1960s, the Arts
/^^^^k     Club Theatre's artistic director
^__^^^^^  Bill Millerd was haunting the
/ «HHk halls of the theatre depart
ment inside the Fredric Wood Theatre, enthralled with the place for some ofthe same
Sitting in his cluttered office on Granville
Island, Millerd explains he was actually a political science student taking a few electives in
theatre when he found his passion. Like Gray,
he too most remembers the actual plays, especially one particular production of Hamlet, in
which he played the drums.
"I remember sitting in the fly gallery
playing drums and I remember feeling
thrilled to be part of something that I thought
was important," Millerd says.
Because there wasn't a lot of theatre in
Vancouver at the time, the productions at the
Fredric Wood Theatre were equivalent to what
is today put on at the Arts Club, he says.
The building itself wasn't bad either. The
Freddie Wood, as it is affectionately known,
opened in 1963, the same year as the Vancouver Playhouse. It had a stage turntable that
was the envy of many professional theatres.
People still praise the building.
Canadian critic Brian Arnott, writing in
Contemporary Canadian Theatre, says most
educational institutions have built poor theatre buildings. "One ofthe few exceptions is
the Fredric Wood...[which] closely resembles a
professional resident theatre facility in every
respect save its modest 420 seats."
Arts Club Artistic Director Sill Millerd
22      UBC An mm Chronicle, Fall 1995 Student
Vancouver playwright and actor John Gray. See page / / for more John and an invitation to a great event
Besides memorable times inside the
Freddie Wood, Millerd says UBC showed him
the egos, the helpful people and all the rest of
the types you meet in the real world of the
theatre. In many ways, it prepared him for
what he's doing today, he says.
ancouver actress and playwright Nicola Cavendish was
the opposite to Millerd's theatre-dabbling political science
student. She was a theatre
student from 1970 to 1975, who took electives
outside theatre, not all of them with great
Take, for example, the course on geophysics.
"I wrote an excellent paper on the Big
Bang Theory, but unfortunately the professor
had no sense of humor," she says recently
while sitting in a Vancouver Wendy's. (It was a
handy location to meet.)
"I finally got a credit in nutrition and
here I am in Wendy's," she says as she
munches on a french fry.
The food theme continues as we talk
about the theatre department at UBC.
"It was rich. It was nutritious and nurturing, like a great big can of chicken soup," she
Like Millerd and Gray, Cavendish was at
UBC when the theatre department was run by
Dr. John Brockington.
"He was a really good teacher and he was
what I believe the theatre should be about:
flamboyant; challenging; colorful. He was
larger than life, he was that embodiment of
character. There was a touch of cynicism
about him. He was sarcastic, a good sarcastic,"
Cavendish says. "He taught me the stuff between the lines."
Brockington has since retired. He served
as department head for 22 years.
According to Gray, there was another
side to the long-serving head ofthe theatre
department. On the one hand, Brockington
could instill in students a passion for the
theatre. On the other hand, he didn't mince
"He could put the fear of God in you and
tell you you had no talent, that you didn't
deserve it, that you'd never do anything in
this business. It's a horrible thing to be told,"
Gray says.
No, Brockington never said that to him,
but he'd said it to others and been wrong.
Millerd said it was true, Brockington
could indeed do that.
"I think he thought a form of put-down
was a way to make sure someone was
really interested in a life in the theatre."
Millerd says he believes »♦
Cheryl McNamara BFA '95
Cheryl McNamara intended to become a journalist. She loved acting but was afraid it would be
unstable financially and career-wise. While studying
at SFU for a BA in communications, she never
even went to theatre performances. One summer
she decided to take an acting course and discovered she wanted to be on stage. It was either journalism school or theatre school for Cheryl, and
her heart said theatre school.
After her BFA from UBC, she has no regrets
about her decision to study acting. She has had
strong teachers and has learned about theatre
history, which is stressed at UBC. Cheryl considers this historical knowledge a vital tool for an
She is concerned, however, about deficiencies
within the theatre program. "It would be great to
have more concentration on mask or dance. A
greater mix of things to do. But given that this is
an academic situation where academic studies are
stressed—which is also important—there's nothing
much you can do about that."
Cheryl also points out that the physical space
available for theatre is insufficient. Students still use
one of the World War II huts for a rehearsal hall.
She hopes this problem will be addressed when
the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts opens.
As well, Cheryl would like improved advertising to attract more non-theatre students to plays.
The last show she worked on at UBC was
Horatio's Notebook, a Hamlet-meets-generation-
X play, created by directing student Tom Scholte. It
was meant to appeal to young people, who tend to
be absent from UBC theatre audiences. "Theatre
has its own magic, its own power," Cheryl says.
"Kids and people in their twenties should be able
to access that"
The summer production of Horatio's Notebook illustrated one of the best aspects of UBC
theatre: the commitment of the people involved.
Because summer theatre faced funding cutbacks,
people donated their time just to get the show on
the stage. Cheryl is astounded by the amount of
work these volunteers did simply because they
love theatre. »*
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995      23 Student
Her program at UBC has excited her about
different styles of acting . Cheryl feels her mind is
now open to a range of choices for her future.
Many things interest her, from movement and
mask to clowning and children's theatre. She may
even return to school for an MFA in directing.
Sometimes she has doubts about her acting
career. "I waver sometimes. I mean, what the hell
am I doing this for? You get up, you get ready for a
show. Sometimes you don't feel like doing it.You're
just exhausted. But then there's some nights
where it's just all worthwhile."
Nelson Gray (MFA directing program)
Nelson Gray is returning to university after
years working in the performing arts. He received
a BA in English from SFU, specializing in poetry. In
the mid-1980s, he and a choreographer founded
JumpStart Performance Society.They created a
new kind of performing art that combined dance,
theatre and opera. The company toured North
America and Europe to enthusiastic reviews.
Because Nelson worked with little formal
training, particularly in theatre, he decided to
study directing. "It's a quantum leap forward for
me. I came in contact with a lot of theatre traditions working with different people at UBC." Most
important, he learned the particular vocabulary of
actors. "If I speak their language then I can engage
them in the wonderful process of taking a script or
concept, enlivening it, and making it come to life
on the stage."
Nelson finds that one of the better aspects of
UBC's program is the chance to work with designers, wardrobe people, set builders and lighting
technicians. Because these people are inspired,
imaginative and excited about working, Nelson
thinks they should be able to initiate shows. A designer with a visual and logistic concept would
work with a director to clarify the action and
work with the actors.
As well, Nelson feels more people would
enjoy the theatre if they tried it. "People are a bit
lazy, but once they get the experience, they love it
and they want it. It's very basic to come together
as an audience. We're always told to do things for
ourselves. There aren't enough opportunities for
people to get together, but that's the only time it
gets exciting."
Nelson hopes the new theatre under construction at the Chan Centre for the Performing
Arts will motivate people to attend shows.
Nelson likes UBC: faculty in the theatre department welcome his ideas, are passionate about
theatre and love teaching.They have been supportive of his current projects: the Canada Council
gave him a commission to write a libretto for a
new Canadian opera, and he is the artistic director
of the Savage Media Society, which has done live
performance, radio drama and video for public
Savage Media's projects emphasize BC artists
and focus on local subjects. Nelson wants to explore issues of BC's cultural identity. "I feel committed to this place. I want to help produce and
direct works that are stories about this particular
region. Because there's not enough stories told
about here, about right here."
The roots of Pearl Bellesen's theatre career
reach back to when she was five years old. At that
age, Pearl was a set designer, costume maker, actor and director: she recruited her neighbours to
put on plays in the front yard.
As an adult, Pearl went to Langara College's
Studio 58 acting program. "I always thought that I
was born an actress, and that I would just experiment with design, and not really stop acting. It was
just a way of branching out and remaining in thea-
tre.And then I realized that designing was something I could do really well. So I stopped the acting
side and concentrated on design."
Since getting her BFA in theatre design from
UBC, Pearl has worked as a professional set and
costume designer. A few years ago, the Canada
Council gave her a grant so she could be an assistant to opera set designers in London, England.
That experience transformed the way she creates
theatre sets.
Audiences have seen Pearl's designs at almost
every theatre house in Vancouver, including the
Arts Club Theatre and the Vancouver Playhouse.
She has worked throughout western Canada, and
has noticed that across the country there are many
UBC alumni involved in theatre. "It's nice to know
when you go somewhere that there are other
graduates all over the place from the same program."
Designers tend to be free to decide on the
visual concept of a show, yet their designs must
serve the needs of the play, the director, the actors
and the performance space. It is important, therefore, that designers are good at collaborating with
others who are involved in a production. Pearl says
one of the most important things she learned at
UBC is how to work with people.
Pearl does think, however, that UBC provides
inadequate work spaces: the graduate design area
and the costume shop are in a cramped basement
with little light and air.As for performance spaces,
she says new ones would be welcome, but students
are lucky to have the high-quality spaces currently
available. According to Pearl, the Dorothy Somerset
Theatre is a black box in which one can do anything, and the Frederic Wood Theatre is one of the
nicest theatres in the city - large yet intimate.
Pearl liked UBC so much that she returned
when she decided to get an MFA to improve her
career opportunities. She would like to teach design, perhaps at a university. As well, she would like
to be taken seriously by those artistic directors
who doubt the capabilities of people with only a
bachelor degree.
Unlike some other institutions, UBC provides
its undergraduate designers with everything they
need to know about theatre. Pearl believes that the
design instructors have a great deal to offer students. "[UBC] is a really good learning environment
If the students want to learn ... and they're willing
to work, then I think they can learn just about anything they want"
Tom Scholte BFA '92
As long as he can remember,Tom Scholte has
wanted to be an actor. Having already received a
BFA in acting from UBC, he is now working on an
MFA in directing. Because Tom has varied academic
interests, he knew acting school would be too limiting for him. He wanted to have a university experience but specialize in acting.
At UBC Tom learned more than the trade of
acting: theatre history and dramatic theory were an
important part of his curriculum at UBC. Due to
his education in the theoretical background of theatre, Tom wants to create work instead of merely
getting hired to do work. "I don't think I'm ever
going to want to give up the performance side [of
theatre]. But I've become more and more selective
about when and where I want to be a performer.
And I think that having some creative control is
part of the circumstances I want to be acting under."
Currently Tom is putting to practice what he
learned at UBC. He presently runs his own    »•
24      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 Student
Vancouver actor Nicola Cavendish
Brockington got nervous about teenagers who
came into his department and decided at such
a young age that theatre was their life.
Dorothy Somerset was different. She encouraged people.
Somerset began teaching at UBC in the
mid-1930s when she ran the summer school
of theatre and gave extension courses around
B.C. spreading her enthusiasm for drama to
amateur acting groups around the province.
In 1946, she offered UBC's first theatre
credit courses in the department of English.
By 1958, she'd become the head ofthe newly
formed theatre department. She retired in
1965 and died in 1991 at the age of 91.
One time, Millerd says he went to talk to
Somerset about his possibilities as an actor.
"She said she didn't want to discourage
anyone who really wanted to be an actor, but
she said she thought I had limited potential
because I had a funny voice," Millerd recalls.
So he took a directing course instead and
decided this theatre thing was certainly for
him. After graduation, he took a year off to
travel, came home and went to the National
Theatre School in Montreal.
et and costume designer Kate
King went through the theatre
design component ofthe department much later on, from 1987 to
1989 when she got her master's
degree at UBC.
"It was pretty intense. We practically
lived out there," King says, sitting on a couch
in her east Vancouver home.
They attended classes in the day, studied
at night and then they'd stay up until 4 p.m.
painting sets.
"That's when we'd have some of our best
talks about design with Bob (department
head and set designer Robert Gardiner).
"I think it's that gnarly artist thing.
You're so into that and you forget about getting sleep," she says.
It's probably not something she'd do today, she says with a laugh, but she learned a
lot about the business that way.
King has been working steadily since she
graduated, first with the National Theatre in
London and for the past four years in B.C.,
primarily Vancouver. She credits UBC for
teaching her how to make herself employable.
"Bob always encouraged us to have two
jobs because you can't always make your living
with your art."
So after she graduated, she went to England and got a job as a scenic artist at the National Theatre, where she wasn't designing
sets, but she was working with top designers
and absorbing great ideas.
All the hard work at UBC helped, King
"It sets you up so well for what theatre is
really like."
Rosetta Cannata is a Vancouver writer.
Set and costume designer Kate King
theatre company, Theatreshop, and has joined
Tamahnous Theatre.This well-established Vancouver theatre company has restructured to form a
core group of four actors who plan to work together consistently over several years, creating
new pieces of work and performing them.
Tom hopes Tamahnous will provide Vancouver
with genres of alternative theatre that are rare in
this city.The concept for his most recent produc
tion at UBC was influenced by avant-garde shows
he saw outside ofVancouver.Tom would like UBC
to teach about the theoretical backgrounds behind
these new forms of theatre. He realizes, however,
that instruction hours are limited, and he is
pleased that UBC uses the available time for classical actor training, which teaches students the fundamentals of acting.
Though Tom is pleased with the excellent
teaching in the theatre department he believes
that instructors are confused whether the BFA
training gives students the skills necessary to be
professional actors, or whether it simply makes
them better actors than when they started the
program. Ultimately, this issue is a philosophical
query of Tom's, and has not hampered his education.
Differing views within the department can in
fact help students.Tom points out Instructors
often have different perspectives on acting tech-
nique.This allows students to take what they want
from each teacher to form a personal philosophy
of acting.Tom feels fortunate he studied under a
number of people with divergent viewpoints, and
he is concerned cutbacks prevent hiring even
more, much-needed instructors.
On the whole Tom thinks highly ofthe education UBC has given him. "The amount I've learned
in the four years of my undergraduate degree and
these two years of my graduate degree is just immense. So there's always room for improvement
but I think I owe a tremendous amount to the
teachers here. I think they've done a fantastic job.
And continue to do so." ^
Student profiles by Christine Nordquist, BA'94
Student profile photos by Dale Fuller
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fail 1995     25 20s
Louis Rader BASc(ElecEng)'33. He conducts a leadership
course at the school as well as teaching at the Darden School
as professor emeritus. He joined the faculty of both schools in
1969. He served as head of electrical engineering until 1974.
Stanley Carver BASc(CivEng)'29 is retired and living in Capetown, South Africa, after 24 years as an engineer in the British
Air Ministry and Colonial Engineering Service in London,
Swaziland, Lesotho, Ghana and Malawi. He worked five years
with the Anglo American Corporation in Zimbabwe.
Fifty years ago the Chronicle reported that James Gibson
BA'31 was a member of the Canadian delegation at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco. Last
June he was invited back for 50th Anniversary ceremonies; he
was the only original Canadian delegate from 1945. He has
been active in the United Nations Association in Canada for
over half a century as well as the Canadian Institute of International Affairs ... IGA Inc. has presented Tong Louie BSc(Agr)'38,
LLD(Hon)'90 with the J. Frank Grimes Founder's Award for
extraordinary achievement His father opened a modest general store in the early 20th century.Tong Louie developed the
business into the H.Y. Louie Co. Limited. Louie became chairman and CEO of the Vancouver-based company ...The University ofVirginia has established a professorship in electrical engineering in honour of former professor and department chair
History scholars Philip BA'37, MA'40 and Helen (Manning)
Akrigg BA'43, MA'64 have won the first annual British Columbia Heritage Award. Philip is a retired UBC professor, and
Helen taught at UBC and at Vancouver College.They have
worked to research, write and publish books which preserve
and present intricate details of BC's history ... Harold Cairns
BA'48, BEd'58 was a Shell Merit Fellow at Stanford in 1958. He
has been retired from teaching at Penticton Secondary School
for 20 years and is working on his WWW memoirs ... Juanita
(Wood) Casselman BA'45 received her MD from the U ofT
in 1952. She continues to work in psychiatry after the death of
her husband (see In Memoriam) ... Professor of physical education Garnet Gibson BA'49, BEd'52 is retiring after 30 years at
Augustana University College in Alberta. He was inducted into
the Camrose Lions Club Sports Hall of Fame. Soon afterwards,
he took a team of university cross-country skiers to the World
University Games in Spain ... Kenneth Keith BA'46 started at
UBC in 1938, then became a pilot in the RCAF, attached to the
RAF overseas. He worked for Air Canada for 32 years and was
an avid photographer, sportsman and world—traveller. He a past
president ofthe BC Aviation Museum ...Although D.R. Knott
_f*f <k X-P*«»;
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BSA'48 is officially retired, he is maintaining a sizeable research
program at the University of Saskatchewan. In December he
accepted a three-year term as a consultant on a wheat project
in China. Prime Minister Jean Chretien recently named him to
the National Round Table on the Environment and the
Economy ... Gladys (Hatton) Orr BA'48 retired from real
estate and enjoys hiking around Calgary, living on her acreage
and summers at the Shuswap ...James Stone BA'48, MA'50
has a new book out Emily Faithfu\i,Victoria Champion of/Women's
Rights, P.D. Meany Publishers. He is working on a manuscript
about rum-running on the Canadian/US west coast from
1919-1934. It focuses on the exploits of his father, Captain
Stuart Stone, master of the Malahat
Wilf Adam BCom'54, Hereditary Chief of the Natooten First
Nation, has been appointed member of the BC Treaty Commission. He is also the chair of the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation ... Blanche Banerd-Olejnik BHE'54 returned to live in BC after 40 years in the east... George
Cook BA'54 retired in 1989 from his career in adult and vocational education, in colleges in BC and Saskatchewan. He is
now occupied with organizational activities, his computer,
house and garden ...After a banking career in Ethiopia (1952-
76),Taffara Deguefe BCom'50 spent 12 years in Swaziland
and Zimbabwe as a bank advisor and management consultant.
He has retired to BC with his wife Laurie (Paterson) BA'49
...Jim Forrester BASc(Efec£ng)'52,/VMSc(E/ecEng)'62 and his
wife live in Bellevue.WA and returned after two months in
Hualien,Taiwan, where they helped students and teachers with
English pronunciation ... Derek Fraser BA'58, LLB'63 is the
new Canadian ambassador to the Hellenic Republic. He joined
the department of External Affairs in 1963 and has served in
various capacities in Saigon, Bonn, Moscow, Brussels and Hungary ... Edward Freeman BA'56 retired in 1994 to pursue
interests put aside during his 35 years of teaching geography
and working for the Ontario Geological Survey. He is looking
forward to watching his grandchildren grow ... Peter Lusztig
BCom'54, former dean of UBC's Faculty of Commerce and
professor of finance, is a new member of the British Columbia
Treaty Commission ... Claude Morin BA'50 is the English editor of Morinfo, the newsletter of L'Association des Morin
d'Amerique Inc., headquartered in Quebec. He turned to freelance writing in 1975 and moved to Penticton in 1992 ... Eric
Mountjoy BASc(GeoEng)'55 was appointed the fifth Logan Professor of Geology in September 1993 at McGill, where he has
been teaching since 1963.The Medal of Merit was awarded by
the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists for the best paper published in 1993 concerning petroleum geology in Canada
...Alec Robertson BCom'56, LLB'5 7 has been appointed to
the BC Treaty Commission ... Eric Speer BASc(GvEng)'56 retired from Klohn Crippen Consultants and Alliance
Remediation Services ... Gregory Taylor LLB'55 retired from
Taylor, Epp, Dolder (Kamloops) after 40 years of practising law.
His wife, Marina Witt-Taylor BEd'73, also retired in 1994
after teaching for 37 years ... Ian Wallis BSW59, MSW60 retired last summer as teaching master at the School of Applied
Arts, Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in
Orillia ... Alex Wild BASc(ChemEng)'56, PhD'8/ is retiring from
UBC Au'mni Chronicle, Fai.l 1995 CLASSACTS
the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission to live on Bowen
Island and sail the days away with his wife Sheila (Nachtrieb)
BA'58, BSW59 ... Dorothy (Whitham) ZoeUner BA'50 has
just coauthored her second book. More Tours Made Easy. She
and Alice Lundy have guided historical bus tours to various
Okanagan areas and neighbouring valleys.The book is a culmination of their work over the last eleven years.
Peter BSc'66 and Gillian (Bishop) Ackhurst BHE'68 are
returning to Canada after three years in Malaysia. He leaves the
Asean Institute of Forest Management in Kuala Lampur to return to the BC Forest Service. She earned her MA in adult
education while abroad and in July started with the North
Shore Health Department in North Van ... George Dobson
BSc'67 is a support teacher, developing programs to help high
school First Nations students. He has four children ...
Maureen Garland BSc(Agr)'64, MSc'66, PhD'92 is the co-
winner of the Elizabeth Powell Award of the National University Continuing Education Association.The award recognizes
publications from nominations around the world that make
significant contributions to research in independent study and
distance education ... Bob Henderson BCom'60 is the execu-
Sunday, October 1
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Fee includes transportation to relay
points, pancake breakfast and awards.
Register • Sep 5 - 27, 1995
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tive director of The Osborne Group, a professional association
of contract executives in Ontario ... Joseph Nelson BSc'60,
PhD'65 is a professor of biological sciences and has been appointed associate dean of science for a two year term at the
University of Alberta ... William New MA'63, considered by
many to be the leading scholar in the field of Canadian literature, is the recipient of the Jacob Biely Research Prize. New is
the editor of Canadian Literature, the premier journal in its field
... John Peppar BSc'6/, MSc'66 has retired from Federal Fisheries and Oceans after 25+ years as a salmon biologist He is
back in BC after 25 years in the Maritimes ... Leanne (Booth)
Roy BMus'69 is the president of Carloff Canada, Music for
Children, and she was off to Salzburg, Austria to help celebrate
the 100th anniversary of Carloff's birth. She is past president of
the BC Music Educators'Association ... Edward Steele
BEd'67 retired from the military with 32 years service after
receiving a Governor General appointment as an Officer of the
Order of Military Merit and serving a final tour in the former
Yugoslavia. He completed his MBA in 1995 at the University of
Manitoba and lives in Winnipeg ...Janet (Price) Summers
BMus'64, MMus'7/ is back in Vancouver after 20 years in London, Ontario. She is working as a self-employed classical musician and for the Surrey School District... ZanettaVarley
BA'66 is a counsellor at St Margaret's School in Victoria. She
was the outstanding student of the year at the College of Saint
Mary Rose in Albany, New York, where she earned her MA in
the college student personnel program.
Peter B erring BMus'77 is a new associate composer ofthe
Canadian Music Centre. He is on the music faculty at UBC. His
compositions, mostly choral works, are published by Jaymar
Music and Gordon V.Thompson ... Margot Campbell BA'75,
MBA'77 has joined Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants in employee benefits following 18 years' consulting ...
Renee (Snelr-Bowman) Cohen BA'77, MEd'83 has settled
in Japan ...Joanne (Williamson) Dorenfeld DMA'76 and her
husband David have moved to Houston,Texas. She studied art
and entered shows during her 15 years as a soprano soloist,
based first in Toronto, then in New York and Dallas. She spent
two months this summer painting Alaskan landscapes. One of
these paintings was recently exhibited at Gallery 84 in New
York ... George Dorin BSc(Agr)'74 has lived in White Rock
for I'/i years with wife Patti and two boys, aged 3/3 and 5 ...
Warren Gabrinsky MLS'77 retired after 22 years as district
resource centre manager for SD 22 (Vernon). He is working
full time in a home based business with his wife, converting
school library data to automated systems ... Darlene
(Gartner) BEd'79 and Jim Hargrove BAS(E!ecEng)'81 welcomed Scott Stuart to their family on February I; a brother for
Robert, Richard and Shannon ... Robert Khoo BSc'78 has
been appointed assistant clinical professor of surgery at the
University of Colorado Medical School... Lyall Knott
BCom'71, LLB'72, QC is a partner in the Vancouver law firm of
Clark, Wilson. He has been appointed member of the Salvation
Army advisory board. He is the honorary consul for the Consulate ofthe Republic of Tunisia and a member ofthe capital
campaign leadership board of theVancouver Public Library ...
Bill Lipsin BCom'76 is the general manager of Bay Networks
Canada, a publicly traded company ... Laurel March BA'74 is
new director, cultural affairs, Pacific and Yukon region, in the
Department of Heritage. She lives in Vancouver ... Leigh
Matthews BCom'79 isVP corporate real estate, for Citibank
Canada ... Wendy (Hornsby) Mepham BSN'79 earned her
MSc at Lorna Linda. She is a marriage and family therapist in
Red Deer.Alberta ... Don Nishio BCom'78, Michael Lam and
Bernard Lo BCom'83 have joined their practices as Lam Lo
Nishio, Chartered Accountants as of March I. Lam Lo Nishio
specializes in taxation and assisting investors from Pacific Rim
Countries, especially, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea ...
Penelope (Penny) Osborne BSc77. MD'8I and Keith Stonel
were married at Cecil Green Park on March 26. She is clinical
assistant professor and practices anaesthesia at Vancouver Hospital, while he is systems manager for Hemlock Printers ...
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UBC Alumni Chronici.k, Fall 1995      27 CLASS ACTS
Helen Sandberg BSN'73 retired from Vancouver Hospital in
July 1994 ... Alex Speers BSc(Agr)'76,MSc'82,PhD'9l and his
wife Eleanore Howard MSN'91 live inWolfville, Nova Scotia.
She works at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentvile and Alex
is a faculty member in the department of food science and
technology at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He is
also teaching a night course at Acadia University ...Andrew
BCom'73 and Patricia (Turner) Storrs BEd'75 purchased
expanded premises on West 6th Avenue to accommodate
growth in his jewellery, gift and wholesale business ... Brian
Tate BMus'76 has been selected by the Canadian Music Centre
as an associate composer. He has written many works for orchestra, brass and wind ensembles, chamber groups, choirs and
solo instruments, and has been prolific in composing for film,
television, radio and theatre ... Glenn Tibbies BPE'73 is chief
operating officer and general manager of the Calgary Chamber
of Commerce.... Roland Wahlgren BSc'75 and wife Melanie
Marchand are new parents toTegan Linnea Wahlgren, born on
March 10 ... Verle (Miller) Wells BSc(Pharm)'78 is back in the
Kootenays. She says the view from her new house justifies the
mortgage payments-... BarbaraWhittington BA'70,MSW75
survived eight years as UVic's harassment advisor and has just
been appointed director ofthe School of Social Work there.
Robert Anderson BSc(Agr)'84 is a research technician with
the soil science department at the University of Saskatchewan
... Grace (Morrison) Annab BSc'84, MD'88 is a family practitioner in Guelph. She was married in 1992, and William Issa
was born July 14. 1994 ...Cameron Bailey BCom'83 relocated to Kuala Lumpur with wife Gelaine, daughter Mackenzie
and son Mitchell with the Boston Consulting Group ...After
years at IBM as a marketing manager, Pete Baran BCom'82
became a director of business development for DMR Group,
an international systems and management company. He lives in
Victoria with two kids Alexis and Curtis, and recently took up
rock climbing to relax.Anyone need a climbing partner? ...
Catherine (Fitch) Bartlett MMus'82 conducted the
premiere of a Bev Lewis work for a women's chorus entitled
FiveTexts ofWilliam Shakespeare at the Royal Conservatory of
Music in Toronto. Catherine and husband Blake and their two
children, Ruth and John, live in Newfoundland ... Heather
Benson BPE'85 is three-quarters ofthe way to her master's in
education with a specialization in teaching to the hearing impaired. She teaches in the provincial oral program at Burnaby
... Mary-Ann Booth BCom'85, LLB'86 and John Sampson
BCom'83, LLB'85 became new parents on January 3 to
Madeleine May. Mary-Ann has left the commerce faculty at
UBC, where she taught law for six years, to become a crown
prosecutor in Vancouver ... Heather (MacQuarrie)
Bramhill BA'85 has moved back to the Lower Mainland, following her husband Keith's transfer with the RCMRThe couple
has one son, Graden, and are expecting twins in September ...
Gordon Breaks BSc'80 is senior geologist atWintershall
Canada Ltd. in Calgary ... Sandra (Lutke) BSc'86 and Nigel
Bridgman BSc'86, DMD'90 are new parents to E.Andrew,
born in August '94. Nigel is practising dentistry in West Vancouver and Sandra is teaching in the microbiology department at
UBC ... Lynn (Newman) Carmichael MA'87 has opened a
new studio/gallery at Artworks in Vancouver, where she con
ducts workshops. She recently received a best of show award
... Anita Cocchia BA'88 received a master's in library and
information studies from McGill in 1990. She works for the
Electronic Library Network and The Open Learning Agency ...
Sarah Collins BA'83 completed a postgrad diploma in town
planning at the Edinburgh College of Art in l990.After several
years in the public sector, she is studying for an MA in urban
design at the University of Newcastle ... Shannon (Walker)
MD'87 and Neil Crofts BSc'84, MD'88 are parents of a daughter, Megan Mary, born on June 6.They are returning to Vancouver after four years in Winnipeg ...Wendy Cumming-Potvin
BA'83 and Yves Potvin PhD have moved to Queensland.Aus-
tralta ... Louise Demorest BA'84 studied oriental medicine in
Japan for five years. She returned to Canada to study acupuncture and received a diploma in traditional Chinese medicine.
She is practising acupuncture in Richmond ... Elizabeth
Denham BA'8I,MAS'84 married Bill Martin in 1984 after
working as a city archivist in Calgary for five years. She consults
in medical archives and is Alberta's archives advisor ... Susan
Dent BA'85 and Bill Veenstra BASc(EngPhys)'86 were married
in 1988.They have a son, Matthew Wifliam, born on November
25, 1994 ...Jill (Doubt) BSF*8/ and Mike Dunbar 8SF'80 are
in Smithers with their sons, Patrick and Graham. Mike works
with Houston Products and Jill with the Ministry of Forests.
The family spends leisure time in the Bulkley Valley ... Mark
East BA'87 is a lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault. He graduated in
law from the U ofT in 1993 and married in 1994. He also
earned an MA in history from Queen's ... Paul Elkins
BASc(MinEng)'89 moved from Saskatchewan to Windsor. He is
married with two children and is a mine engineer for Canadian
Specialists in planning and
maintaining financial independence
Financial Planning
Unbiased Recommendations
Ongoing Investment Services
Independent Financial Planners
#202 - 2309 West 41 st Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6M 2A3
(604)261-8511 tel
(604)261-1411 fax
Salt Co. Ojibway Mine ... Phillipa (Atwood) Emery BREW
has a master's in environmental design (architecture) from the
U of Calgary. She is designing for the Atlanta Olympic Games ...
Richard Evans MSc'86 is a firefighter in Bellevue,WA, and a
consulting botanist for Pacific Phytometric Consultants of Surrey, BC. He and wife Janet have twin boys, aged 10 and another
son, 2 ... Peter Fischl BSc'86 was with the BC Geological Survey for four years and since 1993 has been with Pacific Sentinel
Gold Corp.,as an exploration geologist ...Tony Fogarassy
BSc'83, MSc'89, LLB'92 and Blair Lockhart LLB'90 have a
daughter, Mercedes Blair Karoo, born May 8 ...Jean (Mustard) Forrest BPE'83 is working part time in marketing/
communications with the YMCA. She and husband Casey have
an 11-month old baby and another on the way ... David Fry
BASc(ChemEng)'83 left the Canadian Navy in 1988 as a lieutenant. He works for Kelco Unit of Monsanto in San Diego. He
has three children ... Glen Fuller BSc'80 married Penny Miller
in 1991. They have a daughter, Megan, born on November 3,
1992 ...Janice (Woodley) Furiak BSc(Pharm)'84 and husband
Bruce live in Fruitvale, BC have two children, Staci and Zachary
... Leslie (Chu) Gareau BHE'8I and her family have just
moved to Winnipeg after 13 years in Calgary ... Brian Gilbey
MBA'8/and Stavroula Gilbey BSc'92 live in Richmond Hill,
ON and work in Toronto ... Nicolle (Hastings) Goldman
BSc'85 has worked with Andersen Consulting since graduation.
She is now in the Sacramento office. She married Don
Goldman on July 8 ... Maria Gordon BSN'86, MD'92 works in
private practice with her husband Stan Daron.Their first child,
Joshua, was born during Maria's family practice residency in
September 1993, and her second child Leora was born just a
few hours after she delivered a patient's baby in February 1995
... Rowena (Arce) BSc'88 and Dev Grewal BP£'87 are new
parents to Riley Gian Singh ... Dean G rum lose
BASc(FJecF_ng/80 was at Mitel in Ottawa 1980-83. He has been
with Advanced Micro Devices since then. He is a marketing
manager of multimedia products. He'd like to hear from his old
classmates ...Sarah Ann was born to Kerry (Armstrong)
Hall BPE'82  and husband Andrew November 20, l994.They
live in 100 Mile House, BC. Sarah is a sister for Brennan ...
Susan (Webber) BSN'85 and Charles Hannah
BASc(EngPhys)'85,PhD'92 are temporarily settled in Bedford,
Nova Scotia.They have three children: Elizabeth,Theodore and
James. Charles completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and works as an oceanographic
consultant. Susan does the books part-time but mostly is a
stay-at-home mum ... Kathryn Hatashita-Lee BA'82 and
husband Roger are parents to Edward Kenji ... Donald Hilton
BEd'84 lives in Yellowknife and will be working for the NWT
Department of Health and Social Services until October ...
Sylvia (Andreassen) Hintsche BHE'8I married Ron in
1985.They have two daughters, Leah and Katie ... Ron
(Raoul) Holland MAW and Mariko (Kubo) MEd'80 are
both college teachers: Mariko teaches English and Ron french,
in Nagoya, Japan. Mariko publishes research on TEFL and Ron
on Malgache literature. He sends books and magazines to
Madagascar ... Pradeep Jethi BA'87 works in the UK publishing scene. He often sees UBC alumni at BC House in London,
and visits UBC while here on business trips ...Allison (Alex-
ander) Jordan BA'83 married Lt. Thomas Jordan ofthe US
Navy in February ... Tom Kendell DipVisllytmpd'85 is an itinerant teacher for the visually impaired in Newfoundland ...Jill
(Pease) BSc'87 and Steve Kenwood BSc'87 had a baby boy,
Connor Anthony, in May ...Amyn Khimji BCom'88 earned his
CMA in 1994. He is an accountant with JTB International
(Canada ) Ltd., a tour operator/travel agent... Stephanie
(Brown) BSc'89 and Timothy Kieffer BSc'89, PhD'94 were
28       L'BC: An mm Chronk.i.k, Fail 1995 CLASSACTS
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Bank of Montreal
married in September 1994 and live in Boston. Stephanie
graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a master's in genetic counselling, then worked at BC Children's hospital as a
genetic counsellor. She now works at the Dana Farber Cancer
Institute.Timothy worked as a postdoctoral feltow in the physiology department at UBC until October 1994 and is now a
postdoctoral fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School...
Connie (Kilian) BSN'87 married Bob Klimek BCom'89 in
1988, and they have a son. Cole, who was born in January
1994. Bob received his CA in 1992, and Connie completed her
MSN ... Elaine (Rosales) BA'89, BEd'91 and Bart
Knudsgaard BSW87 live in Fort Nelson, BC. Bart is the district supervisor for the Ministry of Social Services. Elaine is
teaching for SD #81. Emily Rose was born on December 4,
1994, a sister for Katelyn Anne ... Anthza Koon MBA'89 finished an LLB from the U ofT and is now articling in TO ...
Millie Kwok BCom'88 works for IBM Canada. She is team
leader for IBM Direct in the western region. She married
George Chan, and they live in Stampede City, Alberta ... Lisa
Lapointe LLB'86 moved with her three children to the Saanich
Peninsula in 1994. She is doing contract work for the AG's Information and Privacy Program and for the Coroner's Service
... Karen Larsen BHE'80, MEd'88 is no longer teaching. She
enjoys being a part of career programming at a time when the
ministry has made career and personal planning such a high
priority ...Vivian LeirMBA'82 had a son,Galen Royal Leir-
Taha,on November 19, 1994 ... Jaqueline (Hare) MA'87 and
Michael Lisowski MSc'86 are living in Hawaii with their three
boys. Michael is researching earthquakes and volcanoes at the
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory in HawaiiVolcanoes National
Park. Jaqueline is on leave from a teaching resource specialist
position ... Kerry Lowe BASc(EngPhys)'81, MASc(ElecEng)'83
r 1
m1 Stay in Touch ^n
Help us keep in touch with you! Do we have your correct name and address? If not, please
fill in the address form below and send it to: UBC Alumni Association, 6251 Cecil Creen
Park Road, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z1. Phone (604) 822-3313 or toll free 1-800-883-3088.
Or Fax to: (604) 822-8928 or toll free 1-800-220-9022. You can now send your news via E-mail
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UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995      29 CLASS ACTS
returned to work at Bell Northern Research in Ottawa after
completing a PhD in electrical and computer engineering at the
U of T. In 1992 he married Bellynna (Anna) Asprer of Toronto
...Sharon (Bowd) Ludlow BSN'83 married Jim in 1986.They
live in Australia, Jim's native land. She has certificates in midwifery and mothercraft and works part-time at a mothercraft
unit in Sydney.They have a daughter,Tahlia ...After eight years
with the government of the Yukon, Norman Marcy MSc'85 is
now a negotiator for the BC Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs ...
George Markin BRE'86 relocated to Vancouver from Rainbow Lake, Alberta, where he served five years as the town and
parks recreation director ... Deanna (Ree) BCom'82 and
Michael Marti BCom'80 were married in 1983. He is the
COO/VP/GM and Deanna is the controller of Aim Safety Company Inc. Michael obtained his CA in 1982, and Deanna her
CGA in l992.They have two children ... Kimberly (Brown)
Matthews BA'87 stays at home with their children (I girl, 3
boys). Her husband is a pastor of in Vermilion, Alberta. She is
home-schooling the children ... Claire McAuley
BASc(ChemEng)'86 earned her MEng from the U of Calgary in
1993. She married Tim Riley in 1994. Their son Declan Timothy
was born on June 22. She worked as an environmental engineer for eight years, but is now staying home to look after her
son and doing some environmental consulting.They live in
Grande Prairie ... Patrick Meneley BCom'86 is aVP with
Salomon Brothers of Toronto. He and wife Michelle have two
sons, Daniel and Ryan ...Juan Meret MSc'85 completed his
PhD at Harvard in 1991. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with
wife Lanette. He is director ofthe aeronautics program at
Jacksonville University ... Denise Mills MSc'84 works in Portland, OR for EMCON, an engineering and environmental firm.
She is chief hydrogeologist and assistant director of geology.
This summer she will visit Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and
Singapore where she will attend the American School reunion
...Sharon-Lee (Young) Mitchell BHE'8I married Ken in
1993. Sarah Margaret, was born on June 10, 1994 ... Lawrence
Nault BSc(Agr)W is field services rep for Pig Improvement
(Canada) Ltd. He lives in Moosomin, Sask, and would like to
have contact with aggies in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba ... Johanne (Johnson) OToole and husband
Lloyd have opened a B & B on Okanagan Lake called Wicklow
... Kendra Osenton BSc'89 is a fellow of the Institute of Actu
aries. In January she married Stuart Welch. She is pensions
manager for Stena Sealing Ltd. in the UK ... Patti and Douglas
Page MA'86 moved to Victoria from Maryland. Doug is working for the Ministry of Housing as a policy analyst... Alan Pan
BSc'87 graduated in nuclear medicine technology at BCIT in
1990. He lives in Torrance, California and works in Los Angeles.
He also graduated from Cypress College with a diploma in
diagnostic medical sonography ... Samuel Pang BSc'82, MD'83
is associate medical director of IVF America Program, Boston.
He passed his oral examinations and is now subspecialty board
certified in reproductive endocrinology by the American Board
of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ...Joseph Plavetic BCom'86
and Sara Zahir BSc'87, BEd'88 live in Oakville, ON. Joe is a
human resource manager for Yellow Freight, and Sara teaches
high school chemistry.They just had a baby girl.Alyssa ...
Walter Porzecanski BSc.'8/ changed his name toYehoshua
Raz when he immigrated to Israel in 1981 ...Alix Pouladdej
BSc'87 earned his PhD. so he is a doctor now ... Valerie
Poulter BPE'89, BSN'94 moved to Houston, Texas, where she
is a staff nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center on a GV
oncology ward. She's looking forward to spending her 30th
1995 Alumni Association Award Winners
Each year the Alumni Association recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves as alumni, UBC faculty or volunteers ofthe Association. The 1995 award
recipients willpe honoured at the Annual Alumni Achievemmt Dinner to be h^ October B3,   y
Alumni Award of Distinction for outstanding
achievements by an alumnus to John P. Bell
BCom'62 and Jim Cleave BCom 74, <MSc(Bus)75.
John Bell, a career diplomat and
current Canadian High Commissioner to Malaysia, served as Canada's chief negotiator at the Earth
Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
He has served in Brazil and the
Cdte d'lvoire as Canada's ambassador, and was an adjunct professor in the Sustainable Development Institute at UBC in 1991.
Jim Cleave, former president and
CEO, Hongkong Bank of Canada,
is a leader in the international
banking community. He has been
active in the Vancouver Board of
Trade, Outward Bound, Business
Council of BC and the Vancouver
Public Library Capital Campaign.
He Is currently president and CEO of Marine Midland Bank in Buffalo, New York.
Faculty Citation for UBC faculty who have served
the community outside their teaching ami research
duties to Patricia Baird. Dr. Baird
was head of the department of
Medical Genetics at UBC until her
appointment as chair of the Royal
Commission on New Reproductive
Technologies in 1989. She is still a
professor In that department. She
was the chair of UBC's Vice President's Committee
on Molecular Genetics and served on the Board of
Governors (1984-90).
OutstandingYoungAlumnusAward.for alumni
under 40 who have distinguished themselves in their
careers and who have brought recognition to the
university to Glenn Wong BCom'80 and
Catherine Backman BSR'8/. ,.
Glen Wong is president and CEO
of Western Greenhouse Growers'
Co-op Association. He started his
career with Proctor and Gamble,
then worked 9 years with Nabob
Foods. He won the Marketer of the j
Year award from theAmerican Mar-
ketingAssoc., and was namedTop Marketer by Strategy Magazine. He was also included in Business in
Vancouver's 40 Under 40 award list
He served as director for the Insurance Corporation of BC and the
Association of Canadian Advertis-
ers.At UBC he was a student representative to the Board of Governors.
Catherine Backman is with the
School of Rehabilitation Sciences and was acting
director in l993-94,She serves as a mentor in the
YWCA mentorship program and as a director for
Big Sisters. She was president of the Rehabilitation
Medicine Undergraduate Society and was the winner of the Rehabilitation Book Prize in 1981.
Honorary Alumnus Award, for non-alumni who
have made a significant contribution to their profession and their community, to Bruce
Macdonald. As director of die UBC Botanical
Gardens since 1988, he has
worked with the nursery industry
to establish the acclaimed Plant In-
: traduction Scheme. The Gardens
gained international recognition
when they established a formal relationship with the Nanjing Botanical Garden^n China. He is the author of Procflcof
Wfootfy Want Propagation /or Nursery Growers. He has
been invited to serve on the review committee for
the Botanical Gardens in Scotland.
Blythe Eagles Service Award, given for exceptional service to the Association to
Les Peterson, QC, LLB'49,
LLD(Hon)'93. Dr. Peterson was appointed Queen's Counsel in I960.
He served as MLA from 1956-72,
holding the cabinet positions of Attorney-General and ministers of
Education and Labour. He began sitting on the UBC
Board of Governors in 1978, and was chairman from
1979-83. He was elected chancellor in 1987, staying in that position until 1993. He continues as a
senior partner with the law firm of Boughton
Peterson YangAnderson. He is also chairman ofthe
UBC foundation.
30     UBC Aiumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 CLASSACTS
birthday in Vancouver ... Shiv Prasher PhD'82 joined the department of agricultural engineering at McDonald campus at
McGill. He develops on-farm pollution control systems ...John
Pusic BEd'88 and his wife Jody are expecting their first baby in
September. He is working on a MSc in math education at SFU
...Andrew Reid BSc'86,MSc'89 earned his PhD at Queen's.
He married Erin Blake in July 1994. He has a research
associateship at Northwestern and lives in Chicago ... Allisa
Ritchie BSc'85, MA'95 earned her MA part-time while working at Science World. She has a teaching certificate from UBC
...Susan Rushdon BSN'85 has been elected to Sigma Theta
Tau International Honour Society of Nursing, for her service as
a community nursing leader through Xi Eta Chapter at UBC ...
Kathy (Vandalen) BSc(Agr)'86 and Brian Russell BSF'84 had
their third daughter, Jennifer Kathleen, on March 8.They are in
Kamloops, where Brian works for the Ministry of Forests ...
Sonya (Ang) BFA'83 and Winston Sayson BA'85, LLB'88
had their third child, Brandon Avery, on June 9. Winston is a
crown counsel working in Delta provincial court... Brenna
(Leong) BASc(MetMatEng)'88 and Kenneth E. Scholey
BASc(MetMatEng)'88 were married in August 1994 at Cecil
Green Park.They moved to Chicago, where Brenna is a research hydrometallurgist with Eichrom Industries, Inc. Ken is in
the process of completing his PhD in metals and materials engineering from UBC ... Helen Shou BSN'89 married Jeffrey John
Ing on May 7 in California.They plan to serve as missionaries
overseas next year ...Jeff Stasiuk BASc(ChemEng)'84 obtained
an MBA from the U of Calgary in 1990. He and wife Janice
have a daughter, Alexandra, and were expecting another child
in June. He is president of Taca Sign Supplies and Services Ltd.
(Vancouver)... Fiona Taylor BSc'83, MBA'85 married Pascal
Leidekker in June 1994. She is a manager at Andersen Consulting. She's worked on projects in Edmonton, Los Angeles and
currently in Baltimore.They live inVancouve.. Andrea
(Bakker)Teschner BPE'83, BEd'90 and husband Axel are parents to Austin Michael (Nov. 26, 1994)... Sean Thomas
BSc'89 received his MD from McGill in 1993 and has completed
an internship at Riverside General in California. He is a second
year resident in psychiatry at the UCal Irvine-Medical Center
... In 1994 Robert Thompson BSc'87 completed a PhD in
physics at the University of Toronto. In March, he began working with Max-Planck-lnstitutur Quantenoptik in Germany,
where he has a two-year staff position ... Robert Thurlow
&ASc(EJecEng)'83 has moved from Dallas,TX, where he worked
for Convex Computer Corp., to Santa Clara, CA, where he
works for Sun Microsystems' SunSoft subsidiary. He is a software engineer ... AlanVaage MA'85 is a ruminant nutritionist
for Masterfeeds in London, Ontario. He and Helene have a
new daughter, a sister for Chantal and Aaron ... Ken
Whitaker BA'84, with wife Wanda and daughters Kacey and
Jacqueline, moved to Oakville, Ontario in the summer of 1994.
He is national sales manager with Kimberly-Clark ... Debora
Wabnegger BSc(Agr)'83 and husband Grant have purchased a
ranch in Melville, Saskatchewan, where they will be raising
purebred Angus cattle ... Richard Wadsworth BA'88, MHA'94
is the administrator of the Pemberton Health Centre ... Karen
Williams-Spencer BA'86 and Daryl Spencer BSc'87 live in
New Zealand. She is with the New Zealand Employment Service as an advisor, working mainly with Maoris. Daryl works
withTasman Forestry in harvesting ... Bruce Wong MD'86
returned to BC with his wife Benedicta and two children after
completing his residency program at McMaster. He is practising
emergency medicine tn Victoria.
Ken Armstrong BA'9/ is graduating from law at the U of Alberta and will return to Vancouver to article ... Anjili
Bahaddorsingh BCom'90, LLB'94 and Gary Khan BSc'84
were married in July 1994. Gary is a commercial realtor with
MacDonald Realtors in Kerrisdale and Anjili is an articled law
student with Douglas, Symes and Brissenden ... Therese
Baptiste MBA'94 is a management consultant with Deloitte &
Touche in Trinidad. She specializes in information technology
and strategy. She will work on her doctorate at the U of Minnesota in September ... Hazel Bergtholdt BA'90 graduated
from law school in 1993 and earned an LLM in international
business law in 1994 from McGeorge University. She works in
Spokane ... Rick Binder BEd'90 and his wife Beverly will begin
a five-year Mennonite Central Committee assignment in August in Sudan.They previously served with MCC as ESL teachers in Egypt ...Steve Bougenolle PhD'92 is going to cycle
Africa for a year or so ...Jennifer Breckenridge BA'92
graduated from law at Dalhousie University in May. He will
article with Baker, Newby & Co. in Abbotsford and Chilliwack
... Stephen Burns MD'92 is establishing a family practise in
Powell River. He has a son, Spencer Jacob ... Jana Chu BSW'91
is engaged to Edward Wong, and she moved to Vancouver in
June 1995 ... lain Clark BSF'90 married Linda Greenwood in
February 1992. He is  half-way through a five year posting in
Lilongwe, Malawi on a southern African Forestry Project, sponsored by CIDA ... Carole Corcoran LLB'90 is on the BC
Treaty Commission. She has extensive experience in First Nations government, is a commissioner of the Federal Indian
Claims Commission and is a member ofthe board of UNBC ...
Emily (Sasaji) Davis BA'92 married Captain Michael Davis in
September 1994. She spent two years coordinating cultural
exchanges between Hamura City, Japan, and Qualicum Beach ...
Geoffrey DeVerteuil MA'93 pursued a graduate diploma in
geographic information systems at the Universite du Quebec a
Montreal 1994-1995. He will begin a doctoral program in geography at USC this fall ... Shafiq Ebrahim BA'93 completed an
MA at Queen's and is pursuing a PhD in economics there ...
Karen (Jonasson) BFA'9I and Del Elgersma LLB'9/ are
new parents to Charlotte Jane, born on December 23, 1994 ...
Dafna Eylon PhD'93 is an assistant professor at the University
of Richmond and spouse Tal Elyashiv MBA'94 is director of
architecture and planning at Health Communications Services.
Their first child, Maya, was born on April 7 ... Kristi (Cavaye)
BSN'93 and Eric Foley BA'93 travelled to Europe, became
engaged in the Alps and were married in February 1994.They
live in Cleveland, where Eric is assistant director of sales and
marketing in Asia at HMI Inc. ...Alan Gordon BA'91 is in law
at the University College Cork in Ireland ... Ernest Huggins
BASc(EngPhys)'92 is a project engineer with Bigelow Liptak
Companies, and was recently transferred from the Burnaby
office to the Oakville office. He and his wife have two children,
Patrick and Danielle ... Michael Klaver BA'90 and his wife
Cindy have a new baby, Julia, born on March 26. She is a sister
for Brooke . Michael is a financial advisor with Richmond Savings Credit Union ... Helen Lee BA'92 is living in Hong Kong
where she is an assistant architect/town planner ...Albert
Leong BCom'93 has left the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather/Seattle
on the Microsoft account and is working at Santeler Marketing
Group/San Francisco on Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference and Kodak Digital Imaging accounts ... Kerry Lum
BCom'90 recently returned from Taiwan and the Republic of
China where he made many business contacts. He is waiting
for his fiancee,Amy, who lives in Tai-pei and pursuing his hobby
of ballroom dancing ...Joanne (Cocking) Marquis
BSc(Pharm)'90 and husband John are very busy with their new
son, born on January 16 ... Carla (Vanthournout) BSN'94
and Doug Maskall BSc'88, MD'91 are proud to announce to
birth of Hefena Nancy-Ann, born March 5; their first... Lynne
McFarland BSc'92 is working on her MSc thesis in water quality and chemistry on the Stony Indian Reserve ...Jamie
McKeough BA'93 is a research analyst with First Marathon
Inc. ...Jo-anna Mochoruk LLB'92 worked for Canada Immigration and travelled to Mozambique, South Africa,Thailand,
Malaysia and Singapore. She started her own immigration consulting business in September 1994 ... Kent Moeller BA'92
moved to Toronto and works as a chartered accountant with
KPMG Peat Marwick Thorne ... Natasha Murray BA'94 is
continuing her cross-country adventures after work experiences in Victoria,Toronto, Quebec, California and New York.
Next destination: London, England ... Karen Netherton
BA'9/ and Mark Gillespie SA'9/ welcomed a baby girl, Robin
on February 13 ... Evelyn (Gillard) Nodwell PhD'93 is a
sessional teacher at UBC and SFU. She is also a research associate at Institute of Asian Research, UBC. She will go to India in
September as a participant in a Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
Partnership project... Mark Oulton BSc'9/is working simultaneously on his master's in environmental studies and his LLB in
a joint degree program at York University in Toronto ... Karen
Patington BCom'92 moved to Calgary after graduation. She
a new car?
For the best possible price
on the purchase of your
vehicle, call:
Greg Huynh
#506 - 1015 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y5
TEL:   688-0455
FAX:   669-1110
1-800-300-GREG (4734)
L'BC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995
worked for Westfair Foods for IJ4 years and is now a customer service representative with Kraft General Foods ...
Michael Peck A1BA'94 is in Toronto as regional sales manager,
Ontario East with CIBC Securities Inc.... Amber Rogers
BSc'94 attends the U of Saskatchewan in veterinary medicine ...
Brian Rogers BCom'92 and Nicole (Rompre) BSN'94 were
married on New Year's Eve 1994 in Vancouver. He works for
the Hongkong Bank and has been posted to Toronto. Nicole is
working as a registered nurse there ... Laurie Shetler BEd'93
is teaching elementary school in Richmond ... Marilyn
(Livesey) BSF'93 and Warren Staff BSF94 were married in
April 1994.They work in Salmon Arm ... Richard Stephens
BSc'90, an actuarial assistant with the Coles Group,Vancouver,
is associate of the Society of Actuaries ... Min Sun PhD'92
moved to Hong Kong in 1993 ...Anne Thomas MA'92 is
working on her doctorate at the U ofWaterloo and doing contract work at Conestoga College and Emmanuel Bible College
... Raymond To MBA'90 is a Certified Personnel Consultant.
He received the Top Consultant Award for most placements in
1994. He works as a software engineering recruiter for Corporate Recruiters Ltd. He is engaged to Annie Chen ...Thanh
Trung BSF'93 is an associate technical specialist in the Environmental Technologies Group with the Pulp and Paper Research
Institute of Canada ... Mylinh Vo BSc'92 is finishing the second
year of the naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University
in Seattle, and is looking forward to the UBC alumni receptions in Seattle ... Paul Wang BA'93 is working for the Ministry of Trans porta tion and Highways and articling towards his
AACI... Bruce Widman BA'92 is one term short of his
BCom. He works for Widman Associates Inc. as a circulation
manager. He plans to build his own two by four house in Japan
after graduating (wife Eiko's hometown of Abashiri, Hokkaido).
In Memoriam
Constance E. (Highmoor) Adams BA'19 on June 17, at the
age of 96. She loved her years at UBC and was president of
The Players' Club during her senior year. She was a member of
the cast of four spring plays directed by Freddie Wood ...
Marion (Patton) Ames BA'38 on January 29. She was a
member of Alpha Delta Pi ... Donald E.Anderson BA'44 on
November 23, 1994, in Vancouver ... A. Brookman
Anderson BASc(ForEng)'38 on April 13.The last surviving
member of the four in his grad class, he was known to his associates in the forest industry as "Andy." His career in forestry
was preceded by five years in the Royal Canadian Engineers
during WWII. He was manager, forestry and lands, with
Rayonnier Canada at the time of his retirement in 1980. Andy
wrote a poignant letter about his classmates which was published in the Winter 1994 Chronicle ...Robert G.Anderson
BASc(MinEng)'21 on April 8, 1995. He worked with Cominco in
Trail, and later was GM and then president of West Kootenay
Power and Light until his retirement ...John E.Armstrong
BASc(GeoEng)'34,MASc(GeoEng)'35 in February ...Sara
B rear ley BSc'93 died late last year when the lungs she received in a transplant the year before went into rejection ...
David (Ed) Brec ken ridge BA'39 on February 4. Ed taught at
Oak Over Arm, Nanaimo, North Saanich and retired from
Claremont High School on Vancouver Island ... Frederick T.
Bunce BEd'45 on September 22, 1992, in Kelowna, BC. Fred
was on the staff of Kelowna Senior High School for many years
...Fred O.(Ted) Burgess BCom'48 on February 12.Ted
served with distinction during WWII with the Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders and later with the Black Watch. He took
over his father's business, Fred O. Burgess & Son. He was a
founder and manager of the Winnipeg Men's Wear Market and
the Manitoba Men's Apparel Club ... Stephen N. Carre
Let's have a Reunion!
How long has it been since you graduated from UBC? Do you ever find
yourself telling your family and colleagues about the great time you had
there? Are you curious about what happened to your classmates? Perhaps it's
time for a reunion! Too much work, you say? Leave it to us. Our office provides
a wide range of reunion planning services. Complete and return this form,
and we'll be in touch to talk about planning a reunion for your class.
E-mail address
Please reply io;Reunions,
UBC Alumni Association
6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1
Or Fax to: (604) 822-8928  or toll free 1-800-220-9022
Call 822-8917 or toll free at 1-800-883-3088
Or E-mail dlevy@unixg.ubc.ca
BASc(ElecEng)'33 on June 17 in Vernon, BC, of leukaemia ...
Carolyn (Wright) Carson BA'5/ on June 30, 1993. She was
president of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority while at UBC. She
was a longstanding member ofthe University Women's Club,
on the volunteer executive for Goodwill Industries, and operated her own land registry business ... W.G. Bruce
Casselman BA'43, MA'45 on March 6 in London, Ontario. He
taught at the U of T, served as medical director at Geigy Pharmaceuticals in New York, and later in Montreal. He was senior
medical advisor for International Health Services of Health and
Welfare Canada and spent much of his time with the WHO in
Geneva. He launched the Northern Outreach Program at
Western to improve health care in underserviced regions, particularly among First Nations People ... Howard L. Clement
BEd'63 on January 5 in Victoria. Howard moved to BC with his
wife Phyllis and returned to school and earned his degree in
education. After teaching industrial education he switched to
public service and worked for the provincial and federal governments. His last eight years of public service were dedicated
to developing economic projects for First Nations people ...
Jacob Cohen BCom'47 in January. Mr. Cohen was the head of
the Army & Navy department store in New Westminster ...
George A. Deitz BASc(MetEng)'50, MASc(MetEng)'52 on April
12 ...Donald D.Dennis BArch'52 on March 13.After service
with the RCAF from 1941 -45, Don was a member of the second class of architecture at UBC. He and his family, including
wife Mary (Mulvin) BSA'43, MSA'52, moved to Victoria after
graduation. He was a partner with Siddall, Dennis,Warner
when he retired in 1982 ... Marjorie Duxbury BA'57 on April
4 ... D. David Forsythe BASc(EngPhys)'53 on April 14 in Palo
Alto, California. In 1966 Dave obtained an MSEE degree in
electronics from Northeastern University, Boston. He worked
for a number of Silicon Valley semiconductor research companies. He was most recently employed by Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale, California ... Harvey L. Gansner BA'35,
BCom'35 on November 9, 1994 and Netta (Harvey)
Gansner BCom'35, BA'36 on March 6 ... Otto Gill
BASc(£JecEng)'27 on April 9 in Trail. He was a life-long athlete,
being an ardent golfer, curler and swimmer. He also loved
growing flowers. Until he had to move to Kiro Manor for
health reasons, he spent most of the year at his summer home
at Christina Lake ... Andreas (Andy) Goedicke BSc'7S on
January I I.Andy was an infant transport team paramedic and
was lost along with several others when his flight to the Queen
Charlotte Islands disappeared. His friend Pete Galdert BPE'78
wrote,"Whether in competition with the UBC rowing crew or
in saving someone's life, Andy gave it his all. He used the knowledge gained from his years at UBC and applied them towards
the betterment of humanity" ... Gordon A. Green BCom'48
on September 10, 1994. He was killed when his automobile left
a highway on Vancouver Island. He qualified as a chartered accountant and was a senior partner in the Victoria CA firm of
Green, Horwood, Munro & Tuckey ... Jack A. Grimmett
BA'36 on March 6 in his 90th year.After completing first year
Arts at UBC and then taking teacher training at the Provincial
Normal School, he began his teaching career at Moyie, BC,
continuing in Vancouver, until his retirement. He earned his BA
from UBC in 1936 after seven years of taking summer and
evening classes. He established the Hazel and Jack Grimmett
Scholarship and Bursary Fund for education students ... Bob
Halbauer BASc(MinEng)'54 on May 10. He was a former president and CEO of Cominco Ltd. He was among BC's most respected mining executives, and he was the recipient ofthe
Northern Miner's Mining Man of the Year Award for 1982, as
well as the Edgar Scholtz Medal in 1984 and the Canadian Institute of Mining's Inco Medal in 1992 ... HeeTing Hong MSc'85
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Fall 1995 in February 1993, of cancer ... James D. Kern
BASc(MechEng)'50 on July 18. He attended UBC after serving in
the Armed Forces during WWII. He lived inWesbrook camp
from 1946 to 1950. At the time of his graduation his family consisted of six children; eventually growing to eight, five of whom
are UBC grads ... Cecil A. Lamb BSc(Agr)'21 on February 27.
Cecil was a member of the first graduating class in agriculture.
He was the first student to specialize in agronomy. He spent
the last 60 years living and working in Ohio. He developed several new strains of wheat... Mary (Bain) MacLeod Lund
BA'40, MEd'68 on December 5. Her early career as a Hollywood and Broadway actress was not well known among her
friends and acquaintances, but she had a long and productive life
outside of acting, which she shared with her husband Arne ...
Sharon R. (Porter) Lupton BSN'79 on August 18,1994 ...
Margaret MacNeill BSc'70, MSc'74 on February 28 of cancer
at the age of 46. Margaret worked in the Arctic, then moved to
Calgary to do research for Esso. She then went to Sidney, BC,
where she continued work in oceanography. She spent the past
few years in Peachland, BC ... Ralph V. Manning BA'37 on
February 9, 1994,. As a Beaufort torpedo plane pilot, he took
part in air strikes in the North Sea. His plane was credited with
the sinking of the Proserpina, General Rommel's last major supply ship outside the harbour ofTobruk. He was a planning officer in NORAD, director of Staff College and an air historian ...
Catharine Mackintosh BA'37 on December 27, 1994, in
Baltimore. Her greatest loves were books and travel. She
served in Britain and Belgium during WWII as a driver with the
First Aid Nursing Yeomancy and stayed on in England for ten
years. She moved to the United States, where she received a
graduate degree in librarianship and went on to work as a librarian at Bryn Mawr ... Ronald T. McBride BCom'46 on February 9 ... Robert McClelland BA'37 on March 6, 1994. He
Final Exam
Por this question, pick the best answer.
1. AMS JobLink offers you which of the
following services?
a) Hard-working Registry for
students to fill short-term work;
your part-time e) The warm fuzzy
and full-time feeling of help-
labour needs; ing out your
b) Up-to-the-minute Alma Mater;
information on f) (a), (b), (c), and
labour legisla- (d) only;
tion; g) (a) only;
c) Statistics on the h)(a), (b), (c), (d),
labour market, and (e), but only
such as average when the moon is
wages; full;
d) A summertime i) Saskatchewan.
Casual Labour
Bonus Question. Bob, a Philosophy major,
is looking for a degree-related job.
Where should he look?
'Aouji p.tiojI Sujdoti 3j;jos
oje* oft •■no MB :uous8no snuog •tjSnoin '(a) ioj
pappus ac. ixp» jTpa« T«nJ»a '(J) T :s8a»SNV
JobLink Student Employment Centre
Room 100A, UBC Student Union Building
822-JOBS ft 822-5627
The election of the Chancellor and of eleven
members of the Senate to be elected by the
members of Convocation of The University of
British Columbia will be held in February 1996.
Voting instructions will appear in the Winter issue of the Chronicle.
Candidates eligible to stand for election to the
Senate are members of Convocation who are
not members of the Faculties of the University.
The term of office is three years.The Convocation
Senators will take office on September 1, 1996.
The Chancellor will take office on June 25, 1996.
Nomination Procedure
1. All nominations of candidates for the office
of Chancellor must be supported by the
identifiable signatures of seven persons entitled to vote in the election of Chancellor and
carry the signature of the nominee indicating
willingness to run for election.
2. All nominations of candidates for membership in the Senate must be supported by the
identifiable signatures of three persons entitled to vote in the election of the Senate.
Nominations for these offices must be in the
hands of the Registrar no later than 4:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, October 31,1995. For convenience,
you may fax nomination forms to (604) 822-
5945, but the original must be mailed to us for
our records.
Nomination forms are available from the Coordinator of Elections, Registrar's Office: email
James_Lowther@ubc.ca or phone (604) 822-
In accordance with the University Act, an election register has been prepared showing the
names and known addresses of all members of
Convocation who are entitled to vote at an
election and the register is open for inspection
by all members entitled to vote, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
R.A. Spencer
The University of British Columbia
2016- 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Chancellor and Convocation Members
of the Senate- 1993-96
Robert H. Lee, B. Com.
Senate (in alphabetical order)
John A. Banfield, B. Com.
Patrick T. Brady, Jr., B. Ed.
Donald G.A. Carter, B. Com., Ph. D.
Robert L de Pfyffer, B. Sc.
Stanley B. Knight, M. Ed., Ph. D.
Sandra C Lindstrom, B.A., M. Sc, Ph. D.
Robert W. Lowe, M.A.
William B. McNulty, M.P.E., M.A.
Carole Anne Soong, B. A., B. S. W
L. Joanne Stan, B. S. R., M. Ed., Ed. D.
Des R.Verma, M.Sc, M. Ed.
worked as head of the commercial studies department at
Kelowna Senior High School ... James D. Menzies
BSc(Agr)'39, MSA'39 on December 9, 1994 ... H.T. Miard
BASc(GvEng)'33 on March 24. He joined the BC Department
of Highways and Public Works in 1947, he was made assistant
deputy minister in 1954 and deputy minister of the department in 1958. He was the longest serving deputy minister
(1958-73) in the department's history and one of the architects of BC's highways and ferry systems ... R. Russell Munn
BA'30, one of the original Great Trekkers, on May 27. President of the AMS at UBC from 1929-30, he later studied at the
Columbia University School of Library Science. His career
took him to New York. Tennessee, Maine and Cleveland, Ohio.
He remained active throughout his retirement... Flora M.
Musgrave BA'26 on July 4. Flora graduated with UBC's first
nursing class. She generously supported students and UBC
projects throughout her life, including boarding international
students at her house for many years ... Alan Orr-Ewing
PhD'56 on February 26. He did his military service 1939—44 as
lieutenant with the Argyle Sutherland Higlanders. He was the
first recipient of the Disguinguished Forester Award of BC and
was a pioneer in forest genetics ... I.Andrew (Tiny) Rader
BASc(ElecEng)'35. worked for Allen-Bradley from 1962-1985,
for Rader Pneumatics and for General Electric. He received
many awards and honours, inducing honorary doctorates in
law,engineering and business administration ...Trevor A.
UBC Ah'mni Chronicle, Fall 1995
A well-known New York subsidy book
publisher is searching for manuscripts.
Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, juvenile, travel,
scientific, specialized and even controversial subjects will be considered. If you
have a book-length manuscript ready for
publication (or are still working on it),
and would like more information and a
free 32-page booklet, please write:
516 W 34 St.. New York, NY 10001
Phillips BA'64 on March 8 ... William Robbins
BA'30, MA'34 on January 19. He earned his PhD
from the U ofT and taught at Victoria College
before moving on to teach English literature at
UBC until his retirement in 1975. He was an
internationally recognized Matthew Arnold
scholar and a member of the Royal Society of
Canada ... Brian L. Shelley BEd'65 on December 15, 1992 ... Herbert P. (Percy) Sims
BSF6I on August 23, 1994. Percy earned his
MSF from Yale and PhD from Duke and worked
for the Canadian Forestry Service from 1961 -
1976 and then for Alberta Environment until
1992. He retired and moved to Victoria in 1993.
He loved hunting and fly fishing and was an excellent outdoorsman ...Andrew Snaddon
BA'43 on March 14, 1991 ... Charles E.
Stenton BA'57, MSc'60 on January 6. He had
recently moved to Vernon, BC ... Ross Stroud
BASc(ChemEng)'48 on October 30, 1992 ...
Walid R.Taleb BA'84 on Sepember I, 1994 in
Abidjan, the Ivory Coast After UBC, Walid
earned his law degree in California. He then
returned to Abidjan to work in his family's printing business, but he soon turned his hand to
raising tropical flowers. He was murdered by
bandits outside the gates of Fleurtrop, his flower
plantation, at the age of 32 ... Roy H.Temple
BA'31 on August 6, 1994. Roy's working life was
spent as a teacher and principal in a number of
secondary schools in BC. He will be remembered with respect by his former students ...
Robert S.Thain BA'49 on June I, 1994. Bob
served in the RCAF after high school. After specializing in physics at UBC, he joined the Federal     ^^ ^^
Defense Research Board in Ottawa ... William
G.Tucker LLB'49 on April 27. Bill was in the RCAF for five
years. He was a member of the Alberta and BC bar associations and the Victoria Golf Club ... Derek H.Tye BA'33 on
October 2, 1994. Derek taught in the secondary schools of
Fernie and Nelson, BC prior to WWII. He saw war service in
the Royal Canadian Navy and pursued a naval career after the
war, retiring with the rank of lieutenant-commander ...
Charles H.Wakelin MA'66 on January 16. He received a
degree in architecture and worked in New Zealand before
coming to Canada in 1957. He worked as a planner for the
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City ofVictoria and the Capital Regional District-After his retirement Charlie enjoyed painting, sketching, playing piano and
walking his dog at the beach ... Joseph B. Wall BSc(Pharm)'S0
in September 1993 ... Brian Windeyer DSc(Hon)'J2 died last
year at the age of 90. A native Australian, he obtained his medical education at the Marie Curie Foundation in Paris and then
started his 38-year career at Middlesex Hospital. A man of
great distinction, a humanist, clinician, teacher and scientist,
Brian Windeyer was knighted in 1961... Mary E.Yurich BHE'54
on April 3. ^
Next time: The official unveiling of
the new, snazzy Alumni Association logo!
Plus:  Book reviews and the Acrostic (sorry, no space this time),
and lots more.
34      UBC Ait mm Chromci.k, Fall 1995 □SEED
Trapunto Sweatshirt
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