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 UBC Know-How Hits the Market • Open House 1987 • Alumni in the University Senate'
FALL 1986
The Vancouver Institute CelebratesSeventyEloquent'Years \^>/*. <►
iBT   ~~S"'-
Outwardly, beauty exists in every line and surface on a BMW. It radiates a
polished elegance derived from decades of refinement.
But beneath the aristocratic exterior the beast resides as pure power. Restrained
to glide silently through the downtown jungle, or unleashed to devour the road
with insatiable appetite.
Come and see the 1986 version of "Beauty and the Beast" at Vancouver Auto,
where we've given a continuous BMW performance for fifteen years.
Vancouver Auto >
5th and Burrard (604) 736-7381 \^^/ THE  ALUMNI  UBC
Volume 40, Number 3
Fall 1986
News in Brief
Alumni Senators: Linking
UBC with the Community
Tim Platts
On the eve of the 1987 Senate and Chancellor
elections, the Chronicle examines the role and
effectiveness of convocation senators.
Saturday Night at the Lectures
Andrew Purvis
The Vancouver Institute is 70 years old —
and its Saturday night public lectures are more
important and prestigious than ever.
Leading Edge Meets Bottom Line
Valerie Giles
UBC graduates and UBC ideas are having a
significant impact on the marketplace.
Alumni Activities
Class Acts
EDITOR: Terry Lavender
LAYOUT/DESIGN: Rick Staehling, Pacific West [Equities Ltd.
CIRCULATION: Craig Lindgaard
COVER ILLUSTRATION: Dave Webber the Artist
EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: Elbert S. Reid, BASc'51, Acting Chair, Virginia Beirnes, LLB'49; Peggy Boulter, BA'51, Doug Davison; Bruce
Fauman; Bel Nemetz, BA'35; Robert E. Walker, BCom'47; Nancy Woo. BA'r>9. Ex-Officio: Dan Spinner, Margaret Nevin, Anne Sharp, Terrv
ADVERTISING REPS: Alumni Media: Vancouver (604) 688-6819; Toronto (416) 781-6957
President: William Brian McNulty, BPE'68, MPE'70, MA'83
Past President: Elbert S. Reid, BASc'51
Vice-President: Lyle Stevenson, BASc'72, MSclBus Admin.('75
Treasurer: Shayne Brent Boyd, BCom'81
Members-at-Large 1985-87: Robert Affleck, BASc'55; Linda Angus, BA'73; Jim Cooney, MLS'76, BA (Georgetown), MA (Toronto); Sandy
James, MA'83, BA (Carleton); Bill Richardson, BASc'83; Alfred Scow, LLB'61
Members-at-Large 1986-88: Dave Frank, BSc'84, MBA'86; Oscar Sziklai, MF'61, PhD'64, BSF (Sopron); Eric Vance, BA'75, MA'81
Published quarterly by the Alumni Association of the Universitv ot British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The copyright
contents is registered  BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL OFFICES Cecil Green Park, 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver
1W5, (604) 228-3313    Circulation: 88,000
SUBSCRIPTIONS: The Alumni Chronicle is sent to alumni of the university. Subscriptions are available at $10 a year in Ca
$15 (in Canadian funds) elsewhere, student subscriptions $2. ADDRESS CHANGES Send new address with old address I.
available to UBC Alumni Records, 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED: If the addressee, or son or daughter who is a UBC graduate has moved, please m
UBC Alumni Records so this magazine may be forwarded to the correct address.
Postage paid at the Third Class Rate Permit No. 4311   RETURN REQUESTED.
Member, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. Indexed in Canadian Education Index ISSN' 0824-1274.
B.C. V6T
abel i
The UBC Alumni Association holds
a workshop September 6 to discuss
the future of the Association, and its
relation to its members and to the University.
The focus of discussion will be a
draft long-range plan, called "Future
Directions: UBC Alumni Association."
The draft was prepared by a special
planning committee, chaired by Ann
McAfee, BA'62, MA'67, PhD'75. The
workshop will be a follow-up to a session held February 22, 1986.
In 1979 the Association adopted a
five-year plan that foresaw a more
agressive and professional organization dividing its energies between providing services to graduates and to the
University. In 1984, a Mission Statement was adopted that emphasized
increasing alumni involvement with
the University and the Association.
The Alumni Association and the
University are changing rapidly, and
the Association has to adapt to these
changes. For example, the Alumni file
is aging because of both demographics
and changing lifestyles (an increasing
number of those enrolled at UBC are
mature students).
Other developments will have a
significant effect on the Association:
as announced in the Summer 1986
Chronicle, the Association's Executive
Director, Dan Spinner, has been
appointed Chief Development Officer
of the University; the Information Systems department of the Association
will be transferred to the University; a
joint alumni-university committee is
examining the role of the Chronicle.
The Alumni Association wants to
know what you, the alumni, think.
Your input into the planning processing is vital. If you would like a copy of
the draft plan, or would like further
information, please write: Alumni
Planning Committee, 6251 Cecil
Green Park Road, Vancouver, V6T
Bill McNulty, President of the
University of British Columbia
Alumni Association, and Dan
Spinner, Executive Director, are
pleased to announce the appointment
of two new Associate Executive
Elizabeth Owen, Programmes
Director for the Association, becomes
Associate Executive Director
(Programmes), and Patricia Pinder,
Alumni Fund Director, becomes
Associate Executive Director (Alumni
Fund). ■
Chronicle/Ffl/n 986   3 NEWSINBRIEF
Vancouver Institute Fall
The Vancouver Institute's 71st
season of lectures opens September
27. As usual, the free public lectures
take place Saturday nights at 8:15 p.m.
in Lecture Hall 2, Woodward
Building, UBC.
September 27: Professor Eugene
Kamenka, Australian National
University, Professor Alice Erh-Soon
Tay, University of Sydney: LIFE
October 4: Mr. Lister Sinclair, OC,
Broadcaster, Writer and Critic:
October 11 (Cecil and Ida Green
Lecture): Professor David
Braybrooke, Dalhousie University:
October 18 (Cecil and Ida Green
Lecture): Professor Alan Cottrell,
October 25: Professor Arthur
Schawlow, Stanford University:
November 1 (Sigma Xi Centennial
Lecture): Dr. J. Christopher Bernabo,
Science and Policy Associates, Inc.:
November 8: Professor Cole Harris,
November 15 (Cecil and Ida Green
Lecture):    Professor   Keith    Griffin,
Oxford University: WORLD HUNGER
November 22: Professor John H.
Borden, Simon Fraser University:
November 29 (Red Cross Society
Lecture): Dr. John M. Goldman,
University of London: CURES IN
Planetarium Show
Phraters Alumnae present the
Planetarium show "Alien Equation"
followed by a dessert party on Monday, November 3rd at 8 p.m. at the
Vancouver Planetarium, 110 Chestnut
St. Admission is $7 a person and the
public are invited. Reservations recommended, call 733-8625.
Chronicle Wins CCAE
An article from the Spring 1985
Chronicle, "Alzheimer's", by Robin
Laurence, won "Best Feature Article
— Non Research" in the Canadian
Council for the Advancement of Education's 1986 awards program.
The awards are presented for
achievements in communications in
the development, alumni and media
and public affairs departments of
Canadian universities and colleges.
The article, describing a day in the
life of the UBC Alzheimer's Clinic, has
been extensively reprinted by societies
engaged in the fight against this disease.
UBC's Community Relations Office
won "Best Audio Video Package" for
a television mini-documentary
highlighting the work of UBC faculty
in areas of research.
Calling Ex-Thunderbirds
The UBC Athletic Department is
gathering historical information for a
book to celebrate UBC's 75 years of
athletics. They are asking all former
athletes, coaches and administrators
for assistance, either by lending scrap
book mementos or photographs for
photocopying, or by agreeing to a
personal interview. Meeting times
would be made at your earliest convenience.
Please reply to Alastair Sutherland,
UBC Athletic Department, Room 208,
War Memorial Gymnasium, 6081 University Blvd., Vancouver, B.C., V6T
1W5, or phone (604) 228-2531.
Thanks for the Computer
The    UBC    Alumni    Association
extends its thanks to two local businesses for their joint gift of a micro-..
computer to the Association.
IDM Research Industries of Vancouver donated a IDM PC/XT microcomputer, while O.J. Microcomputer
Systems Inc. of Richmond supplied a
20 megabyte NEC hard disk drive and
controller board.
Library School Celebrates
25 Years
UBC's library school — officially the
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies — celebrates its 25th
Anniversary this year. However,
though the school was founded in
1961, the impetus for the school came
after the B.C. Legislature passed the
first Public Libraries Act in 1919, when
pressures began to mount for the
training of professional librarians in
B.C. and Western Canada.
After years of discussions, UBC's
University Librarian Neal Harlow and
Associate University Librarian Samuel
Rothstein began developing a graduate library school in the 1950s, with
the strong support of University President Norman MacKenzie.
Rothstein was named the first
Director of the School and he moved
quickly to develop a library collection
that would support the new program,
to renovate quarters in the University
Library, and to recruit a faculty. The
first class in a post-graduate, one-academic-year program leading to a Bachelor of Library Science Degree started
in September 1961.
Since that time, the School has
grown in stature and sophistication,
and has achieved an international reputation as a leader in the field. More
than   1300  graduates  of  the  school
The library school's three directors, past
and present: (left to right) Basil
Stuart-Stubbs, Sam Rothstein, Roy
work throughout Canada and other
countries in the traditional institutions
of public, academic, and special libraries and archives, and in information
services in the private sector.
Under its three directors — Rothstein, Roy Stokes, and Basil Stuart-
Stubbs — the School has seen important changes over its two and a half
decades. One of the most significant
was the change in 1971 to a two year
program leading to a Master of Library
Science degree, accommodating a
broader range of study in the new
technology, management, service and
bibliographic aspects of library science. In 1981, a program in Archival
Studies was inaugurated and is now
jointly administered by the School and
the Department of History.
All alumni, students and friends of
the School are invited to the 25th
Anniversary celebration, which will
also honor retiring Professor Samuel
Rothstein and Admissions Co-ordinator Margaret Burke. The event will be
held on November 1, 1986, at the
Ramada Rennaissance Hotel in Vancouver. For more information, call the
School at 228-2404.
4    Chronicle/Fa//1986 NEWSINBRIEF
Alumni Fund Goal
Increases 19 Per Cent
On September 15, the Alumni Fund
launches its annual fall mail appeal. A
goal of $1.5 million has been set for
the Fund for 1986-87, of which
$350,000 is targeted for the mail campaign.
The Fall Appeal is traditionally the
year's largest. Last year's campaign
raised 24 per cent of the Fund's $1.1
million total and accounted for 43 per
cent of alumni donations. These gifts
were largely unrestricted; almost half
of the alumni donors responding to
last year's mailing asked that their
gifts be used where the University felt
the need was greatest.
"Unrestricted gifts of this type are
very important," says Alumni Association President Bill McNulty, BPE'68,
MPE'70, MA'83, "and allow the funds
to be directed where they will be the
most beneficial."
Student aid, research equipment,
library acquisitions, faculty support,
athletic programs, computer software
and hardware — these are but a few of
the areas where discretionary funds
are needed.
McNulty says other areas where
donations can be directed are Scholarships and Bursaries, a particular Faculty or School, the UBC Library, or
any other specific area you may wish
to support.
There will be other campaigns
throughout the year, including phonathons and special campaigns in the
Faculties of Medicine and Commerce,
but the Fall Appeal is a major one.
And alumni contributions are important.
Alumni giving has increased over
the last three years, and this appeal's
goal is 19 per cent higher than last
year's. In 1985-86, $272,459 was raised
in the fall campaign to support several
projects including some designated by
the University's academic community
as special concerns.
UBC Car Takes First Place
The UBC Turbic, a three cylinder
powered vehicle which runs on either
natural gas or diesel fuel, won the
Expo '86 Innovative Design Competition this summer. The contest, which
took place at UBC, included entries
from nine other universities from Canada, the U.S., Japan and Switzerland.
The team of 20 students won $100,000
in endowed university scholarships
for UBC.
The University of British Columbia
throws open its doors next spring for
Open House 1987. The weekend of
March 6-8 is your chance to come and
explore the "past, present and future"
of UBC at the largest Open House
ever held on campus.
An Alumni Celebrity Concert and
Auction on Thursday March 5 signals
the start of Open House. Many well
known alumni will "perform" in the
concert, whether by singing, dancing,
reciting, standing on their heads or
whatever . . . they've promised not to
be boring. The program includes dinner, concert and an auction of memorabilia, UBC experiences and other
surprising items donated by the
alumni celebrities. Rumors are circulating that Earle Birney is going to
inflict his poetic licence upon the politicians in attendance and David
Suzuki will donate one of his fish
You may be able to win a year's supply of famous UBC cinnamon buns or
advice for your back garden from a
horticultural expert. The event will be
held at the War Memorial Gym and
you have the choice of either sitting in
the balcony and watching the fun or
dining and hob-nobbing with the
celebrities on the main floor. Tickets
will be priced accordingly.
Along with Suzuki and Birney, Eric
Nicol and John Gray have agreed to
put their reputations on the line and
invitations have been extended to
John Turner, Allan Fotheringham,
Mike Harcourt, Pat Carney, and many
other notorious grads. Proceeds for
the evening will go to a scholarship
fund linked with Rick Hansen's Man
in Motion tour.
Open House itself will be the largest
ever for UBC. Twelve faculties will be
participating with tours, lectures,
demonstrations and lots of hands-on
displays (we're user friendly). You
may have an inside look at a medical
research lab, computing centre, and
theatre workshop; tour the Botanical
Gardens or Museum of Anthropology
— free of charge. It's a great opportunity to see how UBC is changing in
the 1980s.
Besides the displays, many special
events will take place. Several concerts are planned; the University Singers will perform Friday night and a
big-name concert is being considered
for Saturday. There will be plenty of
sports events as well, with inter-university competitions, hockey and
soccer games, a triathalon, a celebrity
water polo game, and perhaps an
aquatic show.
Other attractions include a kids'
play and activity area, hot air balloons, and demonstrations from Alma
Mater Society clubs such as rowing,
skiing, and sky diving. Art shows,
theatre and musical events and other
special activities are planned, all
designed to help you see what's happening at UBC. Guides and colorful
signs will point you in the right direction, printed programs will help you
enjoy your visit, and lots of free parking will be available.
Are you interested? Any ideas?
Drop us a line and let us know. We
want to hear what you think. (For further information about Open House,
please contact the UBC Community
Relations Office at 228-3131.)
Open House 1987
I would like to help with:
Open House   Alumni Celebrity Concert & Auction.
I can be reached at: business   home	
I would like more information on:
Open House   Alumni Celebrity Concert & Auction.
Any Suggestions?	
Clip and mail to: "Open House", Alumni UBC Chronicle, 6251 Cecil Green Road,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Chronicle/Fa/f 2986    5 The 11 convocation senators on UBC's supreme
academic body have a challenging role to play.
Alumni Senators:
Linking UBC with the
By Tim Platts
T1ERE HAVE been UBC convocation senators almost as long as
there has been a University. The first
grad to serve on Senate was the late
Shirley P. (Clement) Murison, BA'17,
elected in 1917 for a three year term.
Since then many men and women
have served, including such notables
as Sherwood Lett, J.V. Clyne, Eric
Nicol, and Blythe Eagles. Of the 87
members of the Senate, 11 are convocation senators, though the number
has changed over the years, reaching
a peak of 15 grads in the 1960s and a
low of four in the 1970s.
As senators, these alumni are a part
of the supreme academic body of the
University. In addition to the convocation senators, the Senate is comprised
of the 12 faculty deans, the academic
vice president, 34 elected faculty, 17
elected students, four members
appointed by the provincial government, a member elected by each of the
three colleges and others such as the
Director for Continuing Education
and the Chief Librarian.
Working through the committee
system, the Senate sets and administers policies on courses and program
content, admission standards, faculty
appointments and promotions, and
awards and appeals. There are committees for each of these areas, all
dealing with strictly academic issues.
Various faculties and departments
make recommendations to the appropriate Senate committee which meets
on the matter and then passes recommendations on to the Senate. Senate
then makes a proposal to another governing body, the Board of Governors,
for final approval and funding.
Elections for convocation senators
and Chancellor take place early in
1987, with nominations closing
November 2,1986.
6   Chronicle/FaH 1986
As to who is eligible to run, the
official election notice states that candidates must be members of convocation (alumni) who are not also members of the faculties of the University.
The convocation senators for the 84-87
term were Helen Belkin, BA'40, Grant
Burnyeat, LLB'73, Pat Fulton, BA'39,
Gil Gray, BA'50, Helen Matheson,
MA'73, EdD'79, Anne MacDonald,
BA'52, John McConville, LLB'55, Murray McMillan, LLB'81, Mary Plant,
BA'52, Min Suguimoto, BA'52,
MEd'66, and Nancy Woo, BA'69.
Over the past 20 years there has
been much discussion on the value of
alumni in the Senate. Supporters say
the alumni provide the informed voice
of the graduate and practising professional and so are an important link
with the general community. Detractors claim the convocation senators
are out of touch with the University
and academic life and ignored by the
other senators.
The present convocation senators
feel they have a lot to offer. Convocation senator and housewife, Mary
Plant, says alumni input is necessary:
"We represent the grads and the community at large . . . We bring a non-
academic perspective to the Senate."
She says the University needs the
fresh point of view: "Senate is a very
unwieldy body — mostly academic
. . . it's very important that the community input be there."
Lawyer Grant Burnyeat, former
president of the Alumni Association
and a convocation senator for more
than five years, says their role is
important because: "We are the only
ones not on campus". However,
"convocation senators are not wanted
or listened to. I have serious doubts
on the value of convocation senators
. . . unless Senate is overhauled and
there are written rules stating that
there be full and proper debate on
Murray McMillan, Vancouver Sun
columnist, likens his role as a convocation senator to that of a back
bencher in Parliament. He says they
don't have much say in the general
Senate meetings: "The deans and academic vice president have the key
positions in the university structure
and have a lot of say in the Senate".
But he believes that "a lot of really
substantial work happens at the committee level. . . and convocation senators make a strong contribution. And
that contribution is respected."
Ron Yaworsky, a student senator
for the past several years, also feels
the graduate input is important:
"Some alumni are fairly high profile.
I'm always concerned with Grant Burnyeat's point of view. The alumni
form a powerful voice with the students. When you think about it,
eleven alumni plus seventeen student
senators is a pretty sizeable chunk."
He says the convocation senators
are aware of the ripple effect of the
University on the community: "Especially now when the University has to
interface with the community more —
the alumni are an important way to do
Although money management of
the University lies with the Board of
Governors, recommendations for faculty and program changes come from
the Senate. Government cutbacks
over the last few years have led the
University to rethink its priorities, and
dealing with these changes is a big
part of the Senate's business, according to Murray McMillan.
"Finances is a perennial issue . ..
and will go on until the provincial
government stabilises funding," he
says. "I have strong doubts it will
happen in the foreseeable future.
Changes are going on constantly,
there are always adjustments being
made. But Senate has a pretty good
direction on the whole."- OFFICIAL ELECTION NOTICE
Notice is hereby given that the election of the Chancellor and of
ELEVEN members of the Senate to be elected by the members
of Convocation of the University of British Columbia will be
held on Thursday, March 5,1987.
Candidates eligible to stand for election to the Senate are
members of Convocation who are not members of the Faculties of the University.
The term of office is three years. The Convocation Senators
will take office on September 1,1987. The Chancellor will take
office on June 25,1987.
Nomination Procedures:
1. All Nominations of candidates for the office of Chancellor
must be supported by the identifiable signatures of SEVEN
persons entitled to vote in the election of Chancellor and
carry the signature of the nominee indicating willingness to
run for election.
2. All nominations of candidates for membership in the Senate must be supported by the identifiable signatures of
THREE persons entitled to vote in the election of the Senate.
Nominations for these offices must be in the hands of the Registrar no
later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, November 3,1986.
Nomination forms are available from the office of the Registrar, tel.
228-6860 or 228-6338.
In accordance with the University Act, an election register has
been prepared showing the names and known addresses of all
members of Convocation who are entitled to vote at an election and the register is open for inspection at all reasonable
hours by all members entitled to vote.
K.G. Young,
The University of British Columbia,
204 - 2075 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada,
List of those currently holding office in the 1985-87 three-year
W. Robert Wyman B.Com.
Senate (Listed in alphabetical order)
P.M. FULTON, B.A., Dipl. Soc .Work.
m.g. McMillan, ll.b.
m.l. plant, b.a. b.s.w.
N.E. WOO, B.A., M.Sc.
Professional Automobile Brokers
offers the
New Car Purchase Plan
UBC Graduates
The New Car Purchase Plan is unique because we'll
better any price you can obtain on a vehicle from any
dealer or any other source that sells new vehicles or light
duty trucks.
The Plan was established in May 1973 to assist Doctors, Nurses, Professional Engineers, X-Ray Technicians,
Lab Technicians, Psychiatric Nurses, Dentists, B.C. Hydro
Employees, B.C. Telephone Employees, Airline Employees and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted
Since May 1973 the Plan has provided over 4500 Doctors and over 3600 Nurses with lower prices than they
received from a dealer or any other source that sells automobiles or light duty trucks.
The Plan will provide new vehicles and every vehicle will
carry its respective manufacturer's warranty. Every vehicle is completely serviced by an authorized dealer before you take delivery.
After you take delivery of your new vehicle, any dealer
who services that make of automobile will be happy to
have you as a service customer no matter where you
made your purchase.
The Plan also offers the Extended Warranty Plan at lower
rates than a dealer will charge, along with lower prices
on Undercoat, Rust Proofing, Scotch Guarding the Interior, Paint Protection, Wheel Lip Mouldings and Radios, etc.
After the buyer has done his or her price comparison
shopping and has come up with the lowest price available, THEY DO THE FOLLOWING:
give us the opportunity to save you even more money
which could range from $100.00 to $2,000.00 depending
on the vehicle you are going to buy.
THE PLAN OFFERS vehicles by General Motors - Ford
- Chrysler and American Motors.
IMPORT VEHICLES are Toyota - Nissan - Honda -
Subaru - Volkswagen - B.M.W. - Mercedes - Hyundai - Mazda and Volvo.
REMEMBER, a Professional Automobile Broker provides a personal service to his customers. There is no
high pressure applied when you call into the office. All
we want to do for you is to better the best price you have
received from a dealer which means less dollars out
of your pocket for the same vehicle.
the Century Plaza, 1015 Burrard Street next to St. Paul's
HUYNH will always be available to help you save money
on the purchase of a new automobile.
OFFICE HOURS are from:
9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
SATURDAY OFFICE HOURS are from: 10:00 a.m. until
2:00 p.m.
The mailing address is:
Suite 506,
1015 Burrard Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
The office phone number is: 604-688-0455
Chronicle/FaH 2986   7 Seventy years of timely topics and celebrated speakers
guarantee the Vancouver Institute the largest, most
sophisticated audience in town.
Saturday Night at the
By Andrew Purvis
Cole Harris: "The
Institute is a movable feast of
different people talking about
the latest developments in
ci'ety field."
IN 1918, when Vancouver was still a rugged, outdoorsman's town, the head of
the Alpine Club of Canada gave a Vancouver Institute lecture on the "Peaks
and Passes of the Canadian Rockies". A
record 330 Vancouverites pulled on their hobnail boots that evening and trudged over to
the old UBC Assembly Hall on 10th and Willow for the latest tips on the mountains to the
Seven decades later, Margaret Atwood was
slated to speak, her topic an esoteric "Blood
and Thunder", and another attendance mark
was set when 2,000 lovers of literature packed
into the Point Grey lecture halls for the Saturday night address.
If there is one constant in the rambling,
intellectually intrepid history of the Vancouver
Institute, which this fall celebrates its 70th
year of free public lectures for the Vancouver
community, it is an ear for the interests of the
"I thought it was too scattered when I took
it on," says last year's Institute president Professor Cole Harris, of a forum which in 1985
topped its all time membership high at 1,950.
"But I was dead wrong. It is a movable feast of
different people talking about the latest developments in every field."
From the beginning, this wide-ranging topicality has been an Institute trademark. In 1919,
former B.C. provincial forester and future logging magnate H.R. MacMillan spoke of the
fortunes to be made in "The Forest Regions of
British Columbia." In the early days of World
War II, UBC history professor Henry Angus
warned his Institute audience that "Japan,
when faced with a crisis, has never shrunk
from a drastic solution," predicting war with
the Japanese 12 months before their bombers
banked over Pearl Harbor.
And 15 years ago, then Justice Minister John
Turner, BA'49, after imposing the hotly
debated War Measures Act during Quebec's
October Crisis, attacked the critics in his Institute address, "Law and Order: What Does It
For 70 years, the Vancouver Institute has
consistently provided this city with timely topics and celebrated speakers. But behind the
scenes, what may be North America's most
venerated lecture forum has had to cope with
its share of hard times. In fact the Institute
would probably not be here today if it were
not for a few, key individuals.
Frank Wesbrook, UBC's founding president,
and S.D. Scott, editor of the now defunct Vancouver News-Advertiser, were the first.
One February afternoon in 1916, the two
friends sat down to hammer out the details of
a membership-supported weekly lecture
forum which, they hoped, would combine the
strengths of the young city and the younger
In the beginning, it was a two man operation. With an annual budget of less than $60 a
year, Scott and Wesbrook had to ferret out
Vancouver's top minds themselves, and personally cart them over to the UBC Assembly
Hall at 10th and Willow every Thursday night.
But not even the Assembly Hall could be
depended on. In 1925, UBC abandoned the
old Fairview shacks and moved to distant
Point Grey, then separated from the city by
several miles of rotten wooden planks and
muddy track.
Institute organizers tried for a time to stay
close to downtown audiences by scrounging
around for free lecture space in church basements, old bingo halls, and vacant gymnasiums. Finally, in 1929, they followed the University out to Point Grey.
But the combination of no fixed location
and, after 1929, distance from the downtown,
took its toll on membership and attendance.
8    Chronicle/F-//1986 One September evening the executive called
an urgent meeting. They had to chip in a dollar each to keep the lectures alive.
In 1933, Gordon Shrum, then a 37 year old
professor of physics, took over as Institute
president, beginning 50 years as champion of
the weekly series.
"Several times Shrum saved the Institute
from disappearing altogether," says current
program chairman Bel Nemetz.
SHRUM'S FIRST scheme was to print
notices each week, inviting potential lecture-goers to a reception that Saturday night,
immediately after the address.
"If he could get, say, 40 guests," explains
Nemetz, "that meant at least 40 would have to
show up for the talk." Post-lecture parties
are now an Institute tradition.
To further boost attendance Shrum staged
an extremely popular and heated debate over
the future of UBC. Businessman George Kidd,
author of the "Kidd Report" recommending
closure of UBC, would argue that the University should be shut down, while professor of
history Henry Angus was to argue that the
gates remain open.
More than 1,000 people came for the widely
advertised event. Nemetz, praising Professor
Angus's "brilliant mind", recalls the outcome:
"It was a complete rout. Kidd fled in moral
and intellectual defeat."
But enthusiasm for the talks at UBC was still
only flickering.
What the lectures needed most was an overall warming of town-gown relations. And Eric
Hamber, who took over as UBC Chancellor in
1944, was just the man for the job.
"Hamber really brought town and gown
together," says a long time patron of the Institute and close friend of Hamber, Evelyn Lett,
BA'17. "He was a fine young man, with a very
bright wife," she recalls.
The Hambers put their charm to good use.
They began throwing parties at their Point
Grey home, inviting both university and city
dignitaries. Lett herself, as wife of Sherwood
Lett, a member of the UBC Board of Governors, sipped cocktails at many of these affairs.
"Pretty soon," she says,"university women
all of a sudden began being invited to city
social functions."
It was not until several decades later that the
Institute began to acquire its current reputation. In 1960 Bel Nemetz, BA'55, became
involved. As wife of that year's president,
Nathan Nemetz, BA'34, she helped bring to
Vancouver, among others, British author and
physicist CP. Snow, Minister for External
Affairs Howard Green, author and CBC correspondent Don Minifee, and Justice Minister E.
Davie Fulton, BA'36, plus three university
presidents, one principal and three deans. Saturday night lectures that year were the best
yet attended in Institute history.
Since formally taking over as program chairman in 1972, Bel Nemetz has personally
comandeered, from her home telephone, most
ofthe forum's most eminent speakers.
"Basically the quality of recent programming has been thanks to the devotion of
(Nemetz)," says former Institute president
Cole  Harris.   "She  is  so charming,  and  so
Former UBC
Chancellor Eric Hamber "put
his charm to good use" on
behalf of the Institute.
Institute Program
Chairman Bel Nemetz "is so
charming, and so bright on
the phone that prospective
speakers find it difficult to
say no."
bright on the phone that (prospective speakers) find it very difficult to say no."
The Dalai Lama of Tibet, anthropologist
Claude Levi-Strauss, and Nobel Laureate William Golding are among the victims of
Nemetz's entreaties. Margaret Atwood, after
waiting patiently for the applause to die down
before her "Blood and Thunder" speech last
November, claimed "I am here only because
of Bel Nemetz."
T_E PROGRAM chairman has several
rooms in the back of her Point Grey home
filled with boxes of correspondence to and
from prospective lecturers. Most chart the successful wooing of prominent intellectuals. But
even those that do not, such as one series with
novelist Saul Bellow, seem to suggest a comfortable rapport and future possibilities.
"You make me feel like a brute. But I must
tell you I am not a very vigorous brute," wrote
Bellow in a 1981 letter, excusing himself from a
lecture engagement because of ill health and
over-work. "You have had the Dalai Lama. I
wish I were the Dalai Lama. His life makes
sense, mine is chaotic ..."
Nemetz and the novelist still exchange letters; if the program chairman has her way, he
will follow in the Dalai Lama's footsteps yet.
Nemetz's uncompromising pursuit of timely
speakers has more than once led to raised
voices and trampled toes in the lecture hall
Following the October Crisis of 1970, as John
Turner was defending the War Measures Act
in his Saturday night speech, angry student
demonstrators surged to the front to cut him
off. In the ensuing fray, Gordon Shrum, then
77 years old, was struck on the head with an
umbrella. But the retired professor of physics
got his revenge. He sued his brolly-wielding
attacker and won.
Bel Nemetz has had help in raising the Institute to its present prestige and popularity.
Well-connected UBC faculty tap their acquaintance with high profile speakers; and the
financial resources of five Vancouver lecture
trusts help to bring in lecturers the Institute
could not otherwise afford.
The faculty members and lecture trusts, for
their part, are happy to schedule with the
Institute. They are then assured of the largest,
most varied, and most sophisticated audience
in town. "High quality," sums up one Institute patron, "begets high quality".
The Vancouver Institute's success has been
met by extraordinary praise. Director of the
Royal Institution of Great Britain, Sir George
Porter, ranks the forum second in the world
only to his own venerable Institution, a
weekly series founded in the 1800s. Porter, a
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, is particularly
impressed by the Institute's programming
over the last 20 years.
But Saturday night regulars like 89-year-old
Evelyn Lett have no patience with the suggestion that their septuagenarian Institute has
ever been anything less than first rate.
"Don't tell me the lectures have improved,"
she recently demanded, indignant. "They've
always been superb." As one of the few lecture
goers who predates the Institute itself, she is,
perhaps, best qualified to judge. ■
Chronicle/Fa//1986    9 By Valerie Giles
An experimental
grecnliouse at Saanichton
uses UBC spin-off
technology: a computer-
operated environmental
control system.
Tasting Succt.ss: m
Powrie (right) sample*
Tripple-Lite, one of the mum/
products developed with UHC
T RIPPLE-LITE, a non-dairy, icecream substitute made from soya
protein, is the first product developed by the Nu Food Research Corporation, a company founded in
1984 to explore new areas of food development.
Bill Powrie, head of UBC's Food Science
department, and Paul Molund, PhD'85,
wanted to produce a nutritious, tasty product
which would have the same texture as ice
cream. The major challenge was to mask the
soybean taste. They succeeded and Powrie is
pleased with the result.
"This is an exciting area. It started from a
concept, and then by using scientific principles, we were able to develop a formula which
came out as a desirable product," he says.
The first flavors are Vanilla, Strawberry Ripple and Chocolate Ripple, made as hard ice
cream and first marketed at Safeway stores.
Companion products are planned for the
future, including an expanded line of flavors,
a soft ice cream version, and a fudgsicle-like
Molund, who is no longer with Nu Food,
provides the descriptive product data: "Trip-
ple-Lite has only 58 calories per 100 ml serving
(in Vanilla), which is about half that of regular
ice cream — and only a third of the cholesterol." He expects the product will be marketed internationally in the United States,
Japan, Korea and England.
For people with milk allergies or lactose
intolerance, this product is a highly acceptable
alternative — particularly for children or anyone who craves treats!
From its beginnings in 1977, Arctic Sciences
Ltd. has grown into a company with a staff of
20 oceanographic professionals, and is known
as an authority on the marine environments of
Canada's three oceans.
The company came into being through the
collaborative efforts of two UBC students,
Dave Fissel, BSc'71, MSc'75, and Dave Lemon,
BSc'72, MSc'75, with an associate John Marko.
Operating as a technical consulting service,
the company provides expertise in physical
oceanography and remote sensing, with
emphasis on the Arctic region.
Arctic Sciences Ltd. uses data collected from
ships, satellites and subsurface instruments to
analyze the movements and physical properties of the ocean. The company is actively
involved in the use of underwater acoustics as
a means for remotely sensing ocean waves
and currents.
Satellites orbiting over the ocean provide
information needed to map water temperatures and display movements of ice on the
ocean surface. The company has also developed a model for analyzing oil spills. Data can
be generated and interpreted to represent
locations, directions of movement, volume
and age ofthe spill.
Indicators of the company's success include
revenues of $1.1 million, the creation of a spinoff company of their own, and the opening of
a second office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
This second generation spin-off company,
Oceanprobe Systems Inc., specializes in the
manufacture of acoustic remote sensing
oceanographic instruments.
Gordon Monk, BASc'80, wanted a non-traditional job doing something he knew he could
do well. He found it through consulting work
on solar greenhouse research for Agriculture
Canada with Professor Len Staley, then head
of Bio-Resource Engineering at UBC.
Monk formed his consulting company in
1983 and has since attracted attention from foreign agriculturalists. Western Bio-Tech Engineering Ltd. designs computer operated environmental control systems for greenhouses
including earth thermal storage heating systems.
The company uses a solar system greenhouse control/data acquisition computer manufactured by another B.C.-based company,
Argus Control Systems Ltd. The Argus computer stores its control software on floppy
disks which can be modified to allow total
flexibility. This makes the system unique to
Leading Edge
Bottom Line
10    Chronicle/Fa//1986 North America and essential to researchers. In
Europe, computers are commonly used to control greenhouse environments, but their systems run on fixed programs which can't be
About 150 temperature points can be read
every seven seconds on the Argus system.
These are then integrated to display average
values every 15 minutes. The system also
monitors humidity sensors and gives readings
on light coming through all surfaces. The system was tested at three installations over this
past year; at the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, and at sites in Ontario and Illinois.
"Based on the work at Agriculture Canada's
Saanichton Research and Plant Quarantine
Station, the earth thermal storage solar heating technology would be feasible for most
greenhouse operations in southwestern B.C.,"
says Monk. "The technology provides fossil
fuel savings of at least 20 per cent annually,
which translates into a $1.5 million savings to
growers in the region."
Work at Saanichton involved modifying the
UBC know-how
has helped start
up many
thousands of
people. The
examines a few
of these
design to make it practical for B.C. conditions.
For example, it was important to study the
effect of reversing the air flow between night
and day to increase the temperature of the
recovered heat.
Monk says there is good reason to be optimistic about the future. "The potential for
Canadian companies to provide computerized
greenhouse technology worldwide is enormous. Several provinces in China are interested in improving intensive crop production
in greenhouses. B.C. can act as a focal point to
Pacific Rim countries on greenhouse technology"
China will likely be the first of his Asian
clients. Their national goal is to be self-
sufficient in food production by the year 2000.
This fall will see Gordon Monk in China to
examine agricultural practices and advise on
"We have to start having a global point of
view. We need to take our prototypes and
adapt them to foreign needs."
continued on page 15
Chronicle/Ffl/i 1986    11 CANADIAN LANDSCAPES
Images of Canada by Peter and Traudl Markgraf
Acknowledged by their peers and by collectors as outstanding silk screen artists, Peter and Traudl Markgraf have
produced many beautiful images of Canada.
Each of the nine images offered here is marked by exceptional expertise in shading and flawless screening technique.
Each of these images was a sellout in its original form.
You may now purchase high quality lithographic reproductions of these images for your home or office or as a
thoughtful gift. Each image is reproduced on heavy stock and is unconditionally guaranteed.
F  Cove
I   Sunday Night
G Port Moody
H Indian Summer
Sheet Size 18" x 181." (46x47 cm)       Sheet Size 18" x 20'//'(46 x 52 cm)       Sheet Size 25//' x 19" (65 x 48 cm)       Sheet Size 24" x 19"     (61x48 cm)
Image Size 14" x 14"   (36x36cm)       Image Size 14" x 16"   (36x41cm)       Image Size 20"   x 14" (51 x 36cm)      Image Size 20" x 14"     (51x36cm)
Please send me the following Markgraf print reproductions at S23.95 each or S88.0O for any four, plus S4.95 for handling and
shipping (overseas: S7.50). Ontario residents please add 79? sales tax to combined cost of print(s) plus shipping/handling.
Indicate quantities:    A B C D E F G H I	
Cheque or money order to Alumni Media Enclosed:
Charge to my MasterCard, Visa or American Express Account No.
Expiry Date:
P. Code
Alumni Media, 124 Ava Road, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1W1 (416) 781-6661.
Unconditional Money-Bach Guarantee
If you are not satisfied, please return your purchase to us and your money will be returned (less handling und postage) §ouvemr
When was the last time you visited the UBC '.<. ampusor -.topped
years as a student.' 1 his beautiful new Oxford I 'niveiMlv I'n-
" The Universitv (it Hritish. ( '.olumhia: A Souvenn" will |og y<"it
much much more. The ( ol lei tion of photographs, In it h new ar
regrated with an entertaining tommcnlary hy (jeorge Wood: o
the development of UBC into 'one of theioiinii y's most impor
and research institutions'. Life on campus is addressed from tl
of both the student and the larger community. I h rough its f.u
dents, and its research, UBC is a major i onmbutor to the provn
try and the world at large.
The Assoc iatlOii believes that "77i
British ('olumhia: A Simt critV dues
reputation, and is an item you wi
to own and display tor its meaning and
ories. To obtain your copy, simply t ran
order form below and forward t< > The U
of British Columbia Alumni Associat
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Alumni Association
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Complete the form along with
your cheque, money order or
credit card number. C.O.D.
orders are not accepted. Allow
4-6 weeks for normal delivery.
The University of British Columbia
Alumni Association
CITY                      PROV.                       rnnF
V6T 1W5
CITY                      PROV.                      rnnF
STTiNATtlRF UBC Alumni at Yorkshire Trust
Here to Serve You
G.B. Atkinson. B.A. 70, LL.B. 73
P.L. Hazell, B.Comm. '60
D.D. Roper, B.Comm. 77
-Secretary and Corporate Counsel
-Assistant General Manager,
-Internal Auditor
J. Barbeau, B.A. 55
Corporate Services
J.C.M. Scott, B.A. '47, B.Comm. '47
B.D. Kennedy, Mortgage Lending
-General Manager, Yorkshire
J.M. Dawson, B.A. 72
Diploma 79
Insurance Managers Limited
- Manager, Personnel
-Mortgage Underwriter
J.H. Stewart, B.A. 79
A.F. Pierce, B.A. '49
-Senior Investment Officer
E. DeMarchi, B.Comm. 76
S.D. Sutherland,
- Mortgage Underwriter, Kelowna
P.E Rennison, B.Comm. '80
B.Comm. '68, LL.B. 70
- Mortgage Underwriter
British Columbia's Oldest Trust Company - Serving Western Canadians Since 1888
Vancouver New Westminster Kelowna Calgary
1100 Melville St. 685-3711 702 Sixth Ave. 525-1616 411 Bernard Ave. 762-8220 444-5th Ave. S.W. 265-0455
130E. Fender St. 685-3935 White Rock Victoria Edmonton
2996 Granville St. 738-7128 1608-I52nd St. 531-8311 737 Fort St. 384-0514 10025Jasper Ave. 428-8811
6447 Fraser St. 324-6377
Member Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation • Trust Companies Association of Canada
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Alumni Association?
Answer: Buy a Solid Gold Coupon Book.
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Class Year:
Postal Code:
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Note: Please make cheques or money orders payable to the UBC Alumni
Association and forward to 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver,
B.C. V6T1W5
14    Chronicle/Ffl/n 986 Technology transfer from UBC to industry has led to the creation of
2500 jobs and $87.7 million worth of business in 1985 alone.
R.S.F. Energy Ltd. (Renewable Solid Fuel)
represents the only secondary industry in the
Smithers area. Founded by Hans Duerichen,
BSc'71, the company manufactures and markets products of its own design: wood or coal
fired heaters and furnaces with a difference!
The special feature is a secondary combustion chamber which accomplishes a more
efficient burning. These stoves produce even
heating for as much as 36 hours on one load of
fuel. They can be used as the sole heat source
or in conjunction with conventional heating
Up to 45 people are employed at peak periods to accomplish the required production.
Duerichen reports that business is good. His
total sales exceeded $2.2 million in 1985. During the early months of 1986, an order for 50
units was sold to Switzerland.
The founder is a graduate of UBC's Mechanical Engineering department where he
majored in thermodynamics. By applying this
knowledge along with related industrial experience, Duerichen has been able to design the
company's products.
Before establishing CF. Mineral Research
Limited in Kelowna, Chuck Fipke lived in
New Guinea, Australia, Africa and Brazil. "I
met many geologists from other countries and
discovered what a comparatively excellent
training I had the good fortune to obtain at
He carries fond memories of his student
years. "Many of the professors at UBC are not
only inspiring by virtue of their expertise; they
are also outstanding models as human beings.
For instance, the late Dr. Walter Gage wrote
me a personal cheque to help finance my studies. The late Dr. Jack Gower greatly influenced
my attitude to work."
His company specializes in mineral and
petroleum exploration and scanning electron
microscopy. A patent has been obtained for
the methodology used in heavy mineral concentrate geochemistry.
Theirs is a unique approach which has led to
the discovery of mineral deposits which were
undetected by conventional exploration methods. Mining companies have been assisted in
locating deposits of gold, base metals and
even diamonds in British Columbia.
The company built a considerable reputation for its ability to extract microfossils from
the rock. These are analyzed to evaluate oil
potential. Much of the firm's equipment was
designed and built in Kelowna.
Fipke credits his university for his success.
"My UBC training inspired creative thinking
that, together with hard work, adequate funding and a team effort are the most powerful
tools needed to achieve business success."*
UBC's University-Industry Liaison Program has identified many companies that
have directly benefitted from University-inspired research or training. These companies are responsible for the creation of 2500 direct and indirect jobs and an
estimated $87.7 million worth of business in 1985 alone:
A.C. Statpower Inc.
Conducts R&D in power electronics.
Produces power supplies and converters.
Applied Microsystems Ltd.
Manufactures    specialized    oceanographic equipment.
Arctic Sciences Ltd.
Physical  oceanography and  remote
sensing activities.
Atmospheric Research Inc.
Provides meterology and air quality
Belmont Consulting & Associates
Mining consulting.
Cetec Engineering
Equipment  developer   for   sawmills
and mines.
CF. Minerals Research Ltd.
Heavy mineral and conodont {micro-
fossil) research.
Charity Wolfe Research Corp.
Supercritical fluid R&D.
CO. Brawner Engineering Ltd.
Geotechnical engineering.
Columbia Computing Services Ltd.
Developer of high school timetabling
Corona Vacuum Coaters Inc.
Produces thin film coatings for electronics and wear and corrosion resistance.
Creo Electronics Corp.
Optical data storage.
Crowder Communications Ltd.
Satellite     telecommunications     and
local area networks.
Cyber Quest Ltd.
Computer  software  applications  to
exploration geochemistry.
Epytech Prototypes, Inc.
Assists start-up ventures with technology transfer.
ESSA (Enviromental and Social
Systems Analysts Ltd.)
Environmental management.
E.V. Hird & Associates Ltd.
Telecommunications and electronics.
Cage, Babcock Associates Ltd.
Designs sprinkler systems for buildings.
Harford Kennedy Lyzun Acoustical
Acoustical engineering.
I.T.A. (Inverse Theory and
Geophysical data processing.
Kadak Products Ltd.
Real-time software developers.
Lipex Biomembranes, Inc.
Manufacturer of devices for the preparation of lipid vesicle systems.
MDA (Macdonald, Dettwiler &
Digital data processing and satellite
ground systems.
MDI (Mobile Data International) Inc.
Mobile   data   communications   systems.
Electro-mechanical controls.
Micromet Systems Inc.
Instruments to determine health of
seedlings in reforestation.
Moli Energy Ltd.
Manufacturer       of       molybdenum
lithium disulphide rechargeable batteries.
Municipal Hydraulics
Software for water distribution systems.
Narod Geophysics Ltd.
Precision    magnetometer    manufacturer.
Neptune Dynamics Ltd.
Industrial energy conservation.
Nexus Engineering Ltd.
Manufacturer of high frequency electronic equipment for cable and satellite
Nu Food Research Corp.
Non-dairy frozen desserts.
Pacific Ocean Sciences Ltd.
Numerical     modeling    of    oceanographic and atmospheric data.
Pakalnis & Associates
Mining consulting.
Quadra Logic Laboratories Ltd.
Diagnostic tests for human and animal diseases.
R.S.F. Energy Ltd.
Wood and coal  fired  home heating
Seaconsult Marine Research Ltd.
Off-shore engineering.
Seakem Oceanography Ltd.
Applied chemical, physical and biological oceanography.
Seastar Instruments Ltd.
Manufacturer of hvdrographic water
sampling bottles.
Shaughnessy Computer Systems
R&D   on   custom   development   of
Spincraft Manufacturing Corp.
Manufacturer    of    sauna     heaters,
fireplace and metal products.
Stasuk Testing & Inspection Ltd.
Non-destructive    X-rav,    ultrasonic,
magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant
Techtrade Equipment & Services
Services high-tech electronic gear.
Techware Systems Corp.
Developer and manufacturer of super
micro-computer based real-time laboratory.
TIR Systems Corp.
Manufacturer  of  "The   Light   Pipe"
which transmits light using total internal reflection.
Vortek Industries Ltd.
Specializes in design and manufacture of ultra-powerful lamps.
Western Bio-Tech Engineering Ltd.
Agricultural    consulting    in    greenhouse energy conservation.
Western Meter
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial process controls.
Chronicle/Fa// 2986    15 ALUMNI ACTIVITIES
Homecoming 1986
UBC Homecoming '86 takes place
this fall from October 20 to 25, 1986. A
wide variety of events have been
planned involving both Alumni and
students and everyone is encouraged
to come out and share in the activities.
The week gets off to a good start on
Monday, October 20, with an award
luncheon at the Meridien Hotel in
downtown Vancouver. The Alumni
Award of Distinction will be presented
to mezzosoprano Judith Forst,
BMus'66, and an Honorary Alumni
Association Life Membership will be
granted to non-alumnus Norman
Hildes-Heim. (Profiles on the award
winners will appear in the Winter
issue of the Chronicle.)
That evening everyone will get an
opportunity to "Meet the Brass" at the
Pit Pub in the Student Union Building.
Members of the University administration and the Board of Governors
will be in attendance from 7 to 10 p.m.
On Tuesday, October 21, there will
be the Cairn Rededication Ceremony
at the UBC Cairn followed by a tea at
Cecil Green Park. Later that evening,
from 6:30 to 9:30, students from each
faculty will pass on "Just Desserts" to
people who have given distinguished
service to the University. The event, at
Cecil Green Park, will feature desserts
provided by the Women's Faculty
Club and Chancellor Robert Wyman
will be Master of Ceremonies.
The "Great Trekker" Dinner will be
held on Wednesday evening in the
SUB Ballroom when the Great Trekker
Award will be presented by the Alma
Mater Society to an individual who
has provided oustanding service to
the University community. Guests at
the dinner will range from the class of
1920 to the class of 1986.
Intramurals will sponsor the Arts 20
Relay Race on Thursday, October 23.
The race is reminiscent of the Great
Trek and is run along the same route,
from the original Fairview shacks site
at Vancouver General Hospital to the
present day Point Grey campus. Peter
Disney, BA'36, of England, in an
effort to raise scholarship funds,
hopes   to   run   the   full   course.
Rededicating the Cairn during Homecoming '85.
Another sporting event, the Blue
and Gold Football game, will be
played at the Thunderbird stadium on
Friday, and the Homecoming Parade
takes place on Saturday, the 25th.
There will be many other events,
including get-togethers for Social
Work, Nursing, '56 Commerce, '46
and '61 Engineering, Pharmacy, and
'71 Law. A special dinner will be held
at the UBC Faculty Club for the Class
of '36 on Friday, October 24, followed
the next day by a campus tour and
lunch at Cecil Green Park.
A Gala Theatre Event takes place
Saturday, October 18 and everv night
from October 20th to 25th. Eric Nicol's
play, "Making the Point", written for
the event, takes a humorous look at
UBC's history and will feature cameos
by famous grads. Prices will be $20 a
night for the regular performances
and $100 for the two Gala Saturday
events which include a reception on
stage. Proceeds for the show will go to
support scholarships. For more information or tickets, call the Frederick
Wood Theatre at 228-2678.
For more information see below or
phone the Alumni Programmes office
at 228-3313.
All Commerce Grads are invited to a
'Welcome to Downtown' gathering on
Thursday, October 2, 1986, from 5:30
to 7:30 at the University Club, 1021 W.
Hastings St. in Vancouver. A special
welcome is extended to all new '86
The 34th annual Medical Ball will
take place January 31, 1987, at the Pan
Pacific Hotel in downtown Vancouver.
The UBC Medical Alumni Division
and Medical Undergrad Society will
be honoring the classes of '57, '67, '77,
and '87.
For information on any of the
events listed below, please call the
Alumni  Programmes  Department at
(604) 228-3313.
'51 Home Ec: Sept. 27-28, UBC Faculty Club and Sprinklers, Van Duesen
'51 Pharmacy: Sept. 26, Cecil Green
'66 Forestry: Sept. 26-28, Harrison
'76 Commerce: October 17, Cecil
Green Park
Dates to be announced for the following reunions: '52 Forestry, '67
Home Economics (1987), and '76 Forestry.
Other Events
Medical Division Golf Tournament:
September 4, University Golf Course
Engineering Annual General Meeting
and Dinner: October 17, UBC Faculty
Club, Engineering Alumni Award of
Distinction  to be presented to Russ
Fraser, BASc'58
Library   and   Archival   Studies   25th
Anniversary and AGM: November 1,
downtown Vancouver
Health Care and Epidemiology AGM:
November 6, Cecil Green Park
Homecoming Events —
October 20-25,1986
Alumni Awards Luncheon: October
20, Hotel Meridien, Vancouver
Social Work Division AGM: October
20, Cecil Green Park
Cairn Rededication Ceremony and
Tea: October 21, UBC Cairn and Cecil
Green Park
Just Desserts: October 21, Cecil Green
Great Trekker Award Dinner: October 22, Student Union Building Ballroom
Arts '20 Relay Race: October 23, Fair-
view to Point Grey
Nursing Potluck Dinner: October 23,
Cecil Green Park
Branch Representatives Visit: October
Blue and Gold Football Game: October 24
Class of '56 Commerce: October 24,
UBC Faculty Club
Pharmacy Division: October 24, Cecil
Green Park
Class of '36: October 24, dinner at
UBC Faculty Club, October 25, campus tour and lunch at Cecil Green
Homecoming Parade: October 25
Class of '46 Engineering: October 25,
UBC Faculty Club
Class of '61 Engineering: October 25,
Cecil Green Park
Class of '71 Law: October 25, Hotel
Meridien, Vancouver
16    Chronicle/Fa//1986 CLASS ACTS
Teacher Anne (Mackenzie) Stevenson,
BA'27, keeps active with the BC Historical
Society, the Williams Lake Museum
Committee, and her work with Cariboo
College, UBC and Simon Fraser University.
Retired vicar Rev. Peter Disney, BA'36, is
still active in the church in England, jogs
every morning and travels extensively. He
and his wife Doreen will attend the '36
reunion at Homecoming this fall on their
way home from Australia .... G.P.V.
Akrigg, BA'37, MA'40, and his wife Helen
B. (Manning) Akrigg, BA'43, MA'64, have
published a revised British Columbia Place
Names ....
In Los Angeles, Helen C. Piper, BA'44,
received the School Volunteer
Distinguished Service Award ....
Chancellor Emeritus and Past President of
the UBC Alumni Association, Donovan
Miller, BCom'47, LLD'79, is among 54
honored by the Japanese government with
the Third Class Order of the Rising Sun for
his role in promoting relations in fishing
between Canada and Japan .... David
Idler, BA'48, MA'50, is Director of the
Marine Sciences Research Laboratory at
Memorial University....
Retired from St. James United Church
and living in Victoria, H. Irvine Hare,
BA'49, was granted a Doctorate in Ministry
from San Francisco Theological Seminary
in May .... John A. Melville, BCom'49,
BSW'60, of Courtenay, retired after 35
years with Ministry of Human Resources
.... Len Pearson, BASc'49, MA'51, has
received the Excellence in Teaching Award
from the Illinois Institute of Technology for
the second time.
B.C. Pork has appointed media and
freelance food consultant Phyllis Dennett,
BHE'50, to manage a new promotion in
B.C Sally Woods, BA'51, MSc'53, has
her own company in business and
technical written communications .... Jim
Forrester, BASc'52, retired in 1984 and lives
in Bellevue, Washington .... R.P. "Ray"
Godber, BCom'51, has retired after 33
years with Air Canada, ....
Administrative head of the Greater
Vancouver Regional District, Douglas L.
Mackay, BASc'52, won the American
Water Works Association Award for
distinguished service in the water supply
field .... working for ICRISAT in India,
Donald G. Faris, BSA'54, MSA'55, is
Coordinator of the Asian Legume
Program. His wife, M. Dawn Faris,
BScN'55, MSN'79, is a freelance
consultant in nursing research ....
Recently retired UBC Women's Athletic
Director Marilyn Pomfret, BPE'54, was
honored for her contribution to athletics at
the Canadian Inter-university Athletic
Union Annual Meeting .... Jacques
Quistwater, BSc'54, MSc'58, PhD
(London), is Dean of Management
Information Systems, Sheridan College,
Oakville .... In Arcadia, California. Boris
Auksmann, BASc'55, PhD (CalTech), is a
consulting engineer in private practice,
while his wife, Asta Kamar-Auksmann,
BA'55, MSW (UCLA), works as a family
therapist.... Ettigi Jayadevappa, MSc'55,
PhD (Kansas), is Senior Professor of
Physical Chemistry at Karnatah University
.... A Spring Sing was performed at
Cloverdale United Church to honor Beth
Leullier, BA'55, BEd'65, MEd'77, retiring
Supervisor of Instruction, Surrey School
District.... Recipient of the R.J.W.
Douglas Medal of the Canadian Society of
Petroleum Geologists, Eric Mountjoy,
BASc'55, will be spending part of a year's
sabbatical in Japan and China .... James
H. Tsai, BA'55, PhD'65, is Commercial
Director of Specialty Chemicals for Dow
East Asia Division .... Henry Ewert,
BA'56, has published The BC Electric
Railway, commissioned by Expo '86 ... .
Michael Peers, BA'56, MA (Theol)
(Toronto), is Chief Executive Officer and
Spiritual Leader of the Anglican Church of
Canada .... Brian Smith, BA'56, LLB'60,
was a candidate in the Socred leadership
race .... UBC Chancellor W. Robert
Wyman, BCom'56, was elected to the
Board of Directors of BC Tel . . . . Arnold
Gatzke, BSc'57, MSc'59, PhD (Queen's), is
at Dow Chemical Research, in Midland,
Michigan .... Professor of Physiology and
Biophysics at Victoria Hospital in Halifax,
Gerald A. Klassen, MD'57, FACC, is
College Governor of the Atlantic Provinces
in Canada for the American College of
Cardiology's Board of Trustees .... Jim
Sharp, BA'57, MSc'60, PhD (Riverside), is
manager of Planning Development at
Xerox Research Centre, Mississauga ....
Henry A. "Mike" Cooper, BA'59, was
promoted to Commodore and is Director
General, Personnel Services at National
Defence Headquarters, Ottawa .... Gary
Cooplan, BCom'59, has taken over
management of Great West's Venture
Capital Investment program.
Senior Vice President of the Medical Health
Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, D.R.
Carlow, MD'60, is also Assistant Professor
and Associate to the Dean, Hospital
Affairs, at the University of Manitoba ....
Vancouver Centre MP Pat Carney, BA'60,
MA'77, was moved from the Energy
portfolio to that of International Trade ....
Dalhousie University granted an honorary
degree to E. Margaret Fulton, MA'60, BA
(Manitoba), PhD (Toronto). She stepped
down as President of Mount Saint Vincent
University in June .... Gerald A.B.
McGavin, BCom'60, MBA (California), is
Chairman and CEO of BC Hydro ....
Head of the UBC Research Forest is Don
Monroe, BSF'60, PhD'68 .... Albert
Puska, MD'60, MSc (Ohio), obtained his
J.D. degree from Pacific Coast University,
Los Angeles Vancouver
Alderman May Brown, BPE'61, was
named to the Order of Canada .... David
Latham, MEd'61, retired from teaching in
1984 .... Dixie Cutler, BA'62, is General
Manager responsible for client services
with Glover Business Communications
.... Don Robertson, BA'62, is minister
with Highlands United Church in North
Vancouver .... Senior Vice-President,
Corporate Finance, for Loewen, Ondaatje,
McCutcheon & Company Limited is
Charles B. Loewen, BCom'63, ....
Charles "Chuck" Dunn, BCom'63, is
instructor of Real Estate Appraisal for
Vancouver Community College at Langara
Campus .... J.E. Gervay, MSc'63,
PhD'65, is Research Associate at DuPont
.... Head of Chemistry, University of
Manitoba, Bryan Henry, BSc'63, is
resigning and accepting a Killam
Fellowship .... After 10 years teaching in
the Summerland district, Anne (Davidson)
Russell, BPE'63, is spending this year on
an exchange in Ilkeston, England .... Bill
Wedley, BCom'63, is President of the
Administrative Sciences Association of
Canada .... Chief Librarian for Huron
County, Ontario, William Partridge,
BA'64, MLS (Toronto), received the 1985
Award of Merit from the Ontario Library
Trustees' Association .... Anne (Elliott)
Lindsay, BHE'65, has written a cookbook,
Smart Cooking, in cooperation with the
Canadian Cancer Society .... Alive
Magazine has just published the first book
by Udo Erasmus, BSc'66, entitled Fats and
Oils: The Complete Guide to Fats and Oils in
Health and Nutrition E.S. Hall, PhD'66,
and wife Judy Hall, PhD'67, are both in
Chemical Engineering at University of
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Members: Toronto,
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Stock Exchanges
_ Proy.
Postal Code
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Calgary .... Associate Professor of
Anatomy, Philadelphia College of
Osteopathic Medicine, Tage V. Kvist,
BSc'66, MSc'69, PhD (Pennsylvania),
received the Christian R. and Mary F.
Lindback Foundation Award for
distinguished teaching .... Colbert
Nepaulsing, BA'66, MA'67, has written
Towards a History of Medieval Spain ....
Weh-Sai Wu, MSc'66, is Senior Scientist,
Occupational Health, Ministry of Labor,
Weston, Ontario .... Gillian (Cooper)
Crowley, BEd'67, MA (Calgary), is
manager for communications consulting
firm Wordswork .... Edward H. Dahl,
BA'67, MA (Carleton), of Ottawa, married
Myra Grimley .... Teacher-Librarian
Grace Funk, BLS'67, MLS'78, of Vernon,
won the Margaret B. Scott Award of Merit
at the Canadian Librarians Association
Conference .... University of Manitoba's
Mavis Gray, BLS '67, is in Dafoe
Government Publications .... Norm Watt,
BSc'78, MBA'69, is a partner in Computech
Consulting Canada .... North Country
Community College of Saranac Lake, N.Y.,
promoted Sydney (Shaw) Spraggs, BA'67,
to Assistant Professor of Communications
 Richard E. Becker, BSF'68, MSc'71,
married Maria Teresa Manriquez of
Santiago, Chile .... Daryl Ann
(Dubpernell) Dickman, BLS'68, is a
librarian at Brock University in St.
Catharines, Ontario, where her husband,
Mike Dickman, PhD'68, is professor of
Biological Sciences .... The BC Transplant
Society has appointed Bernadet Ratsoy,
BScN'68, MSc'81, as Vice Chairman ....
Linda L. Riddle, BA'68, is Administrative
Assistant, Boundary Central Secondary
School, in Midway .... Gerry Sinclair,
BA'68, PhD'76, is director of educational
research at The Mitek Group in Vancouver
 Elizabeth (Cavin) Straforelli, BEd'68
(Elem), teaches English in a job retraining
program in Nice, France .... Kamloops
Senior Secondary School Teacher, Des
Verma, MEd'68, won the Karl Knapp
Award and a Life Membership from the
Kamloops Teachers' Association .... Joe
Elkin, BCom'69, is a salesman with NRS
Commercial Realty .... Senior Database
Editor at the Centre for Mass Media
Studies, University of Western Ontario, is
Kathryn Hazel, BA'69, MA (Western)	
H.C. Henry, PhD'69, is products manager
at Esso Petroleum, Sarnia .... Ron Kydd,
PhD'69, is on the Faculty of Chemistry,
University of Calgary .... Andy Lamb,
BSc'69, is writing a book on Pacific coast
fishes .... Harold J. Meyer, BCom'69,
LLB'70, is President and CEO of First
Interstate Bank in Los Angeles .... Paul
Wiens, BLS'69, is Director of Libraries of
Western State University granted a law
degree to Robert A. Fiddes, MD'70, who is
in family medical practice in California
.... Head of the Engineering Library,
University of Manitoba, is S. Norma
Godavari, BLS'70 .... Don Monroe,
LLB'70, is BCs Industrial Inquiry
Commissioner .... Outgoing President,
BC Teachers' Federation, Patrick Clarke,
BA'71, MA'81, is BC Regional Coordinator
for CUSO .... Partner at Clark, Wilson,
Lyall D. Knott, BCom'71, LLB'72, Q.C,
was appointed to the National Selection
18   Chronicle/Fa//1986 Committee of the Duff-Rinfret Scholarship
commemorating the 100th anniversary of
the Supreme Court of Canada .... Tony
Lowe, BSc'71, MBA'74, is Supervising
Coordinator, Planning & Distribution,
Newsprint Logistics, for Macmillan Bloedel
.... Keen Engineering appointed Blair
McCarry, BASc'71, as General Manager,
Vancouver Office .... Michael Gee,
BEd'72, MA (St. Frances Xavier), has
released an Anthology of Steam Railroad
Poetry .... D. Ian Bruce, BSc'72, is a
partner in Computech Consulting Canada
.... Greg Kocher, BPE'72, is an importer
and exporter of diving products ....
Stephen Owen, LLB'72, is the new B.C.
Ombudsman .... UBC Alumni
Association Vice President, D. Lyle
Stevenson, BASc'72, MSc (Bus Admin)'75,
is Director, Information Systems
Management Services, for Price
Waterhouse in Vancouver .... Douglas M.
Hume, BA'73, is leasing coordinator of
Imbrook Properties .... Don Lim, BSc'73,
MSc (Toronto), is a biochemist at the
National Defence Medical Centre in
Ottawa .... Robyn E. (Reid) Miller,
BEd'73, moved to St. Catharines, Ontario,
with husband D. Alexander Miller,
BSc'76, MSc'78, MD'81 Food scientist
Allan Paulson, BSc'73, MSc'78, PhD'86,
works in the food processing section of the
Summerland Research Station .... Both
Robert James "Jim" Stinson, BSc' 7.3,
BEd'74, and wife Maria teach high school
in Prince George .... Laurie Yaworski,
MBA'73, is Senior Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer for BC Central Credit
Union .... Qualicum School Board
appointed Joan Beck, BEd' 74, as Director
of Instruction (Curriculum-Special
Education).... Louis Conway, BA'72,
BArch'80, has completed a course in
Theatrical Acrobatics .... Scott Gordon,
BSc'74, BArch'79, is an Associate with the
architecture research firm of Davidson/
Yuen .... Linda Catherine (Kerley) Kent,
BPE'74, has stopped teaching to be a full
time mother .... Roger Knox, BMus'74,
received a Ontario Arts Council
commission to write a composition for
Toronto chamber group Ardeleana ....
Charles Lin, BSc'74, PhD (MIT), and Janet
(Lee) Lin, BSc'78, are leaving Toronto with
their two children. Charles is joining
Montreal's Department of Meteorology
 David Mattison, MFA'74, MLS'78,
had his book Eyes of a City: Early Vancouver
Photographers, 1868-1900 published by the
Vancouver City Archives .... Roger A.
Peterson, MSc (Bus Admin)'74, will be in
the 1986 Personalities of America for
contributions to business and education
.... Peter Sanders, BSF'74, MF'81, is not
in charge of the UBC Research Forest as we
mistakenly reported last issue. He is the
Resident Silviculturalist there .... Patricia
Wolfe, MA'74, MBA'84, BA (Western), is a
manager in the Finance Department,
Vancouver City Hall .... Alnoor H.
Abdulla, MD'75, was elected to full
Fellowship of the American College of
Chest Physicians .... Librarian for
Saskatchewan Highways Planning Library
is Ellen Basler, MLS'75 Allan
Collings, BCom'75, is Controller for
Rogers Cable TV in Vancouver. His wife
Carolyn P. Egri, BCom'75, MSc'83, begins
her PhD in Commerce and Business
Administration this fall.... Completing
his eighth year teaching at Kumsheen
Secondary School, Doug Davis, BPE'75, is
part of the search and rescue team in
Lytton .... Donald J. Elfner, BCom'75, is
Internal Auditor for Sears Canada, in
Regina .... Forrest Nelson, LLB'75, is staff
lawyer with the Dawson Creek branch of
the Legal Services Society .... After a
leave of absence in the south Pacific,
Patrick Raynard, BA'75, MLS'78, has
returned to the Vancouver Island Regional
Library in Nanaimo .... Gerald Longson,
BSc'75, BArch'79, is an associate with
Davidson/Yuen Partners .... Bruce
Richards, BA'75, works for the family firm,
Trusco, in Prince George .... Substitute
teacher Sharron L. Sweeney, BEd'75, has
reverted to her maiden name and lives in
Vernon with her two daughters ....
Kelowna artist Harry Edmond Tonn,
BFA'75, is marketing prints he made of the
Okanagan .... Michael Blanchflower,
BCom'76, LLB'77, is joining the Attorney
General's Chambers as Crown Counsel in
Hong Kong .... Joylene Campbell,
MLS'76, joined Saskatchewan Library as
Director of Professional Services ....
Promoted to Sales Manager, Western
Canada for Intergraph Systems, Bob
Campbell, BASc'76 (Elec Eng), moved to
Calgary .... Andrew T. Holmes, BASc'76,
is an Associate with Piteau Associates
Engineering in Vancouver.... Lesleigh
"Leigh" Hussey, BA'76, is curator of the
Delta Museum and Archives .... Joining
Wood Gundy as an account executive is
Ann Jefferson, BCom' 76 ... . Peter
Lattey, BArch'75, is moving to Adelaide,
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Chronicle/Fa// 2986    19 Australia with his wife and three kids ....
Practising in the field of family law,
Barbara J. Nelson, LLB'76, is President of
the British Columbia Branch of the
Canadian Bar Association .... Thomas E.
"Ted" Perry, BA'76, MA (Western), and
Susanna Dunnett, BA'80, were married in
December .... Art Historian Dennis
Sexsmith, BA'76, MA'80, is Assistant
Professor in the Universitv of Manitoba's
School of Art ... . Reno Ciolfi, BSc'77, is
Vice Principal of Lillooet Secondary School
.... Clinical Associate Professor of
Dentistry at UBC, James Finlay, DMD'77,
married Colleen Anne Gromley in June
.... Branch Manager with Johnson
Controls, David Gill, BASc'77, moved to
Philadelphia .... Bruce C. Hobson,
BSc' 77, MD'81, is a partner at the Medical
Clinic in Tofino .... Kenneth Gary Horne,
BEd'77, MEd'81, teaches Business
Education in secondary school at Nakusp
.... In April Bud Koch, BScH'77, married
Susan Johnson, BSc(Agr)'76 .... Norman
George Lewis, PhD'77, is an Associate
Professor, Wood Chemistry, at Virginia
Polytechnic Institute and State University
.... Timothy Pells, BA'77, is a member of
the English Guitar Quartet which
performed at Expo '86 this summer .... In
Campbell River, Doug Phyall, BEd'77, is
Vice Principal at Campbellton Elementary
School .... Working in accounting, Stan
Tarn, BSc'77, lives in Abbotsford with his
wife, Shirley (Yue) Tarn, BA'80, a teacher
.... Charles E. Watson, MA'77, is Finance
Manager at Berge Ford in Mesa, Arizona
.... Cal Barber, BCom'78, is in the MBA
Cooperative Program at Northwestern
Universitv in Boston .... David Baydala,
BPE'78, teaches Jr. High Math and Phys.
Ed. in Atwater, California .... Actor,
writer, and theatre director Kenneth
Brown, BA'78, performed his one man
play "Life After Hockey" at Expo '86 ....
While finishing his dissertation, Harry
Kransnick, LLB'78, MEd'81, is an
instructor in English, Educational
Psychology, and Introductory Sociology at
the Universitv of Guam .... Lawrence
Surges, BMus'78, is instructor of Clarinet,
Canadian Forces School of Music,
Esquimalt .... After practising dentistry in
Cranbrook for six vears, David Sweel,
DMD'78, is Assistant Professor in Oral
Medicine at UBC .... Both Garry E.
Wadson, BSc'78, and his wife Patty
(Lawrence) Wadson, BSc'82, teach in
Prince George .... John William Bennie,
BSc'79, is practising law with Beckingham
and Co., Port Alberni .... Trevor Boggie,
MBA'79, has returned to Vancouver after
three years with Xerox in Sydney,
Australia .... Gwendoline J. (Fraser)
Boilevin, BA'79, lives in France, where she
is married and works in hospitals .... P.
Mark Hawley, BASc'79, is an associate
with Piteau Associates Engineering ....
General Manager for Weldwood Lumber in
Squamish is Tony Ker, BSF'79 ....
Petroleum Engineer for BP in the North Sea
gas and oil fields, David Maddison,
BASc'79, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with
his wife Yvonne (Stevenson) Maddison,
BEd'79, and son Nicholas .... Director of
the Canadian Public Relations Society
(Southern Saskatchewan) and Chairman of
the chapter's Professional Development
New Books from
UBC Press
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Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Committee, Darrel O. Noakes, BA'79, lives
in Regina.
Allan Bennett, MBA'80, is President and
Chief Operating Officer of the
Amalgamated Construction Association of
BC .... Canada's northernmost municipal
engineer, Terry Brookes, BASc'80, lives in
Cambridge Bay, NWT, with wife Diane and
their four children .... Wayne Goodey,
BSc'80, MSc'84, is at Monash University,
Clayton, Australia, working on his PhD in
Zoology .... Patti (Stonely) Holm,
BEd'80, married a future BASc grad, Jeffery
Holm, last December .... In June, Alison
Hughes, BEd'80, married David S. Whyte
.... Kerry Lee, BCom'80, has moved from
Toronto to Vancouver where he is
Marketing Manager with Fisons Western
Corporation .... The only paid employee
of End the Arms Race, Gary Marchant,
BSc'80, is working on his PhD in fruitfly
genetics .... Michael O'Connor, BA'80, is
finishing his work on "Malone", a Burt
Reynolds film shot in the BC Interior this
summer .... Having received his CA
designation, David C. Wong, BCom'80, is
a senior auditor for First City Trust....
Design Department Head of a Boston
architecture firm, Paul Zanette, BA'80,
BArch'85, teaches at the Boston
Architecture Center .... Richard T.
Ballantyne, BASc'81, is Division Engineer,
Eastern Division, for Trans Mountain Pipe
Line Daryl Edward Clark, BA'81,
LLB'84, is married to Joanna (Philips)
Clark, BEd'86, and practises securities law
with Davis & Company .... Pat (Stainsby)
Gast, BSN'81, is working towards a
Masters Degree in Nursing at UCLA ....
Married to Melanie (Leitch) Grant,
DipDH'82, Jim Grant, BEd'81, MBA'84, is
articling at Thome Riddell Chartered
Accountants .... Sharon Henderson,
BA'81, Dip Ed (Vis Imp)'82, MA
(California), is a teacher of the visually
impaired in Surrey .... Promoted to
Associate Professor, Metallurgical
Engineering and Materials Science, at
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh,
Hani Henein, PhD'81, received the
outstanding Young Members Award and
President's Award from the AMS,
Pittsburgh Chapter .... Merl Francis
Hoekstra, BSc'81, PhD (Loyola), of Vernon
is doing post doctoral work at Scripps
Research Institute, La Jolla, California,
.... After obtaining his CA designation,
James Kershaw, BCom'81, returned to
Queen's University to study law ....
Katheryn Lorene Peterson, BSc'81, and
Brian McGibney, BEd'83, were married in
Naramata, B.C .... Janice Switlo,
BCom'81, LLB (Osgoode), is articling with
Ladner Downs in Vancouver .... Bruce F.
Biles, BASc'82, is Vancouver sales
representative for Rexnord's Mechanical
Power Division, of Milwaukee .... After
working in Shanghai and Seattle, Sue
Anne Johnston, PhD'82, married Gordon
Cairns and lives in Vancouver .... Jane
Loftus, BCom'82, is with Thome Riddell
Chartered Accountants in Paris ....
Working for UMA Engineering in
Edmonton, Michael Payne, BASc'82,
MEng'85, is married to Jennifer Nasmith,
BSN'83, who is with the Edmonton Board
of Health .... Jane C. Petrovich, MSc'82,
lives in Oakville, Ontario .... An
20   Chronicle/Fall 1986 agronomist with CUSO in Mozambique for
four years, Keith Vaessen, BSc'82, is back
in B.C .... Reg Zima, BCom'82, was
recently transferred to Toronto with
Touche Ross .... In June Sonia T.M. Ang,
BFA'83, married Winston L.Sayson, BA'85,
who is studying law at UBC .... Robert
Baskerville-Bridges, BSc'83, lives in Sooke
with his wife, Sherry (Savage) Baskerville-
Bridges, MD'84, who is in general practice
there .... Both law students at University
of Toronto, Joseph Bernardo, BA'83, MSc
(LSE), and Sharlein (Smith) Bernardo,
BA'84, married in Vancouver in 1985 ....
Peter Chant, BCom'83, is Senior Loans
Officer at the Royal Bank, Kelowna ....
Suzanne (Milne) Cresswell, BSc'83, works
at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre in
San Jose, California .... Married in 1985,
David Fiello, BMus'83, and Karen
(Stewart) Fiello, BA'85, are both at the
University of Victoria pursuing graduate
degrees .... Editor of Edmonton
Magazine, Susan L. Fisher, BFA'83,
recently won a Western Canadian
Magazine award for best article in the
"Arts" category .... Tony Fograssy,
BSc'83, is with Mobil Oil in Libya ....
Working in Community Services in Maple
Ridge, Frank Gabiniewicz, BRE'83,
married Betsy "Beau" Henderson, BA'84,
in August.... J. Fraser Mustard, BSc' 83,
was elected to the Board of Directors for
Stelco .... Director of Retail Promotions
for Hammerson Canada Inc. in Calgary,
Iasbel Ramsey, BA'83, is married to John
Ostrom, BSc'85, an exploration geologist
with Shell Canada Resources .... Brad
Watson, BA'83, LLB (Queen's), has
returned to Vancouver to article with the
firm of Campey & Murray .... Currrently
self employed with University Sprinklers,
David James Wizinsky, BA'83, received
his Bachelor of Laws Degree from the
University of Victoria in June ....
Vancouver Police Constable Mark
Wolthers, BCom'83, is married to Joanne
Hill R. Craig Bentley, BASc'84, and
his wife Michelle (Bolton) Bentley,
BEd'85, have moved from Victoria to
Winnipeg .... Married to Christopher
Ford, Amy L. Brice, BSc'84, is studying
towards a PhD in Human Embryology/In
Vitro Fertilization at Oxford .... Frederick
Gook, BPE'84, has a full time real estate
business in Vancouver but is seeking
involvement in sports/athletics marketing
and promotion .... Robert Guzyk, BA'84,
is a clerk in the New Westminister Law
Courts .... Perry M. Monych, BSF'84,
MBA (Harvard), is an executive assistant
with the Principal Group in Edmonton
.... Olivier Moreau, BSc'84, is a computer
programmer for the Bermuda government
.... In June, Gordon Wong, BSc'84,
married Susan Asoaka .... Mohammad
M. Zafer, LLM'84, is a Visiting Lecturer at
the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya in
Kuala Lumpur .... Renato Alongi, BA'85,
teaches languages in Lillooet.... Tom
Armitage, BPE'85, was married in June
.... In Prince Rupert, Linda A. Breton,
BCom'85, is articling as a CA with Wallis,
Scott, Rosano and Vohora.
In Memoriam
Franco Agolini, MSc'62, PhD (Toronto),
September 8, 1985 in Luxembourg. He is
survived by his wife, Beverly, a son and
two daughters.
Diane Barwick, BA'59, PhD
(ANU,Canberra), April 4, 1986 in
Canberra, Australia. An anthropogist and
historian, she contributed much to the
study of Aborigines and published
extensively. She is survived by her
husband, Dr. Richard Barwick, daughter
Laura, and sister, Edna MacEachren
Borden, BSN'61, of Burnaby.
Jim Boulding, BPE'55, May 7, 1986 at
Campbell River. He was interested in
environmental and nature study and the
Heaslip Award, sponsored by the United
Nations and the National Institute of
Ottawa, was to be presented to him just
days after he died. He is survived by his
wife, Myrna, daughters Elizabeth, Annie
and Josie, and sons Jamie and Nicholas.
Reginald Bundy, BSW'48, June 1986 in
Toronto. He worked for years in the
Toronto YMCA and was instrumental in
the founding of York University. He is
survived by his wife, Anita, and daughter
Michel Peter "Mitch" Burchill, BA'61,
June 18, 1986 in London, England. A
former UBC teacher of Slavonic and
Oriental Studies in the early 1960s, he is
survived by his parents Charles and
Waveney Burchill.
William F. Byers, BASc'37, May 1, 1986 in
Edmonton. He is survived by his wife,
David Henry "Pi" Campbell, BA'33,
BEd'58, April 23, 1986 in Penticton. A
principal and superintendent of schools for
the public school system, he played on the
UBC basketball team that won the first
Canadian Championship in 1931. He is
survived by his daughter Sharon D.
Moore, BEd'67. Donations to the
scholarship fund set up in his name may be
sent to the Central Okanagan Bursary
Society, Box 845, Kelowna, BC, V1X 7P5.
W. Gordon Fields, BA'37, MA, PhD
(Stanford), January 26, 1986, in Victoria.
He played a major role in the building of
the Biology Department at the University
of Victoria, and was Chairman from 1951 to
1971. He is survived by his wife, Barbara,
daughters Elizabeth and Margot, a sister
and four brothers.
Tom George Furness, BCom'49, June 10,
1986 in New Westminister. A teacher,
principal, and band instructor, he served in
Burnaby for 27 years before retiring in
1982. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy,
daughters Linda Kirbyson and Nancy
Furness, sisters Joyce Gibert and Shirley
Phillips and several granchildren.
Leslie Robb Gue, BSW'60, June 1, 1986 in
Elfreda (Goerzen) Graham, BSc'69,
December 31, 1985. She is survived by her
sister Helen Rose Pauls, BEd'69.
J. Desmond Howard, BA'32, February 23,
1984. He taught school in Kamloops from
1931 to 1968.
Wilfred H. Jeffery, BASc'35, February 20,
1986. He is survived by his wife Margaret.
Ronald Woodard Klinck, BASc'32,
MASc'35, March 31, 1986, in Victoria. The
son of Leonard Klinck, former UBC
President, he was an accomplished
engineer, designer, and teacher and was
once Head of the Engineering Division of
the BC Research Council. He is survived by
his wife Alice Mary.
Chronicle/Ffli/1986    21 Women
Don't lose contact! .loin the Vancouver
University Women's Club. an affiliate of
the Canadian and international
(-derations o\ 1 ■ iti\ crsit \ Women.
Promote Education. Status of Women,
the Arts and Sciences; all with good
fellowship at beautiful heritage Hycroft.
Ior further information.
Call 731-4661
1489 McRae A\cnuc
Vancoluer. U.C. VM I   1VI
Starting a new year
of programming for
and about women
a^^L  Westcoast
fl^B   Women's
t^jT   Network
Women working together
to learn, share and grow
Stay in touch!
. Degree, year:
How are you doing? Is there a new job, a marriage, a birth, or any other
news you feel might be of interest to your former classmates? Use the space
below to share your news. (Please type or print neatly). Sorry, we cannot
take Class Acts contributions over the phone.
Would you like to get more involved in alumni and university activities?
Mark your areas of interest below. (If you live outside the Lower Mainland
you can still get involved! Just fill in your phone number and we'll get you in
touch with your local alumni branch.)
. reunions.
. organizing.
. promotion.
. fundraising
. (other). Contact me at: business.
Clip this form and mail it to: "Class Acts"
Alumni UBC Chronicle
6251 Cecil Green Road,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C. V6T1VV5
Help us keep in touch with you! Voluntary subscriptions to the Chronicle are
appreciated: $10 a year in Canada, $15 elsewhere, student subscriptions $2.
All subscriptions are tax-deductible.
Do we have your correct name and address?
Student Number (from mailing label)	
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— Postal Code	
Telephone: Home	
Spouse's name (if UBC graduate) _
Grant Douglas Lowan, BA'82, May 1984.
He is survived by his parents.
Barbara Beatrice Loweryson, BA'70,
MEd'80, June 2, 1986. She taught for many
years at Sutherland Secondary School in
North Vancouver. She is survived by her
mother, Sarah Loweryson, of Lachine,
Quebec, and a brother and four sisters.
Ernest G.H. Lubben, BEd'62, March 15,
1986 in Sardis, BC. He is survived by his
Amos Beresford Timothy Masuka, BEd'68,
April 21, 1986, in Zimbabwe. He is
survived by his wife Gladys.
Malcolm Archibald Macdonald, BA'49,
LLB'50, June 1986. A provincial court judge
at the time of his death, he had been a
lawyer and North Vancouver Alderman.
His father, also Malcolm, had been BC's
Chief Justice, while one brother, James, is
Court of Appeal Judge, and another, Alex,
is former NDP government attorney
general. He is survived by his wife, Nancy,
daughter Mary, and son Michael.
Carrie Isabel (Elliott) Mcintosh, BA'16,
April 23, 1986. A member of the first
graduating class of UBC, she was the
daughter of early Vancouver pioneers.
Very active in community and volunteer
groups, she was also a great supporter of
UBC and the Alumni Association. She is
survived by her brother H. Stanford Elliott.
William Minalry, BA'26, October 3, 1985.
Frank Selkirk Morley, BA'30, PhD
(Edinburgh), June 20, 1986. He was a
pastor in many churches across Canada,
taught history at Mount Royal College,
Calgary, was Associate Editor of the
Lethbridge Herald, and a member of the
Canadian Delegation to the United
Nations. He is survived by his wife, Mary,
and two sisters.
James Gordon Noel, BA'49, August 28,
1985 in Vancouver. A UBC athlete and
member of Beta Theta Phi, he was a noted
lumberman and was in management with
McMillan-Bloedel and head of the Doman
Duke Point mine in Nanaimo for two
years. He is survived by his wife, Jocelyn,
six sons, and five grandchildren.
V. Stephen Papezik, BA'54, MSc' 57, June
23, 1986. Born in Czechoslovakia, he
emigrated to Canada in 1951. He taught at
Memorial University in Newfoundland
until his death. He is survived by his wife,
Hope. Donations to a fund established in
his name for the continuation of building
the mineral collection may be sent to the
Anniversary Fund (Mineralogy), Memorial
University, St. John's, Newfoundland,
A1C 5S7.
Gwendolyn (McRae) Parker, BHE'51,
April 15, 1986 in Edmonton. She is
survived by her husband Douglas H.
Parker, parents Mr. and Mrs. R. McRae,
and daughters Jennifer and Anne.
Julia Lamont Reekie, MA'61, June 19, 1986
in Vernon.
Margaret Esther Rummel, BASc'34, April
1, 1986 in Beachcomber, Vancouver Island.
She is survived by husband Frederick, and
children Emily Thomas, Dorothy Frost,
Sally Kunz, Charles Hummel, brothers and
sisters and nine grandchildren.
C. W. "Bill" Van Houten, BCom'41, April
16, 1986. He worked for many years with
Young and Rubicom Advertising in
Toronto before retiring to Vancouver. He is
survived by wife, Miriam, sons Carl, and
Philip, daughter Karen Helene Oberoi, and
seven grandchildren. ■
22    Chronicle/FflH 1986 You may have
forgotten what
our name means.
Let us remind you.
It means savings!
Big savings on
your next new
^_-^^^^*fc5'~"\ from Pacific Rim
rr/"^Vii»-rlho,e p _ioi. y~-°°w'     1 w        *       »_____
,-. to.   - 1 Leasing Ltd.
under your
Fleet Purchase
Tb*n ««. «* ca" ,-ainq to manutactu   ti„. E__
can o««-        „,ice°. according    rer»
warrant!" our pro one oi "
_._.t vitn •*elc_n oon»if ^,t0 xuctlon. -rovidlnq
«. can ".'uoano., -•^al.r*'   M>« reputation,  £ov\e
n.t«orX, a,lt.O»r.a veniclf «     ^..a  a
.t.tanc. pl-ea*e ° te).«Ph°n'' Bond So-
_,.»"• ''"r r«%»°»d °V" ale  ^~»°« ^«107
«~ <_r. So*1""
j,io«io» «»
British Columbia V6L o* *■ _
■« Qvrpet Vancouver, Bntisnc        ^^^^^^^^
#lfr-2D0 Grange StteeO^^^^^^^^^^—
Diversified Leasing and Sales.
Automobiles, Trucks, Holiday Trailers
Motorhomes, Airborne Modules
Aircraft, Pleasure and
Commercial Oceancraft.
Pacific Rim Leasing and the Royal Bank
now offers the Royal Buy Back
Car Loan Program. Call us for details.
685-0338 The Alumni Association ofthe University of British Columbia
in cooperation irith Henry Birks ami Sons,Jewellers
is pleased to offer the
University ofBXJ. Insignia
as faithfully crafted si/pieLs in beautiful sterling silver, JOKor J4Kyold
Only at BIRKS*
These finely detailed rings are offered for a limited time only through the Business Sales
Division of Henry Birks & Sons, 710 Granville Street, Vancouver. Samples may be viewed
and orders placed directly through this Birks Division (downtown store only please)
located at sub-level.
INFORMATION: Karen Dorocicz or Ian Barnet will be pleased to assist you.
in person, or by telephone. (604) 669-3333 Mondays thru Fridays.
PRICING: Due to fluctuating metal cost, prices may change on short
notice. Please add $3.50 (non-taxable) to cover delivery and insurance charges.
SIZING: Out-of-town customers can have fingers sized at any branch of Henry'
Birks and Sons, O.B. Allan, Doucet or any reputable jeweller, or phone or write
for a ring sizer to be mailed to you.
DELIVERY: Please allow 3 to 4 weeks.
B.C. Residents only: prices plus 7% tax.
I wish to pay for my ring(s) as follows:
LJ  By a single remittance of $.
"Henry Birks (Ring Offer)" which I enclose.
B.C. residents please add 7% tax.
Lj By charging to my credit card $ -
. (CON) made payable to
as per my account number below.
B.C. residents please add 7% tax.
Special Directions:
We accept Birks credit card, Visa, American Express, Mastercard. I understand that the quality ofthe ring(s) is fully guaranteed by Henry Birks and Sons. If not satisfied,
I may expect full refund.
(if To Purchaser)
Postal Code:
Telephone.    Bus.
(If To Person Other Than Purchaser)
City     .     .
Postal Code


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