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UBC Alumni Chronicle [1997-06]

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•^The Chan Centre for the
V ill V **
-  Performing Arts >><»
"+ *f ^wl-f Oof *
•And" just what IS David
„ Strangway doing next?;,
• profiles, news^views,f"*;
^—*.*-«. t.—st—"—* *V     rv**-~r      5£>   ^ -S5^ ~~     -slw
ju-  -^        _._j.    ^j ^ Xj^        -r^,  .,„*_, «_       «■•'
.reviews... ► ■ «.„
laSftiT* £sr-Sia»a-~iSri:_j^«_./ if* .u ^fe-*ai_- 3Lw^fej*«»- .-£5*^2
***!jV a New
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tlan.-BTiuct. (Lapa^
iTiie Jfamltn nf»rirnrr
^rtmifcr jHarir JJapbr
US     ^-- "3
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framing package.
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Sg Custom blue and gold triple matting.
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la minted medallion bearing the official
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; This unique design allows you to
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Year of graduation: 19
Bus. (      )
Head Office: 745 Clark Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V51 9Z9.
Tel: (604) 253-2544 Fax:  (604)254-0515 Editor
Chris Petty, MFA'86
Assistant Editor
Shari Ackerman
Ron Chepesiuk
Pat Higinbotham
Zoe Landale
Margot Dear
Board of Directors
Elected Members
Haig Farris,
Tricia Smith.
BA'80, LLB'85
Sophia Leung,
BSW65, MSW66
Thomas Hasker,
Gregory Clark, BComW, LLB'89
Jean Forrest, BPF83
ThornasHoMey, MBA'83
AlemberJHit-Ltirge tJ - W
Peter Ladner, BA70
Don Weds, BA'89
Lome Whitehead, BSc'77.
£jrecu(he Director
Agnes Papke, BSc(Agr)'M
Looaflne Twaites BSc(Phann)'53
Shari Ackerman
Ron Burke, BA'82
hula Martin
Chris Petty, MFA'86
Sue Watts. MF75, PhD* I
Don Wels, BAW
Printed in Canada
by Mitchell Press
ISSN 0824-/279
University of British Columbia Alumni   a ■
Volume 51 • Number 2 • Summer, 1997
All the Alumni Association News That Fits ....
Reports from divisions, branches and reunions from all over, raves
for the Chan Centre, mentoring, our volunteer hero, Science One
and a bench program to sit and ponder upon ...
The 1997 Alumni Awards
A Lieutenant Governor and his wife, an investment whiz, an assistant
professor of education, a master teacher, an outstanding student, a tireless
volunteer, an entrepreneur, a great branch rep and a Nobel Prize winner.
David Strangway's University
After two six-year terms, David Strangway is leaving UBC. We look at
his time here and give you an idea ofthe changes he brought. We also
break the news on what he's off to do next.
Alumni Profile
Myles Frechette, BA'58, took his degree and became a career diplomat
for the US State Department. After 35 years dealing with the vagaries of
international relations, he's ready to settle down closer to home.
Haig Farris' Column
David Strangway's Column
Branch News
Faculty News
Class Acts
Visit our Web page
David Strangway in front of the pint
Nations House of Learning. He considers it one of his top accomplish-
ments."lt made an importantI
statement about inclusion at this university," he says. It's one of the best of
the new facilities on campus.
Pen Higinbotham photo.
The UBC Alumni Chronicle is published 3 times annually by the UBC Alumni Association, 62SI Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C., V6T IZI. It is distributed free to all
graduates of UBC. Member, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, and the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education. Reaching out to bring you back
rly first task as president is to
thank our outgoing president,
Tricia Smith, for her hard work
during the past year. Her calm
and thoughtful style produced
several new initiatives that will
serve the university, alumni and
students well. On behalf of the
Board, I would like to wish Tricia
continued success, and I look forward to working with her this
UBC has produced more
than 160,000 graduates, 60,000
of whom have graduated in the last 10 years. My aim is to continue to develop strategies and programs that will dramatically increase the number of graduates participating in university and
alumni activities. Last year we had 600 alumni and friends at the
Alumni Achievement and Sports Hall of Fame Dinner. This year,
our target is 800, and we're very likely to sell out early. The date
for this year's dinner is October 23, so mark it in your calendar
and plan to put a table together. Our guest speaker will be Dr.
Martha Piper, UBC's new president.
We are organizing a new kind of Homecoming this year. Grads
Cheryl and John Banfield are heading up a committee to produce
a Homecoming program designed by alumni for alumni. We're
asking you to tell us what you want to see and do at Homecoming.
What activities would make you want to revisit your alma mater?
With new facilities such as the Chan Centre for the Performing
Arts, the Belkin Gallery, the Koerner Library and the McGavin
building for new university high tech companies, UBC has undergone significant changes in the past few years. Come see these
stunning additions, and see how UBC has grown.
We are also reaching out to the community in new ways. Our
mentoring programs help students develop networks and find
jobs. Alumni are getting involved as adjunct professors to connect
UBC to activities in the business community, and our grads make
up a large part of the volunteer army on various faculty committees, advisory boards and selection committees. Contact us and get
UBC has much to offer us in new technologies that make the
university accessible in ways not even dreamed of a few years ago.
OurAca™ program gives you discount access to the incredible
world of the internet, which includes our own UBC library and an
ever-expanding menu of sites for games, information and serious
research. Be sure to visit the Alumni Association site
(, and find out how you can become involved.
And when you're there, don't forget to give us your e-mail address
and any other address changes you have.
I look forward to working with the alumni and university communities. We have a wonderful university; together we can make it
even better.
Haig Farris, BA'60, LLD'97
President, UBC Alumni Association
Chan Centre
rates rave
■   eople say it looks like a storage
tank or a giant industrial widget. It sits
on the best view spot on campus but
doesn't have a view window. Functionally though, it's one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. It contains
three facilities: the Chan Shun Concert Hall, the BCTel Studio Theatre
and the Royal Bank Cinema.
I had the good luck to attend
some concerts of the inaugural Spring
Festival at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Performers and audience
members alike agreed that there's not another concert hall anywhere that
sounds this good.Architects worked closely with contractors and acoustic experts to make the Chan Shun Concert Hall as close to acoustically perfect as a
building can be.
Spirit ofthe West, in their new rock 'n' roll incarnation, tried to lift the adjustable 37 tonne acoustic canopy, but it's effectively counter-weighted so didn't
budge.The audience did, though.All 1,400 twenty-somethings were on their
feet jumping for the whole show and Spirit never sounded so good. Tafelmusik,
playing Baroque music on period instruments, and Quartetto Ge/oto,with a mix
of classical and contemporary music on various instruments including an oboe
and an accordion, elicited a more demure response.The subtleties of the Baroque, and the quartet's witty musicianship were all the more stunning in the
quiet resonance ofthe hall.The Italian orchestra,/ Solisti'Veneti, played selections
from 17th and 18th century Italian composers including Boccherini.Albinoni
and Vivaldi. Conductor Claudio Scimone was so impressed with the sound quality of the hall that he brought his players down to a mere whisper and cupped
his ear to the audience to show his approval.AII these performances were first
rate, but the big star was the Chan Centre.
The first congregation to be held in the Centre was also a smash, even
though the grad class size made it necessary to hold
23 separate ceremonies. I attended a few to see
how they compared to the former War Memorial
Gym traffic jams. It was clear that students, parents
and staff loved the experience.The beautiful setting
made the ceremony seem intimate and personal.
The days of mass graduation are over at UBC.
The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts was
built with the support of the Chan Foundation of
Canada, BC Tel, the Royal Bank Financial Group and
the BC government. It is a spectacular facility that
lives up to all the hyperbole usually surrounding
such things. It will change the way Vancouverites entertain themselves.
After a performance by the VSO, the first official
concert of the Chan Shun Concert Hall, David
Strangway was heard to say,"How will anyone be
able to listen to them in the Orpheum again?"
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS
Join our mentoring team
'ur Mentor Program needs you
to help today's students get a handle
on life after graduation.
The program is organized by the
faculties of Arts & Science, Career
Services and the Association and introduces students to UBC grads
who have survived and even thrived
during the transition from school to
career. It gives students a realistic
perspective on their career options.
Last year's program involved 40 students from Arts.This year, with such
a high demand, the program is expanding to 300 students, in both
Arts and Science faculties.
As a mentor, you attend two
lunches with students.They'll want
to know how you got to do what
you're doing, how to develop and
use a network and what their
chances are of a good job when they
get out of university.
Students felt it was a rewarding
experience.They said the mentors
provided networking advice, interviewing skills and useful contacts.
Even more importantly, the mentors
stressed the need to target the right
profession for each individual and to
be prepared to make several career
changes along the way.
"It was interesting and encouraging to see how past UBC grads were
making use of their education in
such a variety of ways," said Jennifer
Dagg, a student who attended the
January lunch.
"The small group sessions helped us
feel more comfortable and less intimidated to ask questions," she said.
The evaluation also showed that
all mentors who participated
Call Experience Canada
at the right number
1 he Experience Canada article
published in the Spring, 1997
issue ofthe Chronicle had a
wrong phone number. The real
number is: 1-888-234-6618.
Sorry and good luck.
Bruce Gillespie, BCom'76 introduces
himself at the spring Mentor Lunch.
Students get a sense of life after
university at the sessions.
thought the program was a valuable
way of providing information and
inspiration to students.
Ideal volunteers will have a wide
variety of work experience and a
desire to lend a hand to students.
You will be treated to two lunches
in either the fall or winter term. If
you are interested or know someone who is, contact Catherine
Newlands at the Alumni Association
at 822-8917.
Speaker Series
AVn audience of 50 gathered at
the Robson Square Media Center
on March 26 to hear favourite professor Ivan Avakumovic. Dr.Avakum-
ovic, professor emeritus in the Department of History, spoke on the
topic, Crisis in the Former USSR.This
is the second in a series of speaker
events the Association is sponsoring
to bring a piece of UBC to the
downtown alumni community. Next
year's series is being organized now
in conjunction with Continuing
Studies. Look for our next events in
the fall Chronicle or contact Leslie
Konantz at 822-0616.
Alumni reflect UBC's quality
■ rank Fairchild Wesbrook,
UBC's founding president, said
that the proof of a university's effectiveness lies in the accomplishments of its graduates. His
comment came in the early part
of this century when university
trained men and women were
needed to shape the province,
but the sentiment remains: how
well alumni do after they receive
their degrees is a reflection on
the how well they were educated.
Those early UBC grads did,
in fact, build British Columbia.
Since UBC began granting degrees in 1916, the majority of our
leaders in business, government, the professions and the arts have
been UBC graduates. Today, it's virtually impossible to go into a
boardroom, cabinet room, waiting room or green room in BC
without encountering a UBC grad. And increasingly, UBC graduates are spreading out around the world.
During my years at UBC, I have been consistently impressed
by the quality of graduates this university has produced. In my
travels to branches in Asia, Europe, the US and Canada, I have
met UBC alumni whose talents and skills are ofthe highest order, whose achievements are on a scale with the very best in
their fields, and whose dedication and hard work have helped
shape our world. If UBC can claim a position as one ofthe best
public universities in North America, it is because its graduates
are among the leaders of our society.
UBC's alumni have also been consistent champions ofthe
university. From the Great Trek in 1922 through to the "Back
Mac" campaign in the '60s, alumni have been vocal in their
support of UBC. Alumni have always been involved on various
faculty committees and on Senate and the Board of Governors.
Their insights into the university's 'town and gown' function
have been extremely valuable.
Alumni have provided ongoing financial support for UBC as
well. As of last year, our rate of alumni giving to UBC was
among the highest in the country. Because ofthe help of
alumni and other friends of UBC, we now have one ofthe largest university endowments in the country, and a healthy, vibrant campus.
Frank Wesbrook is also the originator of UBC's motto, Tuum
Est, translated as either "It is Yours," or "It's Up to You." Both
phrases capture the essence of what UBC grads have done with
their degrees: they've taken on their world and made a difference, and they've taken responsibility for making the world a
better place.
My association with the graduates ofthis university has given
me great pleasure over the past twelve years. Congratulations
to you, and thank you for your support.
David Strangway,
UBCj^lumni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Last issue we predicted shocking results if you failed to tell
us that you wanted to get all three issues of this magazine. We
also pointed out that if you had done anything to indicate you
wanted to stay in touch (from having your address changed to
giving a major donation or being a volunteer), those dire consequences would not fall upon you. Well, hundreds of you responded telling us "don't leave us off the A list!" We didn't.
But there are some 20,000 to 30,000 who have been summarily dropped from our list (for now). These are grads who
have taken their degrees and vanished into the distance, never
to look back. But if one of them is looking over your shoulder
now, reading this, they can be assured that they'll get another
chance. We will mail the Spring election issue to everyone
every year. That way, once they know what they've been missing, they can get back on board.
In the meantime, thanks for telling us to keep sending you
the Chronicle. And, thanks especially to those who subscribed.
Subscriptions are, of course, voluntary. But we sure appreciate
the support.
If you want to renew your subscription or start a new one,
now is the chance to do it. We're offering the same swell deal:
$15 a year for the magazine, $27 for a sub and an Alumni hat.
want to subscribe to the Chronicle.
I have enclosed:     [_) $27 for 1 year's subscription and a hat
Q $15 for lyear's subscription, no hat
Postal Code Degree(s) year .
Mailing label ID #	
Tel:  e-mail	
□ Visa  # Exp.
□ M/Card .... # Exp.
□ Cheque (Payable to UBC Alumni Association	
Return to:
UBC Alumni Association
6251 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1
UBC Nursing Class of 86
Celebrates 10 Years
i. he class of'86 celebrated
was spirited, and a great time
their 10 year reunion on Friday,
was had by all!
November 1, 1996. Wine,
Monies were collected in
cheese and memories lit the
memory of Mykle Thompson, a
valued member of the class of
We then travelled to a late
'86 who died a number of years
dinner seating at Romano's
ago. Further donations can be
Macaroni Grill, where we in
directed to Kathryn May at the
dulged in a multi-course Italian
School in memory of Mykle
Family Feast. The conversation
The last ofthe "flower librarians'?" Three BLS'69 graduates had fun
reminiscing at CIj\'96. (l-r) Christine Corston, Carole (Bregaint) Joling
and Nancy Brodie.
40 Years of Education
October 17-18, 1997
^^ctober 17 and 18 marks the
you would consider letting us use
Faculty of Education's 40th anni
or if you would like to lend a
hand, please contact Katy
The celebration begins on Fri
Ellsworth, Faculty of Education,
day afternoon with a tribute to
room 303B, 2125 Main Mall.Van-
our past and will include alumni,
couver, BC.V6T 1Z4 or call
friends and donors. On Saturday,
you will be entertained by musi
Why not arrange your class re
cians as you browse through our
union at the same time?
collection of memorabilia. Lunch
Catherine Newlands at the
with the deans, past and present,
Alumni Association can be con
exhibits, a science fair, lectures
tacted at 822-8917.
and much more will keep you
For more information on our
busy the whole day.You may even
Education reunion, please contact
see some of your classmates.
Rachel Irvine-Halliday at
If you have any artifacts that
EUNIONS   1997
JT or more info about these reunions,
or if you are interested in helping to
plan your own class
reunion, please contact Catherine Newlands at (604)822-8917, toll free 800-883-3088, by fax at
822-8928, toll free 800-220-9022
-mail to
Medicine '57
Medical Student & Alumni Centre
& Harrison Hot Springs
July 11/13
Mechanical Engineering
Aug. 16/17
Commerce '57
Cecil Green Park
Sept. 11
Civil Engineering '87
UBC Golf Club
Sept. 13
Medicine '82
San Francisco Cruise
Sept. 25-28
Law '72
Cecil Green Park
Sept. 26
Forestry '87
Sept. 27
Cecil Green Park
Sept. 28
Civil Engineering '57
Cecil Green Park
Oct. 4
Family & Nutritional Sci. '67
Oct. 17
40 Years of Education
UBC Campus
Oct. 17-18
Class of'37
Cecil Green Park
Nov. 21
Chemistry/Biochemistry '87
Medicine '87
Commerce '87
Pharmacy '87
Rehab. Medicine
Forestry '72
Commerce '42
Affordable Visitor
Accommodation at the
UBC Conference Centre
A Spectacular location close to campus amenities
A One-stop shopping for all your conference arrangements with our
meeting professionals
The University of British Columbia
5961 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2C9
Tel: 604-822-1010    Fax: 604-822-1001
Visit our web site at
GEERing Up!
for Kids
X he Alumni Association is
supporting the GEERing Up!
UBC Engineering for Kids
program for the second year. A
group of geers received $7,750
from the Partners in Science
Awareness Program to help
children from 9 to 13 learn
about, and have fun with,
engineering concepts in chemistry, electricity and mechanics.
The group held school
workshops in May and June and
will operate summer camps
during July and August at UBC.
It's a fun, valuable program that
gets kids interested in science.
For more information, contact
(604) 822-2858 or e-mail
Varsity Outdoors Club Oldtimers 2nd Annual Reunion
hike through the mist on Hollyburn
VOC Oldtimers
Reunion Hike
L hirty-seven gortex-ed Varsity Outdoors Club
oldtimers set off in the pouring rain on a walk to
West Lake in September of last year. VOCers who
would like to join the third annual reunion, we
will meet on Saturday, Sept. 13, 1997 at 10 am at
the parking lot atop North Van's Mt. Seymour
Provincial Park. Bring a lunch in hopes of a sunny day, and a warm thermos just in case. The
committee will again phone folks around Vancouver and Victoria.
If you're interested call Ingrid Blomfield,
926-1156; Margaret Merler, 922-8973; or Iola
Knight, 922-7358.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES - REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Volunteer Hero
Marty Lund
BSW'81, MSW'85
• Represented Social Work
students on the AMS
Student council'from 1979
to 1981 and was the Social
Work Student Association
president from 1983 to
1984.     '
• Has served on the Social
Work Alumni Division
Board for eight years, five
as president. Now in his
last year, Marty helped
bring about an expansion
in the activities and
influence of the division
and encouraged a strong
partnership between
alumni and the school.
• Developed Friends ofthe
School, a group of
volunteers who maintain
the School Reading Room
and support school events.
• A social worker with the
geriatric program of the
Greater Vancouver Mental
Health Service.
• A board member of the
BC Association of Social
Workers Committee on
Aging, Vancouver branch,
Marty and his wife Joanne
enjoy gardening, walking,
music and travel. He thanks
everyone who has contributed to the success ofthe
Social Work Alumni Divi-
Visitor Crashes
Class of '47
Startles Campus
V^r so it seemed.Actually, it was
Alpine Skyvertising, organized by
class chair Heather Croil. Startled
class members were in the middle of
a campus tour when the message
circled overhead. One member
hoped aloud that greetings from the
other place wouldn't appear later in
the day. A passing student shook her
head, wondering what the older
generation was coming to.
Forthe Young
(and Young at Heart)
Keep connected to your
university through the
Young Alumni Connections
The Young Alumni
Committee will plan
events for 1997/98 at a
summer retreat July 9
If you are interested in
participating, please call
Catherine Newlands at
The Class of '47 is one of the
first to contain large numbers of returning WWII war vets. Class sizes
at UBC increased dramatically in the
'40s and '50s, causing a building
boom and the introduction of army
huts used as classrooms.
This reunion attracted I 50 people to Cecil Green Park for a rousing wine and cheese and riot of remembering ("My God, Harold.You
haven't changed a bit. Oh. You're not
Next day members took a tour
of the campus, visited their old faculties and current deans and had a
grand dinner at the Shaughnessy
Golf Club.A ride on the Royal Hudson and a performance of Shakespeare at Bard on the Beach rounded out the week.
Don't reunions sound like fun?
Please Join Us In Our Deluxe
Travel Line Up In 1997/98
Wings Over the Okavango
Oct. 29- Nov. 12/97
Sea of Cortei and the Copper Canyon
November 12 - 23/97
Rome Escapade
December 1 - 8/97
Australia and New Zealand Cruise
February 8 - 24/98
Trans-Panama Canal Cruise
Feb. 28-March 10/98
South America Cruise
Feb. 24-March 15/98
jewels of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
April 1998
Mediterranean Cruise
May 25 - June 7/98
Alpine Crossroads
June 1998
Journey of the Czars
July 1998
Danube to the Black Sea
August 1998
Four Great Rivers of Europe
September 1998
European Capitals Cruise
September 2- 15/98
China and the Yangtze River
October 1998
Mini Around the World Tour
November 5 - 25/98
For more information please call 822-9629
or outside Vancouver at 1-800-883-3088
UBC An mni Chronici.k, slmmf.r 1997 NEWS - BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS - DIVISIONS
Past Presidents Fete David Strangway
Alumni Association past presidents meet regularly to share their experience,
advise the current UBC administration and keep informed about the
university.They met in early June for the last time with David Strangway.
Our past presidents make up a large memory pool of university history,
and are a great resource for those who are new to campus and who want to
avoid reinventing various wheels.
In attendance were: Agnes Papke (executive director), Martin Glynn,
Norman Hyland, Sholto Hebenton.Ann McAfee, Charles Campbell, Barrie
Lindsay, Bert Reid, Bev Field, Donovan Miller, David Strangway, Mel Reeves,
Charlotte Warren,Tom Brown,Tricia Smith, George Plant, Leslie Konantz
(associate executive director),AI Poettcker, Stan Evans, Mike Partridge.
Volunteer for the
Scholarship Committee
VV e need a new member for our
Scholarships and Bursaries Committee. If you live in the Lower
Mainland and you have a bit of
time, come join us.
The Committee monitors five
alumni-sponsored awards valued at
$86,000: the Norman MacKenzie
Alumni Entrance Scholarship, the
Norman MacKenzie College Scholarship, the Walter H. Gage Bursary,
the John B. Macdonald Bursary
and the Stanley T. Arkley Scholarship in Librarianship.
Responsibilities include reviewing
the program and making recommendations on awards, accounts
and administration. Volunteers also
help plan and attend an annual
recognition event for recipients of
alumni-sponsored awards.
Volunteers must be UBC alumni,
preferably with experience in secondary or post-secondary education
and knowledge of endowment fund
management, scholarships and bursaries. You will have to attend 3-4
meetings a year, with about 1-2
hours of preparation time per
If you are interested, please contact Marlene King at 822-8923, fax
822-8928 or e-mail: kmarlene@
Thanks to Margaret Hobson,
BEd'64, MEd'79 and Dick Mc-
Manus, BEd'63, MEd'69, who have
served for many years.
Climb to the Top
with a Solid
Reaching the top in your chosen career
is exciting and exhilarating.
But it can also be a long, hard climb.
Training as a Certified General Accountant
will give you the base you need to get
there. Our Canada-wide training program
is open to secondary and post-secondary
graduates or mature students.
And our flexible program, with its detailed
computer training will fully equip you
for a career in financial management,
public practice or management accounting.
For further inquiries or to obtain
our information kit, call 732-1211 or our
toll-free number 1-800-565-121L
And rise to the peak of your abilities.
1555 West 8th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1T5
Phone: (604) 7321211
Fax: (604) 732-1252
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Third Annual
Sports Hall
of Fame
in support of UBC
student scholarships
Thursday, October 23
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Special Guest
Martha Piper,
UBC President-
$ 1,000 table of 8
$125 individual
GST included
Tax receipts will be issued
UBC Alumni Association,
Tel: (604) 822-3313
Science One:
Students Question Science
LJ BC's Science One program
was launched as a pilot project to
run concurrently with the university's mainstream first-year science courses. It is now entering
its fifth year and the first class of
Science One students graduated
last May.
Science One is a new approach
to presenting science to first year
students. It combines Chemistry,
Biology, Mathematics and Physics
in an integrated format. The emphasis is on cultivating critical,
independent thought as the basis
of scientific inquiry. Students
learn about the relationships between the different disciplines:
how math skills can be used to
solve specific problems in physics
and chemistry, for example. They
are admitted to the 21 credit program through a special application process. Classes are smaller,
which allows more interaction
between students and teachers.
Students are encouraged to
think, question, probe and enter
into discussions during lectures,
tutorials and workshops. They
learn by understanding concepts,
not by memorization.
Students carry this way of
thinking and understanding further into their studies. David Austin, Mathematics professor, noted
the difference in former SciOne
students enrolled in his classes.
"They are intellectually bold and
not as intimidated by a new idea,
even when the idea or its usefulness is not at first clear to them.
They demonstrate an organic way
of thinking."
Students feel the benefit ofthis
type of learning. "Discussions
were easy to get going because
the group was small and we were
not too intimidated to ask questions. We were forced to think,"
said Anna Greatrex in a course
Many students feel the program was their first opportunity
to apply creative thought to science and they continue to see
relationships and ask questions in
their second and third year courses. Their learning experience is
much more challenging because
they are willing to challenge
"The SciOne program is a
course in enlightenment which
goes beyond the basics to a higher level of real comprehension,"
said Paula Sharpe, another ex-
SciOne student. "Because the
emphasis is on learning rather
than merely knowing, the SciOne
student develops the ability to
think creatively and analytically, a
skill that forms the foundation for
progress in the scientific world."
SciOne students report that
they have no difficulty adapting
to their second year courses and
maintain their academic standing. Professors teaching second or
third year classes commented
that ex-SciOne students changed
the dynamics of interactions between student and instructor, and
re-energized their classes.
"They made a big difference to
the dynamics ofthe classroom
and the degree of student-faculty
interaction," said John Sams,
professor, UBC Chemistry and
associate dean, Faculty of Science.
"This is basically a lecture course.
SciOne graduates were the first to
start asking questions and get
discussions going. We've had discussions that went on for 20-30
minutes because one ofthe students began with a very penetrating question."
For more information on the
program, contact the Science One
program office at 822-5552 or
call Catherine Young, program
assistant, 822-0548.
Imagine UBC
Welcomes New
1. irst-year students need not
wander lost and lonely during
their first days on campus.
A new program, Imagine UBC,
is designed to help new students
find their way around campus
and make them feel less intimidated and more at ease with
their new home-away-from-
A day of special events on
Sept. 2 will introduce students
to life on campus and give them
an idea of what the next four
years holds for them.
Students will hear speeches
from Association president Haig
Farris, the AMS president Ryan
Davies and other notables, go
on an academic scavenger hunt,
meet their faculty deans and attend a dance in the evening.
Regular 100 level classes will
be cancelled during the day. If
you want to volunteer, call Joyce
D'Souza at 822-6700.
UBC Ai.lmni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS - BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Commemorative Benches:
Peaceful views in memoriam
T ou can now buy a bench in
memory of friends and family
members, and have it set in a
special place on campus.
The program started last summer and has become quite popular. Michael Howell, an urban designer with Campus Planning and
Development, feels that this is an
excellent way for people to keep
the memory of their friends or
family, while simultaneously giving to the university.
"The benches are a way of giving and remembering," said
Howell. "The purpose ofthe program is not only recognition, it is
also a way to contribute to the
university grounds."
An ideal setting for benches is
UBC's Rose Garden, located at
the north end of campus, overlooking Howe Sound. This is
where Rosalind MacPhee's,
BFA'92, MFA'94, bench is located.
MacPhee, poet and author of Pi
casso's Woman, received the Alumni Award of Distinction last year.
She died of breast cancer in May,
1996. Anna Nobile, who books
tours with the Museum of Anthropology, and friends of Rosalind
donated the money for the
Another bench (below) was
placed in memory of Fine Arts
Professor Emeritus Roy Kiyooka,
who died in 1994. His daughter,
Fumiko, donated it last summer.
Located in the plaza adjacent to
the Belkin Art Gallery, the bench
features a poem that her father
wrote, engraved on a green granite plaque.
Donors are involved in siting
the bench and often it is placed
in a part of the campus that had
special meaning for the person
being remembered.
Donors may place a bench for
$2,000. For more information,
contact Howell at 822-9530.
Roy Kiyooka, from the Pear Tree Pome
in my book of sacral nomenclature
the pear tree bespeaks all the
unimpeachable days
we savour'd under its green
'pears' kisst into existence by the sun
will nourish
compost and bury every lover •
its seasonal epiphanies i would be a
fool indeed if
i didn't turn inside its ring-of-seasons
yes sing my adamant self alive-
E The Information Technology
Professional (UP) Program
at the University of Victoria
Information Technology career preparation for
university or college graduates from any discipline
• A nationally certified program that addresses the Canadian
shortage of 24,000 Information Technology professionals
• Technology, business management, and professional
development skills
• Microsoft MCSE designation
• Intensive 12-month program including a work term
• Optional certifications include Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) and Certified Lotus Professional (CLP)
Apply early for the fall term (begins Sept. 29)—space is limited.
Contact: Elizabeth Vannan, ITP Program, Division of
Continuing Studies, University ofVictoria.
Tel: (250) 472-4666    Fax: (250) 472-4649
"This program addresses a unique need in our industry that has not been adequately addressed by either
the private or public sector in Canada today."
—Microsoft Canada
New Degree! No Job!
Try YES Canada!
YES Canada offers a 16-week
Career Preparation and Professional and
Technical Work Experience Program
H»i*'s what yoiiff gee
-• labour market awartfteas, personal skiHs development, computer
skills, effective business writing, personal counselling
« «*jht Weeks of on-the-|ob experience wkh a personally ideiitiHed
k past-secondary grad
* having* hard time finding the right job
' 29 or younger
■ currer^ unemployed or receiving El or Income Assfstame
Sno extra weeks of intensive Job search an avaBabie,as welt asdme
months of ongoing support and follow-up '
•June It, l997,October6,1997,January26,1*98
Contact Lorain* Basson, PROTECH CooriimaBitff&tQvtadaJlCit
#HJ5-50o6 Kingsway, Burnaby BC.V5H 2Efc, tel (ffrf) 4&2TO, trfac
Call Now!
( ji
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997
1997 - '98 Board of Directors
The 1997-'9S Board poses against the rhodns al Cecil Green Park. They are
Lome Whitehead. Peter Ladner. Agnes Papke (executive director), Thomas
Hobley, jean Forrest. Louanne Twaites, Haig Farris, 'Tricia Smith, Gregory
Clark, Ryan Davies, Chuck Sloneckei; Arthur Ng, Thomas Hasker, Don Wells.
What do
Vjan you believe that we actually
printed out-of-date information
about both our current and
immediately past president in the
last issue? How, you might ask,
can we make mistakes about our
top volunteers? Excellent question.
Haig deB. Farris, this year's
Alumni Association president, is
currently president of Fractal
Capital Corporation. He is also
the recipient ofthe Commemorative Medal for services to the
community. In May, Haig
received his Honorary Degree in
Law from UBC.
Tricia Smith, our past
president, has been a partner
with Barnes Craig & Associates
since 1992. Currently she chairs
Sport BC and the International
Rowing Federation Women's
Commission, is on the Board of
Directors for the Commonwealth
Centre for Sport Development,
and is a member of the Man in
Motion Foundation Board.
Banfields Chair Homecoming
I ohn and Cheryl Banfield, co-
chairs ofthis year's Homecoming.
John, BCom'56 was a long-time
member of UBC's senate and
Cheryl, BA'60 coordinated events at
the Ceremonies office for many
years until her retirement last year.
They are both enthusiastic about
Homecoming, and want it to be the
best ever. Call the Association at
822-8643 if you want to get involved.
OCT. 16-19
ER 16
i Association & Continuing Education present
ite Professors" speaker, Hotel Georgia
• Great Trekker Award Reception - AMS
*WKKmerar'Y Event: UBC grads read from their works
• Alumni mentors share their experience with UBC
• Student Essay Contest ~ "The Way We Are"
• Title Great Trek Remembered Luncheon - UBC's pioneers
• Murder at the Mansion in its fourth popular year
• Home Ec '67 reunion, Green College
October 17,18
• Family of Education celebrates its 40th Anniversary
litfttte to the past and to the faculty's alumni friends and
donors.Vancouver Institute Lecture: Larry Cuban
October 17, 18, IO
• Intninurals Competitions
• Kick-off at the Chan Centre, 10-11 am, followed by
t ampus tours
October IO
• Annual Entrance Scholarships reception
• Rtrfessors Emeriti reception
October IO & IO
• Apple Festival at the Botanical Garden
OivMon Events: Family & Nutritional Sciences, Geography,
and Social Work. Contact Marlene King at 822-8923.
Branch Events:  Contact Deanna McLeod at 822-8918.
Innovation '97 - captures the campus spirit.
Call 822-3313 for more information
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summfr 1997 UBC Alumni Association 1997 Awards
David and Dorothy Lam
3ince coming to Canada from
Hong Kong in 1967, David and
Dorothy have contributed both
time and money to the university
and the province.The Lam's gift of
$1 million helped build the David
Lam Management Research Centre
and Library. David and Dorothy also
provided major funding for the
David Lam Asian Garden, Regent
College and the Dorothy Lam Chair
in Special Education. Mr. Lam was
BC's Lieutenant Governor for three
Jacki Hoffman-Zehner BCom'88
Jacki Hoffman-Zehner is managing
director ofthe New York investment firm Goldman, Sachs and Co.
She has been with the firm for
more than eight years, during which
she was responsible for the development of a multi-billion dollar
market. Last year she was invited to
become a partner of the firm.
Thelma S. Cook 8£d'J8, MA, PhD
Thelma Sharp Cook is an assistant
professor in the Dept. of Educational Studies. She has served as
chair on the Board of Trustees of St.
Paul's Hospital, the Council of University Teaching Hospitals and ofthe
Board of Directors of the BC
Health Association. She is a longtime supporter of student activities
at UBC.
Geoffrey Scudder BSc, PhD
A professor of Zoology since
1958, Scudder is currently a member of many environmental committees and has won numerous awards,
including the President's Service
Award for Excellence in 1993 and
the Master Teacher Award in 1976.
He has written 190 scientific papers.
John Cameron
John Cameron is currently studying
second-year law at UBC. He spent
nine years as a Vancouver policeman, and was awarded the Attorney
General's Distinguished Police Service Award. He also coordinated a
Neighbourhood Police Office in
Chinatown, designed to overcome
cultural barriers and increase access
of the Asian community to police
Louanne Twaites BSc(Pharm)'53
Louanne Twaites was a clinical
pharmacy specialist for VGH, UBC
Pavilion, for 13 years until her retirement in April 1996. She also
worked as clinical assistant professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical
Sciences from 1983-1987. She has
received numerous awards, including
the Dean's Certificate of Merit for
the faculty of pharmaceutical  sciences. She has been a tireless volunteer with the Association for 6
Dato'Lim Say Chong MBA'65
Uato' Lim Say Chong has been
the managing director of the
Chemical Company of Malaysia
since 1989. Chong was president of
Malaysian International Chamber of
Commerce as well as VP of the
National Chamber of Commerce
and Industry of Malaysia. He is a
council member for the Commonwealth Study Conference Association of Malaysia, along with many
other affiliations.
Kent Westerberg BA'84, LLB'87
Currently practicing with the San
Jose law firm.Atwood, Harris &
Haiman as a litigation associate,
Kent Westerberg is UBC's Northern California Alumni Branch Representative. He is an active supporter of branch activities and has
donated much time to developing
the San Francisco branch.
Michael Smith DSc'94 (Hon)
Ur. Michael Smith is a professor
in the Dept. of Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology. He was founding
director of the Biotechnology
Laboratory, and a career investigator of the Medical Research Council of Canada. He received the
Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Gold
Medal, Science Council of BC, and
the Award of Excellence, Genetics
Society of Canada.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997
Around the world
with the UBC Alumni Association
- A    *
.SEBTi     14*   >  •
■ #•'
Adrian Kimberley BCom*|
tel:(441) 295-7579
Annette BertMiJt
Tel: (49-30) 294-8915
Tel: (66-2) 2640847
For info on act ivities in your area, contact the branches coordinator at 1-800-883-3088,
dmcleod^, or chock out our web site,
David Strangway and branch volunteer
Louise Shaw BA'88 at the Alumni and
Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Feb. 24
Student Send Offs
1 he 1st annual UBC Student
to share their UBC spirit and
Send Offs will take place this
help new students learn about
summer in Calgary, Kitimat
the university.
and Hong Kong.Alumni, par
If you're interested in attend
ents and friends are invited to
ing one of the student send-off
come out to a BBQ to bid
events, contact the Association
farewell to the departing first-
offices for more information at:
year students.
Tel: 800-883-3088 or fax: 800-
This is a great opportunity
for alumni in these locations
Prince Rupert
Caught filling out branch surveys are Sandra Jones MA'96,
Laurinda Burgess BA'83, and Kathy Bedard BA'64, MEd'9() at
an alumni reception February 22. *
Ten UBC grads met with David
Strangway at an alumni reception
at the Terrace Inn,
February 24.
Campbell River
Twenty alumni and David
Strangway gathered at the Anchor Inn on May 21. Thanks to
Janet Lackey BA'68, MA'74.
Forty UBC grads met at the
Coast Bastion Inn with David
Strangway on May 20. Thanks
to Jim Slater PhD'71.
Call for Volunteers...
Will U Be Ceeing Us?
We want to rejuvenate our
BC branches this year. If
you've been thinking it might
be nice to link up with some
fellow UBC grads in your
neck ofthe BC woods, give us
a call.Whether you've Just
graduated and moved to Fort
St. John, or you've been living
in Cranbrook for years, young
grads could really use your
help. If you're interested, call
Deanna McLeod, branches
coordinator at 800-883-3088,
fax 800-220-9022, email:
Thanks to all you aiumni
keeners who have returned
branch surveys this year.To
date, we've received more
than 1,000 from around the
world and they're still flowing
in. If you haven't heard from
us yet, you soon will.
Upcoming Events
The second annual UBC fall weekend is tentatively scheduled for September 27-28. Last year about 20
people from around France and
western Europe gathered in Beaune
for wine tasting. It's a small world
after all, eh?
Call Mandy Kerlann BSc'82,
BPharm'86 at (333) 80 24 92 94.
Tennis Anyone?
Second Annual Alumni Night at the
duMaurier Open, July 30, Jarry Tennis Stadium, 6:30 pm $30/person,
plus tax. Includes reserved group
seating with fellow alumni, access to
a reserved corporate area and a
three-course pasta dinner. Does this
sound like an evening at the Pit or
what? RSVP by July 4. Call Tennis
Canada at: (514) 273-1515.
UBC j\llmni Chronicle, summer 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
_ . Fernand R. Ixclair photo
Ottawa A
150 alumni and friends oj UBC attended a reception at the Chateau Laurier
Hotel, hosted by David Strangway February 17. Special guest speakers included
Nobel Laureate Michael Smith and MP Raymond Chan. Pictured here are
branch volunteers Don Gardner BASc'54 and CaroleJoling BA'67, BLS'69 with
David Strangway.
Alumni breakfast at
the Four Seasons
Hotel March 17 with
John McArthur
BA'96, Kristi
Mcintosh BSc'95,
David Strangway
and Michael Parr
BSc'90, PhD'95.
Thanks John. *
NewYork    *-
On March 17 alumni joined
David Strangway lo celebrate
St. Patrick's Day at the
Canadian Consulate. Thanks
to volunteer Krista Cook
MA'92. (l-r) Susan Aizenman
BA'67, Jane Ruemke BHE'80,
Deputy General David Ryan. *
On March 26, 90 alumni from UBC, U oj'T, and McGill met with DC 'Bear'
McPhail BSc'80, MSc'85, David Strangway, UojT VP Heather Munroe-Blum
and McGill principal Bernard Shapiro at a tri-university alumni reception.
Thanks to Rob Pereira MA'94 and Bear MacPhail. Rob Pereira photo
Los Angeles   A
40 alumni attended a wine and cheese reception at the home of Consul General,
the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell BA'69, LLB'83. With Kim are David Strangway,
Alice Strangway, Doug Thomas BA'92, LLB'95, Betty J ean Prosser BSN'52,
Hartley Turpin MD'56. For info on branch activities, contact Doug at (310)
Hong Kong
150 alumni and friends gathered at the American Club with David Strangway.
Pictured here is Olivia Ford BA'92, Hong Kong branch president John Henderson
BCom'77 and Haig Farris, president ofthe Alumni Association. Tojoin in HK
activities, contact John Henderson at (852) 2524-6078, email:
72557.2322@CompuServe.COM, or Ricky Lau BCom'92, at (852) 2504-
3074, email: 100452.2027@CompuServe.COM
First alumni assembly March
1st in Manila. Branch rep Bob
D. Gothong BCom'77 (seated
2nd from left) with guest of
honour, Stephen H. Heeney,
Canadian Ambassador to the
Philippines (2nd from right).
* Monica Sayers photo
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997 Special thanks to our alumnil
We are pleased to recognize our alumni who donated $250 and above in 1996/97
and those alumni who have donated more than $25,000 in their lifetime to UBC.
President's Circle	
(S25(),000 and above lifetime)
Dr Sally Aw Sian
Mr A Stuart Belkin
Dr Helen E Belkin
Mr Jack Bell, OBC, CM
Ambassador John P Bell
Dr Peter J G Bentley
Mr Dan A G Campbell
Mr Patrick D Campbell
Professor Louis Cha
Dr Caleb Chan
Dr Tom Chan
Miss AnnyW Choi
Dr Antony WY Choi
Dr Cheung-Kok Choi
Mr David W Choi
Mr Donald Wun Hing Choi
Dr Wallace B & Dr Madeline H Chung
Mr Ronald & Mrs Ardelle Cliff
Sir Cecil H Green
Dr Rick Hansen, OBC.OC
Mr Glenn B Hunnings
Mr Alfred & Mrs Stella Kwong
The Hon David C & Mrs Dorothy
Dr Lioujiehjow
Dr Tong Louie, OBC
Dr David & Dr Brenda McLean
Mr Rudy E & Mrs Patricia J North
Dr & Mrs William L Sauder
Mr Norman & Mrs joan Sawers
Dr Soshltsu Sen
Mr Daniel J Steneker
Dr Peter Wall
Mr James & Mrs Use Wallace
Dr W Maurice and Mrs Mary M Young
Chancellor's Circle
(525,000 and above lifetime)
Anonymous (3)
Dr Philip & Mrs Helen Akrigg
Mrs Louise R Anderson
Mr John & Dr Nelly Auersperg
Mr Avrid & Mrs Elisabeth Backman
Dr Virginia J Baldwin
Mr Wm A Barron
Mr Harry R Bell
Dr Margaret E Barr Bigelow
Dr Dan & Mrs Arlene Birch
Mrs Mary F Bishop
Mrsjanie Bodner
Drjohn Brockington
Ms Joanne V Brown
Drjohn C & Mrs Anne Brown
Mr W Thomas Brown
Mrs Edna F Burch
Mr W Gerald Burch
The Hon Mr Justice Grant D Burnyeat
Mrs Dorothy E Chechik
Mr Raj I Chowdhry
Mr David R Crombie
Dr George F Curtis, QC, OBC
Mrs E Laurenda Daniells
MrJ Erik de Bruijn
Drjohn S Diggens
Mr Robert J Disbrow
Mr Earl & Mrs Suzanne Dodson
The Honourable Thomas A Dohm,
Ms G Jeanne Elliot
MrJ Haig & Mrs Mary Elizabeth Farris
Mrs Lois M Fisher
Mr Douglas Forster
Dr Arthur & Mrs Ancie Fouks, QC,
Dr & Mrs William C Gibson
Mr William G Hanbury
Dr & Mrs David F Hardwick
Mrs Marjorie M Harper
Dr Gordon & Mrs Doris Harris
Mrs Margaret Harvey
Miss Letitia A Hay
Dr Dorothy Chave Herberg
Mrs AudreyJ Hetherington
Mr Niels E Holbek
MrJ Norman Hyland
Miss Judith Jardine
Dr & Mrs William Joiner
Ms Anne M Kaplan
Mr Nicholas & Mrs Karen Koerner
Mr Frank KT Lee
Dr Robert & Mrs Lily Lee, OBC
Mr Murray V Leith
Mrjack B Leshgold
Mr Jeffrey D S Liang
Mr George Roy Long, Jr
Dr David & Mrs Mary Macaree
Dr Hubert R MacCarthy
Dr Kenneth & Dr Marilyn
Miss Mary K L Mathers
Drjohn H McArthur
Mr Ian W McDonald
Mr John T McLeod
Mr Chester F Millar
Dr Kenneth S Morton
Miss Jean Ross Myron
Mr Milton & Mrs Bess Narod
Mr Eric P Nicol
Mr Lawrence P Page, QC
Mr Alan F Pierce
Mr Alexander Pratt
Mr Melvin R Reeves
Mr Hugh & Mrs Loise Rhodes
Mr John O Richardson
Mr Robert C H Rodgers
Mr Michael R Roop
Mrs Susan M Roote
Dr & Mrs G Sheldon Rothwell
Dr Robert S Rothwell
Mr Michael M Ryan
Dr Jack L Shadbolt, OC OBC
Mr Gordon B Shrum
Drjohn M Sieburth
Mr Bent G Sivertz
Dr H Colin Slim
Dr Michael Smith, OBC CC
Mr Jan J Solecki
Mr Ronald N Stern
Dr David W & Mrs Alice Strangway
Mr Lynn & Mrs Florence Sully
Mrs Ann M Taylor
Dr & Mrs James P Taylor, QC
Mr Philip & Mrs Hilda Thomas
Dr Paul C Trussell
Mr and Mrs Charles
Mr John Earl Watt
Drjohn Gordon Watt
Dr William A & Mrs
Marilyn Webber
Mr PeeterWesik
Dr Ray & Mrs Eileen
Mr Alan & Mrs Susi
Miss Florence J Wilson
Mr Edmund T Wong
Dr Harold & Mrs Edna
Wright, CC
Dr Robert Wyman
Mrs Alison Wyness
($1,000 and above
Anonymous (26)
Mr Brian Edward Abraham
Mr Ellis David J Achtem
Drjohn D Allan
Mr Charles R Allard
Mr Leopold Amighetti, QC
Mr John F Anderson
Mr Robert G Atkinson
Mr James W Atwater
Mr K long & Mrs Sylvia Au
Dr EG Auld
Mrs Florence A Auld
Mr Kenneth M Bagshaw,
Mr Kenneth W Ball
DrC Jane Banfield
Mr John J Barakso
Or Robert & Mrs K Barker
Dr Walter M Barss
Mr Robert E Beairsto
Mr Thomas W Beattie
Mr Howard L Beck, QC
Mr Stanley M Beck, QC
Mr R Paul Beckrnann, QC
Dr Charles E Bell
Mrs Virginia E Beirnes
Mr Keith R Benson
Mr Walter H Benjkoff
Mr Anthony Beruschi
MrJ Mcintosh Bird
Mr Bruce R Birmingham
Mr W David Black
Dr James C Boyle
Mr H Robin Brammatl
Ms A C Smith Braund
Mr Andrew Brown
Mr Brenton S Brown
Mr Joseph & Mrs Mary
Mr Robert J Buchan
Mr Ronald E Burke
Mr Peter W Butler, QC
Ms Dorothy E Byrne, QC
Dr Alexander R M Cairns
Dean Richard S Caldecott
Dr Eugene C Cameron
Mr Hamish C Cameron
Mr Brooke Shaw Campbell
The Hon David H
Miss Jean A K Campbell
Mr John K Campbell
Mr W Earl Campbell
Dr Derek Cooper Carr
Dr Nicholas John Carr
Mr R B (Dick) Cavaye
Mr Israel Chafetz
Mr Philip Chen
Dr Wayne A Chou
Dr David Chi Wai Chung
Dr Donald R Clandinin
Dr Robert M Clark
Mr William Randolph
Mr Ronald & Mrs Nancy
Dr P A Clugston
Mr Raymond E Cocking
The Hon Mr Justice R
Mr Steven M Cook
Mrs Albert Colby Cooke
Prof Maurice D
Mr Gary W J Coull
Mr Bradley Crawford, QC
Mrs Sylvia A Crooks
Mr Thomas P D'Aquino
Mr Mark Robert Davies
Mr Michael B Davies
Mr Charles A Davis
Mr Robert A Deering
Dr Thomas & Mrs Patricia
Mr Charles Diamond
Mr Robert A Dickinson
Mr William L Dimitroff
Dr Arthur Dodek
Mr WiSiam Ivor Donald
Mr Martin D Donner
Mr Ian F Douglas
Ms Maureen A Douglas
Mr Ross R Douglas
Ms Frances M Dowdeswell
Mrs Lorraine Drdul
Dr Charles B Dunham
Dr K Ann Dusing
Ms Mary C Dvorak
Mr John Alan Eckersley
Mr Brian D Edgar
Mr Gordon M Elliott
Mrs Hazel T B Emerson
Mr J Thomas English
Mr Peter Bernard Enns
Mr Johann Erickson
Mr Wilfred M Evans
Mr Gene W Faryna
Ms C Ainsworth & Mr H H
Mrs B G Field
Ms Kerry-Lynne D Rndlay
Dr & Mrs Sherold Fishman
Mr N M Fleishman
Mr Alvin & Mrs Joan
Mr Bruce F Fraser, QC
Dr Richard A Fraser
Dr Bradley A Fritz
Mr George K Fujisawa. QC
Dr Edwin K Fukushima
Mrs Valentine D Gamage
Dr Joseph & Mrs Joyce
Dr Arun K Garg
Mrs Ruth E Garvie
Mr P Richard Genest
Mrs Diane E Gibney
Mr William R Gibson
Mr Martin N Gifford
Mr W Herbert Gilbert
Mrjack M Giles, QC
Dr Gurdev Singh Gill, OBC
DrJ R Prakash S Gill
Mr Mohindar S Gill
Mr David DW Gillespie
Mr Douglas Bruce Gteig
Mrs Alka R Goel-Stevens
Mr Marc Emmett Gold
The Hon MrJ RG Gould
Mr Richard A Grafton
Mr Lorne Arthur Green
Mr David James Greer
Mr Bruce M Greyell
Dr George M Griffiths
Mr Bruce R Grist
Mr Robert T Groves
Mrs Marion W Gunning
Mr Lawrance J Gwozd
Mr Norman R Hacking
Mr Robert S Hager
Mr Alan J Hamilton
The Hon H J Hamilton
Mrs M R K Hamilton, QC.
Mr H Bjorn Hareid
Mr Nicolas James Harrkk
Mr Robert A Hartvikson
Mr James Peter Hatton
Mr Hugh Basil Heath
Mr Sholto Hebenton, QC
Dr Richard Hegele
Mr Michael H Heller
Mr Alan A Hobkirk
Dr Donald O Hodgins
Ms Sandra L M Hodgins
Ms Vera Hoffman
Drjohn Hogarth
Mr Christopher R Holmes
Mr Charles S Hopkins
Mr Derek T Hopkins
Mr David M Howard
Mr David S M Huberman
The Hon Mr Justice F
Dr Kathleen G Jaeger
Ms Judy Jansen
Mr Mohan S Jawi
Mrs Anna Koerner Jetter
Judge G H Johnson
Mr Donald James Jordan,
Mr William C Kaplan
Brig-Gen Frank Karwandy
Dr Herbert William Kee
Mr Stephen F Keteher, QC
Dr Robert W Kennedy
Dr Susan M Kennedy
Mrs Kathryn Killam
Miss Jan Kiyooka
Mr Helmuth Kneteman
Mr Lyall D Knott, QC
Dr Penelope Ann Koch
Ms Mary E Lade
Mr Thomas E Ladner, QC
Mr A Craig Lahmer
Mr Frank A Lang
Mrs Helen E Lauener
Mr Bruce A Laughton
Mr Robin B Leckie
Mr V Paul Lee
Mrs Pauline G Legg
Mr Rupert A Legge
Mr Richard E M Lester
Dr Robert C Leung
Ms Risa E Levine
The Hon Judge Cecil J
Dr Helmut J Liebert
Mr Philip & Mrs Anne Lind
Mr Denys C Lloyd
Dr Winston J Louie
Dr Alan A Lowe
Mr Jeffrey J Lowe
Dr Ann Lukasevich
Mr Marvin A Lundeen
Mr Larry C Luther
The Hon Mr Justice & Mrs
K Lysyk
Mr D Grant MacDonald
Mr H Scott MacDonald
Mr Roderick W
The Hon Mr Justice A
Mr James M Maclntyre,
Mr Duncan M MacPhail
Mrs Doris Elsie Magee
Mr Kenneth W Mahon
Mr Robert J Mair, QC
Mr Donald E Mann
Mr Robert E Marriott
Mr Joel B Martineau
Mr Hugh M Matthews
MrJ Donald Mawhinney,
Dr R Ann Pickard McAfee
Mrs Sarah J McAlpine
Dr Gordon Almon
Dr Barry Clarke McBride
Mr Roger D McConchie
Hon Mr M M McFarlane,
Mr Brian N McGavin
Mr Gerald A B McGavin
Mrs Alison R McGillivray
Dr Robert W McGraw
Mr David Leslie Mclnnes
Mr George B Mcintosh,
The Hon L G McKenzie
Drjohn A McLaren
Mr Richard W McMahon
Mrs Joan McNeely
Mr & Mrs William B
Mr & Mrs George
Dr Elmer Lyle Menzie
Mr William R Miles
Mr Colin A Millar
Mr Roderick J Millar
Mr Ian R A Mills
Mr A Keith Mitchell. QC
Mr Douglas H Mitchell,
Dr Edith J Mitchell
Mr Warren J A Mitchell.
Mrs Rose T Mok
Ms Maria A Morellato
Mr & Mrs George Morfitt,
Mr Paul R Moritz
Dr Kenneth Avard
Mr James Graham
Mr Donald R Munroe,
Mrs Shaheen Lalji-Nanji
Mr Richard I Nelson
Dr Tad Nishimura
Mr & Mrs Michael J
O'Keefe. QC
Mr Dean A O'Leary
Mr Roger M Odium
Dr Ian T Okabe, PhD
Mr Mark T Olsen
Dr & Mrs Robert F
Mr Noel A S Owens
Dr Russell A Palmer
16       UBC Alumni Chroniclk, summkr 1997 Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you observe any errors or omissions,
please accept our sincere apologies and notify us at the UBC Development Office: (604) 822-8900.
Some donors have requested anonymity and do not appear in this listing.
Mr Peter F D Parsons
Mrs Ann L Patterson
Dr Ralph F Patterson
Mr John I and Mrs Joan
Dr Leslie R Peterson,
Mr James W Phelps
Mr James W Pilton
Mr Edward S Pipella
Mr George and Mrs Mary
E Plant
Mr AIG Poettcker
Mrs Elaine R Polglase
Mr J Raymond Pollard
Dr Man-Chiu Poon
Mr William Popowich
Mr Esmond R Preus
Mr Michael F Provenzano
The Hon Mr Justice Bryan
Mr James G Reddon
Mr Robert S Reid
Mr Thomas J Reimer
Mr Georg D Reuter
Dr Donald R Ricci
Mr & Mrs George R
DrJSF Richards
Mr Peter C G Richards
Mr Paul S Richardson
Miss Louise H Riffer
Mr Steven A Rodrigues
Mr James Edward Rogers
Mr Thomas Allan Roper
Mr J R Donald Rose
Mr Donald Alan Ross
Mrs Sheila & Mr Robert
Mr Brock Robert Rowland
Mr Anthony D Saunders,
Mr Michael D Sawyer
Dr Colin David Scarfe
Mr John C Scholefield
Dr Gunther F Schrack
Hon Judge Alfred J Scow
Mr Michael P Shane
Mr Rahoul Sharan
Dr Paul Shatzko
Honjudge James K Shaw
Mr Bernard Simpson, CM
Mr Brett A Simpson
Ms Debra L Sing, QC
Mr William F Sirett
Dr Peter W Smiley
Ms C Lynn Smith, QC
Dr Mary G Smith
Miss Ruth Lity Soderholm
Mrs Lata Sood
Mr Don Lyndon South
Mrs E Jean Sparks
Mr Peter A Spencer
Mr Alexander B Stewart
Miss Anne M Stewart, QC
Mr William G Stewart
Mr John Tryon Still
Mr Marvin R Storrow, QC
Dr Gerald B Straley
Mr Craig C Sturrock
Mr Richard R Sugden, QC
Mr A K Sutherland
Mr Robert Brent Swift
Mr G Ross Switzer
Dr Beverley L Tamboline
Dr Eng Seng Tan
Mrs Mary L Taylor
Dr Peter R Taylor
Mr D Murray Tevlin
Mr Keith A Thompson
Mr W H Thornton-Trump
Dr George THser
Dr Mary Elizabeth Todd
Dr Stephen J TredweN
Mr John G Trueman
Dr Marvin A Tung
Mr David WH Tupper, QC
Dr & Mrs G F O Tyers
Dr Ron Ulinder
Mr James D Vilvang, QC
Dr Blair T Wachter
Mr Tsang Wing Wai
Mr Frank E Walden
Dr Bertram E Wales
Mr John H Wallis
Mrs Elizabeth J Walsh
Dr Richard J Warren
Mr Bryce Waters
Prof Ernest L Watson
Mrs Barbara Wellwood
Mr Jari A B Whist
Ms Sharon E White
Mr Warren T Wilson, QC
Dr John D Wood
Mr Bruce D Woolley
Mr William P Work
Ms Shelley A Wrean
Mr Frederick R Wright
Dr William FYeung
Dr Andrew H Younger
Mr Randolph B Zien
Clock Tower
($500 and above
Anonymous (30)
Mr William A Adams
Mrs Anne E Aikins
Dr Michael M Ames
Mr I Keith Andersen
Mrs M Jo-Ann Archibald.
Honjudge Elizabeth A
Mr Ian Edward Ashdown
Mrs Ellen Baldwin
Dr Marcia A Boyd
Dr Brian E Burke
Dr Helen M Burt
Mr Terrance Henry Butler
Dr Pauline M Buding
Dr Francisco X Cabanas
Ms Connie Canam
Dr R Paul Castner
Dr Ronald G Cavell
Dr Kai Sun Chan
Mrs Mabel Chan
Mrs Mary Louise Y Chan
Mr Walter D Charles
Mr MauroChiesa
Dr Edward H Chown
Mrs Kathleen M Christie
Mr Dexter Chu
Dr Michael A Church
Dr William Craig Clarke
The Hon Mr Justice Bruce
Mrs Helen E Coleman
Mrs Nora E Colville
Mr G Wayne Coombs
Mr D Geoffrey Cowper,
Mr Elmer J Crawford
Mr Harold P Cunliffe
Miss Alice Moss Curtis
Mr William R P Dalton
Ms Susan C Daniells
Mr C Paul Daniels, QC
Mr Colin K & Mrs Sharon J
Ms Ayra K Davy
Mr Leslie Bruce Dawson
Mr Andre J De Leebeeck
The Hon Mr Justice M de
Mrs Betty R Dewar
Miss Charlotte Elva Dill
Dr James E Dimmick
Mr Sam S Dixon
Master Alan W Donaldson
Dr Clive P Duncan
Mrs Jessie Eades
Mrs Liz Rose Edinger
Mr Kenneth M Elmer
Dr Helen June Emmons
Miss Mary M Fallis
Mr Brian H Fast
Dr & Mrs Kelvin O Fleming
Mr Ozzie Fornasier
Mrs Dorothy M Forsyth
Mr Patrick G Foy
Mr Charles N Freeman
Mrs Natalie V Freeman
Mr Richard D French
Mr Michael Alan Fugman
Mr Ian J Gamble
Mr J Glen Gates, QC
Dr Douglas C Gillespie
Mr Gordon Ross Gilley
Mr Geoffrey P Gould
Mrs Margaret I Gouriey
Mr Michael James Grant
Mr Peter C Guernsey
Mr Gowan T Guest, QC
Mr Arthur Henry Hall, QC
Dr Marjorie Halpin
Dr Jon A Harper
Mr Richard F Hatch
Judge Lance Heard
Ms Katherine J Heller
Mr Peter S Hemmes
Mr John O Hemmingsen
Mrs Gertrude O Herd
Ms Margaret P Hikisch
Mr David S Hill
Mr R Bruce Hilland
Dr Brian Y B Ho
Mr Laurence F M Ho
Mr William R Holmes
The Hon Mr Justice R
Mr Ernest B Ingles
Mr Allan HJang
Dr Paul Gordon Janke
Mr & Mrs Carl R Jonsson
Mr D Hugh J Kay
Father Neil KeHy
Mr W J Kennedy
Mr G Jamie Killam
Dr Brian Knight
Mr R Gordon Knight
Mr Robert D Laing
Mr Marvin Charles R Lang
Dr Gary J Lastman
Mr Jutgen Theodore Lau
Mr Darwin Nai-Yiu Law
Mrs Barbara M Lazarow
Mr John Mrcheal Leask
Mrs M Lynn Ledgerwood
Mr Vincent Li
Mr Robert M Lindsay
Dr Franklin S Loomer
Mr Herbert M Loomer
Dr Andrew J Louie
Dr Harvey Lui
Dr Fred W Lundell
Mr Stewart M Marshall
Mrs LeotaJ McCullagh
Mr M Gerry McGinley
Mr Thomas Bernard
Mr CoHn D McQuarrie
Mr Stephen K McTaggart
DrGary Medford
Mr Peter Leighton Miles
Mr John Moore
Dr Michael M Moran
Ms D Shirley Morven
Dr Richard Scott Muir
Mr Doug O Mullins
Dr Ernest K Murakami
Miss Shirley E Myers
Mr Eric Patrick Newell
Mr Leslie Ng
Mr William Edwin Norrish
The Hon Mr Justice WE
Mr Michael Omelaniec
Mr David J Ophel
Dr Richard G Orlaw
Mr Peter Francis Owen
Dr Arsenio Pacheco
Mr Barry A Patmore
Mr Glen A Patterson
Miss Lisa Anne Peters
Mr Lawrence E Pierce
Mrs Janke J Plensky
Dr Patrick A Powell
Dr Deborah L Prior
The Hon M Provenzano
Mr Ben Quan
Mr David Thompson Rea
Mr Kenneth A Rea
Mr Alex C Robertson, QC
Mr Douglas F Robinson,
Mr Keith Edward Robinson
Mr Donald J Rosenbloom
Mrs Adele Maria Runikis
Mrs Dorothy G Sample
Dr John Edward Schinbein
Mr Max Schlagintweit
Dr Hanspeter Schreier
Dr J F Schweigel
Mr Terrence M Shannon
Mrs Karen R Sharlow
Dr George E Shipley
Mr Frank Edward Smith
Dr James L Smith
DrJ Carol Smith
The Hon Mr Justice J E
Dr Margaret Anne Stott
Dr Shirley Sullivan
Mr Lawrence C Surges
Mr James R Sutherland
DrJ Neil Sutherland
Mr L F Swannell
Dr Delfa Syeklocha
The Hon John D& The
Hon Valerie Taggart
Dr David E N Tait
Mr Robert W Taylor
Mr Paul E Thiele
The Hon Judge M Howard
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Ms M Thornton-Trump
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Mr Leon Tiiey
Mr Lee S Tupper
Mr James W F Tutton
Mr Praveen K Varshney
Ms Sherry L Victor
Dr Steven R Vincent
Ms Elizabeth M Vogt
Mr Arne W Von Dehn
Mr Graham Gordon Weeks
Mr David P Wilkinson
Dr Edwin Philp Williams
Miss Sonia L Williams
Dr Robert G Wilson
Mr Stephen J Wilson
Mr Stanley H Winfield
Mr Frederick G Withers
Miss Frances M Woodward
Mr Frank A Woodward
Mrs Nancy L Woodworth
Mr Eldon Worobieff
Ms Marguerite M Yee
Ms Kitty Zanata
($250 and above
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Dr Jacques Allard
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Mr Joseph W Awmack
Mr Arthur Azana
Mr W Arthur Bain
Dr Gary G Baker
Dr W Robert Baragar
Dr William R Barclay
Mr G T Barford
Dr Bryan Clyde Bass
Mr Robert Edward Beard
Mr Robert A Beedle
Dr William J Bell
Mr Duncan H Beli-lrving,
Mr John RBennest
Mrs Leanne N Bernaerdt
Mr Peter Fredric Beulah
Mr David Edgar Black
Mr George H Blumenauer
Mr J G Blumenauer
Mr Lome C Bohlman
Dr L L & Dr E A Bongie
Dr David Alfred Boon
Mr Vincent G Borch
Mr Bruce M Borthwick
Dr James A P Bovard
Mr Gregory T W Bowden,
Mr Spencer A Bowers
Mr Gilbert G Bradner
The Hon Mr Justice T
Mr Murray J Brasseur
Mrs Barbara A Brink, CM
Dr Vernon C Brink, OBC,
Dr E Bertha Brisco
Dr Bertram N Brockhouse,
Dr Donald E Brooks
Mr A Leslie Brown
Mr Philip Anthony Brown
Dr W Lome Brown
Mr Liam J Browne
Mrs joan M Brumwell
Mr Peter Brunold
Mrs Luella M Buchanan
Dr Kenneth J Burns
Mr George T Campbell
Mr W L Craig Campbell
Mr Robert C Carne
The Hon Mr Justice A B
Ms Elizabeth D Carter
Mr George P Cassady
Dr Peter M Celliers
Mr Bernard K C Cheng
Mr Pak Cheung
Mr Wayson S Choy
Mr David Ren Tao Chu
Mr James Alfred Clarke
Dr Mills F Clarke
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Dr Wendy A Clay
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Mr William A Omie
Ms Mary E. Oohosey
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Dr Theodore j Cosgrove
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Dr Richard T Crow
Dr James Noel Crowley
Mrs E A Cubitt
Dr James B Cupples
Mr John M Currie
Mr Lyall A Currie
Mrs Grace A D'Arcy
Dr Marshall A Dahl
Dr Rita M Dahlke
Ms Mary J Daniel
Dr Anthony Davidson
Mr Philip Burns Dennis
Mr William D Derpak
Mrs Ethel Agnes Derrick
Mr Derek A F Desrosiers
Mr Sydney Dewick
Mr Gerald M Deyell
Mr Frank Arthur Dickson
Mr Tom Dielissen
Dr Gary H Dillabaugh
Dr Morton Dodek
The Hon Assoc Chief
Justice Dohm
Miss C Frances Dolan
Dr Ranald R Donaldson
Ms Wanda M Dorosz
Dr Douglas G Dorrell
Mr Harold S C Dow
Mr James T Dowling
Ms Jennifer M Druce
Mr William E Dumont
Dr Patrice Mary Dunn
Mr Robert L Eberlein
The Hon Mr Justice E RA
Mrs Janet S M Egger
Mr Andrew Eisses
Dr Brian E Ellis
Dr Simon C Ellis
Mr William E Ellis
Dr Richard A REnns
Mr Paul Eric Erickson
Dr Robert L Evans
Dr Thomas E Ewing
Mrs M Dawn Faris
Mr James Robert Faulkner
Mr Robert Bruce Ferguson
Dr Alexander J Finlayson
Mr Peter Stephen Fischl
Mr Clinton W Foote
Mrs Judith D Forst, OC
Mr Grant W Forsyth
Mr Walter Foster
Dr H A Franklin
Mr Marino Fraresso
Mr Douglas S Fraser
Dr John M Fredrickson
Mrs Joanne C Freeze
Ms Joyce D Friesen
Miss Margaret E Friesen
Dr Reter Mark Fromberg
Mr Norman E Fullytove
Mr Alexander Fulton
Hon E Davie Fulton, PC,
Dr Michael Fung
Ms Margaret C Gadsby
Miss Genevieve M
Dr Maureen R Garland
Mr William C Garriock
Mr J Howard Geddes
Mrs Day Gee
Mr Michael A Gergel
Dr Joseph E Gervay
Mr John J Gibbon
Mr David A Gillis
Miss Vivian Gtyn-Jones
Mrs June E Goldsmith
Mr John Graham, P Eng
Mr Andrew Stuart Gray
Ms Oriana Green
Dr Norman Greenberg
Mr J Raymond Griffin
Dr Allan Griffin
Dr Vernon H Grigg
Mrs Nora G Grogan
Mr Spencer Kim Gung
Mr Donald Fitts Gunning
Mrs Ema F Hamm
Dr Hugh John Hargrave
Miss Lois M Harper
Dr Victoria L Harris
Mr D Stuart Harrison
Ms Dana M Harrison
Rev Ronald E Harrison
Mrs B Louise Hayes
Mr Ian K Hayes
Mr Peter H Hebb
Mr Dan R Heino
Mr PJj Hemphill
Miss Mary E Henderson
Mr Frederick H Herbert,
Dr James R Heyworth
Mr C Jim Hill
Ms Mary A Hill
Dr Murray K Hill
Mr Benjamin Junyip Ho
Dr John P Hobson
Mr Kenneth A Hodgert
Mrs Amber D Hoffmeister
Ms Donna M Hofrnann
Mr H Clark Hollands
Dr David George Holm
Dr John F Hourigan
Dr William WHsieh
Dr Yvonne Ying Hsieh
Mr Frederick J Hume
Mr Burk W Humphrey
Mr Roy Mervyn G Huston
Dr Donald G Irvine
Dr Rita Irwin
Dr Donald G Ivey
Mr James Elias Jackson
Dr John L J Jessiman
Mr Douglas George Jessup
Mr Leslie O Johannesen
Miss Charmaine E Johnson
Mr John H Johnson
Mr Peter M Jones
Dr Mile Jovanovic
Dr Diana MJuritoff
Mr Torsten Kaffanke
Ms Janice J Kang
Mr James E Keith
Mr Peter Jonathan Kelly
Mr Marvin James
Mr Uoyd Gary Kenwood
Mr Kevin Kepke
Dr George P Kidd
Mr Malcolm G King
Dr William P King
Mrs Nancy A Kirk
Dr Garry MKIrstiuk
Mr William Harwood
Dr Maria T Kravjanski
Dr Edward S Krebes
Dr Roberta Kremer
Mr Edwin G Kroft
Dr Leo Kron
Ms Amy S Kwok
Dr Elizabeth C Kwong
Dr Frank Chung Fat Lam
Mr Michael Samuel Lam
Ms Yvonne Au-Yeung Lam
Mr Robert Hector Lamont
Dr Anthony K P Lau
Mr Meng H Lau
Mr John Peter Lauener
Mrs Margaret C Laurence
Mr Thomas T Lebbetter
Dr Paul H Leblond
Mr Gerald J Lecovin
Ms Janet E Lee
Ms Janet Mai-Lan Lee
Mr John Francis Leighton
Mr Brian R Lendrum
Mr Michael Lewchuk
Mr Thomas A Li
Ms Lynne Lighthall
Mr Say Chong Lim
Dr Peter Lindenfeld
Dr James Thomson Little
Ms Doris A Livingstone
Dr Bligh K W Low
Mr Conroy Lum
Ms Maureen F Lunn
Mr Kenneth P Lynes
Mr Terrence A Lyons
The Hon J A Macdonald
Mr John Angus MacDonald
Dr Richard H Machin
Dr Colin Mackay, OC, QC
Mr Duncan MacKay
Mr Graham C MacKenzie
Mr Patrick Fylton Mackie
Mrs Morag E Maclachlan
Mr Eian Donald MacLean
Dr Robert Angus MacLeod
DrW Stuart Maddin
Dr Paul Magnuson
Cont'd on page 19
UBC All mni Chronicle, slmmkr 1997
Wildflowers: Seasonal Splendors ofthe North America
West by Grahame Osborne (Grey-
stone, $19.95), with an introduction
by Stephen Hume. If photographs of
mountains, incredibly-coloured
wildflowers and rugged evergreens
turn you on, this is your book. Designed to appeal to both the Canadian and American market, the
book is divided into Alpine, Desert/
Interior and Coast sections.
Latin plant names aren't used in
the photo captions but are included a
well-laid out appendix at the back.
Avalanche lilies in creamy abundance,
sun-bright mountain arnica, purple
penstemmons against the scraped-
bare blue of the Rockies; these landscapes are just extraordinary and the
more I looked, the more I found to
admire. There's one photograph
that's like a Chinese landscape: the
moving water comes out misty and
yet the bleak rock cone in the background and the zingy colours of
fireweed and Indian paintbrush are
beautifully crisp.
Osborne's photographs are in
demand by glossy magazines such as
Beautiful BC, Equinox and Canadian
Geographic. Osborne, who lives in
White Rock, trained as a geologist
and has spent years travelling in
wilderness areas of Canada and the
US. This is his second book.
Through the Canyon by Lorraine
Vernon (Ekstasis Editions) is her
fourth book and
is both leisurely
and compelling.
Her ease with
words, her luxuriance in them,
is a pleasure for
the reader. The
book starts off, "This is a love-letter: I'm writing to tell you about my
aunt." Mortality, the aging body and
its frailties, run through the stories.
Theseliterary stories are as welcome as a spritzer on a muggy day.
Her characters treat one another
with tenderness, and that's contagious.
One of my favourites was the
"The Dry Sea," about gambling in
Las Vegas. The narrator confides,
"We're all strangers here. We're
reticent, we don't speak; we wander aimlessly: lost people, homeless;
in and out of the four casinos of the
four corners at the core of the city.
God's creatures seeking Noah's
Ark." It's a powerful and poetic
statement about North American
culture where a spiritual search
becomes muddled with acquiring
material goods.
Stories in this collection have
been published in numerous literary
The Night the Moon Blew Kisses by Lynn Manuel, illustrated by
Robin Spowart, (Houghton Mifflin,
$14.95) is a first picture book by
the BC author. It was written for
her grandson. It's a lavish production with a rich periwinkle and purple jacket and interior illustrations.
Grandma and the narrator, a young
girl, go for a walk in the moon-lit
woods at night. The forest is mysterious, with the deep green and blue
illustrations, but is a peaceful place,
not threatening at all. The understated relationship between the
Grandmother and the child is extremely comforting. The girl blows
the moon kisses: "A laughing kiss
for the tip of the nose. A gentle kiss
for the cheek. A good-night kiss for
the brow." Obviously this is a happy and well-loved child.
Manuel's language is just right
for a very young person, and there
is a nice sense of playfulness. She
uses repetition effectively and
gently.The illustrations also add to
the sense of a unified and tight
Diamond Grill by Fred Wah
(NeWest, $16.95) is a book the
writer rather
dauntingly calls
a "biotext."
Wah, who has
written sixteen
volumes of
poetry and
recently retired from teaching English at the
University of Calgary. I'd call this
book creative non-fiction or poetic
prose. It's a dense and delicious
read where the author recalls the
Diamond Grill, a restaurant in Nelson run by Wah senior. As a kid,
Wah junior worked there as a
soda-jerk for twenty-five cents an
hour and learned curses from the
Chinese cooks. What isn't remembered is freely imagined, as when
the writer sees his father moving
through the house in the early
morning hours when the rest of the
family is locked in sleep.
Wah shares occasional recipes
and gives us enough details about
the different kinds of dishes the
restaurant served that I found myself getting hungry. As a reader, I
felt invited right into the kitchen.
The Diamond Grill is a good
unifying device. I enjoyed the way
that between stories about his father and other relatives, Wah kept
grounding us in the physical details
of the cafe. As well as food, the
book deals with the racism Wah
experienced from both white and
Chinese (he is half-Swede).
God on His Haunches by Diane
L. Tucker (Nightwood Editions,
$9.95) is a first book of poetry
from a Burnaby
author. This is
clean work,
where the words
pull their weight
and the language
sends that frisson
of chill down the
reader's spine. Even with poems
like "The Community Relations of a
Certain Ms. Nevin," where I have
no idea what the writer is getting
at, I am able to enjoy the intensity
of lines like "Ah, that scarlet spill of
hair—/rich soup" and "Your collarbone ... rises from the silk of you."
Tucker is concerned with subjects such as prayer, waiting, adultery, though one suspects she is
groping toward some larger truth
rather than writing from the stance
of a person who has found it. She
also has a lovely sense of humour.
In the prose poem "Please don't
break my heart." she replies, "I am
a kindly soul, willing/ to ride a hundred miles an hour, your brown
arm sliding under my ribs./ For you
I ride without a seat belt, willing to
be thrown clear at first impact."
Tucker has a clear voice in this
collection. I look forward to hearing
Science Lessons by W.H. New
$14.95) is
the first
book of
from a
UBC professor of
who has
written more than thirty books. He
is a man of letters. There are echoes of the Bible here, a playfulness
with the sound of words, and finally, the science referred to in the
title; "Degaussing," "Fermat's Principle," etc.
Written in variations on the
sonnet form (non-rhyming but with
numerous internal rhymes) each
poem is formally short. They are
UBC Alumni Chronicle, summer 1997 BOOKS
1996/97 Donor List Continued from page 17
arranged to tell the story of a thirteen-year old boy who comes to
live with relatives in the Kootenays
and his maturation. Which of his
new family's values can he adopt
and which must he reject?
It is key in reading each poem to
refer back to its title. Doing that
gives the double vision the author is
striving for, where the reader at
once sees the literal content of the
poem—a young boy's experience—
and the mocking, deprecatory
knowledge that the adult brings to
it. In the poem "Wave Theory" for
instance, boy meets girl and they
walk into the hayfield. Those are
the literal elements of the experience. Without the title, you
wouldn't get to that sense of
chargedness, of rhythmic attraction,
until the last stanza.
New assumes that his audience,
like himself, has a high level of scientific knowledge. Some titles, like
"Josephson Junction" left this reader floundering; it's something to do
with electricity, I think, or perhaps I
am confusing it with the mechanism
of synapses.
I especially like the second half
of the book and lines like:
What parabola loops out of nowhere,
stings him on the cheek, scares him
white, like the flying steel off a broken handle?
Chasing After Carnivals by Ernest Hekkanen (New Orphic Publishers,
$20). Hekkanen constructs a
story about
two brothers; Tom,
the athletic,
older brother, and Link, the smart kid who
works long hours in their Dad's
garage. It's a coming-of-age novel
that takes place in a US shadowed
by the Vietnam War.
Ernest hekkanen
The book is raunchy, fuelled with
teenage hormones. Link sees women
mainly as impediments to freedom,
like Marg, who wants to marry his
Dad, or objects of lust like Carol,
who initiates him into the Amazing
World of sex. To give an idea of what
the young Link thinks is fun, when he
finds out the mayor's wife is having an
affair with a contractor—they meet
three times a week for sex on a back
road—Link sells tickets for the
townsfolk to watch them go at it in a
station wagon.
Hekkanen's book always kept
my interest. I especially enjoyed the
parts that featured Ed Hazlett, the
logger poet. I wish, though, that
towards the end of the book the
writer had taken the disparate characters and questions he raises in
the different sections of the novel
and brought them back for closure.
The book builds up considerable
momentum toward the tragic ending.
Ai'- - r. -   ■'. ■■'4
Summon up the Blood: The War
Diary of Corporal J.A.Womack,
Royal Engineers
Edited by
Celia Wolfe
gives vivid
accounts of
such wartime horrors as the Invasion of Normandy
and the advance through Northern
France and Belgium through a diary
he kept that was encouraged by his
commanding officer.
The diaries are edited by
Womack's daughter, and embody a
realistic and gripping picture of this
momentous time in history.The
editor's accompanying research
help the reader absorb and understand the meaning behind the
events. As she uncovered her father's memories, Wolfe discovered
fresh, and shocking, material.This is
a book that is not to be missed by
historians and the battle-curious.
Shari Ackerman
Dr Dennis J Magrega
Mrs Sylvia J Ommanney
Mr Roy Yoshiro Sakamoto
Dr Sally E Thome
Mr David A Main
Mrs Yuki Omoto-Chow
Mr Tim Sandberg
Miss M ATunbridge
Mr A Ian Mair
Ms Brenda Osmond
Mr Neville V Sankey
Mrs Barbara R Tunis
Dr Suzanne C MaKafr
Mr Dennis B Overend
Mr Frederick Y Sasaki
Mrs Deanna R Turnbull
Mr George L Malpass
Mr Demitrios Paikos
Miss Rita E Schick
Mrs Louanne Claire
Dr Jerry Mar
Ms Margaret J Parlor
Dr Robert B Schubak
Dr M Patricia Marchak
Miss Salvinaz H Parpia
The Hon Mr Justice M
Mrs Catherine A Marchant
Mr L P Patience
Dr Nancy Louise Scott
Mr Frank Margitan
Mr Russell Laird Patrick
Mr Russell Selinger
Mr C Eugene F
Mr John Adrian Marlow
Mr Keith Patterson
Mr Donald C Selman
Mr James E Marshall
Miss Marion L Pearson
Mr Ted Sfikas
Dr Peter J Usher
Dr Peter L Marshall
Dr William N Pearson
Mrs Audrey P M Shane
Mr Gerald Masuda
Mrs Barbara M Perceval
Mr John L Sharp
Dr John Vanderstoep
Mr Paul Stanton Masulis
Mrs Heidi F Peters
Dr Robert F Sharp
Mr Charles J Velay
Drjoelle Materi
Mr Brian K Petersen
Mrs Jane E Sharpe
Dr Edwin D
Dr John A Matheson
Mr James Alan Petty
The Hon Mr Justice
Mr Mark Ronald Mattila
Mr John E Philip
Duncan Shaw
Mr William M Walker
Dr Marc Mauguin
Dr Timothy J Pielak
Mr Anthony F Sheppard
Mr Brian J Wallace, QC
Mrs Rosemary E McAlister
Mr David H Pihl, QC
Mr Kenneth A Shields
Dr Ralph Wallace
Ms Holly A McCarthy
Dr Darryl Piecas
Dr Jae H Shim
Mr John H Walsh
Mr Douglas John
Mr Donald H Pienderleith
Miss Evelyn Showed
Mr Kevin Washbrook
Mr Martin R Pospischil
Mr Judah Shumiatcher
Mr Edmund J Watchuk
Miss Mary Mcintosh
Mr Peter John Precious
Dr Cecil Sigal
Dr Douglas L Webber
Mrs Ethel McLean
Ms Symmone J Prescott
Mr Gary S Siu
Mr Jack M Webster
Mr D E McMullan
Mr William S Prescott
Mr Fred F Slaney
Dr Dick P Weeden
Mr Lennox J McNeely
Mr Maurice F Prevost
Mr David W Smith
Mr G Vernon WeUburn
Mr Patrick Joseph Meehan
Dr David J Price
Dr Glen W Smith
Mr Wayne A Westlund
Mr Patrick B Meneley
Mrjasbir S Purewal
Mr John Clegg Smith
Mr R F Whittaker
Dr Richard N Merchant
DrSherriH J Purves
Mrs Margaret C Solomon
Mrs Donna Carol
Dr Louis Metzner
Mr 1 Andrew Rader
Mr George A Spencer
Mr John E Milburn
Mr H Keith Ralston
Mr T Wayne Spilsbury
Mrs Joan F Williams
Mr Robert A Milne
Dr Charles L Ravaris
Mr Ryan Graeme Stade
Mr John C Williams
Mr Gary A Mitchell
Dr J D Rayner
Mr Derek Hugh Standfield
Mr Norman L Williams
DrJ Reid Mitchelt
Mrs Penelope E Rea
Mr Glenn Stuart Steele
Mr Harold R Williamson
Mr Winston KMok
Mr Douglas C Redmond
Mrs Nan A Steiner
Dr Carolyn S Williston
Dr Mervin J Moldowan
Miss Catherine B Rees
Mr Rudolph E Stenzel
Dr Robert Douglas
Mr Alexander C Molnar
Mrs Doreen M Reid
Mr H C Stevens
Dr Robert W Morgan
Mr Richard Brandt Reimer
Miss Dorothy J Stewart
Mr Anderson Wong
Dr Peter R S Mortifee
Mrs Aingetda Rhodes
Dr James E Stewart
Mr Gane Ka-Shu Wong
Mrs Audrey D Morton
Mr Richard L Richards
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Dr Eric Walter Mountjoy
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Dr H C G Wong
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Mr Pritam P Sunnar
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Dr E Catherine Swan
Ms Claire F L Young
The Hon Nathan T
Mr Peter Roy Romanchuk
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Nemetz. CC, OBC, QC
Mrs Annette Rothstein
Mr David Hutton Taylor
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Dr Murray A Newman
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Dr Glenn P Taylor
Mr Brian W Zelley
Dr Daniel H P Ng
Mr Theodore Ryniak
Mr Harold Lionel Taylor
Mr Vince Zuccaro
Mrs Hilda K Noble
Dr Atsuko Sakaki
Mr Andrew Terrett
Mr Peter Zuk
Molly Brown is Not a Clown by
Linda Rogers,
illustrated by
Rick Van
unpriced) is a
book from the
Victoria author. My daughter who is eleven,
the same as the heroine, Molly
Brown, fell upon it. The first chapter was slightly slow going— she
thought it was for babies and
younger people—but after that she
thought it was great. She read it on
the bus to school, and when she
got home. She even confessed to
staying up a bit late finishing it.
It isn't an ordinary book about
two kids who hang out. It's about a
kid who decides she really wants to
find her Dad, and they have a hilarious adventure trying to find him.
Parents may find the adventure
heart-wrenching, but there's no denying the book has a good fast pace.
Molly and her friend Trouper are
delightful characters, and I was partial
to Candace, also known as Candy
ma'am, Molly's embarrassing clown
mother, too. "Having Candace for a
mother is like having a pet parrot
drive you to school," Molly laments.
Rogers' affectionate tone makes
the book successful. She is totally au
courant with slang, girls playing hockey
and a Chinese grandmother (Trouper's) with no English. My daughter
loved the unexpected ending. I found
it unbelievable, but what kid cares
what a grownup thinks? ZL
VRC Alumni Chronici.k, slmmkr 1997
June jow997, Jim Richards corn-
fetes his team as dean of the Fac-
u,t»pf AfflpSltural Sciences. He will
continue as a professor in the Department of Food Science, but will
leave behind his administrative duties.
Dean Richards joined the faculty
in the Department of Poultry Science in 1964.Active in university
Senate and in a number of professional societies, he also served as
associate dean and assistant dean for
Academic Affairs before being appointed dean in 1985. He has guided
the faculty through a dynamic era of
change and growth and undergraduate enrolment has almost doubled
during his tenure. His accomplishments include a major revision to
the Agricultural Sciences curriculum
and development of a strong international program.
A new curriculum for the BSc
(Agr) program was implemented a
few years ago, which included new
and revised study options. Diploma
and certificate programs have also
been introduced. Fostered by Dean
Richards, the International Program
has grown dramatically in recent
years to include links with institutions in Kenya, Poland,Japan, Mexico,
Chile, China, Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and many other
countries. Highlights include the faculty's membership in the Southeast
Asian University Consortium for
Graduate Education on Agriculture
and Natural Resources, and extensive student exchanges facilitated
through the Education Abroad Program.
During Dean Richards' leadership,
the School of Family and Nutritional
Sciences joined the faculty, major
development of the Botanical Garden began, activities at the Oyster
River Research Farm expanded and
diversified, a strong faculty distance
education program developed, the
Agricultural Sciences Alumni Division
was formed, physical facilities for
teaching and research were improved and several successful fund-
raising initiatives commenced.
He plans to take some administrative
leave to explore teaching and research opportunities before fully
resuming his academic duties in Food
Jim   Richards,    Dean   of
Agricultural Sciences
Science in early 1998. He was honoured last year by being made a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of
Food Science and Technology.
"It has been a distinct honour and
a great education being dean of the
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences for
the past twelve years," said Dean
Richards. "This faculty, although small
in comparison to others, has a great
diversity of programs and interests
and is incredibly dynamic. In a period
of shrinking budgets, the greatest
stimulation and satisfaction comes
from the opportunity to work with
such dedicated and innovative faculty,
students and staff.We are all committed to applying new and creative
approaches to achieving our educational goals. I look forward to continuing, in another capacity, to be part
of that discovery and implementation process."
Ag Sci Division News
TheAg Sci Division wishes to add to
its core group of volunteers. Members recently held an information
meeting for a number of interested
Aggies, and a follow-up meeting will
be held in the Fall. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact
Marlene King at 822-8923 or e-mail:
Division News
HHMMMical Alumni Division
heljits Annual General Meeting fcd Awards Ceremony on
Sahfday, May 3, 1997. The
winner of this year's Wallace
Wilson Leadership Award was
Garson Romalis, MD'62, clinical
associate professor in Obstetrics
and Gynaecology. This award is
given annually to a graduate of
the UBC Faculty of Medicine
who has demonstrated high
ethical standards and outstanding leadership to the profession.
Honorary Alumni Awards
were given to Wayne Vogl, professor, Department of Anatomy
and Andrew M. Seal, associate
professor, Division of General
Surgery and associate dean,
Medical Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs.
The Medical Alumni Division is holding its 12th Annual
Golf Tournament and Dinner
on Thursday, September 18,
1997 at the University Golf
Course. All medical alumni,
faculty and students are invited
to participate, so come out and
join the fun on the green and/
or over dinner. For more information, contact Bernie Dejong,
MD'57, at 731-2102.
Division News
Nursing Alumni Din-
place on May 8, 1997.
sr of alumni awards
:> resented.
Kelli Stajduhar MSN'95 received the Young Alumnus
Award, Barbara Fitzsimmons
BSN'84 the Alumni Recognition Award, and the Award of
Distinction went to Ethel War-
binek BSN'57, MSN'70.
The '97 grad class held a
dessert party at Cecil Green
Park on April 7. Working nurses also attended, providing an
opportunity for networking.
They talked about their experiences and gave solid guidance
and advice to this year's class.
Thanks to Mary Paone BSN'85
for arranging this event.
Convocation was held May
30, 1997 at the new Chan Centre. Congratulations to the
Class of'97. It also marked the
graduation ofthe first students
from the PhD program. Congratulations to Rosalie Star-
zomski, Patricia (Paddy) Rodney MSN'88, Janice McCormick MSN'77, and Lynne Maxwell BSN'86, MSN'90.
Cathy Ebbehoj BSN'75, and
UBC faculty member welcomed our new alumni.
The Professors Emeriti Division Executive Committee join president Dun Russell
(front right) in toasting then new home in Cecil Gieen Park's Coach 1 louse.
UBC Alumni Chronici.k, summer 1997 DIVISIONS & FACULTY NEWS
| February of this year, the UBC
bard of Governors approved a tui-
pn fee increase of $4,808 for in-
Irnational graduate students in research-oriented programs.Total fees
are now $7,087.
The Faculty of Graduate Studies,
the Graduate Student Society, and
others on campus opposed the in-
crease.The university administration has agreed to return one-third
of the fee increase ($ 1,603) to
Grad Studies to be used for financial assistance for international stu-
dents.The remaining two-thirds of
the increase will be divided between the admitting faculty (70%)
and Central Revenue (30%).
To assist international students,
Graduate Studies and other faculties are now offering a rebate in the
form of the partial tuition fee scholarship. Graduate Studies will match
up to $ 1,603 of any amount awarded to students by their admitting
faculty.This amount varies — some
departments are giving just the
$1,603 that Graduate Studies will
match. Others are returning the
entire $2,243 that they receive,
while a number are topping up that
amount to completely reimburse
international students for the differential fee they must now pay.
The duration of the award also
varies. Most departments are offer
up to 2 years for Masters students
and 4 years for PhDs, while some
will continue to fund for the duration ofthe student's program.To be
eligible, a student must:
• hold a valid student authorization
• maintain good academic standing
• not have their tuition already
paid for by an external source.
We hope that this scholarship
will reduce the negative impact of
the fee increases on international
graduate students and on recruitment efforts abroad, and help ensure that UBC continues to receive
its fair share of talented international graduate students.
Division News
"alumni from the
interested in forming
division, but we need
other graduates.
Check out the school's website:
and look for the first newsletter
in your mailbox this fall. Then
return the survey to let us know
your thoughts on what an alum
ni division could do: Mentorship? Keeping in touch? Bursaries? Social Events? It's up to
alumni to decide!
For more information, or to
let us know what you think, contact Grace Shyng (Audiology) at
736-7391 or Erane van Blom-
mestein (Speech-Language Pathology) at tel: 552-2563, email:
?97, Professor Joost
kLB'70 will become the
f UBC's Faculty of Law.
i his years at UBC, Professor Blom has a BCL from Oxford
and an LLM from Harvard. He joined
the faculty in 1972 and served as
associate dean from 1982 to 1985.
Professor Blom has taught
courses such as Contracts.Torts,
Conflict of Laws, Income Tax and Intellectual Property. He has published
numerous articles and book chapters concerning the conflict of law
and the intersection of contract and
tort. He was called to the BC Bar in
1978 and was awarded a QC in
Dean C. Lynn Smith completes
her term on June 30. She will take a
one-year study leave to work on a
book about equality rights in the
Charter with Professor Bill Black.
During her term the faculty substantially expanded its graduate program
and created a PhD. It also established Centres in Feminist Legal
Studies and International Criminal
Law. Under her direction, the faculty
celebrated its 50th anniversary and
raised $1.2 million through an endowment campaign funded primarily
by alumni.
Professor Blom says he is looking
forward to the challenges of his new
"Professional, social and scholarly
attitudes toward law are rapidly and
profoundly changing," he said. "The
UBC Faculty of Law is well positioned to make the most of the opportunities this presents."
Given its first-rate students and staff, Professor
Blom expects the faculty
to consolidate its position
as one of Canada's best
law schools.
Outgoing Dean C.
Lynne Smith and
incoming Dean Professor
Joost Blom
i News
Ecoming event will be
lay, Oct. 17. More de-
next issue. All interested alumni should contact
Lois Smith MacGregor BHE'60
(988-5089), Mari-Lou Laishley
BHE'79 (926-4130), or Barb
Hartman BHE'78 (943-6317).
bral MBA Futures Golf
ament on May 2nd was a com-
luccess. Seymour Golf &
try Club provided an excellent
setting for the 30 current UBC MBA
students and 50 business and alumni
representatives.The tournament, organized by the Commerce Graduate
Society, was designed to raise the
profile ofthe UBC MBA in the Vancouver business community. Many
thanks to sponsors, prize donors,
participants and volunteers.
The CGS looks forward to seeing
everyone back next year.
UBC MBA prof Jim Forbes (renter) and
John Puirell MBA'96.
UBC Allmni Chronicle, summer 1997 Strangway
The changes he's made at UBC have been profound, both physically and philosophically.
He created an irresistible vision of academic brilliance, international expansion and
financial stability. Although controversial, he leaves an indelible mark on the university.
by Chris Petty
IC in the past ten years or so? Get a couple of old
walk around campus. Stow the car in the Rose
ftake the elevator to the top. Before you stroll south
i quick look at the Chan Centre for the Performing
st the Belkin Gallery, through Wyman Plaza and
past the Koerner Library. Stop at the David Lam Management Research
Library and have a coffee and cinnamon bun at Trekkers. Carry on down
Main Mall to catch the computer-like construction called CICSR
(Caesar), which houses Computer Sciences.
From CICSR you can go straight on to take a look at the Forest
Sciences complex, or turn right, go down one street, then go back north
to check out the huge University Services Building, the Jack Bell
building, the First Nations House of Learning and the C.K. Choi
Confused? Think you have the wrong university? Are the only
references you recognize the ones about the Main Mall and cinnamon
buns? You haven't even seen Ritsumeikan House, Green College or the
Student Rec Centre, never mind the National Research Council
building, the Advanced Materials lab or the Brock Hall Annex. If you've
The CK Choi Building
been gone long enough, even the bookstore's new.
And where are all the old huts, you might ask, or the Armories?
The UBC you left behind all those years ago is a changed place, and
the person responsible is David Strangway, UBC's president since 1985.
He completes his second and final six-year term as president in July of
this year.
j complex man. He is immensely likeable in person,
lanour and an avuncular charm. He's not much for
Ills a joke with some skill and he laughs easily. People
i find him friendly and interested: on the way in to the
ig he stops to talk, in Portuguese, to Maria Caspar,
the Administration building's custodial worker.
It doesn't take long in conversation to realize that he has an
exceptional mind. He's one of those lucky people who can ponder over
a question for a moment, then talk for some time in complete
paragraphs. He's articulate, focussed and informed. He has the ability to
do prodigious amounts of work and turn it around with surprising speed.
He's a team player. Barbara Evans, his assistant for his entire term,
counts him as the best president UBC has ever had. "He's incredibly
focussed and persistent. He gets things done," she says. "But he's not a
micromanager. He knows how to delegate and he puts a lot of trust in
those around him."
He's also extremely strong-minded. Like many brilliant people, he
has supreme confidence in his beliefs and, while he is happy to entertain
questions about them, he's not likely to change them. This is particularly
true of his vision for UBC.
He likes to point out that the UBC he inherited in 1985 was in bad
shape. The government ofthe day had cut nearly 25% ofthe university's
budget between 1983 and 1985, faculty members were discontented and
dispirited, and staff and student morale was atrocious. Some ofthe best
faculty were being lured away by richer universities back east or down
south, as were many ofthe best students. Facilities built in the '20s and
22      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer 1997 David W. Strangway:Vital Statistics
Born: Simcoe, Ont. 1934, spent
early years in Angola where his
parents served as medical missionaries. Speaks French and Portuguese.
Education: BA'56, MA'58,
PhD'60, University of Toronto
Family: wife Alice, children Richard, Susan and Patricia.
Awards: numerous honorary
degrees and professional awards;
Honorary Alumnus, UBC; Officer
of the Order of Canada;Vancouver Board of Trade Community
Leadership Award, Many others.
Work History:
1961 -'64: ass't prof, geophysics,
University of Colorado
1965-'68:  ass't prof, geophysics,
1968-70:  prof, physics, U of T
1970-73:  chief of Geophysics
Branch, NASA
1973-'80:  chair, dep't of Geology, U
l980-'85: vice-president, U of T;
acting president, U of T
l985-'97:  president and
vice-chancellor, UBC.
'30s as temporary were still in use, and others were in desperate need of
repair. The last building boom at UBC had come after the war when
Norman MacKenzie prepared the university for the mass of returning
war vets and, in the process, built the university's reputation. By the time
Strangway came along, both the buildings and the reputation were in
Government rhetoric wasn't helping either. Governments of the
'50s, '60s and '70s were, if not anti-university, then at least anti-
intellectual. When the fiscal crisis ofthe early 1980s hit, pouring more
taxpayer money into the pockets of ivory tower academics wasn't a
popular notion.
But in fact, UBC has never been much of a darling in government
circles. Construction on the university was halted in 1919 — the skeleton
of the Science Building stood silently in the weeds for three years —
because of wartime restraint. It took a mass demonstration, the Great
Trek, in 1922 to get funding moving again.
In the 1930s UBC was threatened with actual closure but alumni
organized a massive signature campaign to convince government that
UBC was an essential part of BC life. Government backed down and only
cut the budget by half. And in the 1960s, the 'Back Mac' campaign by the
Alumni Association and the AMS gathered 230,000 signatures from
around the province to support President John Macdonald's fight to
increase the university's core grant and secure funding for new capital
projects. Macdonald, whose report Higher Education in BC and a Plan for
the Future resulted in the creation of SFU, UVic and the BC college
system, spoke and wrote passionately about "the crisis in higher
education" for most of his term as president. The Winter, 1963 issue of
The Chronicle contains a ten-page insert, The Challenge oj Growth, that
outlines UBC's needs. Government ultimately responded, reluctantly, to
the pressure by partially increasing the grant.
The condition of UBC in 1985 was the result of years of benign
neglect and an odd reluctance on government's part to recognize the
value of a strong, research-oriented university. In a resource-based
province, filled with self-made men who built their fortunes on chopping
trees and mining metal, was it necessary to finance a large university?
Wouldn't a couple of relatively small ones do? If industry needed people
with esoteric expertise, couldn't they be hired already trained from
These were the realities that faced anyone who took on the
presidency of UBC in 1985.
Strangway was a natural for the job. He was a highly respected
academic, with original research on the composition of lunar materials,
and a dynamic team builder. As NASA's head of geophysics in the early
1970s, he and his team were an essential part of the Apollo program and
a major reason for its success.
He was also a well-respected administrator. His years at NASA and
as a department head then vice president at the University of Toronto
taught him the importance of decision making, consensus building and
that tricky skill called backhand management. That's the ability to get
people who don't come under your managerial control to buy into your
vision and actively work to bring it about. He's a master at that.
Even before he took the job he was aware that UBC faced some
serious problems, but he was impressed with its potential.
"UBC has always been a first class university," he says, "with an
incredibly strong faculty in both the arts and sciences. The work UBC
was doing in my own discipline, for instance, was the best in Canada. The
uDavid understood that the
proper perisfteitwe for viewing
research was oh the world
sialei If § not enough to look
at it nationally. J>
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer 1997      23 basics were there, but the campus was profoundly demoralized by budget
and program cuts. If there had been another year of such cuts, it would
have taken a decade to recover."
"I was fortunate. I came at the end of a bad time, and there were
great opportunities to make some very positive changes."
But he didn't take any chances. Before he accepted the job offer he
spent a lew hours with then premier Bill Bennett. Bennett assured him
that UBC was indeed a very important part ofthe province's economy
and that, for now, the cuts were over. Strangway accepted the job.
His first task was to make sure government continued to be onside.
He spent the first year of his term lobbying the ministry of education,
working with deputy ministers and the premier's office to restore some
funding. Fortunately, many in government agreed with Strangway that
the cuts had gone too far and set up the Fund for Excellence in
Education. It helped initiate new programs but its main function was to
protect BC's universities from the ravages of high, 1980s inflation. It was
the first step back to financial health for UBC, and the beginning of
David Strangway's crusade to make it 'a world renowned institution of
higher education and research.'
By 1989, David Strangway had produced an official mission
statement and was ready to launch what became the most successful
fundraising campaign in Canadian university history.
Developing the mission statement was an interesting and healing
process. It began as a series of questions posed to UBC's faculties and
schools and developed, after three years and five drafts, into a working
plan for the development of UBC into the 21 st century. By focussing on
what UBC did best, and by getting broad support from faculty and staff,
the mission statement helped to reinforce the identity and purpose of
the university.
Broadly stated, the document identified UBC as the premier
research facility in the province and that it should focus its efforts in
developing research strength. It was a controversial approach that many
considered elitist and exclusionary, but Strangway pushed ahead.
And was successful. Bob Miller, VP Research for much of
Strangway's term has nothing but praise for the results. "David
understood that the proper perspective for viewing research was on the
world scale. It's not enough to look at it nationally. The criteria for
research, and competition for research funding, is international. He
took that message with him wherever he went." The atmosphere he
created attracted first rate researchers and more research dollars.
In fact, most of the goals he set out in the mission statement have
been achieved as is shown in the box below:
Second to None: A Mission Statement for UBC
• limit undergraduate admissions by raising entrance standards
• increase graduate enrollment
• encourage government to establish a university in the interior and give
degree-granting status to colleges
• increase the amount and the significance of research conducted at UBC
• increase enrollment of international students
• develop more programs in Asia-Pacific studies, and increase UBC's
academic ties to universities in other countries
• construct new facilities
■   develop the University Endowment Lands to increase university revenue
The David Lam Management Research Centre
It meant that UBC was no longer all things to all people. In the early
years, when UBC was the only post secondary show in the province,
everyone who wanted an education went to UBC. Strangway argued that
BC should have a wide variety of post secondary options for students,
and that UBC's natural place was at the top ofthe educational chain. As
an institution whose focus was research, UBC had to move more toward
the model of UC Berkeley or the University ofWashington: a world class
facility for world class faculty and students.
By 1989, that goal was set. And a major capital campaign was in the
works to raise money to support it.
fid of Opportunity Campaign was the most successful in
university history, raised $262 million for capital
Etion, new programs, chairs and endowments, put UBC on the
Id asserted its place among the top four universities in Canada,
.were asked to create wish lists of things they wanted from a
major campaign and Strangway went about collecting a team of
fundraising professionals to get the job done right. He created a
development office to centralize all fundraising initiatives under one
director and told faculties, departments and other units, like the Alumni
Association, to stop all unapproved fundraising activities.
This upset some deans who held their right to raise funds as a sacred
trust. They expressed their displeasure before and after the campaign
launch, but Strangway was unmoved. It made sense, of course: his view
was the right one. Better, he reasoned, to approach corporation X with
a detailed plan for establishing a chair or scholarship endowment for $1
million than to go after $25,000 for a one-time project. The net result
was a hugely successful fundraising effort, but with some lingering bad
feelings around campus toward what some saw as the administration's
The original goal of the campaign was $66 million. According to
Peter Ufford, VP External Affairs, how that total more than quadrupled
has to do with David Strangway's ability.
"David came in with very little fundraising experience," says
Ufford. A product of the United Way and considered the best
fundraising campaign strategist in the country, Ufford was chosen by
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer 1997 New Facilities Built (or nearly so) since 1985
Cost: $750 million
David Lam Management Research Centre (at old Bus Stop)
Green College (on Graham
House site)
Morris and Helen Belkin Art
Gallery (in front of Freddy Wood
Jack Bell Building for the
School of Social Work (across
from the Ponderosa)
First Nations Longhouse
(southwest of the old Auditorium)
Brock Hall Annex (by Brock
Hall, obviously)
Student Rec Centre (in front
of Gage Towers)
CICSR (across from MacMillan
Forestry building)
Advanced Materials Building
(behind CICSR)
Forest Sciences Centre
(across the road from CICSR)
University Services Building
(where the army huts used to be)
Thunderbird Student Residences (across from Forestry)
Ritsumeikan House (across
from University Services)
National Research Council
Building (south side of 16th Ave.)
Gerald McGavin Building
(across from B lot)
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (north of Buchanan)
Walter C Koerner Library
(west of Sedgewick, facing the
Main Library)
C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Studies (across
from the old Armories site)
Chemistry-Physics Building
(across from the bookstore)
In the works:
Sing Tao School of Journalism
(north end of old Armories site)
Creative Arts facility (south
end of old Armories site)
St. John's College (south of
Place Vanier residences)
Liu Centre for International
Studies (site not yet determined)
Strangway to come on board to establish a development office.
"David has enormous strengths as a strategic planner and as a team
builder. He creates an environment where people want to be a part of his
team. He's a natural leader. He is also extremely enthusiastic about this
university and has the ability to pass that enthusiasm on to others. The
contacts he made, the relationships he established, were absolutely key
to the success ofthe campaign."
Strangway travelled extensively during the course ofthe campaign
and established those relationships wherever he went. He was particularly successful in Asia. Some ofthe most significant gifts to UBC came
from Asian donors who saw the value of strong ties to a Canadian university, and who were convinced that the chairs, programs and centres
Strangway wanted to set up had broad appeal and long term benefits.
Perhaps his largest campaign coup was convincing the provincial
government to match, dollar for dollar, all funds raised for campaign
projects at UBC and at BC's three other universities. It was a canny
move: it convinced donors that the government was indeed willing to
support higher education, and effectively doubled their donation. It also
let government show taxpayers that it wasn't just giving money away.
Universities had to work hard for every dollar. The matching program
was key to the success of the campaign and for leveraging major gifts.
"He created an entirely new atmosphere for university
fundraising," says Ufford. "He's broken new ground and universities
around the country are duplicating his model."
Says Strangway, "There was really no choice. Governments simply
don't have the resources to maintain universities at the highest levels.
And it's essential that we keep this university strong. It's the second largest employer in the province, it creates jobs through spin-off companies
and research and development projects, generates millions of dollars
annually in grants and prepares men and women to take on the leadership of our province. It's a vital resource, an engine of our economy."
He's proud ofthe campaign and all it's done for the university. "It's
a mistake, though," he says, "to see the campaign as buildings. That was
only one part of it."
Albeit the most visible. But it's true: the real benefits ofthe money
raised can be seen in 53 new scholarships and bursaries, 56 new chairs,
12 new professorships and 35 other new academic initiatives. And at the
heart of that is the increased worth of UBC's endowment, valued now at
$525 million. In 1985, that endowment fund stood at just over $85
ve, of course, been controversies.
' Hampton Place development on the University Endowment
rtent ahead in spite of loud community protest. That and the
of the National Research Council building brought about
pressure to develop a plan for the south campus. Criticisms
about traffic, transit inadequacies and the lack of community input
continue to plague development. The university, in response, has
developed an Official Community Plan in cooperation with the Greater
Vancouver Regional District, and with extensive public involvement.
Many on campus, faculty and students alike, have been highly
critical of Strangway's willingness to embrace corporations. An exclusive
contract with Coca Cola and planned agreements with BC Telecom and
other suppliers have brought charges that Strangway has sold the
university. As well, many large corporations donated huge sums to UBC
during the campaign which caused some to question the university's
ability to maintain its academic integrity.
The most explosive controversy of his term was that surrounding
Walter C. Koerner Library
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer 1997      25 Major Accomplishments
• Established UBC as an academic
force internationally with student exchange programs, research partnerships and increased international student
■ Helped increase competitive
research grant funding from
industry, government and foundations from $60 million in
1985 to nearly $ 150 million in
• Increased endowment fund
from $85 million in 1985 to
more than $500 million in 1997.
• Established cost-effective, business-like, 'not-for-loss' ancillary
services structure (athletics,
bookstore, computing services,
etc.), making them self funding
and responsible for their own
• Fought to ensure the right of
freedom of expression for everyone, tenured faculty and students alike.
• Convinced government of the
value of UBC as a key player in
a knowledge-based economy.
• Moved to make UBC more
inclusive by establishing centres
such as the Disability Resource
Centre and First Nations
House of Learning.
• Developed and promoted industry liaison as a means of
generating spin-off companies
and revenues.
• Ensured UBC's status as a
world-class university.
• Established UBC as one of the
most financially stable universities in the country.
New Academic Initiatives
(a random selection)
A total of 56 new chairs, 12 new
professorships and 35 other new
initiatives including:
• Centre for Geriatric Dentistry
• Peter Wall Institute for
Advanced Studies
• Centre for Applied Ethics
• Maurice Young Chair in Applied
• Chair in Computer Integrated
Design and Construction
•Jack Bell Chair in Schizophrenia
• Chair in Spinal Cord Research
• Disability Resource Centre
• Media and Graphics
Interdisciplinary Centre
• Brenda McLean Endowment in
the Creative and Performing
• Ronald L Cliff Professorship in
•Joan Carlisle-IrvingArtist-in-
• Travelling Research Fellow in
Art History
• Chair in AIDS
• Chair in Audiology and Speech
• Chair in Biomedical Ethics
• Hamber Chair in Medicine
• Edgar F. Kaiser Jr. Chair in
Organizational Behaviour
• Dorothy Lam Chair in Special
• Professorship in Health
• Woodward Chair in Surgery
• Chair in Feminist Legal Studies
the temporary suspension of new graduate student intake in the Political
Science department over charges of sexism and racism. A university-
funded report was highly critical of the department and some of its
members and Strangway's administration acted quickly and decisively to
remedy the situation. The reaction was swift and noisy. While many in
the academic community hailed his move, others accused him of bad
judgement, ignoring due process and starting a witch hunt. He was
excoriated in the Vancouver papers and the student press. To this day,
anger wells up the hearts of some faculty members at the mere mention
ofthe crisis.
All of these and other controversial issues resulted in great benefit
to the university. The Hampton Place development on the University
Endowment Lands generated $85 million in endowments for student
aid, arts and humanities; contracts with Coca Cola and others will ensure
funding for programs from athletics to disabled access initiatives with
strict safeguards on the university's academic integrity; and the Political
Science debate, hotly contested on all sides, brought issues of acad-emic
freedom and inclusion to the very front ofthe university's agenda.
When Strangway is convinced that a plan of action will benefit the
university, he acts on it. It's led to one ofthe most consistent criticisms
levelled against him: he acts unilaterally. It's a charge he refuses to
accept. There's a difference, he says, between seeking consensus and
seeking consultation.
"When we developed the mission statement, we asked the campus
for advice on UBC's direction," he says. "The same thing happened
during the planning stages of the campaign. We depended on campus
input to define our fundraising goals and to spell out important
"But the fact that we would enter a campaign and that all
fundraising would be coordinated through a central office was not open
to the consensus process. Nor was the fact that Hampton Place would be
developed. We were happy to seek some level of consensus on the nature
of that development, and in fact included much of that advice in the final
plan. But we weren't willing to debate the fact of it. The same thing
applies to exclusive contracts with UBC suppliers. We will enter into
them, but we will also seek campus feedback on safeguards and the
programs we develop with the funds."
No one can expect to make great changes in a complex system
without  stepping  on  some  toes  and  causing  some  conflict.   David
Green College, UBC
26       UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer 1997 What's next for David
Strangway? A comfortable seat on
a corporate board? A little boat
and a fishing rod?
The answer is a surprise.
Strangway understands the politically charged nature of academia, and
appreciates the twin devils of ego and empire that seep into university
faculties. But he's had the courage, the vision and the ability to make
great things happen in spite of it.
It's also important, says Strangway, to remember how far we've
come in 12 years. "Universities are supposed to be filled with opinions,
ideas and points of view. Sometimes these things clash," he says. "When
I came here in 1985, UBC had lost its spirit, its feistiness. Faculties still
had issues and individuals still had conflicts, but it was almost too much
bother to raise any fuss. Now, that lost energy has returned and people
are ready to stand up for the things they believe. It's a sign UBC is back
in good health, and I like it."
Years from now, when the controversies and critics have been
forgotten and ivy has grown tall on the new buildings, David Strangway
will still be seen as the major architect of UBC both in terms of physical
plant and academic integrity. His 12 years have been some ofthe most
significant in the history ofthis university.
But vvjHF a m^§K"e. What's next? A comfortable seat on a corporate
boardKliuR^koat and a fishing rod? Puttering around in the garden?
Minslfg the gi^Bichildren?
be answitafS a surprise.
support of the local business community, he hopes to
establish a small, private, undergraduate university in British Columbia
within three years. It will be the first secular private university in Canada.
The new university will attract half its students from Canada and
half from around the world. Each student will speak a minimum of three
languages (English, one European and one Asian), and each will pay the
full cost of tuition. Funding for the university will come from tuition and
from money the university generates through gifts and development.
He's looking at a number of possible sites around the province, with
Whistler at the top of his list.
"The idea is to prepare students for the challenges of working in the
international community," he says. "It will incorporate the most up-to-
date technology available, and students will be trained to use that
technology creatively to solve current problems and to anticipate
opportunities down the road. It's an exciting concept, and one we're very
much ready for in BC."
As he's done all his life, David Strangway has devised an
extremely ambitious goal for himself. With his track record, it's likely
he'll achieve it.   _j
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UBC Ali'mni Chronicle, St.'MMHR 1997      27 30s
Lois (Still) Cudmore BA'38 (Botany/Zoology) took a "wonderful" three-month round-the-world voyage in '92 and '94,
called Semester at Sea, a program for undergrads, faculty,
staff and adults ...Malcolm Hector Mackenzie BASc'37
(Elec Eng) began his career inToronto and then on to Brazil,
Ireland,Afghanistan, Iran and the Philippines. He has been
living in retirement in Florida for the past 20 years ...
William Millar McGill BA'36 is still finding life very interesting in Courtenay, but not as exciting ... Bruce
Woodsworth BA'36 is looking for a publisher for his recently completed book, Trekking in African Adventure, an autobiography of his experiences as an exploration geologist
from 1936-38 in Northern Rhodesia {now Zambia) ...
Jeffrey Bowell is trying to find info about his father,
Stephen T. Bowell BASc'46 (Chem Eng) who passed away
in 1983. If there are any members of the class of '46 who
remember his father's musical career, including a regimental
march called Officer ofthe Day, please contact Jeffrey in Massachusetts at (617) 274-8531 ... Jan de Bruyn BA'49, Associate Professor Emeritus, English, is a volunteer at the Nelson University Centre. She will offer a course in Milton and
another in Metaphysical Poets in the forthcoming calendar
...Walter Holyk BSc'49 was inducted into the Canadian
Mining Hall of Fame back in January.Walter is renowned for
his work in exploring volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits. He has received numerous awards for his work, those
including the CIM's Dufresne Award for Mineral Exploration
in 1980 and the PDAC's Distinguished Service Award in
1992 ... Thomas A. Klopp BA'46 remarried last year after
his first wife passed away and is working on the implementation of BC's new Adult Guardianship laws... Robert W.
MacDonald BSW'48, MSW'56 is currently a center for the
CAN-AM team in the eighth annual Playmaker Ice Hockey
Tournament inVictoria from March 24-29 ... Patricia
Graham (Bibbs) Massy BA'41, DipSw'42,MSW'62 published A Study Guide for a Course in Miracles in 1984The
book was distributed world-wide and is now under revision
and due for completion this year ... Retiree James E.
Oldfield BSA'41,MSA'49 (Animal Nut) had a fulfilling career
in Animal Science, serving on a number of national organizations and receiving Distinguished Service Awards from Oregon State University and from the Western Section ofthe
American Society of Animal Science. Dr. Oldfield served a
three-year term as editor for the Professional Animal Scientist
post-retirement and is now secretary for the Mink Farmers
Research Foundation ... C.John West BCom'48 is wondering if there are any old vets of WW II and/or UBC in the immediate post-war times plugged into the Internet. If so and
you are interested in some email reminiscing, contact him at John A.Youngman BCom'49
(Econ) just had his second bypass operation. His two sons
are also UBC grads, Steven BCom'77, LLB'80, and Bruce
BSc'92 ...
Quebec-based Sandra Cohen-Rose BHE'58 (Foods & Nut)
just released the first book on Canadian Art Deco, Northern
Deco-Art Deco Architecture in Montreal... Norah (Barnett)
Grogan BA'59 (Psych/Hist) and husband George are wrapping up their years of mixed farming in Manitoba, and are
into geneological research ... D. Grant Hepburn BASc'55
(Mech Eng) has travelled the world working on design and
construction of pulp and paper projects. He now operates an
engineering consulting practice in Port Alice, BC ...
Still going strong is Margaret (Guest) Hoehn MD'54 as she
conducts clinical research on Parkinson's disease ... Ivor
Jones BEd'59 spent four gruelling years as an Industrial Arts
teacher dealing with kids, principals and inspectors, which
caused an ulcer that cleared up as soon as he quit. Ivor spent
his last 18 working years at BC Hydro, and has been retired
for 12. He has only one word to describe teaching —
ACKKK!!!!... David Kemle BASc'58 (Elec Eng) feels that
university is the best thing he ever did in his life, and would
like to keep in touch with other UBC '58 EE grads over the
net. His address is if you want to volunteer yours ... Douglas Henderson BA'56, PhD'60 has been
awarded a fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He will conduct research in Melbourne,
Australia, Hong Kong, Lublin, Poland, Ulm, Germany, and
the US ... Gordon Lloyd BEd'58, MEd'62 retired last October after an exciting career in public education. He was a
classroom teacher, CIDA adviser in West Africa, principal in
Kamloops,Assistant Superintendent of Schools, and Regional
Coordinator, Field Services, in the Ministry of Education,
Skills andTraining. He is enjoying his retirement travelling in
California and the Caribbean ... Gone sailing is John
Herbert Long BCom'51, who officially retired in March
after 45 years with a local chain and forge company ... Dr.
R.H. Roy BA'50, MA'S I (History) just finished writing David
Lam: a Biography which was published last October by
Douglas & Mclntyre ...SiegfiedWilly Pape BA'57,MA'59
retired as head of Statistical Research and Development
Planning in 1994 and is now living in Bochum, Germany. He
also went on an assignment last year as city planner with the
Senior Expert Service in the Philippines ... Past pres ofthe
Alumni Association, E.S.(Bert) Reid BASc'51 (Forest Eng) is
ending nine-year as a UBC board member of BC Rehab and
has recently been appointed a member ofthe Hospital
Group Board B ofVancouver Hospital ... Retired Chartered
Accountant Gordon Spare BCom'56 just released a 288-
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Summer 1997
UBC An mm Chronici.k, Summkk, 1997 CLASSACTS
page book called Canadian Small Business Money Management
Manual to help small business owners become better financial managers ... Irvin Thomas BSc'S2 retired in 1984 after a
long and fulfilling career as, among other achievements,
Founding Chief Engineer for Cana Construction Co., Ltd.
and president and C.E.O. of Cana Group of Companies from
1978-84 ... Helen Louise (Kennedy)Todd BPE'53 is
putting her Masters in Library Education to use by setting up
a library for the University of Florida, Southwest Florida
Research and Education Center ...
Michael Aleksiuk PhD'68 (Zoology) recently published a
book of interdisciplinary theory of human behaviour titled
Power Therapy: Maximizing Health Through Self-Efficacy. He is
director ofThe Power Therapy Institute and a senior research associate in the Department of Psychology at the
University of Alberta ... After 35 years in the Aerospace industry, Robert A. Cantin BA'61 has been assigned to work
on ISSA Space Station for NASA at Allied Signal Aerospace
Space Lab in Torrance, CA ...Active in her third career, Ellen
Edwards BEd'65, combines her first two careers, teaching
and employment counselling, to become aTraining Coordinator for career and employment counsellors. Ellen's career
life these days is shared with little granddaughter Zoe Edin
and genealogical research ... Peter Eggleton BASc'61 (Mech
Eng) recently moved back to Quebec after a posting in Brussels as Counsellor (science and technology) at the Canadian
Mission to the European Union. He is currently a consultant
in InternationalTechnology Collaboration ... Robert Felix
MA'62 and wife Judith (Grossman) Felix BA'62 celebrated
the birth of their eighth grandchild, Elizabeth Jane, on November 13 of last year in Hilton Head Island, S. Carolina ...
1978 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award Frances
L. Fleming BEd'65, MEd'67 W\\\ be awarded the Order of
BC this June along with former pupil Howard White ... On
her 80th birthday, Taimi (Aho) Hindmarch BEd'68 (Bern)
was informed by Saturna Island residents that a bursary in
her name was being established for the outstanding Saturna
Island school graduate of the year ... Earl Jenstad BSc'64
(Food Sc) just finished a 28-year career with the BC Ministry
of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. He is now ready to move
into travelling, consulting and more volunteer work in
Abbotsford ... DonaldT. Lee BSc'60 was recently elected
to Vancouver council after 31 years of secondary school
teaching ...Toronto-based Paul F. Little MBA'68 has led a
fulfilling life so far: he's taken up with a younger woman, had
a hair transplant, made a lot of money and can still bench
press 250 lbs. However, with good comes bad: Revenue
Canada is attacking him, he doesn't get out to BC much, and
we're not on his donations list... John M. Mackenzie
PhD'69 (Hist) has been a professor of imperial history at
Lancaster University in the UK for a number of years and
was the Dean of Humanities from 1989-92 and Dean of Education from 1993-97 ... Bernice McDonough BA'60,
MEd'69 retired from the Faculty of Education back in 1980
and since then has lectured on cruise ships around the
world on handwriting analysis and graphology. She's been
sailing the high seas for 10 years now ... Gail (Schulz)
Muliner BA'68 (Psych), MEd'79, MuEd'96 (Dip) is teaching
Music Education at Kamloops's UCC which presently has
the largest elementary school music ORFF program in the
BC interior ... Mary Jo (Anderson) Nicholson LLB'66 is a
professor in the Law area ofthe Faculty of Business at
Ryerson inToronto. She has just published Legal Aspects of
International Business:A Canadian Perspective through
Prentice-Hall Canada ... Stanley J. Papplebaum MD'63 has
been appointed Executive VP and CEO of ScrippsHealth in
San Diego ...Alice Prendergast BSN'61 just released the
fourth edition of her Medical Terminology text/workbook,
published by Addison-Wesley ... Margo (Swanson)
Sargent BA'61 (Eng) was awarded this year's Governor's
Award for Excellence in Education. She currently teaches
high-schoot level ESL ... Larry Schmidt BASc'63 (Chem Eng)
and wife Lorna are alive and well in Ontario. Larry is Associate Engineer in process design with NOVA Chemicals in
Sarnia ... Henry L.Suderman BASc'65, MBA'69 has been
appointed marketing director of K.W. Brown Environmental
Services. Henry now lives in Austin,Texas and would enjoy
hearing from his UBC friends at ...
San Diego based Robert G.Thompson BASc'6/ (Mech
Eng) is manager ofTechnology Development at Sunstrand
Power Systems. He has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Newly-appointed director of central area planning and co-
director of planning for the City ofVancouver, Larry
Beasley MA'76 recently travelled to China on a mission to
assist Chinese cities with contemporary problems. His work
was recently recognized by the UN as one ofthe world's
100 best planning practices ... Lynne (Newman)
Carmichael MFA'78 was chosen as Alpha Omicion Pi's
"Woman of Achievement" for her exceptional service to the
community. She will be honoured at the Centennial Celebration convention in New York City this June ...After 20 years
in consulting and industry, Robert Clendenan MBA'75
formed Clendenan & Associate Consulting Ltd. a year ago.
The firm specializes in human resources and general management consulting with a particular interest in change management ... Ken Collier MSW'70 took early retirement from
the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina last
December and is now director ofthe Centre for Learning
Accreditation at Alberta's Athabasca University ... Gaelan
(Doods) de Wolf BA'71, MA'77, PhD is one ofthe authors
and editors ofthe newly-published Gage Canadian Dictionary ... Brian T. Digby BPE'75, MBA'77 has accepted the position of executive vice-president, Marketing and Product Development, for the Alberta Treasury Branches in Edmonton
... Ronald A. Ford BEd'78 (Sec) married Stephanie Durban
seven years ago and together they have three children. Presently Ronald is vice principal at KLO secondary school in
Kelowna... Lucy Fox MA'76 and husband CharlesYoung
LLB'75, LLM'77 are residing in New Mexico, where Lucy is
practicing as a nephrologist in Albuquerque ... Former
Ubyssey editor Christopher John Gainor BA'79 (Hist) is
now director of communications for the NDP government
caucus in Victoria. He's worked for the Hospital Employees'
Union for the past few years and married Audrey McClellan,
a book editor ... Rick Hardisty BA'72 (Psych) is co-founder
and managing director ofthe Centre for Effective Enterprise
Development with an active consulting practice in organizational development, industrial psychology and human resource management... Hong Kong-based John Henderson
BCom'77, managing director of the Pacific Rim Group, has
just been elected as one of eight new Fellow Chartered Accountants for 1997 in recognition of their dedication to the
CA profession and contributions in service areas ... Gary
(Pryke) Howard BA'78 (Eng) married Shelly Howard in
1987 and took on her family name. Gary has been teaching
inVancouver for the past 13 years and has fond memories of
his days at the U ... Robert Johnson BA'78,BArch'83
started an architectural practice specializing in heritage
houses and contextual designs for existing neighbourhoods
... Nan (Diether) Judd BA'73 (Home Ec) and husband Ron
Judd BSF'74 have two active healthy daughters, 14 and 16.
Ron left the forest industry in 1990 to become a safety officer with WCB. Nan was elected school trustee in 1996 ...
It's been 25 years since Takashi Kano MASc'7l (Elec Eng)
left UBC and yes, he will visit his friends and the university
this year ... Rick Knowlan BASc'74 (Civil Eng), MBA'85,
opened Knowlan Consulting Group Inc., in North Van with
FPC Investments Inc. - Securities Dealer
Specialists in planning and
maintaining financial independence.
Call today to find out how
we can assist you.
#202 - 2309 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6M 2A3
Tel (604) 261-8511
Fax (604) 261-1411
UBC Allmni Chronicle, Summkr, 1997      29 In Memoriam
Roderick Victor Anderson BASc'31 (dv Eng)
ofThornHII, Ont, 1996.
Isabella (Arthur) Beckett BA'33
of Vancouver, March 9,1997.
Don Bjamason BA'51, BSW58
of Creston, December 6,1996;
Peter Btoodof? MA'81 (Planning)
of Prince George, October 22, 1996.
Leonard Bora BSc'70
of Coquitlam, April 30, 1997.
Andrew Checko BASc'47
of Burnaby, February 18,1997.
Gordon Clarke BA'50, BEd'57
of Ladysmith, March 21, 1997.
Berna Dellert BA'35 (Econ)
of California, February 28,1997.
George Dodman BCom '51
of Delta, November, 1996.
Lara Lian Gilbert BSc'95
ofVancouver, October 7,1995.
Roy Waiam Hamtyn BCom'79
of Vancouver, November 7, 1997.
WWam Ralph Hoteton MEd'66
of Vancouver, December 11, 1995.
Marlene KaHn BA'55
of Edmonton, June 18,1996.
Margaret E, Leighton (Peggy)
Pub HealthNursing Dip'4B, BLS'67
of Vancouver, June, 1996.
Charles M. LMard BA'69, MA73 (Cr Wr)
ofVictoria, March 27,1997.
Dr. Alix Aurore Lang BSc'83
of StLuda, West Indies, Feb 23, 1997.
Robert J. Luzardo MLS'79
of Vancouver, January 26, 1997.
James Fraser Lynn BCom'46
of Nova Scotia, March 18,1997.
Sasha A MacDonald BHE'49
of Burnaby, October 18,1996.
John Francis Maguire BCom'50
of Penticton, October, 1996.
his wife Mary Cheung.They provide management consulting
services to leaders of strategic change ... John Lentsch
8Sc70 (Geophysics) and wife Marie are relocating to the UK,
where John will assume the position of managing director of
QC Data UK Ltd ... Jane (Andrews) Manning BRE'78 and
husband Paul Manning BASc'79 (Civ Eng) have recently relocated to South Surrey where Jane is actively involved with
Southridge School, a new co-educational private school.
They are academically oriented, so watch out UBC! ...You
can learn how to say "welcome" in Hawaiian by visiting
David Mattison's MFA'78, MLS'78 personal web site: http:// ... Richard Paisley BSc'75 is
among 15 Canadians selected to take part in the '97 class of
the prestigious Leadership for Environment and Development training program.The two-year program begins in
Ottawa and includes training sessions in Costa Rica and Zimbabwe ... Frances K. Pohl BA'77, MA'80 (Art Hist) will begin
a three-year term as associate dean of faculty at Pomona
College in Claremont, CA, on July I st. She also published an
exhibition catalogue in 1995 entitled In the Eye ofthe Storm:
An Art of Conscience, 1930-1970 ...J. Ian Prattis PhDVO
(Anthro), professor of Anthropology at Carleton University,
just released a book called Anthropology at the Edge made up
of 13 essays of current issues in anthropology, philosophy
and religion ... Patrick Raynard BA'75, MLA'78 left the Chief
Librarian position atWestVan's Collingwood school to
work in the Archives ofthe Roman Catholic Archdiocese of
Vancouver. He's working under Rev. James Hanrahan CSB,
who is also principal of St. Mark's College at UBC ...
Elspeth Sage BA'75 (History) is working in the UK on independent art projects and exhibitions, featuring work by contemporary Canadian artists ... Harvey Schrayen BASc'79
(Min Eng) and wife Bonnie sailed to NZ from Victoria in
1983 and settled there. Harvey is working in geographical
information systems for the local government. They are interested in hearing from other UBC alumni in NZ ...
Lavonne (Bruchet) Stewart BA'78 recently moved from
Vancouver to Calgary with husband Tom and their four sons.
After teaching for many years, she is now home caring for
their sons full-time ... John Swainson BASc'77 (Mineral Eng,1
has moved to Connecticut with his wife Linda and family
where John is the General Manager of IBM's Application
Development Tools division ...Glenn L.Tibbies BPE'73
(Geography) has been selected by the US Embassy in Ottawa
as one of two Canadian participants in the US International
Visitor Program, a professional, cultural and business exchange program occurring in May 1997 ... Michele Waters
Arts Translation Diplomo'79 (German) returned to Victoria
five years ago where she is happily employed as a career
counsellor and the proud owner of Hearts Delight, a quaint
home built in 1903 ... Happily enjoying semi-retirement in
Nanoose Bay, Leonard F.Winter BCom'72 (Finance) had a
two-year career with the Business Development Bank of
Canada, and spent a short time as a realtor in Delta ... Celia
M.(Womack) Wolfe MA'74 (History) is still teaching at
Ackworth Quaker school after 12 years. She just published
her first book Summon Up the Blood on the 1944-45 northwest Europe campaign ... Timothy B.Woolstencroft
BA'78 (Pol Sci) married Paula King inToronto two years ago.
Rebecca Abbott MSc'80 (Planning) is now working as a research associate for the Fairtrade Foundation, a human rights
NGO ... Ron Aoyama BSc'88 just started a PhD in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University ofWashington. Previously Ron was studying in the Faculty of Pharmacy's MSc program at the University of Manitoba ... Michelle
Askew-Crossland BA'87 married Kevin Crossland last September in Calgary. Since returning to Canada from England
and Cyprus, Michelle's been working for Rogers Broadcasting
at Calgary's CHFM/CFAC Radio. She was promoted to general sales manager of CJOC/CFRV/CJPR/CJEV in Lethbridge,
Alta. last April ... Thomas Baumeister BSc'79, DMD'83, and
Brenda (Hobbs) Baumeister BSN'80 (Nursing) are happy to
announce their sixth child, Mason Kenyon Hobbs, born on
Nov. 26 of last year ...Another birth announcement for
Andrew Benkovich BSc'83 (Physics) and Susan (Miller)
Benkovich BCom'85. Valerie Angela came into the world on
Jan. 29 of this year ... Soon-to-be-married Tom Berger
BSc'88 (Geology) to Anne O'Keefe, is currently with the
Hunter Dickinson Group as an environmental geologist. Anne
is a RN at Vancouver Hospital-UBC site ... Mark Blarney
BASc'82 (Mech Eng), MBA  has been appointed Technical Director, Mechanical Engineering for Domco Engineering, the
engineering and design division ofthe Dominion Company ...
One more for Mary-Ann Booth BCom'85, LLB'86, and John
Sampson BCom'82, LLB'85. Charlotte Rose was born Jan. 16,
a sister for two-year-old Madeleine ... Mary Burns MBA'83 is
a senior consultant at John Fleury and Associates, a Vancouver
management consulting firm ... Happily married and recently
promoted is Leslie (Scott) Cadien BASc'80 (Metallurgy).
She and husband Kenneth have five children and are settled in
Portland, Oregon after sojourns in Alberta and California ...
Michael Canic BPE'8I,MPE'83, PhD'88 is now senior vice
president-Consulting Operations for the Atlanta Consulting
Group. His wife of three years, Bernadine Grenier, is a
Queen's grad ...Ernest Carson BASc'8 / (Civil Eng) is currently
working for the Ministry of Forests, Kamloops Region. He is
also involved in the Watershed Restoration Program for Forest Renewal BC ... Back inVancouver from Ottawa is Greg
Celmainis BASc'89 (Computer Eng) and wife Elizabeth, who
are proud to announce the arrival of their second son,
Malcolm Robert, born Dec. 2 of last year ... Ari Harding
Chernoff was born to Paul Chernoff MA'84 (Planning) and
Leannah Harding on Oct. 6, 1996. Paul also started as systems
manager for the Washingtonian Magazine in DC and resides in
Arlington,VA ... Sheldon Clare BA'86 (Int'l Rel) was awarded
the Special Service Medal in 1995 for military service to
NATO in Germany and Canada. He is currently a part-time
and sessional English faculty member at the College of New
Caldeonia in Prince George ... Rod C. Cole BA'84 (Econ) was
recently promoted to manager. Customer Service and Operations for Royal Bank.Alberta South ... Now living in England,
Sarah Codings BA'83 (Art Hist) started working at Sunderland Borough Council in Landscape and Reclamation ...After
some careful thought,Linda M.Conrad BHE'83,MA'86 and
husband Gerry J. Naito BPE'80, MRM decided to leave the
30      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer, 1997 CLASSACTS
In Memoriam
congestion ofthe Lower Mainland and retreat to the city of
Vernon. Gerry is currently Senior Fisheries Biologist at Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd., and Linda will be
putting her work search strategy knowledge to the test
looking for new employment... Shortly after graduating,
Angela Cremer BEd'87 was called several times to assist
with fundraising activities, which she thoroughly enjoyed, but
has not been contacted since 1990. She is looking for more
work, so if you need any volunteers, please don't hesitate to
call her at 535-0622 ... Antoinette De Wit BEd'87 completed her first collection of short stories and poetry entitled Wrinkles and Rhymes.The book is duly registered with
the National Library of Canada in their Canadiana Division.
She is now working on her second collection entitled Scenes
from a Pick-UpWindow due to be released in December, 1997
...Bruce Dow BFA'85(Acting),MFA'88 (Directingjheatre Hist)
is enjoying the stage in his latest appearance as Dr. Carter
and Henry Lynn in Royal Alexandra Theatre's performance
of jane Eyre. In addition to numerous plays and musicals,
Bruce has appeared in Les Miserables, in both the Toronto
musical and the Canadian National Tour ...Active marathon
runners Cynthia Jane (Mepham) Egli BHE'89 and husband Cam Egli BA'90 (Pharm) are expecting their first child
around Mother's Day. Cam is a pharmacist at Kelowna General Hospital and Cyd is a Court Clerk at the Law Courts ...
Rex Eng BSc'80 (Agr) is a biology and compute science instructor at Richmond International High School and College
... Mark Espenant Mech Eng'83 is manager of several R&D
a new car?
For the best possible price
on the purchase of your
next vehicle, contact:
Greg Huynh
Robert Montgomery
#506 - 1015 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y5
TEL:   688-0455
FAX:   669-1110
projects for the military, and now lives in Ottawa. He and his
wife Justine have a seven-year-old daughter, Nicole, and twins
Carleen and Tyler were born last December ... Robin S.
Evison BSc'8/ (Zoology), MD'85 and wife Audrey are proud to
announce the birth of their son, Robert, born on April 15,
1997; another grandson for Don S. Evison BCom'48 ... Busy
mom Shannon (Taylor) Evans BCom'85 of two children
occasionally likes to help out at her husband Michael's investment banking firm, Evans and Evans, Inc. And no she's not the
second Evans in the name ... Recent author Andre Frazer
BCom'86 has just published a personal finance book called The
Banker's Secrets by Macmillan Canada. It is now available
across the country ...A second child for Lori Green
BCom'84 and husband Randy. Alanna was born last February, a
sister for six-year-old Russell ...Jackie Hildering BSc'85
(Agr) is residing in the Netherlands and is a coordinator
within International Education. She also continues to teach
Biology and Integrated Science ... SooYong Hoo MBA'89
married RoselineYap and has two little girls, six-year-old Lorraine and three-year-old Bridget. He is currently Business
manager with ICI Paints, Singapore ... Congratulations to Jill
(Pease) Kenwood BSc'87 (Mkrobology) and her husband
Steve Kenwood BSc'87 (Geology) on their new arrival,
Madeleine Simone, born last December - a sister for Connor
...After five years of teaching ESL, Heather (Robinson)
Kirkwood BEd'83 (ESL) is now teaching grade eight for the
Surrey school board ... Gary Kuno BCom'85 and wife Jan
(Yee) Kuno BPE'88, BEd'91 (Elem) are thrilled to announce
the arrival of Tamara Kyoko, born Oct. 26, 1996 - a sister to
Christopher Alexander. Gary has been the controller for
Wolfe Chev. Olds since '95 ... Bernard Lapointe MSc'88 (Ag
Econ) recently moved back to Canada after spending five
years in LA as a Portfolio Manager. He accepted the position
ofVice Prez/Portfolio Manager with Conseillers Financiers St.
Laurent in Montreal ...Another birth announcement for
Sherry (Quan) Lim BA'87 (Hon Eng) and Jeffrey Lim
BCom'87 (Urban Land), Courtney was born Aug. 29, 1996. Jeff
continues to work at Great West Life as asset manager, Investment Properties while Sherry is director of Corporate
Communications for Royal Le Page Commercial ...Seattle-
based Mark Looi BSc'82 (Applied Math) and wife Susan have
two young boys, ages four and eight. Both enjoy hearing from
and about fellow alumni ... Jo-Ann Lee MA'82 (Adult Ed)
completed her PhD in Sociology at the U of Sask. and has
accepted a tenure track position in the Dept. of Women's
Studies at UVic ...A son, Erik, arrived for Leah (Needham)
MacLennan BSN'89 and David MacLennan MD'89 last
September. David works as a anaesthetist in New West ...
Natasha Mendelsohn BHE'89 has been working as a domestic production coordinator for Umbro Canada apparel
since February ...Jana Meyer BEd'88 (Geo Sci, Sp Ed) and
husband Mark spent the last two years living in Yokosuka,
Japan where their first child, Konnor Francis, was born. Jana
had the opportunity to teach in two Japanese junior high
schools, as well as teaching for the Japanese National Defense
Force at their Graduate Academy. Both are settled back on
Whidby Island ... Laura Millar BA'81 (Hist),MAS'84 completed a PhD in Archive Studies at the University of London
last spring and is now a distance education and archival/editorial consultant here in BC ... Musician James E.K. Parker
BMus'85 received his DMA from the Juilliard School in New
York in 1992. He has been performing in piano recitals and
Mrato MilsushJo BA'55
pfNciritiViricc)wer,C>ctober, 1996.
Dr. Pari* J, Moloney BA'48 (Zoology)
ofVancouver, January 24, 1997.
Lt Cdr. Norman Moodfe (Ret) BSc'36 (Min Eng)
Ivy Norcross BA'39
of Osoyoos, March 3, 1997.
Joseph M Pearce BSc'42
of Montreal, April 17,1997.
Nan (fiorsyth) Perry BA3I
^Victoria, March 12,1997.
Diana Mary Priestly BA'47, LLB'50
of Victoria, March 27,1997.
MaryG. Orton Dip.SW44
ofVancouver. January, 1997.
Midori Ota MBfMS
of New Ibrk City, April 24,1997.
Eldon Rideout BSc'47(4gr), MSA'49
of Surrey, April I, 1997.
Margaret (MacLeod) Rudd BA'45, BSW47
of North Vancouver, January 23,1997.
lsabelle Sanderson BA'64, MA'64 (Psych)
of Hixon, BC, December, 1996.
Rev.WEH. Smith BA'36 (Eng/Hist)
of Cape Coral, FL, January 31, 1997.
Donald Arthur Stewart BASc'39 (Mech Eng)
,■ ofVancouver, February 12,1995.
Frank J. Studer S42/
March 29,1997.
Milton C Tayter BSc'39 (Agr), MSA'46
of Hershey, PA, November 16,1996.
Dk Raymond V TbrnSnson BSc'54, MSc'56
of Palo Alto, CA, April 20, 1996,
Eugenia Webb B4W
!•■  • ofloronto, January, 1997.
of OTIiSrvack, January, 1997.
Dorothy Wyman
wife of past chancellor, Bob Wyman,
of West Vancouver, February 24,1997.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer, 1997 CLASSACTS
chamber music, as well as a soloist with orchestras, both in
Canada and abroad. He is currently Assistant Professor in
the Music Department ofWilfird Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont.... Heather (McBurney) Pastro BEd'8l(Elem)
and Allan Pastro DMD'82 are pleased to announce the
arrival of Stephanie Anne Elisabeth, born Dec. 17, 1996. Allan
has his own dentistry practice in Nanaimo, and Heather is
teaching in the Faculty of Education at Malaspina University
College ... Ken Pilgrim BASc'84 (Chem Eng) is starting a
new position as production manager at Cyclotron Isotopes
at MDS Nordion Inc. MDS produces radioisotopes and
radiopharmaceuticals for commercial use ... Shirley
(Rennick) Pitt BA'81 (Geography) and husband Richard
have formed Fireplug Computers Inc., a new product that
will address the security needs of small business and home
office computer users ... Megan (Watts) Pratt BCom'84
(Marketing) husband Mark and three sons Christopher, John
and David have recently relocated to Victoria from McBride,
BC ...Sharon (Nagel) Pughe DH'86 (Dip) and husband
Doug are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Briggs
Keith Payzant
1931 -1997
IVeith Wilbert Payzant BSc'56 (Pharm),
ofVictoria, BC died suddenly at home
on February 23, at the age of 66.
Born in Edmonton, Payzant was one
of the founders of the Regency Group
of professional pharmacies inVancouver, and owned O'Grady's Prescriptions. His pharmacy career spanned
forty years, and during that time he
also operated Maclnnis Rexall
Drugstore in Penticton, and most recently provided the pharmacy services
at Glendale Hospital in Victoria.
During his brief retirement, he
found great pleasure working in his
garden and travelling with his family.
He was always very proud to be a UBC
Donations have been given to the
alumni association and put in a separate account pending further instructions from the family.
Douglas Nagel, on April 8, 1997; a brother for Kayla.Tennille
andTyra ... Patrick Reid BSc'81 (Agr) has just been appointed as Anglican priest for the parishes of St. Edward's,
Oliver, BC and St. Christopher's in Osoyoos, BC, beginning
in May ... Active in the BC Museum community, Shelley
Reid BEd'83 (TESL,Anthro) was recently promoted to the
position of senior collections manager in the Anthropology
Department of the Royal BC Museum inVictoria, where
she's worked for the past eight years ... Bruce Campbell
Robertson BA'85 is now Marketing Director for Bristol-
Myers Squibb in China. He moved there with his wife
Carolyn and their two children and will be marketing health
and beauty products for the next two to five years ... Living
up in the Northwest Territories is Jim Robinson BSc'85
(Geology) where he is employed as a grade-control geologist
at the Miramar Con Mine. He is still married to wife of nine
years, Juanita, and they have two children, ages seven and five
... Brian W. Russell BSF'84 and Kathy (Vandalen) Russell
BSc'86 (Agr) are living in Kamloops with three girls,Alysha,
Michelle and Jennifer. Brian is a Forester for the Ministry of
Forests and Kathy is a supervisor for Usborne Books at
Home ... GregTedesco BCom'85 and wife Sherry are proud
to announce the arrival of their first child, Christina Rose,
born in Vancouver on February 19 of this year ... Following
UBC, David Vaisbord BA'83 (Art Hist) received an Honours
BFA in Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute in 1989. Six
years ago David flew to New York for the funeral of his Russian uncle, MischaWeisbord.and began the project that ultimately became Mischa, a National Film Board of Canada production.The film premiered across Canada in February 1996,
and since then has been shown at film festivals, received a
Best Director award at AMTEC, selected for a screening at
the BanffTelevision Festival, and nominated for a Chalmer's
Award in I 997 ...After three years with Sprint Canada as
Manager of Marketing Operations, MikeVanchu BCom'83,
MBA'87 is leaving to become vice-president of Sales and Marketing with Canadian Business Information ... M.Yasin
Visram BFA'84 (Art Hist), BArch'88 is among eight architects
who joined RTKL, an international architecture, planning and
engineering firm, as part of an expansion to their Hong Kong
office. He was previously responsible for the concept and
design development of the auditorium and exhibit hall for
Tzu Chi, a Buddhist temple in Taiwan ... Richard Waiz
MD'86 and wife Cynthia Hamilton BCom'84 had a recent
arrival of baby Sonja Sayle on Dec. 27, 1996 - a sister for
Amelia and Lydia ...Newlywed Ursula (Korth) Wiebe married Peter last September after teaching grade one for I I
years in Chilliwack.They now reside in Aylmer, Ont.... More
congrats to Alex Wong BA'88 (Psych) and Angela (Cikes)
Wong BA'88 (French) who welcome the first addition to
their family.Tatiana was born March 17 of this year, and her
parents are excited, happy and tired.
Kenneth Armstrong BA'91 (PolSci) is practicing family and
employment law with the Burnaby firms of Stone & Alexander and is also engaged to Christina Glenn ... Richard Bae
BSc'9 /, BA'94 and soon-to-be-wife Sarah J. Kim BA'91 are
living in New York, where Richard is about to enter senior
year in the oral surgery honours program at NY University
College of Dentistry ... Robert Best BMus'94 has a successful music instruction studio and has co-composed music
for a new 12 piece south-afro worldbeat big-band called
South African Big Band Revival (SABBR) ...After completing a
two-year computer animation diploma form Burnaby's
Center for Digital Imaging & Sound, Anne (Davis) Chan
BA'9/ (Econ) was hired on at Mainframe Entertainment.She
just finished her first professional animation production and
is working on the television shows Beosties and ReBoot...
Georgina (Toth) Chipman BSc'94 (Pharm) and Gordon
Chipman BSF'93 (Forestry) were married in 1995 and had a
baby boy, Stephen Edwin, last February. Georgina works for
Shoppers Drug Mart, and Gordon is with Riverside Forest
Products, both in Williams Lake ... Leanne Chow BA'94 is a
buyer for Canadian Autoparts Toyota, Inc. and has recently
purchased her first house ... Michael Redner
Cumberland MMus'90 would like to inform his friends and
acquaintances that he has changed his name from Michael
Cumberland Redner to the above ... Lynn (Blake)
Engelsjord BHE'92, BEd'93 got married last August and is
currently teaching at a high school in Kelowna ... Dalerie
(MacKenzie) Felstad BSN'94 and Colin Felstad BLA'93
are residing in Dapp,Alta., where Dalerie is busy operating a
catering business and exercising her thoroughbred and
chocolate lab. Colin joined his family's mixed farming operations and likes fine wine and the Internet, to name a few
things ... Anke Frankenberger LLM'92 is living in Germany
where she finished the PhD program at Heidelberg University and is due to start working at a cologne company ...After living in China for most of 1996, Robert Gray BA'92
(Hist) is now at the University of Michigan where he is doing
his doctorate in Chinese history.This fall Robert plans to
move to Taiwan where he will attend Taiwan Normal University for a year ... Living in the West Indies is Gregory
Greatrex LLB'9I where he is practicing estate and international tax planning, offshore finance and investment at the
law firm of McLean McNally ... Steven Haworth's BA'95,
Dip Film Prod, student film Not Kokura, has received critical
and popular acclaim, including awards from both the Montreal and Atlantic International Film Festivals ... Rhonda
(Vanderfluit) Herbert BSc'92, BPE'93 and husband Jason
Herbert BA (Hon)'92 will be graduating from the U ofT and
moving back home to Vancouver this summer. Rhonda will
receive her BEd while Jason earns his LLB and starts a clerkship at the BC Supreme Court before he articles at Davis
and Co ... Recently returned from a Northern Indian village
where she was teaching at an orphanage, Kathleen
Holmes BA'94 (Psych) is now successfully teaching seven
Grade 9 "drop-outs" and studying Hindi. She is planning on
returning to India to teach children who can't go to school
... Charlene Janzen BCom'96 (Accounting) and Andrew
Janzen BCom'92 (Marketing) are enjoying their new daughter, Taylor, born in July, younger sister to son Alex. Charlene
has returned after maternity leave to KPMG Abbotsford
where she is articling for a CA, and Andrew is now vice-
president, commercial lines manager at Baldwin Janzen Insurance in White Rock ... Peter Kim BASc'93 is currently
working as an Industrial Sales Engineer for Cutler-Hammer
Canada in Richmond ... Graduating from UBC once again is
32      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Summer, 1997 CLASSACTS
Miriam Kobbeltvedt-Yapp BA'88 (Psych), BEd'97 (Elem).
She is hoping to work as an elementary teacher in her
hometown, North Van ... Duy Khai Le MSc'93 and wife Thi
Kim Loi Nguyen just had a baby girl, Annie Khai-Anh Le.on
April 5.Thi Kim successfully completed the CGA program
February of last year ... Andrew Lesperance MSN'95 and
wife Lucy are living in New Zealand. Lucy just completed her
PhD in organic chemistry, and Andrew has taken on a new
job as the clinical educator for intensive and coronary care
units atTauranga hospital ... Selina M.Y. Leung BA'96
(Psych) is currently working at theTD Bank as a Lead Customer Service Rep ... Michael J. Lo MASc'96 has returned
to his old "digs"; he's currently employed as a research/scientific engineer in the hydrometallurgy labs at UBC ... Experiencing marital bliss are Cornelia (Boytinck) Lockitch
BA'95 (Phil) and Keith Lockitch BSc'93 (Physics), happily married at Cecil Green Park on July 27, 1996.They have relocated to Milwaukee, where Keith is a PhD student working
in General Relativity and Cornelia is a Montessori teacher
for 3-6 year olds ... David Marlor MA'94 and wife Marion
are living on Vancouver Island while David commutes to Salt
Spring. He is a Planner for Islands Trust, the land use planning
authority for the Gulf Islands ... Joanne McLarty BSc'92,
MSc'95 (Animal Science) is a Surrey high school Biology and
Science instructor. Her and husband James just bought a
house in Langley ... Dr. Nayani S. Melegoda MAS'94 is living
in Sri Lanka and is a senior lecturer in South Asian Modern
History at the University of Colombo ... Denise (Logan)
Mend BSc'93 and her husband Paul Mend are still enjoying
the Okanagan ...Tim Meszaros BASc'93 (Geo Eng) moved
back to Prince George to work for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways... Viktoria Mogyoro BA'92 has been
accepted to TUNS in Halifax to undertake her masters degree in architecture ... Angela (Pontikis) Mullan BA'90
(PolSci) and Steve Mullan BA'82 (PolSci) were married in
1992 and Angela has just started a new mail-order buisness
called FlexWear... Natasha Murray BA'94 (Psych) is back in
Toronto looking for a fulfilling job ... Mallory O'Connor
BA'91 (Psych) and Colin Weston are to be married on Sept.
13, 1997 at Cecil Green Park ...James Onley BA'93 (Hist)
graduated last year from SFU with a post-baccalaureate diploma in history. He's currently working on a D.Phil, in history at St.Anthony's College, Oxford ... Anne-Louise
(Pilcher) Parker MA'96 (Science Ed) is currently teaching as
a sessional lecturer at UBC ... Steve Patitsas MSc'90,
PhD'97 (Physics) and wife Cathy Meyer have moved to Ontario where Steve has started a post-doc research position
at NRC in Ottawa ... Ben Prins BASc'93 (Chem Eng) and
Michelle (Ternes) Prins BCom'90 (Marketing) were married
September 15, 1996 here at Cecil Green Park ... Rob Prior
BASc'94 (Mech Eng) is working for SNC Lavalin as a Consulting Engineer in the thermal power industry. His wife, Elizabeth Thornton BA'92 recently completed a degree in Landscape Horticulture at Capilano College and now works for
Gardenworks in EdgemontVillage ...Jennifer (Faye)
Pureed BSN'92 is currently working as a general duty nurse
on a medical ward at Van Hospital, where she's been since
graduation ... Perth-based Jon Rutledge BPE'93 graduated
from the University ofWestern Australia with a Bachelor of
Laws degree last December. He then married a native Aussie,
Chompy Sproat, and together they have developed a company that conducts ski tours for Australian university stu
dents to Whistler every January ...Adrian D.Samuel BA'95
(Pol Sci) just graduated from BCIT this May with a Transportation and Logistics diploma ...Heather Sinclair MBA'9I is
working for PACE research in Detroit as project director
for the automotive industry and is also getting married this
July ... It's been a busy three years for Angela (Pilchak)
Smith BA'92 (Psych) who married Trevor Smith in May of
1994, bought a Langley house, and had their first child, Jordan, in April 1996. She is also the assistant controller of a
wholesale distributor in Richmond ...Steve Spence BSc'94
(Chem) and Suzy (Tillson) Spence BA'92 (Linguistics) were
married July, 1995.The same year, Steve completed a post-
baccalaureate diploma in Environmental Science at Cap College, while Suzy got her MA in Speech and Hearing Sciences
from Washington State the year before ... Caedmon
Staddon MA'9I (Geography) received his PhD in Geography
from the University of Kentucky in 1996. He then started an
appointment as Lecturer in Human Geography in the School
of Geography and Environmental Management at the U of
the West of England in Bristol, UK ... Barb Smith BCom'93
(Finance), LLB'96 was called to the BC bar in May and wil! be
joining the securities practice group at Ladner Downs,
Barristors and Solicitors, in Vancouver ... Former Green College residents AndrewTerrett LLM'95 and Kelly Russell
MLIS'95 were married last September and are now living in
Warwick, England.They met at the college where they spent
two ofthe most enjoyable years of their lives ...Julie
Thielmann BHE'96 is now in Zambia where she is beginning a one-year MCC (Mennonite Central Committee)
SALT assignment as a secondary school teacher ...Sarah
Thornton BSc'94 (Oceanography/Bio) is working towards a
master's in Biological Oceanography at the University of
Alaska Fairbanks. She is hoping to finish in Spring, 1998 ...
DerekTong BSc'94 is currently pursuing the four-year Doctor of Optometry program at the South California College
of Optometry. Derek will be doing externships at Alaska,
Colorado and Texas during his final year ...After graduating
with a General Nursing diploma from BCIT, Natasha
(Sivucha) Tremblay BA'90 (Psych) married David
Tremblay BSF'94 and moved to Merritt, where she is nursing and he is a forestry supervisor for Weyerhaeuser ...
Congrats to Shari (Moslehi) Tyler BSN'9I and husband
John. Rebecca was born Nov. 11,1996, a sister for Ariana
Leigh ... Going back to school is Karina L.Walter BA'94
(Anthro) who is taking a half-year of unclassified at U of
Calgary to qualify for their elementary education program.
She hopes to teach in an international school in Japan ...
Philip Wang BSc'90 (Comp Sci) obtained his ISP Designation
and MBA while living in Ottawa. He has moved back to Vancouver and is working in the Federal Treaty Negotiation Office while also pursuing a CFA ... Caroline Welling BA'93
(Int'l Re/) is a Starbucks exec assistant to theVP Zone andVP
Human Resources at the Regional/Canadian Head Office ...
Pharmacy Director Anderson Wong BA'94 (Pharm) has
been at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace since last May ...
Kirby C.Wong-Moon BSc'9l (Biochem & Chem),PhD'96
(Chem) is doing postdoctoral studies at U of C-San Diego
while he and his wife Pauline Chow MSc'93 (Chem) are
enjoying the California sunshine ... David Yurkovich BLA'97
graduated this May and joined the rest of his family in becoming a UBC graduate.
Milton Everett Saunders
IVlikon Everett Saunders BASc'34
(Elec Eng) (centre) died earlier this year
in Penticton at age 89.
Saunders worked for BC Tel for 30
years and was an avid "Ham Radio" operator (VE7KH) for many years. He is
survived by his wife of 59 years, three
sons, nine grandchildren and one
Helen (Mortimer) Knight
-Tlelen (Mortimer) Knight died in
1990. She was a strong supporter of UBC
and an active member throughout her
university years. She participated in the
Great Trek, a 1922 movement to build a
university for the students.
As a graduate, Knight was impressed
with the university and felt fortunate to
receive financial help when she needed
it. Therefore, it was always Knight's wish
to provide support for needy UBC students. Her husband, Leslie (Ben)
Knight, died in February of last year and
fulfilled his wife's wishes through his
As Ms. Knight requested, the money
will be put in an endowment and used to
help needy students.
UBC Ai.l'mm Chronicle, Slmmkr, 1997
33 Myles Frechette — In the Eye of the Storm
by Ron Chepesiuk
Bogota, Colombia — When Myles Frechette
BA'58 was studying comparative literature at
UBC in the mid '50s, the thought of someday
being an ambassador never crossed his mind. Today, nearly four decades later, Frechette is finishing a distinguished diplomatic career as the US
ambassador to Colombia, a posting considered to
be the most difficult American foreign service
assignment in Latin America.
We regret to say that there is no acrostic
puzzle for this summer's issue. There will,
however, be one in the forthcoming Fall
issue. Our apologies to all our enthusiastic and dedicated puzzle fans and hope to
get your entries next time.
Spring, 1997 Solution: "Like David, Joy too
had recently become someone else. Having
two small children and an absent husband
helped speed her metamorphosis. Her days
were no longer new and there were no beginnings anymore, only extensions." Barbara
Parkin, Woman With A Man Inside.
Winners: Linda Mather, Denman lsland;Terry
Mullen, Vancouver; Sheila Arif, North Vancouver, Finn Larsen, Vancouver; Pat Kolesar, Craven, Sask.; Alexander Cobbin, Mount Vernon,
"I push a lot of agendas for the United
States," Frechette said, looking relaxed in his embassy office in Bogota. "We want the Colombians
to move more aggressively against the drug cartels and to improve their human rights record.
And, of course, we are always looking for ways to
increase our trade with the country."
As ambassador, Frechette's atypical, blunt
diplomatic style has made him a controversial
figure in Colombia. "Colombians aren't used to
foreigners talking about them publicly, especially
someone like me, who is not afraid to tell them
what they don't want to hear."
Frechette's candour and his role as point man
on the American anti-drug campaign has made
him the object of several death threats. In a country considered to be the most violent in the
Western Hemisphere, the threats are not taken
lightly. So the ambassador travels in an armoured
car with several bodyguards and is constantly
changing the pattern of his movements.
"My wife is with me, but my two children are
grown and living in Washington, DC," Frechette
said. "If I still had small children, I would never
take this assignment. Colombia has the world's
highest kidnapping rate and I would be constantly
worrying about their safety."
Frechette is proud that he is the only UBC
grad ever to become a member of the US foreign
service. "I have fond memories of my four years
at UBC," he said. "My studies there gave me the
broad background I need to be a diplomat."
Of Irish and French-Canadian ancestry, Frechette is a citizen of the world. He grew up in
Chile and today speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese fluently. In 1951, Frechette's father decided it would be best to send him to Canada to
be educated.
To help pay his way through UBC, Frechette
worked a variety of jobs for the Film Board of
Canada and in the mining, fishing and timber industries. "The jobs paid well and I had a hell of a
time working all over BC, " Frechette recalled.
He originally enrolled at UBC as a psychology
major but didn't like math and physics so
switched to comparative literature. He wrote a
movie column for the Ubyssey and spent what free
time he had attending the theatre and pursuing
his outdoor interests of mountain climbing and
scuba diving.
"I didn't have a lot of free time because I was
Myles Frechette in '?8 Totem,
above, and today, (it left.
working when I
wasn't studying or
in class," he said.
The work ethic Frechette developed at UBC has
helped him reach
the highest echelons of the diplomatic profession.
Ofthe 180 plus US
one-third are political appointments; the rest are
filled by career diplomats like Myles Frechette.
"I've worked hard and I've had some luck,"
he said. "To be an ambassador, you often have to
be in the right place at the right time."
Since graduating from UBC with a degree in
English and French, Frechette has earned an MA
from UCLA in 1972, worked at the international
level in the private sector with Boeing and Hanover Trust, and served as US Ambassador to Cameroon from 1983 to 1987.
Frechette will complete his assignment in
Colombia by the end of the year. He is not sure
of his future plans, but with 35 years of diplomatic service behind him, he is considering a move to
Seattle, to consult on Latin American trade.
"I last visited Vancouver in 1987, when I
brought my family to see what the city and UBC
were like," Frechette said. "I'd love to see how
my old alma mater is doing now."
Ron Chepesiuk is in Colombia working on a book on
international drug trafficking.
A well-known New York subsidy book publisher is searching for manuscripts. Fiction,
non-fiction, poetry, juvenile, travel, scientific, specialized and even controversial
subjects will be considered. If you have a
book-length manuscript ready for publication (or are still working on it), and would
like more information and a free 32-page
booklet, please write:
516 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001
UBC Alumni Chroniclk, Slmmf.r, 1997 The day
your daughter
was born,
you vowed she
would always
have everything
she needed.
To make sure your loved ones
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Your insurance could be all that stands between your
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That's why your Alumni Association commissioned
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The Plan is backed by Manulife Financial, Canada's
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For your family's security, and your peace of mind, find out more
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After all, a promise Is a promise.
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University of
British Columbia
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Louanne Twaites
Clinical Pharmacy
Alumni Services
Acard Holder
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist,
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy,
VGH, UBC Pavilions, and
Assistant Professor, clinical
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ret.
Member-at-Large, '91 -'95
Communications Cttee. Chair '95-pres.
Alumni Association Board
College of Pharmacists of BC
Award of Merit (twice)
Do not forward. Return with
address change If known.
~       gS
Canadian Soc. of Hospital Pharmacists
National Meritorious Service Award
Canadian Soc. of Hospital Pharmacists
Distinguished Service Award
75th Anniversary Award
UBC Alumni Association
UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dean's Certificate of Merit
Why she has the Acard
1    "It gives me access to
the Library and other
UBC services."
' I
Order Your Acord Today!
HI1H  Pat Higinbotham/Studio 54 photo
H i
k ,


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