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FALL 1987
Students on the girders of the Science Building. It was 1922, the year of the Great Trek,
when students staged a campaign to move UBC to Point Grey.
Alumni President's Column
News In Brief
Alumni Activities and Events
The spirit of the "Great Trek" lives on
Profiles In Excellence
A tribute to two outstanding individuals
Alumni Fund Honour Roll
The success of the 1986/87 campaign is recognized
Class Acts
Kevin Barker
Randy Pearsall
Deborah Nicholson
Avril Peters, Rochelle van Halm
Tony Redpath, Peter Tanner
Sandra A. James
BA'80, MA'83, M.C.I.P.
Sandra J. Ward, Project Manager
D.   Lyle  Stevenson,   BASc'72,
William B. McNulty,
BPE'68, MPE'70, MA'83
John Diggens, BSc'68, DMD'72
Eric Vance, B.A.75, MA'81
Shayne Brent Boyd, BCom'81
Dave Frank, BSc'84, MBA'86;
Oscar Sziklai, MF'61,PhD'64, BSF
(Sopron); Eric Vance, BA'75, MA'81
Bill   Richardson,   BASc'83;   Alfred
John Scow, LLB'61
Dan Spinner
Deborah Apps
Published quarterly by Pacific West
Design for the Alumni Association of
the University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, Canada. The copyright
of all contents is registered. BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL OFFICES:
Cecil Green Park, 6251 Cecil Green
Park Road, Vancouver, B.C, V6T
1W5, (604)228-3318. Circulation:
Chronicle is sent free of charge to
alumni of the university. Subscriptions are available to others at $10 a
year in Canada, $15 (in Canadian
funds) elsewhere. Student subscriptions $2. ADDRESS CHANGES:
Send new address with old address
label if available to Alumni Records,
6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5. ADDRESS
addressee, or son or daughter who is
a UBC graduate, has moved, please
notify UBC Alumni Records so this
magazine may be forwarded to the
correct address. Postage paid at the
Third Class Rate Permit No. 5914
Council for the Advancement and
Support of Education. Indexed in Canadian Education Index. ISSN 0824-
Printed In Canada
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5th and Burrard (604) 736-7381 PRESIDENT'S COLUMN
Resources —
The Building Block
to Success
By Lyle Stevenson
UBC Alumni Association.
Last issue in this column, I had the opportunity to tell alumni about the Association's
many programmes in operation and to explain what our plans for continuing development in the 1987/88 year would be. I
would now like to elaborate further on this
by providing a brief overview of the Association's vital resources, which are the basis
for our continuing success in providing
service to the UBC alumni.
I have focused on this subject for three
reasons: to better acquaint alumni with the
many resources available to support programmes and alumni activities; to give
well-deserved credit to the Association staff
who are a key ingredient in our successful
development; and to illustrate the importance of the growing partnership between
the Alumni Association and our university.
The Alumni Association is indeed the
main link alumni have with their university. And it is in four general areas that
Alumni Association resources are providing support for UBC alumni activities.
First, there are the diverse resources of
the Programmes Department. With alumni
divisions (faculty based) and alumni
branches (geographically based) there are
many avenues of involvement for alumni.
A recently strengthened resource area involves the Student Affairs initiative designed to encourage the positive relationship the Association has with currently
active UBC students. Alumni also have a
key role to play in ensuring that the best
students come to UBC.
The Alumni Fund is the second area
where association resources coordinate
campaigns and phonathons in which increasing numbers of alumni participate.
Funds raised during campaigns and
phonathons are used to provide student
financial aid, teaching and research grants,
faculty projects and other projects at UBC
in areas of greatest need.
Communications, the third of four resource areas, keeps graduates informed
about the university's needs, activities, successes, ambitions and plans. Through The
Chronicle, division newsletters and public
relations support, the Association ensures
that alumni receive timely information on
a regular basis.
Administration is the fourth resource
area. The administration department provides support services for a strong volunteer network, effective financial control
and innovative marketing initiatives for
new sources of revenue.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of
the Association's resources but it will help
alumni to see the breadth of alumni activities that the Association supports. This
breadth is only possible because of our
committed and dedicated staff working for
the development of the Alumni Association, which is the second element for our
Executive Director Dan Spinner is the
man responsible for the overall day to day
operation of the Alumni Association. Dan
works with two associate executive directors, Deborah Apps and Pat Pinder, to ensure that activities of the Association are
coordinated effectively.
Deborah Apps is also responsible for designing, organizing and implementing the
many activities of the Programmes Department while Pat Pinder oversees the planning and implementation of Alumni Fund
campaigns and phonathons, as well as their
Rachel Zuckerman, coordinator of the
Alumni Fund, assists Pat Pinder in the
Alumni Fund Department and provides
support for the Allocations Committee,
Walter Gage Memorial Fund and the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee.
In the Programmes Department, Lornell
Ridley coordinates alumni events and reunions. She is the key staff person involved
with awards, the Heritage Committee and
the Student Affairs Committee. Maureen
Burns is the coordinator for all branch and
division activities. Larger divisions with
their own coordinators are Agricultural Sci
ences, headed by Agnes Papke and Engineering and Sciences, headed by David
Our staff could not be as successful in
their duties without the support of Trish
Castle, executive secretary to Dan Spinner;
Hilde Gregory, administrative assistant to
Deborah Apps; Julie Ferguson, Alumni
Fund secretary; Karen Wilson, Programmes Department secretary; Derica
Francey, reception; Able Yee, accountant;
and Minaz Dhalwani, bookkeeper.
The third element of the Association's
successful development is the strong partnership forged between the Alumni Association and the university. Although the association generates a substantial amount of
revenue for the support of the operations
and activities outlined above, approximately one half of our operating funds
come from the university. Additional support comes directly from the Deans of Agricultural Sciences and Science, who provide
funds for the division coordinators in our
Programmes Department.
But this partnership extends far beyond
financial support. The Association staff and
executive collaborate with many faculties
and departments of the university on a
continuing basis. Understandably our closest relationship is with the university's development office as we plan together for
major development campaigns. In addition, we are cooperating with the university's community relations office in developing plans for our communications and
Our partnership includes collaboration
with the university president's office, with
representatives of the Association participating of the President's advisory council
on development. In addition, the Association sponsors the Past President's Council
meeting where past Alumni Association
presidents and the university president and
chancellor meet to discuss the many issues
critical to the development of both the university and the Alumni Association. Also,
the alumni elect the convocation senators
who participate in the various committees.
In closing, I would like to emphasize that
our successful growth and development as
an association is due in large part to our
dedicated staff supporting the activities of
our many volunteers who give generously
of their time and effort. This is the vital
partnership within our association.
I heartily encourage our alumni to get to
know the staff and resources of our association and to join our activities as partners in
support of our university. ■
That's how Cyril Chave, Class of '34, sees
it. The Alumni Association's Heritage
Committee has been cataloguing anecdotes, re-living antics and generally
laughing at some of the absurdities of
their early UBC memories. Now, they are
ready to share them.
The Way We Were — A Celebration of
our UBC Heritage is a new publication
coming to you this October. After four
years of cajoling their fellow grads into
putting their memories down on paper,
the Heritage Committee has succeeded in
compiling over 100 pages of some of the
funniest and most touching moments
from UBC's past.
Dorothy Somerset re-lives her first inquisition at the hands of the mighty Player's Club — could she handle the production of Caesar and Cleopatra? Pierre
Berton sweats out his earliest days as a
Ubyssey staffer. And Eric Nicol explains
how he survived the Great Depression
with a hot meal each day by throwing his
lunchbag onto a steaming radiator.
The Way We Were — A Celebration Of
Our UBC Heritage will be available October 15, 1987, through the Alumni Association for only $12.99 plus postage and
handling. But hurry. Only a limited run of
500 copies will be printed. Please contact
the Alumni Association to reserve your
The alumni travel program is offering
three exotic (and enlightening) travel
tours for 1988, including:
— Oxford and the Lakes. This travel study
tour of the Regency and Romantic periods takes you to Sommerville College,
Oxford and the Prince of Wales Hotel in
the Lakes District. Cost: $2,880 per person based on double occupancy. April 9
to 23.
— China/Yangtze River Adventure.
You will fly direct via Tokyo to Peking
and Chongquing for a three-day Yangtze
River cruise, plus overnight visits to
Shanghai and Hong Kong. The 12 day
tour also includes a visit to the Great Wall
and the Imperial Tomb and Terra Cotta
army of Xian. May 21 to June 2.
— Danube River Adventure
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Gwen Sharp or
Stephen Fowler
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Suite 700
510 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C.
serving investors since 1902
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I Code
This cruise takes you to five countries
along the Danube: Czechoslovakia, Budapest, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania.
Plus, a transfer at Izmail, USSR for a two
day excursion on the Black Sea to Istanbul, Turkey. Cultural and enrichment lectures included. A two night, pre-cruise
visit to Vienna is optional.
Bookings and more information are
available from the UBC Alumni Association. 228-3313.
Call it a "brush with excellence." Fifty-
three high school students from across
the country participated in UBC's four-
week Shad Valley program this past summer.
In spite of the name, Shad Valley is not a
geographical location; it is a concept. The
program is designed to expose young
people in grades 11 through 12 to technology and research at key Canadian universities. Operated by the Canadian Centre for Creative Technology in Waterloo,
Ontario, it places students from the top
one per cent of their year into university
classes. At UBC, the kids attended seminars on super-conductors, built robots,
created synthetic music and crashed cars
to study the relationship between automotive engineering and accidents.
The program is sponsored by high-tech
corporations throughout Canada, which
provide six weeks of employment for the
"Shadlings" after their four-week stint at
There's money in the bank — more than
ever before — thanks to the fundraising
efforts of UBC alumni.
During the 1986-87 campaign year, the
Alumni Fund grew by 45.2 per cent, the
largest increase in five years. It is also the
second consecutive year that the total
went over the $1 million mark.
Highlights of the year's campaign are:
— the fact that total dollars raised were
$1,584,861. That's a 5.6 per cent increase
over the previous $1.5 million target.
— contributions were especially
generous. Gifts of over $ 1,000 made up 57
per cent of the total.
Far from resting on their laurels, alumni
fundraisers have already organized the
1987-88 campaign to be launched this
fall. The goal: $2 million.
Funds are allocated to student financial
aid, teaching and research, and other
pressing needs of the university. NEWS IN BRIEF
Dr. David Strangway, bottom centre left, Chancellor Leslie Peterson, centre right, and
Alumni President Lyle Stevenson, top left, join 14 alumni past presidents.
The Faculty Club was the scene June 29 of
the traditional past presidents' dinner.
President Strangway and Chancellor Leslie Peterson spoke on issues ranging from
the university budget and the university
endowment lands to the ensuing controversy over the importance of the past
presidents' council. Seventeen past presidents attended, along with current
Alumni Association president, Lyle
Stevenson, Alumni Association executive
director, Dan Spinner, and associate executive director, Deborah Apps.
The UBC Alumni Association congratulates Dr. Ursula Franklin of the University
of Toronto. Ms. Franklin will receive the
second Elsie Gregory Memorial Award at
a special dinner in Ottawa, October 29.
A professor with the department of
metallurgy and materials science in the
faculty of applied science and engineering, she is being honoured for her
achievements with the Science Council of
The Award is given in honour of Elsie
Gregory MacGill who, in 1927, became
the first graduate in electrical engineering at the University of Toronto. MacGill
was a member of the Royal Commission
on the Status of Women in the late 1960s
and worked with the National Action
Committee on the Status of Women.
Ms. Franklin is also recognized for her
efforts to humanize the teaching of engineering.
A premium rate increase is not in the
works for the UBC Alumni Association
life insurance plan, according to Bruce
McRae,alumni UBC insurance consultant.
Although premium rates for the plan
have stayed at 1983 levels, the unit value
has increased from $25 thousand to $27
thousand, says McRae. For example, a
non-smoking male between the ages of
30 and 34 can get $54 thousand worth of
coverage at a mere 20 cents per day. And
the rate is even lower for women, adds
More than $63 million worth of life insurance is currently in effect covering the
families of UBC alumni. Please direct inquiries to 734-2732.
UBC will share $671,812 in grants with
two other B.C. universities to operate its
university-industry liaison office.
The money comes from a federal and
provincial agreement to provide $20 million over five years to BC public universities to enhance science and technology
development in the province. By the end
of the year, the program will have brought
in more than 50 patents and $1.25 million
in licensing and royalty income to BC's
three public universities.
...requires courage, initiative and
integrity. At Shawnigan Lake
School, we believe these qualities
are as important as academics in a
lifetime of education.
In the attractive, residential
environment of Shawnigan Lake
School, boys in Grades 8 to 12
prepare for entrance to university
and college, and, what is more
important, a lifetime of achievement.
A well-rounded education at
Shawnigan Lake School means
academics learned within the context of responsibility, cooperation
and community spirit.
Since 1916, Shawnigan Lake
School has prepared many of
todays community leaders in the
business, professional and government sectors. Our teachers are professional educators who understand and care about the needs of
each student and the future needs
of our society.
We invite you to call or write for
a prospectus; better still, visit the
school. We are confident you will
find Shawnigan provides an environment conducive to achievement and leadership.
Scholarship days at the school
are February 20 and April 9,1988.
Please contact the Director of
Admissions (604) 743-5516.
Shawnigan Lake
Vancouver Island
British Columbia
V0R 2W0
The University of British Columbia paid
tribute to two outstanding alumni in a
colourful ceremony on September 9. Man
in Motion Rick Hansen and past-
chancellor W Robert Wyman were conferred with honourary degrees of Doctor
of Laws.
The striking ceremony held in War Memorial Gymnasium where faculty members wore the robes of universities around
the world was attended by over 1500. In
the first part of the ceremony, former
provincial cabinet minister Leslie Peterson was installed as the new chancellor.
The chancellor is elected by UBC alumni.
Balloting is conducted by mail and all
alumni are entitled to vote. Dr. Peterson
was sworn in by British Columbia's Lieutenant Governor Robert G. Rogers and
assisted into the chancellor's black and
gold robes of office by UBC President
David W Strangway and William L.
Sauder, chairman of the Board of Governors.
The new chancellor's first official duty
was to confer the honourary degrees on
Hansen and Wyman. Both recipients
wore the red wool robes with the royal
blue front panel of the Doctors of Laws,
and on their heads, the flat, black velvet
decanal. The red and blue hood, signifying the Doctorate of Laws, was draped
over the shoulders of each of the men by
President Strangway.
In accepting the honour, Hansen re
flected on the long and difficult years he
spent getting his phys ed degree at UBC.
It was an emotional moment for many
of the alumni and faculty in the audience.
Said Deborah Apps, associate executive
director for the Alumni Association: "He
was really saying thanks for all the support he got from his classmates and
friends during those years, and a lot of the
professors who are still with us."
Rick Hansen also received the Alumni
Award of Distinction, announced last May
just as he was about to complete his two-
year odyssey around the world.
The Alumni Award of Distinction has
been awarded since 1963 to such notable
alumni as Judith Forst, Pierre Berton,
Chief Justice Nathan Nemetz and Eric
Nicol, to name just a few.
Robert Wyman, in accepting his doctorate, commented on the "enormous pride"
he feels for the university. "Wherever I've
gone, it's been brought home to me that
the University of British Columbia is an
outstanding centre of teaching and research," he said.
Professor Robert F. Osborne was awarded
an honourary degree June 5 by the University of Western Ontario.
Professor Osborne is well-known in
Canada and abroad for outstanding contribution to amateur sport and collegiate
athletics. He is presently chairman of the
Alumni Association Heritage Committee.
Plus tax & licence
Plus tax & licence
Import Car of the Year
(Motor Trend)
:'.%Z£:*.        :=™C__T       :",rs^*x, as down payment
SALES —   736-8890   — AIL MAKE LEASING
Get out your party hats; the business of
reunions and Homecoming begins October 5 and continues right through the
Highlights this year include the 50th
anniversary of CITR Radio, the Great Trek
dinner and presentation of "Great Trekker" awards to Ernie and Ray Perrault,
both UBC radio alumni, October 8. A UBC
Radio Reception is planned for October 9.
The Class of '37 also celebrates a 50th
reunion October 2 and 3. Among the
luminaries of that year are Tom Ladner of
Ladner Downs, Thomas Dohm, QC, and
well-known alumni Philip Akrigg, Ludlow
Beamish, Ralph J. Killam, Mr. J. Gould,
and many others.
For a full run down on events, see our
Alumni Events and Activities column.
A post-doctorate fellowship in the
amount of $ 18,000 to honour the name of
David A. Danielson, and a graduate scholarship of $5,000 to honour the name of
David Hemmingway have been made
available to the department of microbiology by an alumnus of UBC and former
student activist, Hardial Bains (MSc'64).
David Danielson was a former hard-
rock miner and plumber for many years
in Victoria, B.C. He bequeathed his estate
to Hardial Bains. Mr. Danielson died of
cancer on August 12, 1986. The postdoctoral fellowship is for cancer research
and tumour immunology, and was set up
by Mr. Bains to assist the well-known
work of Dr. Julia Levy and other members of the department of microbiology in
this field.
Dr. Levy announced on September 2
that the first recipient of the Fellowship is
A well-known New York subsidy book
publisher is searching for manuscripts
worthy of publication. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, juveniles, travel, scientific,
specialized and even controversial subjects will be considered. If you have a
book-length manuscript ready for publication (or are still working on it), and
would like more information and a free
booklet, please write:
516 W. 34th St., New York, N.Y. 10001
Dr. Janice North, a graduate from the
University of Newcastle on Tyne. She is
currently working on a project involving
the regulation of the immune response in
The graduate scholarship, made available from the estate of David Hem-
mingway, who died of cancer at a young
age last year, has been awarded to Joan
Shellard. Ms. Shellard is a graduate from
the UBC department of microbiology and
is presently working on the cloning of a
gene coding for a leukemia-associated antigen.
Dr. Levy has announced that a social
gathering will be organized in October at
the UBC Faculty Club to thank Hardial
Bains for his "very thoughtful and appropriate donation to cancer research at
UBC." Dr. Levy, members of the department and the recipients will be present,
and will use this occasion to publicize
further their important work in the field
of cancer immunology.
UBC's first full-blown financial campaign
in 20 years will need a lot of support to
work, says out-going UBC chancellor Robert Wyman.
Speaking to several hundred guests at
the UBC War Memorial Gym September
9, Mr. Wyman said details of the campaign were presently under wraps but
added the university is on a "fast track,"
and expects to hold a formal launching of
the campaign soon. The involvement of
everyone connected with the university is
crucial to its success, he added.
The campaign is designed to establish
long term funding sources and raise
UBC's profile in North America and offshore. The UBC Development Office,
alumni and all university faculties will be
involved in the process.
Said Wyman: "What we are planning
will be a massive effort and requires extensive support from people in all walks
of life."
"I am participating because I am convinced that the future success and well-
being of our country and our province
depends on institutions such as UBC."
He urged UBC alumni, "scattered as
they are throughout the world," to get
behind the effort; to "recognize UBC's
achievements and to help us move forward."
"We owe this effort to our children; the
individuals who will be sitting in this audience 25 years from now," he said.
Mr. Wyman also urged alumni, government and the private sector to recognize
and promote the university as an outstanding centre of teaching and research.
Too often its high standards and achievements are better known abroad than at
As an example, he noted that a recent
newspaper article about a U.S. research
team breakthrough in anticancer pharmaceuticals neglected to mention the
head of the team was Pieter Cullis, a professor of biochemistry at UBC.
Wyman also lauded UBC's commerce
department, saying "they're as good as
any in the country." And major investment firms in New York such as Goldman
Sachs have come to Vancouver just to
recruit its grads, he said.
Wyman's comments were made as he
accepted his Honourary Doctorate of
Laws. ■
Barristers & Solicitors
formerly of the Faculty of Commerce
#601 - 796 Granville Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1J6
(604) 683-5577
The Vancouver
Symphony Orchestra
1987/88 Season
Rudolf Barshai • Catherine Comet •
Peter McCoppin • Andrew Davis •
Gunther Herbig • Kazuyoshi
Akiyama • Gabriel Chmura •
Pierre Hetu
The National Arts Centre Orchestra
• The Toronto Symphony
Claudio Arrau • Bella Davidovich •
Yefim Bronfman • Ion Kimura Parker
• Annie Fischer • Cecile Ousset •
Mark Zeltzer
Shlomo Mintz • Angele Dubeau •
Young Uck Kim • Corey Cerovsek •
Franco Gulli • Yiktofia Mullova
The Vancouver Bach Choir •
Hei-Kyung Hong • Erica Northcott
• Richard Margison • Don Garrard
• Henrietta Schellenberg
Faye Robinson • Carol Neblett •
Cornells Opthof • Emmylou Harris
Bernadette Peters
September 13,1987toJune6,1988
Live Music
a Part of Your Life!
I would like more information! Please
send me the Vancouver Symphony
Orchestra's full-colour 1987/88
Season Brochure right away!
" M l' ^ ^Y
J .>'
riu'iv ,i.\
Mail Coupon To:
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
at the Orpheum
eOl Smithe Street
Vancouver. P.C. VoB ?G1
Telephone veO-P eS4dkY
Star-status has been bestowed on the UBC
Senior Alumni Oldtimers Hockey club for
their wins in special exhibition play in Tokyo, Japan last spring.
The group went two-for-three in the series, after which many continued on to
holiday destinations in Thailand and Hong
Kong. Team captain Dr. Lewis Robinson,
Professor Emeritus of Geography, wants to
do it all again this year and the team is
actively campaigning for new players.
Membership is restricted to alumni, faculty
and friends over 50 years of age. There is
no age limit; the present team includes two
players who are over 60, and a third 69
years of age. All were among the 30 who
made the Tokyo trip.
The Oldtimers include former UBC
Thunderbirds Ken Hodgert, B.P.E '51, Stu
Bailey, B.Ph '52, and Jim Tingle, graduate
work '71 to '74. All played for the Thunderbirds in 1948 to 1951.
The victorious UBC Senior Alumni Oldtimers hockey club poses triumphantly after
their wins in Tokyo, Japan last spring.
The team presently includes Bruce Gel- Research labs on campus,
latly, vice president, Jim Richards, Dean of Practices are Mondays at 5:00 p.m. at the
Agriculture, and captain Robinson, as well UBC Arena. For details, call Dr. Robinson at
as 14 others from the UBC Faculty and BC 228-3188.
Dr. Jim Richards, left, is presented with a
UBC golf hat by Bob Holtby.
Agriculture Sciences alumni have happy
memories of their smash summer reunion
July 3 through 5 at 108 Mile House in B.C.'s
Cariboo region.
Graduating classes of 1960 to 1969
herded over to the 108 Hills and Guest
Ranch for western style entertainment and
a mock convocation. Special pins were
handed out and alumni were "re-admitted"
with a tap of Dean Jim Richards' cowboy
After a Friday evening reception at the
ranch, guests were free to take part in golf
tournaments, trail rides and hayrides, or
just laze around the spa facilities. Western
entertainment and a Saturday evening dinner rounded the weekend out.
In May, alumni from the Agriculture Sciences Class of '42 gathered in Vancouver
and at UBC for two days, including a wine
and cheese. An informal dinner party held
at Brock House May 29 was attended by
Dean and Mrs. Richards.
Saturday, November 21
Varsity Stadium, Toronto
* Get together with your old
classmates at Canada's top
university sporting event.
* For information on the game &
the Friday night Sports Banguet
Phone Jim Calder at (416) 968-5406
Proceeds from the Vanier Cup
go towards Diabetes research
and university sport.
1) Environmental engineering.
2) Waste water treatment.
3) P. Eng. civil, mechanical,
4) Industrial or municipal
Contact Personnel
Victoria Park Executive Centre,
London, Ontario. N6A 5K6
The following are brief listings of alumni
reunions and activities. For more information, or to notify us of your event, please
call the Alumni Programmes Department
at (604) 228-3313 or write: The UBC
Alumni Association, 6251 Cecil Green Park
Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5.
Class of '37:50th Anniversary October 2.
Dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the Grad Student
Centre. Class of '37tour and lunch October 3. Faculty Club. Noon. CITR Radio
50th Anniversary: Great Trek Dinner October 8. SUB Ballroom. Tickets: $25.00 per
person. CITR Radio Reception: October
9. Cecil Green Park. (Time TBA). '62 Engineering. Reception October 10. 6:30 to
7:30 p.m. Faculty Club. '62 Medicine. October 11. Whistler. '67 Forestry. Reception
October 16. Cecil Green Park. 7:30 p.m.
Faculty Club Dinner. October 17. Nursing
Division Dinner. October 22. Cecil Green
Park. '67 Home Economics. October 23.
Cecil Green Park. 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. '42
Commerce. October 24. Cecil Green Park.
Reception and dinner 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. '62
Home Economics. October 24. Noon. Faculty Club Music Room. '57 Commerce.
October 25. Private home. 6:30 to 11:30
p.m. '58 Medicine. April 28, 1988. Location TBA. '78 Physical Education. Location and Date TBA. '73 Law.May. Location
and Date TBA. Class of '36. Luncheon.
August 11, 1988. Cecil Green Park House.
'68, '78 Home Economics. August. Location and Date TBA.
Dates for the following upcoming reunions to be announced: '52 Forestry,
'58, '68 Chemical Engineering. '76, '77,
'78 Pharmacy. '48 Civil Engineering.
'68 Chemical Engineering.
Heritage Committee General Meeting. October 14. Cecil Green Park. 7:30 to
10:00 p.m. Engineering Annual General
Meeting. October 16. Engineer's Club 6:30
for 7:30. Pharmacy Division Annual
General Meeting. October 8. UBC Golf
Club. Wine and Cheese. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Tickets $10.00 per person. UBC Health
Sciences Centre Hospital Foundation
An Evening With the Stars featuring Rich
Little, November 4. $200 per person. RSVP
by October 23,228-7336. Social Work Annual General Meeting and Social. October 22. School of Social Work. Alumni
Reading Room. $10 per person. Ben Chud
Conference. In Whose Interest And For
What Purpose — A Challenge for Social
Workers. October 23. 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Chapel. Vancouver School of Theology.
$15 per person/$7 students. Deadline October 16. Call Alix, 228-2576 for further
information. Arts '20 Relay Race and Reception. October 8. SUB. Heritage Cairn
Ceremony. October 21. 5:30. ■
You're an individualist. You drove
a sports car when
you were younger.
You eventually gave it up
tor li small sporty sedan. I
accommodate your
changing lilest\le C'hance
are, vou're now driving a
late model luropean or
But we challenge you to
drive the only true sports
sedan; with all the panache.
verve and individuality ol
that sports car vou loved to
drive; one that will enhance
jxceed your driving
.xpectations   A sedan
intended onlv lor those wh
Buili in llalv exclusively
lor North Americans
r 60.000 km factor.
f> vear Anti-Corrosion
Motor Cars
Just arrived!
Burrard Street at Seventh Avenue, Vancouver    736-2821
Portrait by Schiffer
A UBC biography
Larry MacKenzie of UBC
P. B. Waite
The robust life and campus times of
Larry MacKenzie, president 1944 to
1962 and the creative force behind
today's university, are captured in this
book by alumnus Peter Waite.
and a new book
by Malcolm McGregor
One of UBC's best-known teachers offers
a lively but straightforward account of
"The Golden Age"—the most celebrated
period in Greek history. For history
buffs and travellers,
he $27.95. pc $15.95
It's been 65 years since
1,000 enthusiasts marched
from Fairview to the
present UBC site, but the
spirit of the "Great Trek"
lives on in the hearts and
minds of alumni.
By Avril Peters
Tuum Est — It's up to you.
A familiar phrase no doubt to students at
UBC, considering it is the university's
motto. But it is more than just a rah rah
Back in the 1920s, students revered its
meaning and they created a spirit from
those words that have since become the
single most motivating force behind this
grand institution.
That enthusiasm is carried over to events
such as Homecoming, Oct. 5 to 9. Homecomings are celebrations, a cause to rejoice, a time to greet old friends, and honour alumni, welcoming them back into
the folds of the university. It is an emotional
event because, for many, it is a reunion of
family. An incredible amount of planning
goes into the week's activities, which is put
on by the Alma Mater Society and is fully
supported by the Alumni Association. Organizing the logistics began four months
ago. The to-do list was endless — organiz-
ing invitations for about 1,500 alumni, pulling out historic memorabilia from the archives, booking banquet halls, organizing
parking, decorations, planning menus, coordinating speakers, and keeping in regular communication with various committees. When it's all over, there is an equal
amount of work to be done — the clean-up,
a post mortem, seeing what went right,
what could be improved.
This year is particularly special because
the Homecoming coincides with the 50th
Anniversary of the UBC Radio Society.
Combining the two is exciting, says Rebecca Nevraumont, president of the AMS. It
brings forth a section of more recent
alumni, which in turn feeds the spirit.
The Great Trek dinner guest list includes
well over 500 alumni who were members
of the radio society from the 1940s through
to the 1970s.
A homecoming is two-fold, however. It is
also an opportunity to build up student
interest and fuel their desire to stay involved, says Nevraumont.
"Right now the Alumni Association is
very actively working towards that ... getting a base of support while they (the students) are still in university, so that when
they graduate they will put their time and
energies into the Alumni Association. If
you don't have an alumni, you don't have a
Throughout the week an impressive selection of historical moments will be shown
in the main concourse of the Student Union
Building. Newcomers and the initiated will
see a family album of sorts, with highlights
of people and events of days gone past. The
radio society's valiant beginnings and its
development will serve as an example that
it only takes a handful of people to create a
successful operation. Thanks to a couple of
bored students in the late 1930s who decided to liven up the student cafeteria during lunch by playing records on an old
gramaphone, CITR is now a full-fledged FM
radio station.
Kicking off the events on Monday evening at the university's favourite watering
hole, The Pit, current students can hobnob
with members of the university administration and the board of governors. Appropriately called Meet the Brass, it's a chance for
students to find out who's who, and why.
Tuesday evening, undergraduate societies honour individuals who are members of the UBC faculty or staff, who have
provided the students with outstanding
service (or perhaps, who have just shown
admirable patience and understanding).
This event is not called Just Desserts simply
in honour of the above theme — tables will
be buckling with fattening, scrumptious delicacies.
On Wednesday, everyone takes a break
and gears up for two big events on Thursday. Starting in the afternoon, the Great
Trek is revisited with the Arts '20 Relay
Race—touted as the largest intramural
event in Canada. Relay teams consisting of
eight people run in stages from Vancouver
General Hospital to UBC. According to historians, the Great Trek was conceived from
the Arts '20 Relay Race. The senior arts
class of 1920 wanted to increase public
awareness that the old Fairview site had
become ridiculously small to accommo- A UBC formation
by students who
were protesting the
facilities ofthe
Fairview Campus
was part of the
Great Trek in 1922,
far left. A collage
of pictures gives a
hint of the many
changes UBC has
Clockwise from top
left: the Museum of
Cecil Green Park
House 1965, the
last football game
in the old stadium,
the library, 1925.
date the growing number of students. In
1922, more than 1,000 trekkers marched
from the Fairview site to where the university now stands, to show the government of
the day that it was absolutely essential that
new facilities be built. Nine students
formed the committee to publicize the
Great Trek, and its symbolism has since
been upheld by generations of alumni. The
relay is run to remind students of the need
to get involved, as well as being open to off-
campus teams to encourage community
involvement and to establish a link that
fosters good will.
Thursday evening brings the climax of
Homecoming — the Great Trekker Award
Dinner. Past alumni are honoured with a
prestigious award that is held dear to the
hearts of the recipients. Two of those being
honoured this year were astounded and
deeply touched when they got the call informing them of the tribute.
Little did Ernie and Ray Perrault know,
some 40 years ago, that they would be
considered for the Great Trekker Award.
From 1945, the two brothers were active in
the radio society, contributing their talent
and energy to its success. Both were presidents of the society; Ray in 1947, Ernie in
"Never in my wildest dreams did I think
that I or Ray would be on that list," says
Ernie. "It's a good list."
(The Great Trekker Award has been given
out most years since 1950 to alumni who
have achieved prominence in their field,
who have made a worthy or special contribution to the community, and who have
displayed a keen and continued interest in
their alma mater. Previous recipients include Dean W.H. Gage, The Hon. J.V.
Clyne, Dr. Norman MacKenzie, The Hon.
Mr. Justice N.T. Nemetz, and Cecil and Ida
This year's dinner, held in the SUB ballroom, promises to be a lively affair, complete with bagpipers and a video presentation of the radio society's earlier years.
Said Ray: "There was a spirit back then.
We were very conscious of the university's
motto — Tuum Est — and we took fierce
pride in achieving things, and lifting ourselves by our own bootstraps. (Norman)
MacKenzie was just a splendid president for
that era ... just outstanding."
In an interview at Senator Ray Perrault's
North Vancouver home, the two brothers
laughed and reminisced about the "golden
days". Noting that the, radio society has
produced one of the best alternate radio
stations in North America, the senator said,
"That was a dream that we had then."
When Ray was president, he was instrumental in preparing music, drama and
sports programs that would be aired on
downtown stations, such as CJOR and
CKWX. Reflecting on his brother's love for
announcing, Ernie quipped that Ray was
born with a microphone in his hand. Indeed, Ray pursued a career in radio, working at CJOR after graduation for about
seven years prior to heading into politics,
where he is now a well-known and highly-
respected senator.
Ernie, who was writing plays for CBC
Radio during his mid-teens, continues to
churn out novels, radio and film scripts,
and documentaries. Both men solidly meet
the requirements of the Great Trekker
Award. Ernie's involvement as an alumni
includes writing two documentaries about
Ray's position as senior minister and senator with the federal government has given
him a good vantage point for assisting projects such as the Asian Centre and the
teaching hospital. Both he and Ernie campaigned for the Aquatic Centre.
To the Perraults, being involved in extracurricular activities during their university
years has paid off enormously in terms of
the contacts they made, and their expanded perspective of the community at
The trekker spirit was alive and well,
they said. There was a feeling in those days
that other schools may be richer, other
cities may be bigger, but, said Ray, "We
weren't going to be out-performed in terms
of achieving something or building something."
Added Ernie, "As a result, we tried
harder. The spirit of the trek certainly carried through our period and I think it prevails out there today."
Looking over old photographs, the brothers recalled when the society acquired new,
ultra-modern, studios in the late 1940s. "It
wasn't a matter of ordering some deluxe
equipment and having it shipped in and
turning it on," said Ray. "The boys really
worked on it, putting it together. This was
really a do-it-yourself operation." Ernie remembered the time he gave "one chap the
job of manufacturing the sound effects, and
it was just amazing what he did. I had
everything from a single horse coming
CHRONICLE/FALL   13 down the road to the Charge of the Light
Brigade. I had typhoons and soft winds,
and surf..."
Because of their participation in things
other than academia, the brothers appreciate the efforts of today's student body in
putting the Homecoming together. It is essential, they say, for students to join clubs
and become part of the university's social
community. Rebecca Nevraumont heartily
agrees: "People like myself will always
come back because we got involved in it in
a very large way. I think a lot of people are
cheating themselves by not getting involved in something beyond academics."
The university depends on the alumni,
she said, because they are a source of information and a source of support. While
Homecoming is not a fundraising event,
part of its purpose is to "promote a good
feeling" and in turn, when additional funds
are needed, it is hoped the alumni will
One of the memorable alumni dances
Ernie said, "If the Great Trek concept
continues and the university continues to
be a good university, people will graduate,
and they will continue to support. They will
continue to push, and they will continue to
gravitate to top positions across the country, all because of that spirit of trying
harder and working harder.
"There is a nucleus out there that I'm sure
is just as dedicated as we were and just as
interested in the university."
He conceded the challenge is greater
now, because the campus is that much
larger. Somehow it is easier to be involved
and become integrated when there are a
couple of thousand people, compared with
the 25,000 students streaming onto campus
in the 1980s. But events such as Homecoming are instrumental in retaining student
participation because it is a constant reminder of university roots.
And now, nearly 40 years later, the Perrault brothers return to their alma mater,
with their memories and stories to tell.
We regard this recognition as a recognition for all those who have helped the university radio society down through the
years," said Ray. "Because when I look at
the hours that those people put in, and
some of them suffered, in terms of grades
and economics, to do something interesting and useful for their university, they
should be up on the platform with us."
Welcome home, boys. ■
Geoffrey Clement
Andrew: A Memoir
Whenever I remember Geoffrey Andrew —
and he is never far from my thoughts — I
recall, first and always, that wondrous,
mysterious, mind-numbing party trick of
He did it at end-of-term faculty parties,
sometimes before meetings of the board
and senate, at student retreats on Bowen
Island ... wherever and whenever he
sensed that the laughter of the largesse or
the luck was going out of things.
That trick? You haven't heard? He could
write simultaneously with both hands on
separate sheets of paper and produce (I
swear it by gods foreign and domestic!) two
different texts, both sensible, both legible.
And sometimes, as a special refinement, he
mouthed quotations from Yeats as he
wrote. I thought everyone knew about
Geoff's two-fisted feats.
And those texts obeyed all the canons of
composition he taught in the lecture room:
proper words in proper places; unity, coherence, emphasis, a beginning, a middle
and an end ... all the strictures and caveats
you read about in Fowler, Follett, even Satire and Newman.
Not only that, but in those dual texts he
was strong with the comma, firm with the
semi-colon, rigorous with the hyphen. He
wasn't much given to the dash. He loathed,
despised and condemned the dash. He reserved it solely for the lilac letters of country ladies writing from cold November
mansions in a mist-eroded Yorkshire. He
thought the dash should be abandoned,
cast aside like a squeezed lemon — and I
agree with him.
Remember a man — a brilliant, accomplished, much-honoured man — simply be
cause he was ambidextrous? Recall the
face, the smile, the set of the shoulders,
that running laughter of his, the Toledo-
steel thrust of his wit and intellect because
he could write simultaneously on two
sheets of ... you'll raise disbelieving eyebrows and condemn me.
But you'd be wrong. That trick of his still
represents for me the wide-ranging, many-
sided, eclectic, multiple talents of a man I
loved, honoured and respected. And all
those feelings remain with me now, here,
today, six months after his death. Because
his life crossed mine I am a better, a wiser, a
richer man.
He had many lives, so many lives. To
enumerate is to omit, but I take the risk:
friend and adviser to generations of students at the university; quick-pulsed critic
and professor of English; wise, aggressive,
insurgent counsellor to organizations and
governments concerned with the arts, the
letters, theatre, dance, music; loud, clear
loyalist voice calling this province and Canada to bold adventures in education, cultural exchanges, international cooperation, service to other lands where life
is dangerous, diminished or depressed; and
finally, courageous advocate of the best
that men and women have written, recorded, created or yearned after down the
long, angled corridors of time.
And in all his undertakings and initiatives
he was aided and encouraged, sometimes
exceeded, by a lady whose own accomplishments and talents paralleled his:
Margaret. They complemented and graced '
each other; they were one in the flesh and
the spirit, "born upon that self-same hill."
Many of us, hundreds of us, want to honour and enshrine the memory of a man
and woman who enriched and enhanced
our lives and the lives of so many others.
Together with their children, we are establishing the Geoffrey and Margaret Andrew
Fellowsljip in Creative and Performing
Arts. The fellowship will allow young people from other countries whose talents
have already been demonstrated and recognized to spend a year in residence at the
university. They might be painters, poets,
musicians, novelists, art historians, performers. They would represent any of the
arts to which Geoffrey and Margaret contributed so much.
We would deeply appreciate contributions in the form of gifts, grants and bequests from former students, colleagues,
associates and all those who were privileged to share the lives of Geoffrey and
Margaret. Those contributions may be sent
directly to the Development Office of the
University of British Columbia. I thank you
now for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
Now, let me go back to remembering him
and the two pens in those two hands and
the two sheets of paper and the two texts
and the simultaneity of it all.
And I wonder, wonder vaguely, if he
would insist on a comma in that last sentence. He might, and he might award me
that most condemnatory grade at this ancient Oxford: Barely fair, sir!
But at least I avoided the dash: that fearsome weapon in the hands of country
ladies writing lilac letters in cold November
mansions on mist-eroded moors. Geoffrey
would approve.
Ron Jeffels
A Friend
August, 1987
Richmond, B.C.
Contributions to the Geoffrey and
Margaret Andrew Fellowship in Creative
and Performing Arts should be sent to the
UBC Development Office, 6251 Cecil
Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C.
On September 9, honourary degrees
were conferred on two outstanding
citizens and UBC alumni. The Chronicle
presents the following brief biographies as
tribute to former UBC Chancellor Robert
Wyman and Man in Motion Rick Hansen
Stories by Rochelle van Halm
Man in Motion Comes
Home to UBC
Seven years ago, on a desolate December
day, a fourth year UBC Physical Education
student braved the wind in his wheelchair,
wheeling 32 kilometres around the UBC
Endowment Lands. Rick Hansen, for the
second year Canada's national disabled
athlete of the year, raised $10,000 in
pledges for the Canadian Wheelchair
Sports Assocation. In 1980 Hansen was already a world ranked wheelchair athlete
and new achievements in the years ahead
would take him around the world.
As a sporty, adventurous teenager, Hansen had wanted to be a physical education
instructor. His dreams were interrupted
during a hitch-hiked ride home from a
Bella Coola fishing trip. The pick-up truck
flipped on the gravel washboard and Hansen was thrown against a trunk of heavy
tools. His spinal cord was severed, and at
age 15, Hansen was paralyzed from the
waist down.
It was Hansen's coach in Williams Lake,
Bob Redford, who convinced the rehabilitating boy he could still teach physical edu
cation — even from a wheelchair. Rick Hansen began to believe again. When he first
applied to enroll in UBC's School of Physical Education, he was advised to try a year
in arts or sciences to see how he coped.
Hansen complied and when the year was
up, he entered the P.E. faculty.
The program required students to take
nine activities. Hansen managed seven and
was permitted to substitute two advanced
coaching courses. Bob Hindmarch, director of athletics at UBC, commented that,
"I've never in my life seen an able-bodied
athlete work as hard as Rick does."
In 1986, Hansen was the first disabled
person to graduate from UBC's School of
Physical Education. Because he was training for wheelchair marathons, basketball,
track, volleyball and the disabled Olympics, Hansen took longer than the usual
four years to get his degree.
Hansen returned from the 1982 Pan
American Wheelchair Games in Halifax
loaded with an unprecedented nine gold
medals. "What makes this remarkable athlete tick?" asked the Vancouver Sun. The
answer— "Determination, dedication, motivation, intensity, will, desire" — gives us a
glimpse of how Hansen would later dedicate
more than two years of his life to wheeling
around the world.
The newspaper interpreted Rick Hansen's
big plans for the Olympics to be the climax of
his athletic career. "After the 1984 Olympic,
Hansen plans to settle down a little." As it
turned out, Hansen was just warming up.
"Regardless of whether I win, lose or
draw, it'll be time to move on to bigger and
better things," Hansen said five years ago.
Looking back, those words were a bare indi-
CHRONICLE/FALL   15 cation of where a young man's determination
would take him — through 34 countries,
wheeling 40,000 kilometres around the
world, raising awareness of spinal cord disabilities and more than $20 million for spinal
cord research.
Hansen has won 19 international marathons and gold medals galore in international
competitions, competed nationally for teams
in basketball and volleyball, and won
championships in wheelchair tennis and rac-
quetball. Hansen has coached able-bodied
volleyball, basketball and youth development
Hansen, 30, has been honoured with many
other awards, including the Special Achievement Award presented by the UBC Athletic
office in 1985, the 1987 Terry Fox Award for
Courage and Canada's Outstanding Athlete
of the Year with hockey great Wayne
Hansen's October 10 marriage to Amanda
Reid, the Queens University physiotherapy
graduate who accompanied Hansen around
the world, is the latest chapter in the challenging life Hansen sets for himself. ■
What's Next For
Bob Wyman?
Last summer at UBC a party was given to
honour the outgoing chancellor. As usual,
W. Robert Wyman was rushing out of Vancouver International Airport from a
lengthy flight. He dashed to his West Vancouver home to change into evening attire
and then raced back to the university for
the party — and he didn't know until he
arrived that the celebration was in his honour!
This unstinting dedication to the university has highlighted Bob Wyman's three-
year term as chancellor. Wyman, 56, is the
chairman of Pemberton Houston Willoughby Bell Gouinlock Inc., one of the
province's largest investment firms.
Wyman is an extremely busy man and
yet undertook the role as chancellor to
demonstrate his great care for the university. The voluntary position is the alumni
and the university's most senior representative and ceremonial head. The chancellor
serves as a member of the board of governors and senate and confers all degrees.
From Joan King's view, who with Dr.
John K. Stager organizes UBC congregation and other ceremonies, Wyman's genuine warmth and interest in his work for the
university is extremely evident. "He sits
there and taps each and every student on
the head, admitting them," says King. "It is
a great source of pride and pleasure for him
— you can see it — to see these thousands
of students go by."
Wyman has many achievements in the
university and business worlds. From 1975
to 1982, when Wyman was company president, the investment firm was extremely
profitable. A report he wrote recently on
the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corpoa-
tion has been well received. And during his
From left, Bob Wyman, Rick Hansen, the Honourable Robert G. Rogers, Lieutenant
Governor ofB. C, Chancellor Leslie Peterson, President David Strangway.
term as chancellor, Wyman saw the institution through two presidents.
Early in his term, Wymam recognized
there was a gap dividing the university
from the provincial government and the
private sector. One of Wyman's goals was to
build a unity of interest and purpose between the three groups. "He's been a great
support to us at the university, through
some difficult times," says Joan King. "He's
brought town and gown together — bringing the university to the people."
Wyman loves being part of the decisionmaking process. "He thrives on contact
with powerful people — politicians, people
running the university, people running anything," says Mike Ryan, director and senior
vice president, and director of research for
Pemberton Houston Willoughby Bell
Gouinlock Inc. "He's an excellent person to
have on committees because he really does
his homework. He's valued on committees
because he works so hard."
Wyman's best quality is communicating
— getting people talking with his easy,
open manner. "I believe Bob was the first
chancellor to speak to all the deans," says
Ryan. "That's typical of Bob, to enjoy meeting them, to always find something to
Ryan has known Wyman for 30 years,
since university days. "He's a terrifically
keen person, what we used to call a keener.
No matter what Wyman does, whether it's
swimming in the morning, which he
started a few months ago, or buying a new
car, he's incredibly enthusiastic about it."
Wyman is a high energy person, a
"clean-desk man" in style and an excellent
delegator. Wyman is a long-established
community and association activist. Before
his term as chancellor, Wyman served as a
board member and later chairman of the
UBC board of governors. He has also
served as chairman of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, the Vancouver
Board of Trade, and the Canadian Chamber
of Commerce.
He currently serves the business community as a director on the boards of Pemberton Houston Willoughby Investment Corp.,
British Columbia Telephone Co., Glenayre
16   CHRONICLE/FALL Electronics Ltd., and Finning Ltd. Wyman
is also a senior member of the Conference
Board (U.S.) and governor of the Business
Council of B.C.
A family man, Wyman and his wife
Dorothy of 33 years are very close, and
Wyman listens carefully to Dorothy's counsel. Wyman, a native of Edmonton, received his Bachelor of Commerce from the
University of British Columbia in 1956. ■
The Highest Honour of
Since 1925, honourary doctorates have
been conferred on outstanding members of
the community by the University of British
Columbia in recognition of distinguished
achievement or extraordinary service. The
criteria is wide enough to include deserving recipients from all categories — from
community service to the arts.
Nominees for honourary degrees must
be distinguished scholars, creative artists,
public servants, persons prominent in the
community and the professions, or others
who have made significant contributions to
the life of the university, the province, or
nationally or internationally. The criteria
specifies that the overriding benchmark for
the award must be excellence, eminence
and accomplishment.
Nominations are solicited from the university community, alumni, and general
public in September of each year. More
than 100 names are usually generated and
over several meetings, the seven-member
Tributes Committee reviews the names.
The committee tries to keep nominees in
.-'' categories so that not all those selected for
the year are businessmen or academics.
"The overriding decision is who is most
outstanding," says committee chairman
John Dennison.
The standard of excellence among nominees is very high. "Of the many very excellent people, some don't make it," says Dennison. Nominees not granted honourary
degrees are automatically reconsidered for
recommendation the following year. After
formal voting, the Tributes Committee submits a list of five to nine names for recommendation to the Senate for confirmation
at the December meeting.
A new procedure this year will allow
members of the senate more time to study
the list before approving the honourary
doctorates. This is in response to the difficulty that occurred last year over the recommendation of corporate luminary Jim
Pattison that resulted in one member resigning from the senate. Pattison eventually turned down the honourary degree.
After senate approval, honourary degrees are conferred on recipients by the
chancellor, during six ceremonies held in
May of each year. Recipients are presented
with the diploma that spells out the honourary degree in Latin. They are also
given the hood, presented by the university
president in commemoration of their honour. Recipients are entitled to use the title
of "Dr." or to use the letters signifying the
honourary degree with their name.
Previous recipients of UBC honourary
doctorates include former chancellors J.V.
Clyne and Chief Justice of B.C. Nathan Nemetz; author, broadcaster and UBC alumnus Pierre Berton; renowned cellist
Mstislav Rostropovich; former music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra,
Kazuyoshi Akiyama; former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau; philanthropist
and real estate baron David Lam; former
Vancouver alderman May Brown. ■
Chancellor Leslie
Leslie Peterson, recently installed as UBC's
13th chancellor, is grateful for the opportunities he has had.
"I feel tremendously honoured," he says
of his new position, looking forward to furthering the university's potential during his
three-year term.
Over 1,500 people attended Peterson's
installation September 9 at the War Memorial Gym. (Rick Hansen was also a part of
the ceremony. He received an honourary
doctor of laws degree; and outgoing chancellor Robert Wyman was also conferred
with an honourary degree.)
Chancellors are the senior alumni on
campus and therefore the university's ambassadors to the community, and represent
the university at ceremonies on and off
campus. Peterson becomes a member of
the board of governors and the Senate. He
currently serves on a number of university
Peterson views his term as an opportu
nity to build on the university's strengths,
and to promote increased international recognition of its distinguished faculty and
research capabilities.
"... I can assure you that there is a very
strong resolve to do what I can to help this
university achieve a destiny worthy of a
great university," he told his audience.
"This university, in a very real sense,
belongs to the people of British Columbia,
and in its long traditions it has not only
responded to society's wishes, but has
given it leadership in thought and action."
Peterson, 63, is a Vancouver lawyer and
former Social Credit cabinet minister. He
graduated from UBC's faculty of law in
1949, and has been a member of UBC's
board of governors since 1978. He was its
chairman from 1979 to 1983. Serving as an
MLA from 1956 to 1972, he has held portfolios of labour, education and attorney-
general. He is currently a senior partner in
the law firm of Boughton and Co.
In his acceptance speech, Peterson acknowledged the chancellors from Simon
Fraser University and the University of Victoria.
"While recognizing the healthy, competitive spirit that exists among our universities and the pride that each of us has in the
university we represent, it is my hope and
prayer that our current terms of office will
be characterized by a degree of cooperation and accommodation greater
than any we have experienced..." said Peterson.
He said he was delighted to see so many
students present, particularly those who
have come to UBC for the first time.
"This university now and in the next few
years will be a central part of your life, and
if you choose, UBC can make a difference
now and to your future," he said.
"I feel quite strongly about this because
of my own experience. Given the time and
circumstances of my youth, the chance to
go to UBC was for me a very special privilege," said Peterson, who started school in a
one room schoolhouse.
Peterson expressed his desire to make
UBC "an intellectual environment for
teaching, learning and discovery that will
continue to make us worthy of international respect and recognition.
Thanks to the generosity of 7,823 alumni
donors, contributions to the 1986/87
Alumni Fund annual campaign reached
$1,584,861, exceeding our goal of $1.5
million by 5.6 per cent. According to donor preferences, these funds have been
allocated to student financial aid, teaching and research, specific faculty projects, and other areas of greatest need at
the University.
On behalf of the Alumni Association's
Board of Management, I would like to
express sincere gratitude for your support. With your assistance, UBC will
maintain its traditional margin of excellence in education and many students
will be afforded opportunities that may
not otherwise have been available.
The success of the 1986/87 campaign
is due in large part to the overwhelming
response of alumni to faculty focused
campaigns, the annual direct mail appeal and the annual phonathon campaign. The official campaign year ran
from June 1,1986 to May 31,1987.
The following section of The Chronicle
has been devoted to recognizing our
many donors to the 1986/87 Alumni
Fund. Names have been sorted by decades of graduation (based upon last degree obtained) and then by level of giving. Due to space restrictions, we were
only able to list donors of $100 or more.
However, our thanks extends to all donors, regardless of giving level.
X   ]l—JJ O y^A.
Don Anderson, BSc'71, DMD'74
Chairman, Alumni Fund
The Wesbrook Society was established
in 1981 to recognize and honour alumni
and non-alumni donors who contribute at
least $1,000 to the University annually.
The Chancellor's Circle was established
in 1985 to recognize and honour alumni
and non-alumni donors who have contributed at least $25,000 cumulatively to
the university. Individuals in these giving
clubs deserve special recognition in our
Honour Roll. Their donations constitute
the major percentage of funds raised
through the Alumni Fund each year, and
provide invaluable assistance to the university and students. The members of
the Wesbrook Society enjoy special privileges at the university in honour of their
commitment to UBC.
The following is a list of Wesbrook Society and Chancellor's Circle members
who gave in the 1986/87 campaign year.
It includes members who pledged in the
current campaign year and those who
honoured pledges from previous years.
For convenience, names have been
separated into alumni and non-alumni
donors and have been listed alphabetically within each category.
Dear UBC Grads:
In this issue of The Chronicle, we are
happy to share with you the success of
the 1986/87 Alumni Fund Annual Campaign.
Thanks to the generosity of grads who
gave to the Alumni Fund, a grand total of
$1,584,861 was raised between June 1,
1986 and May 31, 1987. This exceeds
last year's total by a remarkable 45.2 per
These funds translate into student financial aid, teaching and research assistance, faculty project funding and support for other areas of greatest need at
the university.
As president, it is tremendously exciting to witness this growing commitment
from alumni. Not only does this demonstrate that grads are interested in maintaining UBC's margin of excellence in
education but it also ensures the continuity of a long standing tradition at UBC;
that is the investment by former students
and current alumni in the students and
alumni of tomorrow.
To show our appreciation, a section of
The Chronicle has been dedicated to a
donor honour roll.
On behalf of the university, thank you
for your support.
GRADUATES 1920 TO 1929
$100 to $249
Ablowitz, Sylvia, Mrs
Aylard, Arthur W, Mr
Aylard, Clara Muriel, Miss
Bennett, Evelyn P, Mrs
Blankenbach, William W, Mr
Brown, Ruth Alberta, Mrs
Carrick, Robert Bruce, Mr
Crozier, Robert Nelson, Mr
Cruickshank, Dorothy M, Miss
D'Arcy, Grace Ryall, Mrs
Elphicke, Norah Annie, Mrs
Fraser, James A, Mr
Gaddes, Leonard, Mr
Griffith, Braham Grey, Dr
Gunning, Marion, Mrs
Hall, Wilfred Newman, Mr
Halley, Dorothy H, Mrs
Hankinson, Bessie, Miss
Hemming, Alice Louisa, Ms
Hoffmeister, Donalda Amber, Mrs
Ingledew, William E, Mr
Kania, Joseph E, Dr
King, Hubert Bell, Mr
Lade, Mary Elizabeth, Miss
Leach, F Wanetta, Miss
Letson, Gordon M, Mr
McFarlane, Meredith Milner, Hon Mr
McKechnie, Don Cowan, Mr
Musgrave, Jean Isabel, Miss
Osborne, D Hillis, Mr
Pretious, Edward S, Mr
Smith, Anne Marie, Miss
Turnbull, Frank, Dr
Wasson, Evans E, Mr
Wilson, Elva May, Mrs
Woolliams, G Ewart, Mr
$250 to $499
Brink, Zoe Eileen, Mrs
Eades, Jessie, Mrs
Fraser, Jean H, Miss
Richmond, William O, Mr
Wilcox, Laura, Miss
Winch, Gladys N, Mrs
$500 to $999
Dunlap, Hester Cleveland, Mrs
Musgrave, Flora Macdonald, Miss
Selby, Mary Ann, Mrs
GRADUATES 1930 TO 1939
$100 to $249
Alcock, Gwen Lottie, Mrs
Anderson, Arnold B, Mr
Anderson, Roderick V, Mr
Armstrong, John Edward, Dr
Bain, Roger M, Mr
Baldwin, Ellen, Mrs
Barss, L Margaret, Mrs
Black, Catherine L, Miss
Boutilier, Helen Rebecca, Miss
Boyles, Sadie Marguerite, Miss
Brooks, E Louise, Mrs
Brown, Phyllis K, Mrs
Brunette, Georgina Margaret, Mrs
Buckley, J Mervin, Mr
Buller, Arthur E, Mr
Burnett, Daniel Albert, Mr
Campbell, Jack James R, Dr
Campbell, Jessie Meryl, Miss
Cartmell, Clara E, Miss
Chapman, Katherine Ethel, Mrs
Charlton, Fred W, Mr
Chell, Joseph, Mr
Christie, Kathleen Marjorie, Mrs
Clarke, Robert S, Dr
Cleveland, Courtney E, Dr
Cliff, Margaret V, Mrs
Coleman, Sheila Mary, Mrs
Couch, Edgar Allison, Mr
Crawford, Elmer J, Mr
Cross, Henry Norman, Dr
Cross, Jean A, Dr
Currie, Lyall Alexander, Mr
Davey, Margaret W, Mrs
Davey, Robert Frederick, Mr
Dawson, Barbara Lilian, Miss
Detwiller, Margaret J, Mrs
Dill, Charlotte Elva, Miss
Disney, Peter J, Rev
Dix, Talosa Violet Louise, Mrs
Dobson, William K Allan, Mr
Douglas, Ian F, Mr
Douglas, Ross R, Mr
Dunn, Frances E, Mrs
Duus, Frances Cornelia, Mrs
Ellett, Alec Sydney, Mr
Ellett, Kathleen M, Mrs
Emery, Philip CB, Mr
Evans, Lorna, Mrs
Fallis, Ada Ruth, Mrs
Frost, John Windsor, Dr
Gansner, Leo S, Judge
David W. Strangway
18   CHRONICLE/FALL Gillan, Olive Elizabeth, Mrs
Gillies, Jane, Mrs
Gould, John Richard Groves, Mr Justice
Gray, John Gardiner, Mr
Hacking, Norman Rupert, Mr
HaUiday, Lesley M, Miss
Hamilton, Richard A, Mr
Hardwick, Francis C, Mr
Harper, Eleanor Darrel, Mrs
Hartley, Audrey G, Mrs
Hedley, John B, Mr
Hemmingsen, Mary M, Mrs
Hentig, Irene Elizabeth, Mrs
Ho, Benjamin Junyip, Mr
Hobson, Marjorie W, Mrs
Hockin, Katharine B, Dr
Hodge, Frances Molly, Mrs
Hunter, T Murray, Prof
Ingledew, Margaret MacLean, Mrs
Jeffery, Mary W, Mrs
Killam, Ralph James, Mr
Killin.AlanF, Mr
Kilpatrick, Heather, Miss
Kirby, William John Cameron, Mr Justice
Knowles, Marion, Mrs
Langton, Geraldine Edith, Mrs
Latta, William Sayer B, Mr
Lean, Marjorie Isabel, Miss
Levirs, Franklin P, Mr
Lindberg, Mary I, Mrs
Linzey, William EB.Dr
Loftus, Frances Mary, Ms
Lougheed, Gwendolyn Northcote, Mrs
MacDonald, Colin H, Mr
Macdonald, James Allen, Mr Justice
MacKinnon, Kathleen M, Mrs
Macleod, Arthur Kelvin, Mr
MacQueen, tan Calvin, Mr
Malkin, James Marshall, Mr
Martin, Catherine V, Ms
Mathisen, Arne Kristian, Dr
Mawby, Vera Beatrice, Miss
Mayers, Richard James Neville, Mr
Mayhew, Elza Edith, Mrs
McAlister, Rosemary E, Mrs
McDiarmid, Ian H, Mr
McDiarmid, Ralph Gordon, Mr
McDiarmid, Sheila, Miss
McKeown, Wilton M, Mr
McLellan, J Gilmore, Mr
McLeod, J Douglas, Mr
McMahon, Howard Oldford, Dr
McMullan, Daniel Lawrence, Mr
McNair, Francis Evan, Dr
McTaggart, Donald Edwin, Mr
Melvin, John F, Mr
Milburn, John E, Mr
Mitchell, David Mowbray, Mr
Moodie, Norman F, Mr
Moody, Margaret H, Mrs
Morrison, Mary Elizabeth, Mrs
Mortimer, John Moncrieff, Mr
Motherwell, James S, Mr
Munn, R Russell, Mr
Munro, Constance E, Miss
Murray, Walter Allan, Mr
Nemetz, Bel I, Mrs
Newmarch, Oliver Henry, Mr
Nicholson, Mary Elaine, Mrs
Nixon, Frederick Gordon, Mr
Osborn, Clendon D L, Mr
Palmer, Hugh M, Mr
Parnell, John Lawrence, Dr
Paulson, Esther I, Miss
Pendray, Wilfred Charles, Mr
Pennington, Marion C, Mrs
Perkins, Venie Lily, Mrs
Phillips, Norman Wm F, Dr
Pike, Albert Edward, Mr
Pike, James A, Mr
Pontifex, M Vivian, Miss
Porter, Merle A, Mrs
Purdy, Dwight Walker, Mr
Quayle, Daniel Branch, Dr
Robbins, William, Dr
Robertson, C Eric, Dr
Robertson, Evelyn Erie, Mrs
Rolston, AmyC, Mrs
Rothstein, Aser, Dr
Ruttan, John Graham, Mr Justice
Salisbury, Herbert F, Mr
Schultz, Margaret Amy, Mrs
Scott, Annie Esther, Miss
Sedgwick, Harvey James, Judge
Seldon, George Elliott, Mr
Senkler, Edmund John, Mr
Sharp, Peter J, Mr
Sharp, Robert F, Dr
Shields, Jean A, Mrs
Slaughter, Dorothy, Mrs
Steuart, William A, Mr
Stevens, Frank Stewart, Mr
Stewart, P Clayton, Mr
Strong, George Gordon, Mr
Tatum, Agnes Mary, Mrs
Telford, Kenneth Munro, Dr
Tennant, Jas F Walton, Mr
Tervo, Clara Marie, Miss
Thomas, Melvin Arthur, Mr
Thompson, Dorothy E, Mrs
Thompson, Margaret E, Miss
Trapp, Winifred Christine, Mrs
Trussell, PaulC, Dr
Walden, Franklin E, Mr
Ward, Gerald Maxwell, Dr
White, Beverly B, Mrs
Whittaker, William R, Mr
Willows, Pearl A, Miss
Wilson, Florence I, Miss
Wilson, Robert James, Dr
Wirick, Arthur John, Mr
Wright, Maurice M, Dr
$250 to $499
Armstead, Miriam R, Mrs
Clayton, Henry Hubert, Mr
DeVitt,C A Stuart, Mr
Dingle, Walter Brian, Mr
Fallis, Mary M, Miss
Gourley, Margaret Isabella, Mrs
Gray, Alice Gertrude, Miss
Guy, Jordan R D, Mr
Hori, C George, Dr
Humphreys, M Gweneth, Dr
Johnson, Arthur Joseph F, Mr
Ladner, Thomas Ellis, Mr
Leggat, WilliamS, Mr
MacDonald, Wilfred J, Mr
McQuarrie, Colin D, Mr
Nicolson, Christina, Mrs
Patrick, Kenneth E, Mr
Pumphrey, Katherine Avis, Miss
Ricker, Marion T, Mrs
Roberts, M Violet, Mrs
Rothstein, Norman L, Mr
Sager, Arthur H, Mr
Searle, Eleanor G, Mrs
Stewart, Dorothy J, Miss
Stewart, John Will, Mr
Touzeau, Walter D, Mr
Watson, Charles Burton, Mr
Wyness, Alison, Mrs
$500 to $999
Aikins, Anne Elizabeth, Mrs
Brynelsen, Bernard Orlando, Mr
Fulton, E Davie, Mr
Hacker, G Cecil, Mr
Higashi, Peter S, Mr
Maclnnes, Alexander S, Dr
Markle, Edith Lillian, Mrs
Okuda, Hiroshi, Mr
Walker, Gordon Graham, Mr
GRADUATES 1940 TO 1949
$100 to $249
Adutt, Peter S, Mr
Allester, Wm Vernon, Mr
Anderson, John, Mr
Anderson, John D, Mr
Aproberts, Gwilyn Evan, Mr
apRoberts, Robt Pigott, Dr
Archibald, Douglas, Rev
Armstrong, John B, Mr
Ashford, Walter Rutledge, Dr
Awmack, Joseph Wilfred, Mr
Backman, Arvid V, Mr
Barton, George M, Mr
Beirnes, Virginia Elaine, Mrs
Belkin, Helen Mary, Mrs
Bell, Harry Rich, Mr
Bene, Eva Mary, Dr
Bewley, Lois M, Prof
Bird, J Mcintosh, Mr
Blumenauer, George Henry, Mr
Breeze, John Ellis, Mr
Brine, Ralph, Mr
Brousson, David M, Mr
Bruce, Delbert Clayton, Mr
Bruce, James R D, Mr
Bryant, Charles W, Mr
Buchanan, James Balfour, Mr
Bunting, Rosamund G, Miss
Burgess, William Norman, Mr
Bushell, Charles H G, Mr
Cairns, Frank Vivian, Mr
Calder, Thomas Lachlan, Dr
Campbell, Henry C, Mr
Carlyle, David G, Mr
Carlyle, Robert Harold, Mr
Carrothers, A Brian B, Mr Justice
Carrothers, P John, Mr
Carruthers, Harvey, Mr
Carter, Kathleen, Mrs
Casselman, Juanita E, Dr
Chinn, Frank, Mr
Christie, Richard Gordon, Mr
Church, Edward J M, Dr
Chutter, Dorothy R Mrs
Clarke, John P, Mr
Cliff, Harold Neilson, Mr
Cliff, Ronald Laird, Mr
Coates, Richard Kenneth, Mr
Cochran, John A, Mr
Cochrane, James A, Mr
Coleman, Helen E, Mrs
Coleman, Robert Samuel, Mr
Cooper, Walter C, Dr
Crowhurst, John James, Mr
Cunningham, John R, Mr
Currie, Robert Gordon S, Mr
Dakin, John Kenneth, Mr
Davidson, Robert A, Mr
Detwiller, Lloyd F, Mr
Dickson, Frank Arthur, Mr
Douglas, Gordon Campbell, Mr
Downes, Gwladys Violet, Dr
Ellison, Gordon Davey, Mr
Farrow, RuthM, Mrs
Fisher, Donald M, Mr
Fleming, Elizabeth A, Ms
Foster, Raymond Edwin, Dr
Fowler, Laura E, Mrs
Fraresso, Marino, Mr
Fyffe, Gordon John, Dr
Fyles, James Thomas, Dr
Gardiner, David John, Mr
Gardner, Joseph Arthur F, Dr
Garling, Mary Stuart, Mrs
Gibson, Howard B G, Mr
Gordon, Merritt E, Mr
Grantham, Ronald Douglas, Mr
Grayson, William Henry, Mr
Green, Kathleen, Mrs
Gross, William Harvey, Dr
Haines, Alfred Roy, Mr
Hall, Hugh U, Mr
Hammersley, R Cameron, Dr
Handel, Robert D, Mr
Hardwick, Sidney S, Mrs
Harris,Gordons, Dr
Helders, John, Mr
Henderson, Clifford B, Dr
Henderson, Wilson, Dr
Hicks, John Buell, Mr
Hope, Rosemary Roihwell, Mrs
Hoskins, Herbert Cleo, Mr
Hume, Janet, Mrs
Hunter, Douglas R, Mr
Ivey, Donald Glenn, Dr
Jackson, E Lola, Dr
Johnston, Albert Charles, Dr
Johnston, George Redpath, Mr
Johnston, Margaret M, Dr
Joiner, William Maynard, Dr
Joplin, Albert Frederick, Mr
Keill, Robert Thomas, LtCol
Kennedy, William James G, Mr
Kershaw, Ernest Mcdonald, Mr
Kidd, George P, Mr
Kinghorn, James Myles, Mr
Kirkpatrick, Edward T, Dr
Kirkpatrick, John A H, Mr
Klinkhamer, Maurice Gregory, Mr
Knight, Iola W.Mrs
Knight, Richard Gordon, Mr
Knott, Douglas Ronald, Dr
Lambert, NonaC, Miss
Landrey, Elizabeth Jean, Mrs
Leaney, David Brenton, Mr
Lecky, John Macdonald, Mr
Leith, Anna Ruth, Miss
Leith, William C, Dr
Libby, Herbert Richard, Mr
Logan, Jack Donald, Mr
Loyd, Don B, Mr
Lumsden, Harold D, Mr
Lundell, Fred W, Dr
MacDonell, Marion Edith, Miss
Machell, Eugene F, Mr
Mackay, Colin Bridges, Dr
Mackenzie, James Conrad, Dr
MacKenzie, Murdo Graham, Mr
Maclean, Richard Vincent, Mr
MacLeod, Donald M, Mr
Malloy, Dora K, Mrs
Mann, Arthur R, Mr
Manuel, Lloyd W, Mr
Marchbank, Wellwood Archibald, Mr
Marshall, Frederick L, Mr
Mason, Nicholas Victor, Mr
McConachie, C Eric B, Mr
McConnell, Fleming, Dr
McCusker, Joyce Alice P, Mrs
McDonald, Margaret E, Mrs
McGechaen, John, Mr
McLeod, Donald Thomas, Mr
McLeod, EnaG, Mrs
McMorran, Allan Stewart, Judge
Messum, Roy Pallot, Mr
Mitten, Leonard Albert, Mr
Montgomery, Elizabeth, Ms
Moyls, Benjamin N, Dr
Muraro, Sylvio, Mr
Nairne, Dorothy B, Mrs
Nash, Charles Whitwell, Mr
Newby, Jack Dean, Dr
Nicol, Eric Patrick, Mr
Obrien, Thomas L, Mr
Ovans, Charles D, Mr
Page, Eileen Olive, Mrs
Paradis, Rodolphe, Mr
Parks, John, Dr
Parliament, John Harvey, Mr
Patterson, Glen A. Mr
Payne, FernG, Mrs
Pinchin, Victor Lloyd, Mr
Plant, John Lawrence, Air Marshal
Plant, Paul S, Mr
Pope, Helen R, Mrs
Proven, Anna M, Miss
Rae, Robert Mcconnell, Mr
Reeves, Peter Meddar, Mr
Rhodes, Ernest Stuart, Mr
Rogers, John Simpson, Mr
Rogers, Margaret H, Mrs
Rome, Alexander Houston, Mr
Rooney, Sidney Crawford, Mr
Rudd, Margaret, Mrs
Sadler, James Andrew, Mr
Sasaki, Frederick Y, Mr
Saunders, Henry M, Mr
Saunders, Robert Gerald, Mr
Schiedel, Ian H, Mr
Shaw, Maxine Marjorie, Mrs
Shepherd, A Fraser, Mr
Showell, Evelyn, Miss
Sloan, John K, Mr
Small, Evaline, Mrs
Smith, Katherine Brooke, Mrs
Smith, Marion Katherine, Mrs
Snider, PhylissR, Mrs
Soderholm, Ruth Lily, Miss
South, Margaret Joan, Mrs
Spaetgens, Theodore W, Mr
Stead, Gordon W, Dr
Stupich, David D, Mr
Swerdfeger, John Harvey, Mr
Taggart, John D, Hon Justice
Tener, Gordon M, Dr
Thompson, Homer A, Dr
Truax, Clarence Windsor, Mr
Tunis, Barbara R, Mrs
Turner, A Desmond, Mr
Tyrwhitt-Drake, Montague Lawrence, Judge
Underwood, C Eugene F, Mr
Waddell, David Bryson, Mr
Waldie, Adam Clayton, Dr
Watkinson, A Peter W, Mr
Webb, Eugenia, Mrs
White, Mary, Mrs
Whyte, Roberts, Mr
Williams, Edwin Philp, Dr
Williamson, Eva Moody, Miss
Wilson, James Reid, Mr
Wiltse, Byron C, Mr
Winter, Roger Courtenay, Mr
Wishlow, Margaret A, Mrs
Wolverton, Harold Gordon, Dr
Woodland, Arthur Graydon, Mr
Woodside, Mary Eileen, Mrs
Wuest, Walter E, Mr
Wyatt, Gerard Robert, Dr
Younger, Andrew Hunter, Dr
$250 to $499
Bennett, John Northwood, Dr
Burns, Cecil Albert, Mr
Campbell, Jean A K, Miss
Campbell, Margaret A, Dr
Day, Alvin A, Mr
Hetherington, Audrey J, Mrs
Kittleson, Morris E, Mr
Maunsell, Charles D, Dr
McCrae, Helen, Mrs
McDonald, Ian Weir, Mr
McEachern, Ronald G, Mr
McLellan, Donald E, Mr
Patience, Lloyd Patrick, Mr
Reed, Bernard, Mr
Schinbein, John Edward, Dr
Slaney, Fred F, Mr
Smith, John H G, Dr
Snaddon, Andrew William, Mr
Springate, Freda B, Mrs
Tonks, Norman V, Mr
Walker, William M, Mr
White, Robert Arthur, Mr
$500 to $999
Allan, John Dykes, Mr
Brown, Albert A, Mr
Brown, John Voysey, Mr
Campbell, Ian James, Mr
Culos, Peter Raymond, Mr
Dashwood-Jones, Donald, Mr
Lawson, Nell, Mrs
MacDonell, Alexander Leslie Duff, Lt Col
McNeely, James A, Dr
Miller, HughS, Dr
Molson, David H, Mr
Osborne, Robert Freer, Dr
Parker, Eric Geoffrey, Mr
Parnall, John E A, Mr
Riffer, Louise H, Miss
Wilson, Robert George, Dr
GRADUATES 1950 TO 1959
$100 to $249
Adams, Herbert F R, Mr
Aikenhead, Donald Harvey, Dr
Ainscough, Grant L, Mr
Alexander, June Anita, Mrs
Allardice, Donald C, Mr
Allen, Anna lsabelle, Mrs
Ames, Michael McClean, Dr
Anastasiou, Clifford J, Dr
Anderson, Carl Allen, Mr
CHRONICLE/FALL   19 Anfield, S David, Mr
Armstrong, William S, Mr
Attariwala, G S, Mrs
Augustus, Joseph, Mr
Austin, Jacob, Hon
Ayers, Maurice James, Mr
Babie, Theodore L, Mr
Bakos, Tibor Peter, Mr
Balcom, Graeme S, Mr
Banerd, Adair John, Mr
Banfield, John Allen, Mr
Banham, James Alfred, Mr
Barber, Irving K, Mr
Barker, Joanne Earlene, Mrs
Barker, John Elliot, Mr
Baumgart, Alice J, Dean
Beddome, John M, Mr
Bell, William J, Dr
Bennett, Keith John, Mr
Bibace, Bertie M, Mr
Bicknell, Ronald H, Mr
Bliss, John Donald, Mr
Bonnycastle, William Robinson, Judge
Boulding, John David, Mr
Bowyer, Jeanne C, Ms
Boxall, Frank Stuart, Dr
Brigham, Frances May, Mrs
Brown, Margaret Edith, Dr
Buckley, Glen James, Mr
Burchill, Emmeline M, Mrs
Burnstein, Mitchell, Mr
Butterfield, Jennifer Grace, Mrs
Callan, Donald Mclean, Mr
Campbell, Margaret A, Miss
Campbell, Mary Eileen, Mrs
Campbell, Wm David, Mr
Carlson, Allan B, Mr
Carruthers, Norma, Mrs
Carscadden, Lillian M, Miss
Chapman, Jacqueline Sue, Dr
Chaster, James Barry, Mr
Chester, Stanley G, Mr
Chown, Edward Holton, Dr
Clark, Michael D, Dr
Clasby, Ralph W, Mr
Clegg, Charles L, Mr
Clohosey, Mary Edward, Miss
Clyne, J StuartS, Mr
Cochrane, John Gordon, Mr
Cocking, Raymond E, Mr
Coleman, Richard Stanley, Mr
Colley, M Elizabeth, Ms
Conway, Geoffrey R, Mr
Cooper, Donald Ashley, Dr
Cooper, Doreen Mary, Miss
Cooper, Winnifred A, Mrs
Coopland, Gary Neville, Mr
Corbet, Burke C, Mr
Cornwall, Charlotte E, Mrs
Cosens, Winifred, Miss
Course, William R, Mr
Coutsoudakis, John, Mr
Cowie, James F, Mr
Danner, William Edward, Mr
Dare, Harold Anthony, Mr
Daubeny, Hugh Alexander, Dr
Dawkins, Oswald S, Dr
De Bourcier, Olive J, Mrs
Dearing, Enid Mae, Miss
Dembicki, Harry, Mr
Deminger, Karoly, Mr
Derban, Donalda J, Mrs
Derpak, William D, Mr
Diamond, Philip Isidore, Mr
Dill, Herbert James, Mr
Dobbin, Geraldine F, Miss
Dodson, Earl David, Mr
Dodson, Edna, Miss
Dorken, Elaine, Miss
Dow, Marilyn A, Mrs
Dowsley, Donald A, Mr
Dubeau, Allan James, Mr
Dunn, Marie E, Miss
Easton, Charles Herbert, Mr
Elliott, Gordon R, Mr
Esplen, Diane Constance, Mrs
Everest, Kathleen E, Miss
Evers, Annette G, Mrs
Ewen, John Stephen, Mr
Fairhurst, George Alvin, Mr
Fairley, Irene, Miss
Falk, Jack Norman, Mr
Faris, Donald George, Dr
Faryna, Eugene W, Mr
Fast, Arthur Cornelius, Mr
Ferguson, Jean W, Mrs
Ferrie, Walter Michael, Mr
Findlater, Bryan L, Mr
Finlayson, Alexander J, Dr
Finlayson, Douglas G, Dr
Fischer, Charlotte, Dr
Fitzpatrick, Edith M, Miss
Fleetham, Donald Irvine, Mr
Fleetham, Margaret A, Mrs
Fletcher, Harry F, Dr
Fowler, Alvin George, Mr
Fowler, Joan K M, Mrs
Fox, Marguerite, Mrs
Frampton, Walter Richard, Mr
Fraser, Douglas H, Mr
Fraser, Russell G, Hon
Fredrickson, John M, Dr
Freeman, Edward Bicknell, Mr
Friesen, Oskar, Mr
Froese, Daniel W, Dr
Furniss, Katharine H, Mrs
Galloway, Jean M, Mrs
Gardner, Ernest Hugh, Dr
Gillanders, David A, Dr
Gillespie, John, Mr
Giroday, Shirley Eileen, Mrs
Goldsmith, Daniel, Mr
Goostrey, Alex Dunn, Mr
Gordienko, Jorge A, Mr
Gorwill, Ruth Jean, Ms
Graham, John, Mr
Gray, DonaldS, Mr
Griffiths, RoyS, Dr
Grimston, Marjorie Evelyn, Miss
Grove, Edward W, Dr
Guichon, Bernard Garnet, Mr
Gunning, Donald Fitts, Mr
Hamilton, Mary Rendina Kathleen, Mrs
Harlos, Roland, Dr
Harnetty, Peter, Dr
Harris, Paul William, Dr
Haynes, Charlotte Jane, Dr
Henry, John A, Mr
Herron, Harold R, Mr
Heslop, Ian Meg, Mr
Higgs, David C, Dr
Hillier, Wendy G, Mrs
Hinchcliffe, Peter M, Dr
Hipp, Peter, Mr
Hodgert, Kenneth A, Mr
Homer, Lawrence J, Mr
Homer-Dixon, Douglas F, Mr
Honkawa, Takeo, Mr
Hooge, John Walter, Mr
Hope, Laurence Andrew, Mr
Howard, Ronald Bassett, Mr
Hunka, Evelyn B, Ms
Hunt, John E, Dr
Hunt, John Robert, Dr
Hutchins, John Donald, Dr
Ibbott, J William, Dr
Insley, Alan Edward, Mr
Irvine, Donald Grant, Dr
Irving, Mary Jeanette, Miss
Jackson, James Elias, Mr
Jamieson, Douglas Frank, Mr
Jando, Tibor, Mr
Jeffery, Charles Michael, Mr
Johnson, Frances M, Mrs
Johnson, Ross R, Mr
Jones, Marion Ruth, Mrs
Katarius, John William, Mr
Kelley, Alan Daniel, Mr
Kennedy, Robert William, Dr
Kennedy, William Joseph, Mr
Kenney, James Harold, Judge
Ker, David Nation, Mr
Kinoshita, Gene, Mr
Kirkaldy, John Samuel, Dr
Kneteman, Helmuth, Mr
Koch, Penelope Ann, Dr
Kornder, Thais Lorraine Eleanor, Dr
Lade, Gordon W, Mr
Lambe, Agnes M, Mrs
Lambert, Daniel Cyril, Mr
Lanskail, Donald A, Mr
Le Page, Susan Telford, Mrs
Leckie, Robin Brooks, Mr
Ledgerwood, Maria Lynn, Mrs
Lee, Dart Lim, Mr
Lee, Thomas G, Mr
Levis, David Munro, Judge
Linnes, Audrey G, Miss
Little, Edward Brian, Mr
Little, J Douglas, Mr
Lockard, Stanley M, Mr
Lockie, Douglas A, Mr
Logan, Dorothy, Mrs
Longstaffe, John Ronald, Mr
Loveseth, George E, Mr
Lowrey, Raymond, Mr
Lunder, Jakob, Mr
MacDonald, Donald Grant, Mr
MacDonald, John Angus, Mr
Mackay, Joyce M, Mrs
Mackay, Robert Scott, Mr
Mackenzie, George A, Mr
Mackenzie, Kenneth A, Mr
Mackie, Patrick Fylton, Mr
MacLean, Eian Donald, Mr
MacLennan, Mary, Miss
MacMillan, Douglas T, Mr
Mahaffy, Earle F, Mr
Mahon, Kenneth William, Mr
Main, Douglas Ross, Mr
Malychuk, Nick, Mr
Manson, Herbert J, Mr
Manzer, Gwendolyn, Mrs
Maranda, Laurie G, Mr
Marits, Maldus, Dr
Marsden, Wilma Clare, Mrs
Martin, Margaret Elinor, Mrs
Matthews, Herbert L, Mr
McCallum, Bruce L, Mr
McCallum, Ian Armstrong, Mr
McDaniel, Francis Joseph, Mr
McDonald, Joseph A D, Mr
McDonald, Kenneth Gordon, Mr
McDougall, James John, Mr
McDougall, Maria Z, Mrs
Mclnnes, David Leslie, Mr
Mclntyre, Charles Mearns, Mr
McKay, Harry C, Hon Mr Justice
McKeown, Robert John E, Mr
McLean, Edith, Miss
McLennan, Donald James, Mr
McLeod, Melville Coburn, Mr
McLoughlin, Brian W F, Mr
McRae, Joyce A, Miss
Melzak, Shirley Anne, Dr
Meredith, Kenneth E, Mr Justice
Meyer, Richard Burton, Mr
Mill, John Mcintosh, Mr
Milner, Laurence J, Mr
Mitchell, J Reid, Dr
Montgomery, Harold F, Mr
Montgomery, William Harp, Mr
Moran, Frances Marion, Miss
Morrison, Russel Louie, Mr
Morrow, Kenneth Avard, Dr
Mountjoy, Eric Walter, Dr
Moysa, Norman, Mr
Munro, Gordon Ross, Dr
Murray, John G Y, Mr
Nastich, Marion, Miss
Nelford, Terry Edward, Mr
Nemetz, Arnold, Mr
Newcomb, Mary Frances, Mrs
Nimi, Peter Keiichi, Mr
Norris, Mackenzie C, Mr
O'Neill, Joyce Chiyeko, Mrs
Olsen, J L Roy, Mr
Omelaniec, Michael, Mr
Overton, Antony, Mr
Owen, DavidS, Mr
Pallan, Bhagat Ram, Mr
Palsson, Asbjorn Oscar, Mr
Parker, John Ernest, Mr
Patterson, Colin G, Mr
Pattinson, Janet Marion, Mrs
Pearse, Peter Hector, Dr
Pegusch, Wilfred, Mr
Peters, Ernest, Dr
Petty, James Alan, Mr
Pilton, James W, Mr
Plant, George E, Mr
Plant, Mary E.Mrs
Polata, Bohumil, Mr
Pople, Keith N, Mr
Popowich, William, Mr
Postuk, Peter, Dr
Potts, Alice M, Mrs
Powell, Frank Ernest, Mr
Prasloski, Peter F, Dr
Pratt, Frederick Henry, Mr
Rainer, James Arthur, Mr
Ratner, Harriett, Mrs
Read, Frank, Mr
Ready, Holly Anne, Mrs
Reed, Beverley C, Mrs
Reed, George Aubrey, Mr
Reid, Doreen Marie, Mrs
Richards, George Rupert, Mr
Ridington, John Fallows, Mr
Ritcey, Ralph Withrow, Mr
Rithaler, John W, Mr
Robinson, Jack Lester, Mr
Rock, Clifford A, Mr
Rolfe, Basil John L, Mr
Rome, John Anderson, Mr
Ryley, F Diane, Miss
Scott, George Edward, Mr
Seaton, Peter Donald, Hon Mr Justice
Seidler, A, Mr
Sellens, William Charles, Mr
Seto, Eric Wah Kuey, Mr
Severide, Norman, Mr
Shepherd, Roy F, Dr
Shimizu, Daniel Kazuo, Mr
Sigalet, John Donald, Mr
Slark, Gordon Alexander, Mr
Slobin, Gordon, Mr
Smith, Clarence, Mr
Smith, Frank Edward, Mr
Smith, Kathryn Marion, Miss
Smith, Marjorie Vivien, Miss
Smith, Roberts A, Mr
Sones, Robert Barrie, Mr
Southcott, John C, Mr
Spencer, John E, Hon Mr Justice
Spencer, William Robert, Mr
Springer, Frances E, Mrs
Stanwick, Carl, Mr
Steel, May, Miss
Stephens, Cecil H, Mr
Stevens, Herbert Charles, Mr
Stewart-Burton, M Ann, Dr
Stirling, William Lang, Mr
Stromberg, Audrey M, Mrs
Stromberg, Ronald J, Mr
Sullivan, John Terrence, Mr
Sutherland-Brown, Atholl, Dr
Tait, Patricia A, Mrs
Taylor, Hazel, Mrs
Taylor, James Vinton, Dr
Tennant, John M, Mr
Thompson, David D, Mr
Thomson, Robert H, Mr
Thorsteinsson, Paterson, Mr
Tilser, George, Dr
Tippett, William George, Mr
Topliss, Hamilton Gault, Mr
Treloar, Ernest James, Dr
Turnbull, Albert Lloyd, Dr
Turnbull, Ian Marr, Dr
Urquhart, Elizabeth Jean, Mrs
Van Sacker, Gail L, Mrs
Vogee, Arthur E, Mr
Wade, Edwin Milton, Lt Col
Wainwright, Mildred R, Mrs
Waite, Peter B, Dr
Watson, Harry Morley, Mr
Watson, John B, Mr
Weir, Robert H, Mr
Westcott, Michael Robert, Mr
Wetmore, Pamela Laura, Mrs
Wharf, Brian WH.Dr
Wharf, Mary Helen, Mrs
Whittaker, Roland Frank, Mr
Wiley, Frederick William, Mr
Williams, Anne E, Miss
Williams, Bryan, Mr
Williams, Lloyd George, Mr
Williams, Michael A, Mr
Williams, Thomas A, Mr
Wilson, LolitaN, Miss
Wood, Connla Thomas, Mr
Wood, John D, Dr
Wood, JohnS, Mr
Worrall, Laura Margaret, Mrs
Yorke, Margaret Mae, Mrs
Zacharias, Norman C, Mr
Zimmerman, Harold Weldon, Dr
$250 to $499
Aird, Charles Alexander, Mr
Arnold, William John D, Dr
Atkinson, Kenneth Gordon, Dr
Barnes, Roland F, Col
Beulah, Peter Fredric, Mr
Bishop, R John W, Mr
Burtnick, Walter, Dr
Cave, George Derry, Dr
Christensen, Ralph M, Dr
Christian, Maynard S, Dr
Clement, Douglas Bruce, Dr
Cumming, George Stewart, Mr
De Jong, Bernard Peter, Dr
de Vooght, Peter John, Mr
Deakin, Thomas Allen, Mr
Demmery, Annie Counsel), Miss
Derrick, Ethel Agnes, Mrs
Devitt, William John Bruce, Mr
Dudley, John Howard, Dr
Enta, Marion G, Mrs
Fyffe, Dorothy Edna, Miss
Gartside, Geraldine June, Mrs
Gartside, William M, Mr
Geddes, James H, Mr
Gill, Gurdev Singh, Dr
Gray, Gilbert Cecil, Mr
Griffin, Barbara C, Miss
Johnston, Thomas R, Mr
Kendrick, Robert W, Mr
Kennedy, Fanny Annette, Miss
Laird, Alexander M, Mr
Legg, Hugh P, Mr Justice
Lund, John AH, Dr
Lundeen, Marvin A, Judge
Lusztig, Peter A, Dean
Macdougall, H J Brice, Mr
Maclntyre, James M, Mr
Mackinnon, Donald P, Mr
MacTaggart, A Frank, Mr
Martin, Donald Carl, Dr
Mather, Harold, Mr
McAdam, Duncan K, Judge
McConville, John M, Mr
McPherson, Geo Duncan, Dr
Nelson, Richard I, Mr
Paterson, William P, Mr
Pepin, Maureen Louise, Mrs
Pierce, Walter W, Mr
Reid, Elbert S, Mr
Shalansky, Carl, Mr
Sharp, David Robert, Dr
Sharp, Kathryn E, Mrs
Smith, David Melvin, Dr
Smith, Robert Wesley, Mr
Steiner, Nan, Mrs
Stephen, George D, Mr
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil F, Mr
Sultan, Ralph George, Dr
Tanner, Wm H Reginald, Dr
Thackray, Alan Douglas, Mr
Thompson, Vera Elsie, Mrs
Webster, Harry W, Dr
Wing, James Eng, Mr
$500 to $999
Baerg.PeterJ, Dr
Barker, Robert, Dr
Baumgartel, Bernd W, Mr
Brayshaw, Thomas C, Dr
Brumwell, Charles A, Dr
20   CHRONICLE/FALL Burr, John Bartlett, Dr
Dodek, Morton, Dr
Donnelly, Kenneth R, Dr
Hanslip, Arthur R, Dr
Heimbecker, Grant C, Mr
Hicks, Gerald Frank, Dr
Jeanes, Trevor G, Mr
Karwandy, Frank, BGen.
Kirkwood, David John, Mr
Lam, Diana Margot, Ms
Lynum, Godfrey Harald, Mr
MacDonald, Alexander E, Dr
Monasch, Louis B, Mr
Narod, Philip, Dr
Pomfret, Marilyn Rae, Mrs
Price, George Edward, Dr
Ratcliff, William F, Mr
Rogers, Marion V, Dr
Rogers, Roger H, Dr
Scarfo, John Rosario, Dr
Smail, Andrew, Mr
Smith, Robert Ben, Dr
Smith, Sylvia BC, Mrs
Steinson, E B, Dr
Sweet, David George, Mr
Thomas, Arthur Norman, Dr
Thompson, Lorimer Sidney, Mr
Toynbee, Thomas Arthur, Mr
Vallis, Derek G, Dr
Wickham, Thomas, Dr
Young, Andrew Bryson, Dr
GRADUATES 1960 TO 1969
$100 to $249
Akerly, Michael Dick, Mr
Akrigg, Helen B, Mrs
Allan, Carolyn Anne, Dr
Andersen, I Keith, Mr
Apsey, Thomas Michael, Mr
Archibald, D Benjamin, Mr
Armstrong, James H, Mr
Armstrong, John Charles, Mr
Atwell, Edmund Clark, Mr
Audain, Michael J, Mr
Averbach, Gary John, Mr
Baker, Sherry Jean, Mrs
Banno, Victor, Dr
Barr, Matthew Ronald, Dr
Batchelor, Edward W, Mr
Beard, Robert Edward, Mr
Behrner, Frederick E, Mr
Bellward.GailD, Dr
Bendickson, Bruce A, Mr
Benedet, John L, Dr
Bensted, David John, Mr
Black, Barrie Arthur, Mr
Bolwyn, Bart, Dr
Bond, John A, Mr
Boone,John A, Dr
Boytinck, Walter J W, Mr
Braverman, Ellen Doreen, Mrs
Brazier, George Robert, Mr
Brett, Barbara Gail, Mrs
Brongers, Reinder Jan, Mr
Brousseau, Beverley Ann, Mrs
Bruchet, Melvin Robert, Dr
Buchanan, Ronald J, Dr
Bunker, Jaqueline L, Miss
Burrell, Elizabeth J, Ms
Burry, James Taylor, Mr
Campbell, Emily Annie, Mrs
Cartmel, John L, Mr
Castle, Alan D, Mr
Cawston, Helen Elizabeth, Miss
Chan, Mabel, Mrs
Chan, Sonia Fung Yin, Miss
Chan, W Raymond, Mr
Charlton, William, Mr
Chetty, Gillian Eleanor, Mrs
Christoffersen, PerT, Mr
Chucas, Terence M, Mr
Clarke, Robert John, Dr
Clemens, Anne B, Miss
Clemons, Margaret Elaine, Mrs
Clifford, Wayne V, Mr
Cohn, David Howard, Dr
Collver, Ross D, Judge
Connaghan, Charles J, Mr
Connor, Denis J, Dr
Connor, Patrick J, Mr
Cook, Richard Charles, Mr
Cooke, Beatrice, Mrs
Cooper, George Ashtead, Mr
Copping, Harold G A, Mr
Coulter, Samuel Victor, Mr
Coxford, James Brian, Mr
Crabb, Iris Hope, Mrs
Craig, Elsie May, Mrs
Craig, Ethel Mary, Miss
Craig, Robert J, Mr
Creemer, Albert Lee, Mr
Crichlow, Olga, Mrs
Cridland, Gloria E, Mrs
Crombie, David R, Mr
Crowe, Roy, Mr
Currie, Donald J, Mr
Curtis, John Margeson, Dr
Dakin, Teddy C, Mr
Dandy, Betty V, Mrs
Danskin, Ruby Laurena, Mrs
Darnall, Ruth Ann, Mrs
Davidson, Anthony, Dr
Davidson, Robert Wayne M, Mr
Davies, Christopher M, Mr
Davies, Frank Mosgrove, Mr
DeAth, Dale Brian, Mr
De Auer, Peter Michael, Mr
De Pfyffer, Ralph Max, Mr
Derban, Darrell, Mr
Desharnais, Miles F, Mr
Desjardins, Pit Urban, Mr
Dickinson, Wayne Edward, Mr
Diewert, Walter Erwin, Dr
Dobie, James, Mr
Dobson, Walter George, Mr
Dobson, Wendy K, Dr
Dodson, Suzanne C, Mrs
Dohm, Patrick D, Hon Mr Justice
Donald, Paul James, Dr
Doolan, Kenneth J, Mr
Drake, William J, Mr
Drummond, Barry H, Mr
Drummond, Margaret Laurie, Mrs
Du Plessis, David Jacobus, Mr
Dunik, Peter A, Mr
East, Craig M, Mr
Ehling, Leonhard A, Mr
Elliott, Robert W, Mr
Elliott, Robin AW, Mr
Ellis, Donald Edward, Mr
Eisner, Karl H, Mr
Ennis, Frederick James, Mr
Erskine, Anthony John, Dr
Evans, Ellen Wendy, Mrs
Evans, Robert B, Mr
Farr, John Tyrrell, Mr
Ferguson, George D L, Mr
Ferguson, J Allen, Mr
Fitch, Margaret Evelyn, Miss
Fletcher, Donald G, Mr
Fletcher, Frederick J, Dr
Foley, Ellen Louise, Mrs
Forsyth, David Bruce, Mr
Fouks, Ancie, Mrs
Frambach, Bernd S, Mr
Freybe, Henning C A, Mr
Fukushima, Edwin K, Dr
Galbraith, Robert M, Mr
Gardner, Monica G, Mrs
Garriock, Douglas R, Mr
Gibbon, John J, Mr
Gibbon, William R, Mr
Gill, Norman M, Mr
Gillanders, David Earl, Mr
Gjessing, Roar, Mr
Glyn-Jones, Vivian, Miss
Goodell, Ann Shirley B, Mrs
Gougeon, Howard F, Mr
Goulet, Lawrence Stephen, Judge
Gower, Gertrude E M, Mrs
Grant, Douglas A, Dr
Grant, Mary Elspeth, Miss
Grant, Michael James, Mr
Gray, Helen K, Mrs
Green, G B Wayne, Mr
Griffin, P Allan, Dr
Griffith, Clyde M, Mr
Griffith, Jean Kirstine, Mrs
Griffiths, Brian George, Mr
Gurney, Lyman William, Mr
Haksi, Thomas A, Mr
HaUiday, Robert A, Mr
Halonen, Pirkko Marjatta, Miss
Hamilton, John Murray, Mr
Hanelt, Christian W, Mr
Hanson, H Mervin, Mr
Hardie, David Anderson, Mr
Harris, Elida Kathleen, Mrs
Hart, Barbara Louise, Miss
Hawbolt, Edward Bruce, Dr
Heese, William Victor, Mr
Heinicke, Allan G, Dr
Hemmes, Peter S, Mr
Heyworth, James Rolland, Dr
Homer, Ruth Lynn. Mrs
Hopps, Norma Sheila, Miss
Hornby, Ronald William, Mr
Houlbjerg, Vagn, Mr
Howden, Jocelyn A, Miss
Hume, AlisterC, Mr
Humphreys, Dorothy June, Ms
Hungerford, George W, Mr
Hunter, Alan D, Mr
lacobucci, Frank, Mr
Jamieson, Gerald Charles, Mr
Jensen, Olga Anna, Mrs
Jensen, Patricia E, Mrs
Jetter, Anna, Mrs
Johnson, Roy Allen, Dr
Jones, John Russell, Mr
Jones, Lloyd Hillas, Mr
Kane, Ernest William, Dr
Kaplan, Anne M, Mrs
Keate, Linda F, Mrs
Kennedy, David M, Dr
Kennedy, Gordon Gerry, Mr
Kichler, Rudolf Ignatz, Mr
Kidston, James Burns, Mr
Klassen, Lanny Glenn, Mr
Ko, Ronald Chun Chung, Dr
Kotush, Patricia M, Mrs
Kydd, Donald Wm, Mr
Lambert, William J, Mr
Langridge, Gertrude Anne, Miss
Large, Philip L, Mr
Larsen, William George, Mr
Lastman, Gary J, Dr
Law, Lenore M, Mrs
Lee, David James, Mr
Lee, PhillipS, Mr
Legge, Ralph Douglas, Mr
Lehman, Sally Anne, Mrs
Lennie, Doris C, Miss
Levitt, Kenneth L, Mr
Lewis, Ronald E E, Mr
Lewis, Timothy Allan, Mr
Lilley, Ledford George, Mr
Lin, Betty HC, Dr
Little, John Ernest, Mr
Little, Paul Frederick, Mr
Longmuir, David Gordon, Mr
Lord, Dora, Miss
MacDonald, John Robert, Mr
MacEachern, John H, Mr
MacKinnon, Archibald A, Mr
MacLaren, Sherrill Maxwell, Mrs
MacLellan, Isabella Helen, Miss
MacMillan, Mona Myrtle Margaret, Mrs
Madden, John CW, Dr
Mair, Robert J, Mr
Malcolm, Robert DC, Mr
Malnarich, Albert J, Dr
Manson, Margaret C, Mrs
Marr, Lanny B, Dr
Martin, Gerrold James, Mr
Mawhinney, Barry M, Mr
McAmmond, Richard W, Mr
McAndrew, Robert T, Dr
McClacherty, Judith May, Mrs
McDonald, Douglas John, Mr
McDonald, Marion E, Miss
McDonald, R Elizabeth, Miss
McDonnell, Gary Kelvin, Mr
McDowell, Michael T, Dr
McEwen, Ian D, Mr
McEwen, John Anthony E, Mr
McFeat, Shirley F, Mrs
McGavin, Brian Norman, Mr
McGavin, Gerald A B, Mr
Mcintosh, Roy Alison, Mr
McLaughlin, Mary M, Miss
McLean, Alan R, Dr
McRae, W Stewart, Mr
Meachin, Lorna Virginia, Mrs
Miles, William Robert, Mr
Milosevich, Helen, Mrs
Minato, Masayoshi K, Mr
Mitchell, Kenneth John, Dr
Mitchell, Kyle Reid, Mr
Montgomery, John Samuel, Mr
Moon, Ernest Ralph, Mr
Moon, Joanne B, Mrs
Morrison, Duncan John, Dr
Murray, Gladys W, Dr
Nakano, Fumio, Mr
Nelson, David G, Mr
Nemeth, Andrew, Mr
Nemeth, Joseph, Mr
Newnham, Robert M, Dr
Ng, Agnes Mung Chan, Miss
Ng, Kathleen Chu, Miss
Nicholson, Eric Anthony, Mr
Niehaus, Marjorie, Miss
Norris, Jean Marianne, Miss
Norrish, William Edwin, Mr
Norton, John W, Mr
Odling, D, Miss
Orlaw, Richard G, Dr
Otvos, Imre S, Dr
Oyamaa, Heiki, Mr
Pacey, John Allen, Dr
Pain, Elsie G, Mrs
Panar, Matthew, Dr
Pang, Ching-Ying, Mrs
Parker, William E, Mr
Partridge, William G, Mr
Pattison, Marilyn E, Mrs
Paulley, Robert G, Mr
Pavelich, Joan Lena, Mrs
Peaker, L Dennison, Mr
Peppar, John Lovell, Mr
Perry, Gordon Neil, Dr
Peterson, Alma N, Mrs
Platzer, Edward George, Dr
Plimley, Joanna Jane, Mrs
Poon, Man-Chiu, Dr
Pratt, Murray R, Mr
Prevost, Gerald F, Mr
Prytherch, Gareth, Mr
Puis, Manfred R Dr
Quartermain, M Carol, Miss
Raisbeck, Kathleen V, Miss
Ramsay, Corlynn, Mrs
Randsalu, Toivo, Dr
Reeves, Donovan, Mr
Reid, Donald James W, Mr
Rennison, Walter Arthur, Mr
Rieve, Otto, Mr
Robbins, Peter Ross, Dr
Robertson, J H Rocke, Mr
Robinson, Bruce Arnold, Professor
Robinson, Keith Edward, Mr
Robson, Charles WS, Mr
Rogers, Frieda Evelyn, Mrs
Rogers, Glyn David, Mr
Rogers, Helen J, Mrs
Rogers, Ian H, Dr
Rogers, James Edward, Mr
Rokus, Imre, Dr
Roman, Zoltan, Dr
Romilly, Selwyn R, Judge
Rowles, Mildred Anne, Miss
Rudd, Richard W, Mr
Sadowski, Margaret L, Mrs
Saimoto, Shigeo, Mr
Salvail, Robert Morton, Mr
Sanders, Michael Richard, Mr
Sargent, David Fisher, Dr
Sarich, Anthony, Judge
Sawby, Elwood J, Mr
Saxton, Eva Christine, Mrs
Scarfe, Brian Leslie, Dr
Schmid, Laurie Carl, Mr
Scow, Alfred J, Judge
Sewell, Allen Charles, Mr
Shannon, Melvin Robt, Mr
Shumka, Donald M, Mr
Siebert, David Dale, Mr
Siemens, Alfred H, Dr
Simpson, A Jean, Mrs
Simpson, Sharon Jane, Ms
Sinclair, Alastair J, Dr
Smith, Kenneth J, Mr
Smith, Margaret F, Mrs
Smolensky, Arthur M, Mr
Snow, M Elizabeth, Ms
Stainton, Mary Colleen, Miss
Steiner, George Abraham, Mr
Stevenson, William Arthur, Mr
Stewart, Alexander B, Mr
Stewart, Donald Clayton, Mr
Stewart, Wm George, Mr
Stibbard, John Douglas, Mr
Stout, Susan P, Ms
Strom, Jon E, Mr
Stusiak, Alexander T, Mr
Sugimoto, Minoru, Mr
Sun, Chun-Lan, Mr
Tarn, Wing Gay, Dr
Tamboline, Beverley L, Dr
Taylor, James Clifford, Mr
Thacker, Bertha Eliz, Miss
Thomas, Duncan G, Mr
Thomson, Thomas Ross, Mr
Towson, Donald E, Dr
Toye, Dean M, Mr
Trabert, Leslie J, Mr
Trettin, Hans Peter, Dr
Trounce, Douglas Gordon, Mr
Trozzo, Isabel, Mrs
Turnbull, Kenneth Walter, Dr
Tyrer, Barry Lloyd, Mr
Uchiyama, Naomi, Dr
Ure, David N, Mr
Vanderlinde, Leslie G, Mr
Vermette, Rene, Mr
Von Dehn, Arne William, Mr
Wagner, Elsie Barbara L, Miss
Wait, Alan D, Mr
Walker, Wendy Sharon, Mrs
Ward, Audrey Isabella, Mrs
Warnes, Lloyd A, Mr
Warren, Joan V, Mrs
Waters, Bryce, Mr
Watson, Margaret E, Miss
Webber, Bernard George, Mr
Weddigen, Rolf, Mr
Weisbeck, John A M, Dr
White, Doris Winnifred, Mrs
White, Patricia A, Dr
Whitford, Douglas FH, Mr
Wiens, John, Mr
Wilkie, Richard John, Mr
Williams, M Marion, Miss
Wilson, Kenneth W, Mr
Wilson, Phyllis, Mrs
Wirsig, Ann, Mrs
Wolf, Paul Gregory, Mr
Woo, Nancy E, Miss
Wood, J Alexander, Mr
Woodruff, Lynne E, Mrs
Wrinch, Henry Charles, Mr
Yawney, Brian D W, Dr
Yee, Gary Chuen Chee, Mr
Yee, Marguerite M, Ms
Yelin, Frank Sheppard, Dr
Yip, Sheila, Mrs
Yoshida, Kazuye, Ms
Yoshida, Margaret A, Miss
Yue, Ka-Ping, Dr
Yue, Raymond, Mr
Yule, Kenneth John, Mr
$250 to $499
Ando, Eddie K, Mr
Ariss, Clinton A, Dr
Atkinson, Robert G, Mr
Barer, Barbara Marion, Mrs
Battie, Raymond A, Dr
CHRONICLE/FALL   21 Beckmann, Robert Paul, Mr
Bernius, Gordon R, Mr
Blackman, Douglas H, Dr
Bunnell, Fred L, Dr
Burr, Lawrence H, Dr
Calverley, Roderick K, Dr
Campbell, Brooke Shaw, Mr
Clarke, William Craig, Dr
Didcott. Philip R, Dr
Dunham, Charles Burton, Dr
Dwyer, Melva J, Miss
Emery, Arnold W, Dr
Fairweather, Michael J, Dr
Fillipoff, Mike, Mr
Forst, Judith Doris, Mrs
Gibson, Barbara C, Mrs
Gifford, Martin N, Mr
Gilley, Donald Robin, Mr
Gunning, Henry C, Dr
Hall, Frances A, Mrs
Hartman, Claudia S, Mrs
Hartman, Stuart Allyn, Mr
Howard, David M, Mr
Howard, Irene Thelma. Mrs
Irwin, Maureen A, Mrs
Jacobsen, Roy B, Mr
Johnson, Norman A, Mr
Karpinski, Leszek M, Mr
Kenwood, Lloyd Gary, Mr
Kulich, Jindra Milos, Mr
Lawtey, George, Mr
Lind, Philip Bridgman. Mr
MacDonald, Peggy Fernie, Miss
McGivern, Hugh John, Judge
McGraw, Robert William, Dr
McNeely, Joan, Mrs
Morgan, Robert W, Dr
Peers, Charles Richard, Mr
Richards, Richard L, Mr
Romalis. Garson, Dr
Rumsby, Kendall R, Mr
Schrack, Gunther F, Dr
Schweigel, Joseph Frank, Dr
Shelbourn, John E, Mr
Stenzel. Rudolph E, Maj
Taylor, Harold Lionel, Mr
Teagle, Ernest Edmund, Mr
Toft. Bernard Leon, Dr
Verchere. Bruce, Mr
Walton, John H. Dr
Watson, Paul A, Dr
Weitemeyer, Rudolf A, Dr
Wozney, Christine, Mrs
Yuan, John Tsong, Mr
$500 to $999
Allard, Effie Cameron, Mrs
Bosomworth, Myrna Clare, Mrs
Broadbent, Richard Alan, Mr
Brown, Joanne V, Miss
Chan, KaiSun, Dr
Chilvers. Marilyn Jean, Mrs
Cyr, Wayne L, Dr
Fitzpatrick, Donald G, Dr
Gross, Jean F, Mrs
Hassan. M Leslie, Dr
Hemrich, Augusta,
Kazuta, Richard T, Mr
Lansdowne, David L, Mr
Morgan, Arnold Wayne, Mr
Morgan, Rees Roy, Dr
Pappelbaum, Stanley Jack, Dr
Robertson, William D, Dr
Rode, Jack Wilbert, Mr
Sheppard, Anthony F, Dr
Slater, Mark Duncan, Mr
Stainer, John E R, Dr
Sutter, Mary Alice, Dr
Swenerton, Jean E, Dr
Taylor, James Paterson, Dr
Tomsich, Maria Giovanna, Dr
Tyers, G Frank O. Dr
Walker, Doreen, Mrs
Webber, Philip B, Mr
White, Gale Rosanne, Mrs
White. William Frederick, Mr
Wickerson, Lome T, Mr
Young, William W, Mr
GRADUATES 1970 TO 1979
$100 to $249
Abercromby, Robert J, Dr
Adams, Arthur Edward, Mr
Albrecht, Ana Ruth, Dr
Anderson, Harry Roland, Mr
Andrew, Geoffrey C, Dr
Armstrong, Henry G, Dr
Arnold, Linda M, Mrs
Bacon, Russell M,
Ball, Kenneth W.Mr
Banham. Mary Elizabeth, Mrs
Bannerman, Judith Suzanne, Dr
Bardai, Amin M, Mr
Barford, Gouinlock T, Mr
Bartel, S Alexander, Dr
Barton, Joan Allison, Mrs
Bass. Sydney, Dr
Beaton, Robert W, Dr
Belhouse, Diana L, Mrs
Bell, Robert Edward, Dr
Benetti, Jean N, Mrs
Bennest, John R, Mr
Bensted, Anthony F, Mr
Bentall, David C, Mr
Bergen, Peter, Mr
Bianco, Terrance A, Dr
Biles, Wilfred Robert. Mr
Binning, BC,Dr
Birmingham, Bruce R, Mr
Bishop, Mary F, Mrs
Blackburn, Russell L, Dr
Blackburn, Stephen P, Dr
Blackwood, Charles M, Dr
Bland, Donald, Dr
Blankstein, W Gordon, Mr
Blom, Joost, Mr
Bockhold, Murray M, Mr
Bond, Elizabeth A, Miss
Boretta, Geraldine J. Miss
Borton, Charles R, Dr
Bowen. Bruce Donald, Dr
Braine, Linda B, Miss
Brander, James A, Dr
Briscall, C Margaret, Miss
Brisco, Eric J, Dr
Broadley, George William, Mr
Bronstein, Ronald, Mr
Brookes, Victoria R, Ms
Buchan, Denis R, Mr
Burrowes, Paul W, Dr
Burt, Leonard Thomas, Dr
Butler, William J, Dr
Byl.Dick, Mr
Calder, Robert J, Dr
Card, Gregory A, Dr
Cardinal, Donna L, Mrs
Carlson, Sharon A, Ms
Carpenter, Peter A W, Dr
Cassidy, Patrick N, Dr
Catherall, David M, Dr
Catherwood, Susan M, Miss
Chan, David On, Dr
Chan. HY Kenneth, Dr
Cheng, Bernard K C, Mr
Cheng. James Steve, Mr
Chin. Arthur SS. Mr
Chiu, Gwendolyn E, Dr
Chiu. James YW, Mr
Chou, Wayne A, Dr
Chow, Sue-Zone, Dr
Chow, Susan KC.Dr
Church, Sonia June, Miss
Clague, John Joseph, Dr
Clark. Christopher J, Mr
Clarke, Edward WR, Dr
Cleave, James H, Mr
Clement, Joan M,
Connor. Stephen B, Dr
Copping, Barbara E, Dr
Corbett, Richard M, Mr
Corner. Marsha J, Miss
Coull, Gary W J, Mr
Crawford, Sandra,
Croil, Cameron C, Dr
Crowe, Delbert A, Dr
Cunliffe, Harold P, Mr
Cunningham, Darlene M. Miss
Currie, John. Mr
Daniells, Sara E A. Ms
Danskin, David B, Dr
Davidson, Irene M, Ms
Dawson, Robert James, Mr
Decamillis, Ronald D. Dr
Del Vicario, Esther, Mrs
Del Vicario, Giuseppe, Dr
Delong, Dorothy M, Mrs
Diano, Marguerite Anne, Mrs
Dickenson, Joan M, Mrs
Dix, Margaret Emma, Mrs
Dodwell. Florence Olga, Mrs
Doe, Alan E, Mr
Doherty, Peter M, Mr
Donelan, Mark Anthony. Dr
Doubek, David J, Mr
Douglass, Penny, Mrs
Dous, Diane, Mrs
Dow, Pierre R, Dr
Downing, Michael Edward, Mr
Duncan, Alexandra Melody, Miss
Dunn, Patrick J, Mr
Durward, Gregory W, Dr
Duska, Alois A A, Dr
Dyson, Paul H C, Mr
Easton, David A, Mr
Einfeld, Douglas G. Mr
Ellis. Donald W, Dr
bmmott, B Kirsten, Dr
Esson, Frances Margaret, Miss
Etches, Duncan James, Dr
Everett, William M. Mr
Facer, Dennis R, Mr
Fans, Marylyn D, Mrs
Fast, Gary Robert, Dr
Fenn, Edward George, Dr
Fiddes, Robert A, Dr
Findlay, James, Dr
Fisher, Jo-Anne. Ms
Flynn, Barry N, Dr
Fong, Nicholas S, Mr
Ford, S Doug, Mr
Foulkes, John R, Dr
Fraser, D Ross, Dr
Fraser, John Q, Dr
Friesen, Margaret E, Miss
Fukuyama, Margaret N, Mrs
Fung, Michael, Dr
Funk, Grace Emmaline, Mrs
Galatiuk, William R, Mr
Gardner, Geoffrey B, Dr
Gardner, Gregory J, Mr
Garnett, Maureen E, Miss
Gedak, Gabriel, Dr
Gercsak, John Robert, Dr
Gifford, David Patrick, Dr
Ginther, C Diane, Mrs
Glanzberg, Monte M H, Dr
Gold, Marc Emmett, Mr
Goldenberg, H Carl, The Hon
Goudie, Carol E E, Miss
Graham, Douglas, Dr
Grandi, Elsa E, Mrs
Graves, Susan E, Miss
Green, Christopher F, Mr
Griswold, Deborah J, Dr
Guichon, V Carroll, Dr
Guy, Garry L, Dr
Guy, Lionel H, Dr
Haffner, Ronald G, Dr
Hammer, Usher Joseph, Mr
Hanke, Andreas K, Mr
Hanley, Kathleen A, Miss
Hanson, Daryl James, Mr
Harris, Eric E, Dr
Henderson, H Bruce, Dr
Henein, Louise F, Mrs
Herschmiller, John Allen, Dr
Hess, Herbert E, Mr
Higgins, Lorraine Katherine, Miss
Hills, Alfred L,
Hinds, Donna L, Dr
Hirst, Kenneth R, Dr
Ho Yuen, Peggy A, Mrs
Holden, Jeanette J, Dr
Hood, G Gregory, Mr
Hopkins, Patricia M, Ms
Horsman, Gordon L, Mr
Hosein, Lois M, Mrs
Howorth, Anne E, Miss
Hsieh, Yvonne Ying, Dr
Huang, Loretta W, Dr
Hudson, Alan Birney, Mr
Hugi, Maria R, Dr
Hui,C Frank, Dr
Hunt, Janet Ann, Ms
Hunter, Jessie Ellen, Mrs
Ingalls, Catherine Anne, Ms
Inkster, Colin C, Dr
Jacques, Carole Marlene, Mrs
Jamieson, Robert A, Dr
Jansen, D Janet, Mrs
Janz, Avis J, Mrs
Jibiki, Kyo, Dr
Joe, Harry S W, Mr
Johannes, Veikkol, Dr
Johnson, Ronald D, Dr
Jones, David William, Dr
Jones, William A, Dr
Jorgensen, Neil B, Mr
Kancs, Larry E, Mr
Kason, David Victor, Dr
Kates, Michael D, Dr
Kelly, Suzanna M, Mrs
Kent, Diane J, Ms
Kenworthy, Shirra J, Miss
Keresztesi, Margaret Christine, Dr
Kilgallon, Michael, Mr
Kim, Hyung H, Dr
King, John Anderson, Dr
Kirkwood, Carolyn Margaret, Miss
Kirstiuk, Garry M, Dr
Kolesar, Patricia Marie, Mrs
Kosinsky, Gary W, Mr
Krakowiak, KrystynaT, Dr
Krebes, Edward S, Dr
Kyler, Anne Louise, Ms
Lam, Raymond M, Dr
Lambrecht, Helga, Mrs
Lane, James E, Dr
Larson, Gordon W, Mr
Lawson, David B, Dr
Lee, Hillary PK, Dr
Lee, KW Graham, Dr
Lee, Leonard K Y, Dr
Lemon, Moira J F, Ms
Leong, James G M, Dr
Leong, Mary S, Ms
Leong, Philip WT, Dr
Leslie, Lawrence R, Dr
Letham, Chris W, Dr
Lew, Carolyn A, Ms
Lewin. Richard M, Mr
Li, David KB, Dr
Li, SK Anthony, Dr
Liebert, Helmut J, Dr
Lind, Robert G, Mr
Lindsay. Thomas D, Mr
Lo, Kenneth KC, Dr
Loney, Douglas E, Mr
Longstaff, John R,
Longstaff, William H, Mr
Low, Cedric D, Dr
Lowe, David M,
Lui, Ken, Mr
MacDonald, Judith, Mrs
MacFadden, Aleta J, Miss
Machin, Richard H, Dr
Mackie, Lome William, Dr
MacLachlan, Morag E, Mrs
MacLean, Peter A, Mr
MacLeod, Bernard Ansel, Dr
MacRitchie, Elizabeth, Mrs
Maddison, Gladys J, Mrs
Main, Robert J, Mr
Malcolm, Robert Colin, Dr
Mapson, George K, Mr
Marasa, Frank K, Dr
Marshall, Don F, Dr
Marshall, Yolande, Mrs
Martin, Arleigh F, Mrs
Martin, MaryC, Mrs
Martin. Peter J, Mr
Martindale, Michael E, Dr
Marzocco, Nanette J, Miss
Masulis, Paul Stanton, Mr
Matheson, Helen J, Dr
Matheson, PeQgy A, Mrs
McAfee, Rosemary Ann, Dr
McBride, Peter M. Mr
McCord, Olive Marie. Mrs
McCormack, Grant S, Dr
McEwen, N Paul, Mr
McFarland, David F, Dr
McGregor, Allan J, Dr
McGregor, B Louise, Miss
Mcintosh, Jean E, Ms
Mcintosh, John Duncan L, Mr
McKone, W Douglas, Dr
McLean, Patrick M, Dr
McShane, B Verne, Dr
Menzies, William R, Dr
Millen, Alastair M, Mr
Miller, Carol Elizabeth, Dr
Miller, Marilyn Joan, Mrs
Milsom, Elizabeth A, Mrs
Moore, Evelyn R, Miss
Moorman, Wayne F, Mr
Mori, Hugh M, Dr
Mori, Richard Y, Dr
Morrison, Gerald G, Dr
Morrissey, Eileen E, Ms
Mountain, Mark A, Dr
Mullen, David F, Mr
Murphy, M Patricia, Ms
Nash. Edna May, Mrs
Nasmyth, Patrick Walden, Dr
Nayar, M Jane, Dr
Neels, John H. Mr
Nellis, Kristina M, Mrs
Newman, Robert W, Dr
Ng, Edward C, Dr
Ng, Sen-Chee,Dr
Nichol, Kathleen M, Mrs
Nightingale, Jonathon Henry, Mr
Nimi, Aster A, Mrs
Niskala, Helena, Dr
Nobleman, Esther, Ms
Nordlinger, Karen F, Miss
Norie, James H, Mr
Oakley. Philip, Mr
Oloman, Colin W, Mr
Ostapovich, Kenneth W, Dr
Page. MichaelS, Dr
Parfitt, Ronald E, Dr
Peebles, John A,
Petersen, Klaus, Dr
Pettman, Patrick H, Dr
Pierce, Patricia M, Dr
Pirani, Arshad B M A. Dr
Pontifex, M Evely Loise, Ms
Poon, W Y Winnie, Miss
Porter, Leslie Robert, Mr
Powell, D Gregory, Dr
Preston, Timothy Stephen, Mr
Pretty, James Alan, Dr
Prokopetz, David J, Dr
Puddicombe, Robert E, Dr
Purdon, Frank C, Mr
Purssell, Lori J, Mrs
Purves, Barbara A, Ms
Quan, Allan W, Mr
Rai, Rabinder, Dr
Rea, John Anthony, Mr
Read, Christopher Alan, Mr
Reid, D Craig, Mr
Reid, Ian Duncan, Dr
Reid, Norman R, Mr
Reid, Robert Stewart, Mr
Robertson, J Donald, Mr
Robinson, Svend Jhonnes, Hon
Rodger, RuthC. Miss
Rogerson, Susan J, Ms
Rooney, Brian G. Mr
Rowe, Ria T, Mrs
Roy, Robert CH, Mr
Sales, Edward T
Saliken, William D, Dr
Sand, Allan J, Dr
Sanders, Harvey D. Dr
22   CHRONICLE/FALL Sanderson, Francis L, Dr
Sandi, Gabor,
Sawaki, Kaysushige, Dr
Scherck, Larry P, Dr
Schick, RitaE, Miss
Scholz, Hans C, Mr
Schulson, I Patricia, Mrs
Scott, William H, Mr
Seipp, Timothy T, Dr
Sellars,DaleE, Dr
Sharp, John Lindsay, Mr
Shearer, Alan Ronald, Dr
Shepherd, J David, Dr
Shepherd, Verna A Magee, Mrs
Sherry, Wilbur B, Dr
Shimizu, George, Mr
Sigismund, John G, Dr
Simms, Edith R, Miss
Sinanan, Sharma K, Dr
Skabeikis,GaryVP, Mr
Smith, David A, Mr
Smith, Sharon Jean,
Smith, Trevor K.Dr
Soda, Anthony L, Mr
Somerville, Peter, Mr
Soon, Judith Alice, Mrs
Soon, Stanley, Dr
Spitzer, Eloise, Miss
Spouge, John L, Dr
St Germain, John N, Dr
Stansfield, Barry L, Dr
Stark, Robert T, Mr
Steinbart, Arnold F, Dr
Stevenson, Garry W, Mr
Stewart, Gordon J, Mr
Stewart, William G, Mr
Sully, Karen A, Mrs
Sutton, Thomas R, Mr
Sutton, Wendy, Mrs
Szasz, MarkS.Dr
Taylor, Michael Terence, Mr
Tennant, Bruce D,
Thompson, Bruce Allan, Mr
Thompson, Sheila Iris, Mrs
Todd, David H, Dr
Toner. Gloria D,
Tupper, Martin R, Mr
Turner, Cameron J, Mr
Turner, Ralph J, Mr
Turski, Edgar R, Dr
Ullmann, Christiane, Dr
Vajda, Stephen P, Mr
Vallery, Patricia G, Miss
Virgo, Bruce B, Dr
Von Spindler, Bernhard W, Mr
Walker, Robert C P, Mr
Wallace, Lawrence J, Mr
Warren, Harry Verney, Dr
Warrender, Ann C, Mrs
Warriner, C Brian, Dr
Watchuk, Edmund J, Mr
Waterlow, Karen M, Mrs
Waters, Charles Ian. Dr
Webster, Jack, Mr
Weeks, Brian, Mr
Weeks, Gerald M, Mr
Whittall. Gerald B, Mr
Wiebe, John A, Dr
Wilcox, Edith, Mrs
Wilfert, Helen West A, Mrs
Wilkinson, Walter K, Dr
Williams, Sonia L, Miss
Williams, Uta Barbara, Dr
Wilson, J Gait, Dr
Wilson, James Arnold. Dr
Wirth, Gordon G, Mr
Wolochow, Peter I, Mr
Wong. Kenneth Gunar G, Mr
Wong, Shelley L, Mrs
Wong,Si-Ho, Mr
Wong, Theresa T L, Dr
Woo, Karen WH. Miss
Woodworth, Carol V, Ms
Woolley, Bruce D, Mr
Wu, Chien-Ming, Dr
Yamada, Russell S, Dr
Yeung, William F, Dr
Yolland, Gordon F, Mr
Young, George Glendon, Mr
Younie, Karen L, Miss
Yu, Gregory T. Dr
Zaenker, Karl August, Dr
Zilm, Duane H, Mr
Zokol. Ronald J, Dr
$250 to $499
Albrecht, John Edward, Dr
Anderson, Donald V, Dr
Arnet, Martin W, Dr
Bennion, Glenda R, Dr
Brown, W Lome, Dr
Cain, Richard J, Mr
Cavaghan. Paul S, Dr
Chalmers, Andrew, Dr
Chan, George G. Dr
Chan, Mary Louise Y, Mrs
Chu, Gerald, Dr
Chud, RitaL, Ms
De Leebeeck, Andre J, Mr
Del Vicario, Michele, Dr
Dexter, Douglas A, Mr
Dumitrescu, Sandu, Dr
Dumont, William E, Mr
Eadie, Graeme M, Mr
Eckersley, John Alan, Mr
Elliott. Jon P, Dr
Ellison, Russell H, Dr
Ferrante, Albert, Dr
Foulkes, Marc R, Dr
Friesen, Allen E, Dr
Fus, Mary Noreen, Ms
Gill, Gregory H, Dr
Harrison, Douglas Knox, Mr
Hay, Richard, Dr
Horan, Daniel A, Mr
Hughes, Paul Vincent, Mr
Johnson, Ross Alfred, Dr
Jones, Gwenfyl Elizabeth, Miss
Kastrukoff, Lome Frederick, Dr
Kerr, Charles R, Dr
Lamb, Nancy Ching-Yun, Dr
Leong, L A (Tony), Dr
Lockhart, Alexander S, Dr
Lowe, Alan Arthur, Dr
Lum,WadeC, Mr
Lundgren, Thomas J, Mr
McDonald, William N, Dr
McQueen, Donald K, Mr
Mepham, Wendy Evelyn, Mrs
Muller, Raymond J, Dr
Myckatyn, Michael M, Dr
Neratini, Donald B, Dr
Noble, John J R, Dr
Peers, Robert Ross, Dr
Peirce, Nancy Hetherington. Ms
Prevost, Maurice F, Mr
Redl, Barrie M, Mr
Robinson, Douglas F, Mr
Rocky, Brian Norman, Dr
Rowswell, Ronald Gordon, Mr
Schulson, Nicholas G, Dr
Shane, Audrey P M, Mrs
Siemens, Catherine A, Ms
Stich, James M, Dr
Stringer, C Robin, Mr
Surges, Leonard J, Mr
Thompson, Franklin C, Dr
Thomson, Christa J, Dr
Thomson, Thomas A, Dr
Ulinder, Ronald L, Dr
Vaughan, Gerrard A, Dr
Walker, Karen M, Mrs
White, Brian A, Dr
Willis, Howard G, Mr
Wong, BuckC, Mr
Wong, Richard KY,
Wong, Thomas S, Dr
Woodhurst, W Barrie, Dr
Yip, Janice E, Dr
Zimmer, J Kirk, Dr
$500 to $999
Beauchamp, Chris P, Dr
Campbell, John W, Dr
Claridge, Richard J, Dr
Daniells, Susan C, Ms
Dutton, Marise E, Mrs
Grimwood, H Russell, Dr
Grippo, Sam, Mr
Gunn, Han-Beng,
Haugen, Roy John, Dr
Hicks, Roger AG, Dr
Hungerford, DagmarK, Mrs
Johnstone, Bruce A, Dr
Ladner, Janet Susan, Mrs
Lahmer, A Craig, Mr
Lauriente, Donald P, Dr
McGee, Michael M,
McKone, Michael R, Mr
Metzner, Louis, Dr
Mick, David R, Dr
Parlor, Margaret J, Ms
Riddell, Elizabeth Marion, Mrs
Robinson, R Gordon, Dr
Rokosh, Joseph K, Mr
Shore, Helen Louise, Miss
Sigurjonsson, John F, Mr
Simpson, Terry, Dr
Swanson, E Richard,
Sweet, David, Dr
Talbot, Claire F, Dr
Umland, Peter,
Wong, Hin Chiu George, Dr
Yu, William Y, Dr
Zack, Philips, Dr
GRADUATES 1980 TO 1989
$100 to $249
Ainsworth, David G, Mr
Alexander, Kathleen, Dr
Andersen, Gordon E, Mr
Aota, Junpachi, Mr
Bailey, Roger W, Dr
Balcom, Lance Boyd, Mr
Baldock, Margaret R, Miss
Balestra, LorenaB,
Bass, Bryan Clyde, Dr
Battistel, George, Mr
Begert, Brian Kendall, Mr
Berryman, Roy A, Mr
Birney, A Earle, Dr
Blair, Stephen Gordon, Mr
Boyd, Shayne Brent, Mr
Brown, May Annie, Dr
Brunton, James Wm, Mr
Burdett, David N, Dr
Burgess, John C, Dr
Busse, Richard R, Dr
Cai, Li-He, Mr
Cameron, Chris Daniel, Dr
Cameron, Ian J, Dr
Campbell, David F, Mr
Campbell, WL Craig, Mr
Carr, Peter J A, Mr
Carswell, Denise, Dr
Carvill, Kevin, Mr
Caulfield, Anne J, Mrs
Chan, Chun W Anthony, Mr
Chan, Joyce, Miss
Cherkezoff, Annie M Marie, Mrs
Choi, Anthony WY, Dr
Chu, Gavin, Dr
Chung, Norman Kim H, Mr
Cliff, Ronald Laird, Mr
Comparelli, Paul A, Dr
Conrad, Linda Muriel, Ms
Cook, Peter Adrian,
Cooke, Catherine E, Miss
Costanzino, Domenic, Mr
Coyle, Brett Douglas, Dr
Cozens, Russel D, Mr
Crosby, Neil D, Mr
Currie, Graeme, Mr
Dalgleish, John R, Dr
Daniele, Bruno A, Dr
Davies, Carolyn,
De Sandoli, Donato, Dr
Delau, Richard D, Mr
Denk, Karl, Dr
Der, Jim, Dr
Dhaliwal, SatminderK,
Dorosh, Mark Norman, Mr
Douglas, Maureen A, Ms
Edworthy, Samuel G D, Dr
Elliott, Allan R.Mr
Emanuels, Ingrid M, Dr
Fellenz, Hanns H, Mr
Feng, Simon Fu, Dr
Ferg, Murray R F, Dr
Fong, Rosemary Y K, Miss
Framst, Louise S, Mrs
Fujisawa, John David, Mr
Gill, Kelly Patricia, Mrs
Godfrey, Ruth Lillian, Ms
Goncalves, Rogerio D, Dr
Goring, James Ray, Mr
Gosselin, Rodger E, Mr
Haegert, Joseph G, Dr
Hamilton, John D, Dr
Hamilton, Peter A, Mr
Hanna, Blake Matthew, Mr
Hanson, Brenda Anne,
Har, Boon Cher, Mr
Harlos, Michael Steve, Dr
Hartvikson, Robert A, Mr
Hashimoto, Atsuko, Miss
Hedin, Ingrid Bernadette, Miss
Heeley, Frank, Mr
Henry, Brian M, Dr
Ho, George C T, Dr
Hobley, Thomas Alan, Mr
Hodgkinson, E Frances,
Holler, Frank Alfred, Mr
Holmes, Cheryl Lynn, Dr
Hourigan, John F, Dr
Houston, Gordon B, Dr
Hovan, Allan, Dr
Hsieh, William W, Dr
Hunter, Patricia A, Dr
Ip, Gala Wan W, Miss
Johnson, Patricia G,
Johnston, William H, Dr
Johnstone, James C, Mr
Jordan-Knox, C Andrew, Dr
Kent, William R, Mr
Keresztes, Zoltan J, Dr
Kermode, Milena B,
Koehrer, Ernest, Dr
Koss, Michael A, Dr
Krajina, Vladimir J, Dr
Kravjanski, Maria T, Dr
Ku, Weiying, Dr
Kurita, Derrick T, Mr
Kwasnicky, Paul William, Mr
Kwong, Elizabeth, Dr
Lee, JohnC, Mr
Lee, Sharon Jane, Dr
Lehner, Jean F, Mrs
Leonard. Russell K, Dr
Leung, Victor C M, Dr
Liang, William KB, Dr
Lockner, Charlene A, Dr
Loo, Ladonna Delphine, Dr
Louie, Winston J, Dr
Low, Roderick Ian, Dr
Lowe, Edward, Dr
Lynam, Mary Judith, Ms
Lysyk, Patricia Irene,
Macintosh, Dan W, Dr
Madhosingh, Donna F, Dr
Mandrake, Jill, Ms
Masson, S Bruce, Dr
McEwen, Marilyn L, Ms
McFarlane, Alexander D, Dr
McLean, Alex G R, Dr
McMillan, Murray G, Mr
McMynn, Graham Gordon,
McWilliam, Robert G, Mr
Melnichuk, E Margaret, Miss
Mitchell, Gary A, Mr
Miyashita, Robert H, Mr
Muljono, Rudy, Mr
Mullen, Terrence M, Mr
Naito, Gerry James, Mr
Nanos, Jerome, Dr
Nelson, Gregory James, Dr
Novak, Mike David, Dr
O'Brian, Parker, Mr
Ommanney, Sylvia J, Mrs
Palaniak, Andrew W, Dr
Parkinson, Joy A, Miss
Paterson, Robert P, Dr
Patience, Sandra G, Ms
Pearson, Marion L, Miss
Pelling, Gregory Blair, Mr
Pereboom, Zwanette M, Miss
Persson, Bradley A, Dr
Pistner, Peter C, Mr
Potter, Paul William, Mr
Prior, Deborah L, Dr
Radelet, Brett, Mr
Ramaradhya, Michael D, Mr
Rawlek, Barbara M, Dr
Rea, Kenneth A, Mr
Reed, Diane E, Miss
Richardson, Wm Kenneth, Mr
Rosebush, William J, Dr
Rosenczweig, Anna, Dr
Ross, Jocelyn Susan, Ms
Rutherford, Mary G, Ms
Ryan, Susan Jennifer, Mrs
Sabiston, Paul, Dr
Scherrer, Roy Paul, Mr
Schmidt, Ernst J, Dr
Schwartzman, Marcy, Dr
See, David L, Mr
Senini, Bruce V, Dr
Siu, Jim, Mr
Smith, HloanaM, Ms
Smith, Louise Mary, Mrs
Smith, Shelagh J, Mrs
Smythe, Roderick Roy Glen, Dr
Soon, Erwin A, Dr
Sorensen, Paul H B. Dr
Spittlehouse, David L, Dr
Stewart, Robert F, Mr
Stewart, Robert Paul,
Strang, Alistair T, Mr
Stringer, Judith Anne, Ms
Sunderani, Pervez H,
Szeto, Nai-Keen, Dr
Takeuchi, Eiichi, Dr
Taylor, Denise M,
Taylor, James Carey, Dr
Thomson, Geraldine B,
Thurlow, Robert Lon, Mr
Tkatch, Brian V, Dr
Tong, Aloysius Po-Fai, Dr
Tracy, Patricia E, Ms
Tsow, Richard, Dr
Tusnady, Tibor L, Mr
Unruh, Patricia, Mrs
Van Den Bosch, Peter N, Dr
Vanzella, Lino A, Dr
Veale, J Bruce, Mr
Vishloff,TLee, Mr
Vogt, Elizabeth Mary,
Walach, Patricia Anne, Mrs
Waldron, David G E, Mr
Walters, Janette Lea,
Wells, Mildred A, Ms
Wetmore, Catherine L,
Whitelegg, Geraldine, Dr
Wicks, Anne Patricia, Mrs
Wightman, Howard A, Dr
Wilczek, Richard, Dr
Wong, Chun Wing, Dr
Wynne, Elizabeth J, Mrs
Yamamoto, Norine K, Ms
Yates, Norman E, Mr
Young, Arthur, Mr
Yu, Allen TY, Dr
$250 to $499
Berson, Seemah Cathline, Mrs
Bittner, Howard K, Dr
Brumwell, Joan Marion, Mrs
Coil, Jeffrey, Dr
Coles, Robert D, Dr
Crosson, Patricia M, Dr
Elliot, George RF, Dr
Field, Kenneth C, Mr
Froschauer, Karl J, Mr
Hodgson, Chris J, Dr
Hunter, James M, Dr
Johnson, Olive, Dr
Kaffanke, Torsten, Mr
Leitch, Ian James, Dr
Mawji, Hanif-Mohamed,
Mayes, Candace M, Ms
CHRONICLE/FALL   23 McKay, Douglas John, Mr
Niwinski, Christopher T, Mr
Straley, Gerald B, Dr
Watt, Beth C, Dr
Abercrombie, David A, Mr
Cochrane, Donald G, Mr
Geddes, Beatrice Ann, Miss
Lau. PhilipChi,
Steer, David G, Dr
Suzuki, Nancy K,
Zibnk. RayK, Mr
Abercrombie, Robin J, Mr
Akrigg, G Philip V, Dr
Anderson, Louise Roberta, Mrs
Anderson, Reginald S, Mr
Auersperg, Nelly, Dr
Auld, Florence A, Mrs
Baird, Robert M, Dr
Baker, Marie Anna, Miss
Baldwin, Virginia J, Dr
Barakso, Janos J, Mr
Banchello, Richard R, Dr
Battersby, Robert Glen, Mr
Beauchamp, Richard D, Dr
Bebb, Douglas Evan, Dr
Bell, Henry Michael, Dr
Berar, Abtar, Mr
Black, W David, Mr
Blunden, Pat, Mrs
Borch, Gerald H, Mr
Brown, W Thomas, Mr
Bryant, Joseph Edward, Mr
Bryant, Mary Agnes, Mrs
Buck, Frank AM, Dr
Buhler, William A, Mr
Burnyeat, Grant D, Mr
Butters, Robert George, Mr
By, Arnold W, Dr
Carruthers, Jean D A, Dr
Chambers, Pamela M, Mrs
Chapman, Huntly G, Dr
Charlton. David B, Dr
Clyne, John V, The Hon
Cohen. Joseph H, Dr
Collins, Phae, Mrs
Cook, Thelma Sharp, Dr
Cooper, Robert Gordon, Mr
Daniells, Laurenda, Mrs
Diamond, Charles, Mr
Diggens, John S, Dr
Dimmick, James Edmond, Dr
Disbrow, Robert James, Mr
Dodd, William AH, Dr
Dohm, Thomas A, Hon
Dolman, Clarisse L, Dr
Duncan, Clive P, Dr
Eagles. Blythe Alfred, Dr
Eagles, Violet E, Dr
Emmons, Helen June, Dr
Farris, Haig John, Mr
Fell, Thomas G Dr
Fischer, H Robert, Mr
Fisher, Alexander W, Mr
Fisher, Lois Marion, Mrs
Fishman, Sherold, Dr
Fletcher, Margaret G, Miss
Forward, Alan Douglas, Dr
Franklin, Henry J, Mr
Franklin, William A, Mr
Gale, Henry Hamon. Dr
Gallon, Clark V, Mr
Gibson, RuthM, Mrs
Gilmore, PaulC, Dr
Gordon, Robert Bruce, Dr
Green. Cecil H, Dr
Gregson, George Kenneth, Mr
Harder. Fred Abram, Dr
Hardwick, David Francis, Dr
Hay, Letitia A, Miss
Hebenton, G Sholto, Mr
Heller, Katherine J, Ms
Helliwell, David Leedom, Mr
Helliwell, John Forbes, Dr
Hengeveld, Leonard D, Mr
Hilton, Herbert Brian, Mr
Hindmarch, Jean Florence, Mrs
Hobbs, GHD, Mr
Hudson, William H, Mr
Hyland, J Norman, Mr
Jang, Kenneth, Mr
Johnson, Michael D, Dr
Jones, Stephen Randle, Mr
Joubin, Franc R, Dr
Kirk, Ruth L, Ms
Koerner, Walter C, Dr
Kuan, Dennet, Mr
Lakowski, Romuald, Dr
Lam, Philip GW, Mr
Lamb, W Kaye, Dr
Lanning, Roland J, Mr
Latham, Curtis, Dr
Le Nobel, Joan, Mrs
Lecky, John M S, Mr
Ledgerwood, Ernest F, Dr
Legg, Pauline, Mrs
Letson, Harry Farnhan G, Maj Gen
Lett, Evelyn S, Mrs
Lillie, Gordon M,Dr
Lipson, Samuel L, Prof
Louie, Tong, Mr
Lowndes, Joan Yvonne, Mrs
MacCarthy, Hubert Reagh, Dr
MacDonald, John Argyle, Mr
MacFarlane, David R M, Mr
Manson, Peter Arthur, Mr
March, Beryl Elizabeth, Mrs
Matheson, Donald C, Dr
McArthur, John Hector, Dr
McCusker, Thomas, Dr
McDonald, John Alexander, Prof
McDowell, Charles A, Dr
McLeod, Margaret C, Mrs
McNulty, William B, Mr
McRae, Norman Alex, Mr
Meek, Robert Norman, Dr
Meekison, James D, Mr
Meekison, William G, Dr
Millar, Chester Ferguson, Mr
Miller, Donovan F, Mr
Mills, Ian R A, Mr
Mitchell, Douglas H, Mr
Mitchell, Richard, Mr
Miyagishima, Robert T, Dr
Morfitt, George L, Mr
Morton, Kenneth S, Dr
Narod, Milton, Mr
Nemetz, Nathaniel T, Hon Chief Justice
Nielsen, DouglasT, Dr
North, Rudolph Edward, Mr
Olsen, Mark Theodore, Mr
Palmer, Guy Stewart, Mr
Palmer, Russell Alfred, Dr
Parkes, Judith L, Mrs
Partridge, Michael Alan, Mr
Patrick, William N, Dr
Paul, Robert H, Mr
Peerless, Sydney John, Dr
Peterson, Leslie R, Dr
Phelps, James William, Mr
Pierce, Alan Francis, Mr
Pokotylo. David L, Dr
Pontifex, Alexander Hugh, Dr
Preto, Antonio F, Dr
Reddon, James Gordon. Mr
Reesor, Thomas Richard, Mr
Reeves, Melvin Roy, Mr
Reilkoff, Catherine R, Dr
Rhodes, Loise A, Mrs
Richards, John Simon Fraser, Dr
Richardson, John O, Mr
Robson, Jennifer L, Mrs
Rogers, Forrest, Mr
Rothwell, Gordon Sheldon, Dr
Rothwell, Roberts, Dr
Sandwell, Percy Ritchie, Mr
Scudamore, R Joy, Miss
Selby, Joan, Mrs
Shadbolt, Jack L, Mr
Shannon, Heather L, Ms
Shelford, James A, Dr
Sieburth, John Mcneill, Mr
Sivertz, BentGestur, Mr
Smith, Margaret M, Mrs
Smith, Ralph Asquith, Mr
Smith, Robin N, Dr
Smith, Violet D, Mrs
Stevenson, D Lyle, Mr
Stonier, Peter Finden, Dr
Sully, Florence T, Mrs
Sully, Lynn Kyle. Mr
Thomas, Wm D Stewart, Dr
Thomson, Gordon N, Mr
Thurber, Lynette A, Dr
Tredwell, Stephen John, Dr
Tyner, Ralph V, Mr
VanDeWint, Gerald J, Mr
Van Petegham, P Kurt, Dr
Walker, Charles S, Mr
Walters, H Rory, Mr
Warren, Linda J, Dr
Warren, Richard J, Dr
Watt, John Gordon, Dr
Webber, William A, Dr
Webster, Daisy, Mrs
Wellwood, Barbara, Mrs
Wheeler, John Oliver, Dr
Whitcutt, Olga, Ms
Williston, RayG, Mr
Willmott, Richard Curtis, Dr
Wilson, Alan Joseph, Mr
Wood. William Samuel, Dr
Wright. Harold Madison, Mr
Wright, Leonard F, Mr
Wyman. William Robert, Mr
Yamanaka, George Joji, Dr
Yolles, Louise, Mrs
Young, William Maurice, Mr
Yurkovich, Anthony, Dr
Zilm, Glennis Norene, Miss
Abercrombie, Phyllis, Mrs
Adam, Ian M, Mr
Adaskin, Harry, Mr
Aklujkar, Ashok N, Dr
Alden, Louise S, Ms
Alexander, E, Mrs
Anderson, Terence W, Dr
Angus, Norman F, Mr
Atkinson, A P, Mr
Balfour, Charles B, Mr
Barclay, Ian A, Mr
Bell, George A, Dr
Bentley, Antoinette, Ms
Bentley, Peter J G, Mr
Berar, Bikram Vic, Mr
Berar, Sodi, Ms
Berthier, P M, Mrs
Binning, Jessie, Ms
Bogoch, A, Dr
Bot, Annette, Ms
Boxall, Hazel M, Ms
Brown, Louise A, Mrs
Brown. Peter M, Mr
Carre, F Alex, Mr
Casorso, Napoleon Peter, Mr
Chase, William H, Mr
Chetty, Kasaval, Dr
Churg, Andrew, Mr
Clark, Clarence E, Mr
Clement, Margaret I, Mrs
Conn, Irene M, Mrs
Cope, George W, Mr
Crichton, John U, Dr
Cross, George B, Mr
Cuthbert, Charles, Mr
Davidson, George A, Mrs
Davis, Irwin, Mr
Dawlings, Johanna T, Mrs
dejong, Laura, Mrs
Dekoven, Audrey, Mrs
Devitt, C Jane, Mrs
Diamond, Ethel, Mrs
Dickey, Marvin R, Dr
Douglas, Gordon R, Dr
Drabitt.S, Dr
Drover, Glenn G, Dr
Ellis, A John, Mr & Mrs
Enns, Alice, Mrs
Eppich, Helmut, Mr
Eppich, Hugo, Mr
Evamy, Michael, Mr & Mrs
Falk, Cathie, Ms
Finnie, BJ A, Mr
Foster, M F, Mrs
Frost, Peter J. Mr & Mrs
Galpin, Helen M, Ms
Gibbons, Alan O, Dr
Gifford, Fraser,
Globe, Alexander V, Professor
Gomel, Victor. Dr
Goodeve, Allan M, Dr
Grohne, Frithjof, Mr
Gunn, C Chan, Dr
Haan, Elizabeth, Mrs
Haebler, Hans H,
Harbeck, Meinhart A,
Harvie, Donald, Mr
Hawthorn, Audrey, Dr
Heah, HM,Mr
Heitmann, Ursula H, Ms
Heller, Paul, Mr & Mrs
Hender, Betty, Mrs
Hertzman, Clyde, Dr
Hicks, Eleanor R, Mrs
Hoegler, George, Mr
Hoeter, B W, Dr
Hollenberg, Irvie F, Mr
House. Jack. Mr
Howard. Gloria, Ms
Huang, Xisa, Ms
Hucal, Paul, Mr
Hurndall, Harold F, Mr
lida, Katsuko, Dr
lida, Shotaro, Dr
Ip, PTing.Mr
Jackson, Alan, Archdeacon
Johnson, E L, Mr
Johnston. D Lukin, Mr
Juyn, Carl, Mr
Kalyanpur, Yamuna, Dr
Keeling, M Elizabeth, Ms
Kelly, Robert F, Dr
Kennedy, Carol, Mrs
Kennedy, James M, Dr
Knox, George, Dr
Krainer, Max, Mr
Kreykenbohm, A & W, Mr & Mrs
Lee, William, Dr
Lewis, Alan G, Dr
Lim, Clara, Mrs
Lin, Paul TK, Prof
Little, James, Mr
Liu, Yukorn T, Mr
Lohbrunner. Ethel. Mrs
Lowry, Margerie, Mrs
MacCaig, Elsie M, Mrs
MacCaul, VA, Mrs
MacDougall, Donald J, Mr
Mackay, Donald CG, Dr
MacKenzie, Cortlandt J C, Dr
Madsen, Edward, Mr
Malkin, H Richardson, Mr
Mandell, Michael,
Mange, B,
Manning, Jessie, Mrs
Mao, James, Prof
Mar, Jacque, Dr
Masters, Lorna R, Mrs
Maurer, Kurt, Mr
Mayer, Elizabeth M, Dr
McCormick, Andrew Q, Dr
McKenzie, Roderick, Dr
McLean, David G, Mr
Mcleod, J Ross, Mr
McNeill, Stuart, Dr
Meiner, Mary, Mrs
Millar, Beatrice, Miss
Mitchell, Vance, Prof
Moffatt, Muriel M, Miss
Morphy, Catherine M, Mrs
Nadeau, E, Mrs
Nafe, John E, Dr
Nagy, Larry, Mr
Narod, Eileen L, Ms
Neweling, Lothar, Mr & Mrs
Nichol, R. J, Mr
Norton, Norval, Mr
Notte, Agnes, Mrs
Nuytten, Phil, Mr
Okamatsu, Yoshihisa, Mr
Orris, Glen, Mr
Pacheco, Arsenio Ransanz, Mr
Page, Patricia K, Ms
Panz, Gustav A, Mr
Paterson, Douglas D, Mr
Patterson, Frank P, Dr
Pepper, KD,Ms
Petrie, DA, Major
Phillips, Thomas, Mr
Pinkus, Phillip, Dr
Pomfret, Jack B, Mr
Poohachow, Paul, Mr
Pryor, James, Mr
Reitmann, Ursula, Mrs
Reubart, G Dale, Dr
Ridley, David B, Mr
Roehlig, Otto & Birgid, Mr & Mrs
Ross, John,
Runikis, JO, Dr
Schulzer, G, Dr
Schwang, Henry, Mr
Sharpe, Gordon, Mr.
Shaw, Ralph M, Mr
Shaw, Yvonne, Mrs
Simmons, T, Dr
Simpson, Maria, Ms
Sinclair, Queen, Mrs
Smith, Isobel P,
Smith, May, Ms
Snelling, Charles F, Dr
Southam, J Ross, Mr
Spinner, Dan, Mr
Steinberg, MW, Dr
Stephens, Eleanore C, Mrs
Steward, Elizabeth, Mrs
Strangway, David, Dr
Sundararajan. Elfriede, Mrs
Sutherland, Eleanor W, Dr
Swann, Peter C, Dr
Swanson, Dennis, Mr
Szigeti, William G, Mr
Tattersfield, P, Mr
Taylor, RoyL, Dr&Mrs
Thomas, James D, Mr
Thompson, Andrew R, Dr
Thompson, J Harold, Mr
Thompson, Stewart N, Mr
Tittler, Konrad J, Mr
Van der Beke, Geraldine, Ms
Varney, Ed, Mr
Von Franque, Volker, Mr
Wainman, Alexander W, Dr
Wall. Peter, Mr
Watt, Chi, Mr
Watts, Agnes M,
Wiens, R D,
Willmott, Donald, Mr
Willmott, Joy, Ms
Willmott, William, Mr
Wood, Eileen F, Mrs
Woods, Alfred, Mr & Mrs
Wright, Joanne L, Dr
Zeldowicz, Ludmila, Dr
Zink, Wolfgang, Mr
Where are you, 1920s grads? No mail from any
fellow grads arrived for this issue. Will you
send us something for the Winter issue?
Geoffrey S. Cornish, BSA'35, MS (Massachusetts)^ 1, a noted golf course architect and coauthor of "The Golf Course", who has designed
more than 190 courses in the U.S., Canada and
Europe has received an honorary Doctor of
Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst... At 71 years of age, Jack
Davis, BASc'39, PhD (McGill), in charge of the
energy portfolio, is the most experienced minister in the Vander Zalm cabinet... Dr. Richard R. Galpin, BA'38, MD (McGill)'43, is a
pediatrician in Michigan with a major interest
in learning disabilities... Dr. Elmer A. Jones,
BA'39, MD (McGill)'43, has an active general
practice in Vancouver... Practicing pyschiatry
in Kelowna is Dr. Frank McNair, BA'39, MD
(McGilI)'43... Dr. John A McLaren, BA'39,
MD (McGill)'43 practiced internal medicine in
the suburbs of Chicago and taught at Northwestern until his retirement in '84... Winner of
the 1984 Citizenship Award (Conservation) of
the Association of Professional Engineers of
Ontario is James Lawrence McKeever,
BASc'30, LLD (Brock)... James A. Gibson,
BA'31, MA MLitt DPhil (Oxon), has relinquished
the office of Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars, to which
he was first elected in 1977. He continues to
edit the Association's quarterly newsletter...
Awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters is Leften
S. Stavrianos, MA'34, PhD (Clark)'37, for his
writings on the Third World entitled, "Global
Rift"... Writes David Crawley, BA'39, "Considering what you're likely to hear from our generation, maybe no news is good news!"...
Dr. John C. Hagen, BASc'48, the chief geologist for M.A. Hanna in Brazil and Director Superintendent of Dragagen Fluvial S/A (Brazil)
retired in July, 1987 to Bellingham, Washington ... Working as a marketing consultant with
Jack Hamilton Agencies Ltd. in Rexdale, Ontario is W.A. (Bill) Laudrum, BCom'48...
Alan N. Mearns, MASc'47, took early retirement from CPC International Inc. to form his
own Japanese-English translation firm,
Aranome Ltd., operating in Japan... Recently
returned to Vancouver to retire after 36 years
as a missionary in Japan is Marjorie Tun-
bridge, BA'46... Ernest R. Ball, BEd'48 has
received the first Master Teacher award from
the newly created Steveston High School
Alumni Assoc... Sharon E. White, LLB'80,
has been appointed a Commissioner under the
new Public Service Act. Sharon practices law in
Vancouver... Robert G. Rogers, BCom'49
and wife, Mary celebrated their 40th wedding
anniversary on July 7,1987... Retired from the
University of Calgary libraries in June '84, with
status of librarian emeritus is Noel A. S.
Owens, MA'57... Kenneth N. F. Shaw, MA'42,
PhD (lowa)'51, has retired as professor of pediatrics, University of Southern California School
of Medicine with the CHLA Medical Staff
Distinguished Service Award for 1987... Recently designated professor emeritus at the
University of Central Florida following his retirement after 20 years as a professor of statistics is Bernard Ostle, MA'46... G.J. Hayward, BCom'45, has retired to Victoria where
he is an advanced financial planner with Investors Syndicate...
James F. Palmer, BASc'53, has retired to
White Rock, B.C. after 33 years with Atomic
Energy Canada Ltd. in Chalk River, Ontario...
Given an honourary Doctor of Pol. by the University of Turku, Finland, and made a Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland by
President Mauno Koivisto is H. Peter Krosby,
MA'58, PhD (Columbia), in recognition of his
books and articles on Finnish foreign relations
and politics since 1939... After 26 years as a
Senior Systems Engineer with IBM, Arnie
Lind, BASc'57, has formed Lind Consulting,
specializing in joint application design... Marc
Chappell, BASc'58, has been appointed Counsellor, (Science & Technology) the Canadian
High Commission, London, England... After
serving as its President for the second time,
Godfrey Chowne, B.Com'55, has been
elected a fellow in the Institute of Management
Consultants in B.C Ken Hillmer, BA'59, has
become senior minister of First Republic
Church, Victoria, after 7 years with World Vision ... Returned from Saudia Arabia, after several years with the National Guard Medical
Services is Glen W. Smith, MD'59, now practicing in New Westminster, B.C.... Constance
D. (Holmes) Isherwood, LLB'51, has been appointed Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of
B.C.... Recently appointed financial planner of
CU Financial Information Services of Regina is
John Findlay, BCom'56... Ernest Charles
Colman, BPE'5I, was honoured as 1986 Sport-
sperson of the Year for Kamloops, B.C. Colman
is President of the Kamloops Sr. Ladies Softball
Assoc, President of the Kamloops Track &
Field Club and a director of the B.C. Track &
Field Assoc... Presented to Ernie Kuyt,
BA'57, a wildlife biologist for the Canadian
Wildlife Service, is the 1987 Chevron Conservation Award for his work in the study and
protection of the endangered North American
Whooping Crane... Just off North Saanich's
Downey Road is the garden of Nicholas and
Evelyn Weesjes, BSA'53. The couple retired
in 1981 and began landscaping in '82. On nine
acres, amid gurgling streams and immaculately tended paths they have 500 species of
rhododendron and more than 500 hybrids - the
entire collection numbers close to 3.000
plants... Personnel Managment Associates in
London, Ontario, owned by Lion J. Sharzer ,
BA'59, celebrates its 10th anniversary October
'87... Alan W. Slater, BASc'51, has retired
from the Ministry of Highways to take up sailing off the Saanich Peninsula ... CA. West-
cott, MSW'70, has been selected president of
the Dawson Creek Winter Games Society for
the 1988 B.C. Winter Games to be held in
Dawson Creek March 10 to 13, 1988... James
A.Brown, BCom' 49, married Gwen (Eades
Johns) Brown, BA'52, February 19, 1987. Between them they share six children and 5
grandchildren... Michael Crooks, MA'57, accompanied five high school students to lead
the Canadian team at the International Physics
Olympiad in Jena, July 5th to 13th... Retiring
after 31 years with Imperial Oil is Robert F.
Roblin... Appointed president and chief executive officer and member of the board of the
Hongkong Bank of Canada is James
H.Cleave, MSc'75... Carl Ian Walker,
LLB'55, MA'73, a Provincial Court Judge in
Squamish since 1959, has just written and
published "Pioneer Pipers of British Columbia", a biographical directory of 697 early pipers in the province. Walker was Pipe Major of
the UBC Pipe Bank from 1951 to 1955...
Douglas J. Henderson, BA'56, PhD (Utah)'61,
has been awarded an outstanding innovation
award by IBM for his theoretical research on
the electrical properties of interfaces. He has
also been appointed, for the second time, the
Manuel Sandoval Vallarta distinguished visiting professor of physics at the Autonomous
National Metropolitan University of Mexico
and will spend the spring of '88 lecturing in
Mexico City...
The works of George and Mildred Doubt,
BEd'63, watercolours depicting Vancouver, the
Sunshine Coast and the Cote d'Azur, were displayed at the Place des Art in Coquitlam this
Spring... Captain (N) Bruce Johnston,
BA'64, has been promoted, effective July 3, to
the rank of Commodore and is posted to National Defense Headquarters on the staff of the
Deputy Chief of Defense as Director General,
Maritime Doctrine and Operations... Appointed a vice-president in the investments
department of Metropolitan Life Insurance
Company's Canadian Operations is Peter T.
Brown,BA'64, MBA (Queens)'66... Jean Webber, MA'68, is a double winner in the annual
Competition for Writers of B.C. History, earning awards as Editor of the Okanagan Historical Society's 50th Report, and as Author of the
Best Article published in 1986 in the B.C. Historical News Magazine... Michael Harcourt,
LLB'68, was acclaimed leader of the B.C. New
Democratic Party in April '87, promising that
as leader he will lay out clearly the top 10
priorities in any legislative period, determine
the cost and explain where the money will
come from... Appointed to the position of Corporate Secretary for B.C. Rail Ltd. is J. Norman
Hyland, BCom'69... Vice-President. Finance
and Administration for B.C. Rail Ltd. is J.Roger Clarke, BCom'68... On display in May '87,
at The Gallery, Harrison Hot Springs, were the
drawings of Hugh Jackson, BEd'67. This dedicated art teacher shared the limelight with
several of his students from Agassiz Elementary School... Dr. Corrine Caldwell,
MSW'66, PhD (Pennsylvania), Dean of the Division of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering Technologies at the Community College of Philadelphia was named campus
executive officer of Penn State's Mont Alto
campus effective July 1, 1987... Working in
the Phillippines is Dr. Don E. McAUis-
ter,PhD'65. McAllister and his colleagues in
the International Marinelife Alliance are working to help Filipino fisherman kick the cyanide
habit which is destroying one of the richest
coral reef systems in the world... Marion
Keys, BA'68, has been appointed president of
World Automobile Service Association located
in Abbotsford, B.C.... Working in the Department of Works with the government of Papua,
New Guinea to build village projects through
local government councils is William
Guthrie,BASc'60... When ad writer, Brian
Griffiths,BMus'65, of Griffiths, Gibson and
Ramsay Productions, a well known Vancouver
music production house, was asked to rearrange the more-than-familiar McDonald's restaurant jingle to create a fresh new tune, he
came up with a 6-man a cappella ode that was
chosen the world's best 30 second musical ad
by the Hollywood Radio & Television Society...
After many years in resource development
planning, Harold M. Etter, PhD'66, has joined
Canadian Equity Planners as an investment
consultant... Paul B.Seger, BASc'67, is a captain with Canadian Airlines International Ltd.,
flying Boeing 737s... After completing a commerce degree at UBC, Joyce (Hama) Kami-
kura, BCom'65, did what she really wanted -
attended art school. Now she uses her accounting skills to manage her 150-or-so paintings-a-
year business. Her works are displayed in the
Vancouver and Seattle, Washington areas and,
just recently, her work was chosen, for the
second time, to hang in the gallery across from
Buckingham Palace in the annual international
competition of The Royal Institute of Painters
in Watercolours... Judith Anne (Venning)
Hamel, BSc'76, MBBS (Adelaide)'80, has her
own practice in Southern Vales, Adelaide, Australia... Appointed president and chief executive officer of Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon
& Company Ltd. is Robert G. Atkinson,
BCom'63... On sabbatical June 87 to study distance education in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and
the U.S. is Yaro Igor Starak, MSW'65... Bessie
Luteyn, BSW'61, is president of Telefund Raising, recruiting canvassers and raising funds for
nonprofit societies and organizations... After
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working as a staff writer with several newspapers in Western Canada, Claudius Planidin,
BA'68, has gone freelance... Brian
Cudworth, MEd'68, has been appointed acting principal of Osoyoos Secondary School for
1987-88... Elected president of the Canadian
Nautical Research Society for a three year term
is Dr. Barry Gough, BEd'62, PhD (London).
Gough is the author of three award-winning
books on Canadian maritime history. He
teaches courses in naval affairs and Canadian
history at Laurier... Ian R. Mayers, BSc'68,
has joined Petro-Canada International Assistance Corporation's oil and gas exploration aid
program to the Costa Rican national oil company, RECOPE... Named 1987 YWCA Woman
of Distinction in B.C. is Sophie M.R. Leung,
MSW'66, whose achievements include family
counselling, clinical teaching and research in
social work, community service and publications on mental health, the arts and business...
As Archdeacon of the Diocese of Niagara, Ian
M. Dingwall, BA'60, is now executive officer of
Synod and executive assistant to the Bishop...
George Edgson, BSc'62, MBA (SFU), has been
appointed vice-president and general manager, B.C. Operations for Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.... Chief executive officer of Wells
Fargo Investment Advisors, Frederick
Grauer, BA'69, PhD (Stanford), has been promoted from president to chairman... Ralph
Wallace, MEd'76, received the National Flag
of Excellence at a presidential reception honouring secondary schools. Wallace is principal of Granby Memorial School in Granby, Connecticut... Chairman and chief executive
officer of B.C. Hydro and Power Authority, Lawrence I. Bell,BA'61, presented the plenary
address at 'Waterpower '87' - an international
conference on hydropower held in Oregon August 19-21... NDP M.P. for Broadview Greenwood, Toronto, Lynn McDonald, BSW'61, recently published a book on the New
Democratic Party, "The Party That Changed
Canada"... Elected president of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce for 1987-88 is Colin Smith.
BASc'65... Myrna (Metke) Duthie, MA87,
has been elected president of the board of
directors of the Delta Credit Union... Donald
Finnestad, BCom'69, has been appointed to
the board of the East Kootenay Community
College in Cranbrook...
Carol Paulson, BSc.Agr.'73, is now member
relations manager at Dairyland Foods. Husband, Stewart, BSA'68, MSc'70, is expanding
the offices of Paulson Consulting, a firm specializing in international commodity market
research... Appointed to the Vancouver City
Planning Commission in January '86 and to the
Arts, Sciences & Technology Centre board of
governors in October '86 is Kerry-Lynne
(Findlay) Ferris, LLB 78... W. Graham Allen, LLB'78, has formed a new partnership,
Snarch & Allen with offices in Vancouver...
Honoured for excellence in teaching at Simon
Fraser's awards ceremony, February 3rd. was
Dr. Rolf Mathewes, PhD'73, an associate professor of biological sciences at SFU... Thomas
W. Beattie, LLB'77, has joined Pan Orvana
Resources Ltd. as vice-president and secretary... Appointed assistant professor of Liturgies at Trinity College, Toronto, effective
July 1st is David R. Hole ton, BA'70, PhD
(Paris)'83... David Henry King, BSc'75, received the Corpmonwealth Scholarship to
Cambridge, 1985-86 and is now working on his
PhD in Theoretical Physics in Texas after marrying Countess Jeanette Bardziejowicz Sas
Matkowski, July '86... Appointed co-ordinator
of Edward Milne Community School in Sooke is
Phoebe Dunbar, MSW'72. Ms. Dunbar will
work closely with directors in the development
of courses... James P. Balmer, BSc'72, is
mine operations general foreman of Quintette
Coal Ltd.... Working on a DNA sequencer at
Applied Biosystems, Inc. is Steven Wong,
BSc'73... Dr. Frank Loomer, FRCP'81, is leaving Shaughnessy Hospital to take up practice in
Victoria... Head librarian and acting supervisor of personnel, the Kelsey Institute of
Applied Arts and Sciences in Saskatoon, Duncan Robertson, BLS'71, has retired from the
Public Service of Saskatchewan... Dr.
Stephen R. Hicock, MSc'76, PhD (Western
Ontario), has been promoted to the rank of
associate professor with tenure in the Geology
Department, University of Western Ontario.
...in celebration of
and UBC's magnificent heritage
Thursday, October 8, 1987
12:30 p.m.
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SUB Ballroom
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UBC Intramural Sports
Rm 66 Ixiwer SUB Concourse
B.C. Dairy Foundation
Wife Frances Hicock, BSR'75 is a part-time
physiotherapist in St. Marys, Ontario... Chief
of public program development for the Provincial Museum is Richard Kool, MSc'75... Participating in the Provincial Museum's program,
"Speaker's Tour", is Jim Wardrop, BA'70,
speaking on the history of the forest industry in
B.C.... Fran Nowakowski, MLS'76, has been
promoted to Librarian III at Dalhousie University. .. Taking a history research fellowship at
Newnham College, Cambridge and engaged to
marry the Earl of St. Andrew is Sylvanna
Tomaselli, BA'77... A senior curator at the
B.C. Provincial Museum, Robert D. Turner,
MSc'71, has just completed his most recent
book, "West of the Great Divide", an illustrated
history of the Canadian Pacific Railway in B.C.,
1880-1986... Ron Prefontaine, BSc'79, is a
senior explorationist working for Auspet in
Sydney, Australia... Presented to Norma
Kidd, MEd'86, is the Person of the Year Award -
Region 10, National Council for Continuing Education and Community Service, for work in
the field of adult literacy... Graham Young,
BCom'79, left Air Canada in October '86 to
work with Aeronomics Inc. Wife Alexandra,
BCom'79, is developing and instructing in microcomputer applications at Hoechst Canada... Working at the Canada Employment
Centre, counselling employment disadvantaged  youth,   is  Michelle  Waters,   Dip-
Trans'79... H. Lee McGreish, BCom'79, has
been appointed distribution manager for the
Northwest Territories Housing Cooperation...
Appointed associate director of Planning for
the City of Vancouver is Larry B.Beasley,
MA'76... Bruce Hall, BA'71, has been appointed fire chief for the District of Mission...
Andrea E. Bertram, BMus'78, is substitute
teaching in California... Dr. Malcolm K. Mac-
Donald,BSc'78, married Karen E. Gardom,
BCom'82, on May 9, 1987... Appointed a principal of Drake Beam Morin (BC) Inc. is Gordon
A. Thorn, MEd'71... Gilbert Dube, BA'77, and
wife Dola, MA'76, have moved to Victoria
where Gilbert is university liaison officer at
Royal Roads Military College... Wayne M.
Chou, DMD'79, has been elected presidentelect of the Vancouver & District Dental Society. He will assume the office of president at
the annual meeting in 1988... Teaching grade
one in Grande Prairie is Margret (Attenmuel-
ler) Archer, BHE'78 .. Richard McFarland,
BSc'78, is an engineer (ground support) with
Canadian International Airlines... Appointed
to the staff of the University of B.C.'s Museum of
Anthropology is Carol E. Mayer, BA'74, one of
Canada's leading ethnology curators... Andrea Eng, BCom'78, was appointed to the Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission in
March 1987... After 2 years on faculty at UBC
and 8 years at BCIT, Robert Allin, MA'74, has
C_b "^        ^rr,    ^-^
Introducing AGF's
Excel Group of Funds;
four mutual funds with
proven performance
records yet with no front-
end commissions, low
administration fees, and
full transferability within
the Excel Group*
The Excel Group is
managed by AGF's
proven investment professionals Currently, AGF
manages over $2 5 billion
m assets for over 250,000
tyUITY FUND invests
BOND FUND invests in
in Canadian Security
Canadian Trusteed
Growth Fund Blue-
Income Fund
chip Canadian stocks,
100% federal and
long-term capital
provincial government
growth Fully eligible
bonds earning a high
for RRSPs
interest Pays interest
monthly, fully RRSP
invests in AGF Money
Market Fund Holds
government treasury
exclusively in shares of
bills and certificates of
American Growth
deposit High interest
Fund Blue-chip US
with maximum liquidity
stocks with long-term
eligible for RRSPs
capital growth potential.
VliHlnn.l Hnhprfv    F°r information contact:
lYiiuuna uoneny &dtoam Ham_ B A    Tom Hasker_ B A
Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor
P.O. Box 49020. 11th Floor. The Bentall Centre, 595 Buirard St.. Vancouver. B.C.. V7X 1C3
formed Robert Allin Communications, specializing in design of training programs and
providing technical writing services to industry... Geraldine Kenney-Wallace,
PhD'70, has become the first female chairman
of the prestigious Science Council of Canada...
General counsel, Europe for Hewlett-Packard is
Rolando Weibel, LLM'73, PhD (Basle)'76...
Cynthia (Sargeant) Kuzma, BA'76, is living in
Guelph with her three children where husband
Alan Kuzma, BSc'78, is a resident in small
animal surgery at OVC... Andrew Rozen,
MSc'77, has been accepted as a partner in the
New Westminster practice of Thorne Ernst &
Whinney, chartered accountants... Currently
writing a resource book on services for
the physically handicapped is Anne Kennedy
Reeves, BSR' Tl... Accepted as a partner in
the Vancouver partnership of Thorne Ernst &
Whinney is Norm Mayr, MSc'78...
Mary Rutherford, BSR'82, married on August
29, 1987... Lance Zablotney, BA'80, has
moved to Penticton to teach at McNichol Park
Secondary School... The Canadian coordinator of the Graphic Communications International Union is Duncan Brown, LLB'83...
Married   on   May   30,   1987   were   Linda
Metzner, BSc'86, and Robert Gutenberg,
BASc'8.'S...   Randi  (Sandberg)  Turner,
BHE'83, is teaching home economics in Fort
Nelson, B.C  Moving to Japan with a two-
year scholarship is Klaus Dohring,
MASc'86... Joan E. Perry, LLB'85, has accepted a two-year post with the government of
Yellowknife, NWT... Substitute teaching for
the Richmond School District is Cathie Miller,
BEd'85... Karl E. Kurz, BSc'83, is an analytical chemist at the food lab of Health Protection
Branch, Health & Welfare Canada... Moved to
England is Bill Kitcher, MFA'82... Vicki
(Horsfield) Starr, BSR'82, has moved to Montreal where husband Ron is an associate editor
at Reader's Digest... Kathleen Fabian,
BMus'84, married Dan Hearty, BMus'80,
March '87... Sales manager for Nature Pool is
Mark Abedi, MBA'85... Atsuko Hashimoto,
BA'85, is now working at the Canadian Embassy (Tourism) in Tokyo, Japan... Teaching
high school in Tokyo is Rodney J.L.M. Szasz,
BA'85, MSC (London)... Judith Allsopp,
BA'80, MLS (Western Ontario)'84, is librarian in
charge of the Caribbean Research Division,
University of Guyana library... Married on May
2, 1987 was Kim (Hirst) Buck, BPE'81...
Craig Homewood, MSc'83, is selling real estate for Canada Trust in Toronto... Articling
with Miller. Thomson, Sedgewick, Lewis &
Healy  in  Toronto  is James  Proskurniak,
We're open to serve you from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. every Saturday. Our regular hours
of business are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and from 8:30 a.m.
8:30 p.m. Wednesday. There's meter parking just outside our doors. Come on over
and browse through the largest book selection in Western Canada — and much
more, besides!
6200 University Boulevard, Van, B.C, V6T 1Y5 228-4741
LLB'85... Sanae Komiya, MEd'82, is a lecturer
at Azabu University Veterinary College in Japan ... Married to Linda Marie Cook and teaching at Whistler is Craig Smith, BPE'8()... Moving to Edmonton to accept a position as clinic
coordinator for the University of Alberta's new
development disabilities clinic is Valerie (Gul-
liford) Massey, MEd'87. Husband Don Massey, MA'82, is a doctoral candidate in Neuropsychology at U of A... Gail Lin Joe, MEd'85, is
teaching at Columbia College... Michael
Payne, MEng'85 and wife Jennifer Nasmith-
Payne, BSN'83, are moving to Kano, Nigeria
for 18 months where Michael will supply
groundwater to nothern Nigeria... Lois A.
Weisner, BA'84, has completed her masters
degree in counselling psychology... Specializing in computer system selection and implementation is Sutcliffe & Associates, owned by
Ian D. Sutcliffe, BCom'80... Doreen Lam,
BCom,84, married Philip C. Lau, BCom'82, in
November '86. Phil is a manager at Thorne
Ernst & Whinney... Recently appointed research associate to the Department of Student
Research and Evaluation, Vancouver Public
Schools is Sharon Reid, MA'84... Barbara
McMillar, MLS'87, is the children's librarian at
the Fish Creek branch of the Calgary Public
Library... The science council industrial
postdoctoral fellowship was awarded to Dr.
Barry Rabinowitz, PhD'86. He will be working with UBC to test a system for removing
nutrients from wastewater treatment plants...
Leslie Roseberry, BA'84, is now a member of
the RCMP... Jeff Corman, BCom'80, married
Celine Guinard in March '87. Both are completing masters programs in Saskatoon... Presently working as an educational consultant in
Hong Kong is Winnie Tang, MEd'84... Simon
Birch, BA'84, is now news editor of the Bodega
Bay Signal, a weekly newspaper in California... Married to Richard Tench and working
as an analyst/programmer for Health Care
Systems in Vancouver is Susan (Chan) Tench,
BSc'82... Stephen Bean, BASc'85, and
Wendy Jackson, BA'86, were married May 9,
1987 and live in Pincher Creek, AB where
Stephen works on the Oldman River Dam project... Formerly with Gold Fields of South
Africa Ltd. and now with Steffin, Robertson &
Kirsten Consultants in Johannesburg is Dean
R. Brox, BASc'85... Agnes Karman Lai,
BCom'83, is working with a Toronto advertising agency as an account coordinator on La-
batts... Working at BNR in Ottawa is Clinton
Thomas, BASL'83... Gordon N. Beebe,
LLB'83, recently joined the law firm of Bogle,
Farr, Clarke & Marcotte in Prince George...
Kathy deRoon, BRE'84, a recent graduate of
the RCMP Academy in Regina has been posted
to the Quebec City detachment... Married to
Sharon Chu on September 13, 1986 and employed at London Drugs is Wen Wong,
BSc'86... Geri (Hennessy) Fleming, BA'86,
married Dr. Frank Fleming in May '86 and is
the assistant manager of china and crystal at G.
Fox, New England's largest department
store... The Capital Regional District's new
medical health officer is Dr.Perry Kendall,
MSc'83... Phylis Bonneau, LLB'83, advises
bands as to their obligations under the Indian
Act and helps natives establish band membership... Elected president of the College of
Pharmacists of B.C. in June '87 was Judith
Diane Sharp Kotow, BSc'80... Andrew Petersen, BSc'86, is the new sales representative
for Highlands Irrigation Ltd. in Kamloops...
Doing work in prevention of child sexual abuse
while working on her masters in Victoria is
Andrea (Holm) Allingham, BA'83... Jim An-
dru, BSc'85, is opening the Edmonton branch
of International Solvent Corp.... Elected president of the Vancouver Press Club is Beverley
Greene, BA'83... Marilyn deJong, BEd'83, is
teaching sixth grade near San Francisco...
Wendy J. Matsubuchi-Oostindie, BEd'86,
and husband Ian, BEd'87, are both teaching in
Lytton high schools ... Research officer for the
Ministry of Forests & Lands is Rex Eng,
BSc'80... Ganesh Sure, MASc'84, is currently
working as an electronic materials engineer in
San Jose, California... Andrew Wreggett,
MFA'82, a full-time writer in Calgary, has just
published his third collection of poetry, "Southeasterly", about working in the West Coast
fishing industry... John Jardine, PhD'81, is
the only Canadian mathematician this year to
win one of 20 math fellowships from the Alfred
P. Sloan Foundation in New York City... Loss of
sight hasn't slowed down Bruce Gilmore,
BA'86. The recent UBC grad is also vice-
president of Canadian Blind Sports Association
and a director of the board of management fot
the Canadian National Institute for the Blind...
Presently working as a physiotherapist at the
Worker's Compensation Board in Richmond is
Marc Rizzardo, BSc'87... Audrey Leonard
Bors chel, DMA'85, a singer-actress, is touring
B.C. with "Music and Motion", a children's program written especially for Expo... Recipient
of the 1987 Oncology Nursing Foundation/
Adria Laboratories Graduate scholarship is
Brenda W.S. Eng, BSN'84... David Mar-
morek, MSc'83, has been awarded a bronze
medal by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency for his work on various acid rain projects ...
Emma Teresa was born May 21, 1986 to
Kathryn Scott, BA'83, and Mark Sack,
MASc'83... Hannah and Beau were born on
October 10,1981 and May 5, 1983 respectively
to Kerry-Lynne D. (Findlay) Ferris,
LLB'78... A second child, Michael John Alexander, for Jennifer (Ready)Bettiol, BCom'80,
and Dennis Bettiol, LicAcct'76, on July 4,
1987... A daughter, Serena Karen, born May 5,
1987 to Ken Sandhu, BASc'77, and wife Pinky,
a sister for Jennifer... Stewart Paulson,
BSA'68, MS'70, and Carol Paulson,
BSc.Agr'73, have a second child, Adrienne Ma-
rie.a sister for Catherine Anne, born December 10, 1986... Four year old Michael has a
new brother, Andrew Robert Percy born May
15, 1987 to Russell Horton, BSc'76, and
Gail(McGee) Horton,  BRE'78...  Greg and
Vicky (Cameron) Milner, BPE'79, had a baby
boy on May 26,1987... Geoffrey Benjamin was
born November 18, 1986 to Edmund and Leslie (Hornby) Zenger, BSc.Agr.'77... On February 7,1987 in Comox, B.C, Johanna Grace was
born to John De Wit, BSF'83... Denise St.
Arnaud, MLS'79, and husband Ron Beaulieu
had a daughter, Lisa Anne, January 27,1987, a
sister for Sarah... A son for John Ironside,
BCom'70, and wife Cynthia, John Alexander
on April 25, 1987 in Boulder, Colorado... A
first child, Robin Stacy, born December 20,
1986 to Greg C. Woollacott, MSc'82, and wife
Joan, MA'79... Alyssa Sarah Berta Elizabeth,
born September 26, 1986, a sister for Caroline,
a daughter for Gerald Reichenback,
BSF'79... J.M. McCormick, LLB'70, and wife
Constance, BSW'78, have a son, Maxwell Harley, born March 30, 1987, a brother for Natalie... On April 18, 1987, a first child, Mark
Douglas, born to Lorraine and Wayne
Semrau, LLB'85... A daughter, Helena Marie,
born to Sharon and Robert Frank Vander-
donck, BSc'84... Born on March 8, 1987, a
son, Eric Robert for Paul Seger, BASc'67... To
Roger and Pamela (Preston) Clark, BEd'66, a
son, Tyson Charles on July 16, 1987... On
November 30, 1986, a son, Mark Gregory for
Adrienne Duff and Christopher G. Charette,
MBA'72... A fourth child, Christine Carolyn,
November 14, 1986 for Shan and Brian John
son, BASc'71... Meredith R.Colman, BA'72
has a son, Craig Andrew Colman-Shepherd,
born July 19,1986... Diane and Bruce
Elmore, BCom'75, have a son, Jordan James
David, a brother for Andrea Marie, born May 8,
1987... For Margot Campbell, MBA'77, and
Geoff Langill a second child, Adam Jarvis on
May 22, 1987... A first child for Frank
Loomer, MD'77, and Linda Graham, Michael
Graham, born August 11, 1987... A son for
Lorna and Ian Gregory, BCom'71, Warren
MacDonald, a brother for Morgan. Jaclyn...
Dawn and Gordon N. Beebe, LLB'83, have
twin boys born in March '87... Bradley Clinton,
was born December 25, 1985 to Sheila and
Clinton Thomas, BASc'83... A second child,
Lance Andreas, born February 16,1987 to Andrea H.G.Dyke, BA'83... Robert David born
April 24,1987 to Archie Johnston, BCom'79,
and wife Susan, BEd'82...
In Memoriam
Tom Koecher, BASc'86, May 3,1987 at Sabie,
Eastern Transvaal, Republic of South Africa,
shortly after joining the Gold Fields Mining
Group of South Africa. Doris L. (Fee) Ford,
BA'25, November 24, 1986. George William
Rusler, BEd'58, October 1986 after a lengthy
illness. James Andrew Kenneth Goodfel-
"Given the opportunity
we will better any price
you can obtain
on the purchase of a new vehicle..."
Greg Huynh
*50_ 1015 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C. V7Z 1Y5 688-0455
Robert Montgomery
*2091815 Blanshard Street
Victoria, B.C. V8T 5A4     380-7777
Serving UBC Graduates
low, BSA'50, May 8,1987. He is survived by his
wife Evangeline, a son, John and daughters,
Cheryle and Elizabeth. Eileen Alice Brown,
BHE'48, March 28, 1987. Frank C. Thorne-
loe, BCom'36, April 29, 1987. A retired Certified Public Accountant, Thorneloe received
the Governor's Volunteer Award for Senior Citizens in Rutherford County, N.C. in 1983. He is
survived by his wife Ava; sons, Keith and William; daughters, Carol and Susan; a sister Alice
and seven grandchildren. Jean Margaret
Story, BEd'48, April 24,1987. Miss Story
taught in various Vancouver schools and at
Kitsilano High School from 1935 to 1969. She is
survived by her sister, Isabel Robinson Story.
Heather Ann Smith, BA'84, March 11, 1987.
Herbert Charles Farr, MEd'62, November
18, 1985. Cecil E. Ritchie, BA'27, February 8,
1987. Justice Harry Cartmell McKay,
LLB'51, May 17, 1987 of cancer. The Liberal
MLA for Fernie from 1960 to 1966, Justice
McKay practiced as a lawyer m the Kootenay
area and in New Westminster before his appointment to the bench. In his more than 20
years as a judge beginning in 1967 as a member of the Nanaimo county bench until his
elevation in 1971 to the senior trial court, Justice McKay presided at many notable trials. He
was one of the court's most experienced
judges, a jurist with an unrivalled knowledge of
criminal law. He is survived by his wife, Jean
and sons, Bruce and Donald. Murchie K.
McPhail,BA'29, PhD (McGill), August '87.
McPhail was awarded the Ann Westbrook
scholarship while at UBC. He is survived by his
wife, Irene and brother, Jim. James Lome
Gray, DSc'61, March 2, 1987. Cyril White,
Q.C, LLB'49, December 31,1986 at 65 years of
age. White practiced law in Vancouver for several years before becoming a Magistrate for the
City of Vancouver. From 1970 to 1972 he was
the first Chief Judge for the B.C. Provincial
Court and Chairman of the Judicial Council for
B.C. He was also Chairman of the Worker's
Compensation Board and later became President of the Vancouver Stock Exchange. He
returned to private practise with Boughton &
Company before retiring in 1985. He is survived by his wife, Mary and daughters, Marilyn
and Sharon. A scholarship in Law has been
established in his name and contributions may
be sent to the Awards Department, U.B.C.
Donald K. Adams, BA'46, BCom'46, PhD
(Northwestern), August 17, 1987. Adams was
an English scholar and Occidental College professor whose fascination with mystery and detective fiction produced anthologies ranging
from essays by Edgar Allan Poe to studies of F.
Scott Fitzgerald and Raymond Chandler. Perhaps best known to mystery lovers as the editor of "The Mystery and Detection Annual",
collections of essays, reviews and notes on the
great spy and suspense stories of our time.
Frances Ditmars, BA'39, September 25, 1986
after a lengthy stuggle with leukemia. She is
survived by husband, William and sons, Eric,
Carey and Tony... Ruth Ermina (MacDonald)
Pollock, BA'28, May 13, 1987. She is survived
by husband, Jim, son, Jim and daughter,
Penny... Evelyn Geldart, Dip Public
Health'41, at St. Paul's Hospital, May 5, 1987...
Justice Gordon Rae, BA'29. LLB'32, July 8,
1987 at his birthplace of Carlisle, England. The
late Justice Rae served on the Supreme Court
of B.C. from 1968 to 1984, when he retired.
Said Chief Justice McEachern, "He was a man
of extraordinary courtesy and decorum who
recognized that the world was changing but
wasn't prepared to compromise the values he
thought appropriate for society and the judiciary." He is survived by his wife, Margery and
children, Leslie, Douglas and Janet. Audrey
Elinor Jost BA'38, July 30, 1987 in Sechelt.
Miss Jost was the first woman admitted by
examination to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. in 1947 and was elected first
woman Fellow of the Institute in 1968. She is
survived by a sister, Dorothy Frisby of Vancouver. Deborah Dorothea (Auerbach) We-
ser, BA'53, December 24, 1986 in San Antonio,
Texas. A staff writer for both San Antonio's
daily papers, Weser specialized in urban affairs, receiving public recognition for her contribution to the preservation of the city's heritage and cultural traditions. She is survived by
husband, Elliot, son, Steven, brother, Wallace.
UBC Alumni at Yorkshire Trust
Here to Serve You
G.B. Atkinson, B.A. 70, LL.B. 73
E. DeMarchi, B.Comm. 76
J.H. Stewart, B.A 79
-Secretary and Corporate Counsel
-Manager, Mortgage
-Senior Investment Officer
J. Barbeau, Q.C, B.A. '55, LL.B. '56
S.D. Sutherland, Q.C.
P.L. Hazell, B.Comm. '60
B.Comm. '68, LLB. 70,
J.M. Dawson, B.C 72
-Assistant General Manager,
-Manager, Personnel
Corporate Services
A.F. Pierce, B.A. '49
P.F. Rennison, B.Comm. '80
-Mortgage Underwriter
British Columbia's Oldest Trust Company - Serving Western Canadians Since 1888
Vancouver New Westminster Kelowna Calgary
1100 Melville St.685-3711 702 Sixth Ave. 525-1616 411 Bernard Ave. 762-8220 444-5th Ave. S.W, 265-0455
130 E. Pender St. 685-3935      ...      „    ,
2996 Granville St. 738-7128 White Rock Vtctona Edmonton
6544 Fraser St 324-6377 1608-152nd St 531-831 1 890 Douglas St. 384-0514 10025Jasper Ave. 428-8811
Member Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation • Trust Companies Association of Canada
A Souvenir
Dear Alumnus,
When was the last time you visited the UBC campus or stopped to recall your
years as a student? This beautiful new Oxford University Press production
"The University of British Columbia: A Souvenir" will jog your memory and
much much more. The collection of photographs, both new and old, are integrated with an entertaining commentary by George Woodcock who traces
the development of UBC into 'one ofthe country's most important teaching
and research institutions'. Life on campus is addressed from the perspective
of both the student and the larger community. Through its faculty and students, and its research, UBC is a major contributor to the province, the country and the world at large.
The Association believes that "The University of
i British Columbia: A Souvenir' does justice to this
reputation, and is an item you would be proud
to own and display for its meaning and its memories. To obtain your copy, simply complete the
order form below and forward to The University
of British Columbia Alumni Association.
Yours sincerely,
George Woodcock & Tim Fitzharris
Mr. Lyle Stevenson
The University of British Columbia
Alumni Association
( om/w'iT. thctonr.,ilnr,::\,i:h.
.'cdi! ,.;v ramiv!. < 'I )/>
Alurvm: A-mk l:in, ,n
[HI NO.                      	
ship TO: ii i mi I i:ki:m hi ,\\ \i«'\ i
APPKi:'-.^                            . ...                           	
t'lTY                      ._PROV.                          i ,
IHI   \i'
„ handling
...the name
says it all...
Growth Fund/Canadian Fund
$10,000 invested
in the Templeton
Growth Fund in
1954 grew in
value to
$1,174,091 by
December 31/86,
The Templeton
Canadian Fund
which is eligible   ,-.    .. ,
for your RRSP or RIIF, is also comprised
of securities which have been selected
for long term growth.
with income dividends
reinvested and capital gains
dividends accepted
in shares
(Stated in Canadian dollars)
Cost of living
December 31.
HEAD OFFICE: Abbotsford, B.C. toll free phone 1-800-242-8024
VANCOUVER OFFICES: Oakridge 263-1551   Broadway 731-0421   Burnaby 421-1111
Please send me information on:
□ Templeton Growth Fund
D Templeton Canadian Fund
D I want to be put on your newsletter list
□ One free financial planning consultation
Q One free mutual fund consultation
Mail (o: STENNER FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD., 33914 Essendene Ave,, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2H8
U __J


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