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Come Visit Us on thfeWeb
srwcKm ■?. - :r-tr
\ In the Year 2014, They say
It will cost over $65,000 for
An Undergraduate Degree:
How much will you pay for your child's education?'
□ $10,200
□ $21,600
□ $65,000
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A lump sum investment when your child is born
$100 monthly instalments
While your child attends university
Repayment of a loan
This is not a multiple choice question. The choice is up to you. The earlier you start, the
less you pay. It's called compounding. For a free software disk to help you create your
child's or grandchild's Legacy for Learning, call your financial adviser, or call Trimark
Mutual Funds at 1-800-465-3399.
Create a Legacy for Learning for your child today.
Legacy fo r  I. c a r n i n g
®/TM Trademarks of Trimark Investment Management Inc.
'Source: Canadian Federation of Students, Student Budget 1995-96. Based on tuition, rent, books and food costs of
$8,890 per year. Four-year degree costs calculated at 3% annual inflation rate.
"The assumptions are for illustration purposes and the results take into consideration the annual cost of education.
All investments earn a 10% average annual compounding rate of return. $10,200 invested in an equity mutual fund for 21 years;
$100 monthly contributions at the beginning of each month over 18 years ($21,600) and continues to grow for three more years
at the same rate of return; the cost jumps to about $133,000 assuming a 9% interest rate on a loan of $65,000 and annual
payments of $7,500 at the end of each year for 18 years. Editor
Chris Petty, MFA'86
Dale Fuller
Jennifer Papke BSc'95
Pat Higinbotham
Margot Dear
Board of Directors
Elected Members
Tricia Smith,
BA'80, UB'85
Post President
Al Poettcker,
Sr. Wee President
Haig Farris.
Dana Merritt,
Don McConachie, BSA'63, MBA'6S
Don Wells, BA'89
Grace Wong, BEd'74, MBA'83
Memberc-ffl-toge'96 -'98
Gregory Clark, BCom'86, LLB'89
Jean Forrest, BPE'83
Thomas Hooley, MBA'83
Executive Director
Agnes Papke, BSc{Agr)'66
Editorial Committee
Louanne Twaites BSc(Pharm)'53
Ron Burke, BA'82
Paula Martin
Chris Petty, MFA'86
Sue Watts, MF'75,PhD'8l
Don Wells, BA'89
Printed in Canada
by Mitchell Press
ISSN 0824-1279
ell University of British Columbia Alumni   ** B
h ro n i c I e
Volume 51 • Number I • Spring, 1997
All the Alumni Association News That Fits ....
Reports from branches, divisions and reunions from all over,
Student Alumni, upcoming events, the Mentor Program, Engineers
50 years, YAC is back and messages from the presidents.
2nd Annual Alumni Achievement and Sports Hall of Fame Dinner
Another great event: Alumni award winners hob-nob with sports Hall of
Famers, and no one gets hurt. Also, Murder in the Mansion and a
Christmas pic.
Is this your last Chronicle .... for a while?
Realities ofthe marketplace (and a growing base of members) force us to limit
distribution ofthe Alumni Chronicle. You'll get one issue a year, but if you
want all three, you'll have to tell us.
Election, 1997
Meet the men and women who will steer the
Association through the big changes ahead.
Alumni News
Tricia Smith's Column
David Strangway's Column
Faculty News
Visit our Web page
Maybe the great pastime ofthe nineties, surfing
the web, will come to represent the ultimate
contribution ofthe 20th Century to the culture of
the next millennium. One can never know what
will stick, just in case, the Alumni Association has
gone online, ond we're looking forward to getting
a hit from you.
The UBC Alumni Chronicle is published 3 times annually by the UBC Alumni Association, 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C., V6T IZI. It is distributed free to all
graduates of UBC. Member, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, and the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education. Productive year means growth in
services, membership
Fly year as president has
passed very quickly. It seems I
just took over die gavel a few
weeks ago—now it's time For
me to hand it on to our next
But in spite of how fast
the year has gone, it's been a
tremendously productive one.
We combined our successful
Alumni Achievement Dinner
with the Athletic department's
-annual hall of fame banquet to
create an event even better
than our inaugural dinner in
1995. We aren't likely to break up the fantastic team: next year's
dinner will be another great collaboration. Because the dinner was a
success, we were able to establish a scholarship from the proceeds.
This scholarship, which will be granted to a student in the last year of
• a baccalaureate progra m, will be awarded Foi? the first time this year.
la the area of student cultivation, we launched our new
ahentorship program this year to great success. We will expand that
program significantly 1 a the next few years. We founded a Student
Ahumti Association and expanded our Beyond the BA program. With
'the help of various departments in the Faculty of Science, we
sponsored a new program, PtanningYour Scientific Career which,
like Beyond the BA, was very well received by students.
We have added new events to Homecoming. This year we invited
aiumni writers to read their material at a Uterary Event, which
attracted a larger audience than we anticipated; and We launched our
new Downtown Speaker's Series: with Prof. Stanley Coren, an expert
on sleep deprivation. No one dozed off during that session!
Our marketing department continued to perform well in sales of
all sorts of goods and services for members, and we continued to add
more discount services to our membership card, the "Acard." As well,
our Branch, Division and Reunion activities service more of our
members each year, adding new programs and revamping old ones.
I couldn't be talking about our successes without referring to the
hard work of our volunteers, both at the board and the program
level. Graduates who share their expertise with the Association
ensure that we respond to the concerns of our members. Volunteers
drive this organization. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to
them for their dedication to UBC.
Our successes and our day-to-day operation also depend on our
, staff. Their willingness, tp work cheerfully and closely with volunteers,
j&Mr .professionalism and their dedication keep us moving forward.
I o6ei ray best wishes to Haig Farris and his board. With a new
UBC president, Martha Piper, arriving in the middle of his term, he
has an interesting set of challenges and opportunities ahead of him. I
Cook forward to my year as Past President and in helping the Association with the transition to a new university administration, f
Twcia Smith, President, UBC Alumni Association
UBC Au'mni Chronicle, Spring 1997
Martha Piper Appointed
UBC President
In July, 1997, Martha Piper will begin a six-
year term as UBC's 1 1th president. David
Strangway, who has served two terms as
president, retires in June.
Piper is currently VP Research and
External Affairs at the University of Alberta.
She has degrees from the University of
Michigan, the University of Connecticut, and
her PhD in Epidemiology' and Biostatistics from McGill. She served as
dean ofthe School of Rehabilitation Medicine at the U of A, and as
director ofthe School of Occupational Therapy at McGill.
During her term at the U of A, she increased external research
funding by 259f, and has helped prepare the university ior the largest
fundraising campaign in its history.
The Chronicle will publish a feature on the new president in
our Kail, 1997 issue.
Great Trekker Award to Jim Green
In 1922, hordes of students, faculty and alumni marched from
the Fairview Slopes to Point Grey-
to tell the government ofthe day
that it was time to build a university. This tradition of determination, perseverance and spunk has
been at the heart of UBC ever
since. The Great Trekker award is
given annually to a grad who personifies this spirit.
This year's recipient was Jim
Green, BSF'76 (seen here with AMS president David Borins), highly regarded for his work with poor people in Vancouver. He has helped
establish many low-income housing projects and an apprenticeship
program for youth. He played a significant role in negotiating the
conversion ofthe old Woodward's building on Hastings Street into
housing. The development will include both market and social
housing. Green has been involved in civic politics and is a crusader
for human rights.
...And, the Great Trek Remembered
JLjach year, the Association holds an annual luncheon for
alumni from 1916-30
to celebrate the Great
Trek. We also used
the occasion to celebrate the  100th
birthday of Evelyn
Original Trekkers
attending included Harry Warren, Joseph Kania, Kenneth Groves,
Isobel Morrison, Edna Burch and Bert Wales. Display a New
^e of Distinction
tilije JHnttaErsttj! of Prttislj Columbia
jHfannrann, Cauda
Ttit C&na&roflfc Vmtrraly oj■KrUiti Ctbtmtta
wtii iStoftpmfaCiift&tStatic upon lie rrrammtmiatiaa ef
JSatliclor of Afioict
^rMHifrrjHarit ^apkc
...with a prestigious
framing package.
Give your degree the status it deserves.
You have spent years earning it. Now
proudly display your achievements for
everyone to see with a framing package
specially designed for your UBC degree.
This distinctive framing package includes:
• 13i/2  x 16 satin gold, designer frame.
• Custom blue and gold triple matting.
• A gold stamped wreath complementing
a minted medallion bearing the official
seal of The University of British
• This unique design allows you to
easily insert your degree in minutes
without the use of any tools. And
every framing package comes with an
unconditional guarantee of satisfaction
or your money refunded.
(Simply complete this form, fax, phone or mail.)
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For 5 x7  or 8 xlO photos
Distinctive Gold Stamped
Photo Frames
All names and logos
referenced here are registered
trademarks protected
by copyright.
Method of Payment Please print carefully.
Paid by: Visa  _.   MasterCard        cheque or money order enclosed   _ Payable to Significant Impact Awards Corporation.
Card* __ _ _ ._ Exp.Date:_    /_..       Authorized Signature: .._        	
Shipping Information Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Name: Mr.       Ms.    __Mrs.        Dr.      ._.      _             .._                             ._ Year of graduation: 19
Ship to Address:                . _..                   City:           	
Province/State:          __               _    Postal/Zip Code:   Phone: Res.(    .)_.  _Bus.(_.   )	
A portion ofthe sale of these frames will be used to support the University of British CAtlumbia Alumni Assrjciation.
Head Office: 745 Clark Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 9Z9.
Tel: (604) 253-2544 Fax:  (604) 254-0515 w
e'd like to personally thank
Dr. Chris Orvig, Conference Chair,
for helping us host the 856 delegates of
the 31st International Conference
on Coordination Chemistry at the
University of British Columbia.
Chris and other research and education conference
organizers brought over 12,000 delegates to UBC last
summer, and in doing so, helped foster collaboration with
other educational institutions, made a significant economic
contribution to the University community, and created
summer employment for over 100 UBC students.
To all of our 1996 conference organizers, thank you.
If you think your colleagues would appreciate having your
association's next event on the spectacular campus of the
University of British Columbia, call us to find out how easy
it is to host a conference - in your own backyard.
Telephone: (604) 822-1060    Fax: (604) 822-1069
Email: conferences@brock.housing.ubc.ca
Web: http://www.conferences.ubc.ca
Members of Tourism Vancouver, the International Congress and Convention Association and Meeting Professionals International 50 Years for
Engineering Physics
igineering Physics wi
celebrate its 50th anniversary this year from
May 31 to June 1.
Astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason
'72, who goes into space in July,
will attend. He will conduct micro-
gravity experiments, some of which
originated at UBC, and he will tell
us what he plans to do in space. He
has also agreed to Chair our scholarship committee.
On May 30 this year's grad
class will be formally welcomed at
a reception at Hennings. A department open house will follow.
Events include a banquet at the
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Friday night. Flying Circus of Physics in the
Hebb Theatre at 10 am
Saturday is followed by a
picnic in front of Hennings.
Saturday night and Sunday are
both free.
Deadline for registration is
April 1. Interested? Contact the
Eng-Phys Reunion, Department
of Physics 6224 Agricultural
Road, Vancouver, V6T 1Z1.
Phone: 822-6746, e-mail:
<Auld@physics.ubc.ca>, web
page: www.physics.ubc.ca.
Continuing Studies Is Downtown,Too
Continuing Studies Department has an extensive downtown
program. CS has a.m., p.m. and evening lectures.
• Winston Churchill: Greatest statesman ofthe 20th C? (am)
• West Goes East in Opera: The 18th C. vogue for the exotic (am)
• Borderlands: The meaning of borders and boundaries in
Canada (am)
• Magic Realism: South American literature (pm)
• Pop Culture: Themes in popular film and fiction (pm)
• Leonard Cohen: Light and dark (eve)
Call 822-1444 for calendar and info.
Lunchtime Speakers Series
Favourite Professor
BA (Cambridge), MA (London), /W (Oxford)
Renowned Scholar on Communism and Socialism in
the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia & other places
around the world
Crisis in the former USSR
Wednesday, March 26, 1997
Judge White Theatre
Robson Square Conference Centre
1 2 noon - 1 pm     Price $ 1 0
Pre-registration required: 822-3313 or e-mail <alumni@alumni.ubc.ca
UBC is serving the people who
count: our graduates
V^ver the years I've commented
in this space on many areas of
concern at UBC, from our interests
in developing academic links overseas to UBC's effect on BC's
economy. The impact of such a
large university on local, national
and international communities is
bound to be significant. But the
impact is, perhaps, greatest at the
individual level, on ihe men and
women who graduate from UBC.
A first-class education has a
profound effect on each individual.
The ability to learn at a high level,
to develop skills of analysis and perception and to push personal ability
to the limit prepares graduates for the constant change that characterizes our society.
Last year we published a Study in UBC Reports on how graduates
benefit economically;febjftt a post secondary education. The study, conducted by economics Professor Robert Allen, used 1991 census data
and StatsCan surveys to determine how graduates with a bachelor's degree compare to graduates of vocational/technical schools and community colleges in terms of earning power, job satisfaction, unemployment
and subsequent training. I'd like to share just a few of those findings:
• Unemployment rates of university grads (7.7%) are lower overall
compared to those of graduates from vocational/technical schools
and community colleges (11.6%), two years after completion.
• The percentage of Bachelor's degree holders who entered or completed further educational training (40.9%) in the two years after
completion is also higher than that ofthe other group. This isn't
surprising, considering that the Bachelor's degree is considered to
be a preparation for additional education. What is surprising is that
the percentage of graduates in the other group (29.5%) is so high.
These programs, in general, are meant to prepare students for employment, not further training.
• Average ipcome levels of both men and women aged 30 - 34 with
Bachelor's degrees is also remarkably higher ($38,000) than that of
theother group (i§Sl,0O0j. This range holds in a variety of occupations in manageBient/administration, sales and service. The gap increases markedly as the worker enters his or her 40s and 50s.
This isn't meant to be in any way critical ofthe work being done at
the vocational schools or community colleges in BC. Rather, it indicates
that BC's universities are doing a terrific job of preparing graduates for
life in'"the real world."
A study by the University Presidents' Council in 1995 surveyed
5*000 grads from 1993 on how satisfied they were with their education.
It found high levels of satisfaction with the teaching they received, and
felt content that their careers were related to their studies. They felt, in
short, that a university education had prepared them well.
UBC has been a key player in maintaining BC's strong economy
over the years. But it's good to know that our work pays off where it
really counts: with our graduates, ft
David Strangway, President, UBC
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997       7 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
UBC Campus, June 11-13;
Panama Cruise,
April 25-May 11
UBC Campus &
Royal Van Yacht Club,
May 30-June 1
Cecil Green Park, June 27
Medical Student & Alumni
Centre, July 11-13
October 14
UBC Campus,
October 17-18
LAW '72,
Cecil Green Park (TBA)
Cecil Green Park, Sept 11
Representatives from each
faculty for reunion on
June 11-13, 1997
Many grads remember their
time in residence with much
fondness. If you'd like to
help plan a Residence Reunion for 1997, call our offices.
For info call Catherine
Newlands at:
toll free 1-800-883-3088
fax 604-822-8928
toll free fax 1-800-220-9022
1996 Reunion Highlights
Chemical Engineering '66
All but three ofthe '66 Chem Eng class attended their 30th
reunion over the Thanksgiving weekend. The next reunion
will be on May 19-21, 2001, so mark your calendars!
Foresty '71
Les Laithwaite and Randy Chan co-chaired events. The
30-year reunion will be held in 2001 (chair, Brian
Nordman) possibly at Whistler. Stay tuned for 2001!
Microbiology '86 - September 7
Former '86 lab rats had a chance to reacquaint at their
10th reunion. Thanks to all who attended, especially the
profs—their presence and delightful stories made this a
very memorable evening. Next reunion 2006!
Class of '36 - Diamond Anniversary, October 15
It was an afternoon of remembering, renewing friendships
and telling tall tales.
Class of'41
October 18 & 19
Thanks to Hector Mackay and
his committee, this reunion was
an enjoyable affair for all.
Physical Education '54
September 9-11
24 enthusiastic alumni held
their 3 day reunion at the Old
Dutch Inn in Qualicum. They
celebrated with a banquet, followed next day by a cruise on
the Lady Rose. Next reunion?
Vernon, 1999.
Home Economics '56
September 28
This 40th reunion was a great
success. Ofthe original class of
38, 21 attended.
Civil Engineering '71
October 4 & 5
33 grads and their guests attended the 25th reunion. Peter
and Lynne Lighthall hosted.
Rehab Medicine'71
Laurie Misshula hosted the 25th
reunion. Fourteen grads attended, along with four former
staff members. Grads shared
pictures and reminiscences of
the old army hut days.
Commerce '65 - October 18
Lastyears's 30th reunion at the Royal
Vancouver Yacht Club was so successful they just had to do it again. 12
Commerce '65 grads attended the 31st
dinner-reception reunion including
Byron Hender, Ken Glasner, Rolf
Paterson, Jim Evans and Dave
Polish up your niblick,
unpack your spoon and
press your plus-fours for
this year's ...
T-Bird Golf Society
Thursday, May29,1997
1:00 p.m. Shotgun - 5 player
Texas Scramble
$200 per person, or
$400 for green fee and tee
Proceeds to support T-Blrd
Men's and Women's golf teams
Call June Carlyle, 822-8205
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES - REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Alumni Supporting Students
Mentors Show the Way
Men tor: a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher
The UBC Alumni Association,
together with the faculty of
Arts and UBC Career Services,
launched a pilot Mentor Lunch
series during Homecoming
1996. Forty Arts students and
ten alumni mentors met over
lunch to talk about the facts and fictions of real world careers. Before the lunch, students attended a workshop on networking and
had a chance to develop questions for their mentors.
We held another lunch in January, and it was an even greater
success. We're currently planning more mentor events for 1997.
Be a Mentor!
Our mentors were extremely pleased with the response they got
from students, and were impressed by their questions and their
enthusiasm. It was a great chance for students to network with
men and women who are using their degrees in their careers.
If you have had a wide range of career experience, and have a
desire to help today's students, call Catherine Newlands at the
Alumni Association at (604) 822-8917.
Some student comments ...
"It was great. As one mentor said, 'power is knowledge, but enthusiasm flicks the switch.'"
"Very valuable. This one-on-one setting gave me a chance to ask
important questions."
"It is great to hear what you can actually do with a BA. I got a
more positive outlook of my career prospects."
Student Alumni Association
Association staffers (Financial Manager Oiyee Kwan and Associate
Executive Director Leslie Konantz) show off our booth at SUB during Club Days. We have set up a Student Alumni Association to help
keep grads connected to today's students, and to give students better opportunities to network and get involved with UBC after
graduation. We have a number of events planned to involve past,
present and future students.
Events include:
• Homecoming;
• Career Planning Evenings;
• Grad Bash;
• Favourite Professor Speakers Series;
• Club Days booth;
• Young Alumni/Student
Alumni networking events.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
F . '
an groups of alumni in the tower Mainland who graduated
iron) ihe same faculty, school «^r department, or who have another r ommon UBC affiliations Divisions allow grads to stay in
low h with the .university, nte^ftudjje&ta, network and. socialize
twfth old friends. Divisions areisupported by a committee that
OKgan i /es two workshops each^ear and helps keep comraunka-
imn>> "pen among the Association and the various divisions.
For more information about; how you can get involved in
vour division (or start a new ofte) call Marlene King, 822-8923.
Computer Sciences: As part of
this year's Computer Science
Open House, the department invites all CS alumni to an evening
reception. It will be held on
March 6 in the CICSR Building
at 6 pm. Please RSVP to Jean
Forsythe at (604) 822-2213 or
<fbrsythe@'cs.ubc.ca>. We don't
have a CS division yet, so we are
looking for interested alumni to
provide input, suggestions and to
help organize the division. If interested, contact Jean Forsythe.
Engineering: We are trying to rebuild this division and would like
your input and suggEUS-tions
for activities and events. Please
contact Dean Leung
BASc(ElecEng)'93 at 438-2277 or
<dleung@korion.com>, or Peter
Meisl BASc(ElecEng)'90, MASc'96
at 231-2367 ore-mail
FNS/Home Ec. Division ... held
two events at Cecil Green Park in
1996: an evening with textile artist and designer Joanna Staniszkis
in March and a Strawberry Social
in June. We hope to organize
more events in '97.
Plans are in progress for an
event during Homecoming weekend, and we are updating the
Alumni Association's division
mailing list. We are also trying to
develop closer ties with the
school. All interested FNS/Home
Ec. alumni should contact
Barbara Hartman 943-6317,
Mari-Lou Laishley 926-4130 or
Lois Smith MacGregor 988-5089
for more information.
Geography: Thanks to all members who attended the special
commemoration and AGM held
in October for Professor Emeritus
J. Lew Robinson. Special thanks
to UBC Alumni Association president Tricia Smith for helping us
Ij'w Robinson DSc(Hon)'94 receives
award from Treasurer Donna Rodman
honour Lew at this event. And
congratulations are also in order
for Prof. Robinson, who was recently named Honorary Founding Member ofthe Professors
Emeriti Division.
Pictures taken during Spring
Convocation at International
House are available in the Geography department.
We want to hear from alumni
who would like to share their
work experiences with 3rd and
4th year students at a careers
night in early Spring. Call Arthur
Ng at 430-6655 if you are interested.
If you are not on our mailing
list for the Geogramme, please
write to the Geography Division
c/o ofthe Alumni Association.
Correction: Fall 1996 Chronicle
Page 10—Lew Robinson is
DSc(Hon)'94 not BSc(Hon)'94.
For the Ypung ...
... and Young at Heart
YAC is a gtoup of recent
grads who want to keep a connection to JUIG; network with
other alumni and have a good
time. One Of the 1996 high-J
lights was a travel presentation
by Kathleen: andlifchaesi Pitt on
their 950 km canoe trip through
the lAelc^ fiver in the Northwest Territories. Their presentation. Three SmsorisiftheMVindi
featured slides, narration and
Events for 1997 include an
evening of wine-tasting and a
presentation on networking
Aillstslf yoti -are utterestid in
attending or helping to plan
other events, please contact
Catherine Newlands BA'83, Alumni
program coordinator, with former
YAC pres. Rhona Young BA'92.
Catherine Newlands, 822-8917,
at the Alumni Association.
Human Kinetics: We're proud to
be the first division to set up a
web page! Please visit us at http://
alumni. It's connected to both the
Association web site and the
school's web site.
The division and the school
held its annual wine and cheese at
Cecil Green Park for winners of
the Physical Education Alumni
Endowment Fund Scholarships.
Sabrena Wilson, division president, gave a brief speech encouraging alumni involvement with
students. As a result, we have had
Human Kinetics Undergraduate
Society reps attend executive
meetings and we would like to develop more programs with students. Contact Sabrena at 733-
0784 for information on how you
can get involved.
Law: In August, law alumni held a
reception at the offices of Davis
and Company in Vancouver in
conjunction with the Canadian
Bar Association Conference. The
reception was extremely well attended. In September, we held a
90th birthday party for Dean
Curtis at the UBC Golf Club. On
Oct. 30th, we held another Distinguished Speakers Breakfast. Peter
Hogg of constitutional law fame
was the speaker and, as always, he
gave an interesting talk.
If anyone is interested in joining the Law division executive or
in helping out with an event
please contact Gillian Gardiner at
Medicine: The 11th Annual UBC
Medical Alumni Golf Tournament, held September 19 at the
University Golf Club, was the
most successful yet. With 59 golfers, sunny skies, excellent food
and an abundance of prizes, this
event earned $2,000 for the Medical Student and Alumni Centre.
The Class of '99 hosted this
year's Medical Ball on Feb. 15 at
the Pan Pacific Hotel. The Ball
10      UBC Alumni Chronici.k, Spring 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES - REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
had a Mardi Gras theme and was
a great time. Proceeds go to Aids
Nursing: Verna Splane spoke on
International Nursing—From a
Creditable Past to a Challenging Future at the 28th Marion Woodward Lecture on October 24. She
was honoured at a reception held
at the school beforehand.
The second year of the
Mentorship Program started in
September with 26 student applications. Mentors and students got
acquainted at the annual reception at Cecil Green Park on November 24. Our Mentor Registry
lists nearly 70 nurses (alumni and
non-alumni), so we are very well
positioned to assist students.
Mark your calendar for the division's Annual Alumni Dinner to
be held at Cecil Green Park on
May 8, 1997. Call Judith
MacDonald at 822-7418.
Pharmacy: The Pharmacy Division held its annual Professional
Practice Evening at Cecil Green
Park on November 4. This event,
sponsored by Merck Frosst
Canada, lets pharmacy students
meet representatives from various
areas ofthe profession and find
out more about careers in pharmacy. It also provides an opportunity for pharmacy alumni to return to campus and interact with
the students.
Professors Emeriti: The popular
quarterly general meetings with
guest speakers continue. In September, Vancouver actor Joy
Coghill BA'47, OC, founder of
the Western Gold Theatre, spoke
about her documentary The Courage to Dream. In November,
Howard Grant, a senior member
ofthe Musqueam Band, spoke on
Native settlements. And on February 20, Dennis Chitty, UBC
Professor Emeritus of Zoology,
spoke on deserts. There will be a
general meeting on April 17 at
1:30 pm. For more information,
please contact the UBC Alumni
Association at 822-8923 or
Rehab Sciences: We sponsored a
Homecoming event at Cecil
Green Park in October. Sixty
grads gathered to demolish 2
orders of pizza and to kick off our
Mentor Program. Darlene
Redenbach represented the
school and Nancy Cho gave a
presentation on mentoring. A big
thanks to Matthew Lee for
Matthew Lee, Rehab Sciences' mentor
program coodinator addresses alumni
at Cecil Green Park on October 22.
coordinating the program this
year and for organizing the pizza.
We mailed the annual newsletter
in November (if you did not
receive a copy let the Alumni
Association know). Last fall,
Rehab alumni donated money to
the Brock Farhni Award.
Non Academic Divisions
Alpha Delta Pi: We continue to
advise the collegiate group.
Those who attended the Murder
Mystery in October had a fabulous time, and we may even sponsor our own! We held our 4th Annual Christmas Lunch on December 1. Thanks to everyone who
helped make the event a tremendous success. For more info about
the division, please call Ann
McCutcheon at 732-4580.
Alpha Omicron Pi: This year's
president is Elaine Peterson
BEd'66 (244-1197). We held our
AGM on October 26 and set our
annual goals. We are still raising
money for two of last year's
goals: to hold a program from
the AOTT Foundation such as
dealing with group conflicts or
job search skills; and to donate a
book to the Classics Reading
Room on campus. We held our
Christmas party on December 8,
and a Founders' Day wine and
cheese on January 12. Future
plans include an evening together on March 9 and a BBQ
on June 14. If you are interested
in finding out more about these
events, look for the newsletter in
the mail or call Elaine.
Call Marjorie at 879-0255 for
information about AOTT's Centennial in New York. She is gathering photographs from each
decade, so if you have one that
you could lend for reproduction,
please call her.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997
II Volunircr Hero
Jennifer Guinn
IIS X 84
• (.h.m nl ihe \lumni Association'- Nt linl.ii >.hips and Bursa-
rn - iiiiiiiiinii'i' The committer .idu-i > I B( 's financial
.iid ultin- nn i ho alumni endow rin in .111.-uut which funds
si-M-ial iii.i|ni -i holarships
awl liur-.mr-.
• 7- M-.ir iiii'iulu-r Walter H.
(■ji'r Menu ii i.il Fund commit-
t> i   I In «■,ij;i- hind supports
•■pi i Ml -iinli-nl projects.
• Voluiiicei, I Hi  Open House
• Puhlii Mi-ahh nurse, Vancou-
M'l Hii.ikI ri| lhalth.
• Out- nf the n-.iin of medical
pm- nim ninr ulated 15,000
I IW «.|uclt'iii-.. laculty and
-tall .i^am-i the current mea-
-1< - miiliK ,ik
• Him liaiiiihui I'ftige attends
I B( .md will utaduate this
tiMi in \it>- Mm: is a scholarship TCI l|Ut III
• Siu- ■>t\iiiis. hike-, runs and
used in pl.i\ a mean game of
| f-n ii ilc i i-ii|in- her volunteer
vtoi k uiih tin1 V-'iiciation. "I
iiu't I ,i If it ut mil testing and en-
ihn-i.i-tii •■•'id- lioma wide va-
iieu ut h.ii kjziniinds." She recommend- Miluii'ceringasa
j-iimi w.t\ i" un ri people and
Kite MUin-thmL. b.ick.
M.ill and iithi i Association
inliinii ri - .ip[iu-i late the time
■ind fiic-i|r\ -lit i nntributes.
I hanks, |i-iiinli-i. eg
12      I IH   \n ms:(«ronicle, Spring 1  97
Walter Gage's generosity
lives on
Walter H. Gage served UBC for more than 50 years, five as president.
He impressed students with his superior teaching, his ability to remember
names over the years, his concern for the individual and his legendary
helping hand in times of crisis. He served many areas of the university
and was known fondly as the "Dean of Everything."
Gage helped develop student aid programs and often used his own
resources to assist students in need. His generosity cut across all faculties
at UBC and he left an indelible mark on the campus.
The Walter H. Gage Memorial fund offers financial support to student projects that relate to the campus, and that have a high academic component. The
funding ceiling for any project is $2,000, and students
are expected to pay the bulk of their own project expenses. Here are some samples of successful grants:
• Kristine Chambers competed in the University World
Triathalon Championships in the Czech Republic. The
race route went through Poland, the Czech Republic
and Germany. Kristine finished 19th overall.
• Six ChemEng students attended a professional development conference in Ontario. They presented papers and entered work in technical competitions.
• One engineering student attended a design competition in Amsterdam. The design project was one of
three undergrad designs accepted as
finalists in the international competition.
• Six MFA students published a catalogue, Prospects, to complement their
show at the Belkin Gallery on campus. The publication will be used as
a promotional piece for the gallery
and the MFA program.
• The Varsity Outdoor Club made necessary repairs to its alpine hut on Mt.
• Seven members of the Commerce
Undergrad Society attended the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition
at Queen's.
UBC's development office has
agreed to include the Walter H. Gage
fund as part of the annual alumni appeal. If you are inclined to support
UBC, you can give to the Gage fund.
For more information about the
Gage fund, or to get a fund application form, please call Jennifer Papke
at 822-8643.
Varsity Outdoor Club volunteers repair aging
"Brew Hut." The Walter H. Gage fund supports
such student projects as a way of enriching the
university experience.
Please Join Us In Our Deluxe
Travel Line Up In 1997
Europe and the Orient Express
May II - 19
China and the Yangtze River
May 13 • 28
Oregon Mini-Cruise
May 20 - 23
Iberian Passage
June 5 - 16
Rhine and the Mosel Rivers
June 24 - July 6
Blue Danube
July 15-21
Campus Abroad in Harrogate, England
July  16-1|
Scandinavia and Russia Cruise
August 2 - IS       ;
Western Mediterranean Cruise
August 16-30
Europe and the Concord
September 7-15
Turkish Coast/Greek Isles
September 12 -24
Campus Abroad in the Swiss Alps
September 14-22
Wings Over the Okavango
Oct. 29-Nov. 12
Sea of Cortez and the Copper Canyon
November 12-23
Rome Escapade
December 1 • 8
For more information please call Margot Dear at
822-9629 or outside Vancouver at 1-800-883-3088 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Oddities, oddballs
and laughs:
Murder Unlimited
strikes again
v>iecil Green Park was crawling with suspicious
characters. For the third year, the
Alumni Association hosted an evening
of murder and desserts at the mansion
during Homecoming week.
This year's theme was Murder on
the High Seas, and the usual gang of
potential murderers gathered to snarf
cake and figure out who murdered whom.
Murder Unlimited was founded by UBC grads
Roger Haskett, Gerald Vanderwoude and Gary
Fauchon. They offer a variety of programs and
formats including "The Lust Boat" (also known as
Murder on the High Seas), "The Manor" and "The
Ski Chalet." Performers control the action and
make sure everyone has a good time.
The evening begins with a murder. Then, in between socializing
and perusing the dessert table, suspects are paraded around for all to
see. Everyone gets a chance to play detective, and everyone is guaranteed a load of laughs. Contact Murder Unlimited at 649-GUNS for
more information. And book early for next year's murder.
Calling all former 'Study Abroad' students
Share your experiences with us!
UBC is currently reviewing the study abroad program. If you were an
exchange student during the past 10 years, your international
experience is important to us.
Education Abroad Review Committee, Dean J. Richards, Chair
Contact: Catherine Vertesi, 822-1442 <vertesi@cce.ubc.ca>
Elizabeth Edinger, 822-3925 <edinger@law.ubc.ca
Sandra Bird, 822-3105 <sjbird@unixg.ubc.ca>
The Back Cover:
Oscar Sziklai and the
Golden Spruce
X he outside back cover of the
past few issues has featured full-
page photos of successful grads
who have been involved in the Association and who have been using the Acard
Oscar Sziklai has been involved
in the Association for 14 years and
is regarded highly by universities,
industry and governments. His
expertise in forestry, and his personal charm, has garnered him
invitations to speak, teach and consult around the world.
He came to Canada from Hungary in 1956 after the upheavals
there, and has returned often in
later years. He was honoured last
year with an honorary doctorate
at the University of Sopron. He is
shown here receiving his gold
diploma from Andrew Winkler,
rector ofthe university.
On the back cover, Oscar is
standing in the Botanical Gardens by a planting ofthe famous
golden spruce that once stood in
the Queen Charlottes. The tree
was recently destroyed by a vandal, but efforts have been made
over the years to generate clippings. This planting was made
19 years ago, but the tree is still
quite small. It's too dry here, says
Celebrating 50
Anniversary giving is a growing
trend across university
One class and one faculty are
celebrating their 50th birthdays
this year by establishing new
scholarships.The Class of '46 is
establishing a scholarship for first
year students. "We hope the idea
of providing scholarships will be
adopted by future classes when
they hold their reunions," said
Dick Caldecott, chair of the Class
of '46 Scholarship Committee.The
Class of '47 is already considering
one for their reunion this year.
Professor Ed Auld, department head, is leading a group of
dedicated volunteers to start an
Engineering Physics 50th Anniversary Scholarship and Special
Projects Fund.Alumni giving to
reunion projects are tripling their
annual donation—quite remarkable!
Alumni who give to the UBC
Annual Fund ensure that we
continue to attract and develop
the best and brightest scholars.
We would like to thank all those
who have given so generously
through both the Anniversary
Giving Appeal and the Alumni
Appeal. You are making this a
record breaking year!
Annual fund
6253 N.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Phone: (604) 822-8900 Fax: (604)
e-mail: Annual.Fund@ubc.ca
UBC/  umniChronicle,Spring 1997      13 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
Branch Tour
As we go to press, we're
planning receptions in the
following locations. Watch
for details or call us at
1-800-883-3088 for more
March 17-18
i        ft*
Boston, New York
'   y..
March 26
Melbourne, Australia
April 3-9
Capetown, South Africa
Harare, Zimbabwe
April 23-24
Montreal, Toronto
May 20-21
",<'■ -
Cranbrook & Penticton
Around the world
with the UBC Alumni Association
Upcoming Events
4th Annual Pan-Alumni Skate
Sunday, March 23, 1997 at the
Olympic Oval
For info, call  (403) 287-7834
Dim sum, April 16, Maison Kam
Call Don at (514) 989-2342, or
< DTTY64@aol.com >.
New York
Skating Party, Central Park
March 27
Call Krista at (212) 735-1676
San Francisco
All Canadian Universities Dinner
April 11, '97 at Pan Pacific Hotel
Guest: Rt.Hon. Kim Campbell
For info, call (415) 824-5487
Washington, DC
All Canadian Universities
Barbcciuc and Hoe Down
Friday, April 18, 6:30 pm
at the Smoking Glen Farm,
Gaithersburg, Maryland
For info, call (301) 365-9358
. ^yzyyf^yyj^y; yzy&^y^
KEN* _
Azm Lalji BCom'8S    Chris Hall LLM'95
.270l@compuserve.com    chris.hall@bellgully.co.nz
;*, ■.- -• ft;ki; w^;*£^-Mi^TsW
For info on activities in your area, contact the branches coordinator at
1-800-883-3088, (604) 822-8918, <dmcleod<?>alumni.ubc'.ca>, or check out our web site, http://www.alumni.ubc.ca
San Francisco
Twenty alumni
gathered to
celebrate UBC's
Homecoming at
the Gordon
Restaurant and
Pub. Blanch rep
Kent Westerberg
BA'84, LLB'87,
is 4th from left.
Jay Phipps BA'71 hosted a BBQ
at his home for 15 alumni, starting our new Chicago/Milwaukee
branch. Welcome aboard!
Away from Home—
October 17
Thirty alumni celebrated at the
Barley Mill Pub in Eau Claire.
Branch volunteers Caireen
Hanert BSc'92, Kim Haskell
BA'86 and Peter Choate BA'73,
MSW'75 organized the fun-
filled evening.
Alumni at this Homecoming
event gathered to congratulate
Robert McGavin BPE'65, the recipient ofthe 1996 Alumni
Award of Achievement.
Seventeen alumni
attended a slide show
and talk on the
Northern Lights by
Gordon Rostoker
PhD'66 on October 17.
Branch volunteers
Jeanette Florence
BSN'67, Claire
Pallard Belanger
MSc 92, Peter Jarvis
BA'68 and April
Chang BHE'78 pose
with Mr. Rostoker.
14      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997 NEWS ~ BRANCHES ~ REUNIONS ~ DIVISIONS
France    >*-
Twenty alumni
and friends from
around France
and from Zurich
and Brussels met in Beaune
(Burgundy) for a weekend of wine
tasting and winery touring, October
5-6, 1996. The weekend was      ~^-
organized by our branch rep in
France, Mandy Kerlann BSc'82,
Forty alumni
gathered at BC
House in
London to meet
with President
Strangway and
Paul King, BC
Agent General.
Above, David Strangway and Paul King
with a UBC alumna. Left, a smiling Bryon
Hodges BASc(MechEng)'70 greets alumni.
Hong Kong       ^
Alumni who came to lunch at the
Foreign Correspondents Club on
September 23 were joined by
three UBC visitors. Above,
Shirley Neuman poses with Iggy
Chong BCom'82 and two other
Hong Kong alumni.
The 1996/97 Hong Kong
branch executive was elected at
the AGM on November 2. John
R. Henderson BCom'77 is
president, Ricky Lau BCom'92
and Olivia Ford BA'93 are vice
presidents.Call (852) 2524-
6078, e-mail
Forty people met at the
Four Seasons Hotel in
Singapore for a
reception on September
24. Left, four alumnae
enjoy the event. Thanhs
to Judith Law BA'90
and Dickson Seow
BCom 93.
Thirty alumni were present at a reception at the Westin
Chosun Hotel in Seoul on October I. Thanks to Kwang S.
Moom MASc(MinEng)'76 and Chun Moon BA'94.
Fifteen enthusiastic alumni attended the first ever alumni
reception in Thailand at the Shangri-La Hotel on Sept. 27.
Kuala Lumpur
Twenty-seven alumni enjoyed the reception on September 25 at the Hilton
Hotel. At left, the emcee ofthe event, Mansoor Marican PhD'77 with
Branch Rep Susan Thomson BPE'74 and ZulkifliAli BSc'73, MSc'75.
Thanks to Susan for her help with the event.
An extra special thanks to Larry Sproul, Director of UBC's International
Liaison Office, for looking after our alumni at Branch events all over the
world. Along with President Strangway, he's one of our best ambassadors.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997
15 2nd Annual Alumni Achievement and
(and other assorted events)
The combined Alumni
Achievement and Sports
Hall of Fame Dinner was
a rousing success. More than 600
grads, athletes and friends gathered to celebrate alumni accomplishment and sporting daring-
do. The Hall of Fame inductees
and alumni achievers drew an
eclectic crowd, and the room was
abuzz from start to finish.
From top left on this page,
clockwise: Rick Hansen started
the evening off with an inspirational talk on achievement and
UBC. Alumni award winner
Edith McGeer chats with longtime alumni volunteer George
Plant while MC Allan
Fotheringham and Association
Executive Director Agnes Papke
go over the script for the show.
Below them, current development director Shannon Von
Kaldenberg thumbs up with
predecessor Ron Dumouchelle,
current VSO (and soon-to-be
United Way) honcho. Chancellor
Bill Sauder poses with Association president Tricia Smith and
Athletics director Bob Philip.
Those two also pose with the Foth
at the podium. F.x-chancellor
Bob Lee and wife Lily charmed
everyone in sight. A highlight of
the evening was, bottom and up
left, fiddler Cory Chilco, who
nearly stole the show. Above
Cory, Chancellor and Mrs.
Sauder applaud the music. In the
middle, Hall of Earners Pat
McGeer and Bob Osborne share
a quiet moment, while below
them sportster Kim Gordon and
alumni award winner John
McArthur mug for the photographer. Another highlight ofthe
evening was when long-time
UBCer and athlete Harry Warren won the grand prize draw, a
trip to Europe on the Concord.
Next page from left, top to
bottom: Evelyn Lett's acceptance
speech for her Lifetime Achievement award was yet another highlight. The 1947-48 T-Bird Basket-
16      UBC Alumni Chromci.k, Spring, 1997 Hall of Fame Dinner
ball team was inducted into the
Hall of Fame. Below the team,
past pres Al Poettcker beams his
approval of the evening's proceedings, as do President
Strangway and the ubiquitous
Don Wells. The beautiful
mother and child combo at the
bottom is our own Nancy Cho,
seen here with her Emily at the
alumni Christmas party. Top
right, Nestor Korchinsky welcomes Jim Green into the Great
Trekker club at the GT reception, and below them, David
Strangway and Evelyn Lett chat
at the later's 100th birthday
part. All in all, a perfectly good
season of parties. Photos by
Chris Petty and Steve Chan
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring, 1997
•pie Izaak Walton Killam Memo-
riSFund for Advanced Studies pro-
vijfcs 10-15 Killam postdoctoral
felfcwships annually to UBC researchers. Three such scholars are
currently working in Graduate
Studies research units.
Faranak Mi raft ab works with
Penny Gurstein in the Centre for
Human Settlements. She studied in
Iran, Norway and Berkeley and is
continuing her research on housing
conditions among low-income, female-headed households in Mexico.
She is applying some of this research locally, focusing on housing
for low-income ethnic minorities in
Vancouver and the relationship between ethnicity, migration status
and conditions of housing.
Jing-dongYuan works in the
Institute of International Relations
with Brian Job. Yuan studied in
China before earning his MA and
PhD at Carleton and Queen's respectively. He is working on Chinese perspectives on
multilateralism and Asia-Pacific cooperative security issues, comparing security initiatives there and in
Europe, and on the relationships
between strategic culture and Chinese post-Cold War security policy.
He is also doing research for the
federal department of Foreign Affairs on Chinese approaches to
arms control.
Walter Glannon explores life
and death issues at the Centre for
Applied Ethics, supervised by
Michael McDonald. Glannon is
looking at death and dying, equality
and the distribution of resources.
He is asking such questions as:
should we give absolute priority to
the worst-off in distributing social
goods; and how would a world in
which everyone lived for 90 years
affect quality of life and the supply
of basic goods for all. He hopes to
bridge ethical theory and real-
world problems by applying these
considerations to actual cases in
health care and welfare policy.
sychological research holds the
r many of the major challenges
fSing humanity.Twenty-five years
a^3 the term 'psychological research,' meant,'white rat,"condi-
tioned reflex' or, perhaps 'Freudian
slip' to the general public.
Since then we have experienced a
tremendous revolution in public understanding of basic psychological
research. Notions that learning is
based on stimulus-response associations and that perception is based
on one-way communication between external stimulus and the
brain's central processors are now
considered simplistic. We now realize that learning and perception are
far more complicated processes
than we first imagined.
We know more about the cognitive capacities of babies and the
links between thought and emotion.
We understand the basic structure
of personality differences, are aware
of how social status and affiliation
affect individual attitudes, and have a
better appreciation of cultural differences in attitudes and behaviour.
Canadian psychologists have made
important contributions to these dis-
coveries.At UBC, more than 40 faculty, six post-docs and 96 grad students are doing research ranging from
the neurobiology of learning and
memory to intervention strategies
for dealing with batterers. Project
funding comes from each of the major national granting agencies
(NSERC, SSHRC and MRC) with annual support nearing $2 million. Dr.
Charles Yang, who holds a joint appointment with Psychology and Psychiatry, is one of two Canadian scholars this year to receive an award of
$300,000 from the EJLB Foundation
of Montreal for his research into cortical mechanisms related to schizophrenia.
Research in experimental psychology at UBC plays an essential
role in addressing problems of aging, literacy, productivity, substance
abuse, health and violence.
*;   new Aquaculture Research
Cj|%re is under construction in the
south campus.The centre will focus
©n studies in fish physiology, health,
nutrition and production.
"Aquaculture is an important
part of BC's economy," says Jim
Thompson, head of Animal Sciences. "Farmed salmon is our
number one agricultural export
product and the value of farmed
salmon exceeds the value of the
commercial salmon harvest."
An old swine research building
has been converted on the site, and
projects will begin soon. Future
plans include upgrading the existing
temperature-controlled room to
house warmwater fish and installing
a salt water recirculation system.
The centre will house many research tanks, as well as wet and dry
laboratories. Three separate wings
will meet the increased demands
for aquaculture research into the
foreseeable future.
Thompson hopes the centre will
play a major role in industry-backed
projects. Future research will look
at increasing efficiency in industry,
diversifying the varieties of fish
farmed and minimising the environmental impacts of the industry.
The department collaborates
with the Science Council of BC,
Moore-Clark, EVS Consultants,
Microtek and StressGen and others.
The department is seeking contributions from industry in the form
of equipment and monetary donations.
New, With a View:
Koerner Library Opens
■■Me heart of a research universal is its library, and UBC's has
naer been healthier. Between December 20 and January 7, library
staff moved more than 500,000
items from Main to the new Walter
C. Koerner Library.That's enough
books and journals to reach from
Point Grey to the Burnaby border.
The Koerner Library brings together the most-used collections
and services in the humanities and
social sciences. It links the former
Sedgewick Library to a new five-
storey tower, and brings together all
active serials and post-1978 materials in its subject range, plus the university's complete collection in English language and literature,
Canadiana, classical studies, archaeology and anthropology. Most related reference services have also
made the move. Koerner is now the
place to go for information on humanities/social sciences, government publications, microforms, data
files and borrower services such as
library cards and fines.
Koerner shows what can be done
with a limited-size site. Natural light,
carpeted stacks, computer labs,
comfortable study areas and awesome views have made it the library
of choice for many users.
To thank the many donors who
made the building possible, the Library will be throwing a week-long
opening party between March 10
and 15. For more information, call
822-5424 or check the special Web
site at <http://www.library.ubc.ca/
Holders Note:
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring 1997 FACULTY NEWS
A  partnership between industry,
gr*rlrnment agencies and university
djyKtors has created a unique un-
fergreduate degree program in
Wood Products Processing at UBC.
Leaders of the advanced wood
processing industry in Canada know
that to thrive and compete globally
they must have a good supply of
high quality, innovative and technically sophisticated workers. This
new generation of graduates must
have the ability to solve today's
problems and the knowledge and
skills to react quickly to change in
technology and social issues.The
partnership has helped speed up
development of this new program.
The new program prepares
graduates for a career in all facets
of the wood processing industry:
from sawmills to kitchen cabinets,
from panel plants to furniture
manufacturing.There are three areas of study: knowledge of wood as
a material (wood science); knowledge of technical processes and operations; and the commercial, financial and marketing knowledge essential for business success.The
theme for the program is "survival
skills for the twenty-first century."
Unique Features
• A national program with multiple
entry points (high school, college,
technical institutes, or first year
Science programs)
• Students participate in the five-
year format that combines eight
academic terms with five paid coop work terms in industry (a
four year academic program is
also available)
• Direction and teaching by accomplished industry leaders across
Canada ensures the program
deals with current issues
For more information, contact
Department of Wood Science
385-2357 Main Mall,Vancouver, BC
V6T IZ4,Tel: (604) 822-5303. Fax:
(604) 822-9104, e-mail: <woodubc
@unixg.ubc.ca>,Web: <http://
IPSour long-term FNS/Home Ec
fJbjky members will retire in '97:
<Sare Daem, Indrajit Desai, Joseph
LHichter and Eleanore Vaines.These
four have served the school for a
combined 126 years, and the school
is organizing a "Celebration 126"
dinner on Saturday, April 19, 1997 at
the University Golf Club.Alumni,
former faculty, and friends of the
school are invited. For more information or to reserve for the dinner,
contact the school at 2205 East
Mall, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, BC.V6T IZ4, or telephone 822-2502 or 822-2691.
1996 was a great year for Hu-
Kinetics.The annual Run 'n' Egg
» was held in early December
ar Memorial Gym.A good time
for everyone who attended.
Upcoming events in Human Kinetics
are K'metica 97—Facing Our Future
Together, March 11-12, 1997 at SUB.
This conference will be an interactive, progressive and informative
event open to all members of the
professional and academic community. All career and personal development will evolve around objectives such as exposing talent, promoting identity, creating linkages,
developing people, planting seeds
and enabling growth. Students,
alumni and everyone in between
can contact Rod Solar at (604) 662-
3203, <rodsol@unixg.ubc.ca> or
by mail to:The Kinetica Conference
Organising Group, #303-1738
Alberni St.,Vancouver, BCV6G IB2.
Visit us on the web!
The  University of British  Columbia
Alumni Association
Joan Doe BA'96
Membership Not Transferable
Expiry Dote 01/09/98
Card No.   00567
I 800 883 3088 / 604 822 3313
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Detach and mail coupon to: 6251 Cecil Green Park Road,Vancouver, BC V6T IZI
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UBC AuiMNi Chroniclk, Si'KiNti, 1997       |9 Is this your last
(for a while)
Unless you do something to tell us
differently, you'll only get one issue a year
instead of three.
Budget crunching has become the economic sport
of choice during the past
20 years or so. Downsizing, cutbacks, funding crises, layoffs and
fat trimming have become the
cliches of the 1990s in both the
public and the private sectors,
and it doesn't look like it's going
to change anytime soon. Finite
resources, financial and otherwise, must be tailored to service
infinite demand.
Readers of The Chronicle have
heard this kind of whingeing
many times before. The number
of people on our mailing list
(alumni, donors, non-alumni
friends of L'BC) grows every
year—more people come on the
system than come off through
death or choice—and we want to
mail our magazine to every one
of them. There is also talk of expanding the definition of an
alumnus to include diploma
holders, Continuing Studies students, students who didn't actually graduate and others.
Our mailing list grows by
about 3,000 every year and currently stands at nearly 120,000.
We send this magazine to everyone on the list three times each
year at a printing and mailing
cost of about 6()g a piece.
Why do we bother? Because
our magazine is the only mailing
all grads and friends get from
UBC during the year. For those
who live outside the Lower Mainland, The Chronicle dropping
through the mail slot is the only
reminder they're likely to get
about UBC. And the 30,000 people on our list who live outside
BC (from Toronto to Taiwan),
would have no contact with the
university at all if not for The
That this contact with the
university is important isn't a
question, it's an article of faith.
But it is important on at least two
counts. The magazine keeps
UBC people in touch with each
other (through "Class Acts," our
most-read feature), up-to-date on
Association affairs (reunions, division activities, branch events,
etc.) and aware to some degree of
what's happening at the university. At the very least, receiving
the magazine reminds the recipient of where he or she went to
school. Any advertising, so they
say, is good advertising.
From the university's perspective, keeping you aware makes it
more likely you will donate funds
for important projects, encourage
good students to apply to UBC,
support legislation to supply adequate funding to post secondary
education and build school spirit.
The magazine does cost a lot
of money, but we think it's worth
it. However, our budget is more
or less static, and our numbers
keep going up. We've come up
against a budget crunch, and
we're running out of options. So
what to do?
Some recent history might
help. Until the middle '80s the
magazine was produced 4 times a
- 120,000
1   '
- 105,000
■ 100,000
50.000 ■
■ 90.000
Don't worry: voluntary subscribers, donors,
past and present volunteers, or anyone who
has contacted UBC for any reason at all in the
past will be on our 'A' list already.
year by an in-house staff of writers
and editors. Costs escalated
quickly during those inflationary
years, and in 1986 the communications department was closed
down and The Chronicle was contracted out to Pacific West Equity,
the same company that produced
Equity Magazine. They were eager.
They felt The Chronicle was, potentially, an advertising goldmine.
They assigned an editor and an
advertising salesperson to the
mag, and we supplied raw material. The deal was simple: the Association would pay all production
costs and Pacific West would keep
all advertising revenue up to a
certain point, then some would
flow to the Association.
The profits never materialized and Pacific West lost money.
They learned that quarterly
magazines delivered free of
charge to demographically undefined audiences are advertising
dogs. The only commonality
members of our audience share
is their degree, and advertisers
feel that's a little vague, espe
cially when they can target their
advertising more accurately elsewhere.
After two years, Pacific West
gave up and we took the mag
back in house. We began to produce it electronically and started
making costs cuts. We cut the
magazine to three per year,
which helped considerably for a
couple of years. We've brought
more and more of the pre-press
work in-house, used lighter paper (mailing is by weight and
costs as much as printing) and
cut pages. We even increased our
advertising revenues. Those
efficiencies let us produce the
magazine for greater numbers
without much budget growth (see
chart). But even these savings
aren't enough. We have to cut
some more.
As of our next issue in the
summer of 1997, we will still produce 3 issues a year, but mail
only one issue annually to every
addressable name on our list.
The other two issues will go to
people who have expressed some
20       UBC Ail mni Chronicle, Spring, 1997 interest in UBC since graduation. This will reduce our mailing list to about 75,000 for those
two issues, and allow us to maintain production of 32 pages
three times annually.
But don't worry: if you are a
voluntary subscriber, a donor to
the university, an Acar" holder, a
past or present volunteer to the
Association or have contacted
the university for any reason at
all in the past, you'll be on our
'A list already.
There are a number of ways
to ensure you'll keep getting The
Chronicle three times every year.
The best way (from our perspective) is to send in a voluntary
subscription (see coupon). You
can make a pledge to the university (don't forget the Walter H.
Gage Memorial Fund). Or you
can simply call us and tell us you
want to keep getting the magazine, no strings attached.
We're proud of our magazine,
and proud of this university. We
want to keep you informed,
aware and interested. Call, write
or e-mail, (cpetty@alumni.ubc.
ca) and let us know if you want to
stay on our list. We hope you do.
Chris Petty
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hear from you sr
By subscri
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cool UBC Alumi
efore, and don't
a year,
u help us keep
receive a very
utdoor activi-
or puttering
for the sub-
nd we'll send
JfouHl onjyget^ne maga!
voluntarily to ThKjChronici
ejf a treat/ too. Subscribe no1
aseball cap for all pose
ties you engage in%«hethf r it be a real bfcsebal
around the golf couil&j^-'tlB; garden. Sead
scription, $12 for tha^^;;^^^
back the cap and our f
But you don't ha\e tc>SHbscittbrg'to^-st^wQtt efty/mailing list for
all three Chronicle mailings.^^j^fHfottt mefj?f'm below and send
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UBC Alumni Association ,
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Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1 1
Kl I K.IOl S
MAN \ All I S     •:•
K I 1  AM)
Master of Arts
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
Bimon Fraser University is pleased to
offer the Graduate Liberal Studies
Program leading to the degree of
  Master of Arts, Liberal Studies.
The program has been developed especially
for adults returning to study on a part time
basis. It is offered during evening and some
weekend hours at the University's Harbour
Centre campus in downtown Vancouver.
♦ join a community of learning
♦ re-discover the world of ideas
♦ Study classic texts
♦ Develop new perspectives on
contemporary issues
♦ Earn an advanced degree through a
structured, intellectually challenging,
interdisciplinary program
Applications are invited from individuals
holding an undergraduate degree in any field.
Students will be selected on the basis of
experience and interests as well as academic
background. Applications must be completed
by April 15 for September entry.
The Graduate Liberal Studies Program
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3
Telephone (604) 291-5104 or (604) 291-5152
Fax (604) 291-5159
E-mail sparkins@sfu.ca
ci ASS,   KAt I
•:•    SLIT AM) SOC II  1 ^
♦      SC II NCI   AND  MUM
UBC Alumni Chkonici.k, Spring, 1997      21 Haig Farris
Tricia Smith
Past President
Tricia Smith
BA'80, LLB'85
Alumni Activities:
Sr.Vice President 1995-96, President 1996-97; Member-at-large
1993-95; Chair, Marketing Committee; Member, Law Alumni Assoc.
University Activities:
Chair, University Athletic Council;
while a UBC student, a winner of
Olympic, Commonwealth and numerous world championship medals
in rowing; inductee to the UBC and
BC Sports Hall of Fame.
Community Service:
Boards of directors of Sport BC,
Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation, Full Figure Theatre Company,
BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum; commission member of FISA
(International Rowing Federation)
and a member of Esteem Team
(Athletes' Speakers Bureau).
Occupation: Lawyer and consultant for Barnes Craig & Associates.
All positions for the 1997-
1998 Board of Directors
have been filled by
acclamation. Under the
Alumni Association constitution, the senior vice
president automatically
becomes the president.
Sophia Leung R.Thomas Hasker
Haig Farris
University Activities:
Adjunct Prof., UBC Faculty of Commerce; Chairman of the board of the
TRIUMF-KAON Ventures Office.
Community Service:
Past chairman of the Science Council of BC; member of PACST (the
Premier's Advisory Committee on
Science and Technology); past governor of Science World British Columbia; past member of the boards
of the Vancouver Opera and the
Vancouver Playhouse.
Lawyer for Farris and Company;
president of Fractal Capital Corp.
Vice President
Sophia Leung
BSW'65, MSW'66
Alumni Activities:
Board, Social Work Division
Community Service:
Member, boards of Community Arts
Council; Science World; Grace Hospital; Vancouver Art Gallery; Chinese Cultural Centre; Dr. Sun Yat
Sen Garden Society. Past President
ofVancouver Chamber Choir and
Canadian Society for Asian Art.
Member,Vancouver City Council
Committee on Race Relations and
the Arts Current board director
and Chair of Diversity,Vancouver
Opera; Chair of the BC and Yukon
Regional Advisory Council, Canada's
Year of Asia Pacific Cultural Component, 1997.
Occupation: President, Leung
Honours: YWCA Woman of Distinction; Order of Canada; Canadian
Volunteer Award.
Peter Ladner
Don Wells
R. Thomas Hasker
Alumni Activities:
Mentor Program participant.
Community Service:
Founding member, Director, Midland
Walwyn Foundation; Director, Richmond Chamber of Commerce;
Member, Richmond School District,
Career Development Advisory
Financial Advisor, Midland Walwyn
Capital Inc.
Don Wells
Alumni Activities:
Member at Large 1996; Homecoming Committee 1993-94; Alumni
Achievement and Sports Hall of
Fame Dinner Committee 1996;
member Communications/Editorial
Board 1993-94; contributing writer,
UBC Alumni Chronicle.
Community Service:
Canadian Interuniversity Athletic
Union Marketing Council (1994-96);
Past President Association of Canadian University Sports Information
Marketing Coord., UBC Athletics.
Members at Large
Gregory Clark, BCom86, LLB'89
Jean Forrest, BPE'83
Thomas Hobley, MBA'83
Lome A. Whitehead
Peter Ladner
Professional Activities:
Founding editor and publisher of
Business in Vancouver, 1989. Founding
editor and publisher of Vancouver's
Business Report, 1986. Editor, Monday Magazine. Panelist, CBC's Midday. Delegate, Governor General's
Leadership Study Conference; Canadian representative, International
Visitors Program.
Community Service:
Director, Downtown Vancouver Association; director, Leadership Vancouver; member,Vancouver City
Planning Commission.
Publisher, Business in Vancouver.
Lome A. Whitehead
BSc'77, MSc'79, PhD'89
Professional Activities
Developed light guide technology
and received numerous patents,
awards and recognition for his
work; founded TIR Systems Ltd. to
develop the technology for market.
Holds 3M/NSERC chair for Structured Surface Physics, UBC. Member, Canadian Association of Physicists, Canadian Research Management Assoc, and the International
Lighting Commission.
Community Service:
Chair, Manufacturing and Machinery
Committee, Science Council of BC;
member, Scientific Advisory Committee of Science World. Member,
Bicycle Network Sub-Committee,
City ofVancouver; Director,
Carnarvon Residents Association.
Associate Professor, UBC Physics.
22       UBC Ali'mni Chronicle, spring 1997 AT $27900, ADON DOCKSTEADER
Safety, durability, prestige and resale value are all strong reasons
to opt for a Don Docksteader Volvo. Especially at this price! The 850
Intro Series*averages six months old and 12,000 km. Each vehicle
has been thoroughly tested and comes with the balance of a 4-year
factory warranty plus Volvo's On Call Roadside Assistance. As
Canada's oldest and largest Volvo retailer, we've helped hundreds of
drivers hit home runs. Now, it's your turn.
*A Volvo 850 Into Series is fully equipped with front and side air bags, anti-lock brake system, AM/FM cassette
stereo, power windows, automatic transmission and air conditioning. Leasing is also available.
Vancouver 8530 Cambie at S.W. Marine Drive 325-1000
Coquitlam 333 North Rd, at Lougheed Hwy. 936-4255
Abbotsford 33286 South Fraser Way 857-9198
Web Site www.dondocksteader.com
Clare M. (Brown) Buckland 8A'35 has published her autobiography, Always Becoming, with Peanut Butter Publishing.
Due to a loss of vision, she has recently moved to the retirement residence,Arbutus Manor, inVancouver ... Brock
University honoured James A. Gibson BA'31 by renaming
their library after him. Dr. Gibson was the founding president of Brock in 1964, and remained there until 1974 ...J. L.
McHugh BA'36, MA'38 is living at Vinson Hall in McLean,
Virginia, a retirement home for officers and their wives. He
was recently included in Who'sWho in Americans well as the
Canadian Who's Who.
Robert G. Rogers BCom'49 reports he is in good health
after a quadruple bypass operation in October 1995. He
recently celebrated his 75th birthday with his wife, son and
daughter and their families. His son, Ronald Rogers
BASc(BEng)'78 is also a UBC grad.
Specialists in providing
independent unbiased
recommendations for
wealth accumulation and
estate preservation.
Independent Financial Consultants
#202-2309 West 41st Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6M 2A3
(604) 261-8511 tel
(604) 261-1411 fax
Wayne S.Aiken BPE'59 recently retired as aVP at Wood
Gundy Inc.After UBC.Wayne completed his BEd in I960 at
the U of A while playing football with the Calgary
Stampeders.The following eight years, he taught high school
in Calgary and then spent 30 years in the investment business.Wayne, his wife Brenda, and three daughters continue
to reside in Calgary ... Harvey A. Bue km aster MA'52,
PhD'56, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Calgary has been elected as a fellow of the
American Association for the Advancement of Science. He
was cited for "his pioneering contributions to the profession and the community". He is an adjunct professor of
physics at UVic where he continues his research ... Lois
Carley BA'57 retired from Wilfred Laurier University's Social Work department after 17 years of tracking alumni and
registering students, and just missed registering her daughter,
Susan Cadell, in the DSW program ...The UBC Geography
Alumni Division was pleased to name R. Cole Harris BA'58
as the 1995 recipient of their Distinguished Geographer
Award.The award indicates the Geography Division's high
respect for his scholarly writing and achievements, and their
admiration of him as most likeable person and a stimulating
professor ...After retiring as president of the Technical Serv
ice Council in 1991, Neil Macdougall BASc(ChemEng)'50
has been personnel consulting and writing articles. He is a
search and rescue pilot with Civil Air Rescue. During the
winter, he and his wife fly with the Civil Air Patrol in Texas ...
W.C.(Bill) Olsen BA$c(EngPhys)'S6,MASc(EngPhys)'59 retired from the University of Alberta on September 30, 1995
after more than 31 years on the academic staff in the department of physics.After retirement, he continued his research atTRIUMF until his last graduate student obtained
his PhD in the fail of 1996. Bill married Fi Mclntyre on August 3, 1996, and assumed full retirement residence in
Fairview in August 1996 ... Jacquie Trafford BA'55 and her
friend Trish Ross MEd'74 have a Canadian best seller.Their
cook book Easy Beans, published in 1994, is being distributed all over North America.The pair have just completed
More Easy Beans, which will be available this spring.
After 25 years in the public service of Canada, Alain
Albagli PhD'69 began a new career as a senior partner in
Aztek Initiatives in October 1996.The new company offers
consulting services in international technology ... E. Patrick
Alleyne MSA'68 has been working with the United Nations
Stay in Touch
Help us keep in touch with you! Send your correct name and address to: UBC Alumni Association,
6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, B.C., V6T IZI. Phone (604) 822-3313 or toll free 800-
883-3088. Or fax (604) 822-8928 or toll free 800-220-9022. Or even by e-mail (please include all of
the information below) to: <alumni@alumni.ubc.ca>. Or call our 24 hour address line: (604) 822-
8921. If none of those work, you can do it on the web: http://www.alumni.ubc.ca.
UBC Degree, Year
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Spring 1997
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring, 1997 The University of (British Columbia Alumni Collection
Your purchases support programs and services of your UBC Alumni Association.
A-1 ALUMNI RUGGER SHIRT: 100% Heavy-weight cotton, designed exclusively for
UBC Alumni. Navy body with white collar, rubber buttons, vertical gold and royal stripes
on right side embroidered with the UBC Alumni logo. Sizes: M-L-XL-XXL $79.95
A-2 Hooded Sweatshirt, drop shoulder, with drawstring hood and pouch $55.00
A-3 Sweatpant, drawstring pant with elastic bottoms and 1/8 top pockets $50.00
18 oz. fleece 80/20 blend with lycra in cuffs and waistband. Both embroidered with UBC
Alumni logo. Colours: Navy, Red, Purple, White, Black, Forest Green. Sizes: M-L-XL
B. CAP: 100% cotton 6 panel cap, one size fits all. Adjustable leather back strap.
Embroidered with UBC Alumni logo. Available in Royal Blue, Navy, Forest Green, Purple
C.100% Cotton Sandwashed Sweatshirt. Generous fit, available in sandwashed
colours. Sizes: M-L-XL $59.95
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FAX:   (604)   738-31 81
E-mail Internet: mainriver@gtn.net
D. POLO SHIRT: Main River 100% cotton interlock, 3 button placket with ribbed collar
and cuffs, long tuck-in tail. Embroidered with UBC Alumni logo. Short Sleeve colours:
Navy, Red, White, Forest Green, Purple. $ 40.00   Long Sleeve colours: Navy, Forest
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Sizes: M-L-XL-XXL $19.95
F. SPORTS BAG: Multi pocket nylon sports bag. Embroidered with UBC Alumni logo.
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G. WARM-UP SUIT: 100% nylon jacket and pants in water resistant taslan outer shell,
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Colours: Red, White, Navy, (Ask for other available colours) Sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL $90.00
UBC Alumni is proud to support Canadian made products.
Support your Alumni by purchasing products with your UBC Mastercard.
Inquire with order desk regarding other available colours.
Shipping charges apply $5.00 in Canada, $10.00 USA, $15.00 Overseas.
Extra charges apply for requested courier shipments CLASS ACTS
In Memoriam
Alexander Akenhead BEd($ec)'6l of
Nanaimo, October 13,1996.
Ju4Mi (Korany) Alexander LLB'79
ofVancouver.September 6,1996.
, George Bruce Arnesen BA'49, LLB'50
of Ndson August 4, I 996.
Cordon Leonard Ayre BScfAgrj'5/,MSA'58
Earl Bamford BSc(Pharm)'51,11673
of Nanaimo April 27,1996.
Enid (McEwen) Barbaree BA'30
of Kamloops, February 10,1996.
Walter Benson BA'49, MA'50
of Sidney, October 21,1996.
Norma F.Blair BA'37
ofVancouver,August 6,1996.
William J. Blakely BA$c(C#£ng)'49
of North Vancouver in August 1996.
Irene (Christmas) Bourassa &$c(Agr)'30
of Surrey in i99/|.
Patricia Ruth (Grady) Cairns &Sc(Pharm)'53
ofVancouver, September 2,1996.
Claude Lane Campbell 8A73
of NorthVancouvenSeptember 10,1996.
Frederick Christensen B£d(£iemJ'67
ofVictoria, November 11,1996.
Thomas L. Collins BA'42, MA'43, PhD'50
of Anacortes.WA in June 1996,
Aflan Cox LLB'50 ofVictoria, November 10,1996.
Dorothy (Hamilton) Cumberbirch BA'42
of Richmond in February 1996.
Marion G.Curtis BLS/6S ofWinnipeg.June 27,1996.
Donald C. Davidson BA'33
of Goleta,CA, December 4,1994.
Morgan j. F. Deveson BA'50 of North Vancouver.
Joyce Dodds B&68* US7Q
Everett C. Elgar BASc(MechEttg)'43
of Ottawa, October 4,1996.
Jack Stanford Fraser B£d(Bemj'63 ofVancouver.
for the last 6 years ... Earl D. Berry BSF'64 married Gwen
(Robertson) on September 28, 1996. His daughter, Jennifer
Cloutier, gave birth to his first grandson, Jeffrey Alexander,
on July 13, 1996, and made him a very proud grandpa ...
Michiyo (Nakanishi) Bourchier BSc'69 has two children
who are following her academic foot steps. Kinji Bourchier is
a UBC student and Takashi Bourchier is studying at UVic ...
Sandra (Powell) Brewer BA'67 moved to Australia in
1968, and has been teaching mathematics at Mentone Girls'
Grammar School since 1985 ...Corrinne (Forst) Caldwell
BA'63, BSW'65, MSW'66 has been elected to the new position ofVice President and CEO/Dean ofTemple University
at Ambler, Pennsylvania ... Lorna Mae Campbell
BEd(EJem)'64 retired as principal with the Toronto Board of
Education in 1993. She has been travelling in China, Greece,
Tunisia, England, and New England.When she is at home, she
volunteers with the historical society and art gallery in Peterborough ...After working at the Royal Ontario Museum
inToronto for a number of years, Margaret Cogzell BA'69
moved to Greece where she is the Archivist at the British
School of Archaeology in Athens ...Catherine
(MacFarlane) Comben BA'67 is president ofthe Kelowna
Chamber of Commerce.Vice-Chairman ofthe Central
Okanagan Crimestoppers, and has been employed by BCTel
for the last 24 years, as a business manager ...James E.
Dimmick MD'68, Director of Laboratories, BC Children's
Hospital and BC Women's Hospital and Professor of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, UBC has been elected President of
the North American Society for Pediatric Pathology. He will
travel to Orlando, Florida in March 1997 to receive this
honour along with family members Judy (Tredwell) BSc'66,
son Kevin Dimmick BSc'96, daughter-in-law Leah Scharf
BA'92, BEd(Elem)'93, and son Graeme, a 1996 SFU grad ...
InsuranceWest is the name of a new insurance industry
trade magazine launched this year by Bill Earle BCom'65. It
is a fourth insurance publication which is put out by his firm.
Arbutus Publications Ltd.ofVancouver ...Charles Hou
BEdfSec)'65,A1Ed'7/ was the first winner of Canada's National History Society's medal for excellence in teaching
Canadian history. He was presented the award by Governor
General Romeo LeBlanc at Rideau Hall on October 5, 1996
Joanell Karrington BEd(Elem)'67 has returned to BC
from California where she completed her MA in counselling
psychology at National University, Fresno, CA. She is working as an elementary counsellor for the Cariboo-Chtlcotin
School District and serves as a member at large on the executive ofthe BC School Counsellors Assn ...Audrey M.
Kerr BLS'63 took early retirement from the University of
Manitoba Medical Library in July of 1995. She was named
Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Medicine last spring, is
still involved in the local History of Medicine Society, and
works at her own pace on faculty archives ... Robert Krell
MD'65 retired as professor of psychiatry after 25 years
teaching in UBC's Faculty of Medicine but continues in full-
time child and family psychiatry practice at the B.C.'s Children's Hospital. He is also the founder and president of the
Vancouver Holocaust Centre Society ... Murray
McAndrewBASc(ChemEng)'60,MASc(ChemEng)'62 retired
from Shell Oil Co. after a career of nearly 30 years, mainly in
R&D. He and his wife,Anne (Wood), look forward to sharing
time between the Houston,TX area and Pender Island, BC ...
J.Christopher Poole BA'66 has been appointed Ambassa
dor to the Republic of Haiti... Kenneth L. Shaw BSc'65 has
taken early retirement from Unocal Corp. in Sugar Land,
Texas and returned to Calgary. He plans on staying active in
the oil industry through a Calgary based position for the
Energy Geosciences Institute, University of Utah ... H. F.
(Gus) Shervell MSc'62, PhD'64 took early retirement in
January of 1997 after 31 years at Queen's University. He will
continue to research using infrared and raman spectroscopy.
He and wife Irene have two sons and a grandson living on
Mayne Island, and their daughter is in England ... M. Colleen
Stainton BSN'61 has been appointed into a new Chair of
Women's Health Nursing - a joint appointment between the
University of Sydney and the Royal Women's Hospital in
Sydney.Australia.The new position marked an end to a 25
year association with the University of Calgary, and 33 years
of living in Alberta.
Diane (deBruyn) Andersson BA'70 and husband Rolf
have had a successful first year as farmers inWinlaw, BC.
They have chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, two dogs and two
cats and grow organic vegetables and fruit ...Tom Beasley
BA'75 and Vicki Donoghue MLS'92 are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Frederick Arthur Beasley, on
September 26, 1996 inVancouver, BC, a brother for Alexander (3)... Gilbert W. H. Chan BASc(GvEng)79,
M.Eng(CivEng)'80 has returned to Vancouver after working in
Hong Kong for 16 years ... John S. Clark BCom'79, president of Pacific Spirit Investment Management Inc., has been
awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation
by the Association for Investment Management and Research of Charlottesville.Virginia ...Andre De Leebeeck
BASc(MechEng)'76 recently moved to Paris after a promotion to Manager, Reserves and Budget with the French oil
company, Elf Aquitaine. He has two daughters attending the
American school of Paris, and both are hoping to attend
UBC in a few years ... Michael Eden-Walker BSc'74,
MD'78 is the Medical Director of a Family Practice and
Therapy clinic in Kanata, Ontario specializing in dissociative
disorders and abuse recovery. He and wife Polly have 4 children, Nicholas, at Queen's University, Fiona.Alexandra and
Simon ... Sherilyn Fritz BMus'79 was named Artist-in-Resi-
dence for JUBILATE! Chamber Choir for its Christmas concert, and has been commissioned by Elektra Women's Choir
and the Coquitlam and District Children's Choir in recent
years ... Carol-Lynn Gee was born July 3, 1996 to proud parents Michael Gee BEd(Sec)'72 andjianzhen Xu.She participated in a UBC Psychology Department research project at
BC Women's Hospital a few days after her birth ... Ronald
L. Handford BASc(CivEng)'74 has been appointed CEO and
Director of Ouro Brasil Ltd. and Oro Argentina Limited,
both gold exploration companies based inVancouver with
operations in Latin America ... David A. Harrison M.Ed'77
retired from teaching in the NWT (1969-1996), and is  living
in the West Indies ... Richard J. Kachur BA'76 recently relocated to California with his family (wife, Shirley, their
daughter and the family dog). He continues with his histori-
26      UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring, 1997 CLASS ACTS
cal fiction writing and management consulting careers ...
Serving with English Language Institute-China, a Christian
organization based in San Dimas, CA, Donald S. Lim B5c73
taught in the 1996 Summer English Training Program for the
Chinese Middle School Teachers of English at the Hunan
Educational Institute, Changsha, Hunan Province ... Bradford Morse LLB'75 accepted a Fulbright Fellowship that has
taken him to the Oklahoma City University School of Law at
the Native American Legal Research Centre. He is researching and writing a book on Aboriginal courts and justice systems before he returns to the University of Ottawa Faculty
of Law as a full professor for the fall semester ... Victor
Nahmias BArch'77 has ended his partnership after six years
and opened a new firm, Envision Architecture in Los Angeles.
He welcomes email from fellow architecture alumni at
vnahmias@aol.com ... Darrell Noakes BA'79 will be organizing a national cycling adventure for July 1997 through his
firm, Borealis Outdoor Adventure, and a contract with the
Canadian Cycling Association.The seven day bicycle tour in
southern Alberta should become nation wide within the
next 10 years, and is intended to raise public awareness of
bicycling issues such as safety and education ... Gary Ordog
BSc'76, MD'79 co-authored the second edition of
Ellenhorn's Medical Toxicology, released in October 1996.
He spends most of his time doing consultation and legal
work, aside from a full time practice of emergency medicine
and medical toxicology ... Sheila (Currie) Purves BSR79
was awarded the Master of Public Health degree from Boston University in August 1996. She plans to teach for one
term at BU before returning to Hong Kong where she has
been based for many years organizing rehabilitation training
courses in mainland China. She was recognized by the government of China on November 3, 1996 in a ceremony at
Tongji Medical University in Wuhan ...William H.Raikes
BA'73, DipEduc'89 and Janet Lodes Nitins BA'87,
BEd(Elem)'89 were married in August 1996 ... Barney Reifel
BCom'78 is on the Board of Directors of Reifel Migratory
Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC and is vice president of
Charterhouse Properties Ltd. inVancouver. He and wife,
Sharon (Maguire) BEd(Elem)'78 have two children.Taylor
(5) and Liam (3)... Dick Richardson MA'70 has been promoted to Reader in International Relations and Green Politics at the University ofTeesside, UK. His next book, The
Politics of Sustainable Development, will be published by
Routledge in February 1997 ... Virginia (Clippingdale)
Russell BEd(Elem)'78 has published her second book with
Beach Holme Publishing Ltd. Step by Step is a book aimed at
young adults. Her first book was Voices on the Bay ...
Stewart Schon BEd(Elem)'74 and Katherine Town
BRE'78 were married on the leap day of the leap year, February 29, 1996 on Crescent Beach ... Leonard Surges
BASc(7VletEng)79, Kathryn Racine and their three children
have relocated with Noranda Mining and Exploration Inc.
from Bathurst, New Brunswick to Mississauga, Ontario ...
Garth Webber Atkins BSc77 and husband Rowland
Atkins are pleased to announce the birth of their first child,
Glyn Griffin Atkins on August 22, 1996. Garth is returning to
the Ministry of Forests inVictoria after two years with the
Forestland Commission in Burnaby ... Deborah White
BSW'79 is an organization/management consultant, mediator
and trainer. In addition to having a private consulting practice, she is a senior trainer for the Justice Institute of BC's
Conflict Resolution Certificate Program which is an internationally recognized alternative dispute resolution training
program ... Ed Witzke BA'72, BArch'76 and Helene
Zacharias are pleased to announce the birth of their second
daughter, Breanna Mae Witzke on December 4, 1996, a sister to Teresa Kaelyn.
Judith Allsopp BA'80 married Roland Toppin in July 1996.
She has lived in Barbados for the last six years, and is working for the Caribbean Export Development Agency ...
Marlene (Hadikin) Anderson BSN'82 and John Anderson
were married May 9, 1992 and are celebrating the arrival of
their first child, David Thomas Anderson, born March 29,
1996.The Andersons are living in Cloverdale ... Robert J.
Baerg BSc'84 is still living in Prince George and working for
Forey Managements resource management consultant. He
is happily married to Marlene, and they are enjoying their
five children,Joel (lO).Marissa (9), Ryan (7), Stephen (4) and
Natalie (2)... Matthew Baldwin BA'88 has successfully
defended his practicum paper for his Master's Degree of
City Planning at the University of Manitoba ... Jane (Trott)
Barnett BA'85 completed a BSW at UVic in 1987. Jane and
husband Duncan Barnett BSc(Agr)'86 have three daughters, Lindsay, Heather and Kate. Jane works for the Ministry
of Social Services in Williams Lake and Duncan is the Manager of Aboriginal Affairs for Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers
Assoc.... Carla Barton BSc(PT)'88 and Barry Sauser are
thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Jordan
Elliott Barton Sauser, July 8, 1996. Carla was working on the
Spinal Cord Injury Unit for 6 years until February, 1996
when she began working at Royal Columbian Hospital ...
Scott Beesley BSc'86, MA'94 and Shannon Park BHE'85
are very happy to announce the birth of their first child,
Brian Beesley, on August 13, 1996. Shannon returned to the
Alberta Barley Commission in November 1996, and Scott
works at Economica and teaches on the side ...James
Boulton BSc(Agr)'88 moved back to Morris, Manitoba from
Pennsylvania and is working as a Commodities Distribution
Coordinator for Bartel Bulk Freight. He and wife Arietta
welcomed the birth of their first child,Victoria Suzanne, on
December 18, 1995 ... Tiro Clarke BSc'88 and Kathleen
Dixon BSc'90 moved to Durham, England in 1992 where
Tiro completed his LLB and Kathleen got her MBA.They are
living in Calgary where Tiro is practicing law and Kathleen
has started a mineral exploration company called Cascade
Metals Inc. ...After graduation, PhillipYip-Kam Choi
BASc(ChemEng)'88 worked as a research assistant at the University of Waterloo. He obtained his Master's and PhD degrees there, and subsequently got a research position in
industry and stayed there a year. He is  working as a
postdoctoral research associate/sessional lecturer in the
Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta ... Walter V. Cicha BSc'84, PhD'89 left
Saskatoon in December, 1992 to take up a research chemist
position with the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware. 1996 was a great career year, as Walter was awarded
In Memoriam
Margaret Helena Gibbard BHE'46
of Edmonton, December 19, 1996.
Mary Patricia (Chard) Griffiths BHE'67
of West Vancouver, October 14,199S.
Marion (Wilcox) Gunning BA'23
of Walnut Creek, CA.
Eugene John Halsey BA'53 of Richmond, May 20,
Richmond Charles Hanna PhD'75
of Victoria, September 23,1996.
Daisy Jean Harrison BA'46, BSVV47
of North Vancouver, May 9,1996.
Supreme Court Justice Douglas Hogarth LLB'50
of Coquitlam, September 17, 1996.
Roy Francis Hooley BASofCiv£ng)'47
ofVancouver, September 3,1996.
Neenah (Muncey) Humphreys BA'30
ofVancouver, October 15,1996.
Tad W. Jeffery BA'36 ofWinter Haven, FL,June 8,1996.
Stella (Dunn) Kemp BA'32
of Victoria, September 18,1996.
Fanny A. Kennedy BSN'54
of Port Coquitlam, July 30, 1996.
Arthur Baker King BA'48
of Etobicoke, October 6,1996.
Maurice J. Lambert BASc(MinEng)'39
of Delta, April 1,1996.
Kathleen Gwynneth Lewis BA'2 /
ofVancouver, November 3,1996.
Clarence H.Maartman BASc(Civ£ng)'50
ofWhite Rock.
Murray F. Mackintosh BA'48, LLB'58
of Calgary, May 18,1996.
Daisy (Edwards) Mann BA'43
of Victoria, September 2, 1996.
Nedra M. Marshall BA'42, BSW43
of Penticton, September 3, 1996.
Roy W. Montgomery BASc(GV£ng)'49
of Seattle August 13,1996.
Lyman M. Nesbitt BASc(MechEng)'32
ofVictoria, July 6,1996.
UBC Alumni Chronicle, Spring, 1997      27 CLASS ACTS
In Memoriam
Rodolphe Paradis BA'46
ofVancouver, September 3,1996.
Donald Keith Paul BA'49
ofTigard, OR, October 21,1996.
George Undsay Phillips BA'27,MA'38
of Gillies Bay, BC,August 19,1996.
Diana M. Poole MEd'86 of Quesnel, February 26,1996.
Norma Porter BMus'90
of North Vancouver, September 10,1996.
Gerald F. Prevost BA'3St BEd(Bem)'49, ME<T66
ofWestVancouver, March 2,1996.
Lesley R. Rachuk BA '70 of Richmond,August 14,1996.
Edgar C. Reid BSc(Agr)'3 /, MSA'40
of Sidney, October 5,1996.
John BJL Robertson LLB'63 of North Vancouver,
September 1996.
Marian (Brink) Ross BA'36 of Vancouver, April 12,1995.
The Honourable John Graham Ruttan BA'33
ofVictoria, September 30,1996.
James G.A. Sherratt BCom'57
of NanaimoAugust 26,1996.
William David Sneddon BASc(EJEng)'S2
of Ottawa, September 3,1996.
John S. P. Snowden BA'56 of Kamloops.
Marjorie Snowden Dfp(PubHhhy54 of Kamloops.
Kenzie M. (Hoar) Stacey BA'68 ofVancouver,July S,
Leonard Maurice Staley BASc(Agr£ngj'5/
of Surrey in November, 1996.
Bryan Edward Stigant BA'5
of Maple Ridge in July, 1996.
Russel! DThompson BSc'63 of Courtenay,July 31,1996.
A. Ellis Todd BA*40 ofVictoria.
Helen (Woodcraft)Vair BA'42
ofVictoria, October 2,1995.
Uoyd Allan Woodside BA'42 ofVancouver.August 22,
DuPont's Engineering Excellence Award and Safety, Health
and Environmental Excellence Award for some commercialized environmental chemistry achievements, as well as being
promoted to Senior Research Chemist... Louise C.
Demorest BA'84 is a graduate of the three year program at
the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Louise studied Shiatsu massage and Acupuncture extensively in Japan, and is perfecting her Japanese at UBC ...
Klaus Dohring MASc(Vv1ech£ng)'86 and Tanya Nueske have
a child.Tim Ekkehard was born August 11,1996, and his dad
describes him as wonderful rascal... David Ebert BCom'86
and Nancy (Di Marino) Ebert BEdfEiem)'85, DipEd'93
were married inVancouver on May 4, 1996.The couple honeymooned in Mexico and Sri Lanka. David is a corporate
lender with ClBC and Nancy teaches in Richmond ... Lisa
(Bonner) Erixon BEd(Sec)'83 is living in Manitoba and
would like to hear from other members of Dr. Bruneau's
seminar group, Stephanie Patterson, Leslie Ikeda, and her
room-mate at Gage, Matthew Choptuik ... Andrea
(Fletcher) Fortin BCom'87 and Todd Fortin, along with
daughter Chanel Paris, enthusiastically welcomeTatiana
Firenze to the family. She was born September 7, 1996 ...
Chris Fulker BA'82, MA'9I is living in Taiwan and teaching
high school. He married a wonderful local girl, Li Hsiu-chen
(Jenny), and they have bought an apartment... Dean
Giustini BMus'86, MLS'89 made his operatic debut in
Calgary Opera's Eugene Onegin 1996 and will sing Papageno
in a 1997 production of Mozart's perennial favourite "Magic
Flute" ... Rowena (Arce) Grewal BSc'88 and Dev Grewal
BPE'87 are proud to announce the birth of their second
child, Leah Rowena Kaur, born on October 8, 1996 ...
Catherine M. Haskin MSc'85 and husband Hitoshi
Moriguchi had a daughter, Nina Haruka Moriguchi, on May
30, 1994. Hitoshi was transferred to Toronto in July 1994,
and Cathy and Nina followed in October 1994. After nine
years in small Japanese apartments, they are enjoying having
a back yard again ... Stephen Hibbins MASc(MetEng)'82 is
living in Renfrew, Ontario and has been working at
Timminco Metals at Haley for 10 years as Senior Research
Specialist. He married Tabatha in 1990 and they have a two
year old boy ...Todd Hubner BSc'86, wife Tracy and their
two boys, Kenny (4) and Dustin (2) recently moved to Terrace from "Sy Dease Lake." Todd is employed with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways ...Valerie A. Jewison
LLB'89 married Bruce Stenning on August 18, 1996 ...
Rennie Keates BHE'8I has been employed as a community
development worker and teacher since graduating. Rennie
began doctoral studies in Adult Education and Community
Development at the University of Toronto in January ...
Daniel A. Klit BSc'87 and Sandra (Jarvis) Klit BSc'87 had
a baby boy on September I 7, I 996. Sean Edward Klit is a
brother to three year old Lauren Michelle, born August 21,
1993 ... Bart Knudsgaard BSW'87 and Elaine (Rosales)
Knudsgaard BA'89, BEd(Elem)'9f are delighted to announce
the birth of their third daughter, Riley Marie, on August 15,
1996 ... Keng Kwun Lee MBA'83 returned to Malaysia on
completion of the MBA degree in 1983. Keng Kwun worked
with Bumiputra Merchant Bankers for five years, and then
migrated to Melbourne,Australia in 1988. He is working
with Commonwealth Bank in risk management ...Jack
MacDonald BCom'89 received the CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst distinction in the fall of 1996. He is  back in Van
couver with Sprott Securities Ltd. ...Jennifer R.
MacKinnon BA'84 and James Lockett welcomed Morgan
William to the family on February 9, 1996, a brother for
Caitlin. Jennifer is getting her special education certificate at
Pacific Oaks College in California ... Eduardo Mar BSc'86
and wife Genevieve Garcia Mar BSc'90 would like to announce the birth of their first child, Gail Caroline Mar, on
October 7, 1996. Ed continues his work at G.D. Searle in
Skokie, Illinois as a senior research investigator in the chemical sciences department... Karen Michiyo (Matsubuchi)
Marshall BA'88, BEd(Sec)'92 and Raymond Marshall
BSc'76 were married October 15, 1994, and are both teaching at Carson Graham Secondary in North Vancouver.They
completed their Master's of Education degrees in June, 1996
through City University ...Yunus D. Mgaya MSc'89 completed a PhD program in 1995 at University College Galway,
Ireland. His area of research is aquaculture genetics ...John
Montgomery MSc'85 spent the last nine years in
Albuquerque, married Glenda seven years ago, and they
have two children, Mikaila and Graeme.They have recently
moved back to the Pacific Northwest where John manages
the Portland office of Ecology and Environment Inc., an environmental consulting firm ... George Nickoloff
BSc(Pharm)'87 and Donna (Bunz) Nickoloff BSc(Pharm)'87
married in 1990, and moved to Quadra Island where they
have started a small vineyard.They had a baby girl on August
I 7, 1996 named Gina ...Wendy Nielsen MAIus'87 received
the University of Lethbridge's Distinguished Alumni Award
a new carr
For the best possible price
on the purchase of your
vehicle, call:
Greg Huynh
#506 - 1015 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y5
TEL:   688-0455
FAX:   669-1110
1-800-300-GREG  (4734)
28      UBC j\lumni Chronicle, Spring, 1997 CLASS ACTS
on October 19, 1996. She is widely acclaimed for her performances in opera, concert and recital ... Kenneth Lee
Norris BASc(MinEng)'86 moved with his wife and two children in December 1995 to Antofagasta, Chile, where they
live.They had a third son born on January 5, 1996 named
Seth Liam. Kenneth is working at a gold/silver mine as a
process plant superintendent... David Olson BCom'80 recently received the Certified Management Accountant designation, and was married in January. He continues to work for
Scotiabank Vancouver Main Branch as a commercial services
manager ...Valerie L.Osborne LLB'86 has an environmental
law and consulting practice, her husband, David L. Brooks, is a
podiatrist,and they have two children,Meaghan (I) and
Robert (2 Vi) ... Robin (Manley) Price BSc'89 and
Stephen Price BSc'87 moved to theTimmins, Ontario area
in March 1995. Steve is the senior open pit geologist at the
dome mine. Robin still works for Placer Dome's Exploration
Dept.Their first child is expected in March 1997 ... John
Pusic BEd(Sec)'88 and wife Jody (Campbell) have bought a
new home, and are sharing it with their baby boy, born on
September 4, 1995 ... Renae (McConnachie) Risley
BSc(Agr)'88 and husband John Risley have a new baby.Allie
Isabella, born May 7, 1996 ... Kelli (Kason) Rooney
BCom'86 is still with Quaker Oats, and has two daughters,
Hailey (4) andTaylor Rose (2) ...Takashi Sato BSc'86,
MSc'88, PhD'95 spent the fall of 1996 teaching at Kwantlen
University College ...Tanya Behardien Schaffrick BA'87
married Steve Schaffrick in 1993 and has been working at
Kamloops Youth Resources Society as a family counsellor
since 1991.Tanya has been on the board of directors ofthe
Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops since 1991, and is president ... Naomi (Redekop) Schmidt 8A'89 and Dan
Schmidt are celebrating the birth of their first son, Jason
Daniel Yuji, born October 29, 1996 ...Don C. Sihota
BCom'84, LLB'85 has been appointed to the Board of Directors ofthe BC Lions Foundation for Children with Disabilities for a two year term. He practices corporate commercial
law at Clark,Wilson, Barristers 8t Solicitors ...TV chef and
financial planner,"Spicy" Steve Sorko BA'95 and his wife
Tricia welcomed the birth of their son, Nicholas Anthony on
June 28, 1996 in North Vancouver. Steve works at the Richmond office of Investors Group Financial Services ... Sally
(Willis) Stewart BPE'87 is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies at UBC, and is working as full time faculty in
Kinesiology at the University College of the Fraser Valley. In
August 1995, she married Tom Stewart BASc(GeolEng)'87,
who is completing a master's in civil engineering and working
at Knight Piesold Consulting Engineers ... Peter K.H.Tan
MD'86 was the staff cardiologist at the National Defence
Medical Centre in Ottawa from 1994 to 1996. In the summer of 1996, he was posted by Canadian Forces to Base
Hospital, Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt,Victoria, BC as staff
internist... Karen (Forrest)Turner BSc(Agr)'88 and husband Mark had their first child, Kathryn Elizabeth on October 29, 1996, and all are doing well ... David Tye BSc'85 and
Darlene (Hay) Tye BSc'85 are pleased to announce the
birth of Courtney Anne on August 22, 1996, a sister for
Jennifer ... Cos Van Wermeskerken BA'87, LLB'90 has been
elected Chairman of the Langley School Board. He is also
serving as Vice-Chair of the Langley Memorial Hospital. He is
a general practitioner, and recently moved his offices to
Langley Township ...Valerie (Madill) Young BA'87 and Phil
Young BA'83 are thrilled to announce the arrival of Scott
David, June 6, 1996, a younger brother for Jacqueline Victoria, born May 4, 1994. Phil works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Valerie is on maternity leave from BC Hydro.They
have been living inVictoria for almost four years ... Bert
Zethof MBA'80 is a founding partner of Crosspoint Strategies Inc., which develops markets for environmental solutions. Bert and wife,Val, have two children, Nicholas (8) and
Sasja (4),and live inVictoria.
Roxanne Ang MEd'91 has been elected as president of the
Canadian Institutes of Travel Counsellors. Roxanne is the
founder and director of the Tourism Training Institute in
Vancouver ... Erin Williams Arrowsmith BA'93 and David
Arrowsmith were married July 7, 1996. Erin, who received
her MA in history from the University of Ottawa in 1995, is
working as a communications consultant for Nordicity
Group Ltd. in Ottawa. Dave works with the school of military mapping, Department of National Defence ... Ian Baird
BSc'94 and Kerry (Popowich) Baird BSc'94 were married
on August 24, 1996 in Williams Lake, BC. Ian is in the third
year of his PhD in chemistry at UBC doing cancer research
and Kerry is working on contract with the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks in the Watershed Restoration
Program ... Leszek Dymytryszyn BEd(Sec)'94 is teaching in
the Burnaby School District... Carol (Dale) Evans
DipMeteorology'90 and husband, Dave, are busy raising their
son, James, born January 1995. Carol continues to work for
Environment Canada as an air quality technologist... Karl B.
Fellenilis BSc'90 is soon to be married, and is working at
the Bamfield Marine Station ...After two and a half years as
an associate with the law firm Walsh and Company inVancouver, Robert Ford LLB'93 has accepted a position as director of business and legal relations with Castleton Network Systems Corporation of Burnaby ... Joe Friedt BA'94
provides financial planning services to clients through London Life and is vice president of an international word of
mouth business networking organization ...Alan Giumelli
MASc(Met)'95 is working as a technical development officer
in the Hot Strip Mill, BHP Steel in Port Kembla.Australia ...
Andrea Guttormsson BSN'93 completed a master's in
nursing in May 1996 at the University of Saskatchewan ...
James M. Hallisey BASc(MechEng)'93 was selected as one
of 15 international students to attend Chalmers University
ofTechnology in Goteborg, Sweden ... Nora (Nicole)
Herold DipFrenTrans'92 has just had original poetry published in The EbbingTide, a treasury of today's poetry compiled by the National Library of Poetry ... Kim Jury
BMLSc'95 is working as a chemistry/RIA technologist for the
Associated Pathologists Laboratories in Las Vegas ...
Catherine Kalke MBA'93 joined Castleton Network Systems, a Newbridge Networks affiliate, as a product manager
in January 1997. She works at its Burnaby office ... Sonia
Kwan BSc'94 moved to North Carolina in April 1996 with
husband Jeff Hambleton BSc'95. Sonia is working in a long
term care facility as a dietitian, and nursing and David is a
forestry supervisor for Weyerhaeuser ... Shari-Lynn
(Green) Walls BA'90 and husband Chuck, had their first
child, Ben, in August 1996 and have left Alberta-Pacific near
Athabasca for Georgia-Pacific in Woodland, Maine ...
Caroline Westwood MA'9I has worked the past five years
as a mental health teacher at Alberta Children's Hospital in
Calgary and is in the second year of full time study at U of
C pursuing a PhD in counselling psychology ... Douglas
Whiticar BASc(CivEng)'82, MEng'93 has been named as
manager of Norecol Dames and Moore's geosciences group
in Western Canada, based inVancouver ...Susan (Grose)
Yeo LLB'93 married Robert Yeo inToronto on June 8, 1996,
and is expecting their first child. Susan is working for
Olstead and Holekamp, Barristers and Solicitors in
Courtenay, BC.
Helen Belkin
Xxelen Belkin, a long time patron and friend
of UBC, has died at the age of 77
Belkin received Bachelor of Arts degree
in English and History in 1940 and she maintained her relationship with UBC for her entire life. She worked with President Norman
MacKenzie for seven years, and later worked
with the Board of Governors. She was a member of UBC's senate for four years in the
She was extremely generous with her
time and expertise. She was involved with the
United Way for many years, with the Volunteer
Board of Greater Vancouver and with the Vancouver Symphony. As part of her support of
UBC, she made a major gift to build an art
gallery to provide young artists with a venue
for their first showings. The Morris and Helen
Belkin Art Gallery opened in June, 1995 as
part of Norman MacKenzie's vision of an arts
precinct at the north end of campus. She also
established an operating endowment fund for
the gallery to sponsor lectures and symposia.
She was recognized with an honorary
degree in 1990.
UBC Alumni Chroniclk, Spring, 1997      29 ALUMNI ACROSTIC PUZZLE
9       X
17     N
21        1
22     C
31        I
37      J
3B     N
42      J
51       L
59     H
79      M
88       J
92       U
94       V
96       I
100    N
102      I
106       I
107     L
109    M
111     P
112     X
115    N
122    D
125    H
149     L
161     L
164      I
169    N
by Mary Trainer
When properly filled in, the letters in the box form a quotation from
a book written by a UBC person. The first letters of each clue, reading down, form the name of the author and title of the book. Complete the puzzle and return it to us by April 15, and you may win a
swell Alumni baseball cap! Winners are picked in a random draw from
among the correct solutions sent in. Solution in the next issue.
Fall, 1996 Solution: "One day after shopping with grandma and
studying the Chinese flag and the Union Jack and the 'Buy War
Bonds' posters hanging in the store windows, I had a burning question: 'Am I Chinese or Canadian?' I asked stepmother." Wayson
Choy, The jade Peony. Winners: Gail Wynston, Vancouver; Jan
Bryant, North Vancouver; Sue Bakken, Salmo; Gerry Irwin, Fort
Fraser (thanks for the correction); Cheryl Fieguth, North
Battleford, Sask.; Arthur Camerman, Seattle WA.
A. At a job interview, a Canadian                      	
will ask about the-----before           87 171 145 156 174     14     152    105    124
inquiring about the salary.:    	
2 wds. 6      165
B. South American mountains          	
81 158     18 74 110
C. Banks put limits on our loans                  	
but not on their--—!                       129 22       7 99 154     78     168     33
D. A Field of Dreams was based                   	
on a book by this Canadian               3 150 122 173 20     86     56     71
E. Pressed            	
47 113     11 130 148     62
F. Forest or water maiden          	
134 26 160 91 77
G. Raincoast Chronicles editor          	
Howard-—                                    132 95      8 76 119
H.   Where receptionists sometimes                   	
put callers: 2 wds.                             125 65 59 146 25     114
I.     Politicians traumatized by 1990                            	
constitutional talk failures                31 96 121 58 106     21     164    102     80
(with an implied reference to a       	
cancelled CBC-TV program) 4      143     90
I      Came up           	
133 104 37 42 88
K.   Sheila Copps' retort to a                     	
sexist John Crosbie remark:              172 34 72 123 135    159    117    147     55
".../ am .': 2 wds.    	
27      12
L.    To the fullest extent: 2 wds.                   	
51 16 161 41 64     137    107    149
M.  This corporation owns                      	
Blackcomb and Whistler resorts        109 48 170 19 157    141    131     79      13
N.   Revenue Canada's April ogre            	
100 17 169 54 115     38
0.    — sense: sound but          	
unsophisticated judgement               84 52 120 73 93
P.     Sounds used to attract          	
attention                                             69 111 142 98 177
Q.    Serious          	
35 66      10 175 97
R.    Ed Broadbent quip:                	
"I am not—-, I have many              101 1 45 118 167     85      63
other faults but that is
not among them.": 2 wds.
S.    A wrestling hold, a Skalbania             	
or a B.C. city                                     23 138 57 53 103    176
T.    Moccasin telegraph of the'90s                   	
60 151 24 128 162     70      39     136
U.   Explorer Amundsen:          	
"My sincerest wish for our                 126 92 46 36 139
friends the Eskimo is that
civilisation may —- reach them."
V.    Poorly or hastily done             	
108 44      15       5 94     116
W   "In Washington, gossip is                     	
—-."Allan Gotlieb, former                 2 75 50 140 166    61     153    127     40
Canadian ambassador       	
82      29      32
X.   Conveyed a legal transfer           	
89 28 163      9 112     68
Y.    Incited to action: 2 wds.                	
144 49 155 43 83      30      67
30       UBC Alumni Chroniclk, Spring, 1997 The Queen's Executive MBA is
Canada's most popular Executive MBA. This two-year graduate
degree program will enable
you to gain the educational and
professional advantages of a
Queen's MBA without interrupting a successful career.
This program will help you develop new ways of thinking, and
will do nothing less than change
your view of what is possible for
both yourself and your organization. Upon graduation, you will
receive an MBA, the same degree
earned by students enrolled in a
traditional full-time MBA program.
Participants meet in learning
teams with other experienced
managers on Friday and Saturday
of every other week, at video-
conference sites across Canada.
National VideoconFerence
During the program, you will:
Immediately apply leading-edge
business concepts to your job.
Because you will be learning
while you work, you can apply
new management tools and
techniques to your own business
issues on Monday morning.
► Learn from a world-renowned
faculty. Sessions are led by a
hand-picked group of Queen's
best professors, all of whom
have extensive experience with
major organizations.
► Interact with experienced senior
managers. On average, Queen's
Executive MBA participants have
over 15 years of work experience. The experience base of the
class makes discussions and
teamwork relevant to real-world
business issues.
► Become more valuable to your
employer. You can enhance your
career prospects by transferring
state-of-the-art management
thinking directly to your firm.
Linkages between your time spent
in class and your time spent
on the job are created through
course assignments and projects.
► Develop a national perspective.
The Queen's Executive MBA is
offered via fully interactive multipoint videoconferencing in
21 cities across Canada. This
proven learning technology
allows you to see, hear, and talk
with executives from St. John's
to Victoria.
1.888.EXEC MBA
St. John's, NF
Halifax, NS
Charlottetown, PEI
Fredericton, NB
Saint John, NB
Montreal, QC
Hamilton, ON
Kitchener, ON
Scarborough, ON
Thunder Bay, ON
Timmins, ON
Toronto, ON
Winnipeg, MB
Regina, SK
Saskatoon, SK
Calgary, AB
Edmonton, AB
Vancouver, BC
Victoria, BC
Whitehorse, YK
Yellowknife, NT Oscar Sziklai
(University of Soprtm)
Alumni Services tf^HOkter,',.
Professor Emeritus,
Forest Sciences
Past Member-at-large and
Member ofthe Board of Directors
UBC Alumni Association (14 years)
Faculty Citation Award, 1987
UBC Aiumni Association
Part of the University of Sopron,
Hungary, Forestry Division that
came to UBC in 1957
President, Professors Emeriti
Honorary Member, Chinese
Forestry Society
Traveled to China 23 times for
teaching and research projects with
Honorary Member, Hungarian
Forestry Association, Budapest
It's Still Yours
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