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The University of British Columbia Alumni Magazine Volume 54 • Number 1 •  Spring 2000
Specia I
Election Issue
These people are either waiting to vote or lining up to get their Acard$. See page 6 to find out which.
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Shipping Information
| l'li-,hf allow I to  I ,„•.■/•. for rlcliivry - Cmlil r.lnl orr/m ihipprtl iiin)mli,ltcly.
Name: J Mr. 3 Ms. _l Mrs. □ Or.  	
A portion of thr >,ilc i,/thru' fromc* will In' w<W !o ■upptm ihr I 'nimbly oml Alinwu I'ro^roni,.
1050 McNicoll Avenue. Units  11 and 12.
Toronto. Out.. M 1 YV 21.8
1-800-884-3149 Fax: <41n) 497-7518 Editor Chris Petty, MFA'86
Assistant Editor Shari Ackerman
Advertising Gord Smart/The Keegan Croup
Board of Directors
President Linda Thorstad, BSc'77, MSc'84
Senior VP Gregory Clark, BCom'86, LLB'89
Past President Haig Farris, BA'60, LLD'97
Treasurer Thomas Hasker, BA'86
Members at Large '98-'00
Jean Forrest, BPE'83
Thomas Hobley, MBA'83
Members at Urge '99-'01
Edward John, LLB'79
Peter Ladner, BA'70
Don Wells, BA'89
Executive Director
Agnes Papke, BSc(Agr)'66
Editorial Committee
Don Wells, BA'89, Chair
Ron Burke, BA'82
Paula Martin
Sue Watts, MF'75, PhD'81
Printed in Canada by Mitchell Press
ISSN 0824-1279
Canadian Publications Mai) Product Sales
Agreement No. 1463357
The University of British Columbia Alumni Association
Special Election Issue
Alumni News
From division gatherings to
reunions and branch events, here's
all the information you need to
stay in touch.
Election 2000
Meet the men and women who
want to serve on the Board of
Directors. If you don't vote, you
don't get to complain.
Class Acts
What ever happened to that guy who
used to eat those Llmburger
sandwiches during English 101 lectures?
Maybe a Sub chef?? Find out here.
Visit our website: www.alumni.ubc.ca
[editor's view
Or maybe the question should be
"Why have an election at all?"
The Association's constitution
insists on elections, but constitutions, as
we all know, can be changed. After all, it
costs us a zillion dollars to mail each
issue out and we don't get all that many
ballots returned, so why not just save the
paper or print something else. Some
university alumni associations just
appoint a board without bothering with
an election at all.
Here's what we do now: every year
our nomination committee selects a slate
to fill the number of available positions.
This slate is made up of grads whose
careers, volunteer experiences and
interest in UBC suggest they would be
good board members. Most years, this
slate is elected by acclamation, since no
one else puts their name forward. In
some years, like this one, other nominations come in and we hold an election. If
we get a very few ballots, perhaps we
Why Vote in an Alumni Election
should consider an appointed board and
forget about elections. What do you
The Alumni Association has been
active since 1917 serving the interests of
grads and the university. That long
history has been both productive and
valuable to UBC's development. Some of
our volunteers have been or became VIPs
in this province: Sherwood Lett, John
Oliver, Arthur Laing, Bill Gibson, Nathan
Nemetz, George Morfitt, Charlotte
Warren, Deborah Sing, Martin Glynn
and Haig Farris, to name a few, have all
served as president of this Association. As
volunteers, they have had an influence
on the direction this university has taken
over the years, and have actively designed the kinds of programs we offer
you. And they have worked hard.
The short answer to the question
heading this column is, "because it
matters." It's one way you can participate in the Association's (and the
university's) business, and your vote will
directly affect how this Association
operates. You may not know any of the
candidates presenting themselves for
election. How, you might wonder, can
you make an informed decision.
We provide some information about
each candidate; where he or she works,
what he or she has done in the community, and how he or she feels about the
job they're seeking. How do you think
their experience will help this Association operate, and how will that experience help them operate as a team? Read
over the information on each candidate,
and, based on that information, vote for
the people you think would do the best
Maybe things will change in the
future. Maybe we'll decide not to have
elections anymore. But this year we have
one. Exercise your right and cast your
vote. Your Association will be the better
for it. Chris Petty, editor a umni news
President's Message
Supporting TREK 2000 in 2000
Branch Out!
Would you like to get involved in
alumni activities in your area? Alumni
branch programs offer opportunities
for networking, professional development, meeting travelling faculty, and
purely social activities. Alumni are
particularly needed in Prince George,
Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary and Ottawa.
For more info., contact Janis Connolly
at 822-8917, (800)883-3088, or
Upcoming Events
• Taiwan: Alumni Et Friends Reception, Apr.
• Washington, DC: All-Canadian Universities Dinner, April 28, 6:30 pm, National Press
Club with Martha Piper. Meet Dr. Piper at a
5:30-6:30 pm reception. Call Jane Battle
(202)625-1024, Jhbattle@aol.com
• Toronto: ongoing brunches, last Sunday of
every month. Contact Ed Ng at nge3@
tdbank.ca. Agricultural Sciences reception,
May 1, 5:30 pm with dean Moira Quayle.
Toronto Airport Marriott.
• HK: monthly after work Happy Hours Et
corporate lunches, last Fri. of every month.
Check out www.ubcalumni.com.hk for info.
Past Events
• Japan, Nov. 2, and Korea, Nov. 3, receptions, Martha Piper and guests Harold Kalke,
Chair, UBC Board of Governors a Dr. Daniel
Muzyka, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration.
Above, Ed Ng BCom'94, Toronto branch
president, Et Marion Petelycky BSc'85 preside
over the lucky prize draw at the Toronto
reception, Nov. 30.
Since our inception as a society
in 1917, the focus of the
Alumni Association has been
the well-being of UBC. From
our involvement in the Great
Trek in 1922 through our work in the
"Back Mac" campaign in the 1960s to our
support of the World of Opportunity
campaign in the early 1990s, successive
Association boards have pledged time,
resources and commitment to the goals of
the university.
It's no different today. When Martha
Piper brought down her vision of UBC's
future in "TREK 2000," we went to work to
integrate that vision into our day-to-day
planning. All our programs, from this
magazine to our reunion and branch work,
have been scrutinized and adjusted to
ensure that our goals and those of the
university are in complete harmony.
Martha Piper and Allan Fotheringham BA'54
at the Toronto Reception.
• HK: Branch executives held a lunch in the
new headquarters of the UBC-HK Alumni
Office on Dec. 23. Check out www.ubcalumni
.com.hk for details. Official opening 8t
reception with Martha Piper, April 10.
• Vernon: a new branch emerges! Phil Jones
and Mary Et Peter Bailey coordinated an
inaugural event at the Vernon Museum, Jan.
19. More than 50 alumni attended.
• New York, New York: David Neustaedter
hosted a single malt Scotch tasting at the
Canadian Club on Feb. 3.
• Call to all Canadian alumni! You are
needed for events, development Et mentoring
for the India branch. Contact Nitin Jain at
jainitin66@hotmail.com or 462-8877.
Our renewed commitment to branch
development is a good example of this
integration. "Internationalization" is one
of the main tenets of TREK 2000. UBC's
goal is to educate our students in a global
context, and to attract more students,
faculty and academic relationships from
the international community. In response
to this, we have expanded our branches
program by devoting full-time staff
position to developing close links with our
far-flung alumni, and to creating opportunities for interaction between alumni,
university members and students abroad.
Another of TREK 2000's goals is to
increase community involvement in the
university. We have expanded our Aaml to
offer no-cost borrowing privileges at UBC's
library, access to fitness and aquatic
services, reduced internet connection costs,
and many other discounts. As well, we are
increasing our focus on Alumni Day (on
September 30 this year) and on the annual
awards dinner to be held in November.
These are just some of the ways we attract
you, our alumni, to get involved again
with your university.
This special election issue is yet
another way for us to encourage your
participation in UBC's affairs. Take a
moment to look over our slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, and
exercise your vote. Become part of a
growing number of UBC grads who are
giving back to their alma mater.
Linda Thorstad, President
Chronicle ||a   Commerce
Golf tournament, May 5. Call
Catherine Newlands at 822-6068.
Spring events: 80 Years of Knowledge, April 6, 7pm, CGP. 80th
Anniversary Celebration Dinner,
May 11, Arbutus Club.
For more info, call the Nursing
Alumni Info Line at 822-7468.
Annual BBQ, June 4. Contact
aoiivancouver@hotmail.com, check
out http://members.tripod.com/
aoiivancouver/index.htm or call Carolyn
Rhee-Thompson at 609-7828.
Agricultural Sciences
Division meeting, Mar. 28, 7pm, BC
Ministry of Agriculture Et Food Centre,
1767 Angus Campbell Rd., Abbotsford.
Class of '39 Diamond Anniversary
On Nov. 26, The Class of '39 walked across
the stage with the grads (re-convocated?)
for their 60th Anniversary. Afterward, they
enjoyed tea at Cecil Green Park, above.
1949 Chrll Engineering Reunion
hooted it up at the Tsawwassen Inn, Delta,
on Sept. 29.
Alumni Day
September 30, 2000
Join us for festivities, reminiscence and a plain ol' good time.
Speakers, demonstrations,
cinnamon buns, "Favourite
Professors," and more.
Past Events
Class of '49 President's Reception
Above, the Class of '49 gathered at University Centre to celebrate on Alumni Day, Oct.
2, 1999. The Right Honourable John Turner
was class chair.
Rehab Medicine '89 had their 10-year
reunion May 22-23, 1999.
Great Trek Remembered Lunch
Oct. 1 at Cecil Green Park. These pioneers
enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and were
treated to a Great Trek Heritage video and
some insightful words from current student
Heather Kerr, on Life as a Student Today.
Medicine 45th Reunion
Above, some members and their wives at the
UBC Medicine 1954 class reunion, Harrison
Hot Springs, May 1999.
For more information on Reunions,
contact Jane Merling at
822-8918, or
merling@alumni. ubc.ca
2000 Reunions
• Forestry '50 Harrison Hot Springs,
Apr. 25-26. Contact Robin L Caesar
• Law '74 Law Courts Restaurant, May
12,4:30pm reception
• Law '50 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
luncheon, May 19
• Architecture '60 Green College, May
20. Robert Baxter (250)477-8616
• Commerce '62 Cecil Green, June 2
• Trinidad Et Tobago '50 University
Centre, June 24
• Pharmacy '75 Symphony of Fire
Dinner Cruise, Aug. 2
• Forestry '70 Grand Okanagan Hotel,
Kelowna, Aug. 4-6. Call Wayne Coombs
• Varsity Outdoors Club CGP, Sept. 6
• Medicine '70 Manteo Resort, Kelowna,
BC, Sept. 15/16
• Pharmacy "90 CGP, Sept. 24
• Applied Sc. '50 Univ. Centre, Sept. 29
• Arch Landscape '75 CGP, Sept. 29
• Ag Sci '49, "50 Et '51 CGP lunch, Sept. 30
• Home Ec '65 dinner, Sept. 30
• Applied Sci '60 CGP, Oct. 2
• Applied Sci '70 CGP, Oct. 4
• Mech Eng '55 CGP, Oct. 14
• Commerce '65 CGP, Oct. 20, 6:30 pm. Call
Catherine Newlands at 822-6068.
• Medicine 50 Years Nov. 2-4
• Class of '40 Fall graduation
"Those wHo don't vote get
the government they
Cast your ballot today.
See Page 8.
Chronicle Watch For This Postcard!
The cover girls/boys posed here got together at
Cecil Green Park to sit for a postcard shot.
We're printing up a load of the cards to send
out to notify you of reunions, receptions and other
alumni events of interest.
From back row, left, going clockwise: Kay Taylor
BA'40, Harold Gopal Agr'62, Jaquelin Savage BA'40,
Bernie Guichon Agr'50, Louanne Twaites Pharm'53,
Jack Stevenson BA'40, Lenore Smith Pharm'49, Lou
Robinson, Marjorie Borton BA'39, Lou Green
BASc'49, Iola Knight BA'45, MA'47.
Check out the features we offer on our A'""',
below. Our friends at right all have, and can vouch
for how good it feels to be able to browse through
Koerner Library, and actually rent a book! Call today.
Here's your new
Library Card!
Alumni A""*
Being a UBC grad can make you more than just SMART! You can get
some great discounts, too:
• UBC Library card at no cost! (a $100 value)
• UBC Fitness discounts
'.;.*  UBC Internet connection for $8.95/montrt
• UBC Museum of Anthropology 2 for 1 amission
• Business in Vancouver savings
... and savings from more than 50 other businesses from auto parts to
golf equipment and copying services.
All for $2675/year!
For more information about our marketing and member services,
call 822-9629,1-800-883-3088 or e-mail market@alumni.ubc.ca
MaKe 2000 Your year for a
Great Tripi
Join other grads In exotic places,
visit fantastic sites,
and bring baCK exciting T-shirts
for the whole family'
Waterways of Holland & Belgium
ADjitaO-May 1, 2000
Classical Mediterranean
..•'■' *!©dyssey ;
■■ ''iterA^el-#1
Jdne^aO^OOO  -V.,/
tr   •- \..---V*    ,,'*;.   \-.."W-
Journey Through Spain
iyyof thev
Chronicle To get where youre going takes hard work, determination and.
2000   FOCUS  AVAILABLE   FALL  OF   1 99
As .1 sinuluatc. w
IK II. i,„,l
.iIl' Information  Kit,
in Business Administration
■ core business skills in finance,
accounting, economics, marketing,
management information systems,
and organizational behaviour
I one-year program
I courses you take online,
where you are, when you can
I enroll for spring, summer or fall terms
\\q® ■■i.j.jj Faculty of Business Administration
%*!§/ Tel (604) 291-5256 • Fax (604) 291-5153
s?§^£^§? Email gdba@sfu.ca
"^-^^-^ \i\ieb www.bus.sfu.ca/gdba/
Be part of Simon Fraser
Choose the accelerated nine-month
full-time program or combine work
with study over twenty months.
Management of Technology MBA
Phone (604) 291-5259
Fax (604) 291-5153
E-mail motmbaQsfu.ca
Web www.harbour.sfu.ca/mot/
Chronicle Election   2000
board of directors
Election 2000
Three Members-at-large and one Treasurer are
to be elected. Five candidates are contesting the
three Members-at-Large positions, and two candidates are eon^stingthe Treasurer's position.
Vote and Mail Today
Vote according to the directions on page 10.
The results of the election will be announced in
the fall Chronicle and will be available on May
1, 2000.
Peter Ladner
Chief Sectoral Officer
Your Vote Counts
The Association is managed by the Board of
Directors. The Senior VP automatically becomes President after the two-year term. The
lYeasureris elected for a one-year term, and
Members-at-Large are elected for two years.
The Nominating Committee ensures a full
slate of candidates by searching for people
who bring a broad range of experience and
perspective to the Association.
We appreciate file commitment the candidates make by offering to stand for election.
Greg Clark
Chair, Nominating Committee
Two Candidates for Treasurer: One to be Elected
* R. Thomas
Hasker, BA'86
Alumni Activities:
Mentor, Association
Treasurer, 1998-00.
Member, director,
Midland Walwyn
Charitable Foundation; director, Richmond Chamber of Commerce; member,
Richmond School District, Career Development Advisory Cttee.
Financial Advisor, Midland Walwyn
Capital Inc.
As Treasurer, I have helped maintain a
stable financial environment for the
Association's activities. Our track record of
balanced budgets means solid program
development and delivery. I am also
committed to maintaining the Association's strong support for Martha Piper's
Trek 2000 vision, and for developing new
programs to serve that vision.
* Denotes incumbent
Gary Moore,
BCom'76, MBA'82
Alumni Activities:
External VP, AMS,
'74-75; Student
Member, UBC
Senate, '74-77;
Manager, Young
Alumni Club, '76-
77; Sigma Tau Chi Rep, Divisions Council;
Member-at-Large, Alumni board, '92-94.
Chief Executive Officer, AFT Trivest
Management Inc., Investment Counsel.
1 served in several capacities with the
Association in the early 1990s as it
managed its transition from its role as the
only point of contact with the university's
alumni, to a more decentralized role. I
wish to offer my services again as the
Association continues its evolution. I feel
privileged to have had the opportunity to
attend UBC and look forward to renewing
my contact with the growing worldwide
community of UBC alumni.
Returning Board Members, 2000 - 2001
Linda Thorstad,
Senior Vice President
Gregory Clark,
BCom'86, LLB'89
Peterson Yang
Peter Ladner,
Publisher, Business
in Vancouver.
Members-at-Large 1999-2001
Edward John,
Grand Chief of
Tl'azt'en Nation;
Don Wells,
Vote Today! §
Ballots and    if
instaictiom on -*
page 10
Chronicle Election   2000
Five Candidates for Member-at-Large: Three to be Elected
John Grunau,
Taught economics,
mathematics and
statistics at
universities in
Canada and
Australia. Worked as an economist in
regulatory and institutional economics,
market assessments, project management,
business development and project
viability. He also holds degrees from
McMaster (MA Economics) and from the
Australian National University (MA
Occupation: Principal of ENEC Associates, an energy and resource consulting
company, and a director at EmW Productions, specializing in international trade
and special events.
Statement: In the past, the Board has
had much success organizing events and
communicating with its members. I want
to be part of the team to ensure that
success continues. I also want the Board
of Directors to further explore ways of
building on that success.
Jane Knott
Part of the BC
Cancer Foundation Millennium
Campaign 1997-
present; chair of the BC Cancer Foundation Board of Directors since 1997; board
member of the BC Cancer Foundation
1993-present; member of the Board of
Trustees for the BC Cancer Agency since
1994; part of the Research Management
Committee of the BC Cancer Research
Centre 1996-present; on the Crofton
House School Foundation Board of
Directors and member of the by-laws
Committee; involved with the Cancer
Inter Agency Committee since 1996;
involved in the establishment of Science
World, sat on the Board of Directors for
seven years, named Patron for Science
World in 1995 in recognition of significant contributions.
Statement: My days at UBC have helped
shape my life. As a third generation
alumnus, affection for my alma mater
runs as deep as my roots in the
community. I will offer the Alumni
Association my commitment and
enthusiastic support in fostering alumni
spirit and pride in the traditions of the
university, and contribute a fresh
perspective in shaping its future.
Tammie L.P. Mark,
Alumni Activities:
Executive, Commerce
Alumni; Rep., Div.
Cttee.; Alumni Day
Member AMS Student Admin. Commission; co-editor Commerce Undergrad
Employment Yearbook; Volunteer, Open
Occupation: Senior Consultant, Westech
Information Systems. Member, CMA.
Statement: Having served with not-for-
profit organizations at an executive level
in the past, I have experienced the
pleasures and challenges associated with
such organizations. I recognize similarities
between the challenges that other groups
face and those that the Association faces:
how can we promote awareness of our
services among our membership, how can
we encourage participation? I also
recognize that there are many
opportunities to bring together alumni,
students and the university to foster
active, mutually beneficial relations.
Through my experience, knowledge and
enthusiasm, I hope to contribute to the
dedicated team that works to improve and
to enhance the level of service provided to
our membership.
Darlene Marzari,
BA'64, MSW'66
As social planner,
fought urban
renewal and worked
with inner city
communities to
develop relevant
social services. Served eight years as
Vancouver Alderman, building
neighbourhood councils for upgrading
and social service coordination. Served 10
years as a BC MLA, and five years as a
minister (Culture & Tourism, and Municipal Affairs). Developed a strategy for
planning and managing urban growth in
BC using consensus building and inclusion as the basic organizing principle.
This policy is still at work today. Founded
Kaboodles, now a successful toy business
in Vancouver.
Occupation: Retired from active public
duty. Now a gardener, a reader, a friend, a
full-time mother (to the chagrin of her
teenaged boys), and a volunteer on the
boards of the Fraser Basin Council, the
Katherine Sanford Housing Society, and a
few others.
Statement: At a time when the
university is developing a new vision for
what it can be in the larger community,
it's important for graduates to continue to
mentor students and perhaps to remind
them of the positive aspects of where the
institution has been. I think I can help
develop the mentoring programs, and I'm
old enough to have had some experiences
that could be useful, while young enough
to remember a few.
Chronicle Election   2000
Five Candidates for Member-at-Large: Three to be Elected (continuedfrom page9)
Donna Y. Moroz,
BA'66, MSW'68
Worked in Montreal
and Ottawa as a
social worker and
supervisor. She
expanded her career to operations
management and has managed major
projects directed toward community and
people development. Her experience
spans social services, aboriginal affairs and
workers compensation. She has four
children and resides in Vancouver.
Occupation: Independent consultant in
special project management and vocational rehabilitation services. She also
assists social service and health care
organizations on setting up disability
management programs.
Statement: As a member-at-large, I will
contribute to the development of a sound
alumni board representing alumni
members, and will actively solicit their
views on the future direction of the
Voting Instructions
Cecil Green Park
Vancouver's premiere event venue.
Call to book weddings, meetings, receptions,
reunions, anniversaries, special parties.
The view, and the price, can't be beat.
822-6289, or toll free 1 800 883-3088
Graduates of UBC (including graduates of Victoria College) may vote; There are two  §
candidates for the position of Treasurer, and five candidates for threefrtembers-at-
Large positions. Vote for one of the two candidates for Treasurer, and three of the five ?
candidates for Members-at-Large. The partner ballot is for use when partners, both
eligible to vote, receive a single copy of the Chrome.
Identity Certificate
Your ID number, from the magazine
mailing label, and your signature must
be on the ballot.
To Return Ballot
1. Complete the ballot and the
Identity Certificate. To ensure confidentiality, detach the ballot portion
and seal it in a blank envelope. Place
that envelope and the Identity
Certificate in a second envelope.
Stamp the second envelope and mail
it to the address below.
2. Mail to: Alumni Returning Officer,
PO Box 233,2906 W. Broadway.,
Vancouver, BC, V6K 2G8.
3. Ballots received later than noon,
April 17, 20GQ will not be counted.
■i r
UBC Alumni Association
Place an X opposite the candidate
of your choice.
Treasurer 2000-2001
Q      Tom Hasker
□ Gary Moore
Place an X opposite the candidates
of your choice. Vote for three only.
Members-at-Large 2000-2002
Q John Grunau
Q Jane Knott Hungerford
□ Tammie Mark
Ql Darlene Marzari
□ Donna Moroz
Identity Certificate
The information below must be complete
and accompany the ballot or the ballot wil
be rejected.
Name (print) 	
I certify that I am a graduate of the
University of British Columbia.
UBC Alumni Association
Partner BALLOT
Place an X opposite the candidate
of your choice.
Treasurer 2000-2001
□ Tom Hasker
Q      Gary Moore
Place an X opposite the candidates
of your choice. Vote for three only.
Members-at-Large 2000-2002
Q John Grunau
□ Jane Knott Hungerford
□ Tammie Mark
□ Darlene Marzari
□ Donna Moroz
J   I.
Identity Certificate
The information below must be complete
and accompany the ballot or the ballot will
be rejected.
Name (print) 	
I certify that I am a graduate of the
University of British Columbia.
Chronicle class acts
James McKeever     60s
James Lawrence McKeever BASc'30
and wife Kay are the co-founders of
the Owl Rehabilitation Research
Foundation, a center for the breeding
and release of endangered species, as
well as the study of owl behaviour.
Larry retired in 1970 to devote himself
full-time to the Foundation, as chairman. He
and wife Kay received Honorary LLD's from
Brock University and from McMaster University.
In 1983, the US National Wildlife Rehabilitators
Association granted Kay a Lifetime Achievement award and in 1985 she was appointed a
Member of the Order of Canada.
Rodney Poisson BA'35 and Helen (Ferguson)
Poisson BA'33 recently celebrated the 60th anniversary
of their first meeting at the Graduation Ceremonies,
when they received their degrees. Helen taught in King
George High School and Rodney was an English
professor at Mount Allison University.
Donald O. Ivey BA'44, MA'46, Professor Emeritus,
Physics, University of Toronto, was in Vancouver in
August to participate in the Canadian National Senior
Tennis Championships. To his surprise, he won the
Over-75 Singles Championship, and was a finalist in the
Over-75 Men's Doubles.
M. Lynn (Barner) Ledgerwood BA'59 was recently
named 1999 Whistler Citizen of the Year. Husband
Ernie Ledgerwood MD'60 will continue his Family
Medicine practice in Squamish, BC ... Ewan Macintyre
BA'55, BSW'56, MSW'57 was awarded a lifetime
membership in the Canadian Association of Schools of
Social Work in Sherbrooke ... After more than 40 years
of distinguished architectural practice in Edmonton, AB,
Joe Naito BArch'57 has retired in Kelowna, BC.
Don B. Allen BASc(Mech Eng)'67 admits he is still a
UBC fan, and looks forward to every Chronicle he
receives. He would like to hear from any 1967
classmates... Dr. David Birdsall BASc'62 is now
head of Aerospace Engineering at the University of
Bristol, UK. He has been in the department for 31 years
...  Grant Frame BASc'61 is a principal in Environmental Consultants and Engineers. He worked for the
Cuban Minister of Industry in 1962, and as a plant
manager and university professor in Cuba until he
returned to Canada ... Rodney Irwin BA'69, MA'71
has been appointed ambassador to the Russian
Federation, with concurrent accreditation to the
Republic of Armenia ... David A. Lynn BEd(Sec)'65
was the recipient of the Canadian Association of School
Administrators 1999 Distinguished Service Award. He
retired from Foothills School Division after 22+ years as
school superintendent and 11 others as teacher,
counsellor and school administrator... Edwin H.
Neave BCom'64 has been appointed Bank of
Montreal professor of Business and Finance in the
School of Business, Queen's University ... Gerald R.
Skinner BA'65 has been appointed ambassador to the
Republic of Kazakhstan, with concurrent accreditation
to the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan ...
Jim Strong MASc'65 has retired as vice-president of
General Electric Canada and is now living in Oakville,
Ontario ... Christopher Thomson BA'64 has been
appointed ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.
Don Alper PhD'76 has been elected president of the
Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
(ACSUS) for the 1999-2001 term. Don is director of
Western Washington University's Center for Canadian-
American Studies... Graeme Bristol BA(Hon)'73,
Where in the world
have you been?
Your WUSC friends
are looking for you.
Join us
to celebrate
I YV   200 1
the International
Year of Volunteers
www.wusc.ca 1-800-267-8699
Knowledge for an equitable world
BArch'80, MASA'92 was appointed chairman of the
Architecture program of King Mongkut's University of
Technology Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand ... Peter
A.J. Frinton BSc'72 was sworn in as a founding
councillor for the Island Municipality of Bowen Island
last December. He has also been elected municipal
trustee within the Islands Trust... Glenn M. Hardie
DAEd'74, MEd'78, BA'99 retired five years ago as an
adjunct professor in the School of Architecture at UBC.
He enrolled as a student in the Dept. of Philosophy, and
graduated this year... Richard Lindsay LLB'77, has
been elected a director of the Defense Research
Institute, North America's largest association of civil
litigation defense lawyers ... Vernon Little BASc'79
founder of PMC-Sierra, had joined Chrysalis-ITS as
vice-president, marketing. He received the British
Columbia Technology Association's award in 1996 ...
Brian J. McParland BASc'79, MSc'81, PhD'85 is
living in Ireland and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as
chief of Medical Physics in a western hospital. He and
wife Sharon had a baby, Siobhan Mary, on Sept. 23,
1999, in Derry, Ireland ... David Preston MA'70 has
been appointed high commissioner to the People's
Republic of Bangladesh ... Ross Sharp MA'76 joined
Skyreach Construction & Development as vice-
president, following a 22 year career in the public sector
... Rattan Sood PhD'71 is general manager R&D for
GlaxoWellcome India, a subsidiary of world wide
GlaxoWellcome Pharmaceutical Company, UK.
Ron Byres BASc(Civil Eng)'85, MASc(Coastal &
Ocean Eng)'88 returned to Vancouver in 1993 after
living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for 11 months. He and
family moved to Seattle where Sophia Marie was born
Dec. 22, 1999 ... Peter Dash BSF'80 is teaching in
East Asia, and is willing to teach forest industry
executives how to use the English language to fight off
those wonderful tree huggers... A second son for Gjoa
(Andrichuk) Hart BA'88 and JF Vincent Hart
MA '91: Liam Patrick was born May 24, 1999 at 10 pm,
a brother for Julien Lucas and another swimmer for the
family team ... Russell Kang BPE'84 and wife Lisa are
proud to announce the birth of their daughter Jennifer
Elizabeth Nancy, born June 10, 1999. A sister for four-
year-old Jonathan ... Shermon Lam BSW86
completed his MA in Liberal Studies at SFU this Spring.
He also married Kara McRae DipEd'97 and they are
expecting their first child next Spring ... Janie P.
(Leung) Louie BCom'87 and husband Ming are
pleased to announce the birth of their second child,
Jennifer, in Oct. 1999, a sister for their son, Michael ...
George K. Markin BRE'86 recently graduated from
the University of Victoria with a Master of Arts in
Leisure Service Administration. He is the new director of
Recreation, Facilities and Culture for the municipality of
High Prairie, AB ... Mary Martin BSR'80 is working
with the United Mission to Nepal, training health care
workers in physiotherapy other rehabilitation areas...
Edward Mathie PhD'80 is the recipient of the
Excellence in Public Service Award from the University
of Regina Alumni Association ... Todd M. Mundle
BA'84. MLS'89 was appointed head, Collections
Management, WAC Bennett Library, Simon Fraser
University on June 1, 1999 ... Margaret (Gardiner)
Chronicle      11 class acts
Martin Glynn
Former UBC Alumni Association
president (1992) Martin Glynn
MBA'76 was promoted to CEO of
Vancouver-based HSBC Bank Canada.
He joined the Hongkong bank in 1982 after
working for six years in trade finance with the
federal Export Development Corp. in Ottawa.
He has held several senior positions with the
bank, and was appointed Chief Operating
Officer in 1997. He is director for the
Vancouver Board of Trade, the Community
Care Foundation and the Canadian Chamber
of Commerce.
Irwin Stewart
Irwin Stewart BSc'52, MD'56, Prof. Emeritus,
Medicine, was awarded the 1999 CJ Coady
Memorial Medal at the Annual Meeting of the
BC Medical Association in recognition of his
outstanding contributions to Health Care and
Community Services. Past president ofthe
Canadian Society of Otolaryngology, Irwin has
donated time to isolated communities in BC
and the Yukon as well as developing countries
in Asia and Africa for many years. He is retired
and working in Zimbabwe and Uganda.
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The University of British Columbia 5961 Student Union Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C., V6I 2C9  Tel: 1604) 822-1060
Fax: (604) 822-1069  Weh site: www conferences .ubc.ca
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Chronicle class acts
Neal BCom'86 and husband Greg are pleased to
announce the birth of their second child, Laura
Margaret, born May 21, 1999, a sister for Patrick ...
Shannon Park BHE'85 and Scott Beesley BSc'86,
MA'94 belatedly announce the arrival of #2, Madeleine
Mary Beesley, last January. She's the world's happiest
baby ... A daughter for Frances Pownall MA'87 and
husband Joe. Kathryn (Katy) Alexandra was born
February 19, 1999 in Edmonton, AB. Frances was
awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor in
the Dept. of History and Classics at the University of
Alberta ...  Ken Radford BRE'82, MPE'88 has recently
been named the director of Technical Development for
Swimming Canada, the governing body for competitive
swimming ... Greg Wild BSc'83, MBA'85, Kathryn
(Abbott) Wild BEd'83 and their three sons William,
Austin and Jack have happily relocated to Victoria from
Toronto. Greg is a financial consultant with Wood
Gundy Private Client Investments... Muhammed
Masoud uz Zafer LLM'84 is now a research analyst in
industrial relations and human resources management
at Mercer Cullen Egan Dell in Sydney, Australia.
Nicola Ashurst BASc(Agr)'96 married Chad Wright
SSc'95, MSC98 on August 21, 1999, in West
Vancouver. They returned to Columbus, Ohio, where
Chad is attending veterinary school and Nicola is
involved in veterinary cardiology research at the Ohio
State University ... Tamara Bourne BSc'96 is working
for Eli Lilly and Company in Frankfurt, Germany. She
would love for her peers to get in touch with her at:
bourne_tamara@lilly.com ... Margo (Watts)
Cochrane MEd'96 and David Cochrane BA'91,
BEd'95 are pleased to announce the birth of their
second child, Robert Kelton, on May 12, 1999, a
brother for Susannah Rose. They both teach for the
Surrey School District... Shawn Corbishley BA'90
married lleen Gordon of Houston, Texas, last May.
They live in The Woodlands, Texas ... Chris Dudra
BASc(Mech Eng)'93 and Kim (Whidden) Dudra
BCom'92 are proud to announce the arrival of their
baby girl Samantha in April, 1999. Chris is project
engineer for Creo Products and Kim is a marketing
communications associate at LifeScan Canada ... Lisa
Freeman BA'97 married musician Richard Grant in Los
Angeles, CA, on June 26, 1999. They honeymooned in
Lake Tahoe and are blissfully happy ... Jeff Friesen
BA'90 and his wife Catherine had a son, Owen
Faulkner Friesen, born Dec. 10, 1999. Jeff practices law
at Cravath, Swain & Moore in New York City, and
Catherine is a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn ... Megan
Cilgan BA(Hon)'96 is a fellow of Developmental
Management for the Bangladesh Rural Advancement
Committee in Dhaka, Bangladesh ... Kenneth W.
Cow MSc'97 married Patricia Dong-Sook Park on May
1, 1999 ... After 10 years, Geoffrey Liggins BASc'93,
MASc'98 has left UBC, Mechanical Engineering, to take
a new staff research position in C-CORE's Intelligent
Systems and Remote Sensing Teams at Memorial
University, Newfoundland ... Andrea Lindsay
BASc'94 and Christopher McGrath were married Oct.
9, 1999, and live in Oak Park, IL. Andrea is a process
developer in the home and personal care business...
Master of Arts
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
♦ Earn an advanced degree through a structured,
intellectually challenging, interdisciplinary program ♦ Re-discover the
world of ideas, study classic texts, develop new perspectives on
contemporary issues ♦ Join a community of learning
The Graduate Liberal Studies program has been developed
especially for adults returning to study on a part time basis.
The Master of Arts program is offered during evening
hours at SFU at Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver.
Deadline for applications for September 2000 admission
is Friday, April 14,2000.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Graduate Liberal Studies Program
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver V6B 5K3
Telephone (604) 291-5152 Fax (604) 291-5159 E-mail glsp@sfu.ca
Keith Lockitch BSc'93 was granted his PhD in
theoretical physics at the University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee and has begun a post-doctoral at Penn Sate
University ... Neil McAllister BA'92, MLS'95 moved
to Victoria and was recently appointed branch head of
the Bruce Hutchison Public Library ... After completing
her Master's of Management degree at J.L Kellogg
School of Management at Northwestern University,
Janet Morrison BCom'93 has moved to Seattle to
work for McKinsey & Company. Get in touch with her
at: janetmorrison@yahoo.com ... Jeff O'Brien MAS'95
has been the City of Saskatoon archivist since Nov.
1997. On June 19, 1999 he married Kathy (Sargent)
Berg of Saskatoon, acquiring two beautiful stepchildren in the process... H. Peter Oberlander
LLD'98, Prof. Emeritus, Community and Regional
Planning, has been appointed to his third term as
citizenship judge in the Canadian Citizenship Court,
Vancouver Circuit, by the Canadian Minister for
Citizenship and Immigration ... Lesley Parsons BA'96
received her MA in English from the University of
Waterloo in June 1999. She and her husband welcomed
their son, Sawyer, into the world on Oct. 12, 1999 ...
Karl Pringle BA'93 recently married Annabel Nicholls
in Somerset, England. Karl is working in the commercial
department of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in London
and reflects on a most enjoyable and rewarding
experience at UBC ... Kevin Ronan BASc'94 moved to
Portland, with wife Erin (Wood) Ronan BHK'96 and
son Nicholas. He is a metallurgical engineer on Precision
Castparts Structural' Industrial Gas Turbines engineering team ... Since completing her PhD in Statistics at the
University of Waterloo, Rhonda Rosychuk MSc'94
has returned to the University of Alberta as an assistant
professor in the Department of Pediatrics ... Pardeep
K. Tatlay BA'98 is working on his master's in
Educational Psychology at UVic. He is also a career
counsellor and instructor with Compu College ... Leslie
Taylor BMus'92, MA'94 and Nathan Wilkes
DMA'97 shared the arrival of an eight-pound, two-
ounce baby named Brennan Nicholas Wilkes, on July
27, 1999 ... Nasim Yazdani BSc'90, DMD'94 and
John Anderson LLB'90 were married March 6, 1999,
in Vancouver. Nasim practices dentistry in New
Westminster and John is a partner of Stikeman, Elliott...
Julia Torbela Ziebart BCom'95 returned to her
hometown of Fort St. John, BC. She works at Laythorpe
& Co., and serves on the Board of Directors for the
Child Development Centre Society of Fort St. John and
Are you a Magee Grad?
"Magee at the Millennium"
is happening July 1.
All-Grads Reunion
Call the
Tee informatior
ie at 878-31
Chronicle       13 Robert Grant Johnson
Robert Grant Johnson BEd'69 passed away
September 5,1999 in Salmon Arm, BC He was
the grandson of George Grant Chase, nephew
of Whitfield Chase, early pioneer of Chase, BC.
Bob was educated in Enderby, Chase and
Vernon, BC. He was also the RCAF Western
Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion in
1942, and competed several times in the
Golden Gloves competition. In 1954 he
represented Canada in the Hammer Throw at
the British Empire Games in Vancouver. After
the war. Bob was a physical education teacher
and counselor at Maple Ridge Senior High. Bob
was inducted into the Okanagan Sports Hall of
Fame in 1984. He won four gold medals and
one silver at the 1998 Senior Games in Port
Alberni when he was 80 years old.
In Memoriam
Lynda Anderson MSN'90, UBC Nursing lecturer, Aug.
8, 1999 ... David J. Bateson BEd'69, EDD'81
Associate Prof., Science Education, Nov. 22, 1999 ...
Dr. H. Clark Bentall BASc'38, LLD'98, Dec. 22, 1999
...  Cordon Edgar Brockhouse BASc(Civil Eng)'50 of
Vernon, Aug. 28, 1999 ... Dr. Brian Burke BCom'45,
Prof Emeritus, Commerce, Architect of CGA National
Program, Sept. 18, 1999 ... Dorothy Jean
(Patterson) Burt BA'29 of Vancouver, Jan. 16, 2000
... Euan Cameron BA'59 or North Vancouver, July 24,
1999 ... Duncan Campbell BCom'48, BA'49 of
Alberta, April 13, 1999 ... Peter Cohoon PhD'87 of
Vancouver, Jan. 1, 2000 ... Walter Ellaschuk BA'50
of Celista, BC, June 10, 1999 ... Dr. Alfred Johnston
Elliott Prof., head, Ophthalmology 1961-73 ...
Walter Ewing BA'50 of Stanwood, WA, Oct. 28,
1999 ... Louis Falconer-Smith BA'26 of Edinburgh,
Scotland, Aug. 23, 1999 ... Mary Fallis BA'32,
BEd'34, MA'37 (U of Toronto) of Prince George, BC,
Sept. 8, 1999 ... James Wendell Forbes BCom'48 of
Brian "Winkey"
Brian Wightman came to UBC as head rugby
coach in 1964. A graduate of King Edward the
Seventh School in Birmingham, England, and
Loughborough College, Wightman later played
his club rugby with Moseley RFC. In 1966, he
organized a twelve-game cross-Canada tour for
his UBC team playing in Toronto, Ottawa,
Montreal, Fredricton, Halifax, Winnipeg, and
Calgary. In 1970 Wightman left Canada for Fiji
where he served on the Executive of the Fiji
Rugby Union. He was general manager of the
Fiji team to the Commonwealth Games in
Edmonton in 1978 and later returned to Victoria
asa delegate at the Commonwealth Games in
1984. Wightman instilled in all his players a
lifelong love for the game of rugby.
Ridgefield, Connecticut, July, 1999 ... Dorothy
Elizabeth (Lyme) James BA'27 from Vancouver and
Saltspring Island, BC, passed away May 8, 1998, at 98.
She belonged to the Pheta Epsilon sorority ... James
Kelly BA'49 of Ottawa, Dec. 17, 1999 ... William
Kaye Lamb BA'27, MA'30, LLD'48 of New Westminster, August 1999     Frances Orchid (Quail) Leech
BA'33 of Fernie, BC, Sept. 10, 1999 ... William
McFarland BA'47, BSW'48, MSW'49 Aug. 14, 1999
... Ross N. McCratten BCom'47 of West Vancouver,
July 31, 1999 ... Patrick (Paddy) Mackie BA'57 of
Vernon, BC, July 31     Saida (Sadie) Makinen
BA'38, MA'47 of Vancouver, July 19, 1999, age 84 ...
Correction: Ivan Niven BA'34, MA'36 was born in
1915, not 1925     Wayne McRae Osborne
BCom'63 of Burlington, Ont., Feb. 16, 1999 ... Dr.
Russell Alfred Palmer BA'26 of Vancouver, Dec. 22,
1999 ... Chester H. Pedersen BASc (Chem Eng)'47
ofWashington, DC, Sept. 27, 1999 ... Marian Penny
Prof. Emerita, Human Kinetics, Nov. 19, 1999 ...
Barbara Pentland, Senior Instructor, School of Music,
Feb. 5, 2000 ... Hannah Polowy BEd'68, MEd'70,
EdD'78, Prof. Emerita, Faculty of Education. Sept. 27,
1999 ... George Rohn BA'57, BSW'52, MSW'53 of
Czechoslovakia, July, 1999 ... Correction: Peter Roy
Marvin A. Tung
Marvin Tung BA'60, MA'67, PhD'70 passed away
suddenly on Nov. 5,1999. He was born in
Canwood, Sask. After completing his bachelor
degree at UBC, he had a short career as a
secondary school teacher. He then returned to
UBC, eventually joining the faculty of Agricultural Science in the department of Food
Science. He rose to the rank of professor and
served with distinction untit 1987. Dr. Tung was
director of the Canadian Institute of Fisheries
Technology and head of the department of Food
Science and Technology at the Technical
University of Nova Scotia from 1987-1994. He
then joined the University of Guelph in 1994,
where he became professor of Food Science and
holder of the prestigious NSERC/George Weston
Industrial Research Chair in Food Packaging
Technology until his death. He will be fondly
remembered by the many friends, colleagues
and students throughout Canada and in many
other countries. A bursary has been established
in Dr. Tung's memory. Call 604-822-8900 for
Romanchuk BCom'56 of Quesnel, BC, June 20, 1998
... Swanhild Wynne (Matthison) Ronnquist BA'32
of Sarnia, ON ... Robert Friend Sharp BA'32 of
Vancouver, Dec. 4, 1999 ... Heather Thomas BA'76
of Colorado, Aug. 4, 1999 ... Kinya Tsuruta Prof.,
Asian Studies, Nov. 8, 1999 ... Dorothy (Awkright)
Wallace BA'26 of Langley, BC, May 24, 1999 ...
Ernest Lloyd Watson BASc(Hon, Chem Eng)'40, Prof
Emeritus, Bio-Resource Engineering, Dec. 29, 1999.
Ernest endowed a $550 bursary for graduate students
in bio-resource engineering, preferably food process
engineering. Donations can be made in his memory to
the UBC Development Office at 822-8900 ... Donald
Hugh Williams, Prof. Emeritus, Medicine, Dec. 23,
Chronicle r
Dear Applicant,
You were close but so were
50 or so others.
Dear Job Seeker,
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well...somewhere else.
Dear Candidate,
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CEO's niece, Stella.
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grad, and you want to work with one of today's best companies, visit us online
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v ^
'tigr^* ,_~-.*~",
We can cover you for less.
If you're like most Canadians, you
haven't given enough thought
to really protecting what matters to
you, so the University of British
Columbia Alumni Association wants
you to know about some invaluable
protection you can easily afford.
Think about it - insurance is
more than just money - it can make
all the difference to your family in
its time of need by paying off
outstanding bills, the mortgage, taxes
and taking care of everyday living
That's why the University of British
Columbia Alumni Association negotiated
this affordable Alumni Insurance Plan. It
offers you solid value at rates economical
enough that you can afford all the coverage you need for your peace of mind.
The Plan is backed by Manulife, one of
Canada's most respected life insurers.
The University of British Columbia
Alumni Association negotiated a plan
that offers you low rates and
provides you with a wide range of
important features you won't easily
find elsewhere.
('ndensritten by:
Major Accident
Call Manulife Financial toll-free at
1 888 913-6333
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or contact Bruce McRae, i/our Univcrsih/ of
British Columbia Insurance Consultant at:
1 604 734-2732
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
Child Life
& Accident
Especially for:
University of


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