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The UBC Alumni Chronicle Oct 31, 1950

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 VltelJ.B.e. ALun+u
OCTOBER, 1950 for the ideal
for everu occasion
Established   1904
Commercial   Painting
• ERNIE     CLEVELAND     '42
301 WEST 5th AVE.                  FA. 0066
Page 2
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sales abroad. The Royal Bank of
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Page 4
Published by the Alumni Association of
The University of \British Columbia
Editor: Ormonde J. Hall, B.Comm., LL.B.
Associate Editor:
Mary Fallis, M.A.
Alumni Association Executive:
President ._._ John M. Buchanan, B.A. '17
Vice-President James A. Macdonald, B.A. '38
Secretary-Manager, .Frank Turner, B. Comm., B.A. '39
Treasurer. Harry Berry, B. Comm., B.A. '37
Second Vice-President- Honoree Young, B.A. '43,
B.Ed, '48
Chairman Publications Board, Ormonde J. Hall, B. Comm.
"42, LLb. '48
Past President Winston Shilvock, B.A. '31, B. Comm. '32
Third Vice-President Dr. Blythe Eagles, B.A. '22
Members at Large: William H. Q. Cameron, B.A., '33,
Dorwin Baird, Arts, '38, Mrs. Maurice Sleightholme, B.A.,
'30, Thomas W. Meredith, B. Comm., '46, Mrs. Tommy
Berto, B.A., '31, David Brousson B.A.Sc, '49, E. T. Kirk-
patrick, B.A.Sc, '47; Roderick Lindsay, B.A.Sc, '48; Elliott
Schmidt, B.A.Sc, '36; F. D. Moyls, B.A., '46; Mary Mc-
Dougall, B.A. '33; Col. Gordon Letson, B.A., '24, B.A.Sc,
'26; Barbara Macpherson, B.A. '45; Jack Underhill B.A., '24;
Doug. Sutcliff; Junior Member, Ivan Fettham; President,
Nonie Donaldson; Senate Reps. Dr. Harry V. Warren,
Dr. Earl Foerster and Darrell T. Braidwood, B.A., '40.
Editorial Office:
Room 208, Yorkshire Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Business Office:
Alumni Association, Brock Building, U.B.C.
M. Justice J. V.  Clyne       7
Victoia   Times   U.B.C.   Staffed     9
Alumni-Fund  Story    18,   19
Special Congregation      29
Personalities     11
Speaking   Editorially    13
Homecoming Program   14
Branches   24, 25
Frankly Speaking    26
The fetching gal on the cover is Alix Gordon, U.B.C.'s
1950 Frosh Queen, who is pointing to her domain . . .the
University campus . . . Alix is the daughter of Mrs, R. B.
Gordon, 5437 Vine Street, herself a U.B.C. graduate . . .
the handsome freshette is a member of Mamooks and is
practicing to cheer on the Thunderbirds who could use a
little of her brand of cheer.
^J-or the  rsecord .   .   .
The Alumni Development Fund story on page 18
will acquaint you with the facts of the Alumni Associations great effort to raise money for the University . . . $15,393.00 . . . and how is it to be spent?;
The Directors have given directions to the Trustees
of the Fund to disburse the money in the following
way: Women's Residences $5000; Regional Scholarships $2500; President's Emergency Fund $5000;
U.B.C. Student Loans $202.83 (contributed by Ottawa Branch) ; Rosenberg Essay Prize $100; Poetry
Prize $25; Men's Athletic Directorate $25.
Satisfied ...???... if so, keep giving and those so-
called graduates who haven't contributed a dime
, . . we hope you blush.
Alumni President John M. Buchanan retires
from the Presidency next month and the executive
wjll be unhappy to see such a fine fellow and a top
executive leave the job . . . Jim Macdonald coming
in is a competent lawyer and administrator and very
popular . . . incidently John Buchanan got a sort of
going away present when his daughter Audrey
(Mrs. John Hetherington) presented him with his
first grandson recently . . . Joe Brown,"Fund Chairman, will get overdue recognition at Homecomjng
when he will be presented with a new award given
by the whole student body at U.B.C. . . . it's the
"Great Trekker" award, to be given annually commencing this year, to the outstanding alumnus of
the year.
Published in Vancouver, British Columbia and authorized as second ttass mail
Post Office Department, Ottawa
otfi^>i». 27
From far and near the alumni of the University of British
Columbia find their way back to the stately buildings on
Point Grey which, native sons or not, they look upon as
We bid them welcome on the occasion of the Annual
Reunion. Welcome to those halls of learning, to the
cordial, colourful City of Vancouver. Welcome to British
Information on British Columbia was never more in demand than it is today. There is an eagerness everywhere
to know what it has to offer, and people in all parts of
the world begin to see it as a highly interesting field of
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
E. G.  Rowebottom,
Deputy Minister
Hon.  Leslie H.  Eyres,
vtp v
Honors Graduate in Chemical Engineering
Bob Esplin this year earned the Standard Oil
for research  in petroleum Engineering.
The Fellowship, which will enable Bob to complete his
Master's Degree next year, was set up by our Company in
1939, established as a part answer to a challenge we have
accepted ... a challenge presented by the industry of this
province for the development of new and better fuel and
lubricating products.
We consider that this Fellowship is an investment in the
future of British Columbia and its people ... a contribution to progress in the almost limitless field of petroleum
products engineering.
Page 6'
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE J. V. Clyne to Supreme Court, Addresses Alumni
The University of B.C., just over 30 years old.
has graduates in practically every line of human
endeavor and key men and women in most of them,
but until recently not one had scaled any judical
height of importance. J. V. Clyne, Arts '23, attended
to this in his customary thorough way recently
when he made himself such an outstanding figure
in the Bar of British Columbia that the Federal
Government in July appointed him Judge of the
Supreme Court of B.C.
The Honourable Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne
achieved his position on the bench without the
benefit of political connection and ascended to his
present position in the legal hierarchy because he
was recognized, plainly, as being a man of outstanding legal ability. The stamp was on the new
Judge early. He always did things well and his
rise in the Profession has been rapid and always
in the same direction—up.
Born and raised in Vancouver, the 48-year-old
new Judge, youngest man on the Supreme Court
Bench, attended U.B.C. at the old shacks at Fair-
view and was one of the pioneers along with Dr.
A. B. Richards who joined in the historic trek to
the West Point Grey campus. Jack Clyne played
rugby at Varsity, studied some and spent considerable time on the board as a member of the
Players' Club which has the distinction of producing probably more outstanding graduates than any
other of Varsity's numerous groups.
It isn't clear whether he joined the Players'
Club and became one of its star performers because
he loved the stage or one of the leading ladies more.
In any case his leading lady of many productions,
the attractive Betty Somerset, eventually took over
the leading role in his household and several years
and two children later they're still the charming
twosome that entertained many a University audience.
Considered one of Canada's outstanding maritime lawyers, precise, competent Jack Clyne had
prior to the end of the war, built up a national
reputation as a marine expert. In 1947 at the legally youthful age of 45, he was asked to form and
chair a Canadian Maritime Commission to enquire
into, and advise upon Canada's problems as they
related to matters of the sea and particularly to the
vexing problem of Canada's merchant marine, facing a difficult future at that time.
(~fifts for the  iSride
Waller M Qou,
861  Granville Street
He was scheduled to return to private law practice in Vancouver but the Supreme Court in B.C.
needed another judge to help handle the province's
fast-expanding courts and it didn't take the government long to find just the right man. Jack
Clyne's appointment was received wholeheartedly
by the legal profession who regard him as one of
the ablest members.
For a typewriter with a
choose a
592 Seymour Street
PAcific 2752
Vancouver, B. C.
PAcific 7942
Page 7 A GOOD newspaper, like the Sun, has world-wide news-
gathering facilities and comes to its readers crammed
with accounts of fact every day. But in the complex
times in which we live, the facts are myriad and
sometimes contradictory, and the recital of them isn't everything. To the thoughtful citizen the evaluation of them is as
important as the facts . . . and a good newspaper, also like
The Sun, offers its readers personal anaylsis and comment
covering a wide section of the intellectual spectrum. You'll
enjoy the offering, and sometimes the clash, of opinion in
The Sun by these intelligent writers.
by these
and other
301 forms were returned. Of these 174 were interested in resident membership of one type or
other, 98 in non-resident membership, and 29, who
apparently treated the questionnaire as a vote, were
not interested in any type at the moment.
You will remember that the questionnaire listed
four possible types of club: Type A, offering extensive dining, recreational, and residential quarters,
suggested an initiation fee of about $300 and annual
dues of about $150; Type B, offering a good dining
room, bar, with some facilities for entertaining, and
possibly some living quarters, with a suggested
initiation fee of $100 and annual dues of $50; Type
C, offering a good dining and bar, probably located
downtown, with an initiation fee of about $35 and
annual dues of about $25; Type D, offering possible
utilization of some club rooms on the campus with
some catering facilities, and suggested an initiation
fee of $10 and annual dues of $20.
Of those interested in resident membership, first
choices were as follows: Tvpe A—40, Tvpe B—69,
Type C—53, Type D—12. '
However, the answers also indicated that if Type
A or Type B could not be successfully established
now, a total of 138 would be interested in Type C,
and of these, 132 said that they were prepared to pay
the fees. Only 21 preferred Type D, even when
second choices were considered. Only 19 said they
were prepared to pay fees in Type A and 38 were
ready to pay fees in Type B.
Of those interested in resident membership, 134
were males and 38 females; in non-resident membership, 75 were males and 23 females.
About 35% of those answering the questionnaire felt that membership should be restricted to
persons who were full degree graduates only, and
this applied generally to all types of club, whether
A, B, C, or D.
Tnsuiance Of All Kinds
MArine 6T71
211  Rogers Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.
After October 28, our address will be the new
Yorkshire House, 900 West Pender St.
B. C.
Unlike Magic Backing Powder which contains
no alum, The Victoria Daily Times contains about a
dozen alums, and should be able to have a Homecoming ceremony daily right on the premises. It
should be able to give its readers the benefit of a
little education (in judicious doses, you understand),
and prove once and for all that an educated newspaper man can presume to hold his own with the
proudly ignorant. As a parodist of Burns sang,
"A gentleman, however clean, may have a heart
for a' that," and perhaps he can have a head too.
This fact has long been suspected in Fleet Street,
Boston, and part of New York, but it percolates
westward  rather  sluggishly.
Heading The Times is its new publisher, Stu
Keate, Arts 35. Stu, as most of you know, was
Sports Editor of the Vancouver Province before
the war, took time out for a frolic with the
R.C.N.V.R., and then became head of Time Magazine's Montreal office. In spite of Montreal's comparative civilization, he is glad to get back to the
charms of B.C. (who isn't?), and anyone who knows
him is certain he will make as much of a go of The
Times as is permitted in Victoria, and then some.
Besides Stu on the staff, there are Jim Mc-
Keachie, Commerce 48, as general reporter; Don
Ingham, Arts 37, general reporter; Brian Tobin,
Arts 30, editorial writer and columnist; David
Brock, Arts 30, columnist; Joyce (Blunt) James,
Commerce, 43, editorial secretary; Aileen (Merritt)
Campbell, City Hall reporter. Then from our affiliated Victoria College there are Art Scott, edi-
troial writer and columnist; Gordon Jones, credit
manager; and Bob Hutchison ((Son of Bruce), and
Bud Bendall, both junior reporters.
We asked Dave Brock, as an old friend of the
Chronicle, what his column was about. He said,
"Well, it's called 'Chips off the Old Brock' and it
comes out three times a week. I'd say it had three
purposes a week, too. One is to make silly things
in the news look even sillier, if possible. Another
is to prove that you can be almost literate and still
have your readers understand you ... if only in
Victoria. And the third is to print a really sinister
picture of me at the top of the column each time
and  scare  hell out  of little children;  there is far
8. C.  WooLafl Jill
Importers of
C-n^udh ~J\nittina   Ijarn
Free Samples on Request
Needle Point and Petit Point Supplies
PAcific 4935
626 Howe Street Vancouver, B. C.
BROCK . ..
too much freedom from fear these days, and that's
bad for kids . . . gives 'em a wrong idea of life."
When Stu took over on August 1, he told his
staff that their circulation was below that of their
rival, the Colonist. This, he intimated, was plumb
ridiculous. Knowing Stu and some of the others,
we have a feeling that they'll be able to effect
a good many changes. Maybe they can even change
their picture of Dave from time to time . . . we
hear they've had to change it once already, in response to a terrific popular demand. One woman
(on the staff of U.B.C.) said of the first two pictures
"They look like a flounder or halibut or one of
those fish with both eyes on the same side of the
nose." But Dave claims that's fine ... It shows
he's biased, same as anybody else.
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Fine Selection of
Fall Handbags
Complete   Repair Service
870 Howe Street
MArine 0838
Page 9 NEWS
Recent U.B.C. Board and Senate decisions have
resulted in the formation of a School of Social Work
and a School of Commerce on the University
The Social Work program has developed steadily since 1943, when one year of Social Work existed, to the present time when Social Work students may receive a Masters Degree in Social Work.
The U.B.C. School is one of four accredited schools
in Canada, and is the largest graduate School of
Social   Work in  the  Dominion.
School Director, Marjorie J. Smith, recently appointed Chairman of the National Committee of
Canadian Schools of Social Work has made extensive use of a "block placement" system of training
which combines formal lecture sessions with a
period of actual experience in various fields of social
work. Under-graduates take this practical training
in various parts of the province.
Announcement of the new School of Commerce
coincides with a policy change and considerable
modifications in the Commerce study program.
School Director, Professor E. D. MacPhee, in consultation with a Commerce School Council composed of representatives of major faculties and departments of the University, has instituted a program that is frankly professional in outlook.
Beautifully styled
Watch and snake
bracelet - 10 kt.
natural gold filled
with Challenger
17 jewel movement.
Made  exclusively
for Birks, by
Dr. William G. Black, former U.B.C. faculty
member, has been appointed as first regional liasion
officer in B. C. for the Canadian citizenship branch.
He will serve as a channel of information and
advice on all matters relating to the assimilation of
Fine Clothes
are known by
their   jdaLf
the up-and-coming businessman looks successful when
he dresses in good taste.
For your FALL SUIT,
Caddie /s. csDeem
SEYMOUR ST. (Opposite Yorkshire Bldg.)
Page 10
Among the graduates who have graced these
pages before and are still making news is Stu
Keate who has returned to British Columbia from
a Time Magazine post in Montreal to take over as
Publisher of the Victoria Times . . . Eric (Jabez)
Nicol who has temporarily forsaken his studies in
Paris to write gags and script for a Canadian
comedy team on the B.B.C. (the Vancouver husband and wife team of Bernard Braden and Barbara
Kelly) . . . and John Glen, a Players Club Alumnus,
who went from the Old Vic Bristol Company to the
job of M.G.M. news-reel commentator in England,
a job vacated by another former Vancouverite
Gerry Wilmot . . . Glen also has trod the boards
in several English plays and is scheduled to play
the lead in Flecker's "Don Juan" at the Edinburgh
Festival and the only male role in Christopher
Fry's "A Phoenix Too Frequent" . . .
Headed for Paris on a scholarship is 20-year-old
student Lawrence Bongie, who has been named by
the French Embassy in Ottawa as one of 32 winners to study in France . . . Bongie "blames" a
broken arm for his present position . . . five years
ago he broke that limb after he dropped schooling
after one-year's stay at high school . . . but with
nothing to do for several months on compensation
he "crammed" at a downtown school and did so
well it inspired him to go on to Varsity . . . now
he's intending to take his doctorate at the Sorbonne . . .
Graduated from U. of Alberta in Medicine recently is Dr. Gerald Evans who was the second
Point Grey grad whose parents also had been capped at U.B.C. . . . they were Elmer Evans '17
and Grace Miller '16 . . . Toulon, France is the
address of W. H. Hirtle lecturing there, while Norm
Kenman and Don Ferguson, two former Ubyssey
scribes are with Reuters News Agency in London
. . . Norm in photography and Don on the North
American desk . . .
Headed for Caracas, Venezeula is Nelson-born
David B. Laughton, assistant trade commissioner.
while Professor William O. Richmond, new head of
mechanical engineering department is just returned
Quality in Furs
R. J. POP Ltd.
Granville at 15th
CEdar 9155
from a six-weeks tovir of United Kingdom industrial
plants . . . Dr. Gordon M. Barrow is at Oxford on
a scholarship while Ann Elizabeth Scoones, U.K..
B.A.Sc, is off for a year's sojourn in Europe where
she will gain nursing experience . . .
Edward Benson, U.B.C. metallurgical engineer,
has been appointed Assistant to the Manager of the
Personnel Division of The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company . . . Ed. Benson was a Thunderbird ice hockey goalie about ten years ago.
Dr. Mabel Gweneth Humphreys, Arts '32, has
been appointed Professor and Head of the Dept.
of Mathematics at Randolph-Macon Woman's College at Lynchburg, Virginia, U.S.A.
Authorized  Dealers for
'Britain's Best"
"America's Best"
QUALITY, ECONOMY, plus styling and comfort
FAirmont 7305 FAirmont 3930
ge 11 *
S P O R T — Ole Bakken
"My, oh, my, how those grads do fly!" may
well be the theme of ardent alumni as they witness
the fifth annual Grads-'Birds basketball game at
8:00 p.m. in the old gymnasium.
Chief organizer and whip cracker of the 'Grad
hoopsters will be Hiley Arkley, who himself played
on Thunderbird teams of yesteryear.
Arkley will emphasize youth in his probable
starting lineup but will rely heavily on the old
guard to "round out" the team and bring his squad
up to an ample twenty-five in number.
Players will be returning from the 1925 team
that included such stalwarts as Arkley himself, Al.
Buchanan, "Dad" Harley, Fred Newcombe, Swanzy
Peck, Tom Wilkinson, Dal. Grauer and Arnold
Other returnees will be: Bob Osborne, Frank
Alpen, Bob Chapman, Cy Lee, from the 1931 team;
Jim Bardsley, Rann Matthison, Ralph Henderson
and Frank Turner from the 1937 Canadian championship team.
The 1941 team will be represented by Brud
Matheson and Joe Ryan, stalwarts of one of the
greatest teams in Thunderbird basketball history.
The 1945-46 P.N.I.A.C. championship team will
send back Ron Weber, Harry Franklin, Sandy Robertson and Ritchie Nichol.
The dash of youth on the Grads squad will be
supplied by graduating members of last year's
'Birds—Reid Mitchell, Norm Watt, Nev Munro and
John  Forsyth.
N. The present time, the present day,
the present moment, this instant, the
nonce, today, even now, right away, etc.
One of these mornings the temperature will
drop just low enough to crack the block of your
car. A cracked block will cost you hundreds.
It's so inexpensive to have Begg Motor Co. Ltd.
winterize your car — save you hundreds of
When you winterize, have an engine tune-up.
Make sure that the engine of your car is protected
against cold by anti-freeze, good oil pressure,
clean spark plugs.   You can't go wrong.
Tickets for the basketball game may be obtained
at Percy Hicks Ticket Bureau, 610 Dunsmuir Street,
and at the ticket wicket at the Gymnasium prior
to the game.
Thursday, November 2nd, 6:30 p.m.
Pacific Athletic Club
Admission, $2.50—By invitation only.
Tickets  obtainable  at  the    door   for    Big    Block
Phone ALma 2818 for Reservations
2:15 p.m., U.B.C. Stadium
Tickets on sale:   Percy Kicks Ticket Bureau, 610
Dunsmuir Street; at the game at 1:00 p.m.
U.B.C. Gymnasium — 8 p.m.
Tickets on sale:   Percy Hicks Ticket Bureau, 610
Dunsmuir Street; at the game at 7:15 p.m.
9 to 12
U.B.C. Armouries
(More Sport on Page 30)
With its many new features and refinements the 1950
STANDARD VANGUARD offers the finest car value in
the world.
HAstings 3308
Greetings to
Homecoming A lumni
on Their Reunion
Page 12
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE <^fisukina clditoxiaLLif
Maturity, like wisdom, friendship, learning and
the other priceless intangibles which go to enrich
the lives of men, cannot be purchased, rushed or
gained in any other way than through the slow
human progress of experience. Some men achieve
neither maturity nor wisdom nor do they experience
real friendship. For them life is tragic, fruitless and
fraught with frustration.
Institutions, like men, mature. Some never do
and those that do only arrive at maturity because
of the struggle, wisdom and effort of the men who
form the human core of that institution.
The University of British Clumbia is a young
institution and like all youngsters growing up has
tremendous enthusiasm, high ideals, and the crusading spirit of the pioneer. But maturity for many
years was net one of her qualities. Compared to
other Universities of this country—McGill, Toronto,
or Dalhousie, our Alma Mater was a raw, green
recruit, fud of promise and burning ambition.
Gradually through the years since the days of
the Fairview shacks, the moulding of U.B.C. into
a great University has been steadily going on, imperceptible at times, startlingly apparent at others.
The material has always been there and the moulders: Dr. Wesbrook, Dr. Klinck, Dr. Sedgewick,
Dean Bollert, Dean Buchanan, Dr. Boving and the
many other great men and women associated with
her have been individually and collectively shaping
U.B.C. little by little into her present form.
The core of any great learning institution must
be around the study of the Humanities. And in
this regard we have been fortunate in having from
the beginning, outstanding teachers and scholars in
this line. But that is not enough to have a complete University. All the Sciences and human pursuits must be explored by a University and it must
have the curiosity and the facilities to pursue every
question and activity interesting to man.
As U.B.C. has grown her interest in all subjects
has widened and developed as the influence of individuals has played its part in branching her into
every line of study. More money has meant better
facilities and with the new faculty of medicine having been set up, preceded a few years by the
Faculty of Law, by the Department of Pharmacy
and very importantly by the Department of Graduate Studies, U.B.C. is on the threshold of being a
mature,  complete  University.
The signs are everywhere. History has recorded that as any civilization has progressed and developed its development has been manifested by
the growth of its Art and particularly by its works
of permanent Architecture. Ages are remembered
in many instances by the style of its architecture,
by the look of its buildings and the more mature
the civilization, the more permanent its architectural type.
On our campus the mushroom-like growth of
permanent and fine buildings indicates the tremendous steps ahead the little college of the
twenties and thirties has taken in the last few
years. To be sure some of our new permanent building are neither good nor contemporary architecture,
and save for the new gymnasium which is a beautiful structure, most of them will never be held in
high regard for their beauty. But the permanent
structure is there and is just another sign of the
over-all development.
In the Alumni Association, the maturity of the
organization can be seen in the calibre of its officers.
The early pioneers of the Alumni Association were
all extremely fine, unselfish and competent persons,
but in the most part like the University—young—
giving the Association the fire and life it needed
in those early days, but lacking the fine judgement
and the experience that comes with maturity. Today
the executive of the Alumni Association increasingly
reads like the Board of Directors of a successful
corporation; older, trained and experienced men
capable of coping with the increasingly difficult
problems the Alumni Association must face—increased budget, greater responsibility and so on.
Likewise our graduates are assuming places of
greater responsibility all over the world—for the
first time having her men and women appointed
to the great councils of the world, judgeships, great
businesses and the top places in the Arts.
Consider also the list of Honourary Graduates
of U.B.C. and we analyze the stature of the men
who are interested in and aiding our Univesity.
The University of British Columbia is like a
flower bursting into bloom, the end result of many
years of growth, nuture, care and struggle.
There is nothing tragic, fruitless or frustrating
about the University of British Columbia which
because of her great teachers and scholars is attaining maturity, wisdom and friendship with all men
because her purpose is dedicated to learning and
the understanding of the ways of men and life.
THURSDAY,   NOV.   2nd     6.30 pm
-Big Block Alumni Smoker, Pacific
Athletic Club.
Dinner   and   Social   Get-
Sunday, Nov. 5th—Sc. '30-
6:30 p.m.—Sc.   '30   Stag
10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.—Student Information Guides
on duty in major new buildings on campus.
12:00 noon—Official Presentation of Dinosaur to
U.B.C. (Old Applied Science Building).
2:15 p.m.—Inter-Collegiate Football, U.B.C. vs. Northern Idaho.   Stadium.
Presentation of "Great Trekker" Award
to Joe Brown.
4:30 p.m.—Alumni Registration Book in Brock Memorial Lounge. (Refreshments may be obtained in Snack Bar).
7:00 p.m.—Potlach, Auditorium.
8:00 p.m.—Basketball   game,  Alumni  vs.   Students,
8:30 p.m.—Vancouver Institute Lecture, Physics 200.
9:00 p.m.—Homecoming Ball, Armouries.
-Husband's and Wives Tea
Dr. Robert Bews Kerr, O.B.E., M.R.C.P. (London), F.R.C.P.(C), has been appointed first Professor of Medicine and the Head of the Department
of Medicine in the newly organized Faculty of
Medicine. In 1947, he was promoted to the rank of
Assistant Professor of Medicine, at the University of
Toronto, in charge of Therapeutics, and in 1948 to
Associate Professor.
Dr. Marvin Darrach, U.B.C. Lefevre Gold Medallist in 1935, is returning to the campus as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry. Dr. Darrach's wife is the former Thelma MacDonald.
Dr. Copp, recently appointed Head of Dept. of
Physiology, was gold medalist graduate of the
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine class of
1939. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from
the University of California in 1943. Since that time
he has been on the staff of the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley, California, and has been teaching
at the University of California in the Department of
Specialist in Floral Designing
Corsages . . .  Wedding Bouquets
W.   R.   BALL
3127 Arbutus Street
BAyview 3313 J
See the new
• The ideal Family car
• More trunk space (32 cu. ft.)
• AIR FLYTE construction
• Twin  Bed Accommodation
1148 West Georgia St.
MAr. 2277
Page 14
THE U.B.C. AtUMNI CHRONICLE Professors Morroiv and MacPkee Meet at Brock.
Professor Earle Douglas MacPhee has taken
over the exacting position of Head of the Department of Commerce at U.B.C, filling the vacancy
left by Professor E. II. Morrow when he retired
last spring.
In 1920 he began to lecture in Psychology at
Acadia University, transferring his activities to the
University of Alberta in 1921. Three years later he
becajne Associate Professor in Psychology at the
University of Toronto, and in 1929 left the academic
world for the world of commerce, as comptroller of
the York Knitting Mills.
Since then his activities have carried him to the
top in an amazing variety of major enterprises both
in Canada and Britain.
In 1940 the Stirling bomber production line was
smashed by German air raids. Professor MacPhee
was given leave of absence from his company to
set up factories throughout Britain for the restoration of Sterling production.
Asked what he considered to be the key to success in business, he rated friendliness, and the
ability to meet and co-operate with people as most
important; add to this a well-disciplined analytic
mind, and good work habits, and business will welcome the university graduate.
On his return to Canada ,Professor MacPhee
spent  some  months   in   examining  programs  and
methods in schools of Commerce in eastern Canada
and the United States and in interviewing former
business associates on the possibilities of using
U.B.C. Commerce graduates. He reports that businessmen generally are more ready to employ graduates in Commerce than graduates in Arts and Science ; that many institutions are now setting up
training programs for graduates with a view to
their early introduction to executive responsibility;
and that he has had most favorable comments on
the character and competence of graduates of this
Take a "beauty angle"
when dating .  .  .
have a New Hair Styling . . .
Cold Wave Permanents, Tinting
and Manicures
2011 West 41st Ave.
KErr.  1562
Page 15 ^
The time has come to write "30" at the end of the
column . . . time for a new editor to take over . . .
time for a new viewpoint. We have been thinking
over our impressions of the years with this column,
six of them now, and there are some common denominations we might note.
Do you remember when the Chronicle was a sort
of leaflet that came out once a year as a brief reminder to scattered Alumni, of their university associations? After the war by quite prodigious efforts
under Editors Darryl Braidwood and Ormonde
Flail, the Chronicle was established as a quarterly
with a circulation of over nine thousand.
In the early stages no one ever communicated
with us unless we made a mistake . . . usually in interpreting someone's achievements in some way . . .
and you have no idea how hard it is to check information about absent grads ... It was surprising the
number of one's friends who complained about missing an issue of the Chronicle but never paid a cent
to its support, and still don't realize that $3.00 to
the Alumni Development Fund would at least pay
for a Chronicle subscription.
Of late years it has come as something of a surprise to meet alumni from various parts of the province who are genuinely interested ... to go off on a
holiday and meet someone from the Cariboo ... or
the Okanagan . . . or the Island . . . who reads the
Chronicle and follows alumni projects. This summer  a   Revelstoke  grad  told  us   that  the  women
Page 16
graduates there were going to make a donation to
the Residences . . . had the money in the bank. We
also discovered that many from the thirties are
anticipating Class Reunions—twenty and twenty-
five—with considerable pleasure.
Alumnae to appear most frequently in this column in six years include . . . DOROTHY TAYLOR
'25, editor of the New Westminster Columbian, and
a most successful animal-husband-woman . . .
SALLY CREIGHTON '23, "veteran" lecturer and
now free lance writer for radio . . . you may hear her
this month at 10:15 p.m. Wednesdays, speaking on
"Men, Women and Books", over C.B.R MARGARET ECKER FRANCIS, '36, now also a free
lance writer, whose articles have earned her a national and international reputation . . . her latest
public appearance has been as an adviser to Miss
P.N.E., 1950 . . . We predict that undergrauate
NONE DONALDSON '51, will join this outstanding group very shortly. With her, for the second
time in U.B.C. history, a woman is President of the
Alma Mater Society. Elected President of the
Women's Undergraduate Society last spring, she
stepped into the senior position when John Haar,
A.M.S. President, resigned to accept a scholarship.
We have had a slight bias in reporting on the
doings of teachers and grads from the years 1930-33
but then we couldn't help that . . . It's up to the
Executive to see that you get a change of fare now.
And we would like to say that there are jobs to be
done in the alumni organization by more of our
wdmen, whether it be working on the local Scholarship Fund, or the Gymnasium Fund, or a Residence
Fund. The university of our day facing the complex
demands of modern society must enjoy the goodwill
of more and more of its alumni.
Our favorite topic over the years has, of course,
been the Residences. The three units for the women
are—at press time still in process of completion.
There will be a full report in the December issue.
During the summer a donation for furnishings
was sent in by the PHRATERES ALUMNAE.
The LADY LAURIER CLUB of Vancouver forwarded a generous gift of $250 to furnish a room.
Formerly of 937 West Georgia, now located
just around the corner at 627 Hornby St.
(Opposite the Cave) telephone MArine
Another   Townhouse   branch   opening   in
PARK ROYAL in November
Por six years the
full burden of reporting women's news
for the Chronicle has
fallen on the capable
shoulders of Associate Editor Mary Palis .. . it is no exag-
eration to say that if
it hadn't been for
Mary there possibly
would have been no
women's section in
^ this magazine and
"- the gals would have
had to pick out news
items about their fair
companions from the
general pages of the
Many subjects
have been commented on the pages of this section
by the well informed Associate Editor who seems to
have had friends among the Alumnae all over the
globe . . . but the subject nearest her heart in the
Town or Country wear,
and the practical Golfing
Jacket, with freedom-cut
sleeves and fine West of
England matching Tweed
80 1
Park     Royal
Vancouver,   B.   C.
and  at .  . .
42 Berkeley St., London, W.I.
1122   Sherbrooke   St.   West,
Montreal, Que.
past two years has been the new Women's Residences and in that regard not only has Mary given
faithful progress reports to Chronicle readers but
has served on the Residences Committee as one of
its strongest members.
Now pressure of other activities has forced Mary
to give up her position on the Chronicle and we of
the staff are all sorry to see her go . . . but we know
she will be pursuing some other interest with the
enthusiasm and the talent that enters into everything she does . . . and that some other good public
cause will be that much better off—(eel. note).
. . . dramatic suits, dream tailored over custom innerbodies
with courturier details and half-
lined skirts.  Direct London
imports and finest Canadian
tailoring of imported fabrics.
suit as       eoc: nn
illustrated    <])Ou.UU
A GAIN OF $3,718,00 OVER 1949
In October, 1948,
the Alumni of U.B.C.
boldly took action in
creating the Alumni-
L" B.C. Development
At that time, the
purpose was explained as being threefold — to build a
stronger Alumni, to
develop stronger Al-
unini friendships and
Jl JP thirdly to give tang-
iK        \. Jk ''^  ev'idence  of the
lUk        ^Miiiiinf  iiir^" Alumni's  continuing
^Hk ^IHHR^^ interest in our'Alma
|^& ^■T'jHHjl^^ Mater.
^^Ht JflB^^^^^H there      ev-
^^^^L flrm^^^^^^l '(lence    that
^^^^■k. « A^^^H three respects, prog
ress is being made and that our Association is on
the right road.
Your Fund Board of Directors accepted the
challenge of the Alumni Executive, to launch our
Program—the first of its kind in Canada.
Our task of setting up the Program naturallv
encountered many obstacles and our progress was
retarded by our lack of experience—but in spite of
our mistakes we did achieve some considerable success even in our first year.
With excellent co-operation from the Alumni
Executive and the Executive Secretary, last year
troubles have been ironed out, and as you know, this
year, we are able to pass along to 'the objectives
100% of every dollar sent to the Fund.
The results are very gratifying to your Directors
and we trust, to you; for we are able to support the
Sedgewick Memorial Fund with $2,500.00. The
Women's Residence Furnishings Fund with $5,-
000.00, Scholarships are to be provided with $2,-
500.00, the balance to the University for various purposes.
All this has been achieved by your tangible and
practical co-operation and with the very genuine
interest and efforts of all the Class Managers who
has worked so consistently for the Program.
The Directors have asked me to thank the Class
Managers who have given so generously of their
time and devoted so much voluntary effort to the
program again this year.
May I just add my very sincere and personal
thanks to all the Directors, for their kind guidance
and advice during the past two years. Their interest
on behalf of the Almuni has been a genuine inspiration and encouragement. It has been an interesting
experience to have served as your Chairman—an
investment in friendship that will be long remembered. s~-^ ^.
Page 18
That tradition which has guided and inspired
U.B.C. men and women—a spirit of voluntary, individual effort—is again illustrated in the 1950'Alumni-U.B.C. Development Fund report.
Some 1845 individual alumni, together with
other friends of the University and various clubs
and organizations have raised $15,393.00. This
represents an increase in participation from 18%
to 19.1% among alumni and in amount donated by
more than $3,000.00. At first glance, the aggregate
may not seem impressive, but it assuredlv is when
one remembers that the yearly fund total is comparable to the income from an endowment. And,
to obtain yearly income of $15,000.00, it would be
necessary to establish a half-million dollar endowment fund.
Another important development in this second
year of operation was the agreement reached between the University and the Alumni Association.
This permits 100% of each contribution to be turned
over for the purposes stated, without deduction for
expenses either direct or indirect.
The greater diversification in both stated objectives and other specific projects supported by individual donors is a healthy sign indeed. This
should maintain the democratic nature of the Fund
and create an ever-wider appeal to alumni and
friends of the University.
For the second successive year, the class of 1917
had the highest participation record among all
classes. Their winning percentage this year was
70%, as against 55.5% in 1949. The class of 1948,
with an increase in donors from 139 to 162, and in
participation from 12.4% to 14.5,% lead all classes
in total amount contributed with a highly reprect-
able $1,111.00 total compared to $658.00 in '49. Incidentally, 1948's total is only the second above the
$1,000.00 mark—the other being the class of '22's
excellent Fund-starting effort of $1,785.00
Probably the two classes which showed the
greatest improvement during the year were 1924 and
1929. Donors in the class of '24 jumped from 34 to
57 (increasing class participation from 26.9% to
45.2%), and from $333.00 to $571.00 in amount. In
the class participation standings, they moved from
10th place to 3rd, and in amounts, from 11th to 5th.
Total donors in '29 increased from 40 to 60 (in
participation from 21.1% to 31.7%), and from
$261.00 to $353.00 in amount. They moved up the
participation ladder from 17th to 12th, and in
amounts, from 21st to 16th.
A year ago I was
pleased to comment
on the first report of
the Alumni-U.B.C.
Development Fund.
At that time I was
most encouraged to
see evidence of a response from alumni
members that exceeded my expectations and. I am sure,
those of the Fund
Committee members.
I could not have anticipated a more
facourable reaction
to an infant campaign. This year
again my greatest
expectations have
been exceeded.
I choose to refer initially to the pattern of expansion that has been a feature of this program of
giving. Although the financial support of the Alumni is needed and funds that accrue through your
generosity are used in many ways, I believe that
more important than this is the good-will that is
engendered in such campaigns.
The more than fifteen thousand dollars contributed this year could be compared to the annual income derived from the interest on an endowment of
a half-million dollars. For that important reason,
many universities and alumni groups refer to these
funds as "living endowments". Not only have more
than 1800 former undergraduates of this institution
donated but other holders of honorary degrees have
given generously ;;s well.
In conclusion. I should like to thank personally,
and on behalf of the Senate and Board of Governors,
all those who participated in this Alumni "living
endowment" Fund this year. Although I am certain
that no one person can or would take credit for the
success of the Fund activities to date I offer our
congratulations to Mr. Joseph Brown, Jr., Chairman of the Alumni-U.B.C. Development Fund's
Board of Directors, with the hope that he will convey our sentiments to all who assisted him. In addition, we would commend the entire Alumni Association membership through its president, Mr. John
M. Buchanan, for the role it has played in initiating
and sponsoring this undertaking.
We are aware and grateful of the fact that considerable funds have been placed at our disposal for
much needed projects. We are aware also that an
intangible asset has been created whose value cannot be measured; we have the goodwill and support
of a growing Alumni group.
Yours sincerely,
41.3 %
1. 1948 $1111.00
2. 1949  652.00
3. 1923    603.00
4. 1947    574.00
5. 1924  571.00
6. 1931  542.00
7. 1917  516.00
8. 1925  442.00
9. 1946  441.00
10. 1936   428.50
1. Mrs. A. C. Smith (1917) 100%
2. W. T. Abercrombie (1917)  50%.
3. Marjorie Agnew   (1922)  50%
4. W. V. Smitheringale (1924)  50%
5. C.  Rov Elsey  (1924)'.  42.8%,
6. Mrs. A. Carr Lumsden (1925)      40%
7. Gordon King (1939)  37.5%
8. Harold Blackett (1928)  33.3%
9. H. M. A. Rice (1923)  33.3%
10. Mrs.  Marion  Redgrave   (1922)  33.3%
11. Mrs. Howard Green  (1917)  33.3%,
12. Dr. George Volkoff (1934)  31.5%
13. W. H. Q. Cameron (1933)  31.2%
14. Richard M. Bibbs (1945)  31.2%
15.   Dr. Fred Grauer (1930).
(Class Managers in Italics)
Alma Mater Society
B. C.  Provincial Chapter P.E.O.  Sisterhood
Lady Laurier Club
Ottawa Branch—U.B.C. Alumni Association
Phrateres Alumnae
The University Women's Club at Vancouver
Vancouver Women's Liberal Club
Women's Residence Committee
Women's University Club at Revelstoke
Women's Undergraduate Society
I not listed elsewhere)
Dr. R. W. Diamond Dr. M. E. Nichols
Dean Erwin N. Griswold Dr. T. D. Pattullo
Hon. C. D. Howe Hon. H. H. Stevens
Dr. H. R.  MacMillan Dr. W. S.  Wallace
Dr.   F.  W. Andrew
Mrs. N. J. Butler
Gordon Callow
Walter J. Can02zi
R. M. Charlton
Chow Mee Ding
E. G. Flesher
Dr. A. H. Hutchinson
David Ker
CLASS OF '16 (41.3%)   Mrs.   R. Napier
B. M. Carruthers w(Ed£a Warwick)
Marjorie M. Dunton M"/G. C   Robertson
Laura M. Lane . _ (^elenw7"b™ok)
Sherwood Lett Gordon .W-  Scott
Dr. 6 Mrs, A. M. Meniles1.2" A,- Shaw
Grant Livingstone
J.  P.  D. Malkin
Shirley Manning
Hugh S. Mackenzie
Kenneth F. Mackenzie K.C.
Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie
Mrs. B. T. Rogers
Sydney M.  Rosenberg
W. Widdess
(I. Vermilyea)
D. H. Munro
Isabel G. McMillan
H. M. Rae
Gladys C. Schwesfnger
J.   P.   Southcott
William  C.  Wilson
CLASS  OF    17   (70%)
W. T. Abercromble
Mrs.   M.  Bolduc
(May D.  McCrimmon)
John M. Buchanan
D. E. Cairnes
P. D. Celle
Anne Fountain
G. L. Fraser
Mrs. H. C. Oreen
(Marion Mounce)
Rev.  H.  W.  Hagelstein
Mabel M. Lanning
A. Winnifred Lee
Mrs.  Sherwood  Lett
(nee Evelyn Story)
F. D. Mathers
Margaret Maynard
Mrs.  T. G. Millar
(Jean  Abernethy)
Mrs. C. A. P. Murison
(Shirley Clement)
John  Russell
Mrs. A. C. Smith
(M. Kathleen Mutrie)
Mrs. R. B.  Staub
(J. Pearl Rosebrugh)
Mrs. Eric E.  Swadell
(Laura   Pim)
Mrs.   C. M. Thorman
(Helen M. White)
Muriel  Shepherd
William G. Sutcliffe
CLASS OF   '20   (38%)
H. I. Andrews
Amy Barker
Hermlne D. Bottger
Mrs. H. W.  Brown
Wlllson H. Coates
Hester E.  Draper
Aleen   H. Gladwin
Mrs. Harold Henderson
(Verna Morris)
Annie G. Hill
Mrs. Leslie Lintelman
(Adela   E.   Smith)
Mrs. C. J. Oram
(Margaret Agnes Darner)
J. W. Rebbeck
James L.   Stewart
Louie Stirk
H. N. Watts
Gordon S. Wilson
CLASS OF '21   (43.2%)
George C. Cross
Mrs. Blythe A.  Eagles
(Violet Dunbar)
R. E. Foerster
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie T. Fournier (Dorothy Brenchley)
S. T. Galbraith
Ruth Harrison
P. D. I. Honeyman
H. T. James
Mrs.  Graeme King
(Margaret A.  McCabe)
C. A.  Lamb
J.  L.  Lawrence
Marion E. Lawrence
CLASS OF '18  (38.8%)   C. P. Leckie
Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Lord
Isobel Harvey
Harold W.   Mclnnes
Mrs. John Russell
(Ruth V. Fulton)
Mrs. E. M. Sexsmith
(Eleanor Frame)
Dorothea  Spears
Mrs. J.  P.  Southcott
(Bonallyn Clement)
Mrs. G.  M.   Stewart
(Irene Mounce)
(Myrtle   Kilpatrick)
C. 0. Ml/ley
Mrs. W. R. McAfee
(Nina Munn)
W. R. McDovgall
Janet L. McTavish
D. Hillis Osborne
Dr. 6 Mrs. R. C. Palmer
(Marjorie Matheson)
Alfred  Rive
Marion Sauder
CLASS OF '1»  (44.4%)   £ Morky'Ltt
Dr.  John Allardyce
Iris Ashwell
T. I. Gibson
Mrs. Henry C. Giegerich
(Katherine E.  Maynard)
Ellen C. Hunter
H. F. G. Letson
Mrs.  G. H.  Martin
(Marjory Peck)
Norah E. Murray
Myrtle  Shannon
Mrs. Ralph Sinclair
(Hattie May McArthur)
Mrs. Frank S. Smith
(Dorothy Blakey)
Mrs. C.  Stewart
(Freda Lenore Wilson)
Frank J. Studer
C. O. Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. A.  F. Wilks
Mrs. H. N. MacCorkindale     (Dorothy B. Russell)
(Alice Gross)
Mrs. H. L. McDIarmld      CLASS OF '22  (45.5%)
(Muriel H. Costley)       Marjorie Agnew
Evelyn C. McKay W. O. Banfield
Page 20
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Argue
(Alice M. Smith)
Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Black
(Nora Haddock)
Dr. L. L. Bolton
Mr. & Mrs. G. E. W.
(A. Louise Campbell)
E. M. Coles
Carlton Collard
Dr.  Norman L. Cutler
James A. Dauphlnee
Harold Doyle
Dr. Blythe A. Eagles
Mrs. Crawford Failey
(Christine M.  Urquhart)
Mrs. R. E. Foerster
(Gwen Kemp)
Dr. J.  Allen Harris
W.  G.  Hatch
Albert H. Imlah
Mrs. H. Lloyd Johnston
(Gwendolyn Robson)
Mrs. John Kuhn
(Isobel  S.  Miller)
R. J. Lanning
Mrs. E. Dewart Lewis
(Winifred Bullock)
Mrs. R.  F. C. Marrion
(D. E. G. Pye)
Mrs.   R. Michener
(Norah E. Willis)
W. R. McAfee
E.  Stuart McColl
Mr. & Mrs. L. W. McLennan I Cora I. Metii
(Cora I. Metz)
Mrs. A. J. Napier
(Mona C. Miles)
Mrs. Reginald Orr
(Edna J. Rogers)
Mrs. Mary I. Purdy
(Mary I.  Aconley)
Mrs. Norah K. Purslow
Mrs. Marlon C. Redgrave
M. Lillian Reid
William O. Scott
A.  Lionel  Stevenson
John F. Walker
James Watson
Mrs. N. Whittaker (Gwendolyn C.  A. Gillis)
CLASS OF '23  (37.6%)
Mrs. H. F. Angus
(Annie   Anderson)
C.   Muriel  Aylard
Jos.  F. Brown Jr.
Jessie E. Casselman
Harry M. Cassidy
R. V. Cavers
Mrs. Stanley F. Cowdell
(Gladys  L.  J. Pedlow)
Mrs.  John H. Creighton
(Sally Murphy)
Dorothy F. Dallas
Albert A. Drennan
T. E. H. Ellis
Mrs. Mildred Fahrni
(M.  M. Osterhout)
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Fraser
(Margaret  I. Kerr)
Marion E.  Gibbon
J. R. Giegerich
E. E. Gregg
Rowena P. Gross
H. C. Gunning
Mrs.  E. L.   Harris
(Sarah J. Battle)
Reginald Hodson
A. D.  Hunter
J.   H.   Jenkins
I slay Johnston
R. H. B. Jones
G.  L.   Landon
Mrs.  Lavell  Leeson
(Mary  I. Chapman)
Margaret P. Lindsay
Gilbert T. Loveridge
Mrs.  A.   McLaren
(Mary E. Tupper)
R.   W. Parker
Hubert A. Pearse
K. M. Portsmouth
H. M. A. Rice
A. E.  Richards
Mr.  & Mrs. Aubrey F.
N. A. Robertson
O. McLean Sanford
Dr.  & Mrs. J.  W.   Shier
(Grace I. Hilton)
F. C.   Stewart
Dr. & Mrs. Frank A. Turn-
bull (Jean Thomson)
C. C. Upshall
Mr. 6 Mrs. R. E. Walker
(Evelyn Eveleigh)
Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Wallace
(Dorothy Arkwright)
F. J. Welland
Mrs. F. G. C. Wood
(Beatrice Johnson)
Mrs. A. F. Wright
(Gladys  G. Jack)
CLASS OF '24  (45.2%)
Mary  C. Astell
H. E. Bramston-Cook
Percy M. Barr
Charles M. Barton
John G. Bell
L. K. Bickell
R. Murray Brink
Mrs. L.  L.  Bolton
(Mary   Pittendrigh)
F.  J. Brand
Geoffrey  Bruun
Mrs. M. Carr
(Mary Louise Fawcett)
Mrs.  Harry M. Cassidy
(Beatrice A. Pearce)
R. Charnley
Fred W. Coffin
Helen Creelman
Robert N. Crozier
Dr. J. R. Davidson
Mrs.  G. C. Dixon
(Isabel M. MacKinnon)
F. G. Elliott
C. R. Elsey
Mrs. S. H. Frame
(Laura M. Archibald)
Mrs.  G.   Gardom
(Ester S. Naden)
J. E. Glbbard
Henry C.  Giegerich
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Grant
(Helen Turpin)
D. B. Hardie
Mrs. F. K. Harris
Frances I. Higginbotham
Mrs.  R. Hood
Florence E. Johnston
Myrtle L. Kievell
Gordon  M.  Letson
G. C.  Lipsey
Mr. & Mrs. Lome T. Morgan (Lucy Ingram)
James C. McCutcheon
C. G.  McLachlan
Paul V.  McLane
Mrs. John A.  McLuckle
Ruth A. MacWilliam
A.  T.  Naoier
H.  R.   Offord
A. E.  Ogilvie
Eleanor Ormrod
Mrs. G.  Parrott
(Florence   I.  Williams)
Dorothv C.   Peck
T.  P.  F. Peele
Mrs.  A.  P.   Pettypiece
(F.  Mane Chapin)
Dr. W.   W.  Simnson
William V. Smltherlngale
P. B. Strovan
Jean  Telter
Mrs.   Harry   Tupner
(Ivadele  Hvland)
T. E.  Underhill
T. C. Wilcox
J. M. Wolverton
CLASS   OF   '25   (37%)
G. A. Allen
H.   O.   Arkley
Stanley T. Arkley
Mrs. Jean E. Arnold
C. Arnott
Vera  F. Barnes
Dr. Vera  M. Behrendt
Mrs. W. R. Bennett
(Evelyn P. Cricb)
T. B. Black
Mrs. R. Murray Brink
(Zoe   E.  Farrand)
T.  W. Brown
Neal   M.   Carter
Mrs. C. S.  Collison
David B. Charlton
(Doris Pattullo)
William Deans
Mr. & Mrs.  J. E. Eades
(Jessie Aske)
E. B.  Fraser
Mr. & Mrs. F. G. Futcher
(Winifred M. Hall)
E.  B. Gillanders
A. E. Grauer
G. Joyce Hallamore
B. Hankinson
H. R. Henderson
Willson   E.  Knowlton
A. A. Lambert
John P. Ledingham
Colin C.  Lucas
Edith E. Lucas
Mrs. A. Carr Lumsden
(Mary C. Swanson)
Edith I. Martin
Mrs. Howard T. Mitchell
(Janet R. MacDonald)
Dorothy Murray
Mrs. J. McCulloch
(Vera M. Sbarpe)
M. McDonald
Lex L.  McKillop
Mrs.  E. Pain
(Elsie Rilance)
F. M. Painter
Mrs. Frank M.   Ross
(Phyllis M. Gregory)
Mrs.  Eric  Stafford
(Kathlyn D. Shorney)
Mrs. Ian A.   Shaw
(Gwaldys M. Anderson)
George E. Stoodley
B. P. Sutherland
Dorothy G. Taylor
Homer A. Thompson
CLASS OF '26  (31.4%)
W.   A.   Bain
Dr. & Mrs. R. H. Ball
I.  A. Balmer
Bernice E. Barton
Carl F. Barton
R. H.  Baylis
Jacob Biely
Earle Birney
Florence V. Brown
Mrs H. Leslie Brown
(Ruth A.  Fraser)
Kenneth  P. Caple
E. Conrad
Mrs.  C. W. Cropp
(Gladys M.  Caresche)
J. S. Cull
Jos. G. Falconer
Jean A.  C. Graham
Janet T.  Greig
0.  G.  Griffith
Florence   Innes
J.  E. Kania
Margaret E.  Kerr
Dr. Honor M. Kidd
Mrs.   J.   L. Lawrence
(Mary A. MacKay)
F. Wanetta Leach
Mr.  & Mrs. George
(Margaret   M.   Harvie)
Marjorie  Leeming
Mr. & Mrs. F. P. Levirs
(Marjorie Lanning)
W.  Murphy
Flora Musgrave
Mrs. H. W. Needier
(Alfreda A. Berkeley)
Dr. G. W. M. Norman
H. L. Purdy
G. R.  Robinson
Mr.   &  Mrs.   Cyril  Selby
(Mary M. McKee)
T. M. C.  Taylor
Curtis J. Tlmleck
Mrs. D. B. Turner
(Margaret  Swanson)
Mrs.   G. Frank Waites
(Winona T. Straight)
Mr. & Mrs. B. E. Wales
(Doris G.  McKay)
Mrs. T. A. Walker (Marion
I. Bullock-Webster)
Dr.  Harry V.  Warren
Laura  Wilcox
L. A. Williamson
Jean Woodrow
CLASS OF '27  (26.1%)
Mrs. John Allardyce (Hen-
riette D.   MacKenzie)
Ralph M. Bagshaw
Frank R. Barnsley
Mrs.  H.  G. Bell
(Margaret G. Morrison)
Anne B. Berry
N.  Brown
Rex  L.  Brown
D.  E.  Calvert
M. A. Cameron
William E. Cottlngham
Mollie E.  Cottingham
J. G. D'Aoust
Dr. R.  N. Dick
Mrs.  D. Donaldson  (Margaret A.   McDiarmid)
Ethel Fugler
O. H. Gill
Jean R. D. Gllley
Mrs. V. W. Griffiths
(Edith L. Dwinnell)
Mrs. T. R. Hobart
(Frances E. Lyne)
Mrs. B. M.  Hoffmeister
(Amber D. Strauss)
Mary H. Johnston
»A. H. Lang
Charles W. Leek
Dean  M. Dorothy Mawd-
Mrs.  George E. Moore
(Dorothy L.  R. Partington)
Mrs. J. H. Moore
Mrs. R. L. Morrison
(Marion Roberts)
Mr. & Mrs, H. G.  Munro
(Blanche  Almond)
Jeon  Musgrave
Isabel  McTavish
Mrs.   C. H.   Neroutsos
(Edythe W. Winter)
Eleanora Piggott
Richard W. Pillsbury
Avis Pumphrey
G.   Russell  Robinson
J.   S. Shakespeare
Mr. & Mrs, D. C. Stevenson   (Anne Mackenzie)
Mrs. P. B.  Stroyan
(Lillian A. Robinson)
Elizabeth  E.   Walker
CLASS OF '28  (18.4%)
Mrs. Frank Appelbe
(Doris J. Woods)
Bruce A.   Barr
Mrs. Harry Barratt
(Margaret M. Thomson)
Mrs.  C.  G. Barrett
(Kathleen L. McLuckie)
Arthur H. Beattie
H. Leslie Brown
William C. Brown
Mrs. A. Cameron
(Mary R. Cole)
Mrs.  Kenneth  P.  Caple
(Edith B. Clegg)
Mrs.  G.  H.  Candlish
(Margaret L. Greig)
Sidney V. Clarke
Mrs.  Harry Cornwall
(Margaret S. Smith)
Mrs.   A.   P.  Croker
(Flora Burritt)
Mrs.  A.  W.   M. Elliott
Margaret J. Estey
Gilbert G.   Fraser
Olive D. Heritage
Mabel Johnston
J. L. Kask
Joseph   Marin
Margaret C.   MacDonald
Mrs. Murray Macdonald
(Gladys C. McAlpine)
M. M. McFarlane
Mrs.   Lex L.  McKillop
(Lucy K. Ross)
Mrs. F. S. McKinnon
(Beatrice M.  Ruttan)
Mrs. Earl L. MacLeod
(Flora McKechnie)
Dr. J. A.'MacMillan
M. E. Macqueen
H. G. McWIIIIams
Mrs.   R.   M.   Odium
(M. K. J. Tolmie)
Mrs. James  Pollock
(Ruth Macdonald)
Mrs.  Kenneth Salmond
(H. H. Leeming)
Christina Jean  Stewart
V.  L. Stewart
WIIHam E. Thomson
Mrs. F.  Tullock
(Priscilla L. Matheson)
Mrs. R.  Douglas Welch
(D.   C. Hipperson)
Mr. 6 Mrs. A. S. Whiteley
(Marion L. Swanson)
CLASS OF  '29  (31.7%)
C.  W. Abercrombie
Dr. O. E. Anderson
Mrs. Donald K. Archibald
(Constance C. McTavish)
Mrs.  O. Aune   (Luella M.
Jean  Bailey
Lindsay M.  Black
Harold W. Blackett
Brig. J,  W. Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Boggs
(Mamie P.  Maloney)
Mrs. G. C. Carl
(J. F. L. Hart)
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Carpenter (Margaret F. Sutherland)
R. B. Carrie*
Mary E. Clark
C. R. Cornish
J. L. Crickmay
Dorothy M. Cruickshank
Mrs. G. G. D'Arcy
(Grace A. Ryall)
Elizabeth Dow
Stanley Duffell
D. J. Emery
Mrs. D. W. Foubister
(Alida B. McRae)
Mrs. Ivan Frank
(M. J. V. Mclnnes)
Harold Fullerton
M. W. Gormley
Margaret T. Gourlay
Elizabeth A. Groves
W. N.   Hall
Mrs. J.  K. Halley
(Dorothy H. Downes)
Mrs.  Gordon Hambleton
(Claudine P. Tail)
Mrs. H. E. Harvey
Mary E.  Henderson
Mrs. Gordon Hutton
(Elizabeth E. Killam)
R. W. Keyserlingk
Jean H. Kirkby
Dr. Lionel H. Laing
Marion Langridge
Mrs. H. Muriel E. Loch
R. L. Morrison
Olivia   D.  Mouat
Paul  D. Murphy
Dr. J. Vernon Murray
C. D. MacKenzie
H. G.  Nicholson
H.  Northrop
Roger  M. Odium
Margaret A.  Ormsby
Mrs. W. S. Owen
(fean M. Dowler)
D. W. Pearce
W. O.  Richmond
Mrs. W.  R. Selby
(Lylian G. Jackson)
R. H. Spllsbury
Dr. D. A. Steele
Mrs. G.  H. Tomlinson
(Frances L. Fowler)
Muriel Upshall
Dr. Reg. A.   Wilson
Mr.  & Mrs. B. Montgomery Wood
(A. E.  C. Riggs)
C. E. Yarwood
CLASS OF '30  (34.1%)
Dr. R. M. Archibald
R. K. Baker
Mrs. E. J. Barbarie
(Roberta Menten)
Mr. & Mrs. T. V. Berto
(Margaret Finlay)
G. G. Boothroyd
Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Brazier
G. C. Carl
T. M. Chalmers
J. N. C.   Clayton
Mrs. G. H. Cockburn
(Mary Barton)
Margaret Coope
Mrs.   Stuart Daly
(Catherine M. Urquhart)
Rev. & Mrs. James Dunn
(Frances Robinson)
T. B. Edwards
E. N. R.  Elliott
Mrs. Hugh A. Elliott
(Marion Grant)
Muriel M. Esselmont
D. M. Flather
Mrs.  J. M. Gillison
(Naomi H. Cornish)
Dr. F. W. Grauer
James Hadgkiss
Frank  Hallonquist
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hay
(Betty MacKenzie)
Letitia A. Hay
Mrs. William F. Henniger
(Violet Sands)
Dr. & Mrs. W. Harry
(Grace  Parkinson)
Mr. & Mrs. A. HrennikofT
(Alexandra Turin)
B. G. Hunt
Mrs. E.  S.  James
(Hillary Helliwell)
E. A. Jenkins
Thelma  Johnson
W. J. C. Kirby
Muriel Laing
J. B. Litch
Margaret S. Loch
E.  O.  Lunn
D. A.  Maxwell
Mrs.   M. Morrison
Mrs. J.  C.  Moscovich
(Mary Armstrong)
Alan J. Macdonald
Douglas Macdonald
Malcolm F. McGregor
Mrs. H. G. Nicholson
(Mary Colledge)
Mrs. Evelyn Peterson
Paul  Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Pike
(Patricia Newlands)
Mrs.   Cyril Pitt
(Isobel M. Dee)
Mrs. H.  S.   Putnam
(Margaret Logan)
Beatrice E. Read
Audsley V. Rhodes
Mr. & Mrs. William Rob-
bins  (Margaret Ross)
Mrs.  Philips W.   Rossiter
(Olive  Malcolm)
Gertrude Savage
W. R.   Selby
Mrs. M.  Sleightholme
(Jean Salter)
G. G. Woodward
Dr.  & Mrs. A. C.  Young
CLASS OF  '31   (18.5%)
Jessie I. Acorn
Mrs. Vernon C. Brink
(Ruth Fields)
P. R. Brissenden
Dorothy M. Bruce
Mr. & Mrs. A. T. R.
(Frances Greenwood)
Mrs. F. S. Cresswell
(Betty Buckland)
Mrs. Margaret M. Denny
(Margaret Harris)
Margaret B. Dick
K. F. Fraser
James A. Gibson
George  Grant
Edith J. Green
Eileen B.  Griffin
Jordan Guy
Katharine B.   Hockin
E.  F.   Hurt
Ernest M.   Kershaw
N.   L.  Kirk
W. S. B.  Latta
Don M. Matheson
Vera B.   Mawby
G. M. Meredith
D.   C. Murdoch
D. F. McNeill
Mrs.   V.   Oliver
(Frances Milligan)
E. Pigou
Louise E. Poole
J. M.   Rutherford
C. D.  Schultz
W.   A.   Shilvock
Norma  F. Sm'th
R.   Hamilton  Smith
Ronald N.  Smith
L.  F.   Swannell
M. A. Thomas
Alex Turnbull
Mrs.  C. Turner
(Margaret Muirhead)
L.   O. Wright
CLASS OF '32  (26.4%)
Mrs.  Miriam   R.   Armstead
Dr. A. W. Bagnall
Mr. & Mrs. W.  R. T.
Brooks (Annie Taylor)
W.  T.  Brown
Dr. B. F. Bryson
Dorothy Butler
Mrs.  L. W.  Chatwin
(Dorothy Kelly)
Margaret E. Clarke
Mrs.   G. M.   Edgar
(Kathleen MacDermot)
Dr. H. Emmanuele
Mrs. A. Murray Fallis
(Ada Bostock)
Mary M.   Fallis
Mrs. J. L. Farris
(Dorotby Colledge)
Mr.  & Mrs. A. W.  Fisher
(Lois  Tourtelotte)
Mr. & Mrs. D. A. Freeman
(Beulah James)
D. C. Fillmore
Harold A. Gibbard
Fred C. Giles
Ellen Gleed
F. K. Grimmett
A. S.  Haggerty
J. K.   Halley
W.   H.   Harvey
William H.  Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Terence C.
Holmes (Ellen Ramage)
L. B. Jack
Mrs.   E.  A.   Jenkins
(Lily Youds)
Mrs. C. L. Knowles
(Marion Hanes)
J. Wilfred Lee
W. J. Lind
J. A. Mitchell
Mrs. D. F. Macorquodale
(Ruth McCulloch)
Mrs. E. V. McGauley
(Evelyn McGill)
Mrs. Rupert Nell
Dr.  H. L. Ormsby
Mrs. W.  H. Poole
(Katie Thiessen)
William J. Roper
Philip W.   Rossiter
Dr.  G. S.   Rothwell
John P. Sargent
J.  P. Savage
Carol Sellars
Mrs.  A. M.  Snell
(Alice   Morrow)
Donald S. Smith
G. Frank Waites
Robert T.  Wallace
Alfred   Watts
Lloyd  Williams
Florence I. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. R. Wilson (Nora Mains)
Jean Wit beck
H. R. Wright
Enid  S. Wyness
CLASS OF  '33   (25.8%)
Dr.  George  S. Allen
John Ashby
J. Ray Atkinson
K. W. Atkinson
W.  H.  Birmingham
Catherine L. Black
F. W. Bogardus
Mrs. A. C. Buckland
(Helen Jackson)
A. E. Buller
William H. Q. Cameron
Mrs. Cllve Campbell
(Molly Bardsley)
Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Campbell
(Mary Dooley)
Mrs. H. H. Carey
(Gladys Frost)
Mrs. Tom Chalmers
G. H. Cockburn
Mrs. Tom Collings
(Catherine  Clibborn)
Mrs.  Fred Dann
(Muriel Smith)
Charles A. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. R. Deane
(F.  J. Sutherland)
Eileen DesBrisay
Mr. & M-s.   Victor L.
Dryer (Isabel Wales)
A. S. Ellert
M. H. Farrant
D. V. Fisher
Hedlev S.   Fowler
Dr. W. C. Gibson
G. C.  Hacker
C.  A.   E.   Hcnsley
John Houston
A. B. Jackson
G. T. Jamieson
Tohn R.  Johnston
R. Jure
Mrs.   F. R. Killam
(Kathryn   Hebb)
Mary McDougal
Mr. & Mrs. P. D. McTag-
(Margaret Palmer)
R. F.  Osborne
G.  Neil Perry
A. H.  Phillips
Dr. N. W. F. Phillips
Mrs.   L.   Y. Porter
(Alice Davidson)
Louis T. Rader
Mr. & Mrs. D. D. Reeve
(Marion Sangster)
R. H. Richmond
Mr. & Mrs.  J. V. Rogers
(Ruth Witbeck)
E. M. Russell
William A. Schultz
Annie E. Scott
H. J. Sedgwick
Eleanor L. Sharp
Lt. Col. C. H. Smith
John  Stanton
M. Timberlake
David B. Turner
Mrs.  G.  Volkoff
(Olga Okulitch)
A. D. C. Washington
Mrs. Alfred Watts
(Rosalind Young)
Alan Webster
B. Whiles
E. C. Duff Wilson
Mrs.   Reg.  A.  Wilson
(Jean Emerson)
Mrs. T. G.  Wright
(Virginia Cummings)
CLASS OF '34  (26.2%)
H. W. Agnew
Molly Beall
John A. Bourne
A. G. Brand
V. C. Brink
V. Yvonne Brown
J.  Meryl Campbell
C. E.   Cleveland
Mark Collins
J.  U. Copeman
Mrs. Raymond G.   de la
Haye (Sophie Witter)
Walter B. Dingle
C. R. Eyre
W.  Farenholtz
R.  A. Findlay
Mrs.  J.  R.   Genge
(Dorothy Harris)
Mrs. H. J. Gordon
A. M. Harper
J. N. Hyland
R. F.  Hynd
Mrs.  J.  H. Insley
(Helen Lowe)
Mr. & Mrs. R.   Irving
(Marion  Darnbrough)
H. Katznelson
Mary Latta
F. Mulloy
Mr. & Mrs. R. S. McDonald   (Mary Eakins)
Mr. & Mrs. J. Innes Mac-
dougall (Dorothy Pearson)
Mrs.   R.  K. MacKenzie
(Hilda Bone)
Mr. & Mrs. A. K. Macleod
(Beatrice Cooke)
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. McMaster
D. L. McMullan
I. C. MacQueen
L. J. Nicholson
Ivan Niven
Mr.  & Mrs. D.  M. Owen
(Marion Reid)
Dr. & Mrs.   John   L.   Par-
nell  (Margaret Miller)
I. C. Paterson
D.   C.  Quigley
Mrs. W. R. Rose
(Verna Sbihock)
Mrs. I. E. Scott
M.  Frances G.  Simms
Douglas M.  Smith
Mr. & Mrs. I. C. Taylor
(Dorothy Barrow)
G. Volkoff
Muriel Wales
H. A. S. West
D. Weston
Dr. D. M. Whltelaw
J. Norton Wilson
Dr. James W. Wilson
Mrs.   Gordon Wyness
(Allison  Reid)
CLASS OF  '35  (18.2%)
Herbert R. Barclay
Edgar C. Black
B. O.  Brynclsen
H. H. Clayton
Mrs. Mark Collins
(Phae Van Dusen)
John Conway
Charlotte Dill
F. T.  Fairey
M.  H.  Fox
R. H. B.  French
Mr.   &  Mrs.   Leo S.  Gans-
ner  (Netta  Harve^)
Mrs. W. C. Gibson
(Barbara Baird)
C. D.  Graham
Mrs. A. A. C. Harris
(Madeline Wbitten)
Mr.  & Mrs.  A.  J.  F.
J.  A.  Lower
Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Mather
(Elenita Hall)
Violet Mellish
Douglas W. Mills
John M. Mortimer
A. M. Macdonald
P.  L.  Northcott
Mrs. R. F. Osborne
(Dorothy McRae)
John E. A. Parnall
Arabell  Peirson
I. A. Rader
Viola A. E. Ringle
H.  F.  Salisbury
Frank F. Rush
Frank S. Stevens
Mrs. F. M. Toshach
(Carol Hanna)
R. C.  Twining
Florence H. Walker
Pearl  Willows
Mr. &  Mrs. C.   H.  Willis
(Mary MacDonald)
James  H.  Wright
Mrs.   Kenneth  T.  Wright
(Rosemary Edmonds)
CLASS OF '36  (21.2%)
Mrs. Doreen E. Abernethy
Roger M. Bain
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Berry
(Vivian MacKenzie)
Thomas L. Brock
A. C. Buckland
Mrs. B. P. Buckley
(Euphemia Raphael)
Helen Chang
E.  A.   Cleveland
W.  L. Cunningham
Marion Dignan
J. A. Findlay
R. P. Forshaw
Mrs. R. A. Francis
(Margaret Ecker)
E. H.  Gautschi
Mr. & Mrs. G. Brodie
Gillies (Jane Nimmins)
H. P. Godard
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Gross
(May Peacock)
Harold  L.  Harkley
Mrs. A.  M.  Harper
(Darrel Gomery)
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Harrison
(Margaret Reid)
Mrs. J. K. Hentig
(Irene Wallace)
Faith   Hodgson
Mrs.   H. Hollick-Kenyon
(Grace  Cavan)
O. L. Lacey
C. Arthur A. Lind
Mrs. E. Mayhew
(Elza Lovitt)
John F. Melvin
A. H. W. Moxon
G. T. McHattie
A. S. Maclnnes
Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Paradls
Mrs. K. G.  Pearson
(Mary  Matthews)
A. J. Renney
Bruce A. Robinson
(can  W. Roxburgh
Elliott A. Schmidt
Mrs.  C.  D.   Schultz
(Margaret Beaumont)
P. J. Sharp
Elsie K. Smith
R. Y.  Stanier
P. Clayton  Stewart
A. J.  Thompson
B. Turin
CLASS OF  '37   (23.2%)
Mrs.   S. G. Allen
(Molly Shone)
Mrs. M. E. Alstrom
(Marjorie  Carter)
Mrs.  Charles E. Baker
(Vera Baker)
Walter M. Barss
R.  K.  Bell
Harry A.  Berry
Mrs. J. L. Bieler
(Zoe Browne-Clayton)
Sheila C. Buchanan
Emc Campbell
Walter D.  Charles
R. N. Chester
Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Clayton
(Olive Selfe)
David A. Darling
Thomas  A.  Dohm
Mrs.  R. J. Eagles
(Joan Martin)
A. M. Eastham
D. W. Foubister
A. P. Gardner
F. T. Garrison
John G. Gould
K. E. Grant
E. Hoffmann
Mrs.  George H. Hunter
Arthur B. Irwin
Everett J. Irwin
Clara E. Johnsen
A. S. Kadiielawa
P. J. Kitley
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Killam
(Yvonne Ladner)
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lecky
(Beverley  Cunningham)
L. K. Lee
Mrs. Dora W. LeQuesne
(Dora Wilkie)
J.  S. Maguire
4/feen  E.  Mann
A. K. Mathisen
Robert A. Muir
H. J.  MacKay
Margaret J.  Nichol
Mrs.   F.  L.  Patterson
(Margaret Allison)
D. B. Quayle
Rupert   Ross
John F. T. Saywell
John  M. Shaw
C. Bernard  Shipton
Mrs. D.  S.  Smith
Mrs. G. W. Stahl
(Mary  Smith)
L. B. Stibbs
S.   A.  Swift
G.  A. Turner
W.  F.  Veltch
Rev. J. H. H. Watts
J. J. West
J.  L.  Witbeck
CLASS  OF  '38   (15.3%)
Mrs. Con Ashby
(Margaret Jones)
Mrs.  J. E.  Baldwin
(Lillian Boyd)
Rosemary Bawden
Mrs. F. W.  Bogardus
(Mary Black)
Mary G. Bradshaw
C. M. Campbell
A. N.  Charters
Phyllis L. Cowan
E. Mary Craig
A. M.   Fotheringham
Eleanor M. Gibson
E. W. Hall
J. Z. Hall
Mrs. Cynthia Hiitier
J. W. Hudson
C.  P.  Idyll
Mr. & Mrs. K. W. Ingle-
dew  (Margaret Fox)
Dr. S. W. Leung
Ting Kwong Li
J. G. Light
H.  W. Little
Mr. & Mrs. C. P. Love
(Betty Jones)
Cathalin  I.   Miller
Mrs. John  M.   Mortimer
(Barbara  Hutton)
James A. Macdonald
Mrs.  H.  J. MacKay
(Mary Gibson)
Mrs. W.  C. McQueen
O. H. Newmarch
W.  C.   Pendray
J.  G. Retallack
Margaretta  G.   Rice
C. George Robson
Mr.  & Mrs. Art  Sager
(Dorothy Planche)
Grace Thomson
W. S. Tremaine
Elizabeth Tuckey
W.   S.   Wainwright
M.  F.  Welsh
Georgina   Wilson
M. M. Wright
G. Zotov
CLASS OF '39  (27.4%)
Mr.   &  Mrs.   J.  G.  Aldous
(Elsie Hooley)
Walter R. AsMord
T. A. G. Beeching
R. J. Boroughs
Joanne Brown
Joyce Calhoun
Wilfred M. Calnan
Clara E. Cartmell
B. M. Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. G. Dudley
(Miriam  Cosens)
T. Graham Darting
Trevor C. M. Davis
V.  L.  Dean
D. R. Donaldson
G.  B.  Erlebach
Mildred S. Flook
Sherwood  D.  Ford
A. M. Gale
Warren L. Godson
Fred  L.  Hartley
W.  L.  Hetherington
Dr. Elmer A. Jones
Major F. B. Jones
George P. Kidd
J.  G.  King
John Lamb
Mr. & Mrs. M. P. Larsen
(Sheila Wilson)
P. Leckie-Ewing
Mr. & Mrs.  W.  S. Leggat
Arthur E. Lock
Mr. & Mrs. S. T. Madeley
(Kathleen MacKenzie)
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Morrison   (Patricia Murphy)
J. G. MacDermot
Page 21 A. B. Macdonald
Robert L. McDougall
R. G. McEfhanney
Dr. J. M. MacKenzie
John A. McLaren
Dr. F. E. McNair
Mr. a Mrs. B. I. Nesbitt
Myrne B. Nevlson
Mrs. W. C. Pendray
(Margaret Deas)
James M. Pepper
T. P. Pepper
Mr. & Mrs. W. Petrle
(Isobelle Chodat)
Roy A. Phillips
Harold  Rome
Edith Sellens
Mr.  & Mrs. W. M. Sibley
(Margaret MacKenzie)
J. W. Stewart
W. D. Stokvls
Milton C. Taylor
Frank J. E. Turner
Mr.   & Mrs.  Stanley West-
W. O. Williams
Beverly E.  Wilson
Kenneth W. T. Wright
CLASS OF '40  (19.3%)
Mrs. Joseph W. Awmack
(Winifred McBride)
Mrs. A. C. Bain
(Jean Anderson)
W. H. Barton
Darrel  T. Braidwood
K. Booth
Irene B. Bush
J. C. Campbell
Harvey Carruthers
M. Chapin
F. B. Clark
Audrey L.  Downham
M. R.  Duncan
J.  K.  Eadie
E. R. Flesher
M. Fraresso
L. H. Garstin
Mrs. R. T. Oayton
(Adrienne Collins)
Mrs. F. Germyn
A. R. Haines
M. B. Hansen
Mrs. Helen Harmer
Mrs.   Fred   L. Hartley
(Margaret Murphy)
Mrs. F. H. D.  Hughes
(Katharine Grant)
T. G. Hunter
Janet S. M.  Kennedy
Milton M. Kennedy
S. Aubrey Kerr
Barbara C. King
John D. Leslie
Norman Lind
L. B. Monasch
J. C. Moore
B. N. Moyls
Marjorie H.  Munro
Dr. Mary A.  Murphy
R. H.  McBean
Elizabeth K. McCann
R. K. MacKenzie
J. C. MacLean
Charles S. Ney
C. D. Ovans
Gladys W. Owen
W. A.  Parker
Jean E. Pearson
Mrs. Roy A.  Phillips
(Barbara  Avis)
A. F.  Provenzano
R. P. ap Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Robertson
Basil Robinson
Jack Ross
Jack T. Rush
Mrs. John M. Shaw
(Phyllis McEwen)
Harry C.  F. Spring
F. H. C. Taylor
R. B. Toombs
Jonathan Tribe
G. E. White
R. G. Williston
L. G. Wilson
CLASS OF  '41   (16.1%)
A. J. Andrews
A. C. Bain
Graham Bruce
Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Byers
(Caroline Johnson)
Russell L. Davis
Ina  Dearing
Mr. & Mrs. R. Grant Don-
egani  (Mary Lister)
Alistair  J.   Drysdale
Stanley Evans
Page 22
Mrs. Douglas C. Gourlay
(Audrey Reifcl)
Alice Hauger
Mary E. P. Henderson
B. C. Herd
C. E. Holland
A. N. Humphreys
Mrs. E. H. Kelly
(Valerie Gardiner)
Mr.  & Mrs. Donald  P.
Mrs. John D. Leslie
(Patricia  Cumming)
M. Lowe
Harold D. Lumsden
F. T. Middleton
Dr. J. F. Morgan
R. G. McEachern
Mrs.   C. MacLeod
(Joan Bruce)
A. J. Nash
J. E. Oldfield
W. M. Osborne
L. P.  Patience
M. Elizabeth J. Pullen
James W.  Purdey
Mrs. J. G.  Retallack
(Grace Bonnell)
Allyn Richardson
Margaret Ridland
Mrs. R. P. ap Roberts
(Evelyn Heyer)
Mary Lenore Schofield
R. M. Thompson
E. S. Turnill
Mr. & Mrs. J.  Alan Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. William Wallace  (Dorothy Herd)
C. C. Weldon
Mrs. Chas. A. Willis
(Ellis McLeod)
CLASS OF '42  (17.3%)
Mrs^ D.  G. Anstey
(Amy Hackney)
H. R. Bell
D. C. Buckland
N. F. Bushell
Mr.  & Mrs.  J.  M. Campbell  (Jean Thomson)
Mrs. Charles Craig
Harry P. Darley
Dr. K. O.  Fleming
R. W. Grahame
Urban  Guichon
J.   S. Gunn
O.  J. Hall
G. R. Hilchey
Joan V.  Hodgson
Harry J. Home
Margaret L. Howieson
Dr. William M.  Joiner
Wm. J. Johnson
Echo Lidster
Peter S. Mathewson
Thomas W. Mayne
R. G. Menchions
Dr. M.  A.  Menzies
Mrs.  T. W. Meredith
(Betty Muir)
Elspeth  Munro
Marion E. Murphy
W.  Edward McBride
G. R. McCall
Mrs. James A. Macdonald
(Barbara Smith)
Mrs.  J. M.  Mackenzie
(Dorothy Stamatis)
Muriel G. McLagan
J. L. McMillan
M. Jean McMullen
lain  C.  MacSwoln
Charles W. Nash
Nora Neilson
David R. Nichols
Hansi Nissen
J. W. Oastler
Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Paton
(Claudia Matheson)
Rachel Paul
Lome Perry
A.  J. Phillips
Florence V. Rowell
Barbara Ellen Spencer
E. E. Teagle
E. A. Thompson
Anne B.  Underhill
C. E. T. White
CLASS OF '43  (22.9%)
Joseph W. Awmack
C. L. Aszkanazy
J. Patrick Beley
Elizabeth Seavmont
Rev. W. J. Bingham
F. A. M. Buck
Mary Buckerfield
S. Burchel
Mr. & Mrs. David Burns
(Nora Erickson)
E. Jean Campbell
L. W. Chatwin
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Claridge
(Marjorie Rogers)
George Claydon
Leonard Cox
Alice M. Curtis
Mrs. Don Dennis
A. H. Elliott
Donald C. Evans
Mr.  & Mrs.  Donald B.
Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Fowle
(Ann Clemens)
N. A. Gill
Margaret Goble
Mrs.   Gerald  F.   Godfrey
(Anne Beddome)
Mrs. Marianne  Lourie
J. S.  Gray
Vernon  H.   Grigg
Mrs.  D. A.  Haggart
(Margaret Gibbs)
H. U. Hall
Roy V. Jackson
C. W. Keller
Mrs. W. A. Ker
(Ivy Francis)
Mr. & Mrs. D. A. Livingston   (Elizabeth Harvey)
Charles F.  Long
Clarence W. J. Mann
Mr. & Mrs. William T.
Mann (Daisy Edwards)
Ian D. Matheson
Mrs. F. H.  G. Mills
Amy C. Moyls
Mr. & Mrs. James T. McCoy   IJocelyn  Danlelll
K.   O.  Macgowan
Chas J.  McNeely Jr.
E. H. Norton
Mrs.   R.  Orchard
(Jean Elliott)
L. A.  Patterson
David M. Roussel
Donald   B.   Rickctts
I.  H. Schiedel
Alma M. Shore
Andy Snaddon
Mrs. I.  E.  Snider
(Phyllis Nemetz)
Mrs. Joyce Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. D. Swackhamer
(Mabel Robson)
S. W. Turner
E.'R. Uglow
loseph D. Weed
W.  D. Welsford
Mrs. J. A. Wheat
(Elizabeth  Barss)
Leora R. Wright
Honoree Young
CLASS OF '44  (13.5%)
Mrs. E.   P.   Bowser
(Lorraine Large)
C A. Carncross
P.  John G. Carrothers
Mr.  & Mrs. F.  Dietrich
(Elizabeth Scott)
J. B. Douglas
Douglas A. Edwards
Charlie O. Farina
Margaret S. George
Lino  Giuriato
Barbara E. Godfrey
Gerald F. Godfrey
Mrs. Donald F. Griffiths
(Muriel Webster)
D. A. Haggart
I.  Haile
D. G. Ivey
Andrew Law
W. T. Lane
Rex S. Marshall
Lorna Kathleen McDiarmid
Mrs.  Robert L. McDougall
(Phyllis Goddard)
Mr. 6 Mrs. J. Peter McGeer  (Catherine Deasl
A. McLean
Janet McLean-Bell
7. W. Mcl.org
Alvin J. Narod
A. M.  Parker
George H.  Reifel
R.  G. Roche
Mrs. E. S. Rhodes
(Aingelda Reynolds)
A. H. Rome
Jack V. Smedley
Walter D. Thumm
J. L. Tiedje
Dr. Adam C. Waldie
Mrs.  John E.  Whitaker
(Muriel McDiarmid)
C. C. Wright
N. S. Wright
CLASS OF '45  (16.3%)
Mrs. J. H. Adamson
(Madeline Van de Putte)
J. Dv Anedrson
June L.  Aubrey
R. Barer
W. E. Barraclough
B. Bartholomew
Barbara A. Bell
D. J. Berryman
George C. Best
R. M. Bibbs
R. F. Binnie
J. L. Bryant
Mrs.  F. A. M. Buck
(Elizabeth Paulin)
Mrs. D. C. Buckland
(Jean Adam)
Mrs. W. R. Campbell
(Suzanne Dalrymple)
Norman Coleopy
H. E. English
Ormond W.  Fleming
Barbara H.  Greene
Donald F. Griffiths
Max D. Gronlund
J. Kelvin Hamilton
G. J.  Hayward
John D. Hetherington
Ruth L. Hewitt
J. Hicks
Robert L. High
E. B. Huyck
Kathleen  W. Jenkins
W. A. Ker
Sheila Kirkpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Burton O.
(Erika Nalos)
Sylvia A. Lees
W.  H. Letham
Nancy Lou Lyons
D. D. Lytle
Marion M. Manson
Margaret G. Merry
Gregory  Millar
R. E. Morton
W. K. McCarter
Mrs. Stuart MacKay
(Patricia Cunningham)
Margaret MacLeod
Mr. & Mrs.  Hugh J. Mc-
(Patricia Stamatis)
J. W. Phelps
Lois C. Reid
George E. Rush
H.i B.  Sceats
Stella Shopland
Mrs.   Helene Lourie Stein-
Byron W. Straight
W. B. Stewart
William M. Walker
Margaret M. Willson
G. R. Wyatt
C. W. Yip
CLASS OF '46  (15.6%)
Don  F. Alderdice
Con Ashby
Roma  J. Atkins
Ole Bakken
C. V. Barlow
B. E. Sewell
K. L. Broe
Helen M. Brown
J. A. Burgess
E. E. Cavalier
F. Ward Cook
M. W. Dennis
A. C. Dimock
Helen Duncan
Mildred Edmonds
Owen  C.   Edwards
Joan C. Ellingham
D. B. Fordyce
Laurence Frank Viovando
D. M. M. Goldie
John Goodlad
Mrs. Henry B. Graber
(Dorothy  Stone)
Muriel I. Gulloch
Donald W. Hammersley
H. T. Hansen
C. R. Henderson
Mrs.   John  D.   Hetherington I Audrey Buchananl
A.  G. Hodgson
S.   B. Howlett
Judith  Jardine
Violet Katainen
John Keeffe
J. H. Kilburn
Ruth A. Lane
Anne Lazareff
Maxine Lindow
W. E. Lyle
T. W. Meredith
Ronald S. Milner
O. K. Miniato
Joan D. Morison
F. D. Moyls
F. Marguerite Munroe
A. R. Macdonald
M. L. MacKenzie
R.  N.  McLellan
D. G. McLeod
Ervin Nalos
J. A. S. Neilson
Gordon E. Newberry
Wm.  V.  Nicholson
R. G. Nickells
John H.  Peatfield
J. N. Phillips
R. C.  Poison
Dorothy Poore
Peter H. Pudney
William D. Reid
E. S. Rhodes
D. M.  Ritchie
Joyce Robinson
Margaret A. Rose
Mrs.  Jack T.  Rush
(Florence Peele)
Murray Sager
D. A. Scott
T. F. Scott
A. F. Smith
D. R. Stevens
Donald L. Stewart
Blodwen  Thomas
R. C. R. Tweed
Mrs. Patricia van der Esch
(Patricia Mitchell)
R. A. Waldie
A. B. Waller
Mrs. W. K. Wardroper
(Nancy Wilson)
A. C. Warrender
A. W. Watt
Nancy Watt
William B. Watts
R. J. H. Welton
E. H. Whittingham
William K. Wong
CLASS OF '47 (11.3%)
A. H. Addems
M.  H. Allan
William V. Allester
Ernest H. Andrews
E.  R. Ball
A. D. Belyea
W. Jack Birney
T. K. R. Bourns
T. G. C. Bulger
A. G. Bulhak
Gordon Carter
V. B. Chew
Richard H. Chow
Joyce Clearihue
Jack Cohen
June V. V. Collins
J. M. Cribb
Lois M.  Crook
K. E.  Davidson
Mrs.  Terry Donovan
(Mignon Barclay-Ross)
Audrey M. Dunlop
Mrs.  Nonie Embleton
Mr. & Mrs. J. A.  Ferry
(Sheila McLeish)
Margaret J. Ford
A. G. Forrester
R. H. Freudiger
Joan Frewing
Walter Fundy
Beryl Gaff
D. A. Gilmour
Arthur R. Green
Ellen M.  Greenaway
Naomi I. Grigg
P. G. Guman
T. L. Hackett Jr.
W. A. D. Hare
D. A. Hazlewood
A. T. Hill
E. J. Hodgson
Jessie Hudson
Frances E. James
R. A. James
Gerald B. Kennedy
Dennis Kershaw
Mr. cV Mrs. E. T. Kirkpatrick I Barbara Kels-
Guy G.  Kirkpatrick
Nona  C. Lambert
James W. Lee
Constance A. Liddell
A. E. Loft
Alice R. Lymbery
Mrs.  Arthur Mann Jr.
(Ruth Cochrane)
Muriel  E.  Martin
Agnes E. Mehllng
D. F. Miller
Georgina H. Mitchell
Grant K. Moreton
Dr. John D. McAuley
Mary F. McCallum
Wm. D. McCubbin
I. W. McDonald
M. A. MacDonald
Nancy K. Macdonald
William McGhee
J. W. MacKay
J. A. McKeogue
West Vancouver, B. C.
Swiss and French Food
FROGS LEGS AU BEURRE NOIR . . . capers . . . parsley
FRENCH  OMELETTES  ...  20  different varieties
Open  every  day  from   10:00  a.m.  to   10:00  p.m.
Reservations: West 200
Soft Music
for Your Enjoyment
Keen  (Joan Clarke)
K. A. MacKirdy
Mrs. Duart A. MacLean
(Christie Baillie)
Harold D. McLellan
Thos. F. R. Newmarch
Freda M. Paling
Yvonne L. Paul
S. B. Peach
Roy Perrault
W. S. Potter
Pauline Prescott
R. W.  Radcliffe
Gordon Ralston
R. Gordon Reed
E. T. Rice
Eldon F. Rideout
F. W. Robinson Jr.
N. A. Robinson
Eugenia Rodenchuk
Ruth Ross
Robert F. Scagel
J.  C. Slingsby
Mrs. A. F. Smith
(Eleanor Mathewson)
J. S. D. Smith
Douglas M. Strang
J. B. Swlnton
Mrs. R. D. Thomas
(Catherine Anderson)
Helen Trethewey
John J. Turner
Margaret E. Vaughan
R. E. Walker Jr.
Isabel Walsh
W. K. Wardroper
Margaret V. Westinghouse
Mr. & Mrs. George A. C.
CLASS OF '48  (14.5%)
W. S. Adams
Ken Aitchison
H. J. Allen Jr.
Reg.  S. Anderson
W.  Ian Anderson
A. L. Babb
John Barltrop
A. W. Bartlet
Beverley A. Bassett
Gwendoline M. Bateman
Eva Bene
E. Bergstrom
Helen L. Best
Mrs.  R. M.  Bibbs
(Nancy Lewis)
J. R. Billingsley
Mrs. W. Jack Birney
(Joyce Bayliss)
F. G. Blake
Ken Bogas
Hans Braathen
M.  N. Brodie
A. C.   Brooks
C. W. Bryant
Ivan Burch
Alfred Butler
Mrs. Nora Clarke Callow
Frances C.  Campbell
H. P.  Capozzi
A. M. Carlyle
Peter Cherniavsky
Eva Chernov
Douglas H. Clark
Richard M. Clifford
Orville Conner
Felicity Coope
George L. Craig
Marion S. Cumming
J. R. Cunningham
Kenneth H. Deane
M. Pat Denholm
Mary M. Dixon
B. V. Dore
Mary L. Duncan
R. M. Dundas
Lawrence N. Dyer
M. Eagle
Tony  Embleton
Francette d'Estrube
Elizabeth M. Ewart
John H. Fish
A. G. Fletcher
J. Wendell Forbes
S.  R.  Forrest
David G. Frood
Emerson Gennis
Mrs. Patricia M. Gouge
R. D. Grantham
Gwynneth M. Griffith
Mrs. L. C. A. Gray
Gordon Green
Barbro Grunlund
Jean Grunlund
Robert L.  Haas
J. L. Harbell
S. L. Hardy
Suzanne M. Hart
S. J.  Hawkshaw
Mr. & Mrs. A. D. H.
(Halcyone Webb)
E.  L.  Hewson
A. G.  Hill
J. G. Hirtle
G.  W. Hobson
H. S. Hooker
E. Louise Irwin
K. E. A. Jackson
D. H.  James
C. Barrie Jeffery
Mary Lou E. Jeffery
Robert Johnson
J.   S. Johnstone
Stanley C.  Jones
C. J. Kendall
J. H. Kenney
J. S. S. Kerr
G. R. Knight
Douglas Knott
E. B. D. Lambe
R. G. Lammers
H. Brooks Lawrence
Peter G.  Legg
William C. Leith
J. I.  Lessard
J. R. A. Lindsay
Alisen G. Loyd
D. B. Loyd
Susana Malcolmson
Robert E. Marshall
T. C. Marshall
Perry S.  Millar
Mary McAlpine
J. MacAulay
Thomas A. McCulloch
L.  M. McDonald
F. C. McGregor
Archie C. McKenzie
Bruce Mackay
R. J. E. McKeown
Ross MacKinnon
Marilyn J. McLeod
D. N. McNeill
M. Jean MacQueen
Beryl Nation
D. J. Neelands
Graham W. Nobbs
P.  A. J.  Oldham
E. Olson
Mrs. W.  E. Orr
Mrs.  I. C.  Paterson
Raymond  Pillman
Alan H.  Pringle
Eleanor Pye
G. C. Richards
Herbert Riehl
Mrs. David E. Ritchie
(Winifred  Johnston)
J. C.   Rudolph
William  J.  Russell
Michael J. Saturley
Marion E.   Searle
Conrad A. Selfe
Jean E. Semple
Chas. M. Senay
R.  Shelley
Marguerhe Simpson
W. J. Siisons
Eric S. Smith
Anne Snape
Mr. & Mrs. Don South
(Joan Byrnes)
Mrs.  Donald G.  Stewart
(Edna Stewart)
Paul L. Stockstad
H. A. C. Stokes
Ross C. Stroud
Rev. Norman Tannar
Chester C. Taylor
Maurice Temoin
Margaret Thorn
Patricia  A.  Tiedje
Harold Todd
Humphrey Toms
N.  V.  Tonks
Mrs.  C. K. Toren
Edna P. Tredaway
Dorothy M. Tubbs
C. Unsworth
L. Jerrold Walls
B. G. Watts
G. V. Wellburn
C. J. Whitehead
N. T. Williams
Margaret I.  Wolfe
William H. Young
Peter Zuk
CLASS OF '4?  (9.7%)
Gordon  R. Allan
Katherine E. D.  Anderson
Mrs. Jean Ashdown
H. J. Baker
J.   L.   Balmer
Sonia C. Bazett
L. B. Beduz
Kenneth E. Bell
Alan Bilsland
Nancy E.  Bowell
Mrs. Pat Braathen
M. D. Bredt
W. Broughton
Bruce E. Brown
John Bryce
Fred W.  Cadman
Anne Carney
Shirley M. Chisholm
R. L. Christie
Ronald L. Cliff
Murray Colclough
Mrs. Helen Coleman
Anne P. Collison
D.  S.   Conger
Richard M. Cook
A. W.  Crittenden
Christopher C.  Crombie
Warren R.  Darner
Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Day
(Nora Moffat)
R. P. Dewar
Lillian C.  Dobbin
Leon L. Dorais
R. D. E>unlop
R. I. Dunn
J. A. Eddleston
Inglis  W.   Edwards
Robin  W. Edwards
Dorothy M. Elvidge
Harry Eng
John A. Esler
Joyce Fawsitt
Jean Ferguson
Robert C.  D.  Fitzpatrick
Joyce Flood
William Forsyth
H. J.   Franklin
Jack A. Freeman
Margaret A. Fullerton
W. G. Fulton
Robert R. Gardner
L. A. Garvie
J. L. Gattenmeyer
J. J. Godefroid
B. A. Greer
Douglas  M.   Greer
M. Griffiths
E. S. Gustavson
T.  Hall
J. D. Hamilton
Mrs. M. B. A. Hamilton
Stephen E. Herring
Myrl Heselton
Lorna M. Heslop
C. G. Hewlett
Henry Hicks
A.  T.  Hinchcliffe
W. D. Hipwell
John F. Hogan
Williams I. Hugh
S. R. Hughes
Philip A. Jones
P. L. Kenney
J. E.  Lawrence
Juliette  Lewis
Margaret I. Light
Raymond G. Lockard
K. T. Logan
Arthur Mann Jr.
R. N. Manson
Mrs. Dorothy Mary Manzer
F. L. Marshall
Frank R. Mehling
Douglas  Millar
Kenneth G. Moe
R.   K. Mottishaw
E. Claire Murray
R. N. Mussenden~
P. H. Lane
J.  F. MacBride
Doug McCawley
Colin B. MacKay
J. B. McLaren
David M. McLean
Geo. M. McPherson
[. E. McPherson
T. Nutchey
C. G. Oldershaw
Eric C.  Parker
Alan F. Pierce
V. J. Pittson
Paul S. Plant
Mrs. John Probyn
(Celista Clarke)
Edith M. Pullan
Mary Rawson
John D.  Reid
Nenagh Richardson
Audrey D. Richmond
A. G. Riddell
A. I. Roche
Mrs.   J. C. Rudolph
Norman Sacuta
H. C. Schjelderup
Patricia M. Selfe
N. Severide
Dixon Shafer
Louise   R.  Sieburth
Robert R.   Smith
W. Kirke Smith
Dorothy Snow
R. G.  Snowling
Allan G.  Stables
Robert John  Stuart
R. Sutherland
D. A. Sutton
H. C.  Sweatman
B. F. Talbot
R. J. Torrance
D. A. Town
Marjorie P. Tupper
Gilroy Urquhart
D. L. Venutti
Lionel T. Wace
Waverlie Watson
K. H. Watts
H. W. Zimmerman
CLASS  OF   '50
David N. Ellis
Margaret   Fitzpatrick
E. C.  Henniger
Frank H.  Mylrea
No, terrapin isn't French, my credulous Myrtle:
Tortue's their word for tortoise and the turtle.
It makes no whit of difference to the French,
Though it might to a gen'leman turtle or tortoise
Hamilton Gubb.
621 W. Pender Street PAcific 4448
Vancouver, B. C.
*                    SLACKS
CHerry 8440
2572 Granville St.
^J~rank   ^hrlaalns ltd.
Uptown Ford and Monarch Dealer
776 KINGSWAY                                              FAirmont 8820
Page 23 *
Bob and Ruth Roberts, '40, have concluded their
stay at U. C. and expect to settle down at an Eastern University this fall.
It will be news to some members of the Branch,
at least among the Engineers to learn from the
Chronicle that Jean Burton, '24, is the author of
a series of books most of which were published by
the discriminating and fastidious man Knopf.
Kenneth Creighton, '46, was scheduled to join
the ranks of married men  in June.
Percy Barr, '24, made a fast trip in July to Detroit as a Red Cross delegate. Currently he is serving on the U. C. Committee; which has the unenviable task of appraising for the Regents, certain
members who have not signed the famous oath.
In April Doug. McCawley, '49, became the
father of a boy. He went to Vancouver recently,
doubtless to relate the story firsthand to his ex-
The Annual General Meeting of the Penticton
Branch of the U.B.C. Alumni Association will be
held at Mrs. H. Hatfield's home, 687 Vancouver
Avenue, Penticton, on Sunday, October 29th, starting at 8:00 p.m.
Business will include election of the executive
for the coming year, and a report from our prosperous hard-working film committee. (Winner of the
1950 bursary was David Davenport who is now attending U.B.C. with the intention of entering Law).
Here is the retiring executive: Past President;
Miss Mary Astell, President, Fred Shirley; Vice-
President, Bill Whimster; Secretary-Treasurer;
Donna Cole, and executive members Mrs. H. Hatfield, F. Christian and G. Hurley.
Just Opened!
"Fashions for You"
Custom Made Suits, Skirts, Coats
Exclusive Eisenhower Jacket and Skirt
Dresses • Blouses
BAyview 2655
2814 South Granville St.
QUALITY      |
ftdtitmcd Maid
Always Oven-Fresh
519 Granville St.
At the 15th Annual Western University's Dance
about forty-five U.B.C. Alumni in Toronto gathered
at the Royal York Hotel with Alumni of the Universities of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
to renew old friendships and meet the newcomers
to Toronto.
Wearing blue and gold ribbons, the U.B.C. grads
were outnumbered by about two hundred and fifty
other Western Alumni in the gaily decorated
Crystal Ballroom, but there was no doubt about
their presence when the band played the traditional
college medley and they sang the familiar words
"Hail U. B. C."
Representing U.B.C. on the Committee for the
dance were: Roy Jackson, Chairman, Verda Mac-
Gillvray, Michael Young and Mr. and Mrs. Pierre
Berton, (Janet Walker).
The Second Annual "Varsity Trek" will again be
sponsored by the Victoria Branch of the U.B.C.
Alumni Association, and will be held on Friday,
October 27th at the Club Sirocco in Victoria.
Victoria President Harold G. McWilliams and
Secretary Gloria Kendall, heading up the Dance
Committee, wish to remind U.B.C. alumni on Vancouver Island as well as Victoria College alumni
that tickets may be obtained at the Marionette in
Victoria, or from the following Committee members: Jack Parnell (G9959), Bill McCarter (G3795),
Gloria Kendall (E4164), or Mrs. Harry Gibb
Dancing will be from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., to the
music of Len Acre's Orchestra, with dress optional.
Proceeds will go to the Almuni-U.B.C. Development Fund.
MARINE 801 1
823 Birks Building Vancouver. B. C.
^Momecomina ^flumi !
say   Offices,   Educational,
I & Industrial Laboratories
For  As
567 Hornby St.
Vancouver, B. C.
MArine 8341
Page 24
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE Pictured above are Penticton high school scholarship winners . . . Left to right, they are: Marie Ishikawa, winner of Kiwanis
Scholarship; Edith Sallis, winner of Meyerhoff scloolarship; llene Fraser, Cranna graduate award; Lillian Miller, top senior
student in Home Economics; David Davenport, winner of U. B. C. Alumni Association bursary; Bunty Corry, "student of
the year; Daphne Atherton, Cranna graduate award; Margaret Johnson, Glee Club bursary.
The visit of Mr. Frank Turner to Ottawa coincided with a meeting of the Ottawa Branch of
the U.B.C. Alumni at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. Whiteley. Dr. Allon Peebles, the British
President, welcomed Mr. Turner to Ottawa.
Mr. Turner outlined the history of the U.B.C.
Development Fund and its relation to the U.B.C.
During the discussion that took place after Mr.
Turner's talk, it was decided that the Ottawa
Branch should attempt some project that would
be of benefit to the University. The question of
scholarships was brought up and discussed but the
project finally agreed on was that the Ottawa
Branch, because of its location in the Federal capital, should investigate the possibilities of having
the Income Tax exemptions raised for those parents who are sending their children to University
and also of having the age limit to which the present exemptions apply, raised. A committee of three
was appointed to make a preliminary investigation
into this question.
Members present at the meeting were :Dr. Allon
Peebles, President, and Mrs. Peebles, Mr. A. J.
Nash, Vice-president and Mrs. Nash, Miss Margaret
Pilmer, vice-president, Miss Bonnie Mcintosh, sec-
retarv-treasurer, Mr and Mrs. A. S. Whiteley, Mr.
and Mrs.J. H. Fish, Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Ward-
roper, Dr. A. E. Richards, Miss Islay Johnston, Mr.
Basil Robinson, Dr. John Davis, Dr. and Mrs. C.
Stockwell, Mr. A. C. Kilbank, Miss Fern Smith.
Cocktail Hats
"after-five " events.
645 Howe Street
PAcific 8913
Every now and then people recall a Chronicle
editorial of two years ago, an editorial which won a
first-place award for editorial achievement for this
magazine in the annual International competition
among alumni publications sponsored by the American Alumni Council. This editorial expressed grave
concern over the apparent wholesale exportation of
Canadian University graduates to the United States.
With your permission therefore, I should like to
quote Mr. Hall Linton, Advertising Manager, Maclean's Magazine, and an alumnus of the University
of Toronto.
"In my early days in the magazine field," stated
Mr. Linton, "I was sent on a business trip to Cleveland. On the notice board of the leading hotel, I
saw the announcement of a University of Toronto
class reunion; the engineering division of my class,
all working in Cleveland and vicinity. I hung
around and found a group meeting there in that
American city larger than could have been brought
together in any Canadian city at that time. That
was 25 years ago."
"What of today? This Spring, there were 69
Canadians in the business course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A poll was made to
find out what they planned to do after they had
finished their course. Every one of them intends to
come back to Canada."
"An editorial colleague of mine says it's the Pull
of Canadianism. I think it is. It is a pull that is
strengthening every day."
ALUMNOTES:—Robert Lenardon (Arts '49) has
won a teaching fellowship at the University of Cincinnati where he will enter his first year of his Doctorate, studying under Dr. Malcolm McGregor
(B.A. '30). . . . Good luck to Eileen Moyles
(B.A. '50), a former Student Councillor, in her new
position in the Statistics Department, Ottawa . . .
More of the same to Bruce Smith (Teachers' Training '48), who's gone from Trail to the staff of Airport School, Abbotsford . . . Alumini office visitors
included John Thwaites (B.A. '40), Ottawa, and
former U.B.C. cricketer. Especial thanks to John for
leaving records of the U.B.C. Amateur Radio Society's activities a few years back ... J. Allan Wallace (B.A. Sc. '41), studying in the Geology Depart-
Page 26
ment at Stanford under a Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.
fellowship, also dropped in. Allan, a former Thunderbird rugger, had a nice chat with Al Drysdale
(B.A. '41) while in B. C, the latter's now Manager
of the S-J-2 Diamond Dude Ranch in Skookemchuck
. . . Congratulations to Gladys Schwesinger, a member of U.B.C.'s first gratudating class in 1916 and a
Ph.D. from Columbia, upon her election as President of the International Council of Women Psychologists, for 1949-51. She is Senior Clinical Psychologist, California Youth Authority . . . Visiting
from Kamloops was Tony Greer, a Past-President
of U.B.C.'s Branch 72 of the Canadian Legion . . .
Now Technical Adviser to H. J. Bird & Co. is W. H.
(Bill) Patmore (B.A. '35) . . . Jean Witbeck (B.A.
'32), one of the Fund's Class Managers, received an
interesting letter from the Hugh Ormsby's ('32).
After two year's of extensive travel and study, Dr.
Hugh and family (2 boys and 1 girl) have settled
in Toronto. He is the first Ophthalmologist in Canada to hold the F.R.C.S. degree by examination.
Another summer visitor was Prof. Lionel Stevenson
(B.A. '22), organizer of the Southern California
Branch, and Cora and Les McLennan (both '22), the
latter being the organizer of the Northern California
Chapter . . . Over from England, for the first time
since 1927 was Dr. Roy Vollum (B.A. '19), now
Director of Public Health Lab., Oxford, and Bacteriologist to the Radcliffe Informary there. Roy was
informally entertained by Leroy Wright (B.A. '17),
(Continued on Page 33)
The Monthly Commercial Letter issued by
The Canadian Bank of Commerce is one of the
oldest publications of its kind. It contains
material on economic conditions gathered from
reliable sources and carefully weighed and sifted
for the benefit of its readers.
This Letter has a wide circulation among
business and professional men, students and
journalists in Canada and abroad. An application to the Head Office, Toronto, will bring
The Monthly Commercial Letter to you regularly, free of charge.
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE Lawyer's Correspondence With President Indicates
Need for University Financial Bequests
Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie:
Dear Sir:
A client of ours proposes to leave what may be a substantial amount of money, $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 to the
University for the purpose of assisting deserving young men
and women in their college work. She is quite young, in the
neighbourhood of 40, a graduate of your University. We have
one or two other clients who are seriously considering the same
possibility and it occurred to me that you might make some
suggestions as to the form in which the bequqest should be
left and some indication of the uses to which it could be put,
having in mind that their feelings are that it should be used, as
I said before, to help promising students who have not sufficient funds of their own, to complete their University education.
If you would outline what you consider the best method
of handling the fund and through what channels it should be
handled, we would then be able to pass this information on to
those who might have in mind some such a gift to the University on their death.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) "Chas. J. White",
Dear Mr. White:
Thanks for your letter of September 20th. It is most
encouraging to learn of the intentions of your client. I cannot
think of anyting that is likely to contribute more to the community and the nation in the long run, than actions of this kind.
Some of our most promising youngsters come from families
that can do little,  if anything, to help there financially.   All
of these youngsters work during the summer months, and, as far
as it is possible, during the winter months as well, but even
this does not provide enough income to pay all of their expenses.
In addition, it makes it difficult for them to find the time and
the energy to give to their studtes.
I am taking your letter up with Dean Walter Gage, who is
Chairman of our Committee on Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries
and Loans. In consultation with him, I will prepare an appropriate proposal for your consideration. It might also be used in
the other cases that you mention.
Thanking you for your interest in the welfare of our students and of the University, I remain
Yours sincerely,
*7««Ji Siatel to. §*vu*e If 044.
You can trust your finest clothes to our care.
To serve you better we have modernized
our cleaning plants.
'We Call and Deliver'
2928   GRANVILLE   ST.
CEDAR  1714
poor lighting slows down
ANY business...
'?//&$;.], A
% Poor lighting is bad business for you,
Mr. Manager—it costs you money in the
reduced efficiency of your staff. Bad
lighting or harsh lighting produce glare
and shadows that mean eyestrain and
Good lighting is planned lighting. It
increases production, reduces wastage and
accidents and improves morale among
your employees. It's easy to find out if
your lighting is giving you these "pay-off"
values. You can get the free advice of
a competent illumination engineer by
calling our Lighting Department, 570
Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver, TAtlow
3171, or at 1503 Douglas Street, Victoria,
Garden 7121, or any of our Lower Mainland branches.
Page 27 PAcific  O 9267
"'"\Vt ^^ ■ ^" ■*'T»!I%^ ".In" VdF.HI ™|
; jgj|SER^ICEj 11||
Ask About Our
at low interest rates
Your financing is as important as
your plans and contractor.
On N.H.A. Home Loans at 4^2%
interest, easy monthly payments
of $6.28 per $1,000 loan includes
principal and interest.
601 Howe St. MArine 4311
Vancouver, B. C.
Senate and Governors Announce
New School of Architecture
As a result of a University of British Columbia
Board and Senate decision this University now possesses a School of Architecture—the first school to
be instituted here. The School will receive recognition as from July 1st, 1950. Former Department
Head, Professor Fred Lasserre, has been appointed
Under the new system the student will spend
one year in the Faculty of Arts and five in the
School of Architecture. The resulting degree of
Bachelor of Architecture, has special professional
significance to architectural institutions.
Engineering  Heads Appointed
The University of British Columbia has announced the appointment of two new Department
heads in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
Professor J. F. Muir will take over as head of
the Department of Civil Engineering, recently vacated by retiring Dean J. M. Finlayson and Professor W. O. Richmond will assume the duties of
Mechanical Engineering head, a position held until
now by new Dean of Applied Science, Dr. H. J.
MacLeod. Dr. MacLeod will continue as head of the
Department of Electrical Engineering.
Dr. G. Cuthbert Webber, a U.B.C. graduate and
a member of the Department of Mathematics
faculty at the University of Delaware since 1937,
has been appointed chairman of the department.
Dr. H. C. Gunning
Doctor H. C. Gunning, Head of U.B.C.'s Department of Geology and Geography will be the
first to occupy the R. W. Brock Memorial Chair
in Geology set up through the generosity of the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.
The five year grant of an annual sum of $7,500
provides for a chair in the field of Geological study
with a view to expanding and improving present
courses at the Universitv.
Flowers   for
Jos. F. Brown, Arts '23
Page 28
THE U.B.C. AtUMNI CHRONICLE Special Congregation Ceremony Marks Medical School Opening
Three Medical Men Given
Honorary Degrees
In a special congregation ceremony, on September 27th, at 3:30 p.m. U.B.C. Chancellor Eric Hamber conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of
Science on three distinguished physicians. The
event took place jn the University Gymnasium, and
marked the opening of the Faculty of Medicine as
well as the Golden Jubilee of the B. C. Medical Association.
Degree recipients were Dr. Detlev Bronk, President of Johns Hopkins Univesity; Dr. James Bertram Collip, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the
University of Western Ontario, and Director of
the Medical Research Division of Canada's National
Research Council; and Dr. Ray Fletcher Farquhar-
son, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a distinguished President of Canada's
Royal College of Physicians and  Surgeons.
The Opening of the Medical School was the
realization of a dream of many years that started
when Dr. F. F. Wesbrook, during his term as President of the University, visualized a medical school
as one of the professional schools expected in a
great provincial University.
Dean Myron M. Weaver is a well qualified Doctor holding M.S., Ph.D., and M.D. degrees from the
University of Chicago. He was assistant Dean at
the University of Minnesota prior to coming to
U.B.C. this year.
Dr. Lawrence E. Ranta, who has been associated
with the department of bacteriology and preventive
medicine for the past eleven years, will serve as assistant to the Dean; the department of anatomy is
headed by Dr. Sydney M. Friedman, who has as his
associates, Dr. William Gibson, research clinical
associate professor of neurology, and Dr. Paris Con-
stantinides; Dr. Marvin Darrach is professor and
chairman of the department of biochemistry and
has as his associate. Dr. Sidney H. Zarsky; the
department of physiology is headed by Dr. D. Harold Copp, who has as his associate Dr. Edgar C.
Black; Dr. Robert Kerr is professor and head of the
department of medicine, and Dr. H. Rocke Robertson occupies the corresponding position in the department of surgery.
Sixty students comprise the first medical class
in U.B.C. history and they were screened from 350
applicants. The final two years of the medical
course for the first class are devoted to clinical
training and this will cause some complications as
they will have to take their training at the Vancouver General Hospital where there are facilities
for this training.
This is only the beginning but one thing is sure.
The University has attracted very fine men for the
nucleous of her new faculty and when the proper
facilities are obtained. U.B.C. should be one of the
top flight medical schools of the continent.
Ben Backstay was a boatswain,
A very jolly boy,
No lad than he more merrily
Could pipe all hands ahoy.
For over a century Lamb's Navy has
been the call of those who know
good rum. Smooth and mellow, it is
matured, blended and bottled in
Britain of the finest Demerara Rums.
Lamb's Navy Rum
This advertisement is not published or
displayed by the Liquor Control Board or
by the Government of British Columbia.
' An old sea shanty
IN  22:
"Congratulations and praise are due to
the undergraduates of the University on
their campaign last week. (Trek of '22)
This campaign shows energy, initiative,
organizational ability, and discipline."
(from Vancouver Daily Province editorial,
Oct. 20. 1922)
IN '50:
As in '22 the Vancouver Daily Province
continues to support the University of
British Columbia in any program of
© # #  # n
. PB0MCE /
™ % 9 9
Canada's Best Newspaper
Page 29 SPORT
(Continued from Page 12)
Feature of the homecoming program will be the
U.B.C.-Northern Idaho football game at 2:15 p.m.
on November 4th at U.B.C. Stadium.
The "Bengals" from Lewiston, Idaho, coached
by Paul Wise, are undefeated at this writing, boasting victories over St. Martins, Central Washington
and Eastern Oregon College.
The Thunderbirds lost last year's tilt against
the Bengals by a narrow 14-13 margin on the
strength of a completed pass into touchdown territory on the last play of the game.
Half-time festivities will take the form of a
giant parade with floats depicting the history of
student activity from the time of the trek. Tying
in with the theme will be the presentation of the
first annual "Trekker of the Year" award to Joe
Brown, chairman of the U.B.C. alumni development
fund during the last two years and one of the small
band of originals who made the journey from the
Fairview shacks to Point Grey.
A sprinkling of feminine pulchritude will enhance the appearance of the parade at regularly
spaced intervals. The homecoming queen contestants will parade before the stands and one of the
candidates will be chosen to preside over the activities during the rest of the day.
Tickets for the game may be obtained from
Percy Hicks Ticket Bureau. 610 Dunsmuir Street,
until 11:00 a.m. the day of the game.   Ticket sales
start at the Stadium at 1:00 p.m.
As a result of the crisis in football during the
last few weeks the following statement was issued
by the men's athletic directorate at U.B.C.:
The situation in football at the University of
British Columbia is critical. Player turnouts have
failed to live up to expectations, which means that
the football coaches have been, and are, unable to
field a team which has the required depth in numbers. For this reason, definite action must be taken
in an attempt to increase player turnout in future
years, or, as an alternative, football must be dropped
from the athletic program at U.B.C.
A decision on the status of football must be
made prior to a meeting of the Evergreen Conference in Spokane on November 24th. If football
is discontinued, the University will be asked to
withdraw from the Conference, since full participation in each of four major sports, Football, Basketball, Track and Baseball, is a requisite for Conference membership. Possible alternatives would be
to compete in other sports on an independent basis
at the college level, revert to competition against
local commercial teams, or restrict athletic activity
to intramural leagues operating within the confines
of the University.
Until such time as a decision has been made
by University authorities, we ask for the full support of the student body, alumni and the general
of Seqmour St.
Feature your
As sketched, Ready-to-Wear GABARDINE TOPCOAT, finely tailored from 100% Pure Wool English Gabardine, in set-in sleeve,
button through slash pocket style.
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Suits^ and Topcoats, New Samples,
New Patterns and Weaves now on
Men's Accessories, including Nylon Shirts,
Socks and Shorts
456 Seymour Street
If you wish to be an outstanding dancer   be taught by
$2.38 to $5.00 Per Hour Lesson
Special rates for club groups and 'teenagers
Copacabana Dance Studios
PHONE TArlow 2950
Page 30
THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE Mr. Justice Clyne Speaker for Alumni Annual Meeting
Brock Hall Venue
November 8th, at 6:30 p.m.
The Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association will be held at a dinner meeting at 6:30
p.m. in the Brock Hall on Wednesday, November 8.
The Annual Meeting has not been well attended
in the last two or three years and all Alumni are
urged to attend in view of the controversial and important  issues  now  facing the  Association.
Thjs year the guest speaker will be British Columbia's newest Supreme Court Judge, Arts '23
graduate Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne.
Alongside is a list of the cadidates that the Alumni Nominations Committee has chosen to put
forward. Read the list and then attend the Annual
meeting and add to the growing force in University
affairs that is the U.B.C. Alumnj  Association.
Nominating Committee Report
Names  Sixteen   for  Executive   Positions
President James A. Macdonald (B.A. '38). A Vancouver barrister and solicitor, Jim has served the
Association well as a member-at-large for 2 years
and as First Vice-President.
1st Vice-President—Col. Gordon M. Letson (B.A.
'24, B.A.Sc. '26). Manager of Letson-Burpee Co.
Ltd., and a World War II Brigadier. Has long
record of Unversity service. On executive 1 year,
2nd Vice-President — Mrs. Maurice Sleightholme
(nee Jean Salter, B.A. '30). Housewife and mother.
Completed 2-year term on executive, active in Women's Residence Committees.
3rd Vice-President—Dr. Henry C. Gunning (B.A.Sc. '23). Professor, U.B.C. Department of Geology
and Geography.
Treasurer—G. Dudley Darling (B.Comm. '39). Accountant, Seaboard Shipping Co. and Seaboard
Lumber Sales. Past President, U.B.C. Players' Club
Chairman, Publications Board—Ormonde T. Hall
(B.Comm. '42, LL.B. '48). Lawyer. Ormy has continued to produce "U.B.C. Alumni Chronicle".
Member-at-Large—(1-year to complete Col. Let-
son's 2-year term  as member-at-large)—Harry A.
Announcing our new address ....
Wsft ifagaba 8>lf0p
Gifts of rare treasures . . .
English China, Oriental Vases,
Chinese and Irish Linens
Exclusive Oriental Goods TAtlow 4735
Berry (B.A., 15.Comm. '57).  Done a tremendous job
as Treasurer past 2 years.
Members-at-Large (2-year terms; 6 to be elected) :
Jack  Cunningham   (LL.B.  '48).   Lawyer,  McRae,
Montgomery, Jean Gilley (B.A. '27.   Research Assistant, B.C. Provincial Government.
Dr. Fred Grauer (B.S.A. '30).   Practising Fhvsician.
World War II. Major R.C.A.M.C.
Mrs. James Harmer (nee Helen Hann)   (B.A. '40).
Secretarv to U.B.C. President MacKenzie.
Isobel Harvey (B.A. '18).   Consultant. Child Welfare Work.   University Women's Club.
J. Norman Hyland (B.Comm. '34).   Executive Sales
Manager. Director of B. C. Packers Ltd.
Arthur J. F. Johnson (B.A. '35).   Barrister & Solicitor, Campbell, Brazier, Fisher, etc.
Douglas Macdonald  (B.A. '30).   Vice-President, J.
T. O'Bryan Ltd., Insurance Brokers.
Al Martin (B.Comm. '50).   B. C. Research Council.
Past-President,   Commerce   Undergraduates.
Submitted for consideration and approval,
(Original signed),
Richard M. Bibbs.
Above report approved by minute number two, executive meeting, September 20th, 1950.
(Signed. Frank J. E. Turner,
The Pace-Setting
'A 40'
For luxury driving
at low cost operation!
4th Ave. and MacDonald
CEdar 4334
Page 31 *
Next Spring will see the tri-annual Senate elections to decide the 15 elected positions on that body,
and it is therefore imperative that every effort be
made in the few ensuing months to try to trace as
many "unknowns" as possible.
With this in mind, the Chronicle editors have
printed on these pages the current "unknowns" in
the graduating years of 1916 to 1934 inclusive. Your
help in scanning these names and supplying the
Alumni office, Room 201, Brock Hall, U.B.C. with
any correct addresses you have will be greatly
Charles D.  Smith
Mr. Wm. H. Riddell
Mrs. Christine U.
Mr. Harold D. Greenwood
Mr. Raymond A. Fisher
Mrs. G. Dickson
Geoffrey Coope
A.  L.  Buell
Grace Agnes Wilson
E. Gwen Suttie
Stephen  B.  Plummer
Cecil Alexander Lamb
Mrs. Alastair Hutchison
Mr. C. M. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Victor
J.  Eby
Mrs. R. E. Devlin
George Rutherford Martin
Roland Miller
Mrs. Norman A. Clark
Rev. and Mrs. Wm. M.
Mrs. Keith C. Buntine
John  Stanley  Allen
Noboru Abe Nakano
Eileen MacDonald
M. E. Menten
Miss Donna W. Moorhouse
D'Arcy G. Marsh
Susumu Kobe
Mrs. Leigh Hunt
John Alexander Harper
Godfrey F. C. Groves
Clifford Nesbitt Taylor
Joan M.  Railton
Reginald C. Mills
Ernest John Knapton
Mrs. J. W. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John
Laurence Ramsell
Mrs. Arthur Seddon
Capt. C. A. McVittie
Katharine  Mackay
Murice Home
Mrs. D.  K. Faris
Mrs. Margaret A. Brown
Frances E. Benedict
Mrs. R. S. Woodford
Evelyn L. Fuller
James S. C. Fraser
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
M. A. Bryson
Mrs.  H. A. Black
Ernest Robertson Ayton
Eva Viola Arbuthnot
Rev.  R.  E.  M.  Yerburgh
Mrs. Herschel Stringer
Mrs. Harry C. Pringle
Mrs. Margaret McMaster
William Edmund Mclnnes
Mrs. W. A. McGaw
W. A. Jackson
Mary Kinnear Frith
Mr. John L. Farrington
A.  Harold  Eden
Ethel  Berry
F.  P.  Sparks
John T. North
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. King
John M. Hockin
H.  E.  Fordyce-Clark
Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.  Wilcox
Mrs. G. R. Dawe
H. F. Underhill
Helen Eileen Sutherland
Kathleen Margaret Kidd
Mrs. J. W.  Kennedy
Miss Ruby J. Horton
M. S. Hedley
M.  E. Hargreaves
Hazel Jean Garratt
J.  F. Fisher
J. E. Craster
Edith A nnie Bowman
Guy  Barclay
Frank Eugene Rouvier
David  D.  McN.  Rogers
J. S. H. Reid
John W. Plomner
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kay
Mrs. G. Jones
Mrs. Ruth Hulbert
Cleon Douglas Honeyford
Mr. and Mrs.  Susumu
Elmer Wilson Martin
Miss B. A. Martin
Ronald Adlai  Lyons
Margaret Lea
William  Powell  Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. R.  E. G.
G. L. Harvey
Mrs. W. K. Hardy
Roth G. Gordon
Beatrice Joan Foster
Mrs. R. C. Duus
Muriel A. Cunliffe
M. W. Creelman
N.   Crafter
Mrs. Met Chater
Mrs. J. H. Boyce
Geoffrey  Beall
William Ross Workman
Jean  Duncan  Woodworth
Mrs.  Alan F. Walker
Mabel Margaret Kay
Mary Elizabeth Lydia
Idele Louise Wilson
J. Whyte
Mrv W. Watson
Charlene V. L. Wakely
H. L. Trites
Roy Temple
Wilfred J. C. Tait
Mrs. Bruce Sutherland
Edith  Helen  Sturdy
Mrs. W. A. Smith
James Walter Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James C.
Fred T. Proctor
M. C.  Nesbitt
Dorothy  Evelyn
Georgina   R.   Mulholland
John G. Morgan z      z
Mrs. R. G. Minshull
Ruth  Maryland Gillespie
Alfred  E.   Foubister
Joan Winifred West
Mrs. Fred Weir
Mrs. T.  Easterbrook
Mrs. W. C.  Duncan
Mrs.  H. C. Drought
Mrs. J.  H. Boyd
Miss Frances M. Anderson
Mrs. C. White
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N.
Lyman Manary Nesbitt
Mina Elizabeth MacKenzie
Edward Raney Livingstone
James Ernest Ryan Lawley
William Hall
Mrs. C.  H.  Donaldson
Kathleen Marion Campbell
David Donald Campbell
Alfred J. Bowering
George Bloor
Jean Kathleen Murray
Mrs. T. Woods
E.  Wilson
C. M. Wilson
Mrs. A. J. Wilson
Diana Mary Whellams
Mr.  and Mrs. Arthur
James Stewart
Mrs. Leo Silcox
Adrian Barclay Sanderson
Duncvan  F.  Prentice
John M.  Ptarick
Roderick H. McRae
Roderick M. MacLeod
Mrs. Russell S. McLean
Mrs.  Richard Moss
Cyril  M.  Manning
Kenneth   Logan
Georgina M. Black
Verda  Lucille  Benedict
R. W. Ashworth
Frances Maude Armstrong
Gordon M. Anderson
Mr.  and  Mrs. Thos. A.
Laurence George Harris
L.  M.  Harper
Margaret E. Hardy
Gladys Reay
D.  F. Purves
Mrs. Jean M. Porter
William Walter Charles
Richard  B. McDougall
Mr.  and Mrs. W. A.
Mrs. George W. Munro
Mrs. John H. Morris
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alvin  W.
W. B. Moffat
Very May Little
Irenee  Lambert
Mrs. T. R. Kelly
Mr.  William L.  Inglis
Margaret Catherine Hall
Mr. R. T. Farrington
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney
Roy   English
Dr. and Mrs. Carleton C.
Mary  Faith Kingscote
Mrs. Douglas Christie
Marjorie  Isobel  Carrick
for ALL your
-i„«S 5~!    „   -^ ',»"»,
Page 32
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Act. Sub-Lieut. Doug Sherlock
The aim of the University Naval Training Program is to produce officers for absorption by the
permanent and reserve forces. The graduation from
the Cadet ranks of Doug Sherlock in the spring of
1950 with the rank of Acting Sub Lieutenant, his
entry into the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve and
his subsequent service on board the destroyer
"Athabaskan" during the past summer gives some
indication of the potentialities of the training program.
The Cadet training program is four years in
length. This enables all freshmen to join, whether
or not they have senior matriculation. A freshman
entering University makes application, is tested for
general ability and aptitude, medically examined,
then interviewed. If he is found suitable he is attested as an ordinary seaman in the service branch
most closely related to his academic studies.
On completion of four winters of training and
two summers as required the Cadet becomes eligible for promotion to the rank of Acting Sub Lieutenant. On graduation from the University he becomes a confirmed Sub Lieutenant in the reserve
A Cadet desiring to enter the permanent force
may make application to do so at the end of his
fourth year at the University. If he is accepted he is
given a leave of absence of one year in order to complete his degree. On graduation he goes into the
permanent force as an Acting Sub Lieutenant.
Lieut.-Commander FRANK J. E. TURNER,
R.C.N.(R.), Commanding Officer, U.N.T.D. U.B.C.
Lieutenant PETER THOMAS, R.C.N.(R.),
Staff Offfficer, U.N.T.D.-U.B.C.
and Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Head of U.B.C.'s Biology
and Botany Department. Among his former classmates and colleagues who greeted Rov were Mabel
Lanning (B.A. '17), Ian Shaw (B.A. '19), John
Mennie (B.A. '17), Dr. John Allardyce (B.A. '19),
and Fred Mathers (Arts '17) . . . George Bulhak
(B.S.A. '47), who produced that excellent pictorial
effort "The U.B.C. Panorama" a year or two ago,
is now in the Real Estate Department of Bell-Irving
Insurance . . . Jack Gillespie (B.A. '48) is now teaching in Brooks High School in Powell River, while
Doug Marshall (13. Comm. '48) is associated with
the Bank of Montreal in the same city. A Powell
River Branch NOW? . . . Still another alumni office
visitors from California was Dr. K. A. (Ken) West,
(B.A. '37). Ken's with the California Research Corporation . . . Addressing the Pacific Northwest Insurance Marketing Institute was Dr. Paul A. Volpe
(B.A. '39), now Dean, School of Commerce and Finance, Seattle University ... A possible future
A.M.S. President arrived in Vancouver in late September—by the name of Allan Thomson Kirkpatrick, mother, nee Barbara Kelberg (B.A. '47) and
father, E. T. (Ted) Kirkpatrick (B.A.Sc '47) and
former A.M.S. Prexv. also doing well! . . . E. L.
(Eric) Broderick (B'.A. '49), a former Daily Province reporter and U.B.C. Parliamentary Forum Debater, dropped us a note from New Zealand. Eric's
now teaching at the District High School in Tau-
marunui, N.Z. (Please note: adress O.K. till November).
Planning   to   meet   eventualities   is   a   precaution
worth taking, if not for yourself, for those who de
pend on you . . . there is no time like the present to
get things done.
Your   Investments,   your   Property,   your   Will—
are they arranged to best advantage?   We can be of
assistance to you in considering these matters, at little
or no expense.
Executors and Trustees for half a century
626  WEST   PENDER   ST.,  VANCOUVER    •    MA.  B411
George 0. Vale, Manager
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To Mr. and Mrs. Murray Hunter (Phyllis West-
over), a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Salt (Margaret Reid), a
To Mr. and Mrs. G. P. V. Akrigg (Helen Manning),
a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tindle (Taddy Knapp), a
To Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bibbs (Nancy Lewis), a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pedlow, a son.
To. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Back (Kathleen Bowers),
a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Inman (Sylvea Dyson), a
To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sage, twins, one of each.
To Mr. and Mrs. William Breen (Patricia Mc-
Mahon), a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hill (Mary McLorg), a
To Mr. and Mrs. George D. McRae (Ann Zuback),
a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kirkpatrick (Barbara Kels-
berg), a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meredith (Valerie Manning), a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Lawson (Eileen Morrow), a
To Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Turner, a son.
To  Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  A.  MacDonald   (Bobby
Smith), a son.
'c7» t/nwteu, todau Jr'm fcuv ueavl old/"
Childhood is so fleeting . . .
Let Le Page capture that elusive study now]
Arrange Christmas sittings early . . .
Family Groups . . MWeddings . . Child Portraits
at Home or in the Studio
Portrait Social Commercial Industrial
The Ridge, 16th and Arbutus, 2111 W. 16th
Telephone: BAyview 2919
Bernard (Bob) Pickel to Betty Doreen Woodman.
Robert Lloyd to Sylvia Jane Heakes.
William Allan McGavin to Beverly Anne Roberts.
John Franklin Ellis to Gladys Margaret Bell.
Geoffrey Woodward to Lucy Florence Berton.
Donald George Brown to Constance Julia van
John Brooks Kennedy to Shirlie Noreen Groll.
Gerald Vernon Wellburn to Frances Louise Schofield.
Harold MacLeod Speirs to Barbara Mary Twizell.
Dr. Albert Menzies to Dr. C. N. (Nannette) Broster.
William Leslie Beales to Edith Helen Sturdy.
James Doran Clark to Margaret Jean Scott.
Elliott Schmidt to Yvonne Bartholomew.
Bruce A. Robinson to Grace Helen White.
Visit South Granville's Newest Shop
"The Place to find that Certain Gift"
Lindsay Alexander
Granville at 14th
CHerry 0623
JanroutJcr's ^Btsiincrfre (Ehma Jirrmj
Where Highest Quality
and Beauty Prevail
Fine English Bone China Dinnerware in beautiful and delicate
patterns by England's world renowned craftsmen. Also Paragon,
Aynsley, Royal Crown Derby, Coalport and other well-known
makes of fine  English bone china tea cups.
Exquisite Belleek china from Ireland.
Crystal by Val Saint Lambert (Belgium) Stuarts, Wegb &
Corbett (English) Czechoslovakian coloured crystal, Silver Deposit
and Monogram Glassware.
Delicate Figurines by Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and
Staffordshire. Exclusive Figurines and Animals by Rosenthal,
Italian Terra Cotta, Hummel Figures, Grimes Figures and Beswick
ware. East Indian hand carved Ivory Figurines and fancy Brass-
Beautiful lamps, China and Crystal bases with exquisite shades
"Fashioned by Fuller" exclusively for the House of Dover.
Giftware, Limoges miniatures and special pieces. Novel Bar
accessories displayed  in our  modern bar.
634 Seymour St.
MArine 2636
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THE U.B.C. ALUMNI CHRONICLE From the 4p corners of the globe,
from the true markets of every nation,
and from ourown Canadian producers,
EATON'S is coflfetantly bringing
fine merchandise Id B.C.
Its great network oM)ranch stores
and mail order offices^makes shopping
easy and convenient for e^C. residents.
Remember . . . for your special
or everyday needs, EATON'S -un
always ready to serve you.
llus 48,000 KVA hydrogen-
t-fMilod synchronous condenser, here
Oluiin on test at G-G-E's Peterborough
Works, is now installed at the Kipling Station.
use ...
G-E Equipment, used by Electric Utilities in every Province, helps to
provide electric power which assures a stronger, wealthier, better
Canada . . . just one example of the way C.G.E. is HELPING


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