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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 22, 1957

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Array 7^
April 22, 1957.  No. 152
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, JO'R, EF.
Dr. Rothstein was speaking to a meeting of the British
Columbia Teachers Federation and arrived while the Heads Meeting
was in progress.
Miss Smith is absent on holiday and brief messages have
been received from her from Mexico, Yucatan, and Guatemala.
Publications of Faculty and Staff
The 1957 edition of this series, covering the 1955-56
period, is now printed.  It includes for the first time the work of
the clinical medical staff and is a much larger list than previous
ones: 75 pages containing 462 individual items (last year 52 pages,
369 items).
Two lectures by Sir Herbert Read, delivered at the
University during the 1956 Summer Session, have been printed by
Bob Reid in a very attractive format as one of a lecture series.
It can be purchased at the Book Store for $1.75.
Parry Films
A film commissioned by the University to show the
relationship of the University to the community and to be used in
connection with the capital grants campaign is being made on the
campus by Parry Films, a British Columbia motion picture firm. Two
and a half days last week were spent in the Library, filming in
the main reading room, the Ridington Room, the Reserve Book Room,
and the stacks.  A great deal of work at very considerable cost is
involved in the production of a few minutes of finished product.
The script, written by Mr. Ernie Perrault, has been revised many
times, and the University Committee concerned has been working on
the project for many months. Parry Films showed themselves most
willing to cooperate as far as possible with library reouirements.
A note of thanks from Fir. Ed. Parker, head of the U.B.C. Information Office, has been received by the Library for its part in
the filming project.
Faculty Party
Mr. Harlow reported that a number of librarians attended
the Faculty Association party on Monday evening, and that all who
did so seemed to have a very pleasant time. 2
Lights to be Changed
Instead of making frequent visits to the Library to change
a few fluorescent tubes, the electricians will put in all new tubes
on the 13th and 14th of May. The Reserve Room will be closed on
the 13th for this purpose and the Ridington Room for several hours
on the 14th. Reference service will temporarily be given through
the doorway leading into the work space behind the Reference Desk.
Student Assistants
Division Heads are asked to keep track of students who
leave their jobs in the Library before the time agreed upon when
they accepted the work. The Personnel Office wants this information.
Visible Files
Miss O'Rourke reported that the Reference staff are waiting for more samples of strips before setting up the visible file
in the Ridington Room. There has also been a delay in securing
equipment for the main book stacks, the Librarian said.
Accession List to be Moved
To provide more card catalog space in the Catalog Division
the accession list will be stored in card boxes on level 1.
The catalog cabinets thus released will be moved to the cataloging
room adjacent to present equipment.
Binding Depository Set of UNESCO Publications
It was noted that when this material is bound there should
be some indication on each volume if it is a part of the depository
set.  It was also remarked that bibliographical identification very
often appears only on the cover and that these should not be
removed in binding.  Special handling may sometimes be required
since the heavy cover stock is likely to damage the needles of the
oversewing machine.
Return of Books, Inventory, and. Shift of Books
Some books are already being returned by faculty to the
Loan Desk. Although the main inventory of the book collection will
not be taken this year, Miss Lanning plans to check the departmental collections, and the Fine Arts room will be finished before
Miss Dwyer leaves on holiday.  It is probable that an inventory will
be taken of some of the more heavily used sections of the general
collection after the books have been moved. Mr. Harlow expects to
have male student assistants move the book stock when the new stacks
are completed, probably to begin immediately after the end of
medical school examinations on May 11. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs is taking
his holiday now and will be ready to start on the preliminaries
after he returns on Flay 5. It is expected that Mr. Stuart-Stubbs
and Mr. Bell will actually supervise the big move. V
Miss Lanning has asked that Division Heads examine books
now in the Cage since some material will need to be moved when the
north end of the area becomes the new stack entrance.
Loan-Serials Desk
It has been very difficult to get plans for this area
approved by everyone concerned. The plan now being detailed for
Buildings and Grounds will provide desk Space for the Serials staff
in the main reading room area, adjacent to the public catalog. The
proposal to set up a joint "information area" for Serials and Loan
in the cleared stack area has been abandoned. Floor plans of the
new area will be circulated for information as soon as the Librarian
can get copies made.
Library Committee
A special meeting of the Library Committee was called on
March 15 to discuss the need for a south wing to the library building. As a result, a letter was sent to the President by the
Committee, asking that such an addition be given a very high
priority in the expenditure of federal funds.  Sketches were
supplied, showing tentative plans for additional space. The President forwarded the information to the Committee on Building Development and Dr. Cowan, Chairman of the Library Committee, and
Mr. Harlow will attend the next meeting of the Building Committee
when the matter is to be discussed.  It is important and urgent to
have building plans begun at once, for if funds were available now
several years would be required before the building could be
completed.  In the regular building program based on the provincial
grant, the Library is not at present included, and if federal
money is not used for the proposed addition it will be many years
before the expansion can be made. Meanwhile enrollment will
increase by several thousand and the book collection will outgrow
the present stack addition. Mr. Harlow will circulate the preliminary sketches of the plans to staff as soon as the current book-
stack and Loan Desk alterations are out of the way.
The Library Committee will meet again on April 25 to
decide upon allocation of book funds to departments out of the
1957/58 budget, and to spend $1,000 of the Committee Fund on
research files.
Dr. Gilbert Kennedy
Dr. Kennedy, who has been a member of the Library Committee for many years, representing the Faculty of Law, has been
appointed Deputy Attorney-General of British Columbia and took office
on April 1. 4 9/
Friends of the Library
A special Committee of the Friends concerned with "Library
Needs" will meet on Wednesday afternoon in Dr. Grauer's office to
discuss' the needs of the University Library and report on their
findings to the organization. Dr. Dal Grauer, Mr, Walter Koerner,
Dr. Wallace Wilson, Mrs. Frank Ross, President MacKenzie and
Mr. Harlow make up the Committee.
Library Conferences
The British Columbia Library Association Conference will
be held at Harrison Hot Springs on May 4-5, and the Canadian Library
Association will hold its' annual conference at Victoria on
June 12-15.
Staff expecting to attend either conference are expected
to make suitable arrangements with Division Heads in order that
library services will not be interrupted.
Dr. Morton Kroll, director of the Library Development
Project sponsored by the Ford Foundation, visited the Library
during the week to confer with Dr. Naegele, who is working on part
of the program.
Fir. Georges Daux of the French School in Athens visited the
University recently.
Mr. Jenkins, recently retired vice-chancellor of Dacca
University in Pakistan, was on the campus last week. On his way
here from Pakistan he visited educational institutions in China.
Mr. Jenkins was much impressed by the very active promotion of highei
education there, both in the older arts universities and in the
modern technical institutions. He feels that the program is an
effective one, and that China's economy is developing at a surprising
speed. He also felt that the western world must take cognizance of
the potential importance of China politically and economically.
He believes that China is showing a growing determination and abilit3
to stand by herself.
Accident Prevention
A notice has been received from the Accident Prevention
Committee calling attention, among other things, to the danger
arising from worn electric cords and electrical appliances located
too close to sinks or taps.  The Librarian asked the Division Heads
and staff to look for any such dangerous conditions in their departments and report them to the office if necessary. 6 -*£.
Bio-Medical Accessions List
Mr. Harlow asked whether a complete file of the accessions
list issued at intervals by the Bio-Medical Library is kept in the
Library. It appears that there are files in the Bio-Medical Reading
Room, the Bio-Medical Branch Library, and the' Reference Division.
Summer Session Calendar
The Calendar for the coming Summer Session is now available
and copies have been sent to all departments in the Library.
Attention was drawn to the two courses in Librarianship to be offered
by Miss Beust and Dr. Rothstein, and to the attractive color
reproduction of "part of Totem Park on the covers.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Miss Margaret Avison resigned from her Library Assistant
position in the Bio-Medical Library on April 13.
Mrs. Sandy Skakun will leave the Acquisitions Division on
May 15.
Mr. James Sharpe is expected to begin work as Library Assistant
in the Bio-Medical Library when examinations are over.
New Subscriptions:
Acta morphologiea Neerlando-Scandinavica.
Arithmetic teacher.
Association of medical illustrators.  Journal^
Audio visual communication review.
Audio visual instruction.
Books from the U,S,A.
Elementary English.
Enzyklopadie der mathematischen Wissenschaften.
National education association.  Department of classroom
teachers. Official report.
Political science.
Berichte tlber die wissenschaftliche Biologic v.64-85, 1949-53.
New York Times (microfilm).  1954-55.
School executive, v.66-74, 1946/47-1954/55.
Tropical diseases.bulletin, v. 21-39, 1924-42.


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