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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 15, 1956

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Flay 15,   1956 No.  129
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, SBM, FIAA, EF.
Location of Curriculum Laboratory
The temporary location in the Library of the collection
of material to be used as a "curriculum laboratory" by the College
of Education must be decided upon and the alterations completed
before Summer Session commences. The preferred site is the stack
area behind the Reserve Book Room, and Fir. Harlow outlined tentative plans for partitioning it off from the main stack and
providing access.  Since first year as well as more advanced
students will use the laboratory, it has to be isolated from the
main stack. The laboratory will be under the supervision of
Fliss Shopland, librarian at the Normal School, and two other
members of the College staff.  Shelving and some other furniture
will be brought from the Normal School.
Some material for the curriculum laboratory will be
brought from the Normal School where it is now classified by the
Dewey decimal system, other material from the School will go
into the main Library collection. Miss Alldritt, Fliss Shopland,
Dr, Johnson, and the Librarian will discuss the handling of the
i)r. Rothstein to Speak in Bellingham
This coming weekend the Northwest College Librarians'
Association will meet in Bellingham and Dr. Rothstein will speak
to the group about Canadian University Libraries.
Use of Library Delivery Truck
The Library Delivery Service is to be used only for
faculty deliveries and pickups of library material at the University and between the campus and the Bio-Medical Branch at the
General Hospital. Miscellaneous pickups off campus are to be
made by the regular University truck and requests are to go
through the Librarian's office.  If a gift is to be picked up the
same day it is requested, an alternative arrangement should be
made with the donor, if possible, because it is not always feasible
to have Buildings and Grounds do the work on short notice. As
much information as can be obtained should be given to the
Librarian's office for such purposes. ///
Outgoing Mail
Care should be taken to send printed-matter-only in
unsealed envelopes so that the special postage rate for such
material can be used.  Also the exact postage should be affixed,
since even a one cent underpayment invalidates the shipment. Mail
sent to the mail room should be segregated by class and bear a note
indicating whether it is letter mail or printed matter; the mail
clerk will then put on the correct postage and avoid both waste and
delay. Miss Fugler recently had to visit the down-town Post Office
to salvage a bulk shipment.
In spite of the normal difficulties arising from use of
the Library while material is being checked, the operation is going
along well. Books are still coming in from faculty, and Fliss Lanning
does not believe a third notice should be sent to delinquents until
about the end of June.
Bodley's Librarian to Visit UBC
Mr. J. N. L. Myres, Librarian of the Bodleian Library at
Oxford, has been invited by the President to visit the University
late in the summer.  His son, Fir, Timothy Myres, is now a student
at UBC, working for his doctorate in Zoolog3>-. Mr. Harlow hopes to
take advantage of this opportunity to have Bodle3/-'s Librarian
address an organization meeting of a "Friends of the Library" group
Gift from Dr. H. R. MacMillan
Mr. Harlow reported the receipt of a collection of
material, comprised of Canadian manuscripts and maps, which
Dr. MacMillan has recently bought for the University Library and
which forms a desirable addition to our resources in Canadian
Last Saturday Dr. Dietrich Gerhard, Head of the History
Department of the University of Washington, and Sr. Silvio Zavalo,
Head of the History Section of the Pan-American Institute of
Geography and History and professor at the Colegio de Fiexico,
visited the University and the Library, conducted by Dr. Sage.
They discussed the publications of the PAIGH and the early close
relationship between the Pacific Coast and Fiexico, and Fir. Harlow
learned, incidentally, that to the Fiexican "the Florthwest" means the
Flexican peninsula of Lower California.
The Library was also visited by Bishop Tokunin Fujioto and
two companions.  Bishop Fujioto is Chief Director of the Executive
Headquarters of the Buddhist organization in Nishihongwanji Temple,
Kyoto, and was shown through the Library by Dr. Rothstein and
Fliss Smith. HZ
Professional Staff Meetings
Several persons have indicated approval of Fir. Harlow's
suggestion that professional staff meet occasional^ as outlined in
Minutes No. 128.  It is hoped that a couple of such meetings can be
arranged during the summer.
"Seasonal Confusion"
A letter clearly addressed to the University Library
was delivered to the Income Tax office recently, whence it was
returned to the Library with the following note: "This letter was
delivered, in error, to the Income Tax and in our seasonal confusion,
was opened in error."
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Thucydides.  Thucydidis de Bello Pelopennesiaco libri octo cum
adnotationibus integris .... Amstelaedami, Wetstednios & Smith,
1731.  Gift of University of Cincinnati Library.
Archiv fflr elektrischen Ubertrggung.  v. 1-9, Jl/Ag 1947-55-
Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Chartes. v. 83, 94-103, 110, 112
Nautilus. v. 1-67 (1336-1954)
Societe de linguistique de Paris. Memoires.  v. 1-23 (1368-
Natur und Volk. v. 66-32 (1936-52).
Giornale storico delle letteratura Italiana. v. 91-127 (1923-
 r^U7_    —  -     -
New Subscriptions:
Survey of Opthalmology
Janua linguarum 4 "3
The Librarian extended congratulations to those who have
completed courses and are receiving degrees at Spring Congregation:
Dr. and Mrs. Rinford Pritchard, Mr. and. Mrs. Hugh Kirk, and
Firs. Gretl Fischer, of the Library staff, and student assistants
in several Divisions.
Miss Patricia Tankard has rejoined the Library staff after
completing her 3^-ear in the Faculty of Arts and Science, replacing
Firs. Ida Houston whose resignation takes effect today.
Mrs. Fiargaret Kirk is resigning from her position in the
Reference Division on 15 June, 1956,
Harlow,. Neal.     "Documentation and the Librarian."    Library Journal,
81  (May 1,   1956),  IO83-85. "    ~
Have you too been confused about  "documentation"--what it
means and how it relates to librarianship?  Here is a guide for
the perplexed.
Two informative articles on Canadian publishing—as the Canadian
publishers see it.'
Gray, John M. "Publishing: General." Quill & Quire, XXII
(April, 1956), 11-15, 32;
FlcClelland, J. G,  "Book Publishing in Canada." Quill & Quire,
XXII (April, 1956), 16-13, 24-32,
Canada. Dominion Bureau of statistics. Education division.
Higher education section. Reference paper No. 55. Revised
Feb., 1956.  Ottawa, Queen's Printer, 1956.
Undergraduate scholarships and bursaries.
Great Britain. Ministry of supply. Atomic energy research establishment.
^      List of translations issued under the library up to
30th April, 1955. (A.E.R.E. Lib/M2).
Parliament.  Guide to government orders as at 31st December,
1954.  London, H.l-1. Stationery Office, 1955.
Particulars of the powers under which subordinate legislation is'" made and of the exercise of those powers.
ILO. Library.  Bibliographical contributions.  Geneva, 1955.
No, 10. Bibliography of industrial relations.
Bibliographical reference list, nos. 75 & 76.  April-Flay, • 1955-
No. 75 - Census publications (1945-1954).
No. 76'- List of" periodicals indexed in the ILO library
during 1954. I a
Suggestions for Material on the Caribbean
Caribbean bibliography.
Z1531  1. Bissainthe
C7 R82
Scarecrow Press, Washington
2, Caribbean Commission.  Central Secretariat.  Current
Caribbean bibliography, v. 1, no. 1-4, June 1951-1954
Covers French,
British, Netherlands and American
The Dominions office and Colonial office list 1940.
P. 591 gives "List of parliamentary papers, and non-
parliamentary publications" from 1337-1940, which includes
British West Indies.  Also includes maps and yearbook type
of information for each colony. Kept up to date by The
Colonial Office List (JV1005 G2) which has more current
list of parliamentary and non-parliamentary papers.
Royal Empire Society. Subject catalogue, 1932.
V. 3, p. 503-634 Contains bibliography on the West Indies.


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