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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 19, 1952

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Harlow gave a brief summary of his visit to several
Canadian university libraries. While in Chicago he saw
Mr. Rothstein, who is enjoying his stay at the University of
Illinois, and he had some conversation with Dr. Dunlap. In Toronto
and Montreal Mr, Harlow interviewed a number of library school
students who were interested in the possibility of coming to the
University of British Columbia when they complete their course.
Mr. Harlow reported that two representatives from the Alma
Mater Society had requested that the Library close at 5 p.m. on
Friday, March 7, to facilitate the arranging of Open House
exhibits; this seems essential and will be done. This posed the
problem of knowing what persons were authorized to come into the
building after that hour.  The staff will be on hand until 10 p.m,
as usual, and it was thought that only students working on
exhibits would try to come into the building. On Saturday,
March 8, the day of Open House, the Library will not attempt to
offer any service, the building will probably be closed until 11 a.m.
except to persons finishing exhibits and to staff. It will probably
be necessary to have all regular staff on duty on Saturday, since
public desks and other stations will have to be manned from 8 a.m,
to 10 or 11 p.m. How much of the Library should be open to
visitors was discussed, and it was decided that all reading room
areas should be open. The Catalogue and Acquisitions area will
remain closed. If there are not enough library staff to be posted
wherever needed, student assistants who have shown themselves
responsible persons will also be enlisted. Mr. Harlow asked
Miss Smith to work out a schedule for the staff for March 8,  It was
agreed that visitors who ask to see the stackroom should be shown
the stacks on floor 5 behind the Loan Desk. Nearly everyone
will be satisfied with a glimpse of one floor and the information
that there are five other similar levels.  The Library will have
displays in the three display cases on the main floor. Plans by
other departments of the University are not fully known, but the
use of the Ridington Room has been granted for the purposes of the
Open House Committee.
There are repeated requests from student groups for permission
to display posters in the Library.  In the past the Librarian has
forbidden the practice in the main hall, and Miss Smith and
Miss Lanning have displayed at their service, desks only those
advertisements which they deemed worth while, e.g., good concerts,
important plays, etc.  The difficulty arises when a student asks in
the Librarian's office for permission to display a poster and is refused, but is permitted to display it in another part of the
building. The problem was thoroughly aired, and it was decided
that no definite category of permissible material could be
established. Miss Mercer expressed the opinion that it is the duty
of the Library to publicize events of value on the campus.
Miss Smith agreed, saying that this has been her justification for
displaying certain advertisements in the past. Miss Fugler asked
if a student who applies in Room B for permission to display a
poster should be referred to Miss Lanning or Miss Smith. Miss Lanning
said she could not, even if she wished, deal with the number of
requests that would be made.  She asked if desirable material could
be accepted in the main, office and then sent to Circulation or
Reference, but it was thought this would not be a satisfactory
procedure. The problem of dealing with official announcements was
considered.  Should all official notices be sent to the Division
Heads for posting? Miss Smith said she does not wish to be
committed to display anything just because it is official; she
wishes to be free to pick and choose only those items she considers
worthy of bringing to the notice of the students. The use of the
cork board in the main hall was touched upon, and mention was made
of thefts of material from it. There is no prospect of money being
available to provide a glass cover for the board, and Mr. Harlow
recommended that only potentially expendable material should be
displayed there. After a general discussion it was decided that
the old procedure be continued: no posters are to be displayed in
the main hall; Division Heads will decide what they wish to display
at the service desks, exercising careful discrimination as they have
done in the past. The general policy is that the Library does not
accept poster material for exhibit, but that in unusual circumstances, exceptions will be made.
The present method of reporting periods of absence to the
Librarian's office is not entirely adequate, e.g., a day's absence
may mean 7, 7i or 8 hours off sick leave allowance, or an
afternoon may mean from 1 to 5 p.m. or from 2 to 5 p.m., etc.
Miss Smith would like to make use of a regular time sheet, having
each member of the Division keep his or her own record.
Mr. Harlow remarked that each Division Head is responsible for
seeing that each member of his or her Division works a full week of
38 hours, less time off for legitimate, specified reasons. The
only record the main office is concerned about keeping is of the
difference between 38 hours and the time actually worked, with the
reason for the time off (sick leave, vacation, or time off without
pay). This is the record for which the Library is responsible to
the University Administration.  Scheduling of time, re-arrangement
of schedules, making up time, etc., are matters within the
responsibility of the Division Head.  If Divisions wish to make use
of individual time sheets, there is no objection. After careful
consideration it was decided that a form should be prepared to
be turned in to the Librarian's office each Monday morning, giving the preceding week's record of sick leave, vacation, and time off
without pay for each member of the staff.  If Divisions need another
form upon which to compile attendance records, it will be discussed
at the next meeting. There was a complaint that all absences are
not reported direct to the Division Heads. Mr. Harlow said that
each Division Head is responsible for establishing a routine to
provide for this, and that whoever takes a message regarding an
absence should pass on the information promptly to the Division
Head or to a designated staff member. Attendance records are an
elemental factor in any employment system and we want to keep them
as simple and accurate as possible.
Statements concerning sick leave balances will be issued to
Division Heads shortly.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


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