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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 14, 1953

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TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Lanning was sick and unable to be present.
Minutes No. 34 should be corrected as follows:
P. 2, third last line, "book pocket" should be replaced by "date due
P. 3, first line, same correction as above.
Miss Jefferd suggested that a Notice of a Division Heads meeting
carry a number to correspond with the Minutes which will come from
the meeting; agreed.
Referring to discussion at last meeting, Miss Smith was
under the impression that medical books were not placed on the
trucks with general material, but it appears that they often are.
Miss Jefferd will investigate the procedure and make a statement
next time,
The letter asking for return of books for the annual
check was sent to faculty and staff last Friday and some returns
were made on Saturday.  Several favorable comments had been heard
on the form of the letter, and also on the "NOTES" which faculty
received a few weeks ago. The distinctive color of paper and style
of presentation used in Library communications to the campus are
being noticed, and it seems likely that the communications will at
least be read.
In connection with return of books, mention was made of
one faculty member who gives class assignments requiring the use of
books which he has charged out,- and who still expects the Library
to meet the class needs!  There are one or two extreme cases which
may require Mr. Harlow's attention.  Some of the damage done to
library books by Social Work students has been drawn to the attention of the Director of the School; and the Librarian has written
a special letter to one faculty member asking for the return of
material which he has had on loan for a very long time,
The marking operations have been established in the
north-west corner of the Catalogue Division, and all seems to be
well. Miss Mercer said that more help was needed with the pasting,
and Mr. Harlow assured her that a pasting machine was to be secured
to speed up this work. VICTORIA COLLEGE
Mr. Harlow attended the Council meeting of Victoria
College last evening with Dr. Allardyce, representing the President
and Dean Chant respectively. On the agenda was the selection of
library staff for the College, in which Mr. Harlow was particularly
interested. It was remarked that it is a good thing to have a close
association between the Victoria College library and the University
Library, and Mr. Harlow said that we could be useful to the College
library in many ways,
Mr. Harlow cautioned the Division Heads and some others
against keeping too long hours and endangering their health.  The
pressure seems to increase, but breakdowns among the staff are
likely to be more crippling than helpful, and some care must be
exercised in order not to overdo,
Miss Mercer reported that all orders and requisitions for
material that had been on file for more than two years, up to 31
March, 1953, had been withdrawn. These orders will be cancelled,
, though dealers will be informed that they may still quote when items
1 are found. From the cards, want lists will be compiled of the items
which are still desired, and a statement will be made up for the
University showing outstanding orders as of 31 March, 1953.
The Reference Division will work up a want list of its own, to be
added to those prepared by Acquisitions. Mr. Lanning will be
v, consulted regarding cancellation of serials orders that are more
^than 2 years old.
Acquisitions is interested in the possibility of using
\j multiple forms, and Mr. Harlow suggested a meeting of Miss Jefferd,
Miss Mercer, and Miss Alldritt to discuss the subject,
1953/1954 BUDGET
Mr. Harlow has called a general staff meeting for
Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the staff lounge, in order that he may
discuss the budget and answer questions concerning it. The budget
sheets have just been received and he has had little indication until
now what the outcome of his requests would be. He has picked from
department requests those which he could thoroughly justify, and
most of them have been granted. One that did not come through was
for an increase in the book budget, but since last year's book fund
had been a 91$ increase over the previous year, it might not seem
too surprising that this one was passed up—though this is very
disappointing. Some new positions have been added to the Library
establishment. Mr. Harlow then stated that Mr, Samuel Rothstein, who
is due back in the Library at the beginning of January, 1954, will
become Assistant Librarian in charge of "the development of book
collections and the coordination of processing operations." Collection building is one of the Library's foremost responsibilities,
and this appointment recognizes one of Mr. Rothstein's strong
points, his work with faculty in surveying and improving the
collections and filling in gaps. Mr, Rothstein will also be
responsible for the coordination of processing, and the Acquisitions
and Catalogue-Divisions will be placed under him. Miss Mercer
will continue during 1953/54 as Acting Head of the Acquisitions
Division. Mr. Harlow commended her warmly for the very good job
she has done in directing the increasingly heavy load of work in
the division.
Another Assistant Librarian is also provided for in the
budget, to be in charge of "public reference and information
services." Mr. Harlow was very pleased to announce that the work
of Miss Anne Smith, who has in effect carried out many of these
duties for many years, is now being recognized in this way.  She
has twice served as Acting Librarian, is well-known for her work
as Head of the Reference Division, and has won the confidence of
the Administration.  She will be in charge of the Reference
Division and the service points now under its jurisdiction (Fine
Arts, Howay-Reid, the Bio-Medical Reading Room, and the Bio-Medical
Branch Library) and the bibliographical and library instruction
services; the latter Mr, Harlow hopes to see further developed.
Serials, the loan services, departmental reading-rooms, and
relations with faculty will remain directly under the University
A Library Assistant position has also been added to the
Serials Division. This was justified by the increased output of
the Bindery and the need for someone to spend full time on bindery
preparation, which becomes daily more pressing.  In this connection, Mr. Harlow said that the addition of Mr, Fryer's son as a
bindery apprentice is expected to increase the output there very
A new Clerk-1 position is also provided for the Reference
Division. This is to meet a need arising from the increase in
inter-library loans: (25$ increase in borrowings and 100$ in loans
to other libraries) and the increased receipt and use of government
Mr, Harlow pointed out in his letter to the President the
need for a full-time professional cataloguer, to deal with the
departmental collections, but he did not this year ask specifically
for the position.  He plans to do so next year, and this will serve
as a notice of intention.
The budget provides a very welcome increase in Supplies
and Expense, and salary increases according to the normal scale.
It does not provide for more student help than we had last year.
No increases are provided for Division Heads or the Librarian, for
whom there is no scale, but it is probable that they will receive 4
increases in accordance with those granted to faculty.
This category has been extended: it will henceforth
commence one step lower than in former years, at $130, but will
advance by six steps to $225, and in this way will offer more scope
for university graduates who wish to make it a long-term position.
Persons now holding Library Assistant positions will receive in
July a one step increase above their present rate. Persons
accepting positions as Library Assistants will do so at the new
beginning rate. .
As of July 1, 1953, there will be 62 full-time library
positions provided for in the budget (including 5 in the
Branch Library)yplus 5 in the Bindery,
ADDITIONAL BOOK STACKS (in the stack "well") '
Although there will probably not be money this year for
the stack construction in the "well", the Librarian has obtained
estimates and has been instructed to continue to plan for the
addition, anticipating that this project will be realized within a
few years. It is supposed that the new stacks on level 2 will
provide for the next year or so,
The Librarian said that whenever a position in the
Library becomes vacant, it will be noted in the MINUTES, and
qualified staff members should apply if they are" interested. This
will constitute official posting for such notices.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Miss Harris will resign as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division at the end of April. We are sorry to see her
go, but glad that she has the opportunity to make the trip to
The new positions of Library Assistant in Serials and
Clerk-1 in Reference will also be open shortly.
Miss Eleanor Cock will be employed for the month of May
to assist with bindery preparation.
Mr. Spratt will return to Reference as soon as the Loan
Desk rush is over. His willingness to take the temporary assignment at the Loan Desk has seen the Library through a difficult
emergency, and his great usefulness and good will are truly
Staff should work out vacation schedules with Division
Heads as soon as possible. Because of Summer Session requirements,
some compromises will doubtless have to be made. Discussion concerning the proposed adoption of anltlpie £m>sm
for Acquisitions Liwi processing purposes, April 14* 1953.
Present? Kiss licrcor, Miss <l*s£ferds Hiss Alldritt, *jr.Laioingt
Far. Harlow.   . *
It is proposed to print cards in strip form (5 or 6 loar)
for multiple usete requiditlons^ordering, ©nd for essential
processing pwrpo^s in Cataloging* If possible, fonas to serve
all of these proposes are to be node WK&fora in itpie and content #
Order eards are to be printed oti *hite irfa&ek*.
The mm  fern will b* printed «q yellow atAtite aad cm, ^q
3" x 5tt ®is# for us© as- requist&teis eards*
The strips to be used for cartoon copie* will be- plaint not
printed, at id -will be of socio other distinctive color (such «as
light green}*
The order eard' and oastoon. will rsnalu In the book and $o
froa Acquisitions t« Cataloguing* the earten to b« retained"in a
separate receipt file to indleat? that %h% vo&uaa is in the
Cataloguing Division*, the order cord of •rider" card will retain
in the 'bo©ks providing essential Inforaotlcsi, and bein^ used to
clear the files in Acquisition* *h«n th© cataloguing ii ftnlBhed*
Ho&ographs from Serials isoinr: to Acqpi&tloBS will tew on©
order card and two carbons *aade by Aciuisltieii»t one eard to
remain in Acquisitions and the carbons to so to Cataloguing, to be
used as receipt -aad "rider* cards*
Serials will experlioent with providing & 31* x 5* ««rd to
accompany the routing slip for periodleala* the 3W x 5* «lip to be
used- as a receipt card*
For girts originating in Acquisitions oae Gar* I and i\.*o plain
carbons will be made by Acquisitions* the card to remain there,
with carbons -*oinc to Cat«los«ia3 as above.'
If it is ever decided t© pat cards f«r mewly ree«ived boedca
in the public catalogs before cataloguing is eospletecl, an
additional, plain carbon copy can be uid« for t-!:ig porpoee.
i'4.88 Hercor will propose a'unit tern for turtlier. discusaian
before order,is pla«*d' for printing.


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