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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 3, 1951

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APRIL 3, 1951, at 10:00 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, Miss-Rendell,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
The first matter discussed this morning was the
feasibility of having all letter mail sent to Room B to be stamped
and mailed from there* There is access via the stacks t© most of
the work areas in the Library, and the danger ©f having stamps and
stamp money pilfered is ever present. Mr. Rothstein said he
thought the time spent in taking letters to Room B each day
or twice a day would be worth more than any small amount of stamps
which may disappear, and he could not believe that there was any
pilfering at present.  He said he could lock up the stamp box in
his desk each evening.  There is often last-minute mail which might
not get to Room B before the office is closed. Now, with a supply
of stamps in the division, this mail can be sent off promptly.
Mr. Lanning said he did not wish to keep a large supply
of stamps on hand, but he would find a few very convenient. The
Reference Division would be glad to relinquish its supply of stamps
and send all mail to Room B.  Circulation buys its own stamps out
©f fines money, and does not draw stamps from the Library supply.
The stamps and money at Circulation are kept in a locked drawer.
The result of the discussion was that the present system will
continue, but that each Division will lock up stamps and money each
The routine for checking supplies was considered. It was
agreed that a current supply of items used by only one Division
should be in the hands of that Division. Supplies used by several
divisions will be kept in Room B. All large quantities of any kind
of supplies will be stored in the vault or in the display room.
It was agreed that one member of each Division should be "contact"
person for requesting supplies from Room B.
Miss Smith reported that a meeting had been held at which
Miss Lanning, Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer and herself had discussed
the desirability and problems of inventory. It was agreed that
the usual formal overall inventory could not be undertaken with the
staff that will be available after examinations are finished.
Instead, the Library is to be closed for three days, the shelves
put in order and read carefully, and missing books called in.
Miss Jefferd will deal with the Law Library and the two Applied
Science reading room collections. It is intended to close the
Library during May 7 ** 9, and as many staff members as Miss banning
needs will do the work of tidying and reading the shelves.
Mr. Lanning informed the meeting that there was a number
of second copies of M.A. theses dating from the period before 1946
in the hands of the Reference Division.  These are chiefly in
History, Ecinomics, and Mathematics, and some of them are very old.
He asked if the meeting thought these should be bound as second
copies. It was agreed that all should be taken into the collection,
that those in firm enough covers to stand on the shelves by themselves be used in that form, and that the others be bound.
Miss Smith reported that she had requested Mr. Hunter,
manager of the University Book Store, not to sell punched paper to
students for use in typing theses.  The punch weakens the binding
margin and is not at all desirable in the two copies which are
deposited in the Library and bound for use here. Mr. Wood, the
Registrar, had spoken to Miss Smith about the problem of acceptance
of theses, and had advised Miss Smith that she should consult Dean
Angus in any doubtful case.
Mr. Lanning reported that the Library had been offered a
long file of the Sphere. but that it is at Milner, and the Library
would have to arrange for its transportation. The Library is trying
to get a continuous file of ©ne of the illustrated London magazines;
but lacking that, it is willing to fill in gaps in one title with
numbers in another title in ©rder to provide chronological continuity.
At present there is a long file of the Illustrated London News, and
it is thought that if the file of the Sphere could be obtained, the
two together would provide a continuous reeord.
Miss Jefferd objected to interfiling two different publications
on the ground that it makes checking extremely difficult, and
Miss Mercer thought it would make use of the run very awkward.
Miss Smith pointed out that such material is not indexed, and that the
use would not be seriously hindered by interfiling. The continuity
of the record ©f a given period is the important matter for the student.
Mr. Lanning said he would prefer to have them put together and
shelved in strict order of date. Mr. Rothstein said he could not
see the advantage of deviating from the general practice.
Miss Smith said the Library had no other pictorial magazines in the
field of English contemporary history, and that the case was unique.
She did feel that they ought to be catalogued separately. Mr. Lanning
said he would settle for coverage of a period regardless of how the
cataloguing was done. The cost of getting the magazines to the
Library was considered, and it was agreed that the Library could not
afford t© pay for transportation.  The possibility of the University
truck going up country was considered. Mr. Lanning will investigate
ways and means of getting the material to Vancouver.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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