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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 20, 1955

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September 20, 1955. No. 107
Reporting Division Head Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library staff.
At Heads Meeting: NH, SR, MF3L, AF1S, RJL, EBM, MA, EF.
Fir. Harlow welcomed Miss Smith to the meeting after an absence of
several x^eeks.
P. 2, par. 1, 1.12: after "carrell" add "on each floor."
P. 4, par. 3, 1. 5: date of Fir. Putnam's resignation should be
"1939" instead of "1937."
Fir. Harlow wrote to President MacKenzie suggesting that
he visit the Library and see it in its new coat of paint. The
President did so promptly, and the Librarian took the opportunity
to ask whether the proposed lighting plan for the main concourse
could be carried out. Fir. Harlow also commented on the promptness
with which /Mr. Hughes, the new Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, had tackled the job after Summer School.
Identification cards are being left at the stack entrance
by persons going into the stack and are being returned to them on
exit. The making of the faculty loan record has been discontinued.
When the Registrar issues a replacement for a lost card
it will be marked "Duplicate," and when it is presented in the
Librarian's office for stamping, a check will be made with the
copy of the original at the Loan Desk to be sure that the student
is in fact entitled to stack access.
Mr. Harlow asks to have this information.for the Annual
Report within the next week.
The edition for 1955/56 is being distributed.
The Library is to receive 45 folding chairs for use in
the book stack, and several army tables have also been obtained. NUMBERING BOOK TRUCKS
Mr. Lanning has suggested numbering book trucks so that
they and their contents can be more readily identified, as, for
example, when material is returned from the bindery. It was
agreed that this be done, and it was noted that the Loan Desk
trucks are already numbered 1-3.
Several student assistants are still needed in the
Library. The Circulation Division has drafted a form upon which
to report the performance of student assistants, and Fir. Harlow
would like to have the reports made monthly throughout the term,
particularly for student employees who do not work under the
direction of a Division Head. A draft will be sent to all
Division Heads for suggestions.  The. Circulation Division has also
drawn up a set of general instructions for student assistants and
"separate instructions specifically for Loan Desk and Reserve Book
Room use. The general instructions will be made available to other
Fir. Harlow described in detail the proposals for the
stack addition. The main feature is the installation of 7 stack
levels in the- present "well." A new level 7, above the present
Serials Division, will also be needed to provide book truck access
to level 7 in the well. It is proposed to re-establish the
Bio-Medical Reading Room in the area now occupied by the Serials
Division and to bring the Serials Division down to stack level 5.
The stack portal would be moved to the present double doorway
leading to Serials, which would then control access to Medicine,
Serials stacks, and the main book stack. A new stairway in the
well, connecting with the new portal on level 5, would take most
of the traffic from the existing inadequate stairs now serving
both public and library use. Current journals would occupy new
stack levels 4 and 5 in the well (open to all who have stack
access), and the "W" classification (Medicine) would move into
levels o and 7 above. Serials would take over the south end of the
Loan Desk (much enlarged), where the visible files and checking
facilities would be set up, and a Central Serials Record maintained for the whole Library. The existing "Cage" enlarged and
much.remodeled and relighted, plus space along the east wall of
stack levels 4 and 5 would provide Serials work space.  Some table
space will also be provided on levels 4 and 5 for reading current
periodicals. A dozen new carrels are specified for each well
level, except 4 and 5, and, if funds are available, additional
carrels in existing stack space. Fir. Lanning was not happy about
a workroom with a low ceiling and no outside windows, but
Fir. Harlow pointed out that lighting would be superior to the
present location, and that glass and paint would make the space
very attractive. Miss Smith was not sure that the relocation of
the Serials record beyond the Loan Desk would be convenient to
Reference, although advantageous in other respects.  There will be
no present change in serials record procedures, and a central
record will be discussed when the new area is available. f
When Medicine moves into its new place, the mezzanine
will become available for other use, and it is likely that the
whole book stock will need to be rearranged.
Stack permits are granted to all persons in the third
year of their course. After discussing the advisability of allowing access to all in their third year in the University, it was
decided that this could not be done at present. There will be about
3500 with stack privileges, and Miss Lanning did not believe that
more could be managed, the present stairway being too restricted
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Miss Mary Cunningham joined the Reference staff and Fliss Isabel
FlcLeod started work as a Library Assistant in the Catalogue
Division on Monday, September 19.
Firs. Frances Tucker has transferred from the Catalogue
Division to the Reserve Book Room, replacing Fliss Nancy Macdonald.
Fir. Peter Steckl is resigning from the Catalogue Division on
October 15, to take a position in the National Research Council
Library in Ottawa, cataloguing scientific and technical materials.
His departure will be a real loss to the staff and Library.
Firs. Helen Hutchinson has resigned from her Clerk 1 position
in the Acquisitions Division, effective on September 17.
Lieut. Doreen Fraser is attending an officers' training course
for Nav3r personnel at H.F1.C.S. Naden.


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