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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 20, 1953

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 NO. 26
   TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Some of the books recently ordered for this collection
are available now for loan. The matter of selecting books was
considered, and Mr. Harlow suggested a small committee of Library
staff members and one faculty representative: Miss Mercer (Chairman),
Miss Edith Stewart, Miss Lanning, Mrs, Friedman, Miss Fugler.
Other members may be added from time to time, and Mr. Harlow will be
a member ex-officio. The accounts will be kept by Acquisitions,
A preliminary investigation of rentals charged by the commercial
libraries indicate that daily rates are no longer customary, and
Mr. Harlow asked that the Committee consider this and other questions
involved in the operation of the rental collection.
There are 19 books missing from the Sedgewick Room, 6 of
them from the end of Summer Session, Mr; Harlow believes that we
must make it evident to the students that we are concerned about the
care and preservation of the collection; only in this way can the
proper attitude toward it be maintained.  He recommended a regular
routine to keep the shelves and room orderly.  It was thought that
not more than ten or fifteen minutes a day need be spent on the task,
but that having it done daily is important. Miss Smith said that
she would try to see that this is carried out.
Mr. Harlow reported that an estimate of the cost of
re-lighting the concourse has been received and he is awaiting one
for the re-lighting of the wings of the main reading room.  The
figures will be sent to the President, who in response to a letter
from the Librarian, asked to have them submitted. This will get the
need before Administration in concrete terms.  Cleaning the walls of
the Concourse may be done at the time the lighting is remodeled.
The new fixture being tried in Mr. Lanning's office will
be installed (with glass flats on the sides) in the area immediately
behind the Reference Desk and, if this proves satisfactory, similar
lighting will be provided for the Reference work-room. A new type
of glass will be installed in the light fixtures above the Reference
Desk to reduce glare.  There is difference of opinion among the
Reference staff regarding the effectiveness of the trial paper cover
now on the desk, but Mr, Harlow believes that with the higher light
level behind the desk and new glass flats above it, the light colored
desk top will provide evener illumination which will be easier on the
eyes.  He is also obtaining an estimate on the cost of installing -2- 	
acoustical material in the area behind the Reference Desk and in the
Reference work room, in the Librarian's office and Room B, and in
the front basement entrance and stairways where students congregate.
Miss Mercer inquired about acoustical treatment for the ceilings in
the Acquisitions and Catalogue areas, and it was reported that
acoustical plastic had been used in these rooms.
Mr, Harlow has discussed with Mr, Fletcher and Mr, Lee,
the hum made by the fluorescent lights, with the result that Mr. Lee
is to be informed which areas need treatment, and he will try to have
the situation corrected.  Part of the trouble is that tubes become
noisy when they are about to go out, and all the lights will be
examined and renewed before the work is done.
In regard to the regular maintenance of fluorescent lights,
Mr. Harlow asked that each Division Head appoint a staff member to
report to the office, on Wednesday each week by mid-day, how many
tubes need to be replaced, -The janitor does look after the stack
lights but if, at the Wednesday survey, it is noticed that stack
lights are out, this information should be given to the janitor. '
The stacks for floor 2 are supposed to be on board ship now,
and those for the medical library on a train on its way here. Miss
Lanning asked if additional stacks could be put into the spare areas
on floor 4, which is exceedingly crowded, but Mr, Harlow said that
he would rather leave that and hope to get the well stacked in a
couple of years or so.
Beginning with this spring term, stack access is being
granted upon request to all students in the final year of their
course,(non-honours students must apply in the Librarian's office).
The stackroom is not crowded at present, and it is desirable to
make it available to as many students as can make good use of the
privilege. If any abuse of the privilege develops this term, or if
the load is too great, access will again be limited to a smaller
category of students.  The new regulation grants stack access to
about 1,000 students.
Miss Lanning inquired about requiring that briefcases be
left at the stack entrance. Mr. Harlow suggested that perhaps we
should start by inspecting briefcases when persons leave the stack-
room.  He asked whether this could be undertaken, and Miss Lanning
said that during rush periods it would be very difficult. Mr. Harlow
requested that Miss Rolfe regularly be scheduled at her desk and not
be expected to take part in other Loan Desk work. When she is not
there, another staff member should be regularly posted to take her
place, and her desk should not be left unoccupied at any time.  At
night if two persons fetch books, the third should remain at the Loan receive call slips., charge books, and supervise stack access
and the use of the Concourse.  All the persons should not desert the
desk at one time. Miss Lanning asked to have a sign at the Loan Desk
advising students of the regulation regarding inspection of brief- -3-
cases.  It was suggested that Miss Rolfe or her substitute charge
out all books brought out of the stacks by faculty and students.
Mr, Harlow asked Division Heads who need more student
assistant help during January-March to make specific requests to him
within the next day or so.
The exit lock for the partition on floor two is to be
installed very soon, and the Otis-elevator people are going to give
Mr, Harlow an estimate on the cost of keying the elevator.  The
present plan for the elevator is to have buttons for floors 3, 5 and
8, and to require the use of a key to reach or depart from other
ROOM 852
The Extension Department has occasional demands for the use
of visual aid material by groups larger than'can be accommodated in
Room #59 and, with the Librarian's permission, it has installed blackout curtains in 852 and will use that room for large classes. This
use will be scheduled through the Librarian's office.
Mr. Harlow remarked that Professor Wilson of the Faculty
of Forestry has highly commended Miss O'Rourke's lectures to the
students before Christmas, when she took on the assignment in Miss
Smith's absence.
ROOM 750
Mr, Harlow advised the Division Heads that Room 750 will be
gradually appropriated for archival materials.  For the present the
shelving will be used, but in the course of time the floor space
will probably be taken over as well.
Floor 2, where the new stacks are to be installed, is to be
cleared by February 15,  The pre-bindery material is now being moved.
Mr, Harlow reported that he had received from Dr., Lamb a
very nice letter which was, by Dr. Lamb's intention, the first piece
of correspondence signed by him as National Librarian.
A shipment of bindery board has been received via water
freight from eastern Canada, and it is expected that the cost will be
much less than if sent by land.  The shipment was not crated sturdily -4- L
enough to withstand the rough handling, and a number of the boards
were damaged. Mr, Harlow will take up with the Purchasing Agent the
question of insurance coverage,
Unidentified cartons and parcels sometimes arrive and are
occasionally pushed aside for later attention. Mr. Harlow requested
that every parcel which cannot, from external evidence, be directed
to its proper destination be immediately drawn to the attention of
the Head of Acquisitions, and that it be opened and a proper record
made; nothing should be left unidentified.
Attention has been called to the practice of holding the
telephone line while a search is made for the person wanted.  This
wastes time and ho)ds up other use of the phone, and it is recommended
that people take messages and numbers and arrange to have a return
call made.  Unless the matter is urgent, time should not be spent
seeking the person at the moment, but the message should be delivered
at the first opportunity. Mr. Harlow said that this should apply to
his calls made to staff members as well as to other calls.
When this type of material arrives Acquisitions will check
the invoices and clear the order cards as usual," then send the material
to the Librarian. Mr. Harlow will indicate the treatment it is to
receive (e.g., bind, for H.-R., etc.) and return it to Acquisitions
where the accession number and other information will be recorded
on the back of a book-plate.  The book-plate will be laid in the
book (not pasted in, yet) and the book sent to Cataloguing,  If the
book has to wait more than a day for processing it will be returned
to the Howay-Reid Room or the Librarian's office.  If it is to be
sent to the bindery, it will remain in Howay-Reid or the Librarian's
office until wanted and a note of its whereabouts will be made there,
Mr, Harlow plans to have glassine covers for this kind of material
so that marks need not be made on the books themselves. Book-plating
may need to be done in the Howay-Reid Room, where the plate will be
tipped in (at the top) in order that the processing data may be
readily available,
"Flimsy" material in Serials that accumulates slowly to
the binding stage will be kept in envelopes on the shelves on Floor
3 (behind the Reserve Room).  As far as possible, all other material
needing binding should be sent to the bindery as it comes in, in
order that the current binding load will be known and to avoid adding
to the present backlog in the stacks.  This backlog is to be dealt with
as time and bindery operations permit. Miss Smith pointed out that
there is not enough shelving to carry out this plan, for Government
publications, and Mr. Harlow urged that it be undertaken slowly if
necessary, since it will be more and more difficult as time goes on.
He is planning to add an apprentice to the bindery staff and hopes, -5-
before long, to add a position in the Library for bindery preparation,
a job which now takes a great deal of Mr. Lanning's time. Mr.
Lanning said that the bindery can probably take about 2000 volumes
of government publications during the summer.  It was proposed that
the Reference Division should prepare these government documents for
the bindery, before they go to Mr. Lanning, and Miss Smith agreed to
this as a means of expediting the work, since the Reference staff
have special knowledge of this material.
The Department of Buildings and Grounds has reported that
the back delivery door was unlocked at 1:15 a.m. on January 14, but
no one present could account for this,
The Library gets little publicity in The Ubyssey. and
Mr, Harlow believes that one member of the Library staff might be
asked to write up material for publication in the paper. Miss Alldrit
was suggested, and Mr. Harlow will speak to her about it.
This exhibition ended last Saturday, and although only 20
of the local printers invited to the official opening came out, they
were greatly interested, and on the whole the exhibition was a
success. Mr, Harlow has asked to have it again next year at the
same time, which coincides with Printing Week; and Mrs. Shadbolt has
asked to have it at the Art Gallery, Miss Smith suggested that
displays to promote interest in printing and book design might be
arranged during the year, and this was highly approved. Miss Jefferd
referred to a suggestion made some time ago by Miss Smith that a
prize be offered for the best student collection of books. This is
admittedly a good way to promote interest in books, but the many
difficulties seemed to discourage the holding of such a contest, at
the present time,
Copies of the student paper have been secured for the
Library somewhat irregularly, and an effort is being made to have the
delivery regularized.  The Serials Division needs 5 copies, and the
Librarian's office and the Reference Division each need two, so that
Miss Mercer will have them picked up at the Brock Building,
Mr. Harlow reported that he would leave on his trip east
on Friday night, January 23.  He plans to visit the Library Schools
in Toronto and Montreal, the University of Toronto Press and Ryerson
Press in Toronto, and the Fraser Institute in Montreal.  From Montreal
he will go to Chicago for the American Library Association midwinter
meeting and thence to the University of Kansas at Lawrence, where he
will do consultant work on plans for the expansion and remodelling of
the University Library building there. He expects to return to -6-
Vancouver on February 15, and he remarked that the new stacks are
due to arrive a day or two later.  In Kansas, he will, as a Canadian
librarian, speak to faculty and staff on the Canadian National
Library and the Massey Report. Mr. Harlow announced that Miss Smith
will be Acting Librarian during his absence.
The meeting adjourned at 12:40 noon.
Mr. William Taggart will leave the Library in June to
accept a position in the Department of English in this University,
Miss Cecily Girvan has left the Serials Division and Miss
Freda Bailey, a graduate of this University, has been appointed in
her place.


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