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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 3, 1961

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October 3, 1961 No.254
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, IB, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, AL, EBM, JS, EH,
DP, ML, BSS, and HM.
Loan Privileges
A great many monographs in the stacks have not yet
been changed from "Library Use Only" to "Restricted Use". This
material, other than those classed In the "J's" or marked with
the spot indicating reference sets, may be borrowed for home
use by faculty members on a "Restricted Use" basis (i.e. one
week loan and not renewable). Refer to Minutes #243, p.84, for
an outline of the different categories of Library materials.
Mrs. Irene Norman has presented to the Library a collection of approximately 300 volumes, mostly English language
works dealing with the Far East. The collection includes a
number of scarce books published in China. Some of the other
volumes duplicate -existing holdings but will be useful as added
Mr. Lester McLennan, of Fullerton, California, one
of the prime movers ror the' organization of the Friends of the
Library at U.B.C, visited the Library last week. He presented
the Library with the handsome edition of Dickens' A Christmas
Carol printed in San Francisco by the Grabhorn Press^ The"gift
is in memory of the late Dr. R. H. Clark.
Library Association Conferences
The fall meeting of the British Columbia Library
Association will be held at the University Library in November.
Members will have an opportunity to see the new School of Librarianship and to meet the faculty and students. As the School
has no room large enough to accomodate the members, the meeting
will probably be held in the Ridington Room.
The 1962 conference of the Pacific Northwest Library
Association will also be held in Vancouver, and local committees
are now being formed.
14 15
Book Funds
Dr. Rothstein indicated his interest in having Division
Heads take a larger part In the development of the collections,
particularly with reference to major works now lacking. Division
Heads were therefore requested to compile lists of desiderata
giving preference to materials (such as microforms) which are
likely to be immediately available.
Stack Privileges
From time to time faculty members have requested the
Library to grant stack privileges to students who would not
ordinarily be eligible for permits. Where such cases seem to
warrant an exception being made, special permit cards (available
from the Librarian's Office) may be issued by Division Heads.
Divisional Report - No. 7, College Library, by Mrs. E. Hoeg
The physical arrangement of the College Library Is
good and working space is adequate. Ventilation, on the other
hand, is poor. The reading rooms are hot and stuffy in summer;
in the winter the desk area is cold and draughty. There is also
some problem with noise which funnels from the entrance and lobby
via the open staircase into both reading rooms,
By mid-October, i960, it was obvious that there were
not enough seats to accomodate the demand. The shortage was
q&gravated by the practice of "reserving" desks with books or
briefcases. Signs suggesting that students ignore such "reservations" have helped somewhat during the second term. With an
even greater shortage this- year, we have abandoned the practice
of trying to keep the desks in the stack area free for browsers
or people using reference books. We hope soon to have a table
for the old examination papers so that desks will not be tied
up by students copying from such papers.
The old examination papers continue to give us a
great deal of trouble. The most frequent "reference" questions
refer to them. We now have only 1959 and i960 papers, for 100
and 200 courses.
Reference questions in general fall into two major
categories—those which can be answered by showing the student
how to use the card catalogue and those requiring use of the
reference tools and stacks by the librarian. The majority of
questions still come to the circulation desk in spite of the
fact that the librarians spend four or five hours a day at the
reference desk--or, rather, did until last week when the volume
of circulation increased so much that we had to spend most of
our time at the files. 16
Last year many students never went to the catalogue.
Having been told of reference materials behjnd the desk, they,
would simply ask for these. This year's student, on the whole,
seems more enterprising, and more interested in finding things
out for himself.
Our operations during the first year were seriously
hampered by shortage of books—just over 8000 volumes at the
outset. Yet, in spite of this, in October, the big essay month,
our circulation averaged 384 per day (442 excluding Sundays).
A slight drop in the comparable month of the second term can
probably be explained by the fact that many students who were
unable to obtain books they wanted in the fall did not return
in the spring.
The book shortage was alleviated in some measure by
temporary transfers from the main stacks. Additional copies
have been ordered for the College Library but some out-of-print
titles will have to be borrowed again and again.  Conversely,
from time to time we also lend books to the Circulation Division,
The most useful permanent transfer was the removal of the
Explicator from the Humanities Division to the College Library.
The new transaction card system works well.  It keeps
the books moving, facilitates work at the circulation files, and
since the advent of a stamping machine, keeps errors to a
Relations with the faculty are improving. Although
we do not generally accept lists of books to put on reserve, we
encourage the instructors to let us know in advance of assignments and more and more of them are sending us their reading
lists and informing us of essay topics.
Mr. Fujio Fukuyama, as Senior Library Assistant in
the Asian Studies Division on October 4.
Mrs. D. M. Sheppard, as Stenographer II in the
Biomedical Library on October 5.
Mr. Rudolf Stuck, as Clerk II in the Acquisitions
Division on October 27.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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