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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 10, 1964

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 M I N U T E S
March 10, 1964. No. 300
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library staff.
Present:  BSS, IFB, GGT, AD, AMS, JO'R, GD, RB, DS, BV, RJL, AL, MD, HA,
The Board of Governors approved the Expenditure of $700,000 for the Completion of the stack well and building operations. No time has been set
for the beginning of construction.
The Woodward Library will be ready for occupancy during August, according
to the latest predictions.
A library is being planned for the new Forestry and Agriculture building*
The deans of the two faculties have appointed Dr. Richter and Mr. Adamovich
to work with the library in planning the physical facilities. The space
alloted measures 180' x 32', almost identical in size to the library at the
new B, C. Institute of Technology.
Mr. R. M. Hamilton will be joining the staff as Supervisor of Collections
on July 1, 1964.
Mrs. Anne Brearley will be joining the Science Division on April 1, 1964,
on a half-time basis. She will work in cooperation with Miss Leith and
the faculties concerned in planning collections for the Engineering and
Forestry & Agriculture Libraries. Considerable duplication of materials
is anticipated.
Easter Closing
The library will be closed March 27, March 28, March 29 and March 30.
Examinations do not begin until April 14, so it does not appear that any
special arrangements need be made for additional hours of service.
During the first week of March, Mr. Bell, Mr. Harris and Mr. Turner visited
a number of libraries in the United States and Canada in order to inspect
applications of computers and punched card machinery to routines in circulation, serials, acquisitions and cataloguing. Mr. Bell and Mr^ Turner
will report their findings to subsequent meetings? this information will
be incorporated into the minutes. The library had seventeen new and vacant positions at the beginning of
the recruiting season. Of the fifteen applicants from the University
of British Columbia School of Librarianship, nine accepted positions,.
Only one student from the University of Toronto Library School requested
an interviews no position were filled from University of Toronto Library
School. Four McGill students were interviewed and one accepted a posi-
tion0 Five other librarians, three from the University of Toronto^ one
from York University, and one from the University of Chicago accepted
positions at U0B0Co Two positions are still unfilledo The fifteen
librarians who accepted positions on the staff are listed belows
Mrsp Frances Buckley, (U.B.Co) Serials
Mr. Hans Burndorfer, (UoB.C.) Humanities
Mrs, Joyce Cummings, (Univ« of Chicago Library) Social Sciences
Mr.'Ture Erickson, (U„B0Co) Woodward Library
Miss Gustawa Fiszhaut, (Univ0 of Toronto Library) Catalogue
Miss Carol Freeman, (U0B„C„) Serials
Mr0 John Grey, (U.B.C.) Catalogue
Miss Elizabeth Jupp, (U0B„Co) Woodward Library
Miss Heather-Ann McDonald, (U0B0C0) Catalogue
Mr. William Parker, (Univo of Toronto Library) Woodward Library
Mr<, Andre Preibish, (Univ0 of Toronto Library) Catalogue
Miss Jean Rennie, (U.BoCo) Woodward Library
Mrs. Anne Rowley, (U.B.Co) Catalogue
Miss Francis Rybak, (McGill) Woodward Library
Miss Katherine Ward, (York Univ. Library) Circulation
vs. the Beastly Backlog
n 4«j
Miss O'Rourke suggested that children's books classified in
protected with plastic jackets; this would protect the books as well as
retaining the attractive jackets themselves„ Although everyone agreed
that this would be a desirable course of action, it was decided that
the present difficulties of the cataloguing division made It impractical
for the present.
How to Lose .at Statistics
The February 1964 issue of the University of Toronto Newsletter quotes a
statement by David Kaser, Director of the Joint University Librarles9 to
the effect that members of the Association of Research Libraries spend
about $2o84 on personnel for each $lo00 spent on books and periodicals.
In 1962-1963 the central library at the University of Toronto spent
$2*51 for each $lo00 spent on books0 In 1963-1964 U0B0C„ will spend
about $lo50 on personnel foi every $lo00 of book money. If this is a
meaningful statistic, the staff here can take some pride in the fact that
we accomplish as much as we do. This statistical comparison should prove
most useful to us in attempts to increase staff. PERSONNEL
11,11   I Ll l\ II-MM 1"     1'IIIMI.MjMIIIHIII'l
Miss Marcla McNairn, Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division
effective February 10, 1964.
Miss Nola Blackwood, Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective March 1, 1964.
Miss Sheila Rankine, Clerk I in the Science Division, effective February
25, 1964.
Mrs. Joyce Harries, Secretary II in Circulation effective March 9, 1964o
Mr. David Thomas, Clerk II in Biomedical Library effective April 169 1964-
Mrs. Mary Lagies, transferred from Library Assistant to Senior Library
Assistant in Circulation Division effective March 1, 1964c
Mrs. Margaret Leighton, transferred from Clerk II to Library Assistant
in Biomedical Library effective April 16, 1964.
Mrs. Vera Seebaran, Clerk I in Science Division effective February 11, 1964.
Miss Eleanor Haydock, Librarian I in the Biomedical Library, effective
May 31, 1964.
Mrs. Lena Lee, Secretary II in Circulation, effective February 28, 1964.
Miss Judith Johnson, Clerk I in Acquisitions Division, effective-March
31, 1964.
Mr. Brian Turnbull, Library Assistant in Cataloguing, effective April 3, 1964a
Mrs. Siupatie Harding, Library Assistant in Biomedical Branch Library,
effective April 15, 1964.
Mrs. Carol Pfeiffer, Library Assistant in Circulation, effective March
31, 1964.
Clerk I in Acquisitions* Typist. Types multiple order forms for books5
interpreting information on requisitions.  Types multiple forms
for books received on continuation orders, utilizing information
on original order. Does other miscellaneous typing jobs.


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