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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 18, 1961

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July 18, 1961    No. 249
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, JS, GGT, AMS, JO'R, MD, EBM, AB, ML, BSS, EC, NTK,
AL, and MF
Corrections to Minutes #248
With reference to the record of questions to be maintained
at the Information Desk, Miss Smith explained that people were
asked to note in the "black book" any information that they considered
useful to other librarians at the Desk — e.g. changes in library
regulations, recurrent questions, etc.
Miss Dwyer said that she was not the Chairman of the
Canadian Music Library Association.-meeting, as stated in Minutes
#248. She did present the report discussed at this meeting.
Library Lectures
Miss Smith-reported a total attendance of 397 people
at the nine lectures, with the 1:30 time the most -popular. Miss
Mercer noted that this week's questions at the Information Desk
showed greater knowlededge of the Library, and it was hopefully
suggested that this gain was attributable to the lectures.
Catalogue Cabinets
Having investigated various possibilities, Mr. Turner
reported his (and Mr. Bell's) conclusion that the simplest
solution for the problem of overcrowding was to move the entire
centre section back a couple of feet. This change would enable a
row of chairs to be placed in front of the Loan Desk.
The shifting of the cabinets will be undertaken by
Buildings and Grounds when they redo the floor of the concourse.
At the same time a top could be added to the new cabinets so
that they more nearly match the existing cabinets in appearance,
Mr. Turner was asked to submit a plan for this work to Dr. Rothstein.
The Cataloguing Division will be working on an expansion
of the card catalogue after Summer Session, and arrangements
will have to be made with the Department of Buildings and Grounds
to make sure that the cabinets remain easily accessible.
Plan of Library
Miss Dwyer reported progress in the production of a
set of Library floor plans. Miss Smith has requested copies, one
for each front entrance. They would also be useful in each
Subject Division.
105 106
Dr. Rothstein suggested the possibility of making a
three-dimensional cut-away model of the Library for display in
the centre hall. Miss Dwyer was asked to see whether the School
of Architecture could construct such a model.
Plaunt Papers
Mr, Stuart-Stubbs reported that the Plaunt Papers have
now been arranged chronologically. A press release will be ready
Miss Lanning gave a further report on the progress of
the inventory. For the group comprising classes A - L plus
certain departmental libraries, there has been a loss of 1,049
volumes since the last inventory two years ago.
Dr. Rothstein reported that well over half of the
Supplies and Expense fund has already been spent. He urged
Division Heads to be cautious about submitting large-scale
requests until Miss Maclean can report more fully on the stabo
of the account.  In the meantine, he asked that a note of
justitication accompany requisitions for larger amount©.
Night Return Chute
The use of the night retu*n chute has raised two problems:
people use it in the daytime, and reserve books have been returned
there at night, which are not received at the Loan Desk until mid-
morning of the next day.
Dr. Rothstein suggested that Miss Lanning have the books picked
up at 8:30 in the morning. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs was asked to find a
way of closing off the chute during the day.
Library Cards for Students Taking Non-Credit Courses
The Extension Department issues library cards for students
taking non-credit courses in Summer Session. These cards indicate
the period for which they are valid and allow the students normal
borrowing privileges during this time. Mr, Barton, who is in charge
of Short Courses for the Extension Department, should be consulted
in case of any difficulties with this arrangement.
Miss Rose Vainstein
Miss Rose Vainstein, Associate Professor in the School of
Librarianship, was introduced to the Division Heads. Miss Vainstein
has had broad experience in public library work, most recently as
Public Libraries Specialist in the U. S. Office of Education. She gave
a brief account of some of her activities, many of which bear closely
on Canadian library problems. 107
Divisional Reports - No. 3, The Humanities Division, by Mrs. Joan Selby
Reading Room
The reading room, despite the lack of supervision from the
desk, is surprisingly quiet and well-regulated. There is little noise.
The only apparent reason for this welcome situation is the longtitudinal
shape of the room, which inspires a more "closed" arrangement of
tables than is the case in the other reading rooms.
Conversely, the work room is noisy. The floor openings
carry sound to and from the stacks and voices seem to become magnified
in the comparatively empty room.
Service to 1st and 2nd Year Students
There was a great influx of first and second year students,
notably students in English 200. Pressures were lessened by:
(a) maintaining a list of library reference books kept in College
Library, so that we could send a student there with a specific title
in mind and with urgings to ask for help at the desk;  (b) the Explicator
was sent to the College Library and photostats of the indexes only
were kept at the Humanities desk. Where the Explicator went, there
went the first and second year students'.
General Information
The Humanities Division is responsible for general inquiries.
These have fallen into four categories:
(a) Biographical information. The greater number of these
are answered from the Who's Whos.
(b) Questions concerning courses, faculty at other universities,
etc., which are answered from the calendars, the
World of Learning, etc.
(c) Serial information. Questions about the location
of serials, etc. are normally answered by having the
Humanities Division staff consult the Kardex files
(d) Bibliographical information. The authority file in
Cataloguing or the national bibliographies in Acquisitions
cover most cases adequately and conveniently.
There are some types of questions which we might have expected
but which we do not seem to get in any number, e.g. questions on
current affairs.
Interlibrary Loans
In Interlibrary Loans the paper work has proved particularly
burdensome, especially since most of it must be done at the turnstile.
An example of the amount of paper work involved is suggested by the
statistics for October, I960. For 170 transactions (40 borrowed and
130 lent) there were 668 forms received or sent (362 in, 306 out). 108
Since the other divisions do their own verifying, notifying
and asking for return, the pressure on the Humanities Division is
mainly concentrated on the time required for typing, checking, sending
forms, and filing. In the lending of interlibrary loans, the Humanities
Division handles the whole transaction, relying upon the other divisions
only for the odd "snag" which requires consultation.
One of the difficulties arising from the mass of paper
work is that the clerks have little time for other office routines
which require attention.
The calendar "browsing"' area in the cage has eliminated
most of the circulation work that used to be done with these and this
arrangement has proved very satisfactory. The main problem with the
calendars is lack of storage space for the back issues. Some weeding
was done in February after consultation with other Divisions, but now
the problem is once again acute. At present there is only room to
file the current back issues of Canadian universities.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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