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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 6, 1953

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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss Fraser, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Page 2, para. 2, last line; amended to read: "Serials will
keep a count of the number of titles currently received."
Page 3, para. 2,   4th from last line:'''Committee plans to
permit curb parking back of the Library, but only for half-hour
The Librarian, in line with his statement in Minutes $47,
has requested reserved parking permits for the following: Miss Jefferd,
Miss Mercer, Miss Doreen Fraser, Miss Marguerite Stewart, Miss Alldritt, Miss Rutherford, Miss Edith Stewart.
The Acquisitions Division has sent a letter to all campus
departments regarding the two lost packages, previously mentioned.
No word has been received concerning the lost Rand-McNally
Road Atlas which disappeared from the Reference Division.
All library materials which are in the University system
are a part of the University Library and should be made available
where need dictates.  Certain periodical files are sent to departmental reading rooms if the material is of chief interest to particular departments.  The School of Nursing is an example.  For years
it has had certain current and back files of Nursing periodicals in
its reading room by agreement with the Library.  Recently it has
happened that a number of requests for material there have come in
from the Bio-Medical Branch, and this has brought the problem to the
fore.  In order to reduce the inconvenience of such borrowing to a
minimum, it has been agreed that as often as possible loans will be
secured by the Branch from the Nurses' Library at the General
Hospital (the Nurses' Library, happily, is willing).  If the material
is not available there, it will be borrowed from the School of
Nursing or elsewhere on the campus, but a specific date for return
will be given.  It should be two days, or four days, or whatever the
time is, not just a standard period of a week or two weeks.
The Librarian has discussed the matter with the Nursing faculty, has
pointed out that material in their reading room must be available
elsewhere if needed, but has assured them that borrowing will be kept
to a minimum.
Miss Mercer asked who should make arrangements for getting
material from a reading room and sending it to the Bio-Medical Branch. /9
It was decided that the Bio-Medical Branch should request unbound
serials through the Serials Division and bound volumes from the Loan
Desk, where the respective records will be kept.  Serials or Loan will
make arrangements with the reading rooms and notify Miss Mercer
promptly if Mr, Wong is to fetch the material.  The Receiving Clerk
has other urgent duties and can not always go at a moment's notice.
If an item is purchased with Library funds for use in a
departmental reading room it should be sent there as soon as it is
processed, a pink card indicating its location should be on file at
the Loan Desk, and it should be entered on the appropriate short shelf
list in Cataloguing.  It was asked whether a single copy of a book
which is not in the Library should be sent to a reading room, and the
Librarian replied that if it was ordered for that purpose it should be
sent accordingly, although usually an additional copy would be secured
for such a purpose.  At present, some material loaned by the Library
to a departmental reading room for the session only is not pink-carded,
but is recorded only on a white call slip, to be returned at the end
of the session. Mr, Harlow recommended that sessional loans be
pink-carded, and the white slips be used only for material loaned for
specific, brief periods. Material bought specifically for a reading
room should go to the Catalogue Division with a note indicating the
authorization for sending it to the reading room.  If Mr. Harlow
notes on the requisition that a reading room is its destination,
Miss Mercer will forward the information to the Catalogue Division
with the volume. Miss Fraser remarked that it would be useful for
Reference to know where material is; sometimes it may be useful for
reference purposes.  The Librarian pointed out that he would be
very chary about sending first copies out of the building, and that
the Reference Division has the opportunity to examine the book trucks
and note the material as it goes through.
Miss Mercer remarked that quite a few multiple copy items
have been going through lately, and she asked whether Miss Lanning
received blue location cards for all of them (from the Reserve Book
Room for multiple copies on Reserve). Miss Lanning said that she
certainly got some blue cards. Miss Mercer mentioned the danger of
ordering copies of something of which we already have multiple copies,
since they are not classified and in the shelf list.  It was agreed
that Acquisitions would notify Cataloguing of multiple copies (on the
multiple form) and that Cataloguing would make a "Multiple copies"
note on the shelf list.
It was agreed that student assistants working a continuous
shift of four hours or more may have a 15-minute break at the
convenience of the Division. The difficulty of supervising new
student assistants, particularly in the evening, was discussed.
Miss Lanning pointed out that not only are the students left to
themselves but that, in some instances, there is no experienced
personnel on duty at the Loan Desk at night.  On such occasions, 3 J-d
unless an experienced person is available at the Reference Desk to
whom juniors and others can go in emergencies, some situation might
arise which the staff could not handle. Mr. Harlow will ask
Miss O'Rourke if she and Miss Lanning can arrange to have an
experienced person at one of the public desks every evening.  The Loan
Desk and Reserve are rather likely to have difficulties at the
beginning of the year, but the regular staff must undertake to cope
with them. Mr. Harlow said that it might be worth while to hire new
students for an extra hour and have them work during the day-time
directly under experienced people.  He also suggested a new design
for the location plan which is posted on every stack level, to make
it easier for new people to find their way in the stackroom.
Students employed by the Library will receive stack permits
on request at the Librarian's office.
Mr. Harlow asked that the Reference and Loan Divisions
prepare to make a count, (twice daily at peak load) of the number of
persons using the reading rooms. He may need the statistics if there
is a request this year to remove chairs from the Library for Fall
Congregation.  The count is to begin on Tuesday, October 13, and
continue for one week.
In the statement regarding the Library's holdings in this
field, the figure of 5,000 volumes is given. The figure was questioned in the Survey Committee's meeting and the Librarian would like
to review the calculation. Mention was made of a number of sections
in the stack where pertinent material would be found, and Mr. Harlow
asked Mr. Lanning to assist him in checking the estimate.
Mr. Lanning said that he would take a preliminary cruise through the
stackroom and report back.
Details of the subscription list in the hands of this
agency will be provided by the Serials Division next week, and
'Mr, Harlow plans then to discuss the difficulties with the management.
Miss Mercer asked whether any more consideration had been
given to the physical plan of the open stack library which has been
discussed.  The Librarian replied that It seemed feasible except,
perhaps, for the matter of controlling access.  He added that he at
present preferred to call it the "General Reading Library," since
over 5,000 of our 5,500 students are undergraduates.
Mr. Harlow asked Miss Fraser to keep track of what comes
to the Library as a result of the contacts she made last summer.
He wishes to make a report on the subject. OPENING OF NEW LIBRARY BUILDING, UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA
Mr. Harlow has received the notice and program of this
event, and he pointed to the fact that Dr. Lamb had been given an
honorary degree by the University of Manitoba on the occasion and
that Mr.
Johnston, the Provincial Librarian, had been similarly
In reply to a question, it was learned that the new
Fisheries Institute on the campus is directed by a Committee on
Fisheries under the Chairmanship of Dr. Clemens, who is also Chairman
of the Committee which directs the Institute of Oceanography.  Members
of several faculties are included in the personnel of both Institutes.
A new course on Anthropology in India has been added to the
curriculum, and Acquisitions reported that a good deal of material is
being purchased for it.
Mr. Harlow commented that several people seemed to be
working more and more overtime; he has particularly noted it in the
Acquisitions and Catalogue Divisions.  He warned staff against making
it just a bad habit.  It is easy to put off until the evening, when
the normal distractions of the day are gone, jobs which could be done
during regular hours.  He greatly appreciates, nevertheless, the
sense of responsibility which such extra effort shows; just be sure
that the work is essential and that overtime is not overdone.
Miss Lanning reported that the 7:50 a.m. bus does not always
leave Blanca Street promptly and that when this happens, people who
should be on duty at 8 a.m. in the Library are a few minutes late.
The earlier bus gets them here fifteen minutes ahead of time, and they
often have to wait outside until the doors are unlocked.  Mr. Harlow
will try to find 'out about the bus schedule.
Miss Mercer reported one item of considerable interest:
Gunther, Robert William Theodore.  Early science in Oxford, v. 4,
6-14 (to complete a partial set bought from Yale Medical Library).
Oxford, printed for the subscribers, 1925-45.
Mr. Lanning reported two important additions to the serials
Zoologischer Jahresbericht, 1879-1912 (only 1 more published),
(includes index 1886-19WJ".
Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica, v. 1-30, 19*21-51.
Mrs. Margaret Jamieson has resigned from her position in the
Library Bindery and Mrs. Isobel Lynch is replacing her.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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