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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 16, 1952

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 NO. 24
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer, Miss O'Rourke,
Miss Alldritt, Miss Fugler.
Mr. LeMarquand has reported that the steel shelving for additional stacks
on level 2 is supposed to be shipped from England in the middle of January, Steps
must therefore be taken to clear the area where the stacks are to go. Miss
Alldritt asked if the pre-bindery material there could be moved as the stack
installation progressed, but Mr. Harlow said it would all need to be cleared
before the work commenced. The electrical installation is being made now.
Mr. Harlow said that the University has also received two estimates on
stacking the well, and that one or two more are expected. When that project is
completed (and no promise of funds has yet been made), the Library will have the
use of its maximum floor space until another wing is added. One level of the
present stack might then be used as a Bio-medical reading room, adjacent to the
new stacks housing the material in that field. Steel shelving for the Bio-Medical
Branch at the Hospital is said to be on the way to Vancouver now.
It is becoming a more and more time-consuming procedure to find decisions
relating to matters reported in the Minutes. The Catalogue Division abstracts or
indexes those affecting its operations, and the Librarian wonders whether all the
divisions could not extract pertinent material in the same way, which could then
be codified in the Librarian's Office. It was decided that the divisions would
start such a project and see how it works out.
Mr. Harlow referred to the discussion at the previous meeting of the
proposed exchange of personnel with the U. of N. B. No further progress has been
made, but he will have to have a proposal in hand shortly after the beginning of
the year, since the period of exchange suggested is from April or May through
Christmas, 1953.
The Annual Report of the librarian is completed and will go to Senate
on Wednesday. The Office staff spent a week producing the copies; Miss Lanning
loaned staff members to assist in assembling the pages; and the Bindery stapled
the completed Report and mounted one of the appendices - all of which help is much
appreciated by the Librarian. A copy was made available to each Division, and the
Librarian hopes that members of the staff will find time to read this annual survey
of the Library's operation and condition. The Library Committee will meet in the
afternoon (Dec. 16) to discuss the report and make recommendations regarding it to
Senate. Mr, Harlow drew attention to the slight change of title, since the annual
report is now made by the Librarian directly to Senate; it also points out that
while this is the Twenty-third report it is the Library's thirty-seventh year. -2-
While government documents are also involved, it was decided to limit
the present discussion to material from Serials, chiefly "flimsy" items such as
annual reports of a few pages which must accumulate for several years before they
can be bound and put into the general stacks. The present method of checking
in these items at Serials and then sending them to Cataloguing to be added to the
records of Library holdings seems to be a duplication of effort, It was previously
suggested that only the first number be sent down to Cataloguing (to have an entry
established and put into the public catalogue), to be returned to serials which
would hold the file until ready for binding. It was decided tentatively that all
unbound material should be stored in Serials until it is ready for binding and
the stacks. The question of space was considered, and the use of large envelopes
instead of pamphlet boxes was discussed, to economize on shelf space. Most of the
material will be but very occasionally called for, since it is of research rather
than current value. Since Serials has to deal with this, Mr. Harlow asked Miss
Alldritt if she would provide an estimate of the space needed, Samples of types
of envelopes will be obtained, and the procedure will be started as soon as space
and envelopes are available.
New material of this type will be catalogued (but not classified unless
part of the file is bound) and the unbound parts returned to Serials. One more
copy of each catalogued title will be sent to the Catalogue Division in order that
a note referring the reader to Serials for further information can be added to the
"Library has" card. No attempt will be made at present to pull out of the stacks
the unbound issues already there, but any further accumulation of binding arrears
will be prevented. The bindery will absorb the backlog as fast as possible.
Mr. Harlow reported that he had obtained University approval to take on
an apprentice for the bindery staff, and it is expected that this additional help
will add about 1000 volumes a year to the bindery output,
Mr, Harlow asked whether there is any record of material now being
received in the Library on an exchange basis and he was informed that material
currently received on exchange is being noted. The Library will need to develop
fairly complete information if a University publications program gets under way.
It appears that Miss Smith is making good progress but that the date of
her return to the Library is not yet definite.
The meeting adjourned at 11:lo a.m.


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