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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 6, 1959

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October 6,   1959.      No.  200.
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     NH,   SR,   RJL,   AMS,   EBM,   ML,   DF,   MAT,   and HM.
Annual Report
There are still some reports from division heads to
be submitted. These are urgently required for the Annual Report
of the Librarian to the Senate.
Building - Progress
Remodelling of the Bindery has been completed.  In the
Pre-Bindery area (on the old ramp) a work bench and a slide for
the delivery of bindery materials have been completed.  It is
expected that a two-way conveyor belt between the Bindery and
Pre-Bindery can be installed.
The new acoustical tile in the Main Entry has made a
distinct improvement as far as the noise is concerned.
In the new building the walls for the lower floor of
the College Library have been poured and the steel has been
erected for three levels of the new bookstacks. There is not
enough steel on hand at this time to complete the bookstacks due
to a shortage caused by the steel strike. The new building may
be slightly behind schedule.
Mr. Galloway of the Department of Buildings and
Grounds is the University's supervisor for the construction of
the new building.  Contractors must make arrangements through
him before doing any work in the existing Library building.
Victoria Colonist and Victoria Times
Back files of The Daily Colonist and The Daily Times
of Victoria will be received by the Library from the publishers.
These have been unbound for microfilming and there will be a
problem of rebinding.
Lectures in First Year English
Miss Smith's lectures for freshmen in English 100 will
be held during the week of October 19 - 26 and will be open to
any first year students who wish to come. An assignment has been
prepared which will be distributed to the English classes. Faculty
in other departments have inquired whether their students can
attend. 2.
Reclassification of Books on Teaching Methods
A member of the College of Education has inquired
whether all books dealing with teaching methods could not be
classified with materials in Education (L), instead of under
subject (as the LC scheme recommends). We have not been consistent in our practice to date and some 500 titles will need to
be re-classified if the plan is adopted. It was agreed that we
should begin with books in English language and literature, then
go to Mathematics.
Faculty Association
It was noted that the recent change in the constitution
of the Faculty Association to make it possible for "professional"
staff to be admitted automatically as associate members was not
aimed at the professional librarians, who may continue to apply
to become active members.
Canadian Library Association
Professional librarians and others are urged to apply
for membership in the Canadian Library Association, the only
national group devoted to the promotion of library service in
Library School
The Librarian presented the case for the Library School
before the Board of Governors at its last meeting.  It was received
very sympathetically, but the outcome must await the reception of
the budget sometime after the first of the year.
A large collection of rare and valuable books has
recently been received from Dr. H. R. MacMillan.
"Frosh Retreat"
Mr. Harlow attended the Frosh Retreat at Camp
Elphinstone last weekend. There were over 100 freshmen and
perhaps 15 faculty who met for discussion under the leadership
of some of the senior students in the Alma Flater Society. Most
of the topics had to do with student government and activities.
Next weekend there will be a Student Leadership
Conference, again at Camp Elphinstone, which Fir. Harlow will
PNLA Conference Attendance
In the last Minutes Fliss S. Laddy's name was omitted
from the list of those attending the PNLA conference in Seattle.
It should also be noted that Fir. G. Turner was a discussion leader
at the Personnel Institute held in connection with the conference. 3.
Dr. Ross - representative of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.
Fliss E. Hearsey has completed another assignment in
the Serials Division this summer during the absence of
Firs. Kay Brooks.
Mrs. Kay Brooks as Library Assistant in Serials
Division on October 1.
Mrs. Flarguerite Fox as Library Assistant in Circulation
Division on October 1.
Mrs. Janet Evans as Clerk I in Cataloguing Division
on October 1.
Firs. Doris Peyman as Library Assistant in Acquisition
Division on October 1.
Fliss Maureen Wilson as Librarian I in Reference
Division on October 1.
Miss Edith Campbell as Library Assistant in Reference
Division on October 5.
Miss Wendy Davidson as Library Assistant in Biomedical
Library on October 5.   .
Mrs. Elly Wisselink as Clerk I in Cataloguing Division
on October 15.
BELGIUF1. Flinistere du Congo Beige et du Ruanda-Urundi.
Liste des publications.  Juin 1959.
CANADA.  British Columbia government news. Vol.7, no. 8.
September 1959.
Contains Report of the Royal Commission in the matter of
the British Columbia power commission. August 14, 1959.
Commissioners: W. M. Anderson, J. Dunsmuir, and G. M. Shrum,
Chairman.  Only publication of this report so far.
GATT. Contracting parties to the general agreement on tariffs
and trade.  International trade 1957-58. Geneva, July, 1959.
JAPAN. National diet library. Indo-Pacific exchange newsletter.
No. 3, June, 1959.
UNITED STATES. National science foundation. Office of science
information service. Providing U.S. scientists with Soviet
scientific information. Revised ed. May, 1959.


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