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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 10, 1959

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November 10, 1959. No. 204
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present: NH, SR, AMS, EBM, RJL, FIAT, DF, ML, and HM
Emergency Procedures
Procedures to follow during emergency blackouts are being
drawn up and will be posted in the divisions. The professional
librarian on duty in the Reference Division in the evening will
be in charge under such circumstances. If the power has not
been restored within 10 minutes, the building should be cleared.
If it is after 9 o'clock in the evening and the lights come on
after the building has been locked, it should not be reopened.
Someone must stay by the front door until it is locked (a person
from thi  Loan Desk).  It can be locked with the pass key at the
Loan Desk, but the janitor should be at the front door to lock
it after the building has been cleared.
Friends of the Library Fleeting
Fliss Smith and the Reference Division will set up a display
of exhibits for the meeting of the Friends of the Library on
December 8. There will be some items from the Murray Collection,
selected by Fir. Stuart-Stubbs and Dr. Rothstein, and Dr. Wang
will select some of the rare items from the Chinese collection.
Other gifts (e.g., the Trutch papers) will be represented.
Reclassification of Journals
The first step toward reclassifying the bound journals,
discussed last week, has been completed by the Cataloging
Division, putting titles from Q 2 to Q 4 into Q 1.
step (consolidating G 1 to G 55) will now be done.
In regard to re-lettering call numbers on the spines, Miss
Smith reported that she had noted during her trip, the use of
typewritten numbers on an adhesive tape, attached to the books,
which might offer a clearer and quicker method of re-numbering.
Study Rooms
Requests have been made by students this week to open the
seminar rooms for study because of lack of space in the main
reading rooms and Mr, Harlow has asked that Room 852 be kept open
when needed. Fir. B»ll will check the room periodically to see
that it is being used properly.  There is to be no smoking, eating,
etc., and it should probably be closed at 5 p.m. High School Training Program
Mr, Norman Ellis (Vancouver Board of Education) discussed
with Fir. Harlow last week the special training program for a * .
select group of high schoolstudents known as the Joe Berg
seminars.  After a series of examinations given to students in
science and mathematics in grades X and XI, the best ones gather
for weekly seminars.  In addition, each student picks a research
project and is assigned to a faculty member or research expert
in that field.  The seminars are le#d by individual University
faculty or scientists and they cover most of the scientific
fields. They prepare reading lists which are sent to students
two or three weeks in advance, Mr, Harlow said he doubted that
the University Library could be very useful in regard to required
reading assignments, since some of the books are not actually
available here and others are in heavy demand by University
students.  He suggested that required assignments be made, as
far as oossible, in reference books and journals already in the
high schools or in paperback books which are available (the School
Board is building up a collection). Some of the books will be in
the Public Library, and the University can probably supply photocopies of short articles in their journal files for this group.
The Librarian believed that our most useful contribution would be
to give these 26 bright students the special privilege to use the
University Library, with stack access on Saturday afternoons,
allowing them to roam through sections of the stack of special
interest to them and read at will. Use of books would be on a
reference basis only, in the building.  The students may require
some attention from Library staff, particularly at the beginning.
Some notice might need to be given to the project in the Ubyssey,
if students comment upon the presence of high school students
in the building.
Union College Library
Dr, William Taylor of Union College discussed with the
Librarian and Dr, Rothstein plans for the new wing of the College
which is to be built in the next two or three years.  It will
contain a library, classrooms and faculty offices.  All residences
will be in the old wing.
Staff Meeting
There is to be a meeting of the professional librarians and
other interested staff members on the evening of November 10.
One of the topics for discussion will be the proposed School of
Librarianship at the University.
A few silverfish have appeared on Level 1 of the stacks, and
the Department of Buildings and Grounds has been asked to call
the pest control expert to investigate at once,  Staff are asked
to report to the Librarian's Office any such insects which may
damage the book collection, Senate Library Committee
A meeting of the Senate Library Committee was held on
November 4, flnd there was a discussion of last year's A.FI.S.
brief regarding noise in the Library.  A motion was made to
employ a commissionaire for the building, but the Librarian
wishes to have a joint meeting of the Senate and Student Library
Committees before any action is taken. Salaries for librarians,
and the 11 p.m. closing were other topics of discussion.
Allocation was made of the Committee Fund for the purchase of
research material.
BCLA Fleeting
Dr. Rothstein announced there will be a meeting of the
B. C. Library Association on Sunday, November 22, 1959, at
2:30 p.m. in the Vancouver Public Library. Fir. Walter Lanning
will speak on "Students and Libraries".
Fir. Fl, Blancheteau, a dealer in books from Paris and
well-known antiquarian book seller in France.
Mr. Lutz Helbig and Fir. Edgar Bates, of Luxfer Limited,
the F,nglish firm who are erecting the bookstacks in the new
wing, will be here on November 12 and 13.
Employment Year
A letter has been received from the President regarding
academic appointments and resignations.  The normal employment
year for academic and professional staff is from July to June,
and resignations should normally be effective on June 30.
The Librarian Goes East
Fir. Harlow will leave on November 14 to attend meetings of
the Executive Board of the American Library Association in
Chicago, November 15 - 17; spend two days as a member of the
ALA Visiting Committee, inspecting ALA headquarters; attend
meetings of the Executive and Council of the Canadian Library
Association in Ottawa, November 20 - 24, nnd visit the Carleton -
University Library, November 25 - 26. He will be returning to
Vancouver on November 27.
Fir.   Leonard Williams will be away on two weeks leave.
Mr.   RTChoudhury will  take his  place temporarily.
Fliss   Inne Boak as  Library  Assistant  in the  Serials  Division
on November 19.


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