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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 15, 1952

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TUESDAY,   JULY 15,   1952,   at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Fugler.
Corrections to No, 10 Minutes:
Page 4, para. 4, 1.2, should read: "Formerly this data has been
usually arranged..."
Page 5, para. 2, 1. 8-9, should read* "BOOK RECEIVED", with an
arrow pointing to the call number, and date.
Miss Jefferd reported some elation among the staff
following last week's announcement of higher salaries. The
professional staff now feel that they have something worth while to
work towards. Mr. Harlow spoke about the Library Assistants
category, for which only one step up is provided. This arrangement
was made several years ago and the University Administration has
been unwilling to alter it. It was intended that none should
occupy a Library Assistant position for more than one or two years,
and the category was established on that basis. The Librarian
hopes that the category can be extended in the future, to give more
scope for advancement in this semi-professional group.
Mr. Harlow recommended that division heads who have or
will have library assistant positions vacant in the fall should
consider applicants for them now and, if there are satisfactory
people available, they should be offered the positions at once.
Apart from the Law Library this operation has been
completed except for the final cheeking of slips for missing items
by sorae of the Division Heads.  It is hoped that this may clear up
a few more of the losses.  The total number has now been reduced to
something under 1000.  Several faculty members have still not
returned books for checking. Mr. Harlow said that we should
continue to try to get this material back during the summer, and
that another check would be made in the fall.  If there are still
faculty loans which have not been returned for inventory, he will
notify the Deans, asking their aid in getting the books checked or
returned to the Library.  The Librarian also intends to advise the
Deans concerning the losses, in order that they may be informed of
the whole picture.
Miss Lanning will now begin to order replacement copies
of needed missing titles. The handling of inventory was considered. Miss Lanning
said that her staff had managed it quite well this year, but that
in another year, when more of them would be on holiday during the
summer, it might not proceed so quickly.
A more detailed discussion of the Continuing Inventory
will be held at a later meeting.
Registration for the fall term will commence on
September 2 for medical students, and on September 8 for others.
In the past, stack permits have been issued by Miss Lanning as part
of the registration routine, requiring her attendance in the
Armouries daily.  It is not convenient to do this at the Loan Desk
during the first few weeks of term, because of the number
involved, but it was agreed that medical students should apply for
stack permits to the Bio-Medical Librarian,
At present, gift books are accessioned, but there are no
cards in the accession file for them because no order cards are
made. The gift card, made up at the time a processed,
could be used for the purpose.  This would probably be satisfactory
for books, but would not provide for serials gifts, e.g., government
documents, for which there are no cards.
The value of accessioning was re-examined.  One of its
uses is to simplify checking; given a complicated call number, it
is easier to check the accession number, and the latter serves as
a secondary check in case of a mis-typed card. The accession card
of course contains the acquisitions data (price, source, date of
receipt, etc.) which is often useful. When two copies of a book
appear (e.g., original and replacement), only the accession number
distinguishes them.  The original order card is now filed by the
Catalog Division as an accession card, and the accession number is
put on the shelf list card as a guide to the accession file. After
general discussion of the use and cost of accessioning, it was
agreed that the practice would be continued. For gifts, the accession card will give the information that the book is a gift, with
the name of the donor.  It was agreed that the present green card,
made out by Acquisitions, go in the accession file, since this
will involve only sorting and filing.  The Acquisitions Division is
now typing lists of individual items comprised in bulk gifts.
About 800 volumes of text books, some of them single
copies, others multiple copies, are being processed.  The money for
them has been provided by the Department of Education on the
campus, but they are bookplated and handled as Library property.
They are to be kept in Room 366 in the Library stacks, and the
door to this room will not be locked.  Text books for current use
by Education will be given temporary classification and cataloguing
(arranging them by secondary school course numbers), and when they are no longer currently used by Education, one copy of each title
will be classified as an historical item and go into the general
bookstack, in its appropriate section according to the L.C.
classification. From now on the Library will also receive the
annual official list of texts and will be able to locate particular
titles listed there.  The matter of scattering these books throughout the stack according to the L.C. classification was discussed
and objected to on the ground that faculty do not like to find
secondary school texts in the stacks. L.C. also provides for
concentrating them all in^jjjf, and this may be done. The texts
will at present be given simplified cataloguing, and the catalogue
will be kept in Room 366. Borrowers will choose their books there
and take them to the Loan Desk to be charged out.  The length of
the loan period will be decided by Miss Lanning for Summer Session.
Mr. Harlow reported that he had written to the President
regarding the need for adding to the bookstack, and that the
matter was to be discussed between them.  He plans to estimate the
amount of money needed (1) to provide for stack requirements for
the next year or two, and (2) for the next ten years.  A british
firm represented at the Banff conference claimed to be able to
provide steel and to give a delivery date.
Mr. Harlow announced that several of the chief administrative officers of the University had visited the Bindery on
Friday last and had been shown the operations there.  He now wishes
to have the staff see the new equipment and operations, and it
was suggested that each Division arrange for half of its personnel
to go at one time (if all are interested). It was agreed that the
visits will be made on Wednesday, July 23, one group going at
2 p.m., and the second at 3 p.m.
If a faculty member requests the purchase of a particular
government document, pamphlet, or similar item, should it be
catalogued? The answer was that nothing should be taken out of a
series for this purpose.  If the faculty member is informed where
to get the material, that should normally be sufficient.  On the
card advising a faculty member of an item received in the Library,
the location of the material should be given, e.g., Reference,
Serials, etc.  In Reference, when the person asking for such an
item does not bring the notice card and does not remember precisely
the title or author, it is often difficult to locate the material,
but this does not justify taking it from its proper place and
cataloguing it separately.  Some material may need this treatment,
but the deciding factor should not be the source of the request.
Acquisitions will probably not know whether or not an item is to
be catalogued as a separate until it has been sent to Reference. 4 '	
Miss Smith said that Mr. Abe Goodman, a former UBC
graduate who has wide knowledge of UN documents, was in the Library
recently, and she thought that it would be very useful if he could
be persuaded to sort our UN^material. Mr. Harlow asked that she
find out whether Mr. Goodman would be willing to undertake the job.
The Reference staff has been hard at work revising this
work and are doing an excellent job. The various sections will
now be checked by government departments in Ottawa.  There is a
possibility that its publication may be undertaken by the University
in one of the proposed new series.  No one else has been willing to
tackle this job of revision, although it has been much needed, and
Mr. Harlow feels that the Reference staff have performed a very
important service by undertaking this project.  It was highly
praised by Miss Cummings of the Dominion Department of Agriculture.
Leave without pay requires notification to the Board of
Governors or the Accounting Office and adjustments in the payroll,
so that it cannot be taken lightly. When it is necessary,
arrangements should be made by the Division Heads with the
Overtime worked by the professioiCstaff should normally be regarded
as an expression of interest on the part of the staff member, and
compensating time off should not be expected.  Division Heads may
report overtime worked in this way as a matter of information.
■"■'" ■"'■ ■"— ' ——-■■■"-" '■■■ ■■!!—H ■■■■« —■■■ ^ —— ■ I.——. —I ..1*1 I  I   I     ■ ■ »■ 11* — 'I ■ ' ■ I ■■
Kiss a member of this Committee, which seeks to
find out where libraries in Canada buy their books and why.
A questionnaire has been sent to Canadian libraries, asking about
the amount of money spent on books, where it is spent, whether
publishers' agents should make regular visits to libraries, etc.
The Committee is seeking specific information about conditions upon
which to base proposals which may reshape the existing policies of
publishers, agents, and libraries in regard to the distribution of
library books in Canada.
The information wanted by this Committee will be requested
in a circular letter to the Division Heads. 5
A meeting of this Division is planned for the coming
PNLA conference and Mr. Harlow has been appointed Chairman of the
group discussing Library Policy.
When term opens in September there will probably be new
staff in charge of some of the departmental reading rooms on the
campus, and it is felt that much trouble and difficulty could be
avoided and library service improved if these people were allowed
to come to the Library for some instruction in Library procedures.
Mr. Harlow is to discuss such coordination with some Department
Heads and Deans,
The meeting adjourned at 12;20 p.m. NOTICE OF MEETING
A meeting of the Division Heads will be held in the
Librarian's office on Tuesday, July 22, 1952, at 10 a.m,
V_A. Student handbook
2. Continuing inventory
Neal Harlow,
July 21, 1952. University Librarian


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