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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 22, 1955

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Array / -J
TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1955, at 10 a.m.
No. 95
Present: Mr. Harlow, Fir, Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Fliss Smith,
Fir. Lanning, Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Fryer wants it known for sure that straight "flush"
binding is not intended for material which will have even
moderate use. It is designed chiefly for "storage" purposes or
for temporary use at a heavier rate (twice a year for fifty
years, maybe? Or fifty times in one year?)
So called "plush flush" (with machine sewing) is, however, satisfactory for moderate to heavy use and is recommended
for material received in bulk (government publications, many
paper back books, etc.).
Pamphlets of different sizes (see Minutes No. 94,
p. 2, para. 4) cannot be bound together by either flush method
but require regular binding treatment.
Mr. Peter Grossman, Assistant Librarian of the Vancouver
Public Library, will speak to the staff late this afternoon on
plans for the new library building and the changes in organization and service which the new quarters will make possible.
The end is nigh (Flarch 31) and the book fund is proportionately exhausted. Fir. Harlow commended Miss Fiercer and the
Acquisitions Division for managing so well. With thousands of
books always on order, great care and discrimination are required
in order to arrive at the end of the year without a deficit or a
surplus of any size. Invoices to be charged against the 1955/56
budget will begin to be forwarded by Acquisitions to Purchasing
about April 13, The old year is dead—vive la nouvelleJ
- ■       I   ■■■■!■■ ■!■■■   ■■■   I   I   III* II   I   ■ll.»    I —I.— I- I        .l.l—H.*.    ■■   — I— ■!#.!—. — »!■■»! .■in I—I   -     —,   —— I      !,   ■■     „;il     i,   ,     .1 im    m
Although the full amount ($1,500) budgeted for this
account has been deposited at the Library of Congress, the account
is now overdrawn. Mr. Harlow asked Fliss Alldritt to segregate
the card and non-card items and let him know what the totals are. -2-
Fir. Lanning and Miss Smith agreed that our collection of
annual reports of libraries is poor. There are some items in
Reference, and Fliss Smith will report upon them at the next meeting. It was agreed that the Library should secure the reports of
the major public and university libraries in the English-speaking
countries. Fir. Rothstein has drawn up a proposed list which
will be discussed at the next meeting. The University of Illinois
probably has one of the best collections of this kind in existence,
and Mr. Harlow suggested that Fir. Rothstein inquire whether they
would consider microfilming the more important items and making
the film available to other libraries. We get reports of about
thirty library associations in exchange for the B.C.L.A. Bulletin,
and a list of these receipts will be submitted at the next meeting.
Mr. Rothstein recommends that a sign be placed at the
public catalogue listing types of material not adequately described
there, in order that users will recognize that other types of
material are available. Among these are many publications of
governments and international organizations, maps, newspapers, and
rental books. Mr. Rothstein believes that the Extension Library
collection should also be included in this list since it contains
many books of general interest not available elsewhere on the
campus. Fir. Harlow said the general policy is that the Extension
Library is not for campus use, and if material is there which the
main Library wishes to lend (without interfering with Extension's
service) arrangements should be made with Miss Stewart to have the
books loaned through the main Library. No one should be sent
directly to Extension. Plays are borrowed by some campus groups
and are in such cases an exception.
Since musical scores are bound and catalogued, and we
have very little popular "sheet music," it was decided not to
include music in the list.
Of about 26 newspapers currently received, only the
Vancouver Sun and Province are catalogued.  Newspapers should be
in the list.
New current serials are entered in the public catalogue
promptly. It was agreed not to mention Chinese and Japanese
material, since they are to be handled when the need arises.
New books for the Sedgewick collection are entered in the catalogue,
and the backlog vail be dealt with as soon as possible. The
Library has a very small collection of manuscripts and these need
not be mentioned. The cataloguing of gramophone records, of which
tye have very few, will be proceeded with as soon as the routines
are/established. Miss Smith said that the picture file has not
neen pr'bp^rly/maintained because of lack of staff and money, and
is intended'p'ri^l&^^or teacher training use. The use of the
text-book collection ^'g^st^icted to Education students. -7 K
The following notice was agreed upon:
"Please note that much information is available in government and United Nations publications, in periodicals and
maps, and in micro-reproductions which is not described in
this catalogue. For information about these sources, please
consult the Reference Division in the Ridington Reference
This will be followed by:
"Call numbers preceded by "HR" or    represent books not
available for general use. In many cases other copies are
listed in the catalogue on separate cards. For restricted
material please ask at the Reference Desk."
Mr, Rothstein agreed that this would be acceptable, since it
would make clear that other resources are available than appear in
the public catalogue.
Use of material in the Cage was considered. Not all of
it is restricted (only protected) and it has not been reviewed for
delta classification. Fir, Hennessey will select from material in
the Cage items which should be treated as "rare," and they will be
shelved separately and given appropriate treatment.
Small signs will be placed on the public desks in the
Library reminding students to pay Library fines before the end of
term. A letter will also be sent out by the Accounting Office
calling attention to penalties (transcripts of marks cannot be
secured nor can a student re-register until fines are paid).
One or two groups of students who do not now have stack
access might be considered for eligibility in the fall term: e.g.,
those in the six year Law-Commerce course and five-year Agriculture students, all of whom ma3?- spend four or five years at the
University before becoming eligible for stack access, though a
third year Arts student has the privilege.  Law students have
the Law Library, but people in Agriculture are not as well served.
Miss Lanning remarked that many third year students noxf park in
the stacks, occupying carrels assigned to graduates and faculty;,
and that the rightful occupants will not turn them out but expect
the Library to do so.  It was agreed that recommendation be made
to the Senate Library Committee that stack access be granted to
all students in the third year of their University course.
The question was renewed whether rental typewriters
should be provided for student use. Tables equipped with the
necessary slot-machine mechanism can be secured on a rental basis
(if they can be brought through customs), but where could the
machines be located? At one time the Kla-How-Yah Room was thought -4- 7^
to be suitable, but Fliss Smith said that the noise of typing
would be too great a nuisance to people using the microfilm'
readers, which are now in very considerable demand. No answer
was found and suggestions are welcome.
Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt and Mr. Rothstein have been
planning these forms, and their use Will be outlined at the next
The Library is acquiring photographic equipment, sold
under the brand name DEVELOP, which will enable us to make
individual copies at a cost (for material) of about lit cents per
exposure.  It will probably be located in the old Bindery and will
be supervised by the Librarian's office; it is an expensive piece
of equipment and will need careful handling. The use of the
equipment will be demonstrated shortly. It will be used for
interlibrary loan and other purposes.
A number of years ago Mrs. Gwendoline Bulwer and her
husband gave some mediaeval documents to the Library, and her
interest in the University and Library is still very keen.
Fir. Harlow reported that he was to meet Firs. Bulwer today at
lunch and will later visit her library with Dean Andrew.
Requests have been received from faculty and students
to restore the signs on each stack level which show the arrangement of books by call number; some have disappeared and they will
be replaced as soon as possible.
The agenda will include: a consideration of the policy
relating to the classification of books in "Industrial Design";
National Library services (each Division should be prepared to
discuss what service it will expect from the National Library);
and the arrangement of serials.  In preparation, Mr, Rothstein
suggested that the Reference Division circulate a copy of the
"National Library Act" for information of Division Heads.
Royal Central Asian Journal, v. 32, pt. 1 & 2, 1945,
 v. 33-42, pt. 1, 1946 - Jan. 1955.
(Gift of Rt. Rev. Bishop Hugh Embling, New Denver,
B. C.)
Acta linguistica. v. 1-5, 1939-49.
ikrchlvum linguisticum. v. 1-6, 1949-54. -5- 77
Miss O'Rourke has returned to work after a few days in
hospital; Miss Colley is still progressing satisfactorily though
more slowly than she had anticipated; and Fliss Russell, who was
absent because of her mother's illness, has returned to work.
Dean Flyron Weaver (Fledicine) has returned to the campus
after several months of sick leave.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon.


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