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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 14, 1961

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November 14, 19bl   No. 257
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, BSS, IB, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, EBM, MD, JS,
EH, AL, DF, and HM.
Miss Geraldine Dobbin of the Catalogue Division was
invited to attend.
Library Photocopying
A recent bulletin from the Stanford University Library
reported the installation of a new Xerox 914 photocopy unit. It
supplies photocopies at 12t^ per copy.
At its meeting of November 7, the Senate Library
Committee recommended that the Library acquire a Xerox 914
machine. Dr. Rothstein stated that he would include this recommendation in his annual report.
Mr. Erik Spicer, Parliamentary Librarian of Canada,
visited the School of Librarianship and addressed the students
and the Library staff at a colloquium on November 7.
Miss Sarah Rebecca Reed, Executive Secretary of the
Committee of Accreditation of the American Library Association,
visited the School on November 10.
Library Lectures
A welcome letter has been received from Miss Charlotte
Black, Director of the School of Home Economics, expressing her
thanks for the able assistance given by Miss Leith and Miss
Miss Lanning
Miss Lanning wrote expressing her deep appreciation
for the tea and gift provided by the Library staff on the
occasion of her departure, October 31. Miss Smith asked that
the card which had been sent to the divisions for signatures
be returned to her.
Procedures in the Case of Accidents and Medical Emergencies
A memorandum has been circulated to all University
departments regarding the procedures to be followed in case of
24 25
accidents and medical emergencies where there is doubt as to
the advisability of moving the patient and it is necessary to
call for on-the-spot attention by the Health Service:
1.  In any medical emergency, dial 333 on any University
telephone at any time of the day or night. This is
the Emergency Number only. Use of any other number
will only cause delay. "~
2". The caller must declare -his identity and give brief,
clear information as to the nature of the emergency,
how serious the condition of the patient seems to be
and the precise location of the patient.
In cases where a member of the Health Service Staff
is called to the Library, a person should be stationed at the
door to lead the attendant to the patient.
Accident Prevention Committee
Owing to the pressure of his additional duties this
year, Dr. Rothstein will be unable to serve on the Accident
Prevention Committee. He suggested that Mr. Turner be appointed
to the Committee in his place.
College Library
Division Heads were asked to assist in the compilation
of desiderata lists for the College Library. Preferably such
lists should consist of in print items but important out-of-
print books may also be Included. Mrs. Hoeg can advise on
present needs.
Book Fair
The Book Fair is now in progress.  A large display of
books is on view at the Vancouver Public Library and' a series
of interesting panel discussions and programmes are being held
each night.
British Columbia Library Association
The fall meeting of the Britt sh Columbia Library
Association will be held at the University Library on Sunday,
November 19.  The meeting will be held in the Ridington Room.
A panel, composed of Dr. Kaspar Naegele and members of the
faculty of the School of Librarianship, will discuss Dr. Naegele'i
report on librarians in the Pacific Northwest. Miss Maureen
Wilson is in charge of arrangements for the tea, which will be
served in the Library School lounge following the meeting.
Members of the Library staff will be at the front door to direct
visitors to the meeting. 26
Faculty Association
Professional librarians are reminded that they are
eligible for membership in the Faculty Association. Application
forms are now available in the Librarian's Office.
Libelous Literature
The matter of the judgment against James Audain,
author of "From Coalmine to Castle",by Robin Dunsmuir was
referred to the University solicitors. They have advised the
Library not to circulate this book. It has now been withdrawn
from the shelves.
The new system of routing journals was approved by
the Division Heads, (see Minutes #256, p. 22) Journals may
be left in the teaching departments for varying periods as
the situation warrants. Mr. Lanning reminded the Division
Heads that some journals will still be sent directly to the
departments by the Serials Division,  (see Minutes #242, p. 8l
- Appendix A)
Binding. Dr. Rothstein stated that he had, in the budget submission recommended the creation of a bindery preparations
section within the Serials Division. Under this plan, the
section would be headed by an experienced professional librarian
who would be responsible, under Mr. Lanning's direction, for
schedules, records and information relating to bindery preparation; the Bindery itself would, of course, continue on the
present basis. The installation of a telephone in the bindery
preparation area would enable divisions to secure information
on the location and progress of a given title. Eventually it
may be possible to organize a binding schedule on a title-by-
title basis. However, the selection of material for rebinding
and binding would still be the responsibility of the Division
The divisional binding quotas, arranged for at the
beginning of the year, are to be regarded as subject to adjustment as necessary.  If a division cannot fill its quota in a
given month, another with more material for binding can make
it up. Miss Ng pointed out that the Asian Studies Division did
not receive a quota. Mr. Lanning and Miss Ng were asked to
make the necessary provisions.
Mr. Turner reported a great increase in the number of
paperbacks acquired. The Bindery does not yet have the staff nor
space to meet all binding needs. Since journals are more important
to the University departments, these receive first priority and
paperbacks inevitably are held back. A new apprentice has been 27
recently appointed and with the possible addition of a
journeyman and journeywoman, a second shift may be started.
It is hoped that the backlog of paperbacks would then disappear.
Mr. Turner was asked to find out what programs have been adopted
by other libraries to take care of the great increase in paperbacks.
Fire Exits
Concern has been expressed over the possibility of
staff members being.locked in the stack area after closing
hours.. It was recommended that a spring lock be installed on
the stack door behind the Loan Desk to enable persons to open
this door without a key.
Miss Mabel Lanning retired as Head of the Circulation
Division on October 3l, 1961. Effective November 1, 1961,
Mr. I. P. Bell was appointed Head of the Division with the
rank of Librarian IV.
Mr. Peter Girard, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on November 13.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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