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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 20, 1951

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FEBRUARY 20, 1951, at 10 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Rendell, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Miss Jefferd was detained at home during the first part
of the morning and arrived at the meeting at about 11 o'clock.
Miss Smith reported that the selection Committee had met
a few days ago and had examined the file of applications for the
librarianship here. After consideration, they had narrowed the
field to two or three persons.  It is hoped that there will be an
announcement within the next month indicating the person nominated.
Two letters have been received from the Acting President:
(1) informing the Library that $1650 has been allotted for binding
to be done for the University by the Vancouver Public Library;
(2) informing the Library that interest from the J. W. McConnell
Foundation, amounting to about $4000, is available for the purchase
of books for the Sedgewick Memorial Room.
Miss Smith advised the meeting that the Committee charged
with the task of choosing books for the Sedgewick Room had asked
for the assistance of faculty.  It appears that there are great
differences of opinion as to what constitutes a desirable book for
a browsing collection.  Some members of the Committee had asked the
Library to obtain rebinds of certain desirable titles if new books
were not available.  The original intention had been to have only
new books, and preferably those which could be obtained in
attractive binding. One suggestion was that the Library staff check
the shelves and pick out interesting titles that have not circulated,
much and send them to the Sedgewick Room, possibly for a few months
on a trial basis. Mr. Rothstein mentioned that very attractive
plastic book covers were obtainable and that these would enhance the
the appearance of rebinds.
Miss Smith said that the question of regulations governing
the use of the Sedgewick Room would have to be considered and she
requested the Division Heads to consider this problem and make
suggestions.  It had been Dr. Dunlap's notion that the browsing room
should be very easily accessible and that the students should be
allowed perfect freedom to come and go.  Some members of the
Committee fear that this would result in heavy book losses and they
are inclined to be more careful about access to the room. It would
seem wise to require students to leave their coats and brief cases
in the outer room, and it may be advisable to provide a coat rack
for their use. Mr. Rothstein asked whether the books could be taken
out of the room, and Miss Smith replied that it was not the present
intention to permit this. Mr. Rothstein believed that the use of
the room would be severely limited if all books had to be read in
the Sedgewick Room. He asked if some arrangement, such as that at
the Reserve Desk which permits books to be taken out after a certain
hour in the afternoon and kept over night, could get over the
difficulty. Miss Smith replied that it was not planned to have
any circulation routine for Sedgewick books.  Another point brought
up by the Committee was the desirability of having a collection of fiction in the browsing room.  Dr. Dunlap had wished to include
only very little fiction, but the Committee believes that about
25$ of the books housed in the Sedgewick Room should be of this
Mr. Lanning asked about the hours during which the browsing
room would be open, and Miss Smith replied that they would depend on
the staff and the hours for the Fine Arts Room. These matters can not
be settled until the budget is known.
There is a possibility that staff will not be available
for the Howay-Reid room, and this brings up the question of how it is
to be managed.  Miss Smith asked the Division Heads for suggestions
regarding this problem.
The procedure regarding the sending of periodicals from the
Library to departmental reading rooms is not yet completely clarified.
The Library Committee, generally speaking, did decide that all
periodicals should remain in the Library for the first month after
they are received.  Bound, volumes are not to be loaned to departments
which are not housed in fireproof buildings. Except for material
of interest to one department only, which will be sent to that
department immediately after its.arrival in the Library, all periodicals
will remain in the Library for the first month. At the end of that
time they are available on one month's loan, and the departments have
been requested to have their 'contact' men assume responsibility for
picking up and returning material of this kind.
The question of dealing with periodicals purchased out of
departmental funds or out of special grants, e.g., the grant for
Clinical Psychology, has not been settled. The Library Committee
plans to ask the President to formulate an overall policy for
the expenditure of University funds on books and magazines, and the
other questions involved will be dealt with at the same time.
The Library Committee proposes to review annually the
operation of the periodical loan procedure.  Mr. Lanning foresaw
difficulty if one department borrows for a month material which Is
wanted by other departments.  The students prefer to have all material
in the Library where they can use it.  Otherwise it is often in a
professor's office where the students cannot reach it.
Miss Smith informed the Division Heads that she had no
further information regarding the budget.  Several members of the
staff, whose appointments terminate on 15 May, have asked to be kept
on after that date.
Mr. Rothstein reported that his division was busy spending
the balance of money in the Library accounts for books and magazines
but it will be a few weeks yet before he knows whether the whole
balance will be absorbed.  He suggested that other divisions make
small lists of current titles in print which could be obtained
quickly to utilize whatever money is still unspent towards the
middle of March.  If the large items now on order all come through
there will be no balance, but if they do not, there will be money
for such easily obtained books. Mr. Rothstein plans to write to
all the book dealers who have orders on hand from the Library at
the end of March to ask if they will keep the orders on their books, but will sead quotations to the Library before filling any orders
after that date.
lis® Eeadell brought up the prebles of how bound volanee
of aewapapers should be dealt with* Miss Laaaiag said she had sons
difficulty in persaadiag students that this material could not be made
easily aeeeesible. It was agreed that junior students sfaowld not,
as a gsnsrsl rale,'be allowed to mm this very fragile nattrial.
The suggestion was wade that the senior parson'an duty ..should assess
the stadeat's reipest for sush material and decide aeeerdiagly*
The student should be taken down■t© floor 2 and shown where he can
work on the newspapers. Whenever the reqaest is for newspaper
material which is available la the Library en ®tl©r@fiii», the stadeat
should be required to use the slerefll*.
Wr« Laaalrag said he would like the Sivisiaa Heads to
dlsetts* the polley regerdiag library assistant* who are planning t©
go ©a to Library Sehaol, At preeast, although their sppoiatiiieata
ttraiaate an 15 May la almost every §ase» ■ they ejepeet or hops to be
kept ©a daring the masanr until they are ready to leave far Library
School* '.It was agreed that siaoe the Library staff is at the nerey
of the budget,. *hl«h.takes, effeet e» 1 April eath year aad nay change
the whole picture regarding staff, m® pronise eaa be givea for
eaployneat after 1 April, If the library assistants are waraed of
this situation whea they apply for library positions, the Library ean
not do
Miss Ssdth read a letter fro® CLA setting forth the
disastrous resalt of a fire at Mt. Stint fiaeeat College la which
the satire library-was destroyed, sad asklag for eeatribatioas'of
library soterlal*  •Mr.-'.Eetbetein said he believed there was a fair
sjunint of daalieate material in ths Library which- weald be vsry aeefal,
but there wasao way of knovtagt fro® this first letter, exactly id»t
would be weleoaed or what arraageuemts would be wftde for shipping
material to Mt. Saint fiaeeat* It was agreed that farther infaraatlen
should be requested, aad ths Library will then attempt to "supply
so»e of the aeeds.
Ths aeetlag adjourned'at lit10 a.a. ■


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