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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 7, 1956

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February 7, 1956.  No. 118
Reporting Division Heads Fieetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
On Thursday, February 2, Dr. Earle Birney gave a talk in the
Sedgewick Room, reading some of his own work, and it was enjoyed
by an audience of thirty or so people. The Ubyssey published a
good notice of it in advance, and a display case in the main
entrance of the Library also advertised the occasion. This is the
fourth in the series.
In one instance to date material has been lost in delivery
and Fliss Fiercer suggested that a delivery slip be used which could
be signed by the person receiving material. This procedure will
be adopted, at least for the introductory period until specific
delivery points are established and the delivery man becomes
accustomed to the system.  Printed Library mailing labels are not
to be used for addressing material for campus delivery since they
cause confusion with regular outgoing mail.
A pick-up service for return of material to the Library is
also part of the proposal, and Miss Smith reported that requests
for pick-up are coming in.  Such requests are also to be received
by Reference and will be forwarded to Miss Fiercer.
Definite stations for delivery and pick-up of library material
still have to be designated, and Fir. Harlow asked Miss Fiercer to
make a preliminary outline of her suggestions. Faculty have not
yet been given a public notice of the new delivery service, but as
soon as the details have been worked out the Librarian proposes to
issue a new number of NOTES containing this information.
The tables made by Buildings and Grounds to Mr. Harlow's
specifications (32" x 48" x 29I? high) are in use and are'very
satisfactory. Because the grey linoleum tops may absorb soil very
quickly, the janitor will be asked to wax them.
Fir. Wilson was away for several days last week, and it was
noted that the state of the building reflected his absence. We are
glad that he has recovered from his illness and is back again. 6 £
For reasons of health, Dr. Weaver will resign as Dean of the
Faculty of Medicine on 30 June.  In the meantime he is technically
on leave of absence, and Dr. Rocke Robertson is Acting Dean with
offices in the School of Medicine huts.  Dean Weaver will continue
as a member of the Fledical faculty with office in the Wesbrook
Dr. Henry Johnson, formerly.of the Department of Education,
Victoria, has joined the University staff as of February 1.  He is
to be in charge of the Elementary Education program of the new
College of Education which officially comes into being in
September, 1956.  Dr. Rant on Flaclntosh, of the present School of
Education of the University, will direct the program in Secondary
As an experiment, a backlog of paper-backs will be kept in the
Bindery to be handled as opportunity arises.  This material will
receive full binding, and no series or material intended for flush
binding will be included.  Quotas for flush binding will not be
It has been decided that covers of periodicals will not be
included in binding unless they contain important material not
found elsewhere; kraft paper dividers may be substituted. It is
still to be discussed whether month of publication is itself
sufficient reason to retain the cover.
Mr. Harlow, with Dean Andrew, stopped first at Trail where
Fir. Andrew talked to the Trail Chamber of Commerce, and they both
spoke to the Alumni Association, one about the Universit3r Library
and the other about the University in general. The audiences
seemed to be genuinely interested, and the visitors were cordially
and quite strenuously entertained. Mr, Harlow had the opportunity
to inspect the present and proposed new quarters for the public
library there.
Because of a failure in a plane schedule, Fir, Harlow was a
day late in reaching Toronto, where he and Dr. Rothstein then met.
They interviewed librae school students who were interested in
coming to Vancouver, either to the University or Public library,
and Dr. Rothstein discussed education for librarianship with
Fliss Bassam, Director of the Library School, and Fliss Morton,
Executive Secretary of the CLA. Fir. Harlow and Fliss Florton also
discussed matters relating to the ALA-CLA Liaison Committee, which
was to meet in Chicago.  At the University of Toronto Mr. Harlow
and Dr. Rothstein spent several hours going through duplicate
material which is available to UBC. In Fiontreal, Firs, ChatWin met Dr. Rothstein for further discussions of library education and both he and Fir. Harlow spoke to
students of McGill Library School and interviewed those interested
in work in British Columbia.  They visited with Fir. and Mrs. Basil
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. Stubbs having formerly vrorked in the UBC Library
before attending library school.
They spent some hours at Ducharme's Book Store with
Fir. Flalchelosse, and selected a quantity of French-Canadian
material which is to be shipped to the UBC Library.  They then
went to Chicago, Dr. Rothstein stopping off at Ann Arbor.
One of Fir. Harlow's chief interests there was the ALA-CLA Liaison
Committee, of which he is Chairman. The Committee includes some
of the top people in the library world in the United States and
Canada, and Mr". Harlow feels that for this reason it can do very
useful work; he will talk more about it at another time. . He also
attended the ALA Council meetings, representing this year both the
CLA and the BCLA.  Dr. Rothstein and Miss Florton discussed
Canadian library problems and some of the problems of library
education with the ALA Board of Education for Librarianship..
Miss Geraldine Dobbin will return to the University Library
when she completes her library school training, and Fir. Basil
Stuart-Stubbs, who worked for a short time as student assistant
in the Catalogue Division, will resign from his professional
position in the McGill University Library to come to the Catalogue
Division here.  One or more other persons interviewed during the
trip may later decide to join the staff, and Fir. Harlow plans to
go to Seattle in a few weeks to interview UBC graduates among
library school students there.  Few persons in eastern Canada
appear to be interested in coming west for employment, even though
salaries are generally somewhat higher here.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Fliss Patricia Li^gins left the Catalogue Division and
Miss Freda Bailey left Serials at the end of January.
Fliss Flaria Timmer is resigning from her position in the
Reference Division, and Mrs. Nancy MacLennan and Mrs. Patricia
Garm will leave the CirculatiolTjJivision~*at~"the end of February.
Fliss Enid Dearing began work in the Serials Division on
February 1, replacing Fliss Bailey.
Vindel, Francisco. Flapas de America en los libros espanoles
de los siglos XVI al XVIII (1503-1793), Madrid, 1955. 4
SERIALS: New Subscriptions:
Solid State Physics
Navy Record Society.  Publications
Romani sche Forschungen
Dental Abstracts
University"oTTalifornia.  Publications in_Jjiociology and
Social Institutions.      ~~ ~
Winnipeg Free Pres_s
Toronto Glb"b~e and Flail
Sets Received:
New York Entomological Society. Journal. V. 1-62, 1893-1954,
English Dialect Society.  Parts 1-73TTS~73-1894.
Romanische Forschungen.  V. 53-66, 1948-1955.
Appraisal Journal. V. 7-16, 22-23, 1939-1943, 1954-1955.


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