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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 23, 1954

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1954, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Miss Smith,
Fliss Mercer, Fliss Alldritt, Miss Rutherford, Fliss Fugler,
Mr, Lanning
Miss Lanning/*reported that Fir. Lanning, who was taken
ill suddenly early Monday morning, is in the^Vangouyer General
Hospital where he underwent an operation onHSewSry^afternoon. He
is making a satisfactory recovery, and Mrs. Christina Lanning
says that he probably will be glad to see visitors in a few days,
although not more than two should visit at once, Mr, Harlow asks
that library staff planning to visit Fir, Lanning should let Miss
Fugler know, and if more than two suggest going at the same time
that some other arrangement be made. Fir, Lanning will probably
be in hospital for three weeks and away from the Library for six
A new machine has been received in exchange for the
earlier one which arrived slightly damaged, "The new reader has
one or two improvements over the older model,
The annual report made by the Librarian to Senate has
been distributed to all"division heads, and additional copies will
be sent to divisions Tor reading if needed, Mr, Harlow asks that
the extra copies be handled with care in case he needs them later
for mailing. He invites all staff to read the report, and he will
call a general staff meeting early in the new year at which it may
be discussed. He would welcome any queries (submitted in writing,
anonymously or otherwise) relating to the Report or other matters
of staff concern.
The report was received by Senate, with a letter from the
Chairman of the Library Committee asking Senate to approve and
forward to the Board of Governors the request for increased book
funds. Mr, Harlow has subsequently received an acknowledgment
from Senate reporting that the matter had been approved and referred to the Board, The President has also acknowledged the report
and congratulated the Librarian upon it, assuring him of his sup**
port. Upon motion of the Library Committee, Mr, Harlow will speak
of Library needs to the meetings of the Faculties to be held early
in January, He has already spoken to the Faculty of Applied
Science which met this week.
The Librarian in his report has presented a case for
increased staff salaries and is negotiating with the University
Administration for increased increments in professional categories. 3t
He pointed out that additions to the staff will follow upon
increases in the book budget which is the keystone in the budget
and in Library development.
The Administration recognizes that if more money is made available
for library material more staff will gradually be needed to carry
the resulting work load,
The Librarian has received a letter, from a faculty
member expressing the belief that the inspection of faculty brief
cases should not be discontinued, and reminding him that it is
standard practice in all the great libraries,
Miss Alldritt reported that so far not more than five
requests have been received in any one day, so that the procedure
has not had a full test. No difficulty has been experienced to
The first lot of bills for which three notices have been
mailed has been received from the Accountant and a blacklist made,
The Loan Desk has provided copies of the blacklist for all public
desks and for Dr, Rothstein giving the names of delinquents and'
amounts of fines. If a fine is paid after the blacklist is compiled, the Accountant's office will notify the Library as soon as
possible that a name has been cleared. Some students have come to
see Dr, Rothstein since being blacklisted and those who have not
done so will receive letters from the Librarian's office next
week asking them to call for an interview. All reports should
be cleared through the Librarian's office,
The Catalogue Division has spent two days shifting cards
in the public catalogue, expanding into the empty trays. They
are now so distributed that"no drawer is"more than half full and
there are few empty drawers. New labels, hand lettered in black
ink on white card, will be finished today, and altogether the
catalogue should be easier to use, Fliss Alldritt and her staff
were warmly commended for their work, and Fliss Alldritt said that
it had been carried out without undue difficulty though with considerable effort and that as a result the filing space would now
last until new sections of catalog are secured,
Several members of the Reference staff joined forces to
re-arrange the Howay-Reid room to provide more working and reading
room space. The free-standing bookcase has been relocated so
that entrance is now into the reading room area instead of into
the stacks, and the catalogue is more accessible. Miss Smith J/
thanked the other divisions for lending book trucks which made
the job possible. Three or four members of the Reference division
devoted both working hours and some of their own time to the undertaking. The librarian regards the change to have affected a very
real improvement in Howay-Reid operations and service,
This exhibition period is over, and the books will be
sent on to Idaho as soon as the Christmas mail rush ends. They
arrived in a cardboard carton and this makes it difficult to
provide a sturdy packing which can still be opened and handled in
Mr, Rothstein reported that the Library committee on
the Open House has met several times and is making good progress,
A program of exhibits has been drawn up and an outline of the
Library's plans sent to the campus Committee, A request for $75
to defray expenses has been made but will probably need to be
revised upward, Mr, Rothstein has requested the Open House Committee to have all displays mounted the night before Open House; the
library will close at 5 on that day to permit people to work on
displays during the evening. He has also stipulated that all displays must be cleared out on Saturday evening in order that the
Library may be left in proper condition for regular service on the
following Monday, Mr. Rothstein has ascertained that Buildings
and Grounds will furnish large sheets of plywood at no cost for
materials if they are returned in good condition, but labor charges
will be made for their installation. The University Committee on
Open House will meet early in January and Fir. Rothstein will investigate the financial problems then and report to the Library committee,
Miss Diana Priestley has been appointed Law Librarian
and Instructor in the Faculty of Law and we may henceforth expect
closer cooperation on the professional as well as on the operational
level. In the past there has been no official liaison, for example,
in the matter of reference work, but the Library may now call
upon the Law Library for whatever assistance is required in order
to make the fullest use of the resources available on the campus.
Miss Priestley appreciates the extensive use which the Law Library
makes of the main collections and staff, and she will cooperate
fully to make Law's resources available in the same way, The
Library staff will use their judgement where use of the law library
is required, but they are authorized to deal directly with Miss
Priestley. It was remarked that there have been difficulties in
getting messages to Miss Priestley by telephone. Fir, Harlow asked
that anvtr^ubles of this kind be noted and reported to him, He
has ~l5£$ero€3^r discussed the whole matter with the President and
Dean"Curtis, and if problems arise he will go to the Dean with
them. He added that the Library should make every effort to cooperate with Law in making the new arrangement workable for both
Fir, Rothstein reported his discussions with Fliss Priestly regarding the speeding up of processing Law material, Miss
Priestley prefers to have the Library continue bibliographic searching unless specifically noted; and she has no complaint'about
tardiness on the Library's part. Apart from "rush" items, a
second "timely" priority will be given to material of current
interest. Miss Priestley will provide Mr, Rothstein with a memorandum regarding the proposed method of dealing with ~Law  material*
During the summer, when the pressure lessens, Fliss'Priestley will
also work with the Cataloguing staff in ordering L,C, cards for
material not yet catalogued*
Fir, Lanning, Fliss Priestley and Mr, Harlow also dealt with
Law binding. Hitherto the Library has done Law rebinding, but new
binding has been sent down town, A new schedule has been drawn
up to provide fOr both binding and rebinding to be done in the
Library Bindery,
Fliss Mercer remarked on the very large proportion of
paper-backed books that now come into the Library, about one
shelf-load on each truck lately. Fluch of the Russian and French-
Canadian material is in this category. Fir, Harlow said that the
Library will have to resort to more flush binding in order to keep
up with the flood of material coming in. The Bindery can look
forward to a steadily increasing load henceforth and adjustment
will need to be made to cope with it,
Mr, Harlow has discussed this matter with Mr, Ireland
and has ascertained in what specific fields the Provincial Library
is actively interested.  In general the Library and Archives
collects heavily in Canadian history, particularly county histories,
and publications of historical societies, except those of minor
local bodies.  It collects everything published in and about
British Columbia, specializing in material issued by municipalities,
publications \,of Boards of Trade and fraternal organizations,
house organs, historical material on the Arctic, and every kind of
material required by the provincial Legislature'or related to its
work, (e.g., political science, water resources, etc) and not
necessarily limited to Canada.
The University Library should probably collect the publications of the major historical associations in Canada and of
the more important local groups. We should not attempt to collect
Board of Trade material from an archival point of view, only as
required for current teaching purposes; this material is more
complete in Victoria for historical purposes. When those needed
for'reference use in the Library have outlived their usefulness
they can be retired to the Howay-Reid Collection or sometimes
discarded. The same practice will apply to reports of "•5"*
municipalities. Miss Smith said that this latter material is
needed for course work in the University and both back files and
current material are useful^
Mr, Harlow described a low-grade type of binding, using
a plastic adhesive, which the Provincial Library uses for reports
and for government documents. It is very satisfactory where
material is hot much handled? but for open stack conditions it
might not do. The use of this cheap type of binding here will be
Requests are being received for refills for different
makes of pen, only one of which (the "Northrite") is kept in
stock for Library use, Mr, Harlow hopes to provide desk pens
for staff who make constant use of pens in their work and will
provide refills for them.
The Campus Cupboard sent a large box of chocolates and
Miss Nancy McDonald's father gave a box of apples to the Library
staff. These gifts were very much appreciated and enjoyed,
From the Librarian to the staff.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m,
Abraham a Sancta Clara, pater, Werke, ed. by Hans Stiegl,
6 vols, Vienna, 1904-1907
Atlas polskich strojow ludowych, Lublinie, 194-
Caratheodory, Constantin, Gesammelte mathematische
Schriften, vol, 1 (of 5). Flunich, 1954-
Hoffmann, Erns t Theodor Amadeus. Samtliche Werke,
Serap'ions-Aus__gabe« 14 vols, Berlin, 1922,
Hoops, Johannes, ed, Reallexikon der germanisch
Altertumskunde, 4 vols. Strassburg, 1911-1919.
Hennepin, Louis, Voyage ou nouvelle decouverte d'un
tres grand pays, dans l'Amerique, entre le Noutfeau
Mexique et la Mar Glaciale ... Amsterdam, 1704*
Kindermann, Heinz,ed, Handbuch der Kulturgeschichte.
10 vols. Potsdam, n.d. Nova Seotian. Dec, 29, 182 4 - Dec, 5, 1839* Microfilm
edition; 6 reels,
Papineau, Louis Joseph. Histoire de 1*insurrection du
Canada, en refutation du rapport de Lord Durham, Burlington, Vt,, Publie par Ludger Duvernay, a l'imprimerie
du Patiote Canadien, 1839.  (A very scarce pamphlet)
Rembrandt Hermanszoon van RUN, The drawings of Rembrandt; first complete edition in six volumes, ed. by
Otto Benesch, London 1954-
Review of documentation, v, 7-20, 1940-53,
Slovenska matica, Zbornik, V, 1-14, 1399-1912,
RftjwMt.tfl  .TghrhmiftVftr de>.r> i n-nnrt   Auslaendiachen.medizin.
V,  1-319,  1834-1914.    supp.  1-5,  and most general indexes.
Mrs, Ann-Ellen Jones is leaving the Library at the end
of December to return with her husband to Trail, Her place
will be taken by Miss Wilga Wilschefski, who will join the
Serials Division on January 3, 1955*


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