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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 7, 1953

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Array NO. 34
TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler.
There was a difference of opinion regarding the degree of quiet existing
in the Library; it seems that the students control themselves fairly well during
the day but become noisy in the evening. We are actually encouraging students
to improve study conditions for their own  benefit, but we do have some
responsibility as librarians in the matter. If we can get alcoustical tile in
the loiter entry-way and stairways, we can insist next year that conversation be
carried on there,
Smoking in the halls must be discouraged if it begins to become common.
Next year we should perhaps begin by insisting that it be done in the lower
corridors, The general rule is that there should be no smoking .in the Library
except in the basement area and toilet areas on the top floor. The janitor
should report upon smoking in the seminar rooms.
Mr. Harlow reminded the Division Heads that monthly reports are due.
Students are assisting in this work to the extent of about 15 hours'
work a week. This help will probably end this week, after which time the staff
will carry on the job. Miss Lanning said that her people could begin to assist
after another week or two, when the Loan Desk becomes much less busy, Mr. Lanning
will provide a plan for floor 3 to guide the Circulation staff in the shift.
Mr, Harlow asked when the partition should be re-erected on Floor 2, and Mr.
Lanning said he preferred to leave the stack space open until the fall term.
One carrel, to be removed to provide passageway in the new stack area, will be
taken out as soon as the session is over. The carrel cupboard will be moved to
where the new carrels are.
The Librarian has prepared a form letter to be sent to all campus
borrowers asking for the return of Library material for the annual check. Care
will be taken to indicate that periodicals are on one-month loan, although books
are required to be returned only once a year.
Miss Lanning's staff started with "A" during the Christmas lull and has
so far proceeded to the "H's", Very little time has been given to the work during
the last few weeks, but when the pre-examination rush is over, the work can be -2- 	
continued, though affected somewhat by staff holidays. It was mentioned that
certain sections, e,g,, Social Work, are always in a state of confusion, Mr,
Harlow said that if there is evidence that certain groups are particularly
problematical in the Library, he would like to have specific instances noted so
that he can discuss them with faculty.
The Vancouver Film Society, an amateur group of photographers, has
asked for permission to shoot some scenes in the Library stacks, and Mr. Harlow
has agreed. It will be done on Sunday, with a member of the Library staff present,
and will not interfere with Library operations.
Long personal calls on the telephone are to be avoided. When such are
necessary, the pay telephone should be used (one in the Library, another adjacent,
in front of Campus Cupboard); the Library lines are too much in use for business
calls to permit them to be tied up for private conversations. If emergencies
require the use of Library phones, the calls must be brief and be made on the
telephone in the Division to which the user belongs. No one should go to another
Division to use its phone.
Mr. Harlow raised the question of what happens to material when it
leaves the processing departments. For example, how does BMB material get out
of the Catalogue Division or the Bindery and into its proper location without
getting diverted into the main stack? The original requisition card indicates
the final destination of the material(under "Handling"). When the book arrives
in the Library, the note regarding destination is transferred to the book by
Acquisitions, and from there the book goes to Cataloguing, In Cataloguing, final
routing is provided for by the preparation of a pink location card, which remains
in the book on the truck, and eventually goes up to Reference, thence to the Loan
Desk. Miss Fraser takes off the books which are to go to BMRR or BMB and leaves
the pink cards for the file. It was agreed that the system should be adequate
for books, including new books going to the Bindery.
For periodicals going to the Bindery, Mr. Lanning said that when the
bindery slip is made out, Serials choks with Miss. Fraser (for BM and BMB)
regarding the final location of the bound volume, and this is noted on the
bindery slip. From the Bindery the bound volumes go to Cataloguing with the
bindery slips in them, and the same procedure is' followed as for new book
materials, Mr, Lanning said that until recently the slips have not remained in
the volumes, and that this had caused difficulties, but that as soon as the
January binding was cleared there should be no further trouble about routing.
When periodicals destined for BMB are to go regularly from Serials to the Bindery,
they are checked with Miss Fraser, and this information is recorded in the
Kardex. Mr. Lanning pointed out that the present situation in relation to BMB is
fluid, that Miss Fraser will be taking material from the main stacks for BMB and
will be returning some to them she now has.
To avoid having a bound volume from the BMB returned: to the main"' Library
stacks, Mr, Harlow recommended the use of a BMB stamp on theybeej*=fsrefee%,( for
identification. Miss Fraser has asked to have book cards andosookefrs. in bound
periodicals at the BMB, and the staff there will provide them.) When sjich material -3- L	
is returned to the Library stacks the book pocket should be removed from it at
BMB. For periodicals loaned from the main Library, Mr, Harlow prefers to have
a date due slip for this purpose rather than a book pocket in the volume. The
date due slip should be put into the volume at the Loan Desk at the time the loan
is made and not at the time of receipt.
After discussing the responsibilities for checking materials before
leaving the processing department, the following agreements were reached:
Acquisitions will be responsible for bookplating, embossing, pocketing, and
accessioning and will be sure these are properly done before the book leaves the
Division, Cataloguing will check the call number on the spine and all hand-
lettering, also the notations in the back of the volume (call no,, destination,
etc,) and be sure the right number and caliber of catalogue cards, location
cards, etc, are provided. Cataloguing will check the lettering on flush binds
to see that it agrees with the binding slip; but the responsibility for the
binding slip rests with Serials. Serials will be responsible for checking the
gold stamping, (In connection with hand-lettering, Miss Mercer inquired about
the use of a stylus; there was a difference of opinion about its practicability,
but Mr, Harlow asked Miss Mercer to look into the use of it by the Public Library.)
The lettering of flush-bound government documents will need to be
simplified, since there is not likely to be space on the spine for full
information about office of origin and title, Mr. Harlow suggested that
Reference work out short titles and try to arrive at an adequate minimum, in
cooperation with Mr. Lanning. Miss Smith inquired whether Reference might not
make out the bindery slips for government documents, and after some discussion
Mr, Harlow recommended that Miss Smith prepare a few binding slips and then
confer with Mr, Lanning about these, Mr, Lanning is to talk to the Reference
staff about binding problems and procedure, but he pointed out that there are so
many variations that general instructions for bindery preparation are inadequate.
Perhaps, if Reference has a specific request for treatment it should be indicated
on a slip and placed in the material to be bound. When the volume comes back
from the Bindery, if the request has not been carried out, an explanation should
be made, arid in this way an understanding arid a working procedure can be worked
There is at present some difference of opinion regarding priority in
government documents binding. In binding up current materials, Serials may need
to have back files of less-than-top-priority (from the Reference point of view)
material for bindery preparation. Reference, on the. other hand, should line up
materials on a priority-of-use basis ready for bindery according to schedule,Both
approaches are legitimate and essential. Any material needed from Reference for
binding will be requested by Serials from Miss Smith or Miss O'Rourke and
discussed at that time if necessary. The Reference and Serials staffs should be
advised of this procedure to be followed,
Mr, Harlow prefers not to postpone the shift of the Marking facilities
from level 2 to Acquisitions-Cataloguing until the pasting machine has arrived,
and it was agreed that Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, and Mr, Lanning should meet with
Mr, Harlow to discuss the new arrangement immediately. -4- I	
Mr, Harlow said that problems of the kind discussed in today's meeting
should be aired at the weekly session of Division Heads and settled by general
consent. The Division Head group, is, to use the English term, • a working *party".
All may speak freely, but we must in the end come up with a series of working
Nest week's Division Heads meeting will probably be short, because the
Librarian has to attend the first meeting of the President's Committee on the
Bio-Medical Branch Library, at the Vancouver General Hospital, at 12:15 noon.
The Committee is made up of representatives of all the medical groups,
contributing to the support of the Branch, and this first meeting represents a
high point in the development of the BMB, Miss Fraser is a regular member of the
Mr, Harlow said that all who wish to attend the BCLA conference at
Kelowna during the first weekend in May should make arrangements with bis Division
Heady /^wA
During the summer, books are sent to students out of town, usually on
one-mo&th loan. The usual charge of $1.00, non-returnable postage fee, will be
charged, Most of the books are returned fairly promtly, but in the case of over-
dues fines will be charged,
The Committee on Ceremonies has requested names of persons to whom the
Library wishes invitations sent, The names of donors of substantial gifts during
the past year will be added to the present short list.
The Library is using a new black enamel to paint over old call numbers
and form a ground for new lettering (e.g,, to change Rs to Ws), It is found to
be satisfactory, and a red enamel of the same type will be secured to mark the
non-circulating material to be kept in the stacks,
Supplementary Notes
Miss Mary Thompson is being temporarily transferred to the Fine Arts
Room because of the resignation of Helen Sinclair, to take effect at the end of
The Marking room facilities have been transferred from Level 2 to a -5- 	
space between Acquisitions and Cataloguing, and Miss Browne will be assigned
to the Cataloguing Division, The work of plating, marking, etc., will be
divided between Cataloguing and Acquisitions on an experimental basis, with all
pocketing and plating under Acquisitions and all marking under Cataloguing.
Responsibility for inspecting work upon completion will be divided as outlined
above ("Checking Trucks of Books", p. 3), A planning committee for this joint
project will consist of Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, Mr, Lanning and Mr, Harlow.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 noon.


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