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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 17, 1957

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DecemberT777~195TI    NoT~T6*6
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
"to University of British Columbia  Library  Staff
Present:   NH,   SR,   AMS,   MML,   RJL,   EBM,   MA,   DF,   EF.
Change in Christmas Period Library Hours
Saturday, December 21  8 a.m. - 12 noon
Monday and Tuesday, December 23-24 .-.9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday through Saturday,
December 25-28     CLOSED.
Monday and Tuesday, December 30-31...9 a.m. - 5 p.m.,
Wedne sday, January 1     C LOSED.
Thursday and Friday, January 2-3 ...,9 a.m. - 5 P.m.
Saturday, January 4  9 a.m. - 12 noon
On Flonday, January 6, resume regular hours.
Arrangements have been made in all Divisions for a skeleton staff
to remain on duty from 2 to 5 p.m. on December 24.
Staff may pick up December salary cheques at the
Accounting Office on December 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Acquisitions "Want" Lists
The Acquisitions Division has prepared "Want" lists
(nos. 3 and 4) in English Language and Literature for both
Blackwell's in Oxford and Stechert in New York.  Earlier lists of
this kind have produced a small but steady stream of needed
material, amounting to a considerable addition to the Library's
Staff Work Week
Staff who regularly work a 5k  day week are entitled to
one Saturday morning off each month in addition to any holiday
which may fall on a Saturday during the month.
Forestry Theses
The Association of British Columbia Foresters has
decided to send to the Library the .back file (except for the last
three years) of registration theses submitted. They will be
catalogued and classified in a special thesis number; the call
numbers will include the numbers assigned to the theses by the
Association. Many of the theses are in sturdy covers and
Mr. Lanning will decide whether they are to be bound. Theses from French Department
Dr. Andison has asked whether the Library will take the
graduating theses in French, and a few masters' theses, which he
is clearing out of his old office. It was agreed that they be
accepted on the understanding that the worth-while ones be
retained and the others discarded. Dr. Rothstein will make the
Blacklist of Library Fines
The latest list of students with outstanding fines is
six pages of single-space entries (about 300 names). Miss Lanning
said that the Loan Desk finds even the shorter lists that have
been compiled up to now almost impossible to use under existing
pressures.  It is believed that some students with outstanding
fines have been permitted to re-register for a new session,,: in
spite of the understanding with the Accountant. Mr. Harlow
pointed out that the Finance Committee has ruled that persons on
the blacklist should not receive Library service, and we have
some responsibility in this matter. He will discuss the problems
with Mr. White and Mr. Parnall.
Campus Delivery Service
Difficulties in having the delivery truck meet the
schedule for deliveries have been discussed by the Librarian with
the Dean of Medicine and the Superintendent of Buildings and
Grounds. The main problem at the hospital seems to be that the
driver is expected to make deliveries and pick-ups at a number of
departments in two buildings and that circumstances do not permit
a central depot. As a test for a few days, Mr. Hughes will
probably add a second man to the truck when it goes to the hospital.
If this added help is needed, the cost will fall upon the departments using the service.
Faculty Moving to New Arts Building
Acquisitions has secured a list of the faculty whose
offices will be in the new building, all of whom should be
relocated by January 6. How many, what and where new delivery
stations will be established has not yet been decided.
Gift from Carnegie Corporation
A set of 350 books, illustrating contemporary, life in
the United States and its historical and social backgrounds, has
been given to the University Library by the Carnegie Corporation.
The volumes were selected with the assistance of the New York
Public Library and about 30 volumes, which were out of print, were
reprinted for the purpose to complete the set. Each book
contains a review of its contents, on the inside front cover, and
a two-volume work, Panorama of America, has been published to
accompany the set. L.C cards for all volumes are included.
The gift is valued at $1200 for customs purposes, and sets have
been offered to a selected number of public, regional and Y
university libraries in Commonwealth countries. Some of the books
will be put into the Sedgewick Room and the others in the stack,
and the small Library bookplate will be added to the Carnegie
plate. This is a most interesting and useful addition.
Western Books Show
A number of University-faculty, Vancouver printers,
Library staff, and others interested have been invited to the final
showing of the Western Books, 1957, which will be held in the
Art Gallery from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight.
Richardson Century Fund
A gift fund established by a Canadian family is offering
second copies of the Encyclopedia Canadiana to selected libraries
in Canada, and one will be accepted for the UBC Library.
Handling Oriental Material
At present the Chinese and Japanese material, which is
unclassified and uncatalogued, is used chiefly by three members of
faculty and only a few students.  It was decided, however, that
there should, be some mark on the volumes to identify them and an
accession number will be placed on each one for loan purposes.
When books are ordered, they are checked by Dr. Ho or Prof. Dore
against invoices, and Professor Wang has written the Chinese
characters on  cards in Serials to facilitate the checking in of the
21 Chinese periodicals now being received by the Library.
Bookplates in Material Purchased with Outside Grants
The Library buys material which is paid for out of grants
from other organizations, e.g., National Research Council and
Defence Research Board, and puts the University Library bookplate
into it. Probably there should be some indication of the source
from which the funds come, and it was decided that Acquisitions
will type on the bookplate the name of the research grant and pencil
in the name of the University Department concerned. The status of
material bought with a research grant from a non-University fund
is not clear, and Mr. Harlow will look into this aspect of the
Photocopy Service
Policy regarding the Library Photocopy Service is as
follows: (1) The Library does not operate a general photographic
service; (2) Photocopying will be done chiefly in lieu of lending
original material, and only one copy will be made of an item, for
purposes of research. The, Extension Department provides a general
photographic' service on-'the campus and work outside the scope
of the policy stated should be taken or referred there. Publicity re UBC in the Newspapers
Several articles have appeared in the Vancouver Province
and Sun recently regarding University needs, and mention has been
made particularly of the Library requirements emphasized in
Mr. Harlow's Annual Report.
Film of the University
Fir. Harlow commented upon the recently completed color
film, begun last'summer by Parry Films, which is now being shown.
He said that on the whole it is quite satisfactory, and is a
distinct improvement over the several films of other universities
which the Film Committee viewed. The film shows a lot of the
University and of the province, pointing up the inter-relationships
between them.  Inside and outside scenes of the Library appear
several times. The film was produced with funds provided by the
Alumni Association and is expected to be useful for a period up to
five years before becoming too badly out of date.
Senate Discusses Librarian's Annual Report
At its meeting on December 11, Senate discussed the
Librarian's Annual Report at some length. Mr. Harlow feels that,
whatever the result may be, the discussion is very useful.
Sears-Roebuck Lists Books
Mr. Harlow called attention to the fact that a dozen or
so books, selected by the American Library Association, are listed
in the current Sears-Roebuck catalogue in the United States. The
part played by the Association in the selection is clearly
Library Building
Although the Librarian has received no official word
regarding the availability of funds to add to the Library building,
he feels confident that money will be provided for this much-needed
extension, probably fairly soon. He will meet with chairmen of
the staff building committees as soon as possible, and their
recommendations will be summarized for further discussion.
Vancouver Festival
A Preliminary Announcement regarding Vancouver's First
Annual International Festival, 1958, is available for distribution.
Copies may be had for public desks. The University is very much
involved and will benefit greatly from the festival, particularly
during the Summer Session. Visitor
Dr. Arthur Lourie, the Ambassador from Israel to Canada,
visited the University during the past week and spent some time in
the Library.
A bound volume of the American Sociological Review has
had some thirty pages torn out in several places, necessitating the
Library's replacing three back numbers.
Documentation Seminar
The Documentation Seminar, sponsored by the CLA, will be
held at McGill University on January 20 and 21, under the leadership of Fir. Ralph Shaw. Mr. Harlow will participate in one of the
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Dante Alighieri.  Lo Inferno di Dante Alighieri fiorentino,..
with woodcuts after those contained in the 1491 Venice edition of
the Divina Commedia.  Chelsea, 1902 3 v. Ashendene press; fine
illuminations plus (cat. separately; Lo Purgatorio & Lo Paradiso.
Jacobus de Varagine.  The golden legend. Ed. by F, S. Ellis.
Hammersmith, England, 1892. 3 v. Kelmscptt press; tr, by Wm,
Soldevila Zubiburu, Fernando. Historia de Esparfa. Barcelona,
1952-  . v. 1-5.
Trilbners deutsches Wdrterbuch im Auftrag der Arbeitsgemein-
schaft fur deutsche Wortforschung herausgegeben von Alfred Goetz.
Berlin, 1939-57. 8 v.
AFRICA. C8te d'lvoire, 1956.  Service de Documentation Economique.
CANADA. Dept. of Citizenship and Immigration. Canadian Immigration. Reference Paper No. 1.  November 1957. Queen's Printer,
National Research Council.  Postdoctorate fellowships:
(1) Department  of Agriculture
(2) Department of Flines and Technical  Surveys ;.
(3) For Fundamental Research in Science  and Engineering.
Ottawa,  August 1957. 5 v
research project carried out for the international student
conference, 1956-57.  Coordinating Secretariat of National
Unions of Students.  Leiden, Netherlands.
INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE.  Bibliographical Reference List No. 84,
Recent references to the international labour organisation
1954-57.  Geneva, November 1957.
UNITED NATIONS. World  facts and figures.  United. Nations Review,
3:12 and 4:1,2.
UNESCO,  Catalogue of colour reproductions of paintings prior to
1860. Paris, 1957.
The university teaching of social sciences. Demography.
Paris, 1957.
Reports and papers in the social sciences. No. 8.  Assistance to under-developed countries, an annotated bibliography,
by Jean Viet.  Paris, 1957.
UNITED NATIONS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION.  Select bibliography on cooperation. Rome, 1957.
Education in nutrition. A selected list of material compiled
by Jean A. S. Ritchie and Berta Kting-Wagner. Rome, 1957.
Trends in utilization of wood and its products in housing.
Geneva, 1957.
Home Economics Information Exchange. Material on home
economics and its teaching. Second supplement, 1956. Rome.
UNITED STATES. Committee on  the Economics of Range. Use and Development of Western Agricultural Economics Research Council.
Economic research in the use and development of range
resources. A methodological anthology.  Univ. of California,
Berkeley, 1957.


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