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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 5, 1963

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March  5,   1963.     No,   288
""reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest   to   the University
of British Columbia Library Staff,
present:     AD9   IB,   GD,   MD,  DF,   EH,   RJL,   AL,'EBM,   TKN,   JO'R,   JR,   SR,   JS,   BSS,   GGT.
Scholarships for School of Librarianship.
Dr. Rothstein announced that the H. W. Wilson Company' had made a $1,000
in scholarship funds available to the School of Librarianship for the year 1964.
Postage Meter,
Shortly after the beginning of the new fiscal year (l April 1963) a
postage meter will be installed in the Library. Divisions will be asked to bring
their outgoing mail to the Library Office, where the meter will be located,
Library Budget for 1963/64.
Mr. Ranz reviewed the increases which have been recommended for the
Library for the coming fiscal year. Pending approval by the Board of Governors,
the Library will receive an additional $65,000 for the purchase of library
materials, new staff positions, and funds and staff for an enlarged bindery
Expansion of the Bindery Area,
Work has begun on the demolition of the wall separating the present
Bindery from the hallway running along two sides.  The project, which will increase the Bindery by some 450 square feet, should be completed early in the
new fiscal period.
Use of the Offset Machine.
1. Material for the Catalogue Division will be run on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. Material for all other divisions will be run on Tuesday and Thursday,
2. Masters for material to be reproduced should be handed, in at the Librarian's
Office by Monday evening or Wednesday evening. The office will then forward
all items to the Catalogue Division to be run off on the following Tuesday
or Thursday,
3. Please see that all material shows clearly what division has requested it,
and also the number of copies of each item required.  If coloured or other
special paper or. cards are needed, send it with the master and note what
material it applies to.
4. All material should be on offset masters by the time it reaches the Librarian's
Office. Text can be typed direct on the masters if a carbon or dual-purpose
ribbon is used. Otherwise material typed on. ordinary paper in the normal
fashion can be transferred to a master by means of the Xerox machine in the
Humanities Division,, Whether you. are typing on a master or on a normal piece
of paper, great care must be taken when erasing. The surface of the master
or paper must not be broken.
Continued.   .    . -  2  -   '	
;j. If you want to rerun the same material, at intervals, the A8B.Dick men say
that, while it is possible up to a point to store masters, in general it
would be more satisfactory to retain the original copy in your files, and
make a xerox master each time you want to run the material,  (Masters are
much cheaper than stencils,)
6. Material, which does not change at all, if needed repeatedly, might justify
the preparation of a special master plate commercially.
Mrs. Margaret Fukuyama, Library Assistant in Asian Studies, to Senior
Library Assistant in Asian Studies,, effective 1 March 1963,
Mr. Branko Blazicevie, Clerk I in Special Collections, effective
1 April, 1963.


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