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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 19, 1962

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June 19,' 1962. Mo.  269
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  JR, RJL, IB, GGT, AC (for BSS), AMS, JO'R, MD, EBM,
JS, AL, EH, and HM.
Traffic and Parking Regulations
A brochure covering traffic and parking regulations
has been issued by the Traffic Office. These regulations will
be in effect from July 2 to September 1. There will be a
charge of $10.00 for parking stickers for Faculty and Staff,
to be purchased by September 1.
Division heads were asked to send to the Librarian's
Office a list of new equipment and new and unusual supplies
desired for the fiscal year 1963/64.
According to new regulations set out in the
"Handbook for University Staff", revised April, 1962, Issued
by the University Personnel Office, the number of hours of
work for the non-professional staff will be 385 hours per week
during the winter months and 35 hours per week during summer
months. Saturday work during the winter months is to be
arranged by department head or supervisor.
If a statutory holiday falls within the vacation
period taker) by staff members, an extra day may be taken.
Doctoral Dissertations
A committee of Mr. Turner, Mr, Lanning, and
Miss Smith, Chairman, was appointed to consider the implications
for the Library of the University's contemplated entry into
the dissertations program of University Microfilms in Ann Arbor,
Xerox Photocopier
The Xerox 914 photocopier will be delivered about
September 1. Mrs. Selby was asked to draw up plans for the
location and use of the machine.
67 68
Circulation Procedures
Consideration is being given to the installation
of a punched card system for use in the Circulation Division.
Mr. Bell explained the operation of such a system, and the
division heads were asked to consider the advisability of
implementing such a plan. Since arrangements must be made
shortly if the new system is to be installed by the winter
session, a special meeting will be held to discuss this
matter on Friday, June 22.
Miss Nancy Ellis, as Clerk-Trainee in the
Circulation Division, on June 18.
Mrs. Diane E. Rosebpugh, as Clerk I in the
Circulation Division on June.14,
Miss Lilian Soomet, as Library Assistant in the
Science Division, on June lb.
Mrs. Phyllis Killeen, as Library Assistant in
the Biomedical Library, on July 13.
Miss Lois Ramsey, as Clerk I In the Circulation
Division on July 13.
Mr. Rex Buckle, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division, on June 15.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


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