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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 1, 1952

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 MEMORANDUM of Meeting held in the Librarian's office on
Thursday, May 1, 1952, at 9 a.m.
Present:  Mr. Harlow, Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Alldritt,
Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
British Columbia - retain everything up to 1919, and
5 copies of each item from 1919 on.
Canada - retain everything up to 1919, and 3 copies
of each item from 1919 on.
United States - retain 2 copies of everything.
British and Foreign - retain 1 copy of everything.
The need for uniform entries was recognized, and after
consideration of the authorities available, it was decided as
British Columbia - Holmes check-list.
Other Provinces - Higgins and Ontario Library Review
as far as they go.
Canada - Canadiana.
United States - L.C, S.T.N.R., and monthly check-list
of State publications.
For old material outside Canada, British Columbia and
the United States, use the Union List of Foreign
In other cases, use A.L.A. rules and judgment.
The Serials Division will establish the entry for serial material,
and send a copy to the Reference and Catalogue Divisions.
Reference will establish the entry for separates and send a copy
to Serials and Catalogue.  It was agreed that while anyone could
establish an entry from Holmes or Canadiana. only a thoroughly
trained person could deal with other types of material.  If
changes are found to be necessary, Reference should be the final
authority.  All separates will be sent to Reference for screening
(from Acquisitions, etc.).  Any that may get to Serials will be
sent by them to Reference, and any Serials material that gets to
Reference will be forwarded to Serials.  It was also agreed that a
coloured card be used for the authority card to save time in
searching.  The Catalogue Division should in general expect to follow the entry which has been chosen, and should not have to
revise it.  However, if Serials has not been able to find a
satisfactory authority, the Catalogue Division has the right to
search further.  Every Division concerned must be informed of any
change.  Mr. Harlow asked Miss Alldritt to report upon how the
various authorities are working out after she has used them for
establishing entries for a while.
There was a brief discussion of the manner of marking
duplicates, and it was agreed that every item should be marked before
being filed.
Only one copy of a set is to be catalogued unless there
is good reason for a second copy.  Mr. Lanning said he believes
it is necessary to have second sets of certain material which is in
great demand and more subject to loss and destruction than less-used
material.  It is very often difficult to get second copies.
There are accumulations which may take from five to ten
years to get to the point where they are ready for binding.
At present they are shelved in the stackroom.  The Librarian
expressed fear that much of this material will be missing when the
time comes to bind it and that incomplete volumes will be the
result.  Mr. Lanning feels that material which is long in accumulating,
and therefore long in an unbound state, should be made available
in the meantime.  It was suggested that all of this material should
be gathered from the general stacks, put into pamphlet boxes, and
shelved in the stacks behind the Reference Division, indicating in
the stacks that unbound issues are available in Reference (or elsewhere) .  That area will be examined to see whether space is
available to carry out this plan.
Mr. Lanning recommended that the subscription set and
depository set of UN documents be checked for duplicates.  Neither
is complete, and between the two the Library has not a complete set.
It appears that the Library is not getting everything it should be
getting from these two sources, the material is in great demand,
and it is getting heavy wear from faculty and students*
This comes to the University from the Provincial Library
after about five years, and there is a great stack of it in the
Library now.   (Mr. Harlow and Mr. Lanning inspected it and agreed
to bind it eventually, perhaps using a class B binding of some kind.) FARMER'S BULLETIN
Miss Jefferd said that some bound volumes of this
publication have been missing for about 4 years, but the cards
are still in the catalogue and people ask for the issues.  It was
agreed that there was probably little hope of replacing the lost
issues, unless in some microreproduction; but the cards will remain
for the time being*
The meeting adjourned at 11 a.ou


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