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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 22, 1958

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 M  I  N  .U  T  E  S
April 22, I95F   No. 173
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, AMS, SR, EBM, ML, MDEF, RJL.
Minutes no, 172 On page 2, the last word in paragraph one should
be "requested", not "submitted".
Stack Access
Some problems raised by the admittance of several
thousand students to the stacks were discussed: chiefly books
being misplaced, and greater damage to periodical volumes (both
absolutely and proportionately to the number of students). A
number of students not entitled to stack access are gaining
admission; illness and turnover of staff at the Loan Desk has
resulted in insufficient time for checking permits and for shelf-
Nr, Harlow pointed out the necessity of balancing the
need to safeguard books against that for giving students
accessibility to materials. U.B;C. does not have a developed
system of departmental libraries, and the Library must be prepared
to give students more liberal access to the main stacks. The
Library must seek to educate students in the proper use of stack
privileges(e.g., by using signs to indicate that books are to be
left on tables for reshelving by staff).  It may be necessary to
allocate more staff time to the tasks of shelf-reading, re-shelving,
Building Program
The Librarian has drawn up a first draft of the building
program, to be distributed to division heads and to members of the
building committees for discussion and revision.  The latest •
estimate of enrollment trends indicates that there will be 20,000
students at U.B.C by 1965.
Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center
Mr. Harlow summarized the findings and recommendations
of the study prepared by Dr. Raynard Swank for the P.N.L.A.
Development Project,  The present situation finds the PNBC with
expenditures greater than its income and. a large backlog of
unfiled cards.  Dr. Swank recommended the following measures:
1. Replacement of the present Board of Managers (drawn from
PNLA members and. representing areas) by a Council of representatives
from subscribing libraries.  The Council would formulate policy
and entrust direction of these policies to a small Executive
Committee elected from its membership.
2, Give clerical staff of the PNBC higher classifications and
salaries, so as to reduce turnover. -2- 2X
3. Reduce the number of reporting libraries to those that have
comprehensive collections or unusual holdings.
4. Eliminate the reporting of certain types of materials (e.g.,
government publications) which might be more economically described
by means other than a card by card listing,
5. Discontinue the filing of Library of Congress cards for books
that are not in fact held in the region at all.  It is recommended
that ultimately all Library of Congress cards for which no PNW
locations are reported be removed from the catalog,
6. Divide the catalog into two sections: pre-1956 imprints, and
post-1956 imprints.  This plan would permit the PNBC-to tie in with
the publishing program of the National Union Catalog, which has
been issuing book catalogs recording post-1956 imprints.
7. Have small public libraries always send requests for inter-
library loans first to their state libraries, with the PNBC being
used only for requests that the state'libraries cannot fill.
(This is already being done to a degree, but the study recommends
that the state libraries take prime responsibility for the book
needs of the public libraries in their regions),
8. Reduce the PNBC's work load in inter-library loans by having
the Center negotiate only the first transaction; i.e. the Center
will locate copies and write to the first library on the list, '~
with the requesting library itself responsible for any further
correspondence that may be necessary,
9. Expand the program of the Center in a number of possible ways:
cooperative purchases, specialization agreements, compilation of
subject bibliographies, etc*
10, Adopt a simpler procedure for the "last copy program".
Almost all of these-recommendations brought favorable
comment,, especially numbers 2,3,7,8, and 10. Miss Alldritt felt
that inter-library loans-should be limited to requests for scholarly
and unusual books, i.e ., provision should be similar to those
found in the A.C.R.L. Code. Fir. Harlow and Fliss Smith pointed out,
however, that such a limitation would be unfair to the many small,
inadequately stocked public libraries in this region.  The PNBC
was specifically set up to serve all the readers in the region.
Fir. Harlow (as former Chairman) is to meet with the Board of
Managers of the Center on April 25 and will report on the Board's
British Columbia Library Association Conference, May 10,11,and 12,
Library staff members are reminded that reservations are
necessary for the dinner on May 11 and for the panel meetings on
May 10 and 11, Forms are available from Melva Dwyer.
The "Ladies Auxiliary" of the University Library will
provide a coffee party for the Conference delegates in Flary Bollert
Hall, after the Sunday evening panel meeting. •3- y^
Mrs. Joan Pulley has been appointed as Clerk 2 in the Cataloguing
Division, on April 23.  She replaces Firs. Kaarina Aura,
Miss Ailsa Donaldson has been a ppointed as Clerk I in the
Acquisitions Division, on May 1.  She replaces Mrs. Catherine
Fliss Merle Handkamer has been promoted to the position of
Stenographer II in the Reference Division.
Fliss Margaret Paul is resigning from her Clerk I position in the
Circulation Division on May 31.
Miss Margot Hutton-Potts is resigning from her Clerk I position
in the Cataloguing Division on April 30.
Mrs. Nancy Dinnes is resigning from her Clerk II position in the
Acquisitions Division on May 28,
Miss Lois Sperling is resigning fr-©m her Library Assistant position
in the Reference Division on April 26,
Fir,  H.  B. Flajumder,   Principal of the  Post-Graduate Basic Training
College,   Banipur,   India.


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