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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 26, 1957

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November 26, 1957. No. 164
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University,of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, F1ML, RJL, EBM, MAA, DF, (Miss Fugler absent).
Inspection by Fire Chief
The Fire Chief's inspection of the Library recently
revealed a number of hazards: chiefly packing crates and wrapping
paper on level one (belonging to the Museum), but also some accumulations of unbound material (mainly noted in Biomedical storage
area). Paper should be thrown away when unpacking is finished,
or replaced in the boxes, with the lids battened down.  Carpenters
or other University staff should not be permitted to smoke in
restricted areas of the building, and the Librarian will take the
matter up with the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Empty
crates may be stored on level 1, if care is taken to avoid fire
hazards.  There should not be smoking in the Display Room,  It was
agreed that more "No Smoking" signs are needed, and the Librarian
will try to obtain them from Buildings and Grounds.
Workmen sometimes make a good deal of noise, it was
noted, only part of it being necessary.  Library staff are also
sometimes avoidably noisy, and talking in the stacks in conversational tones should be discontinued. Miss Fraser asked if
acoustic plaster could be applied to the wall near the Biomedical
telephone, to deaden sound.
British Columbia Library Quarterly
We should take special note of this handsome, worth-while
publication which has just blossomed out with a new title,
content, and format.  It is largely the work of Mr. Bell and
Mr. Turner of this Library staff, and Firs. Joan Selby, of the
Vancouver Public Library.  They are having the publication printed
by Mr. Bob Reid. The University Library's fifty copies for
exchange purposes constitute a first claim upon each issue of the
Quarterly, but copies are now scarce since B.C.L.A. had forty new
members at its meeting of November 17, and its membership is now
at an all-time high.
Mr. Harlow has talked further with Mr. Fryer about the
thickness of volumes produced by the Bindery, and has ascertained
that (with some exceptions which may occasionally slip through)
the Library is now getting the most economic output possible.
There are several reasons for limiting thickness: the bindery
guillotine will not handle thick volumes satisfactorily, and 3
"oversewing" tends to swell the bindings at the back, which makes
it impossible to accommodate volumes beyond a certain thickness in
the backing press. The main cost of binding is labour, and thick
bindings require a disproportionate amount of time in production.
The thinner "volumes are also sturdier. Normally the maximum thickness (unbound) should not exceed 1%".
When the very fat volumes of periodical indexes are split
for rebinding, the "keys" to titles should be photostated and bound
with the indexes.
Pamphlet Binding
Mr. Lanning has discussed pamphlet binding with Mr. Fryer,
who stated that he would take from 20 to 30 pamphlets a week to be
sewn into the covers.  They could go into the Bindery each Friday
and be out on the following Monday. Mr. Harlow recommended that
further action be deferred on this matter.
There are three types of newspapers in regard to service:
(1) current (unbound); (2) bound (archival); (3) microfilm.
The Serials Division checks in all three kinds. Fir. Lanning said
that most current newspapers are delivered across the desk, this
being especially so of the Financial Post which is in heavy use
for several years after date of issue.
Newspapers on microfilm are used mostly by advanced
students.  It was recommended that since the Library has a microfilm of the Sun, people should be required to use it rather than
the back file of the original. A microfilm of the Province may
also be available at the Public and Provincial Libraries, and
Inquiry will be made of Fir. Ireland and Mr. Grossman.
It was noted that bound volumes of the Vancouver Sun
an(* Province are not properly housed and the bindings are deteriorating as a consequence; these heavy volumes should lie flat on
the shelves.  It is not clear whether the Library is responsible
for continuing the archival set of the Province, but Fir. Harlow
will inouire of Dr. Lamb, who was Librarian at the time the gift
of the set was received from the publishers.
It was decided that current newspapers and back files
(unbound) for two years be put in kraft covers (if this proves
feasible) and serviced by the Serials Desk; back files and microfilm of the Sun will be serviced by Reference; and the Province
baek files will be paged by the Loan Desk and delivered tp
Reference for use under supervision there. The approaching Centennial of British Columbia will probably bring about an increased
demand for use of back files of our newspapers. Mr. Lanning will
discuss the provision of kraft covers with Mr. Fryer. ■?ef
Library Stamp on Material
The Librarian inouired ab^ut the ;: bam ping of material
received in the Library.  In Seri.&J.s. items are checked in first
and then stamped, which is tne safe procedure.  Miss Smith said
that Reference material is jtam^ed at- the mail is opened and the
address label checked, &u7, ':hst stamping is supposed to be done on
the back. Mr, Harlow cautioned that unusual, valuable, and especially well printed material should not be rubber stamped, as well
as publications which may be sent to the Library on approval.  In
all cases, the stamp should be put on. a clear space and should not
mar or disfigure the text.  He asked the Division Heads and staff
to keep this always in mind.
Request of Mathematics Department to^FIle..Their Current Journals
Togetherin Alphabetical Order
This request would require the segregation of current
journals in the QA classification, a category that would be fairly
readily handled in this manner since its boundaries are reasonably
Faculty Manual
Dr- Rothstein. is working on a draft of a guide to Library
services for faculty which will be submitted to Division Heads for
emendation and discussion.
Maps in Books
Somo members of faculty have criticized the oolicv of
taking folded maps out of books and placing them in the map collection for preservation and use.  It was suggested that all maps be
left in books end.  that Canadian Geological Survey maps (and others
which are available separately) be duplicated.  The matter will be
discussed further
University of California
It was noted, in relation to our earlier discussion, that
the Library of the University of California remains open until
11 p.m. during the examination period, but no page service is given;
only the Reference Desk and stack entrance are manned.
Stack Passes
To date, 2,566 stack passes have been Issued in the
present term.
Biomedical Journals
Miss Eraser is compiling * list of bound journals which
might be put on one-week loan and a. list of those which might be
arranged in the stacks in alphabetical order (probablv those in
QP-QZ and W). 2r.'J
Dr. Lamb on CBC
A talk by Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, the National Librarian, will
be broadcast on the CBC radio on Sunday evening at 7:20.
Cards on Roadway
Cars must not at any time be parked against the wall of
the Library building opposite the library parking area.
General Staff Meeting
Mr. Harlow reviewed his Annual Report at a meeting of the
Library staff on Thursday, November 21, and answered questions
arising out of the Report.  It was felt that such information was
useful to and appreciated by the staff.
Senate Library Committee
The Library Committee will meet on Tuesday, December 3,
to discuss the Librarian's Annual Report and to make comment and
recommendations about it to be transmitted to Senate.
Miss Mary Dench, of the Information Office of the Department of External Affairs in Ottawa, visited the University last week,
when the problem of exchange of Chinese and Japanese publications
was discussed with her. Dr. Lamb is hopeful of being able to complete arrangements regarding the Japanese exchange.
Mrs. Dorothea Scott, Librarian of the University of
Hong Kong, visited the campus recently, taking particular interest
in buildings. She commented that UBC was the most crowded and
noisiest library she had visited.
Campus Delivery
Miss Fraser reported the loss of a parcel in campus
delivery, the second such misfortune.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs to the position of First Assistant
in the Serials Division, replacing Mrs. Adams who has resigned; the
transfer will take place on December 1. T-o
Miss Gillian Flew to the position of Librarian 1 in the
Reference Division, on November 18 (having just arrived from
Miss Margit Leret to the position of Library Assistant
at the Loan Desk, filling the position occupied by Miss Elizabeth
Cotterell who is on extended leave pending her transfer to the
Acquisitions Division.
Miss Margaret Paul to the position of Clerk 1 at the Loan
Desk, replacing Fliss Elizabeth Grant who has resigned.
Mrs. Catherine Newton from her position as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division on December 24.
New Subscriptions:
V t *
Ceskoslovensky casopis historicky
Midwest folklore
Moyen age
Neuphilologische mitteilungen
Pictorial education quarterly
Progress in psychotherapy
Rassegna della letteratura italiana
Revue internationale des sciences administratives
Scholastic teacher (Junior scholastic)
American journal of physiology, v. 71-158 (1924-48).
Annales de dermatologie. Ser. 6, v. 6-ser. 7, v. 10 (1925-
Annales d'oto-laryngologie. v. 50-72 (1931-55).
Jahresberichte fiber die Fortschritte der klassischen Alter-
tumwissenschaft. v. 1-93 (1873-97).
California.  State Board of Corrections. California special study
commission on correctional facilities and services. Administration of criminal justice, 1949-1956, a selected bibliography compiled by Dorothy Campbell Tompkins.  Berkeley,
November, 1956.
New York. State College of Forestry at Syracuse University. Technical publication No. 81, World Forestry Series bulletin No. 2.
Forest fertilization, a bibliography....  compiled by Donald
P. White and Albert L. Leaf. ¥/
Stanford Research Institute.  Sources of information on geology &
mining in the Western States, by W. B. Beatty and Lee Langan.
Menlo'Park, Cal., 1957.
United Nations.  Food and Agriculture Organization.  International
directory of agricultural engineering institutions.  Rome,
August, 1957.
United States.  Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
Social security administration, division of research and
statistics. Health costs of the aged.  Report No. 20. Washington, May, 1956.
Department  of Labor,  Women's Bureau.    Employment of older
women-—an annotated bibliography.    Washington,   1957.
National Science Foundation.     Bibliography for the  international
geophysical year.    Washington,   July,   1957-


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