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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 3, 1956

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i *
April 3,  1956.        No.  125
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:    NH,   SR,   AF1S,  MML,  RJL,  EBM,  F1AA,   EF,   and Doreen Fraser.
Mr.  Harlow wished the members of the staff a Happy Easter,  a
fool-proof April 1,   and a Happy New  (Fiscal)  Year.
Staff Association
Fliss Fraser had been asked by the Librarian to attend
the meeting and comment as  she wished about the  Staff Association
(since her term as President ends shortly).     He believes that the
Association is or can be important to the Library staff and
Library,   since it provides an opportunity for the members of all
Divisions to meet together now and then and enables them to speak
with one voice,  if that is desired.    Dissatisfaction with any
aspects of its program should not obscure the opportunities which
may exist to carr3^ on other useful or even entertaining activities.
Fir.  Harlow asked the Division Heads to encourage their
staff to attend the Wednesday meeting to discuss current problems
in relation tp the staff room.
The request for return of books to the Librar?/ for the
annual inventory should reach campus personnel within the coming
week. Miss Lanning will confer with Miss Fraser on the procedure
for Bio-Medical material.
Senate Library Committee'Fleeting
This Committee v/ill meet shortly for the first time in
the new fiscal year. Fir. Harlow asked Fir. Lanning for a list of
suggested research material to be purchased from the Committee
Fund. Allocations of book funds to subject Departments will be
decided upon at the meeting.
Vancouver Institute
Fir. Harlow reported that the last meeting of the
Vancouver Institute will be on April 14, when Fir. Nibo Tinbergen
of Oxford Universit3?- will speak on "Adaptive Coloration in
Animals." Color films and slides will be used to illustrate the
use of color by animals for a variety of purposes.  (Saturday,
8:15. p.m., Room 200, Physics Building; lectures are free.) Niagara Falls by Air
TCA fares to Niagara Falls and return for the CLA annual
meeting are: first class, $2&S,55f  tourist, $256.00.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Mrs. Florence Weinberg is resigning from her position as
Library Assistant in the Reference Division, effective April 30.
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Social science bibliography.  India 1953. No. 2, New
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Assembly and Executive Board. 2nd Ed., 1948-1953. Geneva,
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Geneva, 1955.  Contains bibliography on smallpox.
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